Victrola eastwood: The Eastwood Bamboo | Victrola

The Eastwood Bamboo | Victrola


Model: VTA-72


Modern Classic

The Eastwood hybrid turntable features a sleek, classic design, molding upgraded features with classic Victrola sound. This 3-speed record player plays all your favorite 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records, and Dual-Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream music from your smart device, or play your records through any external Bluetooth speaker. Modern finish brightens up the room and makes the Eastwood the focal point of any listening space.

Quality Components

This 3-speed record player plays all your favorite 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records, and Vinyl Stream Technology allows you to stream music from your smart device, or play your records through any external Bluetooth speaker. Smart finish brightens up the room and makes the Eastwood the focal point of any listening space. The Audio-Technica AT-3600LA cartridge combines with the custom tuned stereo speakers to provide crisp, clear sound for your perfect listening experience.


  • 3-speed (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM)
  • Built-in, custom tuned speakers
  • Premium moving magnetic Audio Technica AT-3600LA cartridge
  • Removable dust cover
  • Easily stream music from your smart device
  • Dual Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-in headphone jack
  • RCA out to connect to your existing sound systems


Turntable 3-Speed belt driven: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM
Cartridge Audio Technica AT-3600LA
Speakers Built-in, custom tuned
Outputs Headphone, RCA, Bluetooth: stream to external speakers
Input Bluetooth: stream music from smart device through speakers
Dimensions 13. 16″x5.4″x13.11″
Weight 5.92 lbs

Download the Owner’s Manual

Ratings and Reviews

Victrola The Eastwood Review (Complete Hands On Testing)

I’m in possession of this gorgeous record player that does so much more than simply play records.

I was able to test this beast thoroughly and really examined it by using a number of its awesome features over and over again.

I paid close attention to the audio quality when listening to records, audio quality when listening to MP3s and audiobooks via Bluetooth, the quality of the Bluetooth speaker, the sound of the record player’s motor (important!), whether or not the needle skips, the audio quality when listening to headphones via the headphone jack, Bluetooth music streaming, and much more.

Before you’re through, you’ll learn about everything that I discovered during my in-depth testing. And if you keep reading, you’ll know whether or not this beautiful piece of electronic equipment is the right hybrid turntable for you.

At a Glance…

What we like: 3-speed record player, Bluetooth connectivity

What we don’t like: Record player volume lower than Bluetooth volume

Standout Features:

  • Audio Technica AT-3600LA cartridge
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity
  • Headphone jack
  • 3 speed turntable
  • External speaker connection

Victrola Eastwood 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable with…


My Verdict:

Overall, I’m really having a blast listening to old records (and some new ones) and the wonderful feeling of nostalgia that this delightful turntable brings. I loved ripping the plastic off of the Nirvana Bleach album that I recently purchased. I popped it on the turntable, turned up the volume, and it transported me back to 1989 when the album was originally released!

Oh yeah… The hybrid turntable has a lot of awesome features that I’ll tell you about as well!

Who is the Victrola The Eastwood Hybrid Record Player Best Suited To?

For the most part, The Eastwood isn’t necessarily going to be ideal for everyone. But if you fit the right mold, you’ll absolutely adore it.

People who should seriously consider buying one include:

  • Nostalgia lovers – if you appreciate the feeling of placing a record on your record player and hearing the audio crackle before the music begins, you’ll absolutely flip out and fall in love with this quaint piece of technological history.
  • Record aficionados – do you have a bunch of old records lying around your house or apartment? It’s time to finally pick up a new record player so you can listen to your favorite bands and musicians in the quiet comfort of your home.
  • Elegance seekers – this modern looking hybrid turntable provides your home with a measure of elegance that you didn’t realize it was missing. Your guests will comment on your charming vintage record player, your vintage record collection, and they’ll love the ambience and experience it provides.

If you want something more portable we did a complete hands on review of the Victrola Revolution Go portable record player that is well worth a read.

Features & Benefits

Dual Bluetooth Connectivity

Personally, I truly admire the fact that this hybrid record player has dual Bluetooth connectivity.

What is it?

Simply put, the dual connectivity gives you the ability to connect a phone, tablet, or MP3 player to the record player and use it to play your own MP3 audio tracks or streaming audio.


It also lets you connect to a Bluetooth speaker, which is really amazing! Pop on your favorite record and play the audio through Bluetooth speakers set up strategically around your house.

I must admit that I really didn’t expect this option, but it turned out to be an astounding feature that I really enjoy.

Audio Technica AT-3600LA Cartridge

You might be wondering what’s so special about this particular cartridge.

In the old days, we called this a needle. This cartridge is responsible for creating the beautiful music produced by the records that you play on your record player.

But unlike the old days, this technologically advanced cartridge from the well-respected Audio Technica means that you get to listen to your records with much greater levels of clarity. And you’ll never have to worry about your record skipping because this cartridge prevents it from happening, which is really phenomenal.

Removable Dust Cover

Vinyl loving aficionados want nothing but the absolute best for their incredible record collections. In this case, they do not want grime, dirt, or dust accumulating on their records or record player. That would be an unforgivable sacrilege and completely go against everything that they hold sacred.

Victrola recognizes this fact and took steps to do something about it. Instead of leaving a wide-open turntable susceptible to amassing unwanted dirt and dust and grime, they added a crystal-clear yet removable dust cover to keep any and all records protected as they sit upon the turntable.

As you can see, Victrola cares about your record collection just as much as you do. Consider picking up their gorgeous sounding turntable if you need a new and better record player to listen to your favorite vinyl albums on.

Built-In Headphone Jack

Do you ever prefer listening to your favorite songs or audiobooks without sharing them with the entire world? How about listening to your favorite audio without interrupting the other people at home?

Whenever I put on a record in the old days, I had to play said record for everyone to hear at home. Now, if I prefer to avoid disturbing my family because they’re busy doing other things, I simply plug in my headphones or connect earbuds via Bluetooth and listen to my MP3s or vinyl records without disturbing the people that I love the most.

This was impossible back in the day because records didn’t have headphone jacks. Heck, if you go back far enough, headphones didn’t even exist! But the miracles of modern technology made it possible to listen to music without disturbing the people near or around the record player, which is fantastic if you ask me.

Limitations of The Eastwood Hybrid Turntable by Victrola

Audio Discrepancy

Using the built-in Audio Technica speaker, I noticed a strange anomaly that I haven’t seen anyone else mention so far, so maybe it’s something that no one else has experienced as of yet.

What is it?

To put it bluntly, when I play records on my record player I can only get the volume to go so loud. Now, don’t get me wrong, the audio is very loud when I listen to records.

On the other hand:

When I connect my phone to the turntable via Bluetooth, and I play my favorite MP3s, the audio seems to come out of the turntable speaker so much louder than it does when I play records.

Is this a big deal? No, not really.

Like I said, the audio pumping out of the turntable while playing records is sufficiently loud enough. I just found it odd that MP3s sound so much louder than my records, which is what this was originally designed for.

Bluetooth Speaker Connectivity Difficulties

I didn’t experience this personally, but I noticed that one customer complained that they had a difficult time connecting their turntable to their Bluetooth speakers.

In the same breath, they also mentioned that The Eastwood’s sound quality is amazing, and they likely didn’t even really need Bluetooth speakers. But it was something they mentioned, so I decided to share it with you as well.

Popular Questions

Why Does the Audio Play so Quietly When Listening to Records on The Eastwood by Victrola?

While I admit that the audio volume for records is lower than MP3s via Bluetooth player, I also noticed an anomaly that you might be experiencing.

You see, I accidentally knocked the stylus cartridge (aka the needle) off of the arm of the record player, and it was no longer connected to the device 100% of the way. Without a complete connection, you can still hear the audio coming from the record player, but it sounds incredibly quiet. It’s so quiet
that you can barely because it sounds like a whisper.

My suggestion to you is to check the stylus cartridge and make sure it is completely connected. In fact, take the cartridge off and put it back on again following the instructions in the instruction manual to the letter.
This should solve your low-volume audio problems when listening to records. It worked for me and it should work for you too.

Can You Close the Removable Dust Cover While Playing LPs?

Absolutely! On first appearance, it doesn’t seem like there’s enough room to close the dust cover and still play records. But looks can be deceiving my friends.

You’ll notice on the left side of the dust cover that there is a large open space. Once you close the cover with a 12-inch 45 on the record player, you’ll notice that roughly 1 inch of the record is sticking out of the side of the record player, and peeking past the plastic cover as well.

Don’t be deceived by the small stature of this record player. You can definitely play 12-inch records with the dust cover closed.

Turn Back the Hands of Time with The Eastwood Turntable by Victrola!

The Victrola The Eastwood record player is truly one of my favorite electronics at the moment. It combines old-school technology with the modern world in unique and interesting ways.

I love listening to vinyl records that I pick up from FYE or the local used bookstore. Plus, I can connect it to my phone or tablet to listen to my favorite MP3s whenever I want. Combine this with a headphone jack for privacy and Bluetooth Speaker connectivity, and you’ll have one heckuva listening experience on your hands!

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Further Reading:

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9002 9 Connectivity Technology

90 031 4.9 Pounds

Brand Victrola
Wireless, Wired
Color Bamboo
Material Plastic
Item Weight

Description Victrola Eastwood Bluetooth Turntable VTA 72 BAM

3 speed (33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm) turntable. The built-in, individually adjustable speakers provide unsurpassed sound quality. Audio Technica’s AT-3600LA premium moving magnetic cartridge means no gaps and increased clarity. Removable dust cover protects your records from dirt and grime. Easily stream music from your smart device, no tangled wires!. With dual Bluetooth connectivity, you can now play your favorite recordings through any Bluetooth speaker!. Built-in headphone jack for private listening or use the RCA output to connect to your existing sound system! Connection technology: Wired.

Victrola Avery sounds better

Bart E. Elbrink

90 002 1 Level

794 Review

52 Karma

I also bought Victrola Eastwood, and Victrola Avery. Avery sounds better (not as deep as this model). Eastwood’s needle is better, but Avery can be replaced with a diamond needle. I don’t like Eastwood’s transparent case because it only gets in the way when changing the record and you have to be careful not to scratch or hit the record. My cats can break the record on this player by jumping on the counter, but they don’t bother Avery. Overall the Avery is cheaper and better in my opinion.


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9010 1 Published on August 31, 2022


Adolfo G. Goins

Level 1

1210 Review

39 Karma

Victrola has been around since the early days and its quality is a testament to the fact that this item is superior to my Crosley counterparts in terms of sound quality. We listen to a lot of vinyl in our house and decided to buy a second unit for our top floor. Right off the bat, it wins my vote for aesthetics. It’s beautiful, elegant and goes well with our mid-century inspired décor. The second thing I noticed is that I don’t need any instructions to start playing right out of the box. I…


  • Turntable


  • dim

90 137 Published on August 31, 2022

Great player with modern features!

Sean Y. Young

Level 1

1272 Review

50 Karma

I love the sound so I jumped at the chance to try this player. Here is my opinion: First impression: Looks stylish – I like the style! Pretty minimalistic with a nice design. The turntable itself is quite light (the heavier the better the quality), as are all the other components. It makes me feel like it’s not a high end turntable, but I think it’s worth the price, so it’s ok. Weights are also included and I think they might be for…


  • Home audio


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    Ushul Prime Day record oinotkuchtu satyp algynyz kelebi? Amazonkadan satyp ala turgan köptögön ar kandai modeler bar, birok Victrola aylanma platformlary sayttagy en zhemishtүү bolup sanalat jana siz өzүңүzgө bir nerseni satyp aluu kerekpi dep oilonup zhatsaңyz swamps. Bull popularduu retro aylanma platformlar Amazonkada keniri zhetkiliktuu jana ar kandai vinyl sүyүүchүlөrүnө ylayyktuu ar kandai stilderde, baa punttarynda jana configurationlarynda kelet, al emi kee birleri portable bolup, tubolukt үү form factorun abdan kerektүү yngayluuluktu alyp kelet. Victrola aylanma platformlary Amazonkada satylgandyktan, alar Otkön zhyldagy bүtүmdөrdү tez karap kөrsok, branddin aylanma platformlary boyuncha buttүmdөr satuu mezgilinde zhetkiliktuү bolgon, andyktan byyyl da arzandatuuularga koz salip turuu kerek. Birok, platinum brandin tandoo tataal bolushu mukun. Tandoo үchүn kөptҩgҩn companylar bar, Audio-Technique, Pro-Jekt Zhana Denon syyaktuu fantasticalyk aylanma platformalary bar, demek, siz chөgүp, aylanuuchu tabakty satyp alyshyңyz kerekpi same jokpu, bilүү kyyynga turat. Biz sizge zhardam beruu uchun bul zherdebiz. Victrola’nyn buruluuchu platform son ozүbүz son elek bolsok yes, biz branddin en popularduu modelderin karap chyktyk jana ushul Prime Day darlardyn son-pikirlerin karap chyktyk.

    Victrola ailanma үstөldoru degen emne?

    Victrola 1906-zhyldan beri aylanma platformlardy chygarat jana bүgunkү kүndo ar kandai designdagy bir qatar ailanma platformlardy sunushtayt. Bul zherde alardyn en popular modelery bar.

    (Sүrөtөguү nasyya: Victrola)

    Victrola VSC-400SB (Sapar)

    Siz ala turgan recordduk oyunchu

    KUNDYN EN MYKTY SHAREHOLDERS Satyp aluunun sebepteri

    • Bluetooth tutashuusu + Ar kandai tustu marsh + Abdan zhakshy baa

    Kachuunun sebepteri – USB port zhok Victrola company son en mykty satuuchularyn suitcase stilindegi burulma stoldor kiret, alar buruluuchu stoldun bardyk componentterin, anyn ichinde dinamikterdi alyp, tutkasy bar kutuga salad. Bul portable ailanma glassdar 1960-zhyldary portative jana zhetkiliktuүүlugү үchүn popularduu bolgon zhana bүgunkү kүndo dagy satyp aluuga arzyrlyk. Victrola’dyn suitcase stilindegi buruluuchu stoldora vintagedyn shyktangan designs menen retro rollun oyit. Alardyn en popularduu designdarynyn biri, The Journey, tustөrdүn jana stilderdin keniri rangeunda swamps, pastel kokton psychedelic tie boyokko cheyin, birock ar bir version $59.99 / $59.99 turat. Akchanyz үchүn siz ornotulgan Bluetooth menen kelgen үch yldamdyktagy record oinotkuchtu (33 ⅓, 45 zhana 75 RPM) alasyz, andyktan any telephone ңuzdan music of agymy үchүn da koldono alasyz. Sizdin vinylinizdi okuudan kөrө. Eger siz Bluetooth emes aspaptan music oinotkuңuz kelse, 3.5mm AUX kyrgyzүүda bar. Anyn portable designs eki ornotulgan stereo speaker kamtyit, labels siz ozүңүzdүn tyshky speaker, oshondoy ele headset ujachasyn koldonguңuz kelse, RCA line synyn kyrgyzүүsu bar. Bul baanyn taasirdүү mүnөzdөmөlөruү zhana kardarlardyn son-pikirleri negizinen on bolup, anyn portabledүүlugun, onoy ornotuusun zhana zhagymduu designyn maktap zhatyshat. Siz USB tutashuu syyaktuu zhokorku sapattagy specificationlardy albaysyz jana audiofielder koluңuzdu ozүңүz kuruuga mүmkүndүk bergen modeldi jaktyryshy mүmkүn, label The Journey bashtalgychtar үchүn en sonun, count donuuga onoi buruluuchu table bolushu mukun. Bul buga cheyin ele zhakshy baa, birok bul aylanma platformdagy Prime Day bүtүmdөrүnө kөңүl burganyңyz abzel, өzgөchө, eger siz zhatsanyz.

    (Sүrөtөguү nasyya: Victrola)

    Victrola VTA-200B (Dolono)

    ötkön mezgildin eski zharylyshy

    KUNDYN EN MYKTY SHAREHOLDERS Satyp aluunun sebepteri

    • Köptögön bailanysh mүmkүnchүlүktörү + Radio, cassette Zhana CD oinotkuch + Retro design

    Kachuuga sebepter

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    Eger siz chyndap ele retro aesthetics sүңgүүnu kaalasaңyz, The Hawthorne siz үchүn en zhakshy Victrola buruluuchu platform bolushu mүmkүn. Bul Bluetooth aylanma plates eski modada radio tuning dials zhana kandai kyrgizүү turүn koldonup zhatkanyңyzdy bilүүgo mүmkүndүk beruүchү LED display menen toluktalgan zhygach zhygach cabinet zhaygashkan. Bul bir az kөlөmdүү kөrүnot, birok al ushunchalyk kөp tutashuu parametrleri menen kelet, oshonduktan biz chonuraak izi kechire alabyz. Kur menen bashkaryluuchu үch yldamdyktagy buruluuchu platformdan tyshkary, Hawthorne CD oinotkuch, cassettelyk oinotkuch jana Bluetooth baylanyshi menen kelet, bul sizge aspabyңyzdan musicians zymsyz agyltuuga mүmkүndүk beret. Al ornotulgan stereo speaker menen kelse yes, sizana birzhup headset tutashtyra alasyz same RCA line son cables menen ozүңүzdun speaker tutashtyr alasyz. bluetooth emes audio bulaktary uchun 3.5mm audio port yes bar. Al oshondoy ele apparattyn artyna katylgan zymduu antenna menen FM radio oinotkuchtun rolun atkarat. Zhana, egerde siz vinyl izdi computerizge zhazgyniz kelse, anda USB port bar. Negizinen, Hawthorne baary bir music oinotkuch katars eki esege өсө alat jana $149.99 / £139.99 Dagy bir jolu, siz kymbatyraak aylanuuchu stoldor menen ala turgan aikyndykty jana audio details ala albaysyz, birok bul un variant of bolushu mүmkүn. .

    (Sүrөtөguү nasyya: Victrola)

    Victrola VTA-72-BAM (Eastwood)

    Audio-Tekhnikanyn ishenimdүүluguү menen kyila zharashyktuu option

    KUNDYN EN MYKTY SHAREHOLDERS Satyp aluunun sebepteri

    • Audio-Technique Cletkasy + Complex Kolonkalar + Zymsyz Bailanysh

    Kachuunun sebepteri – Plastikalyk design Achyk retro Eastwood buruluuchu tablets siz үchүn zhakshyraak variant of bolushu mүmkүn. Bul үch yldamdyktagy aylanuuchu tababtyn designs biz karap chykkan head Victrola burulma platformlaryn karaganda alda kancha minimalist designga ee, zamanbap bambootan zhana tunuk plastikalyk korgoochu kapkagy bar. Al ornotulgan speaker menen kelet, birok kүchtүүrөөk үndү kaalasaңyz, any tyshky Bluetooth speaker zymsyz tutashtyra alasyz. Oshol ele uchurda, kosh Bluetooth tutashuusunun arkasynda musicңyzdy agym үchүn smartphoneuңuzga zymsyz tutashtyra alasyz. The Journey jana The Hawthorne ayyrmalanyp, bul model Audio-Technica AT-3600LA cartridge menen kelet, anin 0.6 mm cone calemi bar. Audio-Technique kadyr-barktuu cartridge өndүrүүchүsuү, oshonduktan Eastwood өzүnүn bir tuugandaryna karaganda kobүrөөk detalduu үn sunushtayt. Son-pikirler abdan zhagymduu, birok kee birleri anyn plastikalyk construction son of aityshat; Eger siz en mykty kuruu sapatyn izdep zhatsanyz, Eastwood menen kelgen $99.99/£115 baaga karaganda bir az koburook akcha sarptashynyz kerek swamps.

    Zhana ataandashtyk?

    Prime Day kүnu Victrola ailanma platformlaryn karap chyguunu sunushtaganybyz menen, uguu tazhrybasyn jakshyrta turgan head modeler bar. 2021-zhyldyn en mykty aylanma platformsy, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo detalduu jana achyk uguunu sunushtayt, al emi chon sүrөtү ynanymduu sүrөttөp zhatkanda en maida detaldarga kҩңүl buruu mүmkүnch Ulugu bar. Birok, al € 499 / £ 449 / AU $ 879 Arzanyraak option – Audio-Technica AT-LP60XB, al onoy ornotuunun jana $149/$179 baasynyn arkasynda ar kandai bashtalgych blamed the enthusiasts uchun en sonun birinchi buruluuchu. oshonduktan siz bul modeler menen tөlөgөnүңүzdu alyp zhatkanyңyzga ishene alasyz. Eki ailanma platform teң Prime Day arzandatuularyna ee bolushu mүmkүn, andyktan satuu ish-charasy uchurunda izdөңүzdү Victrola ailanma platformlarynan tyshkary keneytuүkerek; siz zhakshy kelishim alasyz. Bүgunkү en mykty platinum sunushtary PRE-PRIME DAY SALE menen ayaktay Bul en mykty satuuchulardan kobүrөok sunushtardy karap kөruүңүz:

    kabyl aluu

    Biz bul Victrola aylanma platformlaryn ozubuz synay elek bolsok yes, techniquelyk mүnozdөmөlөlөrdү jana kardarlardyn pikirlerin karap chyguu, alar vinyl үyrөnchүktөr үchүn zhakshy varianttar bolushu mүmkүn ekenin korsotyp turat.