The last of us ps4 controller: PlayStation The Last of US Part II DualShock4 Wireless Controller Limited Edition for PS4 4 Controller, Gray, MAIN-48409 : Video Games

The Last of Us Ps4

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  • Controls – The Last of Us Part 1 Guide

    By Bob, Callum Williams, Angie Harvey, +43. 9k more


    Welcome to The Last of Us’ Controls guide. Below, we’ll provide the full control scheme for the game. Although The Last of Us can be played on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, the game’s controls remain the same regardless of platform.


    Action Button
    Interact / Pick up
    Shoot / Throw


    Quick Throw Bottles / Use Consumable / Reload
    Listen (Hold) / Switch Shoulders (Tap)
    Flashlight Toggle
    Camera Angle
    Select Weapon


    Consumable Items


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    The Last of Us Remastered

    Naughty Dog


    ESRB: Mature


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    How to set up a gamepad on a PC: connecting and setting up a joystick

    Many games are originally developed for consoles, so it is much more convenient to control using a gamepad. Also, a wireless controller or gamepad with a long cable makes it possible to lean back in a chair or even lie down on a sofa during the game, which attracts many gamers.

    However, with games that are old or not very well ported to the computer, problems may arise when connecting third-party peripherals. In this case, setting up a gamepad on a PC turns into a real test, we have collected tips for overcoming it in this article.


    How gamepads differ
    How to test the gamepad without playing?
    How games interact with gamepads
    Connecting and configuring a joystick
    How to connect any gamepad to a computer

    DirectInput and XInput protocols 9002 7

    For the interaction of various programs and devices with a computer, APIs have been invented – programming interfaces that help devices to make friends with PC. DirectInput and XInput are just such APIs. The difference is that DirectInput was invented in the early 2000s and has not changed much since then, while XInput appeared in late 2005 to connect the Xbox 360 controller and is still used in games.

    The difference here is that XInput is designed for Xbox standard controllers – the number of buttons, axes and other things is strictly fixed, but games will easily see the gamepad and instantly adapt to it.

    But DirectInput implies that the controls in each game will have to be configured manually. On the one hand, this gives flexibility and freedom to the user, and on the other hand, it is a very tiring task. However, finding such a gamepad on sale is somewhat more difficult: usually even third-party manufacturers adapt to XInput, and only PlayStation controllers that work via DirectInput come to mind from examples.

    Such different buttons

    Since gamepads can be used with different devices (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and smartphones), they are labeled for different platforms.

    The most common symbols are icons from the Xbox: green A, red B, yellow Y, and blue X.

    with other colors.

    However, when choosing a PC controller, you will see many Xbox-style controllers and only a few Nintendo-compatible ones. For example, such as Canyon CND-GPW3.

    But the symbols for the PlayStation, although more strange, are probably known to everyone: these are a cross, a circle, a square and a triangle.

    In some cases, manufacturers combine the PlayStation and Xbox symbols to make the game controller comfortable to use with both types of systems.

    Another legacy format for controller buttons is numbers. This standard was popular before the invention of XInput, when it was not yet clear that most games would use the Xbox button set.

    When choosing a gamepad for PC, it is better to pay attention to those that are similar to Xbox controllers in terms of the symbols depicted on the buttons. In the future, this will make it more comfortable to use the device.

    Sticks and their axes

    Analog sticks, also known as “mini sticks”, are control devices that provide continuous coordinates and are not limited in the number of directions. In general, they can more accurately convey the direction the player is pointing to.

    There are usually two such sticks on modern gamepads, and they have two axes: vertical and horizontal. In addition, they most often have a button built into the inside (a click when you click on the stick itself), but this is not considered an axis.

    For some games, users may prefer to invert the axis of the stick: for example, to take off an airplane, one might want to assign a downward movement, which would seem to reflect the actual movement of the yoke. Someone, however, prefers to invert directions in other games.

    While how to set up a joystick on a PC is purely a matter of user preference, programs, APIs, and games should correctly display the axes that are pressed on the gamepad.


    Along with XInput and the button standard, the Xbox 360 controller also brought advanced triggers, also known as “triggers”. These are large buttons on the back side that can simulate the trigger of a weapon or, for example, the gas or brake pedal of a car. Each of these gamepad buttons is very important for modern games, so you should choose a joystick with high-quality triggers.

    Some modern gamepads have also begun to offer advanced vibration in each trigger, or even resistance that imitates a hook or pedal in even more detail. But so far, few PC games support such innovations.

    Arrows (D-Pad, D-Pad)

    Another important part of the gamepad are the direction buttons, known as the D-Pad, or D-pad. These buttons are used both for independent control of the movements of heroes (most often in two-dimensional games), and as auxiliary elements.

    Different gamepads differ in how clearly the D-pad buttons are pressed. Often the difference is whether there is a distinct click when one or the other direction is pressed. This aspect cannot be unequivocally assessed, because different people like different sensations from pressing.



    Almost all modern gamepads are equipped with vibration systems. Special motors react to what is happening in the game, giving players tactile feedback.

    Such motors are not available only in the most budget models, so you probably won’t be able to buy a gamepad without them at all. But some manufacturers leave a special button on the case that disables vibration programmatically.

    In addition, the new DualSense controller for PlayStation 5 features the most advanced vibration controller ever made. However, there are still few games on the PC that support this particular advanced vibration.


    Sometimes there are gamepads with unusual design or additional features that go beyond the standard. For example, some controllers allow you to rearrange entire blocks of keys at the discretion of the user or are backlit. There are also backlit gamepads, such as the Sven GC-5070. Such tricks are not mandatory, so the need for them is determined by the buyer.

    Sven GC-5070

    RUB 2,799*

    View item

    Connection method

    Globally, there are two ways to connect a gamepad to a computer: wired and wireless. With the first one, everything is clear: the wire is inserted into the USB port of the computer, and after that its direct configuration begins.

    Bluetooth connection is more complicated. Firstly, the computer must also have a transmitter in some form: either an external USB “whistle” or a built-in adapter. Some manufacturers include such adapters with their gamepads, but, for example, with gamepads from Sony and Microsoft game consoles, they are not in the box. To connect, you need to enter the gamepad into discovery mode (usually there is a separate button for this or a combination of them), after which the computer will detect the bluetooth device, establish a connection and begin installing the driver. In the future, this process will be faster.

    However, almost all wireless gamepads can be connected to a computer via a wire.

    Before you set up the gamepad on your computer, you should check its condition. You can inspect any peripheral gaming device even without starting the game, using the built-in tools of Windows itself.

    To do this, just press the Win + R key combination, and then enter the joy.cpl command in the window that opens. Your device should already be displayed in the Windows utility that opens, which confirms at least a connection to the system.

    Selecting the controller and clicking Properties will open a window where you can test keystrokes and axis definitions. If during testing in this window there are any questions about the operation of buttons or sticks, then most likely there are problems in the device itself.

    In order for Windows to communicate with peripheral devices, there are special programming interfaces in the operating system itself to help interact with the device.

    Unlike software interfaces between programs and devices (for example, the APIs we talked about above), drivers often require user attention and separate installation, which is why they have become widely known even among ordinary users.

    XInput gamepad drivers

    In most cases, XInput gamepad drivers are loaded automatically and do not require user intervention. However, sometimes the device is not detected properly, in which case user intervention is required. If the gamepad supports both XInput and DirectInput, then it makes sense to download the XBOX 360 Accessories v1.2 utility and switch the gamepad mode to the required library through it.

    Also, if the driver did not load automatically, you should go to the device manufacturer’s website and download the driver from there yourself.

    DirectInput gamepad drivers

    DirectInput drivers are rarely installed on their own, so drivers for such controllers are either bundled on disk or downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

    Keyboards and mice

    Keyboards and mice also usually install drivers without problems and start working automatically. This even applies to wireless peripherals, which, unlike some gamepads, always come with a USB adapter. It is enough to insert it into the computer and wait until the device works, but sometimes it becomes necessary to update the driver. This is also done through the official website.

    In addition to connecting the gamepad to the computer, problems sometimes occur with the games themselves. Each project interacts with external devices in a different way. For example, most games that support XInput can easily switch between keyboard and mouse controls to a gamepad.

    At the same time, some games require you to select one input device in the settings and do not respond to the use of others. This usually happens in those projects where the interface is strongly tied to the selected controller and changing the device causes noticeable changes in the display.

    x360ce emulator (version 3.x)

    The x360ce program allows you to emulate the Xbox 360 controller using other devices – this is useful when an old game refuses to work correctly with a new controller or when you connect a DirectInput controller to a game that does not support this system. Also, with the help of x360ce, you can connect other types of controllers to games that are not perceived by them by default – for example, a steering wheel or an aircraft steering wheel.

    The installation of the program is quite simple: you need to download the x360ce version itself, and then run it as an administrator. Specifically, the downloaded exe file itself is not an emulator – it only allows you to configure the device for a specific game with which it will be used. You can customize how taps on your non-Xbox 360 controller masquerade as that controller in the app. You can also download configuration files from the Internet.

    After setting up or downloading the necessary files, they must be placed in the game folder. Usually these are two files: x360ce.ini and xinput1_3.dll, which should be placed in the root directory.

    x360ce emulator (version 4.x)

    Not so long ago, the developers released the fourth version of the emulator, which is different from all previous ones. The main difference is that now the configuration files should not be in the game folder, but in a separate one, because now internal Windows tools are used for emulation. Choose this version if you want to work in games released after 2015 or if you have Windows 10 or 11.

    In general, the connection resembles the previous version: you need to download the emulator, and then configure the control in the program. Perhaps, when you first turn on the program, it will warn you about the absence of a virtual driver – in this case, you need to go to the Issues tab and click the Install button to install it. Then, in the main window of the program, you have to bind the buttons of your gamepad to the buttons of the Xbox 360 virtual controller – and that’s it, the setup is complete. Now all games will see your controller as an Xbox 360 Controller and accept commands from it accordingly.


    This program works better with outdated gamepad models and allows you to immediately create one virtual gamepad, which in the future will not need to be adjusted for each game and transfer any files. However, its installation itself is quite tricky.

    The first step is to install the Original Xbox 360 Controller Driver for Windows. You also need VIGEm Framework, ScpToolkit and Auto-Whitelister. After installing all this, you can proceed to install XOutput itself.

    Next, you need to add a controller to XOutput itself. After successfully adding inside the program, the gamepad must be disconnected from the computer and go to the control panel. There should not be a gamepad among the devices, and even after reconnecting it, it should not appear in the list of devices. However, it must be defined within the XOutput program itself, which is the most important thing for us – otherwise it will turn out that the same device is duplicated on the computer under different names.

    Now you can finally move on to games where your controller should be recognized as an Xbox 360 Controller.


    This is a rather unusual program that is designed to remap buttons on Xbox gamepads, because it itself works through XInput. The principle of its operation is similar to x360ce and consists in replacing ini and dll files, so you cannot use these programs at the same time.

    Setting everything up is quite simple: you need to download and run the program, connect your Xbox or other XInput-compatible controller, reassign the buttons and stick movements as necessary, save the files and move them to the root directory of the game with which you plan to use the controller.


    Not everyone knows, but the popular game store for PC Steam also allows you to remap buttons and use XInput and DirectInput gamepads in games. To do this, you need to download and install Steam on your computer, go to the Steam menu – “Settings” – “Controller”, select “Basic controller settings” and there already select the type of gamepad that you want to configure.

    Thanks to this, you can use not only the Xbox gamepad in games, but also emulate DirectInput joysticks and controllers from PlayStation and Nintendo consoles from it. True, this scheme will only work when you launch games purchased on Steam, and even through the Big Picture mode, designed to control the program interface from a gamepad.


    This program is designed to emulate a keyboard and mouse using a gamepad. Obviously, this is necessary primarily for those games that do not support any third-party controllers, and with the help of this emulator, for example, when they press the right trigger, they will think that the right mouse button was pressed.

    Installing and working with AntiMicro is quite simple: you need to download the program, select your gamepad in it and select a ready-made keyboard and mouse emulation profile from the gamepad. However, those who wish can dig and create their own unique profile.


    Sony controllers are one of the few modern gamepads that work on PC via DirectInput. They are now fully supported by modern games, but to play projects released before 2015, you still need to emulate an Xbox controller. It is more convenient to do this not through the previously discussed x360ce, but through DS4Windows, because it is designed specifically for the PlayStation DualShock 4.

    It’s simple: you need to download the program, install and select a control profile that will emulate your DualShock. After that, all that’s left is to play!

    Gamepad PlayStation DualShock 4 Black

    RUB 3,490*

    View item


    Similar to DS4Windows, MotioninJoy is designed to make it easier to connect your PlayStation 3 controller to your PC. Everything works according to the same principle: you need to download, install, connect a gamepad, select a profile (or configure the buttons yourself) and play.


    This program is needed to connect the Xbox gamepad to old games and emulators of retro consoles. Everything works by analogy with other similar programs: after installation, you need to add the controller to the program and assign keys to it, after which the necessary games and programs themselves will begin to determine the gamepad as compatible.


    An interesting program that also allows you to emulate the use of the keyboard and mouse from the gamepad, but not only in games, but also in Windows itself. If the idea of ​​controlling Microsoft Office and the browser from the controller seems attractive to you, then you can try installing and configuring this program.

    In general, the installation and configuration process is not particularly distinguished: in the program interface, each gamepad button can be assigned a key from the keyboard, a mouse button, or even a combination, which will make it possible to control the computer using a joystick.

    So, you have decided to play the game with a gamepad and have already purchased the device. What should be done after the controller is taken out of the box?

    STEP 1: connection, driver installation

    The first step is to connect the gamepad to the computer in the way you plan to use it in the future: by wire or via Bluetooth connection. In most cases, the device will be detected by the system itself and install the driver, but if this does not happen (Windows reported a failure, or the controller is defined in the system as an “unrecognized device”), then you should download the driver yourself from the manufacturer’s website or from the included CD .

    STEP 2: checking and calibrating

    After the device is detected by the system, and before starting the game, it is worth checking how accurately the gamepad works out clicks. To do this, you need to run the joy.cpl utility built into Windows, which we have already talked about, where you can see the accuracy of working out clicks.

    If the gamepad behaves incorrectly, do not immediately throw it away or go to the store to change it: it may simply not be configured. It is worth trying to install the manufacturer’s proprietary software, which may contain calibration parameters or other settings.

    STEP 3: what to do if the game does not see the joystick

    Suppose you have installed and tested the gamepad – everything is fine with it. But what if the game on the computer, for which everything was started, does not see it? What to do? There is no single answer to this question, so let’s look at a few reasons.

    The simplest option is that the game simply cannot switch between devices on its own, and the control method must be selected in the settings. To do this, in the settings you need to find an item like “Controls” or “Input Devices” and select “Controller” or “Gamepad” instead of the keyboard.

    If there are no such items, then it is worth looking for reasons further. Your controller may be using an API that the game does not support. You can try to find this information on the Internet, and if this is true, then you can use one of the emulators for XInput or DirectInput devices that we wrote about above.

    If it’s not the game, then it’s time to deal with the device itself. It is possible that the driver was installed incorrectly, which can be seen by going to the control panel and in the device properties to see if the driver is installed correctly. If an exclamation mark is on next to the device, then you should reinstall the driver.

    PlayStation 4 gamepad (DualShock 4)

    PS4 controller is a DirectInput device which causes problems with games prior to 2015 release. New projects work correctly with the device, but it makes sense to use the DS4Windows utility to launch old ones. You can connect the gamepad to your computer both by wire and via Bluetooth.

    Gamepad from PlayStation 3 (DualShock 3)

    With the PS3 controller, things are somewhat more complicated. It is also a DirectInput device and has also become a fully supported controller since a certain point, but far fewer games support it. You can make it work with all games using the MotioninJoy program, and connect it to a computer via a wire.

    Xbox One Controller

    The optimal controller that will work without problems with all games released after 2005. To do this, simply connect it to the computer, after which the driver will be automatically installed and the device will be ready to play.

    Not all Xbox One controllers can be easily connected to a PC via Bluetooth: some will only work via a USB cable, or you will need to purchase a separate adapter. Although the Elite version of the gamepad is compatible with both console and PC.

    Microsoft Xbox One
    Elite v2

    RUB 14,499*

    View item

    Xbox 360 Controller

    The controller from the Xbox 360 console also still works great with modern games and easily connects to a Windows computer. But you should keep in mind that the versions of devices for PC and for the console itself are different, so you need to be careful when buying. In addition, you can connect such a gamepad to a PC only by wire or with the purchase of a special wireless adapter – it will not work via Bluetooth.

    Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch is sometimes referred to as one of the most convenient gamepads around and can now be used with a computer, but only on Windows 10 and above. Very few games fully support its functions, but thanks to internal Steam emulation, the controller can be used in all games that support Xbox controllers.

    However, there are also disadvantages: Steam only works with the Pro Controller via a USB cable, but when connecting a gamepad to a PC via Bluetooth, you will have to use a third-party emulator like x360ce.

    Nintendo Switch Pro


    RUB 7,199*

    View item

    Wii U Pro Controller

    Connecting the Wii U Pro Controller to a PC is one of the most non-trivial tasks that we are considering today. You can’t officially connect it to a computer, but enthusiasts still found a way.

    To do this, you need to download and install the WiinUSoft 2.1 and Windows 10 Hotfix utilities. First of all, connect the controller to the computer via USB, and then turn on Bluetooth on the computer (yes, with a wired connection). After that, you need to hold down the red button on the back of the gamepad and connect it to the computer. Then move the Nintroller.dll file from the Windows 10 Hotfix folder to the WiinUSoft 2.1 folder and run WiinUSoft.exe – after that you can play.

    Gamepads from old consoles (PS1, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast)

    There are two ways to connect old controllers to a modern PC: either buy soldered devices on Aliexpress that already have a USB cable and an additional board built in to interact with a PC, or buy a separate USB hub into which the original connectors will be inserted. In any case, it will take a long time to configure the selected device with one of the emulators that we have already analyzed today.

    For the most comfortable gaming experience on a PC with a gamepad, you should get a controller from Xbox One or Xbox 360. These joysticks connect seamlessly to your PC on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11, and are also supported by the maximum number of games. With them, the user will have the least problems.

    When using various exotic options, ranging from the DualShock 3 or 4 controller to gamepads from old consoles, you will have to choose an emulator that is suitable for your device and the specific game that you want to play with it. Given that the Internet is filled with different XInput and DirectInput emulators, this will not be a big problem, but it will take time to set up.

    View all gamepads and choose yours


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    What should I do if my DualShock 4 does not work? Five of the most common Sony controller problems

    What should I do if my DualShock 4 does not work? Top 5 Sony Controller Problems

    technology breaks down over time and
    Unfortunately, this is also true for
    game consoles. Playstation 4 games
    designed for perfect responsiveness
    DualShock controller. If you are stuck
    buttons, touchpad not working
    or the controller is not charging, then our
    this article is designed to help you decide
    problem. What to do if it doesn’t work
    “Dualshock 4” – we will talk about the five most
    common controller problems.

    4″ does not connect to PS4

    problem is one of the most common
    among gamers on the PlayStation. Sometimes a gamepad
    it just doesn’t sync with the console.
    So, if your wireless connection
    failed, then try the following
    actions. In most cases, execution
    these steps will help

    • Connect
      DualShock 4 to
      via wire
      mini USB. The process of a new
      synchronization with the console, and gamepad
      must come back to life.

    • Second,
      try restarting the console

    • If none
      from the above methods did not work, then
      help reset the settings itself
      . Wrap the gamepad back
      side towards you and find on the case
      small hole next to the L2 button.
      A pin, paperclip or any
      long thin needle – you need to stick it through
      inside and press the hidden button.
      Hold the button for a few seconds
      and then try to sync again

    don’t forget that the DualShock 4 uses
    Bluetooth wireless connection for
    connections. If the controller is connected to
    some other device, for example,
    to the PC, you must first disconnect it
    before trying to connect to PS4.

    DualShock 4 not charging

    gamepad not charging after plugged in
    to PS4, there may be several reasons. C
    using the elimination method, you can
    determine the cause of the problem

    • Cable
      mini-USB may be damaged. Try
      connect another.

    • Try it
      connect to a different PS4 port.

    • If you have
      there is another controller, try
      charge it with the same cable
      and through the same port.

    • Try it
      connect to the set-top box when it
      started in safe mode. ( For
      in order to start PS4 in safe
      mode, turn off the console first.
      Now hold down the power button
      within 7 seconds. When you hear the second
      signal, you will find yourself in a safe

    • Plug
      controller to Windows via USB port to
      check overall performance.

    at the end of the whole process, you will find out that
    stopped working. If the problem is in
    USB cable, then time to buy a new one. If
    the joystick is charging normally through
    another USB port, then it’s in the console. If
    same other controller running in the same
    port or via a mini-USB cable, then the problem
    lies in the USB board (loose
    connection, moisture has entered the case

    DualShock 4 touchpad works

    PS4 controller is that it
    Has a trackpad on the front.
    It is used for menu navigation and
    for a set of messages, as well as in some
    games in unique game situations.
    If suddenly the touchpad has stopped
    act, then try the following :

    neither the first nor the second will help, then
    probably need to replace the sensor
    panels. This breakdown is quite
    significant because finding a trackpad
    separately difficult and replace this component
    not easy as it is connected to the port
    USB via a common loop.

    Buttons on DualShock 4

    buttons can be a problem even if
    your joystick is always clean.
    Buttons can stick and unstick with
    at different intervals, depending on
    on frequency of use. If the buttons
    do not come off after normal pressing,
    the following steps will help:

    • Take
      microfiber cloth and dampen it
      a drop of isopropyl alcohol;

    • Wipe
      cloth outer edges of the buttons. Wipe
      them well to remove the accumulated
      dirt from the buttons;

    • now
      try pressing the buttons on the gamepad.

    the problem is still there, it is necessary
    disassemble the gamepad for a more thorough
    cleaning. Watch this video to
    learn how to clean DualShock 4