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  • The remote control does not operate.


Select within the text to jump to the related settings screen.

Check if the TV is working properly

  • Press the power button on the TV to determine if the problem is with the remote control or not. For the location of the power button, refer to the Reference Guide supplied with the TV.
  • If the TV is not working, try resetting it.
    If a full reset (restart) of the TV is required

Check if the remote control is working properly

  • Point the remote control at the remote control sensor located at the front of the TV.
  • Keep the remote control sensor area clear from obstacles.
  • Fluorescent light can interfere with remote control operation; try turning off any fluorescent light.
  • Check that the orientation of each battery matches the positive (+) and negative (-) symbols in the battery compartment.
  • Battery power may be low. Remove the remote control cover and replace the batteries with new ones.
    • Sliding type
    • Push-release type


  • Remote controls with a MIC button or Google Assistant button are connected to the TV using Bluetooth. Radio interference may occur in the following situations and cause issues such as poor operation of microphone or remote control because Bluetooth radio waves use the same frequency as radio waves emitted from microwaves and wireless LANs (IEEE802.11b/g/n).
    • There are people or obstacles (such as metal objects or walls) between the TV and remote control.
    • A microwave is being used nearby
    • There is a wireless LAN access point nearby
    • The TV and remote control are unpaired

    In these cases, try the following solutions.

    • Use the remote control closer to the TV
    • Remove obstacles between the TV and remote control
    • Use the remote control when a microwave is not in use
    • Turn off other Bluetooth devices
    • Check the TV’s Bluetooth setting and turn it on and off
      Press the HOME button and select the following in order.
      If [Settings] — [Remotes & Accessories] — [Bluetooth settings] — [Bluetooth] is disabled, enable it. If it is enabled, disable and then enable it again.
    • Set wireless LAN access points and microwaves at least 10 m away from the TV
    • If the 5 GHz band (IEEE802.11a) is available in the wireless LAN, connect to the 5 GHz band
    • Pair the remote control again
      Press the HOME button and select the following in order.
      [Settings] — [Remotes & Accessories] — [Remote control] — [Connect via Bluetooth] — [Connect a new remote] — follow the on-screen instructions to reconnect the remote control.
      If you cannot operate the TV with the supplied remote control, select the above in order until [Connect a new remote] using another Sony TV’s remote control, and then try connecting again with the supplied remote control.
  • Depending on your model, a Bluetooth remote control is supplied and already paired with the TV. At the time of shipment, the supplied paired remote control cannot be used to operate other TVs. When checking remote control operation, use with the TV with which the remote control was supplied.

Reset the remote control

If the remote control does not operate correctly due to poor battery contact or static electricity, the problem may be resolved by resetting the remote control.

  1. Remove the batteries from the remote control.
  2. Press the power button on the remote control for three seconds.
  3. Install new batteries into the remote control.

If the problem persists, refer to If a full reset (restart) of the TV is required and Frequently Asked Questions for Troubleshooting pages.


  • When you unplug the TV and plug it in again, the TV may not be able to turn on for a while, even if you press the power button on the remote control or the TV. This is because it takes time to initialize the system. Wait for about 10 to 20 seconds, then try again.
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  • Troubleshooting
  • Remote control/accessories
  • The remote control does not operate.

Samsung Smart TV Remote For Your Connected Devices

Choose your location and language.

Gone are the days of searching down the back of the sofa for the right TV remote. Why is it you can never find the one you actually need? With the awesome Samsung Smart TV Remote you need just the One Remote! One that can not only control your Samsung TV but all your connected devices too. Read on to discover what a Samsung Smart Remote does and how you can pair it with your TV and external devices.

What does Samsung Smart Remote do?

The Samsung Smart Remote brings together all your TV connected devices and enables you to control them from One Smart Remote. The innovative Auto Source Recognition technology automatically detects what is connected to your Samsung Smart TV, so whether it’s your game console, surround sound system or satellite box the Samsung Smart TV control has you covered. The intuitive design also ensures the remote is easy to use whether you’re young or old making it perfect for all the family.

With so many TV channels these days, it can be difficult to choose what to watch. The Smart Hub button on your Samsung TV remote allows you to quickly access all your favourite streaming and gaming apps at the touch of the button. So whether it’s watching the latest epic Netflix series, Amazon Video blockbuster or Apple TV+ Original you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

And if you know exactly what you want to do, you can go ahead and tell the Samsung Smart Remote. Simply speak to Bixby to access content, adjust settings, search for new TV shows and more. You just need to give it your command and your Samsung Smart TV will find it for you.

How to pair a Samsung Smart TV Remote?

Pairing your Samsung Smart TV remote has never been simpler. Your remote should automatically pair when you set up your Samsung TV for the first time. If not, you can simply follow the quick guide below:

Connecting the Samsung Smart TV Remote to your TV:
1: Begin by pointing your Samsung One Remote at the sensor on your Samsung TV. The sensor will be located on the bottom center or on the right hand side of your TV.
2: Press and hold Return (backward arrow) and Play/Pause buttons together for at least 3 seconds. 
3: The syncing process will begin and a message will appear on the TV when the Samsung Smart Remote has been successfully paired with the TV

How to use Samsung Smart TV Remote?

You have everything you need to control your TV and connected devices in the stylish Samsung One remote. Check out our quick guide to discover how to use your Samsung TV remote:

Smart Hub Button

– Use the Smart Hub button to open the Smart Hub on your TV. Here you’ll find all your favourite streaming apps including Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney and Apple TV+
– Use the Smart Hub button to return to the Home Screen
– Smart Hub enables you to switch between TV Mode and Art Mode on compatible Samsung TVs such as The Frame Art Mode QLED 4K HDR Smart TV

Directional Navigation Pad

– Found in the center of your Samsung Smart TV remote
– Use it to navigate through menus and apps
– Press the center to make selections

Bixby Voice Assistant

– Press and hold to activate Bixby voice assistant
– Bixby can take you to exactly where you want to go on your TV

Virtual Number Pad

– Opens a virtual number pad so you can easily enter a channel number or PIN
– Press it twice to open the colour buttons window which can be used within certain menus or apps. If you can use these functions the menu or app will provide information regarding what function links with the button

Multi View

– View two things at the same time, for example you can mirror your phone on one side and continue watching TV on the other.

Play/Pause Button

– Press to open media playback controls including; play, pause, fast forward and rewind
– In Game Mode, press and hold for 3 seconds to open the Game Bar which displays all of the information you need to monitor your gaming performance

Return Button

– Return to the previous menu screen
– Holding down the return button closes the app you are running

Volume Button

– Raise (+) and lower (-) the volume
– Pressing both together mutes the TV
– Press and hold to open the accessibility window. Here you can turn on captions and activate other accessibility functions

Channel Button

– Scroll through TV channels
– Press the button to view the Channel Guide.

App Preset Buttons

– Launches popular streaming apps without having to navigate via Smart Hub

Smart Remote Reset

– In case of problems with your Smart Remote, try resetting it.
– Press and hold the Select and Return buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. The LED light on the remote will flash to confirm the reset.

Can I use a universal remote on my TV?

The One Remote communicates with the TV using infrared, the light that carries signals from the remote to your TV, and Bluetooth (standard remotes just use infrared) so as long as your Samsung Smart TV supports a Bluetooth connection you can use the Samsung One Remote.

Can I use a universal remote on other devices?

Yes! A universal remote puts the ultimate control in your hands enabling you to manage all your connected devices on one intuitive remote control. Whether it’s a game console, satellite streaming service, Blu-ray Player or home cinema system the One Remote can manage them all.

Follow the steps below to pair your Samsung universal remote with an external device:

1. Connect the external device directly to your Samsung Smart TV and check that the device is turned on.
2. Press the Home button on your Samsung Smart TV remote to open the Home Screen.
3. Navigate to Source
4. Press UP on the pad to select Universal Remote
5. Select the New Device you are trying to connect to
6. Press Start
7. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the setup.
8. Your Smart One Remote and TV will remember the external device and its connection port (HDMI 1, HDMI 2 etc) when you next turn your TV on.

You can find a list of compatible devices in the table below:



Auto Detection Possible


Blu-Ray™ Device 2011 – 2018

Home Theatre System 2011 – 2016


PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4

Blu-Ray™ Device from 2011

Home Theatre System from 2011



XBOX 360

Apple TV

Apple TV 1

Apple TV 2

Apple TV 3

Apple TV 4


Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV 2


Roku 3

Roku 4



Nexus Player


Blu-Ray™ Device from 2011

Home Theatre System from 2011


Blu-Ray™ Device from 2011

Home Theatre System from 2011


Blu-Ray™ Device from 2011

Home Theatre System from 2011

Can I use my smartphone as a TV remote?

Yes! Samsung Smart TVs offer the convenience of operating your TV through your phone via the innovative SmartThings app. So when you’re lying on the couch with your phone in hand you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to get up to find the remote.

How can I control my TV with my phone?

You’ll need to use SmartThings to turn your phone into a controller for your TV. Follow our quick setup guide below.

Begin by connecting your phone and TV:

1. Open SmartThings on your smartphone
2. If a pop-up window appears, tap Add Now to connect your phone to your TV.
No pop-up window? Continue below:
3. Tap All Devices
4. Select your TV
5. Select Start and follow the on screen instructions
6. During the setup process your TV will display a PIN code
7. Enter the PIN on your phone
8. Tap Next and continue with the onscreen instructions
9. Your Samsung TV will notify you when the setup process is complete

Using your phone as a remote control:

1. Open SmartThings on your phone
2. Tap on your TV in the Dashboard
3. Your TV remote appears on your phone screen and the controls work the same way they would on a normal remote. You also have access to Mute, Home, and Guide. You can tap anywhere in the box to make a selection.

  • * Your TV must already be added to SmartThings as a device
  • * Both TV and mobile must be on the same network.
  • * For Samsung TVs, install the “”SmartThings”” app. It supports a variety of functions including photo sharing, View TV on Phone and Mirror Screen (Smart View).
  • * Availability of this function may vary based on region and/or model. If you want to get more detailed information, please check each model’s product detail page

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