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  • Universal Soundbar Mount – Soundbar TV Mount


    This product has been discontinued.

    $59.99 USD

    SA405 is rated
    3.1 out of
    5 by

    Videos to Get You Started

    SANUS SA405 Features Video

    SANUS SA405 Installation Video

    Universal Soundbar Mount – Soundbar TV Mount

    The SANUS SA405 soundbar speaker mount attaches directly to the bottom of your TV wall mount for a convenient, adjustable, and stylish setup. The SA405 is compatible with most TV wall mounts and many soundbars, and is easy to assemble with all hardware included and no additional drilling into the wall needed. Perfect for use with a full-motion mount – sit back and enjoy the sound as it moves with your TV.

    Product Features

    1. Hardware included

    Tools You Will Need For Installation

    The Details

    Product Brand: SANUS
    Model Code: SA405
    UPC Code: 793795527448 – Black – $59.99 USD
    Product Width: 1.70″ / 4.32cm
    Product Depth: 0.90″ / 2.29cm
    Product Weight: 2.94lbs / 1.33kg
    • Installation Manual
      ( PDF | 7667 KB )

    • Technical Drawing
      ( PDF | 135 KB )

    ⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Tetrabromobisphenol A and Antimony Trioxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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    Rated 4 out of
    MikeMod524 from
    Goo product and easy to install, But…
    This product easy to install underneath a wall mount bracket when it is laying facing down. It can also be done if it is hanging on the wall already by loosening one bottom screw at a time.

    The But…once the mount is installed, it didn’t allow me to position the speaker any closer than 3 inches away from the bottom of the TV. I wanted it tighter so it hides the supports in back and looks sleeker. It’ll do, but it would be nice if there was more grip between the plates when tightening the screws in the swing arms.

    Date published: 2020-07-03

    Rated 3 out of
    Martin from
    Great – But…
    I love Sanus products so could wait to receive this soundbar mount. Installation went smooth enough had everything connected in 20 minutes. But…My Sony soundbar is only 6.7 pounds and try as hard as I could, couldnt keep it flush with the bottom of the TV. Perhaps consider adding some sort of rubberized or grooved washer to the packet.

    Date published: 2020-04-25

    Rated 5 out of
    JasonP from
    Great – would suggest a some changes for next revi
    Just bought this with the Sanus BLL2 ultra-low profile mount for a 65” Sony TV with sound bar.

    Works great, was easy to setup and install, with an exception. The thumbscrews and the keyhole bolts as fractional (1/4-20 thread), not metric like everything else in both the sound bar kit and tv mount kit. The thumbscrews are much too tall, so I had to use my own 1/4-20 nuts to allow the sound bar mount to be low profile enough with the BLL2 to work.

    I absolutely would buy this again and would recommend it.

    Everything metric (so I could have used the nuts provided)
    low profile thumbscrews And provide nuts
    Double/triple highlight that the bars need to be vertical, not T shape (I see the one star reviews all seem to have it installed incorrectly, those reviews almost made me pick a different solution, glad I chose this one)

    Date published: 2020-04-20

    Rated 1 out of
    Frustrated II from
    no matter how much time spent, will never be flush
    Considering I have a Sanus Mount, I was surprised to find out after mounting the tv on the wall that the sound bar mount needed to be installed before mounting the tv. Seems like Sanus should include this caveat in their tv mount instructions. Anyways, this sound bar mount is so frustrating. it will never be flush with the tv. it will never be level. there will always be a gap between the tv and the sound bar ~ 3/4 inch so you can see the levers behind. I think I will probably install some black material behind to cover this up, but the bracket is just simply: Frustrating, Does not achieve results as pictured on ad. I’m not aware of another option so I will likely have to live with it. Seems like Sanus could improve this measurable, especially when used on a Sanus Tv Mount.

    If we didn’t have an articulating, full swivel tv mount, I would have just mounted it to the wall with the mount that the Sonos speaker came with. Oh well.

    Date published: 2019-10-05

    Rated 5 out of
    Chopin 65 from
    Does the Job
    Bought this to mount SONOS Playbar to Sanus BLF 228 wall mount with Sony Bravia XBR55AE1 TV. Found the installation easy enough. For the reviewer who complained that the mount would keep the Playbar next to the bottom of their TV, the trick is to mount the arms so they are as straight as possible (not in an “L” position) so you are not relying on the tension at the angle of the mount to keep the sound bar in place.

    Date published: 2018-09-15

    Rated 1 out of
    Johnbhbu from
    Will NOT keep an 11 lb Sonos soundbar in place. Tighten all you want, it still wants to keep extending. The entire apparatus is a lever. It will not keep flush with tv.

    Date published: 2018-05-30

    Rated 1 out of
    Brig from
    poor deisgn
    Couldn’t get the screws to fit and secure into the sonos playbar. kept popping out….think the screws needed to be longer to fit?

    Date published: 2018-04-16

    Rated 5 out of
    Ricksza from
    Solution to a problem
    I used this mounting kit to install a LG Sh4K Soundbar on top of a TCL 55S405 television while on a cabinet. Mounting was straightforward. An over abundance of mounting hardware.

    Date published: 2017-11-27

    SANUS is the #1 best-selling TV mount brand in the U.


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    Saturday – Sunday 10:30am – 7pm CST

    *NPD annual dollar sales period ending 12/31/20

    How to connect a soundbar to an LG TV – LG MAGAZINE Russia

    LG TVs boast excellent picture and sound thanks to the implementation of modern technologies in them. Nevertheless, many owners of TVs, especially those with OLED screens, purchase additional acoustic equipment, with which you can achieve surround sound at home, comparable in quality to sound in a movie theater. These can be home theaters or their more democratic counterparts – soundbars (powerful, but quite compact mono speakers with several speakers).

    Soundbar Benefits

    • Better sound from your TV and other connected external devices.
    • Ability to play audio and video content in various formats via external drives.
    • Ability to support mobile devices via Bluetooth.
    • Compact size (compared to a home theater) with comparable power and sound quality.
    • Intuitive control (by remote control or in some modern models by voice commands).

    Which soundbar to choose for TV LG ?

    The main soundbar parameter that you should pay attention to when choosing is its power. It is important to correlate it with the dimensions of the room in which your LG TV is located and where you plan to install and connect the soundbar. If the room is quite spacious (more than 55 square meters), then you need to look for a 200W soundbar. In a room of 30-40 square meters, you can install a soundbar with a power of 100-150 watts. In a small room (up to 20 square meters), a 60 W soundbar is suitable.

    Important: in order to enjoy all the nuances of the sound, it is not recommended to increase the volume of the soundbar above 70% of full power. So it is worth choosing a model that can provide such a level of sound.

    How to install the soundbar?

    Before you connect the soundbar to your TV, you must install the panel correctly, otherwise you will not be able to achieve high quality surround sound. It is very easy to do this. It all depends on the location of your LG TV. If it is located on a special pedestal or stand, then you need to place the soundbar directly in front of it, after making sure that the panel will not block the TV screen and will not interfere with controlling the TV using the remote control.

    Some soundbars can be mounted directly on a TV stand. If you place the panel inside a pedestal / rack, then you need to make sure that it is pushed forward as far as possible and the side and back walls do not interfere with sound. It also goes without saying that there should be no foreign objects or obstacles in front of the soundbar, such as walls or cabinet doors.

    Important: If the soundbar model you purchased supports the Dolby Atmos or DTS:X option, in which sound is reflected from the ceiling, you will have to refuse to place it inside the cabinet.

    If your LG TV is mounted on a wall, it is best to place the soundbar directly below it. Most varieties of modern wall mounting systems for TVs suggest a similar placement and have additional mounts for the media panel.

    Once you’ve placed the soundbar, it’s time to connect the bar to your LG TV and set up all the necessary settings.

    Connecting the soundbar to a TV LG : step by step instructions

    Soundbars are divided into two categories according to the way they connect to the TV: active and passive.

    The active soundbar is essentially an independent audio system that can be connected directly to your TV.

    The passive soundbar can only be connected to a TV using an AV receiver.

    The most common way to connect soundbars to TVs is via HDMI. In rare cases, RCA or analog connectors are used for this purpose. Analog connectors (tulips) will not be able to provide high quality sound, so you should resort to this method only in the most extreme cases. It is also undesirable to connect the sandbar to the TV using the headphone jack (miniJack-2RCA cable).

    The most important advantage of choosing the HDMI method is that the Audio Return Channel (ARC) option is active in this case. This means that the soundbar turns on at the same time as your LG TV, and the sound level on both devices can be adjusted using a single remote control.

    After connecting the soundbar, set the desired parameters. To do this, you need:

    1. Use the remote control to enter the “Settings” menu.

    2. Select the “audio” section and set the item “Digital audio output” in it to the “auto” mode. Some LG TVs will also require you to enable the Simplink option.

    Another good way to connect the soundbar to an LG TV is with an optical cable. At the same time, the sound quality will be optimal: it is not affected by electromagnetic radiation, which can interfere with sound transmission. Connection is made using the connectors labeled Optical Out (on some models Digital Out) on the TV and Optical In (Digital In) on the soundbar.

    Another way to connect an active soundbar is wireless. This method is suitable for owners of LG TVs of modern models with Smart TV technology. To connect your soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth, make sure your TV model supports LG Soundsync. You can do this in the “Settings” – “Sound” section. Enable this option, and then a list of devices available for synchronization will appear on the screen of your LG TV. Select your soundbar among them and set up the connection by following the instructions on the TV screen.

    Important: Sometimes you may need to enter a password after connecting the soundbar to your TV. The default is 0000 or 1111.

    Read also FAQ

    Kia Carnival 2022 – Crossvan Kia Carnival on the official website of Kia in Russia

    from 4 144 900 ₽

    Auto in stock

    7 and 8 seater layout

    Engines 2.2 CRDI and 3.5 MPI, 8-speed automatic

    Intelligent safety and driver assistance systems

    Territory of style and comfort

    Projection LED headlights 9000 3

    Rear LED lights

    Hidden rear window wiper

    Exterior lighting

    Intelligent trunk release

    1 / 5

    Projection LED headlights

    Rear LED lights

    Hidden rear window wiper

    Exterior lighting

    Intelligent trunk release


    Comfort zone

    Digital dashboard with 12. 3” display

    Dashboard showing vehicle speed , warnings, and navigation – in the form of simple and understandable tips.

    Driving graphics

    The information on the 12.3-inch digital panel is displayed differently depending on the driving mode you select (Eco, Smart, Sport or Normal).

    Multimedia system with 12.3” display and navigation

    The display shows information about navigation and sound track, as well as the image from the rear view camera and parking prompts. The system includes voice control.

    Premium Sound System

    Enjoy surround sound quality throughout the cabin with the 12-speaker Bose™ Premium Sound System.

    Connecting multiple devices via Bluetooth

    You can connect two Bluetooth smartphones to the system at once and stay connected, while using only one phone for hands-free calls.

    Wireless Charger

    Up to 15W charging pad to quickly charge your compatible smartphone. The indicator will turn green when the device is charged.

    1 / 6

    Digital instrument panel with 12.3” display

    Driving Mode Graphic

    12.3″ Multimedia System with Navigation

    Premium Audio System

    Bluetooth Multi-Device Connection

    Wireless Charger

    The dashboard displays vehicle speed, warnings, and navigation in simple, easy-to-understand guidance.

    Relax mode

    Relax mode folds back the seat back, raises the front of the cushion, extends and raises the footrest.

    Heated and ventilated seats

    The front seats are heated and ventilated. Stay comfortable whatever the weather.

    Independent climate control for rear passengers

    Kia Carnival will allow you to enjoy the comfort of absolutely all passengers.

    Power Double Sunroof

    Power Double Sunroof gives you a feeling of maximum freedom and space.

    1 / 4

    Relax mode

    Heated and ventilated seats

    Independent climate control for rear passengers

    Power double sunroof

    In relaxation mode, the seat back is folded back, the front of the cushion is lifted, and the footrest is extended and raised.

    Luggage mode

    To carry bulky luggage in the 8 seater version, you can remove the 2nd row seats and fold the 3rd row seats.

    Free seating configuration

    You can rotate the second row seats to face the third row or fold the center seat to create a comfortable table for everyone.

    Door and Trunk Remote Control

    Sliding doors provide easy entry and exit for rear passengers. You can open and close the doors and tailgate with a single button on the key.

    1 / 3

    Baggage mode

    Free seat configuration

    Door and trunk remote control

    To carry bulky luggage in the 8 seater version, you can remove the 2nd row seats and fold down the 3rd row seats.

    Power Sliding Door Safety Exit (SEA)

    If you try to open the sliding door while a vehicle is approaching from behind, the system will lock the door and sound the horn so you can look around and exit when it is safe to do so.

    Surround View Camera (SVM)

    When maneuvering in tight spaces, multiple cameras provide a zoomed view of the vehicle from above, allowing you to drive and park with confidence and peace of mind.

    Blind Spot Collision Avoidance (BCA)

    If the BCA detects a vehicle in the blind spot during a lane change, it will warn you and may even apply the brakes to avoid an accident.

    Blind Spot Monitor (BVM)

    It is enough for you to turn on the turn signal for the instrument panel to display an image of what is happening in the blind spot from the side of the intended turn.

    Intelligent Cruise Control (SCC)

    Using the front camera and radar, the system automatically maintains a safe distance, reducing the speed to a standstill if necessary and then restoring it back to the set speed.

    Cross-Cross Collision Warning (FCA-JT)

    When making a left turn at an intersection, FCA uses the front camera and radar to detect an oncoming vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian.

    Lane Keeping Assist (LFA)

    If you move out of lane, the system will self-steer to keep you in the center of the lane.

    1 / 7

    Safety Exit System (SEA) with electric sliding door

    Surround View Camera (SVM)

    Blind Spot Collision Prevention (BCA)

    Blind Spot Monitor (BVM)

    Intelligent Cruise Control (SCC)

    Crossroad Corner Collision Avoidance (FCA-JT)

    Lane Keeping Assist ( LFA)

    If you try to open the sliding door while a vehicle is approaching from behind, the system will lock the door and sound the horn so you can look around and exit when it is safe to do so.

    Airbag system

    To protect passengers and reduce the risk of injury in the event of a collision, the Kia Carnival is equipped with seven airbags.

    Stability Control (VSM)

    The system applies steering and brakes when the road becomes rough to improve driving stability and safety.

    Hill Start Assist (HAC)

    When you start uphill, the system prevents you from rolling back by holding the brake for two seconds while you put your foot on the gas pedal.

    3rd generation platform

    The innovative platform provides more space, improved handling and aerodynamics of the car, improved stability and crash safety.

    Advanced Body and Chassis Materials

    New principles of using stronger and more ductile steel in critical areas allow the body and chassis to better distribute impact force and improve occupant protection.

    1 / 5

    Airbag system

    Stability Control (VSM)

    Hill Start Assist (HAC)

    3rd generation platform

    State of the art body and chassis materials

    To protect passengers and reduce the chance of injury in the event of a collision, the Kia Carnival is equipped with seven airbags.

    3.5 Smartstream MPI Petrol

    2. 2 Smartstream CRDI Diesel


    Engine power


    Maximum torque

    Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (minimum value for this engine)

    View 360°


    Image may not match selected equipment. The color of the vehicle may differ from that shown on this website.



    Image may not match selected equipment. The color of the vehicle may differ from that shown on this website.


    Astra Blue (D2U)


    Black / Black + Grey, Combination Leather Trim* (GYT)


    Engine and transmission

    2.2 CRDi / 199 HP / Diesel / Automatic / Front wheel drive

    Main options

    Alloy wheels 17″ with 235/65 R17 tires

    Multimedia 8” with 6 speakers, support for Apple Carplay and Android Auto

    Supervision instrument panel with 4. 2” color display

    Rearview camera

    3 individual seats, second row, removable, rearward facing

    Reflector LED headlights

    8 seats

    Heated windshield

    Engine and transmission 9000 3

    2.2 CRDi / 199 HP . / Diesel / Automatic / Front wheel drive

    Basic options

    Roof rails

    17″ alloy wheels with 235/65 R17 tires

    Blind Spot Warning (BCW)

    Climate control for second and third row of seats

    Multimedia 8” with 6 speakers, Apple Carplay and Android Auto support

    220V socket in the center console

    Front parking sensors

    8 seats

    90 002 Engine and transmission

    2.2 CRDi / 199 HP / Diesel / Automatic / Front wheel drive

    3.5 MPI / 249 HP / Gasoline / Automatic / Front wheel drive

    Main options

    Intelligent trunk and sliding rear side doors

    18″ light alloy wheels with 235/60 R18 tires

    LED taillights

    Artificial leather seats

    Smart Key and push button start

    10-way power driver’s seat

    Navigation system 12. 3 ” with Apple Carplay and Android Auto

    8 seats

    Projection LED headlights

    Engine and transmission

    2.2 CRDi / 199 hp / Diesel / Automatic / Front wheel drive

    3.5 MPI / 249 HP / Gasoline / Automatic / Front wheel drive

    Main options

    18″ alloy wheels with 235/60 R18 tires

    Kia Connect telematics services**

    12.3″ navigation system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto support

    Premium 11-speaker Bose audio system with subwoofer and external amplifier

    Supervision 12.3″ digital instrument cluster

    Intelligent Cruise Control (SCC) with Stop&Go

    Forward Collision Avoidance with Collision Warning at Crossroads (FCA-JT)

    Front Seat Ventilation

    8 Seats

    Two Power Sunroofs

    Engine and Transmission

    2 .2 CRDi / 199 hp / Diesel / Automatic / Front wheel drive

    3.5 MPI / 249 HP / Gasoline / Automatic / Front wheel drive

    Basic options

    18″ alloy wheels with 235/60 R18 tires