Xbox controller battery pack: Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C® Cable

Rapthor Xbox Controller Battery Pack Rechargeable for Xbox One/Xbox Se – Rapthor Batteries

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Rapthor 2500mAh High Capacity Xbox One Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack with Fast Charger

Higher Capacity and Longer Playing Time
Rapthor 2500mAh xbox one controller battery pack support 20+ hours non-stop playing time each battery pack.

Super Quick Dual-Channel Charger
Dual-channel super quick charger with smart red/green indicator supports 2-battery pack charging simultaneously, fully charged 2500mAh Xbox one battery pack in only 3 hours, 30% faster charging than other competitors.

Money-saving and Eco-friendly
Rapthor 2500mAh Xbox one battery pack allows recharge over 2,000 times, delivers long-lasting power to your controllers with an cost-effective way, also reduce the damage to environment compare with thousands of non-rechargeable aa batteries.

More Friendly to Group Players
Considerate 2 battery packs+1 battery charger is more friendly for a group players, just enjoying the happy playing time.

Safe Performance
Built-in smart charge protection fully protects battery from short-circuit, over-charged, over-current, over-voltage and over-heated. No more worries for charging over-night! Also normally charging under 32°F -104°F.

LED Charging Indicator
Charing: red indicator, fully charged: green indicator

Rapthor rechargeable battery pack is designed for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite

Package Included
2 x Rechargeable Battery Pack
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

Rapthor 2800mAh Xbox One Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller (2 Battery Packs Only)

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$13. 50

Rapthor 2800mAh Xbox One Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack with Fast Charger for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller ( 4 Batteries+1 Charger )

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Rapthor 2800mAh Xbox One Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack with Fast Charger for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller ( 3 Batteries+1 Charger )

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Rapthor 2800mAh Xbox One Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack with Fast Charger for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller ( 2 Batteries+1 Charger )

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Nyko Power Kit For Xbox Series X/S™ and Xbox One™

Nyko Power Kit For Xbox Series X/S™ and Xbox One™ – Single Battery – Nyko Technologies

Power Kit For Xbox Series X/S™ and Xbox One™



Power Kit For Xbox Series X/S™ and Xbox One™

Product Overview

$14. 99

Need help with this product?

Play and recharge your Xbox Series X® and Xbox One® wireless controller battery pack simultaneously with Nyko’s innovative Power Kit™.

Never worry about running out of battery power for your controller during play again.

Compatible with Charge Base for Xbox One™ & Xbox Series X™

  • Includes 2 high quality 1100 NiMH mAh rechargeable battery pack compatible with both Xbox Series X® and Xbox One® Controllers, 2 replacement battery covers, and an extra-long 10-foot USB Type C charging cable.
  • Recharge while you play with included 10ft cable for convenient battery recharge from the USB ports on your console
  • Up to 12 hours of play per charge
  • Charge indicator LED illuminates while charging
  • CE approved for safety and quality assurance
  • Eliminates the need for expensive batteries
  • Cable compatible with the Xbox One® Elite Controller*


  • High Quality 1200 mAh BatteryIncludes 1x 1200 mAh battery designed to give you up to 12 hours of playtime per charge. Includes a USB-C port for direct charging capabilities.
  • Extra-Long 10ft Charging CableExtra long charging cable allows user to lean back and relax while charging instead of hovering around the power source.
  • Compatible with Charge Base for Xbox Series X|S™This battery pack will also fit on the Charge Base for Xbox Series X|S™ and can be used as a replacement battery or black version.

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  • Instruction Manual

Power Kit For Xbox Series X/S™ and Xbox One™ Support FAQ

  1. 1. How long do the batteries last on a full charge?

    The battery lasts 10-12 hours on a full charge.

  2. 2. How do I charge the battery?

    There are a few ways to charge this controller:

    1. Plug the USB-C cable directly into the battery.

    2. Plug the USB-C cable directly into the controller with the battery connected.

    3. Use the compatible Xbox Series X|S Charge Base for drop-and-charge charging. 

  3. 3. Is this compatible with both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One?

    Yes, it includes 1 battery cover for Xbox Series X|S and 1 battery cover for Xbox One.

Battery for Xbox One Controller

Hi all!

In today’s review, I want to share with you my impressions of the battery pack (I don’t know what to call it more correctly) for the Xbox One / S / X game console gamepad. This block was purchased on eBay and cost $4.09 at the time of purchase. Now, apparently, the seller decided to reduce the price to $3.99, but something went wrong and the current price at the time of writing the review will be $903. 99 (!!!). Although this may not be an error at all, but simply the product has ended, but the seller does not want to delete the lot with a large number of sales …

Whatever it was, it cost me much less. Before making a purchase, I chose and thought for a long time which option of batteries to take is better. It is clear that 2 ordinary AA batteries would give out a large capacity (these only have 2,400 mAh), but I already have this option. Therefore, I wanted something more interesting. And the second gamepad is not used as actively as the main one. In general, I decided to purchase a whole unit, and not individual batteries.

The parcel was sent with a full track, all information on which can be found here. In her journey, she was delayed and spent almost 2 months.

The unit is delivered in a beautiful package, which is a plastic blister with a cardboard insert.

On the front side, the declared capacity is written in huge numbers – 2400 mAh. In fairness, I want to say that on ebay I saw exactly the same blocks with a capacity of 6000 and even 8000 mAh. But here it is immediately clear that this is fiction, but 2400 mAh seemed to me more or less real.

The reverse side contains information on battery usage and safety precautions.

The package includes a battery and a cable for charging it.

The battery itself has a rather nice sticker with brief information about it. In general, the battery looks nice, it’s nice to take it in your hands. Nothing creaks when compressed, nothing dangles inside, plastic has no foreign smell.

On the opposite side, there is a microUSB connector for connecting a cable, and next to it is a small LED indicator glowing in a pleasant green color.

The charge current throughout the process varies between 0.14-0.17A, so the charging process is not fast. Immediately upon receipt, I decided to fully charge the battery. I connected it to charging for the night, and in the morning I saw the following numbers on the tester:

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised that the Chinese finally stopped doing garbage and began to indicate real data on battery capacity. In this case, the battery does not heat up. at the time of the shutdown, the battery still continued to charge, but somehow I didn’t attach any importance to this, writing off the fact that it was only a little bit left to recharge it.

I also want to note that the battery is very tight in the gamepad. There can be no talk of any backlash. Although there is a minus here – removing the battery is quite problematic. In the end, I had to use a file to loosen the central lock.

But what was my surprise when, after about 3-4 hours of operation, the gamepad beeped and turned off. Of course, I understand that 2400 mAh is not much, but not by the same amount. In the second gamepad, I have 2 AA batteries, 2500 mAh each. They have enough hours for 30-40 games, or even more. I charge every 1.5-2 months. That is, according to my estimates, 2400 mAh should be enough for about 15-20 hours of play, but not for 4. In my naivety, I decided to write it off for an unswept battery and charge it 100%. I’ll tell you right away – nothing good came of it. The battery was charging for 1.5 days, and when the counter counted 4700 mAh, I realized that something was wrong here and spat on this matter.

After this charge, the battery lasted the same amount of time as the first time. And since there is no sense in such a battery, I decided to open it and see what was inside. And inside was a couple of unnamed AAA batteries and a small board.

The spectacle at first glance is not very sad. But when I examined the board, I realized that there was nothing good here – neither you a charge controller, nor you at least some kind of protection. A couple of resistors, a connector, an indicator and an M7 SMD rectifier diode. Its main purpose is to prevent the diode from glowing from the batteries and “devour” the current, making the charging process endless.

For connoisseurs of Chinese handicrafts, she is in a more correct perspective:

There are no identifying marks on AAA batteries, so it was not possible to determine their real capacity on the first attempt. But curiosity prevailed over laziness 🙂 So, the capacity of one battery is 226 mAh.

And the second – 239 mAh.

Even the total capacity of two batteries is 465 mAh. That is, almost 6 (!!!) times less than the declared one. Where does this fit??? Of course, I understood that the declared 2400 may not be true, but, to be honest, I did not expect that the difference would be so striking. By the way, it took about 20 minutes to charge each of the batteries 🙂 The maximum voltage after a full charge on the battery is 1.401V.

At first I wanted to send it all to the trash can. But after thinking a little, I decided to replace the batteries with honest PKCELLs with a capacity of 850 mAh each. Despite the fact that they are with a “nose”, there were no special problems with the installation. It took about 30 minutes for everything, after which the contents of the block began to look like this:

When connected in series, the voltage at the “output” of two batteries is about 2. 8-3V. And the PKCELL batteries connected in this way with a real capacity of 850 mAh each became really enough for about 15 hours of gamepad operation. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a charge controller, the charging process remained endless. So I put it on charge overnight. So far, there are no problems.

As for the seller, a dispute has been opened and a full refund has been received.

I would not recommend anyone to buy this battery. The only thing it will do is to use it after replacing the built-in batteries, since there is zero sense from relatives.

In principle, that’s it. Thank you for your attention and your time.

Battery for xbox one s in Samara: 356-products: free shipping, 64% discount [link]

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