Samsung neo qled tvs: Compare Samsung Neo QLED and QLED TVs

What Is Neo QLED? Is It Better Than QLED and OLED?

Neo QLED is one of the more recent display technologies for television sets. Samsung adopted this technology in 2021 for its entire 4K and 8K TV range, promising a big improvement in picture quality over traditional QLED displays.

When it comes to buying a new TV, there are a lot of confusing acronyms and jargon, creating confusion for buyers. Hence, we need to explain Samsung’s Neo QLED technology and pit it against more popular options like QLED and OLED.

Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Neo QLED TVs so that you can make an informed decision.

What Is Neo QLED?

Neo QLED is an improvement over the existing QLED displays based on Samsung’s quantum dot technology. The biggest difference between Neo QLED and QLED is that the latter uses traditional LED backlighting, whereas Neo QLED uses mini-LED backlighting. As the name suggests, mini-LEDs are much smaller than conventional LEDs, meaning you can fit more of them and group them into several dimming zones.

With more LEDs and dimming zones, Neo QLED light control can be subtle and precise, resulting in a better contrast ratio across the board. You don’t get nearly as much of a halo effect around a bright object in a dark background, an issue that still plagues conventional LCD technology to this day. Besides the backlighting technique, Neo QLED panels are still LCDs with quantum dot technology.

Neo QLED vs. OLED: The Differences

Image Credit: Samsung

For years, we’ve compared OLED and QLED displays with no clear winner between the two. With these new Neo QLED TVs, it gets even harder since the technology further bridges the gap between LCD and OLED.

Let’s start with the main selling point of Neo QLED TVs. With mini-LED backlighting, you now get a higher contrast ratio on high-end Samsung QLED televisions produced since 2021. For example, when you watch content with black bars, the blacks will actually be closer to true blacks, with minimal blooming around the content displayed on the screen.

On the other hand, OLED displays don’t rely on any backlighting, and the individual pixels can turn on or off by themselves. Since an OLED pixel doesn’t emit any light in its off state, you get an infinite contrast ratio, and blacks are actually true blacks. This is an area that OLEDs have dominated ever since their inception.

Is Neo QLED Better Than OLED?

Image Credit: Samsung

The short answer to this question is No.

The long answer is that it depends on what you expect from your TV. Yes, Neo QLED TVs deliver much better black levels than traditional QLED models, but it’s still not as good as the true blacks you get on an OLED display. However, the difference between the two is now closer than ever before, thanks to mini-LED backlighting.

Don’t forget that OLED TVs have their own downsides too. For instance, Neo QLED and QLED displays are unmatched when it comes to brightness levels, with peak brightness exceeding 2,000 nits. Conventional OLED displays can only manage a measly 700 nits peak brightness, in comparison. So, if you plan to use your next TV in a bright room, Neo QLED would be an ideal choice.

On the bright side, Samsung has addressed the brightness limitation of OLED displays with its own new QD-OLED technology. These new panels can hit peak brightness levels of up to 2,000 nits, which is comparable to QLEDs, while still delivering the true blacks of traditional OLED displays.

However, OLED TVs (including QD-OLEDs) are still susceptible to screen burn-in, no matter how much the manufacturer tries to downplay the issue. This has been the main negative of OLED technology ever since the first OLED displays came out. Therefore, if you intend to stick with your TV for years, an OLED model may not be worth buying, as Neo QLED will last better in the long run.

Which Neo QLED TVs Are Available?

Image Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s Neo QLED lineup for 2023 includes five 4K and three 8K TV models, starting at $1,199. In addition, they all come in different screen sizes, starting from 43 inches and going all the way up to 85 inches. But be prepared to shell out thousands if you want the larger models. For instance, the 85-inch QN900B 8K TV will set you back at $7,999.

The flagship 8K models that cost a premium include the QN900C, QN800C, and QN700C Neo QLED TVs. But do remember that the availability of these models is subject to region. For example, you won’t find the QN700C in the United States. All these TVs cost upwards of $3000, depending on the screen size you select.

If you’re interested in the more mainstream 4K models, you can check out the QN95C, QN93C, QN90C, QN88C, and QN85C Neo QLED TVs. Note that Samsung doesn’t sell the higher-end QN95C and QN93C models in the United States to push 8K TV sales. Pricing for these TVs starts from just $1,199 and goes upwards for higher screen sizes.

Is Samsung the Only Brand Making Neo QLED?

Image Credit: Samsung

Neo QLED is the fancy word Samsung uses for its mini-LED implementation. So, if we’re going by brand terms, Samsung is the only brand that makes Neo QLED TVs. However, if you want a TV that uses the same mini-LED technology, you have other options as well.

LG uses the term QNED for its mini-LED offerings, and they sit right below its flagship OLED TVs. The QNED models come in 4K and 8K variants, just like Samsung’s Neo QLED lineup.

If you’re interested in the 8K variants, you can check out the QNED99 and QNED95 models that cost north of $3,000. However, if you’re content with 4K, you can grab the QNED90 and QNED85 TVs for nearly half the price.

Other brands like TCL and HiSense also sell mini-LED TVs. In fact, TCL was the first brand to come out with a mini-LED TV back in 2019. For instance, you can check out the TCL QM8 4K mini-LED TV with the same quantum dot technology as Samsung.

Neo QLED Brings LCD Technology One Step Closer to OLED

The mini-LED backlighting takes the LCD screen’s black levels to new heights, but it still falls short compared to OLEDs that can produce true blacks. It’s hard for a backlight to beat a pixel that can turn off and emit no light at all. However, the upcoming MicroLED TVs should rival the picture quality of OLEDs since they don’t need a separate backlight either.

For now, if you want a TV with the brightness of QLEDs and the black levels of OLEDs, Samsung’s new QD-OLED TVs might be worth considering. But remember that you’ll be paying a premium for these panels since the technology is brand new. And as for MicroLED displays, don’t expect them to reach the mass market anytime soon.

Save a massive $200 on the Samsung 65-Inch Neo QLED 4K Smart TV – TV deals

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Samsung TVs are known for their stunning picture quality and ultra-smooth visuals. Their cutting-edge technology makes their line of QLED TVs some of the best in the industry. If you’re in the market for an upgrade to your home entertainment, then this Samsung neo QLED TV deal is just for you.

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SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K QN85C Series

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At the moment of writing, the jaw-dropping Samsung 65-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K QN85C Series can be yours for $1797.99 at Amazon. This is a $200 discount from its usual listed price, meaning you can get your hands on this remarkable TV that’s packed full of exciting features for a really competitive price.

Let’s take a look at why this Neo QLED TV from the groundbreaking QN85C series is so highly touted.

  • Quantum Matrix: See the stunning detail of every image due to the vast grid of accurate Quantum Mini LEDs that have independent lighting zones for superior contrast and color.
  • Neural Quantum Processor: No matter what content you watch, this processor will upscale any image into stunning 4K resolution.
  • Immersive sound: Dolby Atmos and object tracking that analyses what’s on screen and alters the sound to match their action.
  • Fluid visuals: Get excellent performance even during the height of the action. See every detail without blurring so you can enjoy the action at 4K 120 Hz.
  • Neo Quantum HDR: COntrast is dynamically adjusted with every frame, this ensures that you have vivid, true-to-life visuals in every frame.
  • Stunning design: The NeoSlim Design gives this TV an ultra-thin silhouette and thin bezels so you can stay immersed in your favorite content.

What we think

This fantastic $200 saving allows you to get your hands on a truly stunning TV at an excellent price point. We are impressed by the 4K upscaling that will breathe new life into your old favorites and bring them into the modern age. It will also turn your living room into a small home cinema thanks to the large 65-inch screen and immersive Dolby Atmos audio.

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Sound on Samsung Neo QLED 2021 TVs

At the moment, products are not available for ordering on

At the moment, products are not available for ordering on

Select your location and language.

Transport yourself to the concert hall

Cinema-like sound

Dolby Atmos®

Bring the full cinema experience to your home with professional Dolby Atmos® sound that fills the space around you and reveals every detail with impeccable clarity and depth.

Dynamic sound following an object on the screen

Object Tracking Sound Pro

Close your eyes and feel the movement of sound with OTS Pro technology. The sound follows the objects on the screen, so you can feel yourself in the epicenter of what is happening.

TV and soundbar in harmony

Q-Symphony mode

Turn your home into an acoustically perfect concert hall.
Q-symphony syncs your Neo QLED’s speakers to your soundbar for the best surround sound experience without turning off your TV’s speakers.

* Q-Symphony is supported by the following 2022 soundbar models: Q990B, Q930B, Q800B, Q700B, Q600B, Q6CB, S800B, S801B, S60B, S61B, S50B.

Automatic Sound Enhancement for Your Space

SpaceFit Sound Technology

Now you can enjoy superior sound no matter where or how you place your TV. SpaceFit Sound technology analyzes the space of the room and automatically sets the optimal settings for the sound of the TV. Just turn on your TV and SpaceFit Sound does the rest.

Image quality


* Images are simulated and are for illustration purposes only. Appearance and design specifications that do not affect product performance are subject to change without notice.

* Please refer to the product information page for each model.


Technology Overview

The evolution of technology

The Neo QLED is the result of Samsung’s evolving QLED technology, which uses LEDs that are highly adjustable by the TV user to produce the desired picture quality. That is, QLED TVs have a “quantum dot” filter that makes colors more contrasting and vibrant. The QLED technology itself has been in use since 2017. It uses technologies that use a large number of quantum dots, which emit different light and transmit an image with high fidelity. Quantum dots, to put it simply, are small balls made of materials that have semiconducting qualities, emitting colors that fit certain sizes. The color spectrum directly depends on the size of the quantum dot, and the very essence of the technology is based on this. Thanks to the various points, the screen becomes very bright, showing the image in the highest quality.

Televisions have long been powered by quantum dots. but they are often not enough to make the image accurate. However, 2021 has been especially revolutionary for TVs. The technology that helps to see the image better has its drawbacks, so it was replaced by NEO CLED. And there were significant reasons for this. To understand what is the innovation of the NEO QLED system, we will tell you more about the shortcomings of QLED. So, younger models used side lighting that illuminated the panel in a non-full-matrix way. The TV remained thin enough, but the light could not be evenly distributed and guarantee a very good picture. The highest quality TVs were not ideal before, as they worked with the well-known Direct Full Array backlight, which allows light to pass through the panel. But they also depended on the peak brightness possible for a particular TV and on individual “dimmable zones”.

Main advantages of Neo QLED

Samsung Neo QLED is a significant innovation. Instead of direct backlighting, mini-LED is now used, using many very small LEDs that allow you to successfully control the brightness. You will be able to determine how bright the image will be. You can watch it in the highest quality.

Neo QLED differs from QLED in that LCD panels have a Mini LED backlight. Prior to this, Samsung did not use such technology. Previous OLED backlighting used more power and resulted in faster pixel burn-in. The dynamic range is wide enough thanks to HDR10+ technology. Mini LED – mini-light-emitting diodes, the size of which is one fifth of the size of ordinary ones. Since the diodes are smaller, they fit more on the screen. Therefore, the image acquires new positive qualities.

The size of the LED is now smaller than standard. The optical distance has decreased, the case has become thinner. LEDs now display deeper blacks without creating a halo effect or blurring the image. Moreover, high peak brightness results in greater contrast.

The new light source is called Quantum Mini LED. It has become a real innovation. His work increases the clarity of the image and makes the world displayed on the TV more contrast.

When illuminated by LED through the LCD panel, black colors may be washed out. But here, manufacturers use local dimming, which deepens blacks.

When the Quantum Mini LED technology was introduced, there was a lot of scope for hitherto unknown experiences.

Mini-LED displays images in a new way, with better contrast and deeper blacks compared to conventional LED-illuminated LCD panels.

Samsung has introduced Quantum Matrix Technology, 12-bit brightness gradation – a significant innovation compared to the lower gradations that came before. Samsung’s new Quantum Matrix Technology results in much more expressive grayscale leaning toward black through full control of the light source. The image greatly wins in quality.

The technology uses Neo Quantum Processor with a new scaling order, this is achievable with the help of artificial intelligence, which helps to extract such quality as even greater contrast after improving the quality of neural networks and algorithms that work 16 times more efficiently than previous mechanisms.

Diodes that are smaller than 0.2 mm are most commonly referred to as mini LEDs. Mini-LED technology is cheaper than large OLED TVs.

The size of conventional LEDs means that there are not so many dimming zones – only 384, while with Mini-LEDs there are about a thousand local dimming zones and a huge number of small LEDs. Therefore, the scenes are not so blurred and all shades of deep gray are visible, approaching black.

Quantum Matrix technology reproduces all colors very accurately, which are natural at any brightness. The Neo Quantum processor uses artificial intelligence that changes the scale of the transmitted image.

Neo QLED TVs are equipped with excellent Neo Quantum processors, thanks to which the picture changes very quickly. Data from 16 neural networks at the same time allows TVs to improve more and more the images they transmit and receive more and more necessary resolution in real time.

Other advantages of the new technology

The design of the TV is much more modern than its predecessors. The Neo QLED range is almost bezel-less, with a minimalist design that fits in almost any space. The glare of lighting that sometimes appeared on the frames no longer distracts from the events that take place in the film. The innovations in TV design are attracting the attention of many buyers who want their rooms to look modern.

Surround sound technology includes OTS Pro, which monitors events on the screen and directs sound to where the most global course of events is happening at a certain point in time. This quality not only brings more volume to the sound, but also contributes to a greater immersion of the viewer in the atmosphere of the film or program. This is very well suited for action scenes and games in which speech helps to understand what is happening more fully.

Active voice amplification also makes the TV usable. Voice amplification, AVA, contributes to a better perception of dialogues. Thanks to this, the voice of commentators during football is better heard. In certain films, characters communicate during gunfights, and then the rumble of flying bullets drowns out the voice. This problem also turned out to be solvable. Active voice amplification will help you understand the character’s speech much better, and the impression of the film will be much more multifaceted.

AMD Freesync Premium Pro technology supports games, eliminates artifacts, and makes existing images from a PC or console designed for gaming more and more seamless. You can see every detail of the game.

SpaceFit Sound and Q-Symphony technology analyzes the room and optimizes the sound to suit the environment. For this purpose, additional microphones are used.

Moreover, TVs can be used as computers. You will be able to transfer workflows to their screens and better see every detail of the working document. This is a very important plus for those who work remotely at the computer.

For the benefit of the environment, the consoles are equipped with solar panels. The packaging is also eco-friendly. It does not take up much space, is made of harmless materials and is painted with dyes that do not pollute the environment.

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