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Samsung’s 57-inch ultrawide monitor dwarfs your desk


At 57 inches wide with double 4K resolution, you’ll need a beefy gaming PC just to get an image on this thing

By Michael Crider

Staff Writer, PCWorld Jan 3, 2023 7:12 am PST

Image: Samsung

There’s an arms race among PC monitors right now. And as has been its pattern for the last few years, Samsung’s brought out the big guns. Its latest Odyssey Neo G95C monitor isn’t just its most advanced offering, it’s easily the biggest, stretching a massive 57 inches from curved corner to curved corner. The exercise in display excess pumps out a resolution of 7680×2160 — essentially two 4K screens side by side, on one panel.

It’s hard to overstate just how ridiculous this design is. While Samsung didn’t share physical dimensions for this thing in its pre-CES announcement, the previous largest Neo G9 (CHG9, because Samsung’s naming scheme is weird) was 49 inches diagonally, 47. 36 inches wide, and 33.1 pounds (including the stand). Extrapolating a little, this bigger model will probably hang off the side of a four-foot-wide desk. With a dramatic 1000R curve factor, it might hang off the front of the desk, too! Good luck trying to find a VESA arm that can support it; you might just have to live with the included stand, which is more than half its width according to the photos.


But it’s not just your desk and your back that will need to be beefy to handle this thing. Your graphics card will need the latest, greatest DisplayPort 2.1 connection to pump out double-4K resolution at the panel’s maximum 240Hz refresh rate—a feature currently only offered by AMD’s Radeon RX 7900 series GPUs. Samsung claims it’s using Display Stream Compression, a newer VESA standard, in order to get the image across without distortion.

If you’re okay with sacrificing a little size for image quality, Samsung also announced a new OLED variant of the Odyssey range. The OLED G9 (G95SC) is “just” 49 inches wide with a less-dramatic 1800R curve rating, and a resolution of 5120×1440 — again, basically two 24-inch 1440p displays side by side. But that OLED panel, a first for Samsung’s gaming line, makes this a horse of several million different colors.


Samsung claims a typical OLED 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, or “perfect blacks” in layman’s terms. A 240Hz refresh rate means this will tax your GPU almost as much as the larger screen, though it’ll be a bit quicker on the draw with a 0.1ms response time. Samsung is packing in the same onboard software as its smart TVs, letting users access streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Xbox Game Pass streaming and GeForce Now without any additional hardware. I wonder how tricky it will be to find something to watch at that 32:9 aspect ratio.

As usual, Samsung didn’t divulge launch dates or prices for either new display. Expect them sometime before the middle of 2023, and start saving now — I’ll be shocked if either of these ultrawide monitors hits the market for under $2000.

Author: Michael Crider, Staff Writer

Michael is a former graphic designer who’s been building and tweaking desktop computers for longer than he cares to admit. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

Samsung CJ890 – 49″ CJ890 Super Ultra-Wide Monitor with USB-C for Business


Samsung’s CJ890 Series super ultra-wide curved monitor boasts a massive amount of real estate on one chassis combined with exceptional performance. It’s designed for any business application involving large data sets, and is the perfect replacement for multiple monitor setups, viewing large amounts of information on one screen and split screen viewing of multiple windows at once.

  • Large 49″ super ultra-wide 32:9 curved monitor designed for viewing large data sets such as spreadsheets and charts
  • USB-C streamlines connectivity with one port to transmit digital display, data and power
  • Built-in KVM (keyboard, video monitor and mouse) switch lets you control two computers from one keyboard, monitor and mouse
  • Screen splitting software lets you split a single source into multiple windows

Large 49” Screen and Ultra-Wide 32:9 Aspect Ratio

An ultra-wide 32:9 aspect ratio on the large 49″ screen optimizes panoramic viewing with fewer bezels (equivalent to (2) 27″ 16:9 monitors). So you can get a better viewing experience, easier installation and use less cables compared to a multi-monitor setup. Plus, you get more space to work for tasks involving long spreadsheets and multiple windows.

Ultra-Curved Screen Optimizes the Viewing Experience

Samsung’s super curved VA panel is designed for comfort, productivity and style. With an 1800mm radius, the distance from screen to eye is a more uniform distance, resulting in less eye fatigue when working long hours. Wide viewing angles help to ensure the picture is not degraded from off angles.

Connect with One USB-C Port

USB-C allows a single cable connection to transmit digital display, data (USB) and power. 2 USB-C ports let you directly connect any PC, tablet or mobile device and get to work. Your device will be charged and up to 3 peripherals can be plugged in directly to the monitor for added productivity.

KVM (Keyboard, Video Monitor and Mouse) Switch

The KVM switch is a hardware device that allows you to control multiple computers from one keyboard, monitor and mouse. So you can easily and quickly switch sources at the touch of a button.

Split-Screen (PBP) and Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

Connect up to two separate sources to the display and view them simultaneously with split-screen (PBP) and picture-in-picture (PIP) technology. Perform work, like coding, in one window and see the results in a separate window. With the included Samsung software, you can make window management easy and maximize your efficiency.

144hz Refresh Rate

The CJ890 Series delivers a smooth and crisp presentation of fast moving content, helping to eliminate blurring, ghosting, and juddering and reducing lag for gaming and video content.

Fully Adjustable Stand and VESA Compatibility

The monitor swivels, tilts and is height-adjustable, to deliver comfort and ergonomics at work. And with VESA mount compatibility, installation on a wall or separate mounting arm is easy.

Easy on the Eyes

Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free technology help to reduce eye strain for a more comfortable work experience, even during long work hours. When Eye Saver Mode is active, blue light levels are lowered. And flicker-free technology eliminates flickering at all levels of brightness.


Samsung CJ890 – Digital Flipchart for Business
Model Number LC49J890DKNXZA
Screen Size 49″
Display Type VA
Flat/Curved Curved
Curvature 1800R
Resolution 3840 x 1080
Aspect Ratio 32:9
Brightness (Typical) Typical: 300cd/m2

Min: 250cd/m2
Static Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio Mega DCR
Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical) 178°(H)/178°(V)
Response Time 5ms
Active Display Size (H x V) 1195. 8 x 336.3 mm
Color Support 16.7M
Speaker Stereo
Type AC 100~240V
Power Supply Type Internal
Power Consumption (Max) 220W
Power Consumption (Stand-by) Less than 0.3 W
Max Stand By Power (DPMS) Less than 0.5W (HDMI/DP Input Condition)
HAS(Height Adjustable Stand) Yes
Wall Mountable Yes
Windows Compatible Windows 10
Picture-In-Picture Yes
Samsung MagicBright Yes
Samsung MagicUpscale Yes
Eye Saver Mode Yes
Flicker Free Yes
Image Size Yes
Easy Setting Box Yes
Picture by Picture (PBP) Yes
KVM (Keyboard, Video Monitor, Mouse) Switch Yes
Refresh Rate 144Hz
Product Dimensions With Stand 47. 4 x 20.7 x 15.0 inches
Product Dimensions Without Stand 47.4 x 14.5 x 7.7 inches
Shipping Dimensions 52.0 x 12.4 x 18.7 inches
Product Weight With Stand 33.3 lbs
Product Weight Without Stand 26.5 lbs
Shipping Weight 45.9 lbs
Warranty 1 year
Included In Box Quick Setup Guide, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, USB Type-C Cable
HDMI 1 EA (v2.0)
Display Port 1 EA (v1. 2)
Headphones Yes
USB Hub 1 (v3.0; 1 Up (USB-C), 3 Down)
Color Charcoal Black and Titanium
Stand Type Height Adjustable Stand

Height: 120.0 ± 5.0 mm

Tilt: -2.0° (±2.0°) ~ +15.0° (±2.0°)

Swivel: -15.0° (±2.0°) ~ +15.0° (±2.0°)
Temperature 10~40 ℃
Humidity 10~80% (non-condensing)

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Power adapter 19V, 2.53A, 48W, 6.5mm x 4.4mm (A4819_FDY, A4819_KSML, A4819_KSMLW, BN44-00886E), built-in plug, black, origin: Samsung , for Monitor and TV Samsung C27H711QEI etc.


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Power supply for monitor Samsung 19 . 0V 2.53A 48W A4819-RDY BESTBLOK Purpose: for monitor ,


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24″ Monitor Samsung F24T450FQC, 1920×1080, 75Hz, IPS 1000:1, vesa). monitor type LCD diagonal 24 “. max. resolution 1920×1080. aspect ratio 16: 9. Screen type IPS. Max. refresh rate 75 Hz. FreeSync-G-Sync FreeSync support. Features 90-degree rotation, height adjustment. brightness 250 cd- m2 Contrast ratio 1000:1 Response time 5ms Maximum colors 16.7 million



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Monitor Samsung C27R500FHR Manufacturer: 9 0062 Samsung , Screen type: *VA, Aspect ratio: 16:9


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Monitor Samsung 27″ C27F396FHI VA LED curved 16:9 1920×1080 4ms 250cd 3000:1 178/178 D-Sub HDMI Glossy Black (replacing C27F390FHI) 90 003 DETAILS

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Samsung 26. 9″ LCD monitor Samsung C27R500FHI (Curved LCD, Wide, 1920×1080, D-Sub, HDMI)


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Monitor matrix LCD 19 Samsung LTM190M2-L31 scratches a: Samsung


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Monitor Samsung S19A330NHM/ 19 “/Plug Type G [S19A330NHMXUE] Samsung Type: Plug/Adapter,


Power Supply for 900 62 monitors Samsung , LG 19V 1.7A 33W 6.5×4.4mm monitors LG 19 , 20, 22, 23 inches ; ADS-40FSG- 19 , 19032GPG-1, EAY627

, LCAP16A-E compatible without power cable


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Samsung / Monitor Samsung , 9

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Monitor Samsung C27R502FHR Samsung


Inverter BN81-02090A for Monitor Samsung SyncMaster 943NW Manufacturer: Samsung


Monitor Acer 19 . 5″ V206HQLAb (16:9) TN + Film LED 1600 x 900 60Hz 5 on off ms 200nits 600:1 VGA Black Matt


Power supply for monitor Samsung S19B300B 14V, 2.14A, 6.0-4.4mm with needle inside Application: for


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Monitor Samsung 23.8″ S24R350FZU IPS LED 16:9 1920×1080 5ms 250cd 1000:1 178 / 178 D-Sub HDMI 75Hz AMD FreeSync Tilt Vesa Black 1 year 90 003 DETAILS

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