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  • Universal Soundbar Mount – Soundbar TV Mount


    This product has been discontinued.

    $59.99 USD

    SA405 is rated
    3.1 out of
    5 by

    Videos to Get You Started

    SANUS SA405 Features Video

    SANUS SA405 Installation Video

    Universal Soundbar Mount – Soundbar TV Mount

    The SANUS SA405 soundbar speaker mount attaches directly to the bottom of your TV wall mount for a convenient, adjustable, and stylish setup. The SA405 is compatible with most TV wall mounts and many soundbars, and is easy to assemble with all hardware included and no additional drilling into the wall needed. Perfect for use with a full-motion mount – sit back and enjoy the sound as it moves with your TV.

    Product Features

    1. Hardware included

    Tools You Will Need For Installation

    The Details

    Product Brand: SANUS
    Model Code: SA405
    UPC Code: 793795527448 – Black – $59.99 USD
    Product Width: 1.70″ / 4.32cm
    Product Depth: 0.90″ / 2.29cm
    Product Weight: 2.94lbs / 1.33kg
    • Installation Manual
      ( PDF | 7667 KB )

    • Technical Drawing
      ( PDF | 135 KB )

    ⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Tetrabromobisphenol A and Antimony Trioxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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    Rated 4 out of
    MikeMod524 from
    Goo product and easy to install, But…
    This product easy to install underneath a wall mount bracket when it is laying facing down. It can also be done if it is hanging on the wall already by loosening one bottom screw at a time.

    The But…once the mount is installed, it didn’t allow me to position the speaker any closer than 3 inches away from the bottom of the TV. I wanted it tighter so it hides the supports in back and looks sleeker. It’ll do, but it would be nice if there was more grip between the plates when tightening the screws in the swing arms.

    Date published: 2020-07-03

    Rated 3 out of
    Martin from
    Great – But…
    I love Sanus products so could wait to receive this soundbar mount. Installation went smooth enough had everything connected in 20 minutes. But…My Sony soundbar is only 6.7 pounds and try as hard as I could, couldnt keep it flush with the bottom of the TV. Perhaps consider adding some sort of rubberized or grooved washer to the packet.

    Date published: 2020-04-25

    Rated 5 out of
    JasonP from
    Great – would suggest a some changes for next revi
    Just bought this with the Sanus BLL2 ultra-low profile mount for a 65” Sony TV with sound bar.

    Works great, was easy to setup and install, with an exception. The thumbscrews and the keyhole bolts as fractional (1/4-20 thread), not metric like everything else in both the sound bar kit and tv mount kit. The thumbscrews are much too tall, so I had to use my own 1/4-20 nuts to allow the sound bar mount to be low profile enough with the BLL2 to work.

    I absolutely would buy this again and would recommend it.

    Everything metric (so I could have used the nuts provided)
    low profile thumbscrews And provide nuts
    Double/triple highlight that the bars need to be vertical, not T shape (I see the one star reviews all seem to have it installed incorrectly, those reviews almost made me pick a different solution, glad I chose this one)

    Date published: 2020-04-20

    Rated 1 out of
    Frustrated II from
    no matter how much time spent, will never be flush
    Considering I have a Sanus Mount, I was surprised to find out after mounting the tv on the wall that the sound bar mount needed to be installed before mounting the tv. Seems like Sanus should include this caveat in their tv mount instructions. Anyways, this sound bar mount is so frustrating. it will never be flush with the tv. it will never be level. there will always be a gap between the tv and the sound bar ~ 3/4 inch so you can see the levers behind. I think I will probably install some black material behind to cover this up, but the bracket is just simply: Frustrating, Does not achieve results as pictured on ad. I’m not aware of another option so I will likely have to live with it. Seems like Sanus could improve this measurable, especially when used on a Sanus Tv Mount.

    If we didn’t have an articulating, full swivel tv mount, I would have just mounted it to the wall with the mount that the Sonos speaker came with. Oh well.

    Date published: 2019-10-05

    Rated 5 out of
    Chopin 65 from
    Does the Job
    Bought this to mount SONOS Playbar to Sanus BLF 228 wall mount with Sony Bravia XBR55AE1 TV. Found the installation easy enough. For the reviewer who complained that the mount would keep the Playbar next to the bottom of their TV, the trick is to mount the arms so they are as straight as possible (not in an “L” position) so you are not relying on the tension at the angle of the mount to keep the sound bar in place.

    Date published: 2018-09-15

    Rated 1 out of
    Johnbhbu from
    Will NOT keep an 11 lb Sonos soundbar in place. Tighten all you want, it still wants to keep extending. The entire apparatus is a lever. It will not keep flush with tv.

    Date published: 2018-05-30

    Rated 1 out of
    Brig from
    poor deisgn
    Couldn’t get the screws to fit and secure into the sonos playbar. kept popping out….think the screws needed to be longer to fit?

    Date published: 2018-04-16

    Rated 5 out of
    Ricksza from
    Solution to a problem
    I used this mounting kit to install a LG Sh4K Soundbar on top of a TCL 55S405 television while on a cabinet. Mounting was straightforward. An over abundance of mounting hardware.

    Date published: 2017-11-27

    SANUS is the #1 best-selling TV mount brand in the U.


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    What is a soundbar or what is a soundbar?

    Let’s face it, the sound you get from your TV speakers is pretty bad. You cannot listen to a movie normally using the TV’s speakers.


    Levchuk Alexander Nikolaevich

    The soundbar is a unit with several built-in speakers. The main idea is that this is a quick and easy way to improve the sound of your TV speakers.


    You know it could be much better.

    • But where do you start?
    • How to improve the sound in your room for movies, sports and music TV?

    Obviously, as someone who has a website about quality sound, about 5.1 home theater, I would advise you to fill your room with huge amplifiers and lots of expensive surround sound speakers.

    I have a lot of thoughts about all this.

    But guess what you want? I know some people don’t want all the fuss and they don’t have the money for it all + lately there are a lot of henpecked men who dreamed of both a separate stereo system and a separate 5.1 system, but their wives said NO!!!! And they suddenly wanted an easier way to improve the sound of their TV – small, thin, invisible like their dreams of high-quality sound – a soundbar or a soundbar.

    First, I will explain what a soundbar is and how to choose the best soundbar for your TV.

    Replace the soundbar. Connect the cable from your TV. Bingo is instant sonic nirvana (don’t rejoice for a while).

    The soundbar or soundbar provides the easiest way to improve the sound you get from your TV, PC.

    The sound from the TV speakers can often be quiet and boring. There seems to be no way to get fantastically loud HD sound on a flat screen TV using the TV’s built-in speakers.

    No amplifiers, speakers to install. There are no bulky speakers to plug in and the soundbar won’t make a mess in your room.

    Many brands that used to build budget home theater systems have moved on to making soundbars for home theater sound.

    In fact, they are so popular that some high end audio brands have released their own versions.

    However, many people don’t have the space in their living room to install a true 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. Or they don’t want to mess around with cables running around the room and speakers everywhere.

    The soundbar is therefore placed along the front of your television. Usually below it, but you can mount it above your TV if needed. The soundbar delivers better sound quality without the worry of buying a separate amp and speakers. Many soundbars are active systems. This means they have built-in amplification to play audio straight from your TV. No need for a separate amplifier.

    However, you can also buy a passive soundbar that needs an amplifier. A passive and active soundbar often includes front left, center, and front right speakers in the same unit. Some soundbars and soundbars will use multiple speakers and DSP processing to simulate 5.1 surround sound. They can also have “surround” and Dolby Atmos speakers, but they are all inside the soundbar.


    These soundbars can provide an effective sense of space – with the added benefit of easier installation. But the virtual surround sound they provide won’t be as good as it would be with dedicated speakers in your room.

    Some soundbars will also come with a wireless subwoofer and dedicated surround speakers (also wireless in most cases).

    These soundbar systems can provide a good setup that will produce a fuller sound than single soundbar systems. Over time, soundbar systems have become more powerful, better quality, and more sophisticated. Now they are not just panels with stereo speakers. They may have a dedicated center speaker. Or surround speakers. Or Dolby Atmos and Everything in one box.


    For better bass sound, they often come with a wireless subwoofer. Some models even come with separate rear speakers for “proper” surround sound.

    These systems really blur the line between a simple soundbar and the full surround sound you get from an AV receiver and speaker system.

    What is a sound base?

    Sound base is a type of sound bar. It contains the speakers needed to replace the sound from the TV speakers. However, it is a flat base and you place your TV on it.

    Because of this, it is usually not as wide as the soundbar, but much deeper. Because it’s not as wide, it can be difficult to get as wide a stereo as you can get from larger soundbars – though this will depend on the specific model’s design. However, the soundbase can often add more extra bass than with a separate soundbar. In addition, the soundbar and soundbase are a similar concept. One important thing to be aware of is your TV stand. If it is relatively narrow, then you should be able to place the soundbar directly above the base.

    soundbar with subwoofer

    If the stand is wide enough, the soundbar can fit on top of the base.

    Of course, depending on the design of the stand, the soundbar may not fit at all. So think – and take a tape measure.

    Should I buy a soundbar?

    First, do they improve the sound of the speakers on your TV? Yes, they really do.

    Virtually any soundbar will take your listening experience to another level. Even cheap, budget soundbars. However, as I’ve said before, the great thing about soundbars is that there’s a lot more to choose from these days.

    If you want to cut your budget, you can buy a simple stereo soundbar. From there, you can take it to another level and get a soundbar with a wireless subwoofer. It will really help fill out the sound.


    Then you can buy a soundbar with built-in surround sound or Dolby Atmos speakers.

    Going further, you can get soundbar systems with dedicated surround speakers. And there are even high quality soundbars made by some of the top audiophile brands.

    Are soundbars good for home theater?

    I will tell you a secret. As far as I understand, “home theater” can be anything.

    Not everyone has the time or money to buy all the latest technology. Of course, for complete immersion, you need a projector or just a larger TV screen from 60 inches is better. Amplifier, receiver and speakers for sound, and if you don’t have money, then a sound bar.

    Soundbar or Soundbar makes your TV sound better? Yes, it does. Even the basic stereo model will be a big improvement for the speakers that come with your TV.

    soundbar review

    If you can have a soundbar with a subwoofer or surround sound, great. Take action.

    If you don’t have the space or the budget for something too expensive and better-sounding, you can still improve the sound you hear for little money.

    And soundbars have come a long way in the last few years. There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from. Higher-end models are starting to compete with midrange AV receivers and speakers.

    Does the sound sound as good as surround sound in a soundbar?

    In my opinion, no. But more expensive models sound good. And it depends on what you are comparing.

    Compared to standard stereo models, soundbars with built-in surround sound and Dolby Atmos speakers can deliver sound very well.

    But they are not as efficient as good speakers + amplifier/receiver placed in the room.

    Optimal Audio and Video Reproduction at Home (Vincent Verdult, 2019)

    If you have a soundbar at the front of the room, the fact that the sound will always be very focused on the front cannot be avoided. Whatever magic tricks you use to make the sound seem to come from somewhere else. It’s not necessarily bad. It just depends on what you want.

    Of course, you can also buy a soundbar with dedicated surround speakers. This is the best intermediate solution between a simple soundbar and a full surround sound system. And, easier to install.

    A high quality soundbar system with dedicated surround speakers will probably sound better than a budget all-in-one home theater system. Therefore, it also depends on what you are comparing them to.

    Quadral KX 120 speakers

    So, do soundbars sound just as good in movies with surround sound?

    No. Sometimes not everyone but, they do it.

    Should the soundbar be the same width as my TV?

    Some say the soundbar should fit the width of your TV. Others say it doesn’t matter.

    I’m in the second group and I don’t think it’s that important.

    Why would it be nice if your soundbar and TV were the same width? I would say that there are two main reasons:

    If the soundbar fits the width of your TV, then the sound will be displayed according to the sound better. This way, when something happens on the right side of the screen, the sound will be in the right place.

    It looks nice.

    First, I don’t think it matters much – for soundbars that are designed to create wide stereo with a relatively narrow width of .

    If you have a soundbar that is the same width as your TV, it is still narrower than the width you get with regular bookshelf or floor standing speakers. So the soundbar needs to be able to create a wide stereo image from a relatively narrow position.

    If you have a pair of standard amplified speakers, they will always be much wider than any soundbar. Otherwise they will block the TV screen!

    soundbar with subwoofer

    So any soundbar is actually much narrower than the width provided by large speakers. If your bookshelf speakers are well placed, you will get good stereo sound.

    So even a well-designed narrow soundbar should create a fairly wide sound field if you are sitting at a distance of 3-5m.

    If you think a soundbar looks better then make sure you buy a soundbar that fits the width of your TV. If not, then don’t worry about it.

    Active soundbar or passive soundbar?

    Most soundbars are active models. This means they have built-in amplification. You don’t need to buy a separate amplifier. Just plug them into a power source and run the cable from your TV to hear the sound.

    However, be aware that you can get passive soundbars that require an amplifier to operate. These are less common.

    What are the benefits of a soundbar?!

    • Compact speakers that don’t take up too much space in the room
    • Sleek, modern design
    • Easy to connect to your TV to enhance the sound in your room
    • Soundbar range from 2.0 to 5.1 and Dolby Atmos all in one box,
    • Many with convenient wireless subwoofers,
    • More affordable than many home theater systems,

    Supra power box

    What are the disadvantages of a soundbar?

    • You cannot upgrade speakers (although some allow wired connection to any subwoofer),
    • You cannot change amplifier, receiver, speakers.
    • Location of speakers and acoustics is limited.
    • The sound of Atmos and Dolby 5.1 leaves much to be desired.
    • Limited input connections.
    • Hard to find audiophile sound quality.

    What types of soundbars are there?

    Different types of soundbars can be confusing. These days there is so much to choose from and there are so many models that it’s hard to know where to start.

    The main differences are related to the number of speakers in the panel itself. Here are the main areas you should consider when choosing a soundbar purchase:

    Soundbar 2.0

    The simplest soundbars will have a stereo left and right speaker.

    You place it under the TV. If it doesn’t fit underneath, you can place it above. But, in this case, try tilting it down slightly so that it points to the position of the listener.

    So it’s like the stereo sound you get from TV speakers… but a little better!

    3. 0 Soundbar

    If you want clearer dialogue from your TV then you can buy a 3.0 Soundbar.

    The Soundbar 3.0 will have a dedicated center speaker as well as stereo left and right speakers. However, all speakers will still be in the same cabinet.

    3M network box in progress

    Center speaker will be used for most of the dialogue. The separation from the left and right channels should give the voices more clarity.

    2.1 and 3.1 Soundbars

    Because they are quite small, the speakers in the soundbar may still lack bass. Although, they will still be slightly better than your TV speakers.

    So, if you want more bass, then you should consider a model with a wireless subwoofer.


    Virtually all soundbar subwoofers these days are wireless. However, some models have an output so you can connect a subwoofer with a cable.

    .1 in the name refers to the subwoofer.

    Since bass is non-directional – by which I mean below 100 Hz in most home theater rooms – you can place the subwoofer almost anywhere in the room. The wireless subwoofer will have the maximum range, so you have some limitations. But other than that, when it comes to positioning, the wireless subwoofer is more flexible than the wired model.

    Surround Sound Soundbar

    The next option is a soundbar with integrated surround speakers. They are installed in the column along with stereo speakers.

    Some soundbars have surround and stereo speakers, others will also have a dedicated center speaker. As I said earlier, the surround sound you get from these models will not be as effective as if there were dedicated speakers in the room. But they will give a more open feel to the sound of a movie than the speakers on your TV.

    soundbar review

    Also look out for soundbars that do not have built-in surround speakers built into the unit itself, but are said to have surround sound. These models often simply use psychoacoustic technology that attempts to recreate this effect.

    These soundbars usually don’t sound that great . A dedicated speaker, either in a soundbar or placed around the room, will always give the best effect.

    Dolby Atmos Soundbar

    A new feature these days is soundbars with built-in Dolby Atmos speakers. The role of active-sound dynamic Dolby Atmos is to reflect the 3D sound effects in a movie soundtrack from the ceiling – and up to your listening position. This gives the effect of sound coming from above you.

    So, if you’ve decided that a soundbar is the way to go – and still want to experience Dolby Atmos – then this type of soundbar will give you a slightly better solution. That’s quite a lot of speakers in one soundbar!

    Soundbar 5.1 and 7.1 systems with rear speakers

    The last general category is for those soundbars with dedicated rear surround speakers. If you want the convenience of a soundbar, but want the extra cinematic realism of the right dedicated environment, there are several soundbar systems that fit the bill.

    Surround speakers are often wireless, and in many cases available as an addition to a simpler 2.1 or 3.1 soundbar.

    This has the advantage that you can upgrade later if you don’t want to spend too much at one time. Other systems come with all speakers as a complete package. In fact, there are many large soundbar systems that even come with four rear speakers and two subwoofers.

    Who says you can’t build a home theater with a soundbar!

    What connections do I need on the soundbar?

    The most important connection on the soundbar is the audio input. Obviously, the point of a soundbar is to improve the sound of your TV, so you need a way to get sound from your TV into the bar.

    This can be done in several ways, optical audio and HDMI ARC being the most common.

    Optical audio input

    Many modern flat screen TVs will have an optical audio output. This is to send the sound from your TV to another device for sound playback.

    IXOS Overture XHD308

    So, if you have an optical output on your TV and an optical input on your soundbar, you can use an optical audio cable to send audio between them.

    Be sure to turn the TV speaker volume down to zero. You don’t want the sound to come from two different places.

    HDMI ARC and eARC inputs

    In addition to the optical connection, the HDMI ARC connection is a popular method of sending TV audio to the soundbar.

    hdmi logo

    ARC stands for Audio Return Channel and allows devices to send data in both directions over an HDMI connection.

    For example, an AV receiver is commonly used, which normally sends the video from the receiver to the TV via HDMI.

    With an HDMI ARC connection, you can also send audio from your TV back to your AV receiver, all from a single connection. The goal is to simplify cabling.

    This is why HDMI ARC is useful for soundbars.

    If your TV and soundbar have an HDMI ARC connection, you can send the sound from your TV to the soundbar. No more need for an optical cable.

    It is important to make sure that both of your devices support ARC. So the TV and soundbar must have HDMI connections that say they support ARC. Many TVs will have multiple HDMI connections, but only one of them will be the ARC version.

    HDMI cable

    ARC supports stereo sound and 5.1 surround sound. The newer version, eARC, also supports higher bit rate audio such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby Atmos.

    eARC is starting to appear on new devices, but the most likely version will be standard ARC.

    Connecting multiple devices

    Another benefit of connecting ARC is that you can connect more devices to your soundbar.

    If your soundbar has limited (or no) input connections for Blu-ray players or game consoles, you can connect your devices directly to the HDMI inputs on your TV instead. Then use the HDMI ARC connection to send audio to the soundbar.

    hdmi cable

    There is one potential problem. Some TVs only transmit 5.1 surround sound via ARC from audio generated on the TV, such as the Netflix app.

    If they receive audio from an external Blu-ray player, they can only send stereo audio to the soundbar. You need to check your TV’s manual to see if this could be the problem.

    HDMI CEC connections

    The benefits of an HDMI connection don’t stop there. If you have an HDMI connection between your TV and soundbar, you can use CEC to control the soundbar with your TV remote.


    CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control and is a standard that allows devices to control each other over an HDMI connection.

    If you haven’t already, you need to enable CEC control on your TV. It should be somewhere in the settings menu.

    You may already be using this to control your DVD or Blu-ray player. Just be aware that many companies use their name for this. For example, Samsung calls it Anynet+.

    Warnings . Some devices may refuse to speak to each other properly. And you may find that devices turn on/off when you don’t want them to.

    However, don’t let that put you off. When it works, it can be great.

    3.5 mm mini-jack input is not used to receive sound from the TV to the soundbar. Could be an auxiliary input. This means that it is designed to play other audio sources through the soundbar.

    Supra LoRad MD06-EU AC adapter

    This is a common audio connection in many consumer audio products. You will most likely be familiar with it as the headphone jack on your phone or mobile device.

    For example, you can connect a 3.5mm mini-jack cable from your phone’s headphone output to the soundbar’s aux input. So you can play ringtones from your phone on the soundbar system. Nice.

    You can do this with any device that has an analog audio output. You may need to purchase a converter cable if the connection type does not match.

    Soundbar power

    Not really. The soundbar has an amplifier and speaker system that works well in a “normal size” room.

    Home Theater Soundbars

    When using AV receivers, power rating is measured with a certain number of speakers connected to impedance – with a given frequency spectrum – and with an acceptable level of distortion (typically below 1% THD). They also need to be RMS values, not the peak values ​​of the output music

    Some brands such as Sonos and Bose didn’t even bother to rate the power. Of course, it is better than giving an assessment, which means little in real conditions.

    How to choose a soundbar?

    Think about these issues before purchasing a soundbar:

    Type : Do you want an active or passive soundbar?

    Active soundbars are the most common and do not require a separate amplifier. Just plug and listen.

    Built-in speakers : Do you want a simple stereo soundbar to enhance the sound of your TV, or do you want a more advanced solution with a built-in center speaker or Dolby Atmos speakers?


    Subwoofer : Do you want a subwoofer in your soundbar? They are usually wireless these days and will give you a fuller sound for movies and music.

    Surround sound. Instead of having surround speakers built into the soundbar, would you rather have dedicated surround speakers that you can install in your room behind your listening position?

    Audio inputs : how do you get sound from the TV to the soundbar? Many soundbars use either optical or HDMI ARC connections. Make sure your TV has it. Also, do you want a soundbar with additional connections to connect other devices like your Blu-ray player?

    soundbar buy

    Video output : if your soundbar allows you to use additional input connections for Blu-ray players or game consoles, how does it send the image to the TV? Usually through the HDMI output. Does your TV have enough inputs?

    HDMI ARC / eARC: If your soundbar has limited inputs, you can connect devices directly to your TV and send audio to the soundbar via HDMI ARC. But your TV and soundbar must support it.

    4K support: Does the have a 4K soundbar so you can connect external devices and stream 4K video to your TV?

    Bluetooth / voice control: Some soundbars allow you to connect via Bluetooth, so you can stream audio from your mobile devices. There are also soundbars that support voice control such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It is important?

    Streaming services : Some soundbar systems come with applications to control the device and connect to streaming services. Do you need support for services like Spotify, TuneIn, Deezer and Amazon Music? If so, you need to make sure your device has all of these.

    DAC or Sound Card

    Remote Control: soundbars usually come with a remote control to control the soundbar. Some remote controls can also control your TV. HDMI ARC connections also let you control the soundbar with your TV remote.

    What are the best soundbars to buy?

    Now that we have a better understanding of why a soundbar is great for you and what to look out for, we need to find the perfect model.

    Levchuk Alexander Nikolaevich

    So, if you need a small speaker, then it makes sense that you will be interested in a small and compact soundbar. Some soundbars are getting bigger and bigger these days.

    One of the main reasons why many people are attracted to soundbars is that they are portable, compact.

    You can improve the sound in your room, but you don’t need to fill your living area with speaker boxes and amplifiers, but there is a BIG minus, forget about the QUALITY of the sound – soundbars are nothing more than voice acting for movies, series, TV programs and more !! !!

    I hope this article What is a soundbar or what is a soundbar? ‘ helped a little. Please leave comments below so I can get back to you. Do not be afraid of me and add me to VK, YouTube

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    Can the soundbar be placed behind the TV?

    Why you shouldn’t put a soundbar behind your TV

    Why put a soundbar behind your TV at all?

    Where is the ideal place for a soundbar?

    When your soundbar should be under your TV

    When your soundbar should be above your TV

    Make your equipment work for your space

    Sometimes the soundbar doesn’t fit where it should. If you have a short TV and a thicker soundbar, you might be tempted to place the soundbar behind the TV. You can do it, but it’s not ideal.

    Placing the soundbar behind the TV will degrade sound quality by blocking sound waves. Soundbars are designed to be placed directly below the TV and there should be nothing directly in front of the soundbar.

    There are actually several options for where you can place the soundbar if you’re short on space. Some positions will be better than others. Some devices, such as the wall-mounted one, will require a little more work. There is usually a way to guarantee the best possible viewing and listening experience, even if it means you have to get a little creative.

    Why you shouldn’t put a soundbar behind your TV

    It really depends on what we’re talking about when we say “behind”. If we mean placing the soundbar in such a way that it projects onto the back of the TV, you should never place the soundbar behind the TV. If we mean just move the soundbar a short distance back, but otherwise leave it unobstructed, you can get away with it.

    The biggest problem with placing the soundbar anywhere but where it’s supposed to be is the acoustics. Sound travels in waves that travel from the soundbar to your ear.

    The more easily these waves can move, the faster and fuller the sound is transmitted. If there are solid objects blocking the sound path, the waves will crash against the solid object before they can ever reach you.

    For this reason, you must make sure that you place your soundbar in a place where the sound can go straight to your ears. If you don’t, you may experience muted sound. This will make dialogue difficult to read and reduce the impact of movie or TV show soundtracks.

    Why put a soundbar behind your TV at all?

    If you already knew all this about sound, placing a soundbar behind your TV sounds like a no-brainer. In fact, if you haven’t run into this problem yet, you’re probably wondering why anyone would even think about it.

    One reason could be the size of your console relative to your TV stand. A smaller console can mean that a wider TV stand leaves no room for a soundbar. If your console is the wrong shape for, say, a corner, there may be extra space in the back that will make your TV unstable but may balance your soundbar.

    First, you put the soundbar at risk of falling. This is bad. Second, if your soundbar is not dual channel, your TV stand will most likely block the center channel of sound. In 3.1 and 5.1 systems, the center channel is primarily for dialogue. Usually you want to hear what people are saying.

    Where is the ideal place for a soundbar?

    If you have a TV console, it’s best to use the soundbar with the TV stand at the back and the soundbar at the front of the console. This should only be done if the console leaves room for the TV stand and soundbar so that each is fully supported by the console.

    If something hangs on the edge or overlaps, you should use a different setting. You may need a different soundbar, in which case you can refer to our list of the 11 best soundbars for apartments or small rooms.

    When your soundbar needs to be under your TV

    If your console can hold the soundbar, we recommend using a TV wall mount rather than a TV stand. In this case, use a soundbar console and mount the TV a couple of feet above it. With this setup, a good vertical position for the TV is usually between eye level when seated and when standing.

    If you don’t have a console, then having both a TV and a soundbar is definitely the best option. Again, you’ll want your TV set to be at eye level while sitting and standing. The idea is to save you from having to tilt your head when viewing while sitting or standing. You must adjust this to suit your viewing habits

    Once your TV is installed, use the flat mount to mount the soundbar a few inches below the TV. This is the best position for a room where people can go in and out, or they can sit in different parts of the room.

    When your soundbar needs to be above your TV

    If you have a limited seating area, such as one sofa or a few chairs, you may want to consider installing a soundbar above your TV, especially if your TV is large. It’s also the best solution if your TV stand and console are too small. Technically it would be behind the TV too.

    In these cases, you’ll need a tilt mount, such as the ECHOGEAR TV Tilt Wall Mount (on Amazon). Install the mount high enough above the TV to have an unobstructed path from the soundbar to your listening area. Attach the soundbar to the mount and tilt it towards your listening area. You want the soundbar to be as low as possible so that the TV doesn’t obstruct it.

    The higher your soundbar, the higher your volume should be. Taller soundbars may also not distribute sound as evenly across the room. Moving the TV closer to the wall can help reduce the height needed to mount the soundbar. If you’re interested in more details, we have an article that compares the soundbars installed above and below, which you can refer to.