Samsung 65 best buy: 65 Inch TVs: Smart Features and Efficiency

65 Inch TVs: Smart Features and Efficiency

A 65-inch TV can truly transform your viewing experience, providing a cinematic touch right in your living room. If you’re in search of the top-rated 65 inch TVs, here’s everything you need to know about these large, immersive televisions.

Understanding the Size of a 65 Inch TV

The measurement of “65 inches” refers to the diagonal distance from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner. The size comparison of 65 vs 55 inch TV provides a large, immersive picture, perfect for improving your home theater with a 65 inch TV.

Choosing the Right Brand for Your 65 Inch TV

There are numerous manufacturers that produce 65 inch TVs, each with their own set of unique features and technologies. Brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony are known for their high-quality displays and advanced 65 inch smart TV features.

Picture Quality and Resolution in 65 Inch TV

The quality of the image displayed on a 65 inch TV is largely influenced by its resolution. TVs with higher resolutions, such as 4K or 8K variants, provide more precise and sharper visuals.As a key differentiator in the overall viewing experience, the resolution in a 65 inch TV dictates the sharpness and detail level of your visual content, influencing everything from movie nights to gaming sessions.

The Importance of Refresh Rate in 65 Inch TV

For those interested in using their 65 inch TV for gaming or watching high-speed sports, the refresh rate is a crucial factor. 65 inch TVs for gaming usually have a higher refresh rate, measured in hertz (Hz), which ensures smoother, blur-free action.

Smart Features in 65 Inch TV

Most 65 inch TVs come with smart features, allowing you to connect to the internet and access streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu directly from your TV. This is one of the many benefits of a 65-inch TV.

Energy Consumption of 65 Inch TV

Although larger TVs like the 65 inch models consume more energy than their smaller counterparts, many modern TVs are designed with energy-saving features. Look for energy-efficient 65-inch TVs with energy star certifications for efficient power usage.

Positioning and Mounting Your 65 Inch TV

Optimal placement is crucial to enjoy your 65 inch TV fully. Ideally, your TV should be mounted at eye level, and the recommended seating distance is about 1 to 1.5 times the screen size to ensure maximum viewing comfort, as advised in our TV buying guide.

Budgeting for a 65 Inch TV

Prices for 65 inch TVs can vary greatly depending on brand, features, and technology. Affordable options for 65-inch TVs can help you enjoy high-quality viewing without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to account for potential costs like mounts, cables, or warranty options for 65 inch TVs.

Whether you’re a cinema lover, an avid gamer, or just appreciate top-notch visuals, a 65 inch TV can significantly elevate your home entertainment system. Recognizing the dimensions of a 65 inch TV and opting for professional delivery services can safeguard your TV during transportation. Grasping these crucial elements will assist you in selecting the perfect model that caters to your requirements, allowing you to capitalize on your 65 inch TV’s expected lifespan.

Samsung’s artsy 65-inch Frame TV is $400 off at Best Buy

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You can also save $50 on the 41mm configuration of the Apple Watch Series 8 at Walmart and Best Buy.

By Alice Newcome-Beill


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The newest model of The Frame TV is on sale at Best Buy and Samsung.Image: Samsung

Whether you’re gearing up for the Super Bowl or are just looking for a great QLED TV that doesn’t look like your average TV (we’ll explain), this deal on Samsung’s 65-inch model of 2022 Frame TV is worth checking out. Normally $1,999.99, Best Buy and Samsung have discounted the 65-inch Frame to $1,599.99, matching its lowest price ever. What makes Samsung’s Frame TV interesting is its matte, anti-reflective screen. Not only can it defeat glare — it can also make paintings displayed on it look realistic. It comes with an art mode that cycles between famous pieces when it detects motion in the room, turning this TV into a conversation starter.

In terms of specs, The Frame supports HDR 10 Plus, and it has a 120Hz refresh rate with HDMI 2.1 ports. It’s also worth sharing that this super-thin TV connects to sources via Samsung’s OneConnect breakout box, which makes it easier to manage your cables. While The Frame doesn’t stack up spec by spec to, say, the similarly priced LG C2 OLED, the Frame is a more eye-catching option.

2022 Samsung The Frame TV (65-inch)

$1598$200020% off



$1598$200020% off

The newest model of Samsung’s art-inspired 4K TV retains the same QLED display as its predecessor but uses a new anti-glare matte display, which provides artwork and photos with qualities that resemble an actual canvas.

$1598 at Amazon$1600 at Best Buy$1600 at Samsung

The 41mm GPS configuration of the Apple Watch Series 8 is currently discounted to $349 at Walmart and Best Buy (normally $399). The Series 8 isn’t very different from the Apple Watch Series 7, but it still offers helpful new features like crash detection and menstrual tracking. While you’ll likely still need to top off the Series 8 every day to keep it charged (depending on your usage), the low-power mode should help to keep your wearable running for just a bit longer. Sure, $50 off isn’t a massive discount, but if you’re hungry for Apple’s latest and greatest wearable, you aren’t going to find a better price. Read our review.

Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, GPS)

$329$39918% off



$329$39918% off

The latest smartwatch from Apple features watchOS 9 along with Crash Detection and temperature sensors that enable menstrual cycle tracking — something you won’t find on any other model.

$399 at Best Buy$329 at Walmart$399 at Target

The Roku Streambar is still matching its all-time low price of $99.99 at Target, Best Buy, and Amazon (normally $129.99). The Streambar is compact, wall-mountable 14-inch soundbar with the unique ability to pipe 4K content via Roku’s streaming platform. It can also provide audio when connected via optical audio, and it can be paired wirelessly with additional Roku subwoofers and speakers down the line for a more powerful sound.

Roku Streambar

$100$13023% off



$100$13023% off

Roku’s Streambar is an inexpensive soundbar that will improve upon your TV’s built-in speakers with better voice clarity and overall sound. It doubles as a Roku streaming device as well, meaning it can run the company’s popular software and supports 4K HDR playback.

$100 at Target$100 at Amazon $100 at Best Buy

A few more deals just for the gamers

  • The SteelSeries Arena 7 and Arena 9 gaming speaker setups are currently matching their lowest price ever at Amazon. The Arena 7 is on sale for $229.99 (normally $299.99), while the Arena 9 is available for $439.99 (normally $549.99). The Arena 7 is a 2.1 speaker setup that comes with a single subwoofer and a pair of RGB-enabled speakers. The larger Arena 9 comes with everything found in the Arena 7 but also comes with an additional pair of surround sound speakers, a center channel speaker, and a volume control dial.
  • The 4TB configuration of the WD Black P10 Game Drive has returned to its all-time low price of $99.74 at Amazon (normally $129.99). The P10 uses a USB-A interface with transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, which is sufficient for offloading Xbox or PlayStation titles. If you use it with PS5 or Xbox Series consoles, it’s great for cold storage, but you’ll need to move games back to each console’s respective SSD to play them.
  • If you’re looking for a faster storage solution for your PC or PlayStation 5, you can get the 2TB configuration of the Corsair MP600 M. 2 SSD on sale at Amazon for $179.99 (normally $209.99). It comes with a heatsink preinstalled, and its PCIe 4.0 speeds are very fast in the PS5 and in PCs with compatible motherboards.

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