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Takagi T-M1 Commercial Tankless Gas Water Heater
Mobius Water Heater


The small water heater with
the BIG attitude.

Great for Multiple Head Shower Fixtures!

MOBIUS has a maximum flow rate of 9.6 gallons per
minute, so it’s ideal for residential or
commercial water heating and warm air or radiant
heating system applications. Use a single Mobius
unit, or link multiple units together for
unlimited hot water – instantly! No matter what
size the job, commercial or residential, Mobius
has the power to handle it.

output temperature of the MOBIUS can be adjusted
from 100 to 176 degrees. This range makes it
ideal for home application as well as providing
water hot enough to meet any commercial use.

The T-M1 must be
installed by a certified plumber. Warranty will
otherwise be voided.


  • Installation Manual

  • Specifications

  • Accessories

  • Heats With Clean

  • Inside And Outside

  • Quality Design And

  • Warranty

  • Benefits

    Water Heating

  • Plumbing


  • Trouble


Optional Products For the

(Multiple Unit Controller, Remote Controller,
Wall Ventilation Terminator and Exhaust Backflow




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Takagi T-M1

Commercial Tankless Gas Water


Remote Controller

$289. 00

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Ventilation Terminator

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Unit Controller


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Backflow Prevention Kit

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& Temperature Relief Valve

$7. 99

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Mineral Manager


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For customers with
hard water, CET recommends the mineral

This conditioner will prevent damaging lime-scale
from building up and clogging your tankless water


Small System – Huge

Hot Water

Introducing Mobius
T-M1. The MOBIUS first-hour rate is over
300 gallons per hour compared to
conventional 100 gallon storage tank
water heater’s 135 gallons per hour. The
thermal efficiency of the T-M1 is over
83% when using natural gas and 85% with
liquid propane. This is far superior to
the conventional water heater efficiency.
Because the T-M1 is more efficient, it
uses less fuel and is therefore more cost
efficient to operate and more
environmentally friendly.

Save Space
Mobius takes up less than 2.2 cubic feet
of space. That’s one-tenth the size of an
ordinary system. No clunky water heater to cramp
your style. Just precision technology that
generates unlimited hot water as needed. It’s the
revolutionary water heater that fits in anywhere
– from the smallest home to the largest
commercial building.

Save Money
No storage tank. No pilot light. No big
bills. Unlike traditional heaters, Mobius doesn’t
waste energy and space by heating and storing hot
water. Mobius uses sophisticated technology to
deliver hot water only as needed. This way Mobius
saves not only energy and space – it saves more
than 45% on utility costs.

Giant Flexibility

From single family homes to high-rises,
Mobius has you covered. For large commercial use,
such as hotels or industrial plants, Mobius
replaces inefficient boilers with customized flow
and temperature control. Link up to 20 Mobius
units together using one main control system, or
use our multiple control system to adjust each
unit separately. For total flexibility, Mobius is
your system. When you use a MOBIUS mult-system,
you don’t have to burn a million BTU for one
application – just burn as much as you need!


Mobius is the only product of its kind
to receive SAQMD (Southern California Air Quality
Management District) approval for its low
emissions. With high thermal efficiency, Mobius
uses much less fuel than traditional systems, is
quieter, safer and more cost effective than any
other water heater on the market today.

Peace of

Engineered with total efficiency in
mind, Mobius uses “smart” safety and
monitoring devices to ensure that the system is
working flawlessly. Safety devices include an
overheat cut-off switch, hi-limit and temperature
sensor, computer controlled gas valves and freeze
protection. The Mobius system monitors itself so
you don’t have to – total efficiency, total
confidence … peace of mind.


This limited warranty gives you specific legal
rights, and you may also have other rights that
may vary from state to state or according to
other conditions.

General Limited Warranty Covered

The manufacturer, Takagi Industrial Co. USA,
Inc., will apply the warranty to the original
retail buyer only, against failure in normal use
and within the applicable periods specified
below, following the terms of this warranty. The
Takagi Industrial Co. USA, Inc. replacement will
be warranted for only the un-expired portion of
the original warranty to the original purchaser
of the products.

The Parts Warranty

If any parts except the heat exchanger fail
within twelve (12) month after original
installation following instructions provided in
the installation manual and with normal
residential operation, Takagi Industrial Co. USA,
Inc. will furnish replacement parts. Labor is not
covered under warranty.

The Heat Exchanger Warranty

If the heat exchanger fails within five (5) years
after the original installation following
instructions provided in the installation manual
and with normal residential operation, Takagi
Industrial Co. USA, Inc. will furnish a
replacement heat exchanger, excluding field
labor. However, If the water heater is installed
in other than a single family dwelling
with/without other applications and/or attached
parts, and in a single-family dwelling with other
applications and/or attached parts, the heat
exchanger warranty is limited to one (1 ) year
from date of original installation and operation.



Table of Contents

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Table Of Contents


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  • Contents

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  • Troubleshooting

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Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents

  • For Your Safety

  • Operation

    • General

    • Temperature

    • Freeze Prevent Device

      • Winterizing

  • Installation

    • General

    • Accessories

    • Optional Items

    • Outdoor Installation

      • Indoor Installation

      • Combustion Air Supply

      • Venting Instructions

      • Gas Supply

      • Water Connection

    • Pressure Relief Valve

      • Electrical Connection

  • Starting Operation

  • Operating Instruction

  • Wiring Diagram

  • For Your Safety

  • Application

    • Space Heating

    • Dual-Purpose Heating

    • Storage Tank

    • Recirculation

  • Temperature Setting

  • Manifold Multi System

  • Maintenance and Service

  • Error Codes

  • Trouble Shooting

  • Component Diagram

  • Part List

  • Output Temperature Chart


MOBIUS Water Heater

Store these instructions next to the hot water heater for reference purposes.

Potable water heating and Space heating


















Takagi Industrial Co. USA, Inc.

Installation and Operating Instructions



Instantaneous Tankless Gas Water Heater

Suitable for

Indoor and Outdoor installation


6 Goddard, Irvine, CA 92618

Tel. (949) 453 – 8388, FAX. (949) 453-8498


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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Takagi Mobius T – M1
This manual is also suitable for:

Mobius t-m1

Copper sheet M1, thickness 6 mm

Ordering information

You can retail various pieces of M1 copper sheet. Dimensions not shown in the table on request.

The nominal thickness of H copper sheet is 6 mm. The maximum deviation in thickness is -0.26 mm (according to GOST).
The actual width W and length L of the workpiece are not less than those indicated in the table. It can be more by 1-5 mm (cut off with a margin).

The term of readiness for shipment in the absence of a warehouse is 5 working days (when placing an order).

Prices per piece in rubles. Remains and prices updated: 16.07.23 21:16

Code ↑↓ Model ↑↓ m (kg) ↑↓ W (mm) ↑↓ L (mm) ↑↓ Warehouse ↑↓ Price (rub) ↑↓ Number
133152 M1 T 6 x 50 x 95 mm 0.26 50 95 10 pieces

133153 M1 T 6 x 50 x 190 mm 0. 51 50 190 6 pcs

133154 M1 T 6 x 50 x 595 mm 1.6 50 595 4 things

133155 M1 T 6 x 100 x 100 mm 0.54 100 100 15 pcs

133156 M1 T 6 x 100 x 190 mm 1.02 100 190 8 pcs

133157 M1 T 6 x 100 x 290 mm 1.56 100 290 4 things

133158 M1 T 6 x 100 x 595 mm 3.2 100 595 3 pcs

133159 M1 T 6 x 150 x 190 mm 1.53 150 190 6 pcs

133160 M1 T 6 x 150 x 290 mm 2. 34 150 290 4 things

133161 M1 T 6 x 150 x 595 mm 4.79 150 595 2 pcs

133162 M1 T 6 x 200 x 190 mm 2.04 200 190 6 pcs

133163 M1 T 6 x 200 x 290 mm 3.12 200 290 6 pcs

133164 M1 T 6 x 200 x 390 mm 4.19 200 390 2 pcs

133165 M1 T 6 x 200 x 595 mm 6.39 200 595 2 pcs

133166 M1 T 6 x 300 x 290 mm 4.67 300 290 4 things

133167 M1 T 6 x 300 x 595 mm 9. 58 300 595 1 PC

133168 M1 T 6 x 400 x 400 mm 8.59 400 400 1 PC

133169 M1 T 6 x 400 x 595 mm 12.77 400 595 1 PC

133170 M1 T 6 x 500 x 595 mm 15.96 500 595 1 PC


Cart: 0 items for 0 rub


Copper sheet M1 is manufactured in accordance with GOST 1173-2006. Solid. Full marking M1T. Cold rolled.

Main features
Parameter Meaning
Density 8940 kg/m 3
Melting point 1083 °C
Short-term strength σ in 290 MPa
Elongation δ 10 6%
Brinell hardness HB from 70
Fe: up to 0. 005%
Ni: up to 0.002%
S: up to 0.004%
Cu: 99.9%
As: up to 0.002%
Pb: up to 0.005%
Zn: up to 0.004%
Ag: up to 0.003%
O: up to 0.05%
Sb: up to 0.002%
Bi: up to 0.001%
Sn: up to 0.002%
  • GOST 1173-2006. Foil, strips, sheets and copper plates. Specifications. Download (pdf, 934 kB)
  • Russian Federation.

Questions and comments

Abrams M1 tanks: characteristics, comparison with T-90

Elena Proshina

The USA decided to supply Ukraine with a battalion of Abrams M1 tanks. About the characteristics of the “Abrams” and how these American tanks differ from the main Russian tank T-90 – in the material “Rambler”.


Background Abrams M1: US main tank

Video of the day

First similarity – like the T-90 for the Russian army, Abrams M1 is the main tank for the US military. The Americans began its development in the 1970s, and the serial production of the tank started in 1980.

It was decided to create a new tank within the framework of the classical scheme, which provides for a crew of four and a high ballistics cannon as the main weapon.

It was decided to equip the tank with a 105 mm M68 cannon, and the AGT-1500 gas turbine engine was chosen as the power plant for it. For the tank, they chose a power of 1500 horsepower.

In the first terms of reference, the military set the price of tanks at around 500 thousand dollars and agreed on the value of the combat weight of the tank at 55 tons.

At the prototype stage the following requirements were agreed upon:

  • Maximum combat weight of 18 tons;
  • Maximum value of 107 thousand dollars;
  • Maximum width – 3.96 meters (for European railway platforms).

Chrysler won the tender for the production of the first 462 tanks in the mid-1970s. The contract value was 196 million dollars.

The tank got its name in February 1980 – “Abrams” he became in honor of General Creighton Abrams, who was an important person for the development of American armored forces and commanded the grouping of US forces in Vietnam.


In February 1981, the Abrams was adopted by the US Army under the designation “105-millimeter cannon tracked tank M1”.

Starting with the M1A1 modification, the Abrams are equipped with a 120 mm M-256 gun – a modified version of the German Rh-120 9 gun0003

For the crews of the Abrams, they created protective suits made of non-combustible fabric with armor protection against fragments, pistol and rifle bullets, as well as buckshot and shrapnel. Tankers received a detachable insulated lining and a set of underwear for the summer, and a slap protected their eyesight and breath from smoke and toxic substances.

In 1999, during the modernization of “Abrams” received a new, fully digital fire control system, which improved its ability to detect targets day and night.

New to the combat vehicle is the addition of advanced third-generation armor and an auxiliary power unit, as well as a thermal management system that conditions the air for the crew and assists the operation of electronic equipment.


Abrams M1 vs. T-90: tank comparison

TechInsider magazine calls the T-90 and Abrams M1 typical representatives of the Soviet and Western schools of tank building.

The publication notes that the T-90 – deep modernization of the reliable Soviet tank T-72. The T-90 was created at the very end of the existence of the USSR and it “incorporated all the best that was incorporated in Soviet tanks.”

The T-90 main gun is an upgraded version of the 125 mm 2A46M4 smoothbore gun.

The tank’s armor has tripled compared to the T-72. The T-90 has powerful “passive” armor and built-in “active” dynamic protection, thanks to which the weight does not grow too much.

In front of the T-9 turret0, there are two cavities located at an angle of 55 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the gun, they contain packages of special armor of the “semi-active” type.

T-90 armor with reflective sheets is a three-layer barrier: plate, spacer and thin plate. The effect of such sheets can reach 40 percent compared to monolithic armor of the same mass, TechInsider emphasizes.

The tank also has a complex of built-in dynamic protection “Kontakt-5”, which protects against cumulative weapons and armor-piercing sub-caliber projectiles.

For the first time on the T-90, the TSHU-1 7 “Shtora-1” optoelectronic countermeasures complex appeared, protecting the tank from guided weapons with guidance systems such as Tow, “Hot” and others, protecting it from weapons with laser heads (Maverick, Hellfire, Copper-head) and from artillery systems with laser rangefinders.

RF Ministry of Defense Press Service/TASS

The T-90 turret is made of outer and inner steel armor plates, between which are special armor packages made of metallic and non-metallic materials.

In the case of the Abrams, British Chobham multilayer composite armor became the protection. On later versions of the American tank, armor appeared using uranium ceramics of the first and second generations.

According to TechInsider, the Abrams was originally designed not as a “breakthrough tank”, but as a combat vehicle capable of stopping or delaying Soviet tanks. The tasks of the Abrams and the T-90 are different and it is not always correct to compare them.

However, my attempt to compare T-90 and the Abrams were made by The National Interest magazine.

NI notes that for both the T-90 and the Abrams, the speed of advance along the highway is about 70 kilometers per hour.

The minus of the American tank is that it can travel 386 kilometers without refueling, while the T-90 has a range of more than 480 kilometers on the highway.

Another problem: the M1 is heavier than the Russian tank (in general, the Abrams is one of the heaviest tanks in the world, its combat weight exceeds 62 tons), which complicates the transportation and deployment of the Abrams. Off-road, he can cope worse than the T-90.

The publication called the advantage of the Russian Shtora tank – it not only jams laser guidance systems with its own emitters, but also creates a cloud around the combat vehicle that does not transmit laser beams using aerosol grenades.

Abrams M1 does not have its own laser warning system, active protection system or explosive reactive armor, although it is possible that future updates will include some of these features, emphasizes NI.

The advantages of the Abrams, according to NI, are the Chobham composite armor, which has been improved over decades, and the presence of a separate ammunition compartment (this reduces the risk of detonation when the tank is shelled by the enemy).

Another feature of the Abrams is that it uses a turbine as an engine, which consumes a lot of fuel. The turbine is both an advantage and a disadvantage: it is voracious, but reliable and not too noisy.

“Abrams” have a high rate of fire (it is also associated with the physical fitness of the loader) – up to 10-12 rounds per minute.

The National Interest concludes that the Abrams have better firepower than the Russian T-90A tanks, but the Relict version of the T-90MS with improved sights and more powerful engines is able to hold its ground.


Ukraine and Abrams

On January 25, 2023, the United States announced a decision to supply Ukraine with 31 Abrams M1 tanks. US President Joe Biden said that the delivery of the Abrams “will take time,” but did not name a specific time frame.

Along with the tanks, Kyiv will receive eight M88 repair and recovery armored vehicles and fuel for the Abrams.

Just a week ago, the Pentagon announced that the supply of “Abrams” to Kyiv does not make sense, since the tanks are difficult to maintain.

Mark Stone explained in his piece for Sky News that the US refused to supply the Abrams because the tank of these tanks is too large and designed to work with jet fuel, which is not available in Ukraine.

In addition, the tank is very heavy and depends on a unique and complex supply chain.