Vacuum and mopping robot: The best robot mops in 2023

Robot Vacuum Cleaners And Mops-ECOVACS US

Station Type

All in One Station

Auto Cleaning Station

Auto Empty Station

Air Drying

Hot Air Drying

Cool Air Drying

Dust Bag Capacity




Battery Capacity

5200 mAh

3200 mAh

Cleaning Solution Available

Air Freshener Available

Station Size

15 to 20 in

10 to 15 in

Recommend for Pets

Home Monitoring


Under $400



$1000 & Above

Control Technology

Voice Control

APP Control

Vacuum Level






TrueMapping 2. 0


Sales and Deals

Today’s Sales

X1 New Release


A New Generation of All-in-One DEEBOT with Automatic Mop Lifting and Hot-water Mop Washing

DEEBOT T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum

Hotwater Mop WashingAuto-lift Mopping


ECOVACS Brand New All-in-One Vacuum and Mopping Cleaner


5000Pa Suction AIVI 3DTrueMapping 2.0YIKO Voice


ECOVACS Brand New Multi-function Vacuum and Mopping Expert

DEEBOT X1 TURBO Robot Vacuum & Mop

5000Pa Suction Voice ControlAuto-Clean



The standard for delivering an uncompromising clean



DEEBOT’s Most Advanced All-around Cleaning System


OZMO Turbo 2. 0Voice ControlAuto-Empty





Hot Bundle

X1 OMNI black + Buddy Kit + three pieces dust bags + two pairs washable mopping pads + two bottles of 1L cleaning solutions

DEEBOT X1 OMNI Black Package

AIVI 3DVoice ControlAuto-Empty








Exclusive Bundle

X1 OMNI white + Buddy Kit + three pieces dust bags + two pairs washable mopping pads + two bottles of 1L cleaning solutions

DEEBOT X1 OMNI White Package

5000Pa Suction AIVI 3DTrueMapping 2.0Voice ControlAuto-Empty


The all-new ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 PLUS is a premium robotic vacuum and mop cleaning system

DEEBOT T10 PLUS Robotic Vacuum and Mop

Air Freshener3000Pa SuctionAuto-Empty

$549. 99$949.99

Auto Empty Station + AIVI 3D + TrueMapping 2.0 + AI Voice Assiatance + OZMO Pro 3.0

DEEBOT X1 PLUS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Air FreshenerYIKO Voice Auto-Empty



The Best Just Got Better



Premium Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaning System


Air FreshenerApp ControlAuto-Empty


Limited time Deal

N8 PRO+ is your high-performance vacuum and mop robot


App ControlAuto-Empty2600Pa Suction


Self-Empty DEEBOT + Buddy Kit + Dust Bags + Washable Mopping Pads

DEEBOT N8 PRO+ Package

App ControlAuto-Empty2600Pa Suction



ECOVACS All-in-One AI-powered Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


AIVI 3.05000Pa Suction TrueMapping 2.0


Reliable Cleaning. Anywhere. Anytime.




App Control2300Pa SuctionAuto-Empty




Revolutionizes your smart home lifestyle with home monitoring




App Control




T8 is the first robot with the cutting-edge TrueDetect 3D technology







The Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – White







Best robot vacuum mop combo for 2023

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Keyan Riddick

Owning a gadget that can automatically vacuum and mop your home is arguably one of the best ways to cut down on your weekly list of chores. Gone are the days of breaking out your mop and constantly emptying your dustbin – with robot vacuum-mop combos, much of your cleaning routine can be automated.

These useful little drones might all share a similar, circular design, but their cleaning prowess can vary greatly. And unless you know what you’re looking for, it’s difficult to figure out which one is better suited for your home than others. Thankfully, there are plenty of great options available in today’s market. Here’s a look at the best robot vacuum mop combos of 2023, including picks for all budgets and home-cleaning needs.

Narwal Freo Auto Mopping and Washing Robot with AI DirtSense

Best technology

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Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Best Overall

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iLife V5s Pro

Budget Option

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Shark AI VacMop Robot

Best for Smaller Homes

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Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni

Best for Pet Owners

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Roomba Combo j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop

Best for fully automated cleanings

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Bissell SpinWave Robot

Best at mopping

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Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Best Overall


  • Impressive vacuuming skills
  • Mops and vacuums in a single run
  • Automatically cleans and empties itself
  • Easy-to-use smartphone app


  • Mop only lifts up a few millimeters

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is one of the most expensive robot vacuums on the planet – and for good reason. Not only can it vacuum and mop in a single run (thanks to a retractable mop head), but it can clean itself while docked. If the robot senses its mop is too dirty, it’ll head back to its charging station to get rinsed with water. It’ll also dry itself after each run, ensuring you don’t get any nasty odors from mold or mildew. It’s not cheap, but as far as fully automated robot vacuum and mop combos are concerned, it’s hard to top this.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Best Overall

iLife V5s Pro

Budget Option


  • Low-profile design
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable


  • No auto-empty dock
  • Manually switch cleaning tanks

Every good product list has to have a budget option, and ours is the iLife V5s Pro 2. Something to note about the V5s Pro 2 is its super slim design, so it will clear the bottom of some low-rise furniture with ease.

For this cleaner, you have to change out the tank when switching from vacuuming to mopping and vice versa. However, it still has the smarts for each function to provide an excellent cleaning job.

Besides manually switching tanks when changing cleaning modes, the V5s Pro 2 doesn’t have an auto-empty dock, which may be its greatest tragedy. If you’re up to doing some manual labor when cleaning your home, then the iLife smart robot is for you. For under $200, it’s good for your wallet too.

iLife V5s Pro

Budget Option

Shark AI VacMop Robot

Best for Smaller Homes


  • Works with smart assistant
  • Auto switches mop and vacuum with different floor types
  • Multiple preset modes


  • Low battery life
  • Have to switch cleaning tanks

Even smaller homes need to be able to take advantage of automated smart home products, which is where the Shark AI VacMop Robot comes in. To have an all-in-one device that doesn’t have too many features is a bit of a feat because you’ll still want it to be efficient, just not overkill.

The Shark VacMop has multiple preset modes that you can use to switch from vacuuming, sonic mopping, and a deep clean mode. These modes are assisted with an AI laser navigation to ensure it isn’t just bouncing off the walls or running into objects.

With a lower price point and runtime, this smart robot cleaner is perfect for small apartment dwellers. What’s even better is that the Shark AI VacMop robot is routinely available online.

Shark AI VacMop Robot

Best for Smaller Homes

Narwal Freo Auto Mopping and Washing Robot with AI DirtSense

Best technology


  • DirtSense self-detecting and self-cleaning
  • Unique mop pad design for superior cleaning
  • Great for all floor types
  • LCD display station


  • Uses a proprietary cleaning solution

What’s really helpful about Narwal Freo is that it takes care of itself, thanks to its DirtSense system. It offers both mopping and vacuuming support, for all floor types, but what helps it stand out is that the Freo intelligently detects how dirty the mops are when returning to its station, and sanitizes them before the next cleaning. In combination with the unique mop design, it’s capable of delivering exceptional cleaning support versus comparable systems. The dual spinning and scrubbing mops provide much-needed pressure to lift stubborn messes, and the microfiber material and curved triangle movement ensures there are no gaps when making a pass.

Moreover, while it’s cleaning your home and floors it can detect just how dirty the room is. This allows it to make multiple passes, if necessary, to thoroughly clean rather than doing a single, quick pass and returning to its dock. It identifies the type of floor beneath too, including wood, tile, and carpet – adjusting its cleaning power to match, protecting wood when needed or applying strong scrubbing for optimal cleaning. An auto water exchange system ensures you don’t have to worry about filling the water or emptying dirty tanks. It works like a washing machine to remove dirty water and keep the fresh water supply topped up – it connects directly to a water pipeline.

A built-in Smart Swing corner trap can gather the dust and debris which often hides in corners and near baseboards. The function is periodically activated to keep everything as clean as can be, or you can activate it yourself within the Narwal App. Plus, Auto Mop Washing, Auto Cleaning Solution Dispensing and Auto Dual Hot Air Drying features cover most of the maintenance for you.

Speaking of the app, you can use it to schedule cleanings, create customized cleaning routines, manage and view performance reports, and adjust various settings. The Dynamic Cleaning Report feature delivers a short video with cleaning details about each of your rooms, including the cleaning duration, areas covered, and the number of times the system cleaned – if it cleans more than once. It’s a new take on hands-free cleaning that works to remove you from the equation even more. You’ll spend less time micromanaging the vacuum and more time doing what you love.

Narwal Freo Auto Mopping and Washing Robot with AI DirtSense

Best technology

Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni

Best for Pet Owners


  • Sleek design
  • Powerful mopping pads
  • Enough suction for thick carpet
  • Mop cleaning with hot water and hot air


  • Not ideal for thick carpets

The Deebot T20 Omni is Ecovacs answer to the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra. The big difference here is that it uses both warm water and warm air to clean its mops, providing a great post-run clean that ensures the mop stays clean while idle. It also means you rarely need to get your hands dirty. Toss in an ultra-powerful vacuum, a dustbin that holds weeks’ worth of debris, and impeccable navigation skills, and you’ve got a robot vacuum and mop combo that deserves a spot on your shopping list. It’s not cheap, but few models offer the sort of automation found in the latest from Ecovacs.

Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni

Best for Pet Owners

Roomba Combo j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop

Best for fully automated cleanings


  • Mop and vacuum without manual input
  • Sleek design
  • Impressive suction and mopping skills


  • Expensive

Yes – the Roomba Combo j7+ is ridiculously expensive. But if you’re looking to truly automate your vacuuming and mopping routines, it doesn’t get much better than this. Not only does the Combo j7+ give you the standard room navigation software and upscale designs synonymous with Roomba, but this innovative robot can actually go from mopping to vacuuming without any manual input. Thanks to a mophead that stows away when moving to carpet, it’s capable of cleaning your entire home without you lifting a finger.

Roomba Combo j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop

Best for fully automated cleanings

Bissell SpinWave Robot

Best at mopping


  • Simple vacuum, simple interface
  • Dry vacuums and mops
  • Low profile fits under most furniture
  • Easy to change/empty the dustbin


  • No bells and whistles
  • Inefficient travel routes

Bissell is an established brand with a stellar reputation, so it should come as no surprise that its SpinWave Robot is an exceptional robot vacuum mop combo. Offering up to 1500 Pa of suction, the premium device is capable of cleaning even the dirtiest of carpets. What’s more impressive, however, is its mopping skills. The device is equipped with two massive cleaning pads that rotate and scrub while in motion – providing you with a deep clean across tile, LVP, hardwood, and other surfaces. Toss in soft surface avoidance to prevent it from mucking up your carpets while mopping, and you’ve got a device that performs well above its price tag.

Bissell SpinWave Robot

Best at mopping

Frequently Asked Questions

Are robot vacuums with mops worth it?

Yes, robot vacuums with mops are worth it because they help save on appliance space and automate cleaning floors. Some people believe having dedicated products are better, which may or may not be accurate. However, having the convenience of both in one device can’t be beaten.

Can robot mops handle cement floors?

Yes, but it’s advisable to use a higher power setting if it’s available. Some mops even recommend certain power settings for cement. You can also switch to light mopping levels for more delicate surfaces like hardwood, where you may not want the bot to wear away at a coating or varnish.

Are robot mops more expensive than robot vacuums?

Prices are generally comparable. The best options will cost beyond $1,000, while budget models are available for a couple hundred dollars. However, robot mops take more effort to manage and clean, and you’ll have to pay for new pads and cleaner from time to time.

How do I switch to mop mode?

Generally, you’ll have to switch between mop modes and vacuum modes manually with a switch or app. The bots are smart, but they don’t decide when you want to start mopping. While in mop mode, they have sensors and settings that will help them avoid carpets and rugs, etc.

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Top robotic vacuum cleaners for cleaning in 2023: floor and carpet cleaners | Articles | Gadgets, gifts and accessories

The robot vacuum cleaner is not a privilege, but a household friend-helper. It is easier to keep clean with him, regardless of the size of the apartment and wallet. Carpet, laminate or tile – everything will remain clean without the help of hands.

If you choose the right model, it can replace a broom, a mop and even a conventional vacuum cleaner. Photo:

We have compiled the top robot vacuum cleaners of different budgets for both wet and dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Robots

Kitfort KT-568 Minimalism with Remote Control

Kitfort KT-568 Basic Dry Cleaning Unit. Photo:

A simple model for those who only need a vacuum cleaner from a robot vacuum cleaner. The operating time of the device is 60 minutes. This is enough for cleaning small apartments or individual rooms. When the battery runs out, the robot will independently find the base and stand up for recharging, which will last approximately five hours.

In addition to the automatic mode, which is started by pressing a button on the case, it is possible to give commands from the remote control. Three trajectories of movement: snake, along the walls and in one place – enough to remove pollution of varying intensity in all parts of the room. Power allows: 25W in a small package.

Kitfort KT-568 is a good option for general cleanliness, without frills and troubles.

Benefits Kitfort KT-568:

  • ease of use – there are only a few buttons on the remote control: turn on, change the direction of movement and cleaning mode, return to the station;
  • compact and easy to carry – 32x32x8.50 centimeters, weighing 2.8 kilograms;
  • side brushes;
  • double filtration and fine filter – a rarity at such a low price;

Disadvantages of Kitfort KT-568:

  • high noise level compared to more expensive models – 75 dB, when the average strength of the sounds that a person hears daily on city streets is 70.
  • small 330 ml dust container, enough for about two rooms;
  • no house map simulation function.

Viomi SE – several cleaning cards in a practical case

Viomi SE – 2020 model for general dry cleaning. Photo:

The vacuum cleaner looks stylish – it is presented in white with gold elements. Nothing superfluous outside: the “Enable” and “Home” buttons. The main functions are in the application: house map, suction power selection and other nice little things. So, you can manually add walls and restricted areas to make it easier for the robot to navigate.

The device is designed for two hours of operation. After recharging, the vacuum cleaner continues cleaning from where it left off.

Viomi SE is suitable for daily general cleaning on different surfaces and in rooms of different sizes.

Advantages of Viomi SE:

  • a variety of brushes – the end brush picks up debris on the sides, the turbo brush works with pile and joints, the scraper directs dirt into the suction socket;
  • intuitive application – design as comfortable as the device itself;
  • different operating volume modes – including quiet;
  • Decent dust container capacity – 500 ml.

Viomi SE disadvantages:

  • no carpet detection sensor, which is important for dry cleaning;
  • lack of container full indicator – it appears in many models in the middle price segment.

Roborock S7 – Russian language and good memory

Roborock S7 – powerful dry cleaning for large apartments. Photo:

By purchasing this vacuum cleaner, you get a finished product – no replacement brushes and rollers. Everything is already built in, and it’s convenient.

It is also convenient that the vacuum cleaner builds a map of the room after the first walk around the apartment. A laser radar with a 360-degree view on the body allows you to divide an apartment into rooms, accurately determining the presence of walls. There are many remote possibilities: voice control via Yandex.Alice, monitoring of work through applications (the vacuum cleaner is displayed on the map of the room, and its movements can be monitored live), control of mapping up to the name of the rooms.

The container is located so that the dirt gets into it almost immediately, avoiding long wanderings along the air-dust path. It will be difficult for a robot vacuum cleaner to get stuck – it can overcome obstacles up to two centimeters high. The device is especially good for cleaning carpets: in the application, you can personalize the lint cleaning modes.

Roborock S7 – dry cleaning with a power of 2500 Pa (for comparison, the predecessor Roborock S6 Pure – 2000) will no longer be a problem even in the largest homes.

Advantages of Roborock S7:

  • convenient operation – up to viewing the cleaning history;
  • ideal for pet owners – silicone brush helps to avoid winding up of hair on the bristles and clogging of the vacuum cleaner;
  • quiet cleaning – control not only power, but also vibration intensity;
  • automatic self-cleaning system – this was added to the model from mid-2021.

Roborock S7 disadvantages:

  • easily soiled glossy case;
  • Potential for damage to the silicone brush (good for picking up hair) from sharp objects.

Wet Mopping Robots

iBoto X220G Aqua Self-diagnosis and Fall Prevention

iBoto X220G Aqua is an affordable option for quality floor cleaning. Photo:

Two-hour uninterrupted operation with automatic wetting of the napkin — despite the small volume of the tank (120 ml), the robot is ideal for wet cleaning small spaces. It is compact enough for high traffic (dimensions – 300 × 300 × 75 mm), but does not clean long enough (on average – 1.5 hours until the battery is completely discharged) to work with large rooms.

The vacuum cleaner cannot be controlled via the application, but it can be controlled via the remote control. It contains the basic buttons for turning on, sending to the station, as well as setting the delayed start timer. Height difference sensors are located on the bottom panel of the case so that the device will definitely not fall down the stairs – it will turn around and go in the other direction.

The robot vacuum cleaner can sweep dirt and mop the floor at the same time. This function is suitable for wooden surfaces and tiles. It is more difficult with carpets – there is not enough power for high-quality cleaning of pile.

iBoto X220G Aqua is a no-frills model for those who don’t want to mop their floors.

Advantages of iBoto X220G Aqua:

  • high-precision gyroscope – the vacuum cleaner slows down when approaching an obstacle, thereby avoiding a collision;
  • self-diagnosis of faults – facilitates the repair of the device;
  • dimensions allow you to wash floors even under the bed – the height of the vacuum cleaner is only 7.5 centimeters.

iBoto X220G Aqua Disadvantages::

  • no turbo carpet brush;
  • a small number of functions – scheduled cleaning, for example, cannot be programmed;
  • very small dust container – 250 ml.

Dreame Bot D9 Pro – one of the best navigation systems

Dreame Bot D9 Pro – wet cleaning even under the sofa. Photo:

Thanks to the springy lidar, the vacuum cleaner won’t get stuck under furniture and won’t be damaged due to its simple design. So, the water napkin is fastened with Velcro, and the central brush can be easily disassembled.

Navigation for wet cleaning is conveniently designed in the application – you can manage individual no-go areas for mopping. There are reminders to rinse the napkin, as well as adjusting the intensity of the water supply. As many as 6 fall sensors (the previous models of the brand had a maximum of 4) become the cherry on the cake of cross-country ability and functionality.

Dreame Bot D9 Pro is suitable for general wet cleaning – the docking station comes with a silicone mat that will prevent it from getting wet even after intensive mopping.

Advantages of Dreame Bot D9 Pro:

  • increased power – it has increased by as much as 1000 Pa compared to previous models of the line, it allows you to suck up particles of medium size;
  • nice little things in the application – the ability to exchange cards with other users and regularly update the firmware;
  • able to overcome obstacles even with wet nozzle;
  • flexible noise level adjustment – from a minimum of 60 dB to a maximum of 74. 5;
  • antibacterial composition of mop cloth.

Dreame Bot D9 Pro disadvantages:

  • short operating time for the middle price segment – only 150 minutes offline;
  • height is almost 10 centimeters – it will not be able to drive under low sofas and beds.

Dreame D10 Plus – powerful battery with water flow regulator

Dreame D10 Plus – aesthetics combined with power for your floors. Photo credit:

The big brother of the previous vacuum cleaner is equipped with a stylish docking station that automatically cleans the dust container and fits into any interior. The model is new, released in May this year.

The solenoid valve allows you to accurately determine the amount of water that will be spent on cleaning. By the way, water can be used both cold and warm, but without detergent. In parallel with washing the floors, the vacuum cleaner sucks up dry particles – simultaneous wet and dry cleaning with a power of 4000 Pa.

In the application, you can define zones exclusively for washing, as well as set the Do Not Disturb mode so that the vacuum cleaner works autonomously. The battery is good – after cleaning an area of ​​​​70 square meters (two-room apartment), exactly half of the charge remains.

The Dreame D10 Plus looks good and is easy to handle – a good option for a minimalist furnished medium-sized apartment.

Advantages of Dreame D10 Plus:

  • long working time – battery capacity is 5200 mAh;
  • thorough wet cleaning – three modes of water supply intensity help here;
  • automatic carpet detection – depending on your settings, the vacuum cleaner can only clean floors;
  • large dust bag capacity of 2.5 liters, the dirt from which is sucked into the docking station through two channels.

Dreame D10 Plus Disadvantages:

  • 145 ml water container – you will have to fill it before each cleaning;
  • lack of support for the Russian language – you can control it through Alexa, but not through Yandex. Alice;
  • long charge for premium model – it takes five hours to fully charge the battery.

Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner is easier when you know exactly why you need it. Photo:


The choice of a robot vacuum cleaner should be approached responsibly. If your house has a lot of carpets, then it is better to choose powerful models with convenient control through the application. A good example is Roborock S7: the suction of dirt on fleecy surfaces is maximum, and the functionality allows you to set restricted areas for wet cleaning.

However, don’t forget about the budget. When it comes to small apartments, some features may be unnecessary. In order not to overpay, pay attention to the basic options such as Kitfort KT-568. It will be clean but no frills.

For dry cleaning, the number of brushes is important – another parameter to keep in mind. The more of them, the larger surfaces the vacuum cleaner can work on. Viomi SE differs from other models with a variety of cleaning tools. When your home has laminate, and carpets, and tiles – choose it.

If you plan to replace both a mop and a conventional vacuum cleaner with a robot vacuum cleaner, then it is better to choose models that wash well – this is important for general cleaning. iBoto X220G Aqua saves you from having to wet and wring out a rag – cleaning with it will be fast and high-quality, thanks to its compactness.

When not only function is important, but also aesthetics, choose Dreame D10 Plus. Its docking station not only automatically cleans the vacuum cleaner from dirt, but also fits even the most unusual design. Minimalism combined with adjustable water pressure is a good option for aesthetes.

In large apartments, it is important that the robot vacuum cleaner does not lose orientation in space and has a good navigation system. This is what distinguishes the Dreame Bot D9 Pro – it definitely will not carry dirt around the rooms, walking through the same places several times.

In any case, the diversity of the market allows you to choose the option that suits you, regardless of the budget and the presence of deep knowledge in gadgets. When choosing, rely on logic and do not forget about the appearance – who does not want a robot friend to be not only functional, but also beautiful.

iRobot Braava Jet 250 B25004RND


30 years of experience and innovation in robot development
30 million robots sold worldwide
best seller in USA, Japan and Europe
developed by iRobot, headquarters in Bedford (USA)

Braava jet 250 is a versatile machine. Depending on the selected cleaning mode, the robot can dry clean floors with any hard surface, wash stone, tile, linoleum floors, as well as perform delicate wet cleaning of wooden and laminated floors. Cleaning is carried out using special napkins. Depending on the type of napkin, the robot itself chooses the cleaning mode.

The compact Braava jet 250 has a rectangular configuration. Thanks to these qualities, it easily penetrates into hard-to-reach places, such as the space behind the toilet.

Easiest control: fit a suitable cloth, fill the tank with clean water (for washing and gentle mopping), press the Clean button – the rest will be done by the robot.

The Braava jet 250 is designed to clean rooms up to 25 square meters in the gentle wet and dry mode and up to 20 square meters in the floor cleaning mode.

Cleaning is carried out using special wipes. Depending on the type of napkin installed, the robot itself selects the cleaning mode.

In mopping mode, Braava jet 250 sprays water on the floor surface, activates the vibrating function of the cleaning module, so that the robot wipes off the dirt that has dried on the surface. Cleaning of each site is carried out in 3 passes. So, section by section, the robot cleans the entire room. After cleaning, the floor remains slightly damp, and you get a feeling of cleanliness and freshness in the house. In this way, you can wash the floors of stone, tiles, linoleum.

Braava jet 250’s wet mopping mode dampens floors with a small amount of water and wipes gently. In this way, you can take care of moisture-proof floors made of wood and laminate.

In the dry cleaning mode with a special cloth, moving around the room in sequence, the Braava jet 250 collects dust, dirt, animal hair from the floor. The napkin is impregnated with a special composition, which contributes to a better retention of dirt. This method of cleaning is suitable for floors with any hard surface.


Charging time, min 120
Battery capacity, mAh 1950
Battery type Li-Ion
Purpose For dry and wet cleaning of floors
Autonomy time, h to 2
Work area per charge, m2 to 30
Dimensions, mm 170 x 84 x 180
Charger mount Manual
Day programming No
Weight kg 2.7
HEPA filter No
Delivery set
Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Braava Jet 250 – 1 pc.