Samsung washer front loader reviews: Samsung WF50A8600AV Front-load Washing Machine Review

Samsung WF50A8600AV Front-load Washing Machine Review

The Samsung WF50A8600AV features a sleek and compact design. It doesn’t have a back panel, instead placing its controls on the front of the device, which makes it easy to stack it with a matching dryer, if that’s your goal. These digital controls may take some getting used to—they’re a little different than a typical layout, but they are intuitive to use.

To the left of the controls, in a small drawer, you can find the detergent box. Its interior is one of the Microban-treated surfaces.

Opening the door reveals the machine’s spacious 5-cubic-foot drum, which has three narrow fins to help tumble laundry.

The machine also has smart features via the Samsung’s SmartThings platform, which allows for smart assistant integration, remote control, and notifications. If you buy the paired dryer—the Samsung DVE50A8600V—and stack the two, you can control the dryer via the washer’s control panel.

About the Samsung WF50A8600AV

Reviewed / Beckett Dubay

The Samsung WF50A8600AV’s AI-powered dial will remember your settings and recommend favorites.

  • Dimensions: 38.7″ x 27″ x 33.5″ (H x W x D)
  • Capacity: 5.0 cubic feet
  • Finishes: Brushed black, ivory
  • Cycles: Normal, Heavy Duty, Super Speed, Small Load, Delicates, Steam Whites, Steam Sanitize, Steam Normal, Towels, Bedding, Outdoor, Activewear, Denim, Wool, Colors, Eco Press, Eco Cold, Steam Bulky, Steam Allergen, Power Steam, Power Rinse, Spin Only, Rinse+Spin, Self Clean+
  • Cycle options: Five temperature settings, five fill settings, five soil settings
  • Special features: MultiControl, Self Clean+, Vibration Reduction Technology+, Swirl+ Drum Interior, CleanGuard antimicrobial technology, AI-powered Smart Dial
  • Matching dryer: Samsung DVE50A8600V
  • User manual: Samsung WF50A8600AV front-load washer manual

What we like

It has better than average cleaning power, and steam features offer sanitization and wrinkle control

Compared to the average front-load washer, the Samsung WF50A8600AV manages to come out slightly ahead on just about every cycle we tested.

If you were to wash two identical shirts in both the Samsung WF50A8600AV and the average front-loader, over time, your shirt will appear a lot brighter after repeated cycles in the Samsung washer. However, if compared side by side after just one wash it would be difficult to spot any difference of dinginess.

Ultimately, the level of clean offered by the WF50A8600AV leads to a longer lifespan for your clothes.

Additionally, the WF50A8600AV offers a slew of steam features. These can help sanitize particularly dirty loads of laundry by allowing the washer to reach temperatures of 152°F.

Normally in testing, we typically ding washers and dryers for going over 150°F (a temperature hot enough to increase wear and tear by drying fabrics out and causing them to become brittle), but not in a case where steam is involved. Interjecting steam into the equation removes the potential for such damage.

Steam can also help remove wrinkles without needing to break out an ironing board.

It has a large drum that’s nice for bigger families

Reviewed / Beckett Dubay

The Samsung WF50A8600AV has a huge, 5-cubic-foot wash drum. Most other washers are 20% smaller.

The Samsung WF50A8600AV has a roomy, 5-cubic-foot drum that those with a lot of laundry will love.

Whereas most washers have a drum with an approximate 4-cubic-foot capacity—meaning it accommodates 20% less laundry per cycle—a larger drum means you can get more laundry done in fewer loads. This can dramatically increase how much you can wash and reduce how often you need to run a cycle.

Cycle time in general is short, and some spin cycles outperform

When it comes to cycle times over all, faster wash cycles are good for several reasons. Doing loads in less time means less time in the laundry room, less wear and tear damage, less energy expenditure, and less time waiting.

It also means getting a complete wash and dry cycle done faster, which can be important for those rare moments where you need to get some laundry washed at the last minute.

On both its Normal and Super Speed Wash cycles, the Samsung WF50A8600AV managed to finish faster than the average washer. Its Normal cycle finished in 49 minutes, and its Super Speed Wash was done in just 26 minutes, both of which finished 4.5 minutes faster than the average washer.

While saving about 5 minutes per cycle isn’t a huge difference for any given wash, that reduction in time, energy, and wear and tear damage will add up the longer you own the machine.

Within a typical load cycle, the Samsung WF50A8600AV’s spin cycles managed to outperform the average front-loader in our lab tests, albeit by small margins.

The spin cycles for Heavy Duty and Super Speed Wash got out 7.1% and 4.7% more water. We also want to call out the Super Speed Wash quick cycle for both outperforming the average quick wash cycle and also finishing in washing a full load in just 26 minutes. That’s five and a half minutes faster than average.

The reason spin cycles are important is because they are significantly more energy efficient when removing water from fabric than your dryer. That means that any slack with a spin cycle is going to make your dryer work overtime and can potentially result in needing to run multiple drying cycles. This leads to wasted time, electricity, and money. All this extra work also reduces the lifespan of your dryer more quickly.

Antimicrobial technology protects high-touch areas

Reviewed / Beckett Dubay

The Samsung WF50A8600AV’s detergent box, control dial, touchpad, and internal gaskets have an antimicrobial coating to reduce the spread of pathogens and reduce smells.

Need more sanitization? Similar to flex drawers in fridges or third racks in dishwashers, antimicrobial coating looks to be a feature making its way into more and more appliances recently.

The Samsung WF50A8600AV’s CleanGuard antimicrobial technology helps protect high-touch areas, such as the controls, detergent tray, and interior gasket to help reduce the spread of pathogens and keep unwanted smells from developing.

Considering mildewy gaskets were one of the endemic issues of early front-loaders (and everyone’s increased awareness of germs), we’re happy this feature is becoming more commonplace.

Smart features make doing laundry easier

On this Samsung washer, you’ll gain access to the SmartThings app, which allows users to control the device remotely and sends users notifications when a cycle is complete.

One newer feature is Self Clean+, which notifies you every 40 wash cycles that the drum itself needs cleaning. This is important to do regularly to prevent the buildup of smells and maximize the lifespan of the interior gasket.

On the machine itself, rather than the app, the AI-powered Smart Dial learns and recommends your favorite wash cycles based on your past preferences and usage.

It’s easier to load for people with back problems

Samsung also provides risers for its washer and dryers that allow them to be ADA compliant. These enable easier loading for those in wheelchairs or who may otherwise have difficulty stooping down to load the machine.

You can control a matching dryer from this washer when stacked

Once stacked with its matching dryer, the WF50A8600AV enables its MultiControl feature. This allows you to operate the dryer right from your washer when the two are stacked. Considering the controls would otherwise be about six feet high, this is another great accessibility feature.

It operates quietly

Did your old washing machine sound like the Telltale Heart beating audibly through your laundry room walls? Not this one. The Samsung WF50A8600AV’s Vibration Reduction Technology+ ensures quiet operation from wash to spin.

The last washer we reviewed was noisy in a uniquely distracting way, so our team of testers was relieved by the WF50A8600AV’s nearly-silent cycles.

What we don’t like

It’s much less gentle than other washers, but practically speaking, this is negligible

To test how much stress a washer puts on clothes, we use swatches of fabrics called mechanical action strips that have a large hole punched out of the center. After the machine achieves a complete wash, we count the number of threads that were pulled loose from the swatch, to see just how much stress those threads were under.

The average front-load washer pulled about 51 threads free on its normal cycle and about 30 on its delicates cycle. The Samsung WF50A8600AV pulled about 63 threads free on Normal and 56 on Delicates.

This means its normal cycle is about 20% rougher on clothes than average, while its Delicates cycle is 46% rougher than its average equivalent, meaning it is actually less “delicate” than most other washers’ normal cycles.

How significant these results are will depend on how delicate your laundry tends to be. If you don’t tend to use the delicates cycle much, this is a minor issue.

If you rely on your delicates cycle, we recommend looking elsewhere: Both the GE GFW148SSM0WW and Maytag MVWP576KW are significantly more gentle on laundry.

What owners are saying

Reviewed / Beckett Dubay

Some users found the WF50A8600AV’s non-standard control scheme to be confusing and unintuitive, but most just wanted to easily turn off its end-of-cycle jingle.

Owners of the Samsung WF50A8600AV seem to be happy with their purchase overall, awarding it 4.4 out of 5 stars across major retailers.

The most common points of praise in these reviews include the appliance’s aesthetics, quiet operation, large drum, cycle customization options, and antimicrobial coating.

Those who don’t like this washer find it confusing to operate, preferring a traditional cycle-selection dial.

There are also a lot of complaints about the end-of-cycle tune that this machine plays, which “cannot be turned off.” The chime is about 15 seconds long and incredibly loud, so we do see why users would want to skip it. Fortunately, you can: There’s a hidden menu you can access by holding the Options button for 3 seconds that allows you to toggle it off.


Samsung features one of the more robust warranties in the industry. The standard warranty is a single year for parts and labor. Samsung goes above and beyond this by additionally guaranteeing the stainless steel tub for up to three years and the digital inverter motor for up to 20 years (providing you purchased the device after July 1, 2022).

Those who purchase the WF50A8600AV (or, really, any Samsung appliance) can feel secure in their investment.

Should you buy the Samsung WF50A8600AV?

Yes—This is one of the best front-loaders you can buy

The Samsung WF50A8600AV is an excellent washer, not for any one aspect specifically, but rather by doing almost everything a little bit better than other washers. It has solid stain-scrubbing power, an effective spin cycle, relatively fast cycle times, a huge wash drum, and a ton of helpful extra features like its antimicrobial coating.

When it comes to downsides, this washer doesn’t have many. Its cycles are much rougher than average, but the degree to which that will affect you will largely depend on your wardrobe.

The only other downside is the WF50A8600AV’s price tag, which currently rings in at just over $1,300. When we initially brought this model in for review, it was available at a sale price of $899. If the former price fits into your budget, and you don’t have many delicates, we think the Samsung WF50A8600AV is a great option that you’ll be happy with.

At that sale price, however, this washer is an absolute steal—if you don’t need to buy your washer immediately, we recommend waiting to see if the WF50A8600AV’s gets discounted this deeply again.

We also recommend checking out the Electrolux ELFW7637AT, which lacks some of the WF50A8600AV’s features but does offer a high-quality clean for a lower price.

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

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Samsung Front Load Washer Reviews + Top Picks | Spencer’s TV & Appliance

Laundry has come a long way since using washing boards in rivers and hanging clothes out to air-dry. Now, more washers come in several colors, styles, and capacities, along with groundbreaking washer features that make doing laundry quick and easy. If you are on the market for a new washer, a Samsung front load washing machine can offer all that and smart technology to bring your laundry into the future.

Take a peek at the Samsung front load washer reviews our experts have put together for you, including our top picks, and more about what you can expect if you plan to buy a Samsung washing machine for your home.

At a Glance:

Performance Overview

Pros & Cons

Top Samsung Front Load Washer Picks

Samsung FAQ

Why Trust Us?

Samsung: What You Need to Know

Samsung was created to help others achieve the impossible, and for more than 50 years, they have been doing exactly that. They are engineering innovative technology that breaks boundaries and puts the human experience first for the best people-oriented appliances. Devices and home appliances from Samsung blaze a new trail forward in technology, creating an impact that is meant to better the world environmentally. Now, to ask the hard questions: Is Samsung the right choice for your home? Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction and known as the most intelligent washing machines in their category, you can expect nothing but the best for your laundry, along with features to make your home life simpler. These smart and quality-designed appliances are of mid-range pricing, being as low as $679 and as high as $1709 in cost. So, Samsung front load washers are the top picks for: 

  • Eco-friendly homeowners 
  • Smart home shoppers
  • Large households
  • Budget buyers

Performance Overview

Samsung washers are top-of-the-line appliances with amazing features that are more than worth considering.

Smart Dial: An innovative AI-powered dial that learns and suggests your preferred cycles, allowing for customized cycle options, plus quick and easy access to avoid shifting through wash options.

SelfClean+: A cycle that removes up to 99 percent of bacteria in any washer drum to eliminate most germ-created odors or mold.

VRT+: This noise- and vibration-reducing technology allows for doing laundry loads at any time or place without disturbing the rest of the household (day or night).

Steam: A wash option that doesn’t require pre-treatment and allows for a deep and thorough clean as steam penetrates every piece of clothing.

Pros & Cons

Like most things, even a Samsung front load washing machine can have its good and bad qualities, and we have listed a few below:


Quiet operation

✓  Clothes smell as fresh as detergent and softener

✓  Wi-Fi connectivity

✓  Self Clean+ cycle

✓  Multiple wash options    

✓  Affordable options


×  Can’t add items after starting cycle

×  Entire washer shakes during spin cycle

×  No option to add water for wash cycles

×  Can’t disable key sounds

Top Samsung Front Load Washer Picks

Best Overall: Samsung 4.

5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer (WF45T6200AW)

Shop Now

Turn laundry into a no-brainer with our white Samsung front load washer, offering numerous smart features to make life easier. You can breathe a sigh of relief, no longer having to rush to get all of your laundry done before the kids’ bedtime. With the innovative Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) to reduce most noise and vibrations, you can quietly wash at all hours of the night if you run out of time during the day. Also, use one of the 10 cycles like Super Speed, Steam, or Sanitize to get the most optimal clean for your fabrics, clothes, and bedding. And after every dozen cycles, select the Self Clean+ to keep your washer drum fresh, clean, and 99-percent bacteria-free for the next 40 washes.

  • Product specifications
    • 4.5 cu. ft. capacity
    • Smart Care
    • VRT Plus Technology

Best Value: Samsung 6000 Series 4.

5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer (WF45T6000AW)

Shop Now

Make laundry day less literal and turn it into a less time-consuming chore when you wash loads using our Samsung front load washer from the 6000 series that is as gentle on your wallet as it is on your clothes. This large capacity washer allows for bigger loads, so you can spend less time washing using quick wash, whites, activewear, other cycles. Also, with the Self Clean+ cycle, you can eliminate 99 percent of bacteria found on your clothes in the drum, guaranteeing the best wash for your fabrics. For the cherry on top, the Vibration Reduction Technology+ ensures a quiet wash, perfect for days when you can only do a lot during your children’s nap time or bedtime.

  • Product specifications
    • 4.5 cu. ft. capacity
    • Self Clean+
    • Vibration Reduction Technology+

Best Splurge: Samsung 5.0 Cu. Ft. Brushed Black Front Load Washer (WF50A8500AV)

Shop Now

Treat yourself to this sleek and smart black front load washer from Samsung that’ll elevate your smart home game. Enjoy powerful stain removing action with this washer’s Steam feature. Best of all, with the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily manage your wash from the palm of your hand with the SmartThings App on your smart device, allowing for alerts, monitoring, scheduling, and running any cycle you need.

  • Product specifications
    • 5.0 cu. ft. capacity
    • Vibration Reduction Technology


Q: How do you clean a Samsung front load washer?

A: To clean a Samsung front load washer and prevent odors and mold from building up, we recommend using the self-clean cycle. Or, if your model doesn’t have such a cycle, you can use a washing machine cleaner product.

Q: How do you use the self-clean cycle?

A: The self-clean cycle prevents mold and odor, cleaning areas of the drum where moisture and detergent residue accumulate. Before selecting and running the self-clean cycle, make sure the tub is empty.

Q: Can I use pods in a Samsung washer?

A: Most Samsung front load washers have a drawer to add liquid detergent, but if you want to use a pod, you can put them directly into the washer’s drum.

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Reviews of the Samsung washing machine with reloading laundry

Today, automatic washing machines with the possibility of reloading laundry are in great demand. The advantage of such models is the presence of an additional hatch on the door, through which you can add things to the wash at any stage of the cycle. The hostess, who forgot to put something in the drum, can open the machine, throw in a piece of clothing, close the device. To understand whether the Samsung washing machine is better with reloading the laundry of its “colleagues” without such a function, we will analyze the reviews of real users of the equipment.

Positive feedback

Tatyana, Ryazan

I am happy that I decided to buy a Samsung washing machine with the AddWash function. Model WW65K52E69W is equipped with a special hatch for additional loading of linen. In addition to this option, among the advantages of the machine I can highlight:

  • reliable inverter engine;
  • almost silent operation of the motor;
  • convenient touch control panel;
  • excellent washing quality.

During the operation of her “home assistant”, she did not find any shortcomings. The model attracted me with its functionality and chic appearance.

The control panel is very user friendly. With a light touch of your finger, you can set the desired washing program, adjust some parameters, for example, spin speed or water heating temperature. There are such necessary modes as intensive soak, stain removal, super rinse. The delay timer allows you to delay washing at the desired time.

My Samsung WW65K52E69W is equipped with a large capacity drum for 6. 5 kg of laundry. The presence of an additional door for reloading things after the start of washing is an undeniable advantage. After all, almost any housewife periodically remembers that she should throw in one more T-shirt or shirt after the washing has begun.

Inverter motor ensures quiet operation of the equipment, such motors are very reliable and have a long period of maintenance-free operation.

I note that this model is very “smart”, intelligence controls all processes. The washing machine is commendable.

Samat81, St. Petersburg

Not so long ago we bought a Samsung WW65K52E69W washing machine. The machine impressed with its versatility and design. Lots of special wash programs just the way I like it. There is an option for self-cleaning of the drum, I would also like to note the possibility of reloading laundry after starting the wash.

The washing machine uses very little water and electricity. If the apartment has a day-night counter, you can save a lot on paying the receipt. Using the timer, it is permissible to set the start of washing, for example, at 2 am. The inverter motor ensures quiet operation of the equipment, so that no one at home will notice how the washer does its job.

Ekaterina, Khabarovsk

I would like to share why our family chose Samsung WW65K52E69W for purchase. The “AddWash” option became decisive. I always wanted to buy a machine with a compartment for reloading things. Especially the additional hatch became in demand in our family after the birth of a child. If the wash has begun, and the baby has stained the next sliders, I just threw them into the drum after the cycle was started.

You have to use the reload function quite often, so this addition is extremely useful.

The washing machine does not “jump” around the room during the spin cycle, it works very quietly. Perhaps this is to some extent our merit, since a special rug was placed under the equipment that absorbs vibrations. A lot of different programs are recorded in the memory of the machine, you can set custom washing parameters by adjusting the spin speed, the degree of water heating.

The only thing I would like is a larger drum. With a maximum load of up to 6.5 kg, it is very difficult to wash blankets or bedspreads in the machine.

Negative reviews

Margarita, Yekaterinburg

We bought a Samsung WW65K52E69W washing machine with a loading hatch about a year and a half ago. The design of the device is interesting, there are no complaints about the quality of washing either. However, there is one problem that has not been dealt with all this time.

From the first day of use, turning on the machine is a real test for me. The “dc” warning flashes continuously to notify that the door is not closed. You have to press the hatch with great effort to start the cycle. I’m afraid that due to such an “assertive” inclusion, the door lock will eventually break. We contacted the service center, the warranty repair was denied. I don’t know how to proceed. I regret the purchase.

Robert, Moscow

I chose a washing machine mainly for its design, I wanted the appliances to complement the interior of the bathroom. I really liked the appearance of the Samsung model, so it was decided to buy an automatic machine.

After washing things a couple of times, I was disappointed. The smell of rubber emanated from the clothes. Also, the machine shakes during operation, constantly moves away from the wall, and the washing machine has to be systematically pushed back. Rubber pads under the machine did not save – the situation has not changed. Not happy with this Samsung.

Kirill, Moscow

The washing machine caught my eye as soon as I saw it in the store. That’s why I bought it, falling in love with the design. Having used the device, I will say that the quality of washing leaves much to be desired.

After a month of operation, the door no longer closes. To block the hatch, you have to press on it with your knee. I don’t like the existing washing programs either, they are too long. So, a full drum of things on the “Cotton” mode is spinning for 3 hours! I don’t understand why the cycle is so long. I would not have bought SM, knowing about such nuances.

  • Share your opinion – leave a comment

Samsung WF602W0BCWQDLP washing machine review with photo

The description of the Samsung WF602W0BCWQDLP washing machine is presented as a comparison with another washing machine, the model and manufacturer of which are not specified. Recommendations are given for potential buyers of this Samsung model, which will help to avoid unpleasant consequences after its purchase. The laundry washing programs and some of the nuances of their work are described in detail. The amount of detergent used and liquid laundry detergent are compared, as well as the washing result. The absence of the ECO-BUBLE function, which used to be the main condition for the high sales of this model, is indicated. An objective assessment of the operation of household appliances is possible provided that there is something to compare with. In my case, this is the second washing machine and I am very pleased with it, since what I had at the beginning can hardly be called a washing machine. But since we are talking about the Samsung WF602W0BCWQDLP, then when buying, you should pay attention to its dimensions. It is large enough and not suitable for a small bathroom or kitchen. It is very easy to make a mistake when buying a typewriter in an online store, because. measurements taken at the top (i.e. lid) of the washing machine, but the drum area and drum door are convex and can be particularly inconvenient if space is limited. The drum door is decorated with a mirror element, which needs special care, because. attracts the attention of children and gets dirty quickly.

Now about the operation of the washing machine: it works quietly, we can say that it is very quiet. Even with the bathroom door open, the machine will not be able to wake the child, which is very important for small apartments and houses. I used to think that the quality of washing depends only on the powder or other means, and not on the machine. Now I think differently when I compare washing results with the same powder in different machines. I don’t know how she does it, but this Samsung model erases much better. It should be noted that this washing machine consumes much less powder and liquid detergent, for which there is a special metered container inserted into the powder compartment. The list of programs is standard, like all washing machines. I don’t use all of them. I mainly wash on the DAILY program, it perfectly copes with the functions of the washing program for children’s underwear, synthetic clothes, and all the rest. There is a program for lightly soiled laundry, designed for 15 minutes, I use it with a slight adjustment (I wash it at a higher temperature), and then I need to do an additional spin, because. things after such washing remain quite wet.


The wool program also spins the laundry gently. In this case, you must either wring out again, or spend more time drying clothes. I don’t use any other programs. In principle, any program can be adjusted “for yourself” by increasing the washing temperature, applying an extra rinse or an extra spin. Previously, this model had a wonderful ECO-BUBLE function, which washed clothes in a large amount of foam. This washing method significantly saves powder consumption, gives an excellent result and keeps things in good condition. But when the car was brought to us, I realized that, apparently, the manufacturer used his right to change the configuration of the goods without informing the consumer. It’s unfortunate that we were unlucky, but it’s not a big loss. Mom’s SAMSUNG DIAMOND WF602BOBCWQ has this feature, but she only uses it to wash white clothes. A very important function is the “CHILD LOCK”. The lock works reliably and you can be sure that nothing will happen to the machine or the children.