Samsung 2023 frame tv: 32″ Class The Frame QLED HDR LS03B

Samsung makes a small change to 2023 version of The Frame TV

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By Abid Iqbal Shaik

Last updated: May 4th, 2023 at 08:51 UTC+02:00


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At CES 2023, Samsung unveiled its new lineup of TVs, including refreshed Neo QLED and QD-OLED models. Back then, however, there was no concrete information if the brand was updating The Frame TV for 2023. Well, today, we have an answer for it, and if you were planning to get The Frame, you might not like what we have to tell.

Samsung has updated only the 32-inch model in The Frame TV lineup for 2023. There are no new variants for other sizes, which means you’ll see a ‘2022’ tag on all the other models in the lineup. At least that’s what Samsung’s official website for the US suggests. The 2023 version of The Frame TV 32-inch comes with model number QN32LS03CBFXZA. Last year’s model carries model number QN32LS03BBFXZA.

Just like the model number, there’s very little change to the feature list as well. The only additional feature that the new model offers is Motion Sensor, which is already present in all the other sizes in the lineup. This feature intelligently detects if there are people in the room. If the sensor detects a person, it displays artwork on the screen, and if there’s no one in the room, it turns off the TV to save power.

According to What Hi-Fi, the new 32-inch model should also offer Dual LED Backlight technology, which the larger models in the lineup already have. However, we couldn’t find its existence on the product’s official page. Surprisingly, Samsung is selling the new model for the same price as the old one, at $599. But we guess it’s only a matter of time before the company drops the price of the older model or discontinues it.

TVThe Frame

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Is the Samsung Frame TV Worth It? 2023 Reviewed & Tested

I first discovered Samsung’s The Frame TV several years ago on Instagram, where home influencers would point out the undercover televisions masquerading as framed art in their meticulously designed living rooms. They were beautiful, of course, but it was hard to justify the splurge without fully understanding how the technology worked or seeing one in real life. When the 2022 model was released, I had the opportunity to test out a 55-inch Frame TV ($1,198, originally $1,498) in my own home.

The Frame has come a long way since it was first introduced in 2017. The 2022 model includes an antiglare matte display, something that makes a big difference in rooms that get a lot of natural light, like my living room. It also automatically adjusts screen brightness, which helps it to look less like a television and more like art when it’s in art mode. Like the 2021 model, it’s 45 percent thinner and hangs flush against the wall. It even comes with a slim-fit wall mount, which makes it easy to hang right out of the box.

What I Like About The Frame TV

The Frame TV tugs at my minimalist heartstrings. Instead of the jumble of thick black cords that need to be corralled with other TVs, The Frame TV has a single clear cable that is so thin it practically disappears. This single cord is 16-feet long and connects the TV to the One Connect Box. The One Connect Box is where you can plug in you external devices. We connected my son’s Nintendo Switch and our Apple TV. Since the clear cord is so long, you have the flexibility of connecting everything from game consoles to satellite receivers to your TV without needing to place them next to the TV. It’s a great option if you want to hang your TV in a tricky place, like above a fireplace mantle.

I was excited to swap out our clunky media cabinet for a slim, vintage entryway console. It’s not something I’d typically consider using for a media console because it doesn’t have any drawers or cabinets to hide things, but with The Frame TV, you don’t need them. I was able to conceal the One Connect Box with all of our external devices inside of a woven storage bin that I placed on the lower shelf of our console. To hide everything without having to cut holes in my bin, I grabbed one that needed to be assembled and slipped the game console and Apple TV cords underneath before securing the bottom piece of the bin.

I topped the console with books and decorative objects and strategically placed a vase of flowers to cover the thin clear cord so that it’s truly invisible. When The Frame TV is on art mode, you would never even know there’s a TV there, even though it’s 55-inches and would otherwise be hard to ignore.

I also appreciate the flexibility that comes with being able to easily switch up the art that I choose to display, which is something I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do with large-scale art, which is its own investment. I can access a selection of free art from the Samsung art store, which partners with museums around the world and brands like Minted and Etsy. I can “favorite” the options I like most as I’m browsing to save them for quick access when I’m ready to switch things up. I can even upload my own family and travel photos through my phone to display and choose mat options or go mat-free, depending on the look I want. You can also purchase a membership to access a 1,400-piece inventory of art for a monthly fee — I haven’t felt the need to go that route, but it’s an option.

What’s Worth Noting About The Frame TV

As I mentioned earlier, The Frame TV is definitely a splurge. It starts at $548 (originally $598) for a 32-inch TV and goes up to $3,298 (originally $4,298) for an 85-inch TV. I highly recommend using painter’s tape to outline the size you think you’ll want in the space you have in mind. TV sizes are measured diagonally, so make sure you note the width and height of the size you’re considering.

Aside from the slim-fit wall mount, One Connect Box, and cable, it also comes with a remote control that includes voice activation and is even solar charged, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries. What isn’t included, though, is the magnetic frame that you attach to the TV to give it that framed art look. This is a key accessory for achieving the coveted look, so it’s an additional cost you have to budget for. I chose the Customizable Bezel Frame ($158) in beige and love the way it pops against my white walls and the black TV when it’s turned off.

Who Is The Frame TV Best For?

The Samsung Frame TV is ideal for people who want the option of having a TV be the focus of a room when it’s on but fade into the room when it isn’t being watched. This can be especially vital for small-space living or open-concept homes. If you’re renting and can’t cut into your wall to hide cords, or if you don’t like the look of the TV cord cover strips, this is an excellent option. It’s also ideal if you want to hang your TV in a spot that’s far away from an outlet, since the connection cord is 16-feet long yet discreet.

Is The Frame TV Worth the Splurge?

If you have the budget and prioritize aesthetics, I think Samsung Frame TV is worth the money. The difference between what a typical TV looks like on the wall vs. The Frame TV is night and day. Yes, you can find a TV with 4K resolution in the same size for almost half the price, but it won’t blend in seamlessly with your decor like The Frame TV does. If you try putting an image of art on another type of TV, you have to worry about the image burning into the screen if it’s on for too long. You don’t have to worry about that with The Frame TV because it is LCD. You can also try to DIY a wooden frame on a regular TV, but even thin TV’s don’t lay flush against the wall, and it can be tricky to DIY a frame that doesn’t awkwardly stick out from the screen.

Additional Details

  • Customizable-bezel-frame options: There are six bezel-frame color options for the 55-inch Frame TV, so you can choose a style that best suits your decor.
  • 4K QLED picture quality: It includes dual LED backlighting technology that delivers authentic colors and crisp imagery in every picture mode and from different viewing angles.
  • PC on TV feature: You can work seamlessly from your living room by downloading the PC on TV app to your computer and connecting a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.
  • Mobile mirroring: You can also mirror your smartphone on The Frame, which is especially great for video chatting.

Where Is The Frame TV Available?

You can buy Samsung’s The Frame TV ($1,200, originally $1,500) directly from Samsung as well as other retailers like Amazon, which sells the 55-inch Frame TV ($1,198, originally $1,498).


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Angela Elias

In 2023, Samsung introduced the new generation of Neo QLED TVs, Samsung OLED TVs and MICRO LED displays.

New premium lineups of Neo QLED, Samsung OLED and MICRO LED TVs deliver superior image quality and rich content viewing experience

New The Premiere Laser Projector 8K resolution, and the updated The Freestyle projector – a new technology for combining projections from two devices

Samsung models of 2023 meet environmental requirements by reducing carbon trace throughout the life cycle of

Ces® 2023 Samsung Electronics presented new NEO QLED TVs, SAMSUNG OLED, Micro Disputes, Micro Disputes LED, as well as interior devices and accessories. These are innovative products with enhanced connectivity that provide a personalized consumer experience.

With a variety of Samsung devices and intuitive technologies, consumers will be able to choose how they interact with home appliances and effectively optimize their daily routine through the SmartThings smart home platform.

“In 2023, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation to offer users not just the highest image quality, but a holistic premium device experience, considering exactly what features consumers expect from a smart home,” said Cheolgi Kim, Executive Vice President, Visual Display Division, Samsung Electronics. “With the SmartThings platform, our cutting-edge technologies become seamlessly interconnected and intuitive, making people’s lives greener, more accessible and more comfortable.”

Premium experience with Neo Q LED

Samsung’s latest Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs are premium devices that meet the most demanding requirements. The advanced Neural Quantum Processor delivers Neo QLED TV’s excellent picture quality with 14-bit Quantum Mini LED processing and AI video upscaling. Updated Shape Adaptive Light Control is also now available to better display the edges of bright objects, and Real Depth Enhancer to increase realism and create a sense of depth in the image.

Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED TVs deliver sharper images thanks to Samsung’s proprietary algorithm that drives the new Auto HDR feature. It uses AI deep learning technology to analyze and apply High Dynamic Range (HDR) in real time to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content. So each scene with the original SDR-quality image becomes clearer and more realistic.

In addition, SmartThings users no longer need to purchase a separate SmartThings dongle to connect and control devices using the Zigbee and Thread network protocols. In 2023, support for Zigbee and Matter protocols by the SmartThings application will be implemented by integrating a single-chip module that supports these protocols into Samsung products. And for the most convenient and easy control, SmartThings automatically syncs not only with Samsung products, but also with home appliances and third-party smart devices 1 .

  • Chat Together ( Chat Together): Users can easily create real-time chats to chat with others who are watching the same content at the same time.
  • ConnectTime: This feature makes it easy to receive video calls from smart devices. And if you need to leave or use another gadget, you can easily switch the call to the screen of your mobile device.
  • 3D Map View format: The 3D map format provides a general perspective of the user’s home. All SmartThings devices are clearly visible for easy operation and control.

Expand your viewing experience with MICRO LED and Samsung OLED TVs 40 inches, which provide users with a wide range of options and vivid viewing experience content in high quality.

Thanks to the modular design, MICRO LED displays can be given any shape, size and aspect ratio, i.e. fully customize them according to the requirements of the owner. And the lack of a frame around the screen “blurs the boundaries” between content and the real world.

In 2023, Samsung will introduce 55-inch and 65-inch OLED TVs, as well as a 77-inch large-screen model. The updated line uses quantum dot technology, originally developed for the Neo QLED series, as well as a neural quantum processor. This allows you to keep the main advantages of OLED technology, getting rid of the limitations in brightness and color reproduction.

Samsung OLED TVs support 144Hz refresh rate and all smart features of Samsung TVs, including access to Samsung Gaming Hub. Samsung OLED TVs are the first OLED TVs to feature AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certified technology, making them ideal for video games.

A new level of comfort with an expanded range of interior devices and advanced features

Consumer lifestyles are constantly changing. To keep up with these changes, Samsung has introduced new interior products and features that expand the way you use your devices and allow you to change the way you interact with them.

  • The Premiere 8K: In 2023, Samsung is introducing The Premiere 8K ultra-short throw laser projector that delivers 8K images on an extra-large screen. This model can project images up to 150 inches (approx. 3.8 m) diagonally while maintaining the highest clarity.
  • The Freestyle with Smart EDGE Blending: The Freestyle is a versatile portable projector that lets you enjoy your favorite content virtually anywhere. In 2023, consumers will be able to experience the new Smart EDGE Blending feature for using two projectors at the same time to view content in a 21:9 aspect ratio without the need for manual adjustments.
  • New user interface and accessories: In 2023, Samsung will introduce a new and improved Art Store. This app offers instant previews as well as an expanded range of content in the form of a museum or gallery visit. The Frame interior TVs can be upgraded with a new metal frame and positioned vertically (like The Sero swivel TV) with an optional auto-rotate bracket or tripod.

Sustainability every day with screens Samsung

In line with Samsung’s 2022 Green Strategy, the company is working consistently with partners and suppliers to protect the environment throughout the product lifecycle. As a result, every step is becoming greener, from improving the efficiency of the production process to creating eco-friendly packaging and changing the habits of using devices.

  • Recycled materials: In the 2023 TV lineup, 20% of the SolarCell Remote housing materials are made from ocean plastic. Also, 12% of the materials used to manufacture power board components come from recycled copper scrap and aluminum cans.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing: Samsung has developed a lightweight mold. It requires fewer materials and is recyclable. This will reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials needed for the production of products.
  • Smart Power Saving Mode: Thanks to the SmartThings platform, 2023 Samsung TVs support Al Energy Saving Mode so that users can save more energy in new ways. SmartThings Energy helps you reduce your carbon footprint with simple changes, such as automatically switching to power saving mode on certain devices when they are not in use. And with the “3D Map View” function, it is easier for users to see all connected devices at the same time, to realize their energy saving ideas.
  • Eco-Pack: In 2023, Samsung’s Eco-Pack will ship with a reduced amount of printing so that less ink is used during production. Samsung will also use paper duct tape, which will reduce the use of plastic. In addition, box sizes will be reduced to reduce overall carbon footprint.

Surround and high-quality sound thanks to artificial intelligence

The premium screen viewing experience is incomplete without immersive audio. Samsung TVs come with impressive built-in speakers, and with additional features and devices, viewers can turn their living room into a real cinema.

  • Al Sound Remastering: Samsung’s 2023 flagship TVs and soundbars feature Sound Remastering, which uses AI technology to remaster every sound object. With it, voices are clear, background sounds are enveloping from all sides, and the volume of each component is optimal.
  • New soundbars: The flagship HW-Q990C soundbar delivers 11.1.4-channel audio and Dolby Atmos support, while the ultra-slim HW-S800B soundbar is just 40mm high and 38mm deep for 3.1 surround sound. 2 channel audio in Dolby Atmos format. It fits easily under any TV, and even in this position, the sound is clear with excellent deep bass reproduction.
  • Q-Symphony: The redesigned Q-Symphony 2023 feature brings together TV and soundbar for quality sound. The neural processor of the TV analyzes each audio signal and processes it, providing maximum immersion in what is happening on the screen.

Samsung’s 2023 TV and Soundbar combo will provide users with the most powerful and personalized viewing ecosystem.

*All functionality, features, specifications, and other product information provided in this document, including but not limited to product benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and product capabilities, are subject to change without notice. advance notice. Availability of the above products, services and features may vary by region.

[1] SmartThings will be supported by Matter and HCA in 2023. This will allow SmartThings users to add thousands of new devices to the SmartThings Home Environment.

Neo QLED 2023 8K TVs are best in class

At the moment, products are not available for ordering on

At the moment, products are not available for ordering on

Select your location and language.

It’s time for real 8K resolution – now you can really enjoy it to the fullest. Discover the future of 8K with Neo QLED 8K.

What is 8K?

8K TV is the highest resolution available today at 7680×4320 with the highest detail and 3D image depth.
8K TVs have 33 million pixels, which is is 4 times larger than than in 4K. This provides the most realistic and immersive viewing experience.

Why Samsung 8K TV?

Samsung has been the world’s leading TV seller for 17 years and the winner of the CES Award for Best Innovation. The
Neo QLED 8K is the flagship that embodies the most innovative TV technology and puts Samsung at the forefront.

“I tested Samsung’s QN900C and now I’m a fan of 8K.”
“Samsung’s best 8K TV with the best detail.”
“There were moments when I quietly said “Wow!””

Turn any content into 8K

Quantum 8K Neural Processor

Powerful AI-powered Neural Processor with 64 neural networks automatically upscales image quality to 8K, regardless of the content’s native resolution. Watch your favorite content in the highest quality 8K!

  • * Viewing experience may vary depending on content type and format.
  • * Scaling may not be applicable when connected to a PC and in game mode.

Ultra-sharp contrast that brings out every detail

Quantum Matrix Pro Technology

Ultra-precise backlight control lets you enjoy beautiful detail in both the darkest and brightest scenes. This is possible thanks to the increased has 1.5 times the number of backlight zones of compared to standard Quantum Matrix technology.

8K’s most lifelike colors and 3D depth

Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro

Every frame impresses with true-to-life color and hue reproduction. Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro optimizes brightness and contrast in every scene with HDR 10+ technology.

*Quantum HDR brightness range based on internal testing and may vary by viewing conditions or specifications.

Explore the universe of

content in 8K

The Neo QLED 8K is the ideal TV for watching the sharpest 8K video from movies and broadcasts to 8K YouTube content and 8K games.


Endless TV

Choose your Neo QLED 8K

  • Diagonal

  • Permission

    Resolution is a measurement of the number of pixels that can fit on a display screen. The higher the number of pixels, the better the resolution.

  • Processor

    Samsung’s unique AI Upscaling technology, enhanced with several different neural networks, automatically learns from scene to scene to optimize and enhance your content.

  • Contrast

    Quantum Matrix is ​​Samsung’s unique Neo QLED technology based on Quantum Mini LEDs. It dramatically reduces motion blur and enhances deep black detail with ultra-precise light control.

  • HDR

    The abbreviation HDR comes from the English High Dynamic Range, which means extended dynamic range. This technology accurately renders details in both light and dark scenes.

  • Performance

    Gaming Motion is a technology that delivers smooth motion and clear image quality with no blurring, even during fast gaming.

  • Dolby Atmos®

    Dolby Atmos goes beyond the normal listening experience, as if putting you inside the sound. Combined with upward-firing speakers, you can fully enjoy the immersive cinematic sound of Dolby Atmos

  • Object Tracking Sound

    The abbreviation OTS stands for ‘Object Tracking Sound’, which means tracking the movement of objects accompanied by a change in sound.