Simple prepaid cards: 6 Best Prepaid Debit Cards

Simple Prepaid Visa Card – low fees and peace of mind for travelers

Most credit card reviews on travel blogs are about the reward points you can earn or the elite membership benefits you might get. One concern rarely addressed is the safety of your financial information when traveling in countries with lots of credit/ATM card fraud. I have previously recommended the prepaid American Express Bluebird debit card for those high risk transactions and today, I’m looking at the Simple Visa card – let’s see how it stacks up!
Why you should have a prepaid debit card:
 When you travel to places you are not familiar with or to countries with high rates of credit card or ATM fraud, you should protect yourself and your financial information. And the easiest way to achieve peace of mind is to use a prepaid debit card in high risk situations. You can load it with $300-500 (or whatever you are comfortable with) and be sure to never lose more than that. Fraudsters won’t be able to get to your main bank account or critical financial information – and you don’t have to fight with your bank to get money back!

Features:  SImple is a new financial company that is targeting young people by offering a bank account and Visa debit card managed completely on your mobile phone. You can easily manage your budget and see what is “safe to spend” based on your budget. You can pay bills, get cash with your Visa card and pay wherever Visa is accepted. You can also send money from your phone to friends, easy and convenient. It works with iPhone and Android. Simple is currently available to US citizens over the age of 18.
Similar to Bluebird’s “set aside accounts”, Simple lets you define “Goals” that protect some of your money from using it. For example, you can have a “Travel Goal” of 1,000 for your trip and reduce that goal by $100 each day to pay for expenses, while only having $100 “at risk” –  a great way to manage your budget and your risk!

Fees: What makes Simple interesting for travelers is that there are few fees and many security features: Simple claims to not charge any fees – and they don’t charge monthly maintenance, overdraft or many other bank fees. Simple doesn’t charge ATM fees either, but does not reimburse for fees other banks charge at their ATMs. They DO charge a 1% fee for foreign transactions, a problem for anybody using it to travel, while AmEx Bluebird does not charge an FX fee. But despite that, Simple is still cheaper than most pre-paid cards.

Safety: Simple also offers a number of safety features few other cards offer: The app shows you the transaction immediately, so you can check the amount while you are still at a restaurant or shop! Unfortunately, this is made harder by only showing USD, but not the local currency! You can block your card or reset the PIN from your mobile app. If you lose your card or you suspect that it has been compromised, for example at an ATM or merchant, you can immediately secure your account. Should it turn out to be not a problem, you can reactivate it just as easily! You can also give a travel notice in the app, identifying the countries and dates you will be using your card abroad, making it much easier than having to call customer service to do the same thing!
That focus on safety can get into the way of traveling though: The card will not work in countries that have very high rates of fraud – the very countries you’d want to use a prepaid card. They also block app access in some countries the card can be used – very inconsistent, as it is safe enough to use the card, but not safe enough to use the app?

Bottomline: Simple offers an easy way to manage your money, charges low fees and has great safety features to give you peace of mind! Since AmEx Bluebird stopped allowing foreign ATM usage, I needed a new prepaid card and Simple Visa it is! Despite the country restriction and the foreign exchange fee of 1%, this is still the cheapest pre-paid card I could find, it’s widely accepted and the app makes it very easy to use.

Update: The digital ink is barely dry and there is a big change at Simple. They are changing the bank handling accounts for them, requiring all current members to receive new accounts and cards, a big change! Current customers are giving a “take it or leave it” choice to move their accounts within 30 days or will have their accounts closed. That’s not only poor customer service, but also a very short time frame to change key financial information.
If you are considering to get a Simple card, I’d recommend to hold off till April 2017 to let the dust settle over this. You don’t want to set up a new account, just to have everything change shortly after! I have removed the link for sign-up and will review the post again later this year!

Prepaid Cards |

How do prepaid cards work?

Prepaid cards work like debit cards. But you do not need a bank account to get a prepaid card. Here is how a prepaid card works:

  • You get a card from a store or company.
  • Sometimes, you buy a card in a certain amount. You might pay $50.00 for a card. That means you can use that card to spend $50.00.
  • Sometimes, you buy a card and then add money to it.
  • You can use the card to buy things in stores. You also can get cash from an ATM.
  • Your card stops working when you spend all the money you added.
  • You can add more money.

Unlike most debit cards, many prepaid cards charge very high fees.

What kind of fees do prepaid cards charge?

You might have to pay fees to:

  • buy a card
  • add more money to a card
  • buy something with the card
  • find out what your balance is, or how much money you have left on the card
  • use an ATM with your card

Sometimes there is a fee every month just to have the card.

For Example


  • I put $200 on my card.
  • I paid these fees:
    $10 to activate the card
    $12 for monthly maintenance
    $3 every time I bought something
    $6 to check my balance
    $3 to get cash from an ATM
    $4 to get my statement in the mail
    $2 to talk to customer support
    $3 to reload the card
  • I paid $43 in fees. Now I have $157 to buy things with.

Why are prepaid cards popular?

Prepaid cards can be convenient for people who do not carry cash. Prepaid cards also are easy to get.

The businesses that sell prepaid cards advertise them. That means you might hear about them. 

Some businesses use celebrities to advertise their cards. Some businesses also say that prepaid cards are good for people who do not have a bank account. The businesses might say prepaid cards are a good way to manage your money. 

Do prepaid cards help my credit history?

Most prepaid cards do not help you build a credit history. Your credit history describes how you use money. Businesses look at your credit history before they give you a loan, a credit card, or sometimes a job.

Learn more about your credit history.

What is the difference between a prepaid card and a secured credit card?

With a prepaid card:

  • I can just buy one
  • I pay very high fees
  • My money earns no interest
  • It does not help my credit history

With a secured credit card:

  • I have to apply for one
  • I pay some fees, usually lower
  • My money might earn interest
  • It can help my credit history

Learn more about secured credit cards.

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Prepaid debit cards – online registration of Prepaid bank cards, where to order and distinctive features

Prepaid debit cards – online registration of Prepaid bank cards, where to order and distinctive features



Saint Petersburg






Nizhny Novgorod








Where can I get a prepaid debit card. The best deals on instant, virtual and gift cards from major banks. Comparison of conditions and customer reviews.

  • Card without reference to the name of the holder
  • Card issue on the day of contacting the bank
  • Instant, gift and virtual cards

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Interest on the balance



Cashback at petrol stations










Shopping on the internet

Withdrawal at any ATM







900 02 Co-branded




Tinkoff Bank


Post Bank

Bank Otkritie






Dom. RF Bank

Zenit Bank



Uralsib Bank

Credit Bank of Moscow

MTS Bank

9000 2 Bank Saint Petersburg

Absolut Bank

Avangard Bank


Ak Bars Bank


Bank Accept

BBR Bank

Vostochny Bank


Far East Bank

Intesa Bank

9000 2 Credit Europe Bank

Levoberezhny Bank



Norvik Bank

OTP Bank



9 0002 Promsvyazbank

Renaissance Bank

Rosgosstrakh Bank

Bank Russia

Russian Standard Bank



SMP Bank


Sinara Bank (SKB-Bank)

Solidarity Bank

Bank Soyuz



Uralfinance Bank


Home Credit Bank

Khlynov Bank

Center-Invest Bank



UniCredit Bank

Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Payment center



Bank Primorye

NS Bank

Bank Agropromcredit

Bank Orenburg

Bank Kuznetsky

Top offers

Prepaid debit cards – rating 2023

  • Tinkoff Black
  • Opening (Spartak)
  • Tinkoff (Magnet)
  • Rosbank (OK)
  • Kari CLUB (MasterCard Unembossed)
  • SMP Bank (Gift card with your design)
  • Energotransbank (Gift prepaid Standard)
  • Finam (PU Corporate)
  • UralFinance (Motive MIR)
  • SMP Bank (Gift card)





















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Final comparison of prepaid debit cards

A prepaid card is a debit card that does not have a separate current account and is linked to the holder’s name. Such cards can be instant, gift and virtual. All of them differ in some features of design and use. To apply for a debit card, leave an online application on the bank’s website and wait for it to be delivered to a branch or to your hands. This page contains all prepaid cards from major banks. When choosing, consider the cost of opening and maintaining, as well as additional features such as cashback or interest on the balance.


  • Prepaid cards are issued very quickly in one visit to the bank
  • You can pay for any purchases with an instant card, just like a regular card
  • Virtual card suitable for secure online payments
  • A small amount of money can be transferred to a gift card, after which it can be presented to another person


  • Banks limit the maximum amount of storage, replenishment and withdrawal of prepaid cards
  • Prepaid cards are not covered by the deposit insurance system
  • Not all stores accept such cards for payment
  • Also, prepaid cards have the lowest status in the bank and payment system

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Often searched

  • Profitable
  • Without a visit to the bank
  • For traveling
  • For cash withdrawal
  • With custom design
  • With overdraft
  • Home delivery
  • Best
  • Cumulative
  • No commission
  • With bad credit history
  • Withdrawal at any ATM
  • For online shopping
  • With insurance
  • 15 minutes
  • With free service
  • Free
  • Instant issuance

Card type

  • Instant
  • Platinum
  • Golden
  • Unnamed
  • Premium
  • Electronic
  • Visa
  • master card
  • Nominal
  • Prepaid
  • Contactless
  • Maestro
  • Black
  • International
  • Salary
  • co-branded

For whom

  • For teenager
  • For children
  • For students
  • For foreign citizens
  • From 16 years old
  • For individuals
  • For pensioners


  • With cashback
  • With big bonuses
  • With cashback at gas stations
  • With miles
  • With interest on the balance


  • In dollars
  • Currency
  • Multicurrency
  • in yuan


  • Moscow
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Kazan
  • Ekaterinburg
  • Chelyabinsk
  • Krasnodar
  • Crimea
  • Penza
  • Permian
  • Samara
  • Saratov
  • Ufa

Prepaid cards | Get your prepaid card online today

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Open a Suits Me® account online in under 3 minutes and get your contactless prepaid Mastercard® card.

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What is a prepaid debit card?

A basic prepaid debit card is a payment card that is not tied to an account in the traditional sense. These are usually basic “top-and-go” payment cards that can be topped up with money at PayPoint points or via money transfer. They are called prepaid cards because you have to top up before you can use them.

Unlike a credit card or debit card with an overdraft attached, you can only spend as much money as you deposited into the prepaid card in cash.

Suits Me® is more than a regular prepaid card

Basic prepaid cards don’t have any amazing extras, including direct debit accounts (available for Premium and Premium Plus accounts), standing orders and transfers. But our Mastercard® prepaid debit card does just that – and more. It offers many of the features you would expect without offering a loan or overdraft facility.

Your Suits Me® prepaid card will be linked to one of our checking accounts. So not only will you get a contactless Mastercard® debit card, but you’ll also have an online account and a mobile financial management app. Plus, you’ll get access to Suits Me® bonus features, including great cash back rewards!

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Suits Me® Prepaid Account Features

By opening a Suits Me® Prepaid Account, you’ll have access to many great features to help you easily spend, send, and save money. Select a feature below to learn more about how it works and why you might want to use it.

  • Account Suits Me®
  • Mobile app
  • Prepaid debit card
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  • Direct debits
  • Standing Orders
  • Cashback rewards
  • View all features of

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What are the benefits of our prepaid debit cards

Our prepaid cash cards are great for all kinds of people, from foreign nationals to freelancers and those who just want to keep a budget. Here are five reasons to get your card:

  • Accessible : Unlike a traditional account, you can get a Suits Me® prepaid card with no credit check or proof of address. You’ll just need one form of ID or alternative, a selfie and less than 3 minutes of spare time!
  • Great for budgeting : Prepaid cards only allow you to spend as much money as you put into them, so you can’t go over your limit.
  • Safe : Prepaid debit cards are safer than carrying cash. Your money is protected by your unique PIN, and if you lose your card, it’s easy to block and unblock it in our app or online.
  • Easy top-up Retrieve an account: Top-up your card quickly and easily. Top up your card with cash at over 28,000 UK PayPoints, get paid automatically and receive transfers from the UK.
  • Ease of use : Use your prepaid Mastercard® to pay in store, online or over the phone. Add your card to Google Pay or Samsung Pay for contactless mobile payments. Securely withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere and anytime.

How does the cashback reward work?

Our prepaid account holders receive fantastic benefits including cashback rewards.

As part of our cashback program, you earn a percentage of purchases from our partners when you use your prepaid Mastercard® to make payments. These partners include Asda, Sainsbury’s, Argos, B&Q, Halfords, Pizza Express and Yo! Sushi

Where can I use my Mastercard® prepaid debit card?

You can use our prepaid cards in many places just like regular debit cards! We use the Mastercard® payment network, which means you can use them wherever you see the Mastercard® symbol.

Our prepaid debit cards can be used at your favorite shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, online shopping and food ordering websites, ATMs for cash withdrawals and on many forms of public transport such as the London Underground.

You can use the card for both chip, PIN and contactless payments up to £100.

How can I add money to my prepaid account?

Did you receive your card in the mail? You can add money to your Instant Use Prepaid Debit Card as soon as you activate it. Choose from three easy and fast ways to top up.

  1. Get paid/salary at

Our prepaid card has an account number and a sort code. Report this data to your employer and get paid automatically on payday. If you receive benefits, you can also transfer it to the card.

  1. Top up account in cash

You can instantly top up your card with cash at over 28,000 PayPoints across the UK, including convenience stores and non-licensed stores.

  1. Transfer from another account

Transfer money from another account. Transfers from the UK are usually made instantly. You can also transfer money from abroad using our partner, available in the Suits Me® app.

There are limits on prepaid card top-ups, including a maximum balance of £10,000 for our Premium Plus account. Learn more about found prepaid account limits.

Are prepaid debit cards safe?

Prepaid cards are a safer and more convenient option than carrying large amounts of cash or change. We will keep your Suits Me® card and account secure in other ways:

  • We will not mail your prepaid debit card PIN to
  • You will access the mobile application with a 5-digit PIN code or a unique fingerprint
  • Enjoy a secure online money account with full account encryption, HTTPS security and site-wide SSL certification
  • Block and unblock your prepaid card instantly via your online account or mobile app
  • We follow FCA guidelines by keeping your money in segregated accounts that we cannot access
  • In the unlikely event that we go out of business, your money will be protected by the UK Electronic Money Regulations 2011.

Who can get a Suits Me® prepaid card?

We don’t have the same strict criteria as street banks and we don’t offer loans. This means that we can offer prepaid debit cards for people who have recently arrived in the country, people with bad credit history and so on. passing through IVA, etc.

In fact, anyone who might otherwise be financially isolated can get a Suits Me® prepaid card online! All you need is:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to apply
  • have a UK address so that we can mail your prepaid card (documentation of proof of address is not required to open an account)
  • have one form of identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or national identity card. if you are an EU 9 citizen0040

When can I start using my Suits Me® prepaid card?

You can start using your Mastercard® Suits Me® prepaid card as soon as you receive it in the mail and activate it. Activating your card is quick and easy, whether you do it over the phone or through your online account.

You also don’t have to wait for your card to receive payments. You will immediately receive your account details, as well as instructions for setting up the online and mobile application.

Why open a prepaid account with Suits Me®?

Suits Me® is the sweet spot between a basic prepaid card and a bank account. We are ideal for those who need a quick and easy solution and more than just a “top up and go” prepaid card.

We are also inclusive. We offer a solution that is accessible to all, including:

  • Migrant workers
  • Bad credit history
  • International students
  • Expats
  • Freelancers and self-employed
  • People in IVA
  • No address confirmation

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Why doesn’t Suits Me® do a credit check?

Because we do not provide you with credit facilities, we do the following. We do not check credit during the registration process and you do not need to verify your address. 99.8% of applications are accepted within minutes.

We are the ideal alternative solution for non-bank and small-bank clients. And because we don’t check applicants’ creditworthiness, your credit history won’t be affected.

This also means that you will not be discriminated against if you have not lived in the UK long enough to build up a credit history.

Do you have a customer service team?

Yes – our friendly multilingual customer support team speaks English, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Russian and Spanish. So if English is not your first language, we will help you in the language you feel comfortable with. Our support team is available 7 days a week and can be contacted using any of the details below.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 03330 151 858
Chat: Located in the lower right corner of our website

Receive your Suits Me® card within 3-5 business days


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Open your Suits Me® prepaid account online in minutes without a credit check, with an ID document and a selfie.