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Popular Uses for Mini Spy Cameras:

  • Parents who want to monitor what their children are doing when they aren’t home
  • Homeowners looking to protect their home against vandals and thieves
  • Employers needing to monitor their office 
  • Private Investigators who have covert video surveillance needs
  • Law Enforcement Officials who need to capture their on-duty activities
  • and Anyone looking to have a small camera ready to capture video 

Should I get a battery powered or AC powered camera?
Most of our mini spy cameras are designed to be portable, so you can take them and use them wherever you need. Because they are battery-powered, they obviously need to be charged after a while. Battery-powered mini spy cameras can last from a few hours to even up to 10 days, depending on the type of battery inside, before needing to be recharged.

What Recording Mode is Better – Motion Activated or Continuous Recording?
Motion-activated mini spy cameras begin recording whenever motion is detected, like a person walking into the room, or past the camera lens. This is great for conserving battery life. Sometimes you want continuous recording however, which records continually, no matter if there is motion or not. 

Can These Cameras Record in the Dark?
Cameras are usually designed to record in normal lighting conditions, but we also have mini spy cameras that record in the dark using IR Night Vision technology, like the Motion Activated Night Vision Mini Spy Camera.

Where are the Video Files Saved?
Video (and images, for those that take still photos) are either saved on internal flash memory, or onto a removable SD Card or micro SD card. If the videos/images are stored on internal flash memory, you’ll need to connect the camera to your computer with the included USB connection cable to view the videos. For the cameras with removable memory card, you can also connect it directly to your computer, or remove the memory card, and insert that directly into your computer, or into an SD Card Reader.

So You’ve Got a Mac Computer, but Want a Spy Camera?
Many of our cameras only work with PC-based computers, but Mac users need not worry! For Macintosh owners, we recommend purchasing any of our mini spy cameras with removable memory card. Since memory cards are not computer platform specific, you can view these files easily on a Mac! For both PC users and Mac users, we recommend downloading VLC Media Player, which is a free program that plays almost every video type in the world. 

If You Have Additional Questions…
Please give our product experts a call, or contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

We know many people may not live and breathe hidden cameras and mini spy cameras like we do. And that’s okay! Our product experts have put together a list of commonly used terms you may run across while browsing our camera equipment. And of course if you come across a term you aren’t familiar with that isn’t listed here, feel free to reach out to our sales and support team and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have!

Here are some mini spy camera terminology you may be interested in:

Micro SD Memory Card –
One term you might run across quite frequently is a micro SD memory card, which is an optional accessory available with many of our hidden cameras. A memory card is needed if you wish to record video from your mini spy camera. For a self-recording or all-in-one camera, a memory card is needed in order for the camera to operate. With WiFi cameras however, a memory card isn’t needed for streaming, only if you wish to record your video. Memory cards vary in size, common sizes are between 8GB and 128GB. The more gigabytes (GB), the more video files the card can hold at a time. Old videos can be deleted off the card if they are no longer needed. To view files on the memory card, you need to insert the card into your PC or Mac comptuer’s card reader slot, or an SD card reader (see below for more info about card readers).

SD Card Reader –
As mentioned above, to view the video files on your memory card, you’ll need to either have a built in card reader slot on your computer, or use an SD card reader. An SD card reader is a small device that you insert your micro SD card into, and then plugs into your computer’s USB port. Since virtually all modern computers have USB ports, this allows you to view your video files on almost any PC or Mac computer.

Internal Memory –
While most mini spy cams use a micro SD card to store videos, some cameras feature internal memory. This is a type of “built in” memory that is not removable from the camera. To view the videos on a device that stores videos to internal memory, you’ll connect the camera directly to the computer, usually via USB. An example of a camera with internal memory is the power cord hidden camera.

IR Night Vision –
Night vision hidden cameras are unique in that they have special IR (infrared) sensors, that allow the camera to see in low light and no-light situations. This is ideal if you want to be able to see what’s going on around the clock, even when the lights are out. Almost all of our night vision mini spy cameras feature “invisible” IR sensors, meaning that they do not emit any “red glow” that traditional security cameras with night vision have. This allows the camera to remain covert and not draw attention to it.

Motion Activated Recording –
One of two common recording modes, motion activated recording, or “motion detection”, is a popular and preferred mode for recording video. In motion detection mode, your camera will only record when it detects motion or activity. So for example, if a person walks in front of the camera, the camera will then start recording, and continue recording for a pre-set amount of time, or until motion stops. This is convenient because it cuts down on wasted recordings, so you can spend less time going through dozens or even hundreds of video files, and get right to the action.

One common misconception about motion activated recording is that it will conserve battery life. This is not true in most cases, because even though the camera is not recording while it waits for motion, the camera is still on and looking for motion, which uses battery power as well.

There is one type of motion recording that does actually conserve battery life, which is called “PIR” or “passive infrared recording”, which is a more advanced form of motion detection, and is explained below.

PIR (Passive Infrared Recording) –
A more advanced form of motion detection recording, PIR recording is a recording mode that uses a “body heat” sensor to detect motion. What this sensor does is look for a change in temperature in the camera’s field of view, rather than actual movement. This type of motion detection is the best type because not only does it save on memory card space, but it also conserves battery life, as the camera is technically “off” while the PIR sensor is detecting a heat signature change. Many of our PIR cameras can get over 90 days or even over a full year in standby mode waiting to detect activity.

Video Resolution –
A camera’s video resolution represents the quality of the recorded or streaming video. Not too long ago cameras recorded in a maximum of 640×480 or 720×480 video. Now almost all cameras offer HD recording – some are 720P and some 1080P high definition. We’ve even came out with a few 4K hidden cameras that offer an even higher quality video recording.

Spy Cameras, Mini Spy Cameras, Mini CCTV Security Cameras

USB Charger Hidden Spy Camera with Built in DVR
Records 1920x1080p resolution at 30 fps onto the 32GB micro SD card. Motion detection or continuous recording.

Part Number: HC-ADAPT-DVR


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HD Pen Camera and DVR
Great for body worn covert recordings, looks like an ordinary pen. Record 1080p resolution videos at the push of a button to the built-in DVR with included 32GB card.

Part Number: HC-HDPEN-DVR


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Color CMOS Mini Camera
This is the latest generation 2 chipset. 380 lines resolution with 2.0 Lux this is a great alternative to more expensive ccd devices.

Part Number: LB1000


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Mini B/W CCD Camera with Conical Lens
Measures only 3/4″ inch square and has 420 lines of resolution at a low .05 Lux rating. It’s cone style lens enables you to conceal the camera in places otherwise not possible with the standard flat style pinhole lens.

Part Number: KPC-S20


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Mini IP Camera with Wide Angle 2.8mm Lens
Small IP camera for discreet full room surveillance. Sony Starvis 1080P CMOS sensor provides full color images even in low light situations.

Part Number: MNIP28S

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Mini HD-TVI Security Camera
Mini 1080p pinhole camera with 3.7mm wide angle lens, great choice for a more covert surveillance application.

Part Number: 2M8037-TVI

$105.00 $69.00 Sale

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Mini Wi-Fi IP Camera with Optional Audio
Wide angle 2. 8mm board lens and Sony Starvis 1080P CMOS color sensor makes this a great choice for areas that need discreet surveillance.

Part Number: MNIP28SW

$109.00 $89.00 Sale

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USB Block Charger with Hidden WiFi 1080p DVR Camera
Fully functional USB wall charger with covert camera. Records 2MP video onto included 32GB microSD card by motion or continuously.



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High Resolution Day/Night Mini Security Camera
Small spy camera with 850 lines of resolution, true WDR and On-Screen-Display. Available with choice of 2.97mm, 3.6mm, 6mm, 8mm or 12mm board lens.

Part Number: KPC-C700NUB


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850TVL Mini Square Camera
Mini spy camera with 850 lines of resolution and true WDR. Available with choice of lens for a variety of applications.

Part Number: KPC-C20NU


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High Resolution Mini Security Camera with OSD
Color High Resolution Day/Night Mini Camera with OSD
 600 line Sony Super HAD CCD II Sensor with On Screen Display for a variety of image adjustments

Part Number: KPC-DNR700P1

$119. 00 $109.00 Sale

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850TVL Resolution Mini Bullet Camera
Pro Series – Small Color Bullet Camera. 850 lines resolution, indoor or outdoor use, optional lens sizes available.

Part Number: KPC-C190NUWX


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High Resolution Pinhole Day/Night Mini Security Camera
Small spy pinhole camera with 850 lines of resolution, true WDR and On-Screen-Display. Available with choice of conical or flat 3.7mm lens or 4.3mm full cone lens.

Part Number: KPC-C700NUP


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High Resolution Small Bullet Camera with OSD
Pro Series – Small Color Bullet Camera with Day/Night function. 850 lines resolution, outdoor or indoor use, optional lens sizes available.

Part Number: KPC-CJ230NUWX


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750 TVL Low Light Camera with OSD
Ultra Pro Series – Bullet Camera with Sony Exview HAD CCD II sensor and On-Screen-Display. Low Light Color / BW Outdoor Security Camera. 750 lines resolution, choose from 2.97, 3.6, 6, 8, or 12mm lens.

Part Number: EJ230NUWX


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Pinhole High Resolution Mini Security Camera
Full color mini surveillance camera with easy to conceal pinhole lens. Provides 960H 750 TVL resolution, wide angle view, OSD and 2 year warranty.

Part Number: KPC-E700NUP1

$129.00 $109.00 Sale

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Ultra High Resolution Mini Bullet Camera
Pro Series – Small Color Bullet Camera. 750 lines resolution, choose from 3.6, 6, 8, or 12mm lens.

Part Number: E190NUHWX


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High Resolution Color Mini Security Camera
High resolution color mini security camera with 3.6mm lens. Excellent color reproduction and a 2 year warranty.

Part Number: KPC-S700B

$129.00 $74.00 Sale

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Color Spherical Camera – Wide Angle
Spherical design blends easier to most surroundings. Comes with a 1.7mm lens to give you a 150° Wide Angle view. Mounting bracket has two swivel points for 160° Pan/Tilt.

Part Number: CS35W


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Hidden Camera Desk Clock with Wi-Fi
Stylish digital clock with included 32GB MicroSD card recording, 120 degree wide angle lens, night vision and remote viewing with email or app alerts.

Part Number: HCMiniWiFiClock


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Motion Activated Mini Cam
Small portable mini cam with motion activated recording for up to 10 days of standby time and 2 hours of continuous recording.

Part Number: PD-MAC


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Smart Cube Clock with WiFi DVR
Covert camera and recorder for reliable discreet video surveillance. HD video and up to 20 ft. of night vision with remote viewing and playback.

Part Number: CAC100

$179.00 $124.00 Sale

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Mini video camera ALIWESTCOM without Wi-Fi with audio recording for home, office, car. Small video camera for surveillance .



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Mini Watch with Camera Surveillance Body Wireless Hidden 9006 6 Camcorder Micro DVR Action Camera Small Smart Home Life VoiceVideo Recorder



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Camcorder Covert Surveillance CCTV Home Wireless / Auto Tracking PTZ 2MP IP Security Camera / Baby Monitor 90 066 for Baby Tracker / 1080P HD Wifi Automatic IP Camera surveillance mini wireless network camera



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outdoor hidden video camera for home Surveillance camera Manufacturer: Format, Standard 90 003 DETAILS

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Monitor Mini hidden camcorder wi-fi + memory card 128GB, Full HD 1080p wireless ip video camera surveillance online with wifi Dual lens, black


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Mini Wireless Camera No keychain – Camcorder 1080P Car Key HD Camera Infrared Night Vision Ultra Small Camera Dash Cam Hidden TF



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Small surveillance cameras

Fantastic turns into reality.

New developments available to everyone

Author Admin Read 8 min Views 470 Published

There comes a time when crimes related to theft and theft of other people’s property become a popular form of existence for some citizens of our country.

In various ways, thieves enter the home of respectable citizens: they use breaking locks, destroying fences, windows and walls.

In some cases, criminals do not shy away from using force; under the threat of weapons, they force the owners to let them into the house.

But even in an apartment in which there is nothing of value, in which ordinary people live, in some cases there is a need to use miniature video recording devices that are invisible to the prying eye.


  1. Mini Wireless Surveillance Cameras
  2. Mini Wireless WiFi Camera
  3. Mini Wireless Spy Camera
  4. Mini Webcams

Wireless Mini Surveillance Cameras 9049 4

More often, citizens buy such devices to control the work of a nanny, a housekeeper or governess. Jealous spouses hide such devices in the bedroom in order to convict their soulmate of insidious treason.

Teenagers install miniature wireless cameras on radio-controlled toys and get the most curious, compromising evidence on careless neighbors.

WiFi camcorder will allow you to look after children, the elderly or pets.

Read our article about modern GSM security systems.

Viewing surveillance cameras via the Internet. How to do this – learn from the link: /videonablyudenie-cherez-veb-kameru/

What does a hidden wireless mini video camera look like and how does it work? Usually it’s open-frame models – they consist of a board with connectors, radio components, as well as a matrix with a lens, which is mounted in the center of the printed circuit board.

Mini-cameras are widely used in case design, in the form of a single unit. Household models are equipped with a microphone, a system of night infrared illumination in the form of dozens of LEDs, which are located on the body of the device.

Memory card slot is an indispensable attribute of a small gadget. Modern models have a motion sensor on board, and the recording is carried out at the moment when there is movement in front of the lens. Thus, the camera does not record in a constant mode, and saves memory, it captures only important moments.

This device looks like a neat box measuring 33*36*25 millimeters (dimensions vary by model). It is possible to replace the lens.

This is useful when you want to change the area of ​​the frame: one lens brings the subject closer, the other expands the field of view.

The lens is attached to the camera with a threaded connection, and replace it – just like unscrewing the light bulb from the socket.

Wireless Mini Surveillance Camera is capable of working up to five hours from one Krona battery. The operating time from the mains power supply is not limited by anything. The average transmission range of the radio signal is within fifty meters (depends on the presence of interference sources, buildings, etc. ).

The manufacturer placed a group of infrared LEDs on the front of the housing. They automatically turn on at night, highlighting the shooting area at a distance of five or ten meters. This is enough for normal operation of the camera in complete darkness.

The kit includes: the camera itself, a receiving module with an antenna, two power supplies (for the camera and the receiving module), a set of cables for connecting to a computer, TV, monitor, as well as instructions. Anyone can use this equipment, regardless of knowledge in modern technology.

Rumor has it that the secret services have learned to make such miniature spy cameras that they successfully screw them onto insects. Bees and cockroaches with such a load on their backs will help to learn a lot about the life of any of us.

There are many types of hidden cameras on the market. Interest in this kind of technology is not surprising: in our daily life there are enough situations when it is necessary to check the honesty of friends, business partners, colleagues and employees.

Heard is a story about housekeeper who is hired to look after a child and keep the house in order. The boy many times complained to his parents about the beatings from the adult aunt. But she denied to the last, writing off complaints about the unbalanced psyche of the child.

When a married couple installed a mini CCTV camera in their apartment, their doubts were over. From what they had to see, the parents were horrified: the worker they hired mocked the child and beat him.

So, thanks to modern spy technology, young parents managed to protect their child and prove the guilt of a dishonest worker.

Wireless mini wifi camera

Consider a few modern miniature cameras for video recording. In the world for many years there has been a popular and reliable information transfer technology called Wi-Fi.

There is no person who would not use this boon of civilization. You walk around the house with a tablet, communicate wirelessly with friends on Skype. The convenience is undeniable.

The radius of action of household equipment, which is allowed for use in the Russian Federation, is about a hundred meters in a straight line. Our telephones, computers, modems, medical devices work on Wi-Fi technology.

setWhat advantages does the set provide?

Step-by-step instructions for assembling a budget video surveillance system in the country.

An exact copy of a real camera for ridiculous money. Details – at the link: /mulyazh-kamery-videonablyudeniya/

Manufacturers of video surveillance systems have not remained aloof from progress, and are releasing miniature WiFi video cameras for sale. This gadget does not need anything other than an electrical outlet or battery.

In order to start using the WiFi camera, you need to turn on the power supply, then on your tablet, smartphone or computer, find a WiFi network with the name of the camera, connect to it.

After that, the color image and sound will be available on the screen of your device, even if the distance to the camera is hundreds of meters (in a straight line and in the absence of a source of interference).

And a useful “trick”: our mini WiFi camera can be connected to a room router and thanks to this you can view a live image with sound from anywhere in the world (if you have the opportunity to connect to the Internet).

If you use two, five, ten cameras in different places – thanks to the software, it is possible to view them on your screen at the same time.

In the absence of interference in the form of reinforced concrete walls, buildings and structures, the wireless video camera produces a clear, bright picture.

Being disguised by interior items, she does not betray her work in any way. There are a lot of ways to disguise miniature surveillance cameras (especially if they work as a kit).

The main problem is to provide uninterruptible power for the gadget, but it can also be solved by using high-capacity batteries or by having an electrical outlet near the camera. The miniature case is easily integrated into any household item.

Mini wireless spy camera

Watches, paintings, key chains and watches with a hidden camera inside are on sale. However, nothing prevents the user from embedding an electronic “bug” into any item that comes to hand with their own hands. Opens space for creativity.


In hard-to-reach places without wired internet, article

will help out

Why does a computer need a video capture card? Details in our article.

Mini Spy Camcorder is a portable device. A couple of years ago, 9 appeared on free sale0066 unusual glasses , in which the developers built a miniature camera and microphone.

By appearance it is unlikely to guess what is hidden in them. A capacious battery was hidden in the arms, which is charged from an external power supply or USB connector, connected to it with a cable that comes with the kit.

Video recording is (according to sellers) in HD quality. The camera is made on the basis of a matrix with a resolution of five megapixels. The recording is made in the popular AVI format, with stereo sound and a resolution of 1280*720.

A miniature wireless camera with trendy glasses is a great opportunity to record the best moments of your life: traveling, relaxing at a party with friends, visiting excursions, exhibitions and much more.

It will come in handy when communicating with traffic police officers who stopped your car, and during an important conversation with your own boss.

For some time the existence of such miracle glasses seemed like a fantasy. Modern technologies, no matter how pathetic it sounds, turn fantasy into reality!

Mini web cameras

Despite the availability of such devices, we must not forget about the observance of the Law. According to Russian legislation, it is not allowed to make a video-audio recording of a person without his knowledge and permission. However, for your own needs, it is not forbidden to use, say, /videonablyudenie-cherez-veb-kameru/?

The portable electronics market (such as Chinese online stores) offers a variety of covert video recording devices.

There are also webcams that can fit in the palm of your hand.

An indispensable device that allows you to wirelessly broadcast a picture at a distance of up to hundreds of meters.

It can be installed anywhere in the apartment. A rechargeable battery or a Krona battery is suitable as a power source. The power supply for a network of two hundred and twenty volts is supplied.

Miniature webcam transmits color image and sound over a radio channel at a frequency of 2.4 MHz. The receiver is connected to a computer via a USB port.

In addition, in some models, an image output via an analog connector to a TV or monitor is provided. Infrared LEDs are installed on the body of such a camera, thanks to which it can work in complete darkness.

The software allows you to implement the motion detection function, in this case, the computer memory will not be consumed: only frames with motion will be recorded.

Thus, much of what seemed to us a fantasy has become real thanks to the desire of mankind to know new horizons, to see what is inaccessible to the naked eye.