Waterproof ipad: It’s time to make iPads water-resistant

Are iPads Waterproof?

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Sure, you’ve heard a lot about iPhones being water resistant, but what about iPads? Can you dunk them in the drink without any damage? Let’s take a look—and see what you can do about it.

iPads Aren’t Waterproof

Unlike iPhones, iPads have no water resistance features. If you dunk an iPad in water, your device will likely suffer damage unless it is dried quickly. Power the iPad off immediately, dry it externally as much as possible, and leave it sitting powered-off for 24 hours. Or you could try taking the wet iPad to an Apple store where they could potentially disassemble it and dry it out from the inside before corrosion damage occurs.

To get technical, iPhones aren’t “waterproof” either. Some iPhones are water-resistant, which means they can stay submerged for a certain period of time without damage. But if they stay in too long—or dive too deep—damage will occur.

If you need a water-resistant Apple device, you could consider purchasing an iPhone instead. For example, the iPhone 13 is rated at IP68 under IEC standard 60529, which means it can resist water for up to 30 minutes at 6 meters of depth. Alternately, Amazon sells the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, which is water-resistant in fresh water for up to 60 minutes in two meters of water.

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (Water-Resistant)

Best eReader Overall

The water-resistant 2021 Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition features water resistance up to two meters for 60 minutes.

$0 at Amazon See at Bestbuy

But if you absolutely have to use an iPad around water, there’s another alternative: Get a waterproof case, which we’ll cover below.

Get a Waterproof iPad Case Instead

While iPads aren’t waterproof or water-resistant, you can purchase a water-resistant case for one. A case such as the OtterBox ResQ adds IP68 water resistance, which means you could drop your iPad in two meters of water for up to 30 minutes and it would be safe (in ideal circumstances). It retails for around $40 in May 2022.

OtterBox ResQ Water-Resistant iPad Case

Compatible with iPad 8th & 7th Gen (10.2

$0 at Amazon

Alternately, if you just need to keep your iPad dry from splashes (not immersion) while cooking or using liquids, you could place it in a gallon-sized plastic zipper bag, such as the Ziploc Gallon Food Storage Bag. That way, if anything splashes onto it, you can easily wipe it off or dispose of the wet bag. You can still use the touch screen through the plastic bag.

Ziploc Gallon Zipper Bags

Cheaply protect your iPad from splashes and spills, not full immersion in water.

$11 at Amazon See at Target

Do not fully immerse your iPad in water while it’s in a plastic zipper bag, however. If the seal isn’t perfect, your iPad will be damaged. But it’s good an emergency situation, or just a low-cost solution for light splash resistance. Good luck, and stay safe out there!

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Is the Apple iPad 10 waterproof? Does the tablet have an IP rating?


Mahmoud Itani

Apple has revealed the 2022 entry-level iPad 10. If you’re wondering if it’s waterproof, here’s what you should know about that.

Apple launched the entry-level iPad 10 in October 2022, equipped with a completely refreshed chassis and an upgraded A14 Bionic processor. Thanks to the redesign, users now get to take advantage of flat edges and rounded display corners. Don’t let the flat edges fool you into believing it supports the Apple Pencil 2. The iPad 10, despite dropping the Lightning port, still only supports the Apple Pencil 1, and only through a dongle. Speaking of the redesign, the iPad 10 comes in four bold colors to pick from — Silver, Pink, Blue, and Yellow.

This is a lot, so you might be wondering if you should buy an iPad 10. There are other considerations as well, like if it’s waterproof. Do you need to buy a case for that protection? Here’s what you need to know.

Before diving in, let’s clear a common misconception. Most of the electronic devices you come across today are water-resistant, not waterproof. So no, the iPad 10 is not waterproof.

If you want to find out how water-resistant a device is, you have to look at the IP rating, which reflects the endurance against dust and water a certain product has. Apple includes an IP rating on some of its devices, such as recent iPhone models. Water resistance, like many things in life, wears down with time. So while a device might be water-resistant when it’s new, this could change down the road. So always treat your devices as if they’re not resistant to water. Leave the resistance as a Plan B, just in case you accidentally spill a liquid on it.

So now that you know about the iPad 10 not being waterproof, let’s see if it has an IP rating. As of 2022, Apple still hasn’t released a single iPad model with an IP rating. This doesn’t mean it’s completely unprotected from the elements, since most devices have some degree of protection, but it means submerging it in water or liquids will likely damage it. In short, keep it away from water.

To clean the screen, use a damp cloth that doesn’t actually soak the iPad with water. If you accidentally spill water on your iPad 10, shut it down and leave it alone for a few hours to dry.

You should always be careful with your devices though, regardless of the IP rating. You wouldn’t want to ruin your new great iPad just after buying it.

Apple iPad 10

Apple iPad 10

The iPad 10 introduces a complete chassis overhaul and offers four bold colors. It packs the A14 Bionic chip and supports the Apple Pencil 1.

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iPad Pro 9.7 and Galaxy S7 waterproof test (Video)


Use Google search inside moisture they have recently been present.

This, in particular, is evidenced by tests on the water resistance of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones, which appeared on the Web immediately after their release on the market. But this time, a new Apple tablet also appeared in a similar test: 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

The current test will be especially interesting because, along with the iPad Pro 9.7, the new flagship Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S7, which is positioned by its manufacturer as a dust and waterproof device, also participated in it.

Both new items were submerged under water to a depth of 1 foot (about 30 centimeters). The first symptoms of damage appeared on the iPad screen already in the sixth minute: a dark spot formed in the lower right part of the screen.

After another three minutes, the tablet screen darkened noticeably, and at 11 minutes the image on it began to be disturbed. As a result, after 15 minutes, when trying to remove the iPad Pro 9.7 from the water, its screen completely turned off:

As you already understood, as a result of this test, the tablet became completely unusable, without any hope of its restoration, which cannot be said about the waterproof Samsung Galaxy S7.

Nevertheless, from what we have seen, we can conclude that if you accidentally drop the new iPad Pro into the water and immediately get it, it has a chance of survival and these chances are quite considerable.

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