Samsung 65 best buy: 65 Inch TVs: Smart Features and Efficiency

65 Inch TVs: Smart Features and Efficiency

A 65-inch TV can truly transform your viewing experience, providing a cinematic touch right in your living room. If you’re in search of the top-rated 65 inch TVs, here’s everything you need to know about these large, immersive televisions.

Understanding the Size of a 65 Inch TV

The measurement of “65 inches” refers to the diagonal distance from one corner of the screen to the opposite corner. The size comparison of 65 vs 55 inch TV provides a large, immersive picture, perfect for improving your home theater with a 65 inch TV.

Choosing the Right Brand for Your 65 Inch TV

There are numerous manufacturers that produce 65 inch TVs, each with their own set of unique features and technologies. Brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony are known for their high-quality displays and advanced 65 inch smart TV features.

Picture Quality and Resolution in 65 Inch TV

The quality of the image displayed on a 65 inch TV is largely influenced by its resolution. TVs with higher resolutions, such as 4K or 8K variants, provide more precise and sharper visuals.As a key differentiator in the overall viewing experience, the resolution in a 65 inch TV dictates the sharpness and detail level of your visual content, influencing everything from movie nights to gaming sessions.

The Importance of Refresh Rate in 65 Inch TV

For those interested in using their 65 inch TV for gaming or watching high-speed sports, the refresh rate is a crucial factor. 65 inch TVs for gaming usually have a higher refresh rate, measured in hertz (Hz), which ensures smoother, blur-free action.

Smart Features in 65 Inch TV

Most 65 inch TVs come with smart features, allowing you to connect to the internet and access streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu directly from your TV. This is one of the many benefits of a 65-inch TV.

Energy Consumption of 65 Inch TV

Although larger TVs like the 65 inch models consume more energy than their smaller counterparts, many modern TVs are designed with energy-saving features. Look for energy-efficient 65-inch TVs with energy star certifications for efficient power usage.

Positioning and Mounting Your 65 Inch TV

Optimal placement is crucial to enjoy your 65 inch TV fully. Ideally, your TV should be mounted at eye level, and the recommended seating distance is about 1 to 1.5 times the screen size to ensure maximum viewing comfort, as advised in our TV buying guide.

Budgeting for a 65 Inch TV

Prices for 65 inch TVs can vary greatly depending on brand, features, and technology. Affordable options for 65-inch TVs can help you enjoy high-quality viewing without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to account for potential costs like mounts, cables, or warranty options for 65 inch TVs.

Whether you’re a cinema lover, an avid gamer, or just appreciate top-notch visuals, a 65 inch TV can significantly elevate your home entertainment system. Recognizing the dimensions of a 65 inch TV and opting for professional delivery services can safeguard your TV during transportation. Grasping these crucial elements will assist you in selecting the perfect model that caters to your requirements, allowing you to capitalize on your 65 inch TV’s expected lifespan.

Hurry! Best Buy just slashed $500 off this 65-inch Samsung QLED TV

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(Image credit: Samsung)

The best TVs on the market can come with a high price tag, but I’ve just spotted a TV deal on an awesome QLED model that comes in under a grand.

The Samsung 65-inch Q80B QLED TV is $999 at Best Buy right now. This TV cost $1,499 at launch, meaning it’s been slashed $500 off right now. Amazon also offers this TV for $997, although it comes from a third-party retailer.

Samsung Q80B 65″ QLED 4K TV: was $1,499 now $999 @ Best Buy
The Q80B is part of Samsung’s 2022 range of QLED 4K TVs. It offers the premium build quality and stunning visuals you’d expect from a Samsung QLED TV, as well as powerful speakers for immersive sound when streaming movies. There’s built-in Alexa voice control, Dolby Atmos support and Quantum XDR for deep, rich colors. In our Samsung Q80B QLED TV review, we said it holds its own in terms of both picture and sound. Right now, it’s $500 off.

The Q80B is one of the best Samsung TVs we’ve tested. In our Samsung Q80B QLED review, we were impressed by this TV’s performance in almost every category.

In our tests, the Samsung Q80B reached an excellent 568 nits of brightness in Standard mode, achieved a Delta-E score of 1.7906 and covered 99.13% of the Rec 709 color gamut. The Q80B delivered a satisfying balance between light and dark scenes, and colors popped off the screen. Plus, this TV upscales content to 4K very well — and it has some of the best viewing angles we’ve seen from any non-OLED TV.

The audio coming from the Samsung Q80B is great, too. The 40W Dolby Atmos speakers are perfect for watching movies, and even listening to music. Sound effects and dialogue were distinct, and there was plenty of bass on show.

The Samsung Q80B is also a decent gaming TV. We saw a low lag time of 13.2ms, and this TV has a 120Hz refresh rate. HDMI 2.1, VRR and ALLM support are included on all Q80B TVs, apart from the 50-inch model.

The Tizen operating system this TV runs on is easy to use, but a little clunky. Luckily, you still get access to all the best streaming services, including Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video and more. And the Samsung Q80B comes with a handy solar-powered remote.

The Samsung Q80B is an awesome TV, so I highly recommend picking it up at this price. If you’re looking for more options, stay tuned to our TV deals coverage.

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