Tv vesa stand: Universal Vesa Tv Stand : Target

Bolt-Down Mount for 32″ to 55″ TVs

Makes mantle mounting easy

We were able to mount the tv on our mantle using this mount. It took 2 of us about an hour and we love that it swivels so we get a decent angle from the kitchen.

Worked great

We did not want to deal with anchoring to rock fireplace and TV stands are too wide for the fire place mantle – was worried about whether our mantle was hollow but it works great – happy with purchase!


Worked great for my application, feels sturdy and well made. Ready to install and it looks much better.

It looks great on our mantle

We bought this to install on the mantle over our fireplace since a wall mount system didn’t work in our home. It looks good and holds the 50 inch flat screen TV perfectly. My tip on install is to use a sock wrench to tighten the included screws down. That will give you the leverage to get everything tight without stripping out the screws.

Awesome stand

Did not come with the smallest m4 mount screws


Easy to build and use

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TV stand – how to choose? 70 photos of fashionable novelties in the interior

None of the furniture elements is so simple and at the same time so diverse in execution as a TV stand.

Such a huge selection requires a careful approach to the choice of this product, especially since this element of the interior is located in one of the most prominent places in the room.

The TV is a gathering place for family, friends or invited guests, so the TV floor stand is on everyone’s display and is no less talked about than the TV itself.

Friends and guests will certainly compare it with the one they have at home, mentally try it on for their interior, evaluate its capacity, ergonomics and many other things.

Features of the choice of stands for placing the TV.

It is not difficult to buy this piece of furniture, stands are available in every furniture store, but the problem is to buy the furniture you need, and this is not a trivial task.

The presence of only 3-4 product models in each store makes shopping almost meaningless or at least ineffective, unless the goal is the most ordinary TV stand without any special frills.

At the same time, almost all large stores have their own website on the Internet, which allows you to first view the photo of the TV stand and thus make a choice from a fairly large number of manufacturers.

The most popular types of stands

One of the most interesting is glass TV stand, like other glass furniture is fashionable and modern. The spirit of the times in construction and furniture is increasingly leaning towards glass and metal.

Corner TV stands can be considered a very convenient ergonomic solution, square meters of living space are becoming more expensive, and people tend to purchase small apartments, but this does not mean that they lose desire in the beautiful interior of their small apartment.

In addition to external design differences, stands also have a lot of real characteristics that can nullify all preferences in beauty, especially when the TV is very large and therefore heavy.

For equipment with a high mass, there are special stands that can withstand increased loads, a universal TV stand is completely unsuitable for such purposes.

Special reinforced stands are usually made of strong materials, such as alloys of various metals, this is done so that the furniture does not turn out to be very bulky, what would it become if it were made from a material such as wood or plastic .

Although in some individual cases this is appropriate, if the apartment or house has a large area and high ceilings, then bulky furniture is in its place.

Materials used in the manufacture of coasters

Wood, of course, is considered a classic material, most of the models of coasters are made from it and its derivatives, not to mention the fact that 90 percent of all furniture manufacturers are designed to produce only products from this material.