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HP Sprocket portable photo printer review

Julie Strietelmeier

/ August 16, 2018 / Reviews / Photo printing, Printer /

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If you’re like me, you probably take a lot of pictures with your phone. Flipping through pics on our phones is fun, but most of us don’t get a chance to enjoy them OUTSIDE of the phone. One way to do that is to print the pictures and one solution that can help you with that task is the HP Sprocket portable photo printer. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The HP Sprocket portable photo printer is a battery-powered printer that is about the size of a deck of cards and pairs with your phone and the HP Sprocket app to allow you to easily and quickly print your images on 2 x 3-inch sticky-backed paper without using ink.

What’s in the box?

HP Sprocket printer
micro USB cable
10 pack of HP ZINK sticky backed photo sheets

Design and features

The HP Sprocket printer is available in several colors, but I was sent the white version of the printer which has bronze colored accents.

The small printer has a plastic case with one button on the side which toggles power.

On the back of the printer is what looks like a lanyard attachement point… weird. You’ll also find the micro USB port for charging, two status LEDs, and a reset switch/hole.

The front edge of the Sprocket is where the printed photo is ejected.

The top of the printer slides off to reveal the compartment where you place the photo paper.

The photo paper is packaged in 10 sheet packs and probably has some sort of coding that won’t allow you to use other types of ZINK paper that are marketed for other brands of printers like the Sprocket.

I’ve reviewed a couple other printers that also use this type of paper and they all include a special blue card that has to be left in the stack of paper face down when you install the paper into the printer.

Here we see the stack of 10 sheets of ZINK paper placed in the Sprocket printer.

A spring-loaded pressure lever keeps the paper in place so that it doesn’t jam up inside of the printer during the printing process. I’ve had this problem with another older printer that I reviewed years ago, so I like to see that HP has designed a solution for this potential problem.

HP Sprocket app

To print your pictures, you need to install the HP Sprocket app on your phone. This app will let you view, edit, and print the images in your phone’s memory, on your Instagram account, Facebook account, and Google Photos account.

The app also lets you do some rudimentary editing like cropping, adjusting levels, adding text, and stickers.

Printing is quick and easy and since the HP Sprocket uses ZINK photo paper, you don’t have to worry about ink drying, smearing your smudging. The prints are ready to use and pass around as soon as the print ejects from the Sprocket.

My favorite thing about the prints is that they are peel and stick. I usually have problems peeling the other ZINK photo paper that I’ve used with my other photo printers, but the paper backing on the HP ZINK paper is noticeably easier to separate. I like to use the prints to embellish the entries in my journal.

For those interested, here are some creative ways to use the Sprocket.

What I like

  • Easy setup
  • Quick photo prints
  • Crisp and good color

What needs to be improved

  • Only comes with 10 sheets of photo paper

Final thoughts

I’ve reviewed a couple other printers very similar to the HP Sprocket, so I wasn’t expecting the resulting prints to be much if any different than ones I’ve been using for years. But I actually was surprised. The prints from the HP Sprocket look a bit crisper and have more vibrant colors than prints from Polaroid and Panasonic ZINK printers which have always looked a bit washed out to me. The HP Sprocket app is a bit more polished as well compared to the other printer apps. If I was in the market for a pocket-sized photo printer today, my first choice would be the HP Sprocket portable photo printer. It’s a keeper.

Price: $129. 99
Where to buy: HP and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by HP.

Making a three-dimensional paper star★: step-by-step instructions on how to fold, master classes for creating an asterisk

How to make a three-dimensional or convex star out of paper, decorate a house with it and avoid mistakes. First, find out the manufacturing methods and techniques, what materials are needed, whether templates are needed. Then you can safely choose one of the ways and make beautiful stars for your interior. The star is a great decoration for the New Year, wedding or birthday.

  • What paper to make a three-dimensional star
  • What kinds of stars can be made from paper
  • 3D star
  • org/ListItem”> Convex star
  • Star from the pages of a book
  • Origami star
  • Rainbow star

900 20 What paper to make a three-dimensional star

The type of paper depends on what type of production is selected. Different materials are used:

  • office paper;
  • landscape sheets;
  • newspaper;
  • book;
  • carton.

For each technique I use a special type of material. The thicker the paper, the more reliable the construction is. Don’t be afraid to use different colors, patterns and glitter. It always decorates and complements crafts.

What kinds of stars can be made from paper

Five-pointed, six-pointed and eight-pointed stars can be made from paper. You will need material, scissors, templates, glue and threads.

Volumetric Star

How to make a five-pointed volumetric star correctly and quickly is shown below. It is good if the house has a printer or it is possible to print a template. In this case, you just need to print the template on sheets and glue the dotted lines.

Step by step craft:

  1. Print the template 5 times in one size.
  2. Make curves along the dotted lines.
  3. Get cones that can be glued into a star.
  4. Fasten all elements, attach a thread to the last one to hang the figure.

Stars look like in the photo below.

The figure is easy to make with your own hands, without printers and other auxiliary tools. Working with it takes no more than 15 minutes. For a homemade asterisk you will need:

  • colored paper;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • threads.

The crafts are very beautiful, the detailed step-by-step instructions are described below:

  1. Take two sheets of paper. You need to give them a square shape of any size, for example 15 × 15, 17 × 17 or 21 × These can be ready-made origami sheets.
  2. Fold each leaf in half twice, first horizontally, then vertically.
  3. Unfold the sheet and fold it diagonally in both directions.
  4. On the reverse side, draw dotted lines along the first folds.
  5. Cut them all the way through.
  6. Fold the edges of each square inwards.
  7. Glue each triangle by lifting it up a little.
  8. It turns out two four-pointed stars. Glue them together, inside.
  9. Fasten the string inside. The craft is ready.

Even primary school children can make this craft. Such an activity can please them in an art lesson.

Below is an algorithm for doing DIY crafts in the photo.

Bulging Star

Small bulging stars are easy to make but usually need a lot of them. Therefore, the work takes a lot of time. You can fill them with a jar or a vase in the living room. The manufacturing principle is that all paper strips are even and of the same size – they are 221 mm long and 9 mm wide.

Various materials are used for work: colored paper, pages from an old book, a color magazine, landscape sheets, office paper. Choose any material and take scissors.

When finished, the stars look like the photo below.

Step by step instructions for making:

  1. Draw a sheet of paper.
  2. Cut into strips.
  3. Take one strip in your hand and tie it into a loop at the bottom.
  4. Tie the short part into a knot and tuck it inside. It turns out an even pentagon.
  5. With a long ponytail, wrap all the edges of the star 2 times. In total, 12-15 turns are obtained.
  6. Hide the remaining end inside.
  7. Makes a ball of paper, gently flatten each corner with your fingers to shape the shape. The little star is ready.

The paper strips are very thin and tear easily and must be handled with care.

These figurines are used to create various compositions, decorate holiday rooms with them, hide a gift among them. The photo below shows a step-by-step manufacturing scheme.

Put the stars in your backpack, dividing all the elements into colors, fill a transparent vase with convex figures, try to fix it on a stick and stick it in a flower pot. On the star itself, draw a smile and eyes, this will make a positive craft. See photos for sample compositions. You can always try to repeat something similar.

A star from the pages of a book

If an old unnecessary book is lying around at home, and it’s time to send it for recycling, then there are two options for its future life. Sending for waste paper and making an elegant star for home interiors.

For crafts you will need:

  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • cardboard;
  • glitter;
  • tape.

Step-by-step instructions for the sprocket:

  1. Find a piece of heavy cardboard, such as an appliance box. Cut out a five-pointed star. Try to make it even, small errors will not be visible.
  2. Cut each page of the book into 4 rectangles. Roll them into balls, fix the edges with glue. You don’t have to use the entire book, just a portion will suffice.
  3. Paint the template gold or brown. Let dry.
  4. Glue all the bags on top, around the perimeter of the entire star.
  5. Decorate the edges of the book pages with gold sparkles.
  6. Attach the craft to the ribbon. The asterisk is ready.

This craft will perfectly fit into the interior. It can be presented as a gift to a work colleague, acquaintances, relatives or close people. Below are photos of the production.

Origami Star

This is one of the easiest ways to make a star. She looks beautiful and elegant. Look at the photo below.

All you need is a block of note paper and glue. Leaves should be square. 8 pieces are used per figure. Step by step instructions:

  1. Fold the leaf in half.
  2. Fold the side corners inward towards the fold line.
  3. The lower corners are bent in the same way as the first ones.
  4. A pocket is obtained from below. The upper part is folded first to the right, then to the left.
  5. A fold line remains on the lower triangle, a piece of the triangle is turned back along it.
  6. Make 8 of these parts. Inside there is a pocket for fastening.
  7. Fasten all the modules together, fix with glue, you get an eight-pointed star.

The photo below shows a detailed algorithm of actions.

Rainbow Star

Rainbow Star is perfect for any children’s party. She is bright, beautiful and amazing. The three-dimensional figure will perfectly decorate a children’s room, a summer house, a kindergarten room. It’s easy to make. Required:

  • scissors;
  • 8 color sheets;
  • adhesive.

Paper preferably heavy, opaque and double sided. Step by step instructions for making:

  1. Cut out 8 rectangles of the same size from colored paper.
  2. Take 1 and fold it in half horizontally.
  3. Unfold, bend the corners of each edge inward towards the line.
  4. From one end, fold the corners in again from the center to create sharp ends.
  5. Fold them back on the other side. It turns out one element
  6. Repeat the algorithm for 8 rectangles.
  7. Glue the pieces together, the star is ready.

The rainbow star will bring brightness to the New Year holiday.

The photo clearly shows how to make a craft.

You can make a three-dimensional star with your own hands using different techniques and materials. Such a figure always looks impressive.

They can be used to decorate the holidays, make a composition in the corner of the apartment, hang them on the New Year tree next to snowflakes. Any decoration made by yourself will bring more joy than purchased. Try and experiment, everything will definitely turn out.

Star layout for cutting.

A paper star is easy! Volumetric paper stars

Volumetric eight-pointed paper star is an easy and, at the same time, spectacular craft for the New Year. For New Year’s stars, origami paper with elegant patterns is best. If there is no such paper at hand, then feel free to take plain colored paper. Such voluminous stars are also very decorative. In addition, they leave room for creativity – you can decorate them with any details you like. From the same module, you can create different compositions by combining volumetric eight-pointed stars made according to this template. We offer you three options, but you can certainly add your own ideas to them. The size of the volumetric star will depend on the size of the square of the selected paper. We deliberately do not give sizes, because. no matter what paper square you take, you still get a nice three-dimensional star. Although a voluminous eight-pointed paper star looks like a very “adult” craft, even children 6-7 years old can make it with their own hands, especially with your active support.

How to make a three-dimensional paper star.

For a three-dimensional eight-pointed star, you will need two identical squares of colored paper, glue, scissors, thread for hanging.
1. Fold a square of paper diagonally and open it back.
2. Fold the square along the other diagonal and open it again.
3. Turn over a sheet of paper and fold it in half across. We open again.
4. Fold the square in half lengthwise and open again.
We have two mountain folds and two valleys.
5. With scissors we cut the folds that go along the straight sides, a little less than half.
6. Fold the paper near the slots to the corners, to the central crease, as shown in the figure.
7. Place two wrapped triangles near each ray on top of each other and glue. We have a voluminous four-pointed star made of paper.
To make an eight-pointed paper star, you need to make two four-pointed stars and glue them together.
The hanging thread can be attached to the ray of a star, to do this, make a hole in the ray with a thick needle and thread the thread through it.

Variant of a three-dimensional eight-pointed star made of paper based on the reduced module.

You will need one small square and two large squares of colored paper.
From a small square we make a voluminous four-pointed star, as described above.
Make two flat four-sided stars from the large squares as described up to and including step 6. Next, glue the bent triangles to the base.
Glue flat stars inside out on top of each other crosswise. From above we glue a volumetric four-beam asterisk.
You can additionally decorate an eight-pointed paper star:
glue beads, rhinestones or stickers on the star.
Glue paper squares to the ends of the stars as shown.
Make circles out of colored paper with a hole punch and stick them on the star.

The star has long been an image-symbol that carries its own meaning. We are used to seeing a star on the top of the Christmas tree for decoration and in the interior of our rooms on the eve of the winter holidays and on New Year’s Eve.

So that you can also decorate your favorite corner and make it a little more comfortable, you can try to make a star out of paper and cardboard with your own hands. Although it is simple, such crafts look very interesting and impressive. From ready-made small stars, you can make a garland or a whole composition, as well as simply throw voluminous paper stars into a gift box. It will look great!

  • A five-pointed star inscribed in a circle is nothing but a symbol of perfection. It means 5 elements (5 elements that make up the whole world).
  • The six-pointed Star of Bethlehem refers to the Nativity of Christ.
  • Eight-pointed – began to bear the name of the Virgin.

How to make a paper star? different ways

So, the first and quite popular way to make paper crafts is a technique called quilling
. It consists in creating some compositions from strips of colored paper, twisted in a certain way and interconnected.

To make a very simple quilling star step by step, we are will need:
strips of paper in several colors (you can buy at a craft store or cut it yourself, the desired width is 5 mm), scissors, PVA glue, an awl, a pen rod or a toothpick (to wind paper strips).

For each beam, you need to make 3 small elements in the form of a leaf or a drop, one medium, which will be in the middle, and one more – the largest, encircling all the others. First connect the middle loop with one of the small elements, then glue two more on the sides. And only at the end encircle the entire resulting part with another strip. Do this in several layers so that the loop is stronger. Make 5 such parts and glue together. Here is our first star!

Gallery: paper star (25 photos)

9 0261

Three-dimensional eight-pointed and five-pointed paper star

The easiest way

There is also a simpler version of a three-dimensional five-pointed star. Just cut out 2 parts of the star according to the template or according to your own drawing. To make the drawing even, you can first draw a circle and enter the finished star into it. So all the rays will be the same length. Better use thick cardboard
, available in different colors. In each of the details, make an incision to the centers. In one – in the center of one of the rays (upper), and in the second – in the center of one of the recesses (lower). It remains only to insert them into each other and that’s it.

All of these options are more suitable, for example, as Christmas ornaments
or just pendants for something, as they turn out to be quite large. But you can make small convex stars. Of these, a garland will look very interesting if you string them on a strong thread. So how are they made?

Small raised stars

To make these stars, prepare strips of paper 9 mm wide and 221 mm long. It is important to make them even so that there are no difficulties in further work. Closer to one of the ends, make a loop and stick the end of the strip into it. Then remove it inward from the back of the workpiece, and wrap the remaining strip around the resulting pentagon. For each face – at least 2 layers. It remains only to squeeze out their middle to the center, and the first asterisk is ready.

For the next eight-pointed star, we need 8 squares of four different sizes. Fold each of them, as in the picture. Then glue squares of the same size together to make 4 eight-pointed stars. Now connect them together. Here are the stars we got.

Any of the presented methods can be mastered easily, you just need to carefully study the diagram and do everything carefully. Paper stars
can be supplemented with sequins, patterns and other small details, draw patterns.

You don’t have to buy expensive interior decorations to decorate your interior. Many of them you can do yourself. For example, flowers and butterflies, pillows and paintings. As for the design of the festive interior, a do-it-yourself star will look great both on the Christmas tree for the New Year and Christmas, and on any other holiday. It can be hung from the ceiling, put on a table, window sill, laid out on a shelf above the fireplace.

You can make a star out of paper, you can sew a pillow in the shape of a star, and if you cut it out large enough, you get. We offer you several options for performing and collecting stars.

Need some experience or help from a man.

We will need:

  • plywood or fibreboard: 40 cm square;
  • round bar d=15 mm, L=1.5 m;
  • three screws or screws;
  • tinsel, rain or shiny serpentine;
  • glitter spray paint;
  • scissors, ruler, sandpaper, pencil;
  • screwdriver, glue or glue gun, sharp knife, saw or jigsaw.

To make your own star, draw an eight-pointed star on a piece of plywood or fiberboard. You can immediately on plywood or redraw from a stencil. Cut it out with a jigsaw or saw. Clean up the edges with sandpaper.

Spray paint the star. This should be done on the street or on the balcony. Glue shiny tinsel to the star. You can paste over only the tips or the entire star.

We take the bar and screw the star to it with screws. We hang or put it anywhere.

This do-it-yourself paper star is simple and easy to make. For it you will need thick paper or cardboard in two colors.

In addition to paper, we need scissors, a pencil and a ruler. Draw a five-pointed star on paper.

You can see how to draw it in the video.

You can leave it as it is, or decorate it with a pattern, appliqué or tinsel. We cut out our blanks and make an incision, as in the photo. We insert one star into another. The star is ready.


  • colored paper;
  • printer;
  • glue, scissors.

Using the template, print out the star blank. The first template for a small star. By printing the second template 2 times and the third 1 time, get a big star.

Cut out blanks and bend them along the dotted lines. Glue one piece to the other. Let the glue dry. The star is ready.

A very beautiful do-it-yourself star is made from cardboard and glitter.

  • cardboard box;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • hairspray;
  • dry glitter;
  • tinsel;
  • wire;
  • pliers;
  • tape.

Cut out two identical five-pointed stars from cardboard. How to do this, we have already told.

Bend the star to make it three-dimensional. Glue with tape. Place crumpled paper or cloth inside for volume.

In order for the star to be placed as a top on a Christmas tree, we place a wire spiral inside the star. To do this, a wire is tightly wound on a stick. Cut off the end. Measure the length of the wire and the diameter of the coils with the size of the star.

Lubricate the resulting star with glue, sprinkle generously with sparkles. When the glue dries, spray the star with hairspray so that the sparkles do not scatter. The edge of the star can be decorated with tinsel. The star on the Christmas tree is ready.

It’s easy and simple to make a star from an ordinary bottle with a grooved bottom.

  1. We take 2 bottles with a star-shaped bottom as in the photo.
  2. Cut off the bottom so that there are no side parts left. That is, only the bottom.
  3. We cut off the plastic between the bulges with a triangle. Try to do the same for both blanks.
  4. Glue the resulting stars, attach a thread to them. Inside the star, you can put tinsel, pour sparkles, beads, ribbons or sequins.

The star is ready.

The star is not only a temporary decoration. It can be practical if it is.

So, let’s take:

  • fabric in two colors;
  • any filler;
  • needles, scissors, thread;
  • large button;
  • pencil, ruler, tailor’s pins.

Step 1. Cut out identical triangles from the fabric with a side, for example, 20 or 30 cm.

Step 2. Sew the triangles together, alternating colors (see assembly diagram). We sew both top and bottom.

Step 3. Sew the top and bottom together, leaving a section for turning and stuffing.

Step 4. Turn inside out, fill with filler, sew up the remaining area.

Step 5. Wrapping the button with fabric, sew it to the center of the pillow through and through. So that it is sewn both to the top and to the bottom.

Whip the pillow. If you cut out larger triangles, you get a floor pillow.

Such a star can decorate not only the Christmas tree, but also any door in the room.


  • tinsel;
  • wire or hanger;
  • pliers.

Take an ordinary aluminum hanger and straighten it. We leave the hook – we need it.

Mark with a marker every 5 cm, starting from the place where the hook is twisted. Based on the size of the hanger. You can divide the length of the wire by the number of pieces.

According to the marks, bend the wire in the shape of a star inward or outward.

We connect the beginning and end of the wire, forming a star. Call on your husband to help – you will need strength. We bite off the unnecessary, wrap the attachment point with tape. We wrap the star with tinsel. We glue the ends so that they do not scatter.

Stars have always been considered something magical, mysterious and beautiful. They light the way and point the way. Some people are lucky to be born under a lucky star. Some rush to make a wish when they see a shooting star, others just like to look at them at night in clear weather. All people on Earth are familiar with this symbol. Maybe that’s why many people want to make their own star of happiness, because it is so beautiful. Now we will try to make an asterisk of happiness from plain paper.

We need a piece of paper and some time to work. In our case, the size will be 1×23 cm. Of course, you can take a strip of any size, but the ratio of length to width should remain the same every time 1:23. To find out what size star to get from any strip of paper, you need to multiply its width by 1.67. For example, from a sheet of A4 paper, taking into account the ratio 1×23, it is convenient to cut strips 1.2×27.6 cm in size. From such strips, you can make an asterisk 2 cm in size.

And so, we begin to add the asterisk. Having rounded the end of the paper strip around the index finger, we tie a knot. It is necessary to tighten it and press it in such a way that a small figure of an equilateral pentagon is obtained.

Care must be taken to leave a very small end of the strip after tying the knot. If this fails, it is better to cut it off or bend it back.

Next, we begin to wrap our pentagonal star in a circle with the long end of the strip, bending it each time along the line of the edge of the figure. With each fold, the strip will itself lie on the next edge on which it needs to be folded.

After 10 such folds, a short piece of strip should remain. It can be hidden in a nearby “pocket”. The result should be a pentagonal flat figure.

Now we need to try to make the figure voluminous. To do this, each face needs to be slightly pressed inward with your fingers, while at the same time pulling out the corners. Since the asterisk is very small, special care must be taken so as not to accidentally spoil it.

If you did everything right, then your star of happiness should be like this.

Don’t be upset if something went wrong and the star didn’t work the first time. Try to start again and for sure, this time you will succeed! And when you learn how to do them, it will seem to you that nothing is easier.

Print 2 blanks.
Cut out both stars and decorate them as desired. Bend back the places for gluing and gently push the lines indicated by the dotted line with a blunt thin object.
Now glue the 2 halves together. It turned out to be a big star.

3D origami star

Could you think that such stars
can be made with just a strip of paper
and nothing else?

I didn’t believe it either until I tried to make such a volumetric origami star with my own hands
. I managed!

In general, meet the new origami craft
, asterisk.

As always, I present a master class
so that you can also plunge into the whirlpool of stars with your head.

Preparatory phase

It is quite simple to make this one, its main advantage is that nothing special, complicated or special is needed for it. All you need is paper
, cut into strips.

I used paper wide
about 1 cm. You can also make an asterisk from a strip about 1/2 cm wide, but it turns out to be very miniature, so the work becomes more complicated. From a wider strip, a rather rough star is obtained, so a width of about 1 cm is the ideal value.

You can take almost any
, I just don’t advise you to take too dense, which is difficult to bend, otherwise newsprint, magazine, and any other paper will do. I used, for example, wax paper and used gift wrapping paper. Very beautiful stars are obtained from color glossy magazines.

Plus this sprocket
is that the paper can be beautiful and colored only on one side, the wrong side of the paper will not be visible.

Cut the selected paper into strips
. With a strip width of 1 cm, about 26 cm in length is enough, but as I understood in the course of work, it is much easier to first glue all the strips together, and then simply tear off or cut off after winding the next asterisk. It is probably convenient to make such stars from paper serpentine, but I didn’t have it at hand.

Origami star base

Now roll 9 from the prepared paper strip0299 basis
future star. It will be a regular pentagon. I never thought that a regular pentagon is so easy to fold from a paper strip, but it is. We make a loop, pass the tip down through it, tie a knot of paper tape. The moment is crucial, here the strip should not be too tight, but not too loose, so that in the corners the parts of the strip are close to each other. We bend the tail back so that it is not visible from this side. Now we start wind tape
. This needs to be done quite tightly. First of all, we direct the working end of the paper strip to where the tail was just bent so that it is not visible. So the very regular pentagon appeared – the basis of the origami paper star.

Winding the origami star

We do not flatten the paper at the edges of the pentagon, we simply bend it tightly around its side. After that, we bend the tape inside out and point it up to the right, go around this side of the pentagon, direct the tape down to the left. Now the tape should itself lie in the right direction (if you have correctly folded the pentagon). Move the tape to the right. In general, you now need to go around each side of the pentagon a couple of times. This is true if you are making a star from a very long strip of paper that you will cut into pieces; if your paper is about 30 cm long, then go around the pentagon until the paper tape runs out. We continue to wind the tape around the edges of the pentagon.

Add volume to the star

When the tip of the paper tape is about 1-1.5 cm long, hide it under the previous turn of the tape, thus securing it. We get the finished “semi-finished product” stars
, which now needs to be given volume
. This is the second crucial moment in the work on the asterisk. It is convenient to add volume with a small length nail. The nail should be directed across the middle of each side of the pentagon. In the meantime, we hold the workpiece with the other hand by the edges (without squeezing the plane of the pentagons, so as not to prevent the star from becoming voluminous). We try to bend all sides stars
to the center is about the same. In the photo you see asterisk
side and finished sprocket
. Finished Sprocket Dimensions
– about 1.5 cm in diameter. And one more STAR Origami star

is always relevant: in New Year
you can see her on top of the tree, you can get a star from the sky for your beloved on Valentine’s Day
, stars are strongly associated with Defenders of the Fatherland Day
. And they also say that when a new person is born, a new star lights up in the sky, why not light a small star in honor of the newborn
on a postcard (and present it to happy parents)? The star may be guiding
, give people who are going on a journey a star so that their path will be illuminated with it and they will be lucky. The stars accompany us throughout our lives. Do you know how to make stars with your own hands
? In this article, I will tell you how to make handmade star
paper folding technique. The idea is taken from this site (igrushka.kz/vip77/salf7.php). To make an asterisk, I cut out from a yellow sheet of A4 paper 10
square leaves 7×7 cm (5 leaves for each star). If you have a block of square colored note papers
, then you can use them. To make a block, first of all we bend a piece of paper into four
parts: Bend all the corners of the square in direction to the center
: Reveal
back two corners lying opposite each other: Now bend sheet in half
on a horizontal line: Five such blocks for one star must be made
. Now we insert the blocks into each other, the remaining not bent corners (which we bent, and then straightened again) will act as tongues that will hold
the whole structure of the star without glue at all: Be careful. Blocks must go friend to friend
: mounting bracket of the right block inside the left, and the left block inside the right: We continue to put blocks of needlework star into each other
, four blocks have already been folded, the last one remains: Insert the last block and enjoy the resulting handmade star
: Inside out handmade star
, looks no less beautiful: I glued a loop into one of the corners
with PVA glue: In this star, the only thing that did not suit me was that it was quite easily bent
and unbent, from a beautiful pointed shape it became flatter, so I decided to make exactly the same second asterisk
and glue into the first from the inside. To give a handmade star
stiffness: My handmade paper star
took over hard form
: Next, I still wanted New Year’s decor
, I armed myself with a golden outline and began to draw various “squiggles”:0299 stars and snowflakes
: Not only Christmas decoration can be made from such a paper star
by gluing a loop in one of the rays, but also the top of the tree
by gluing a cardboard tube between the two rays of the star to insert the top of the barrel.