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A solid 27-inch 1440p monitor that’s also budget-friendly

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TechRadar Verdict

General users or casual PC gamers in need of a solid and affordable QHD monitor with a few extras may walk away satisfied with the Dell S2721D.


  • Average speakers

  • No HDR

  • No USB connectivity

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Two-minute review

The Dell S2721D, along with the rest of the Dell S series monitors, is all about bringing a quality experience without breaking the bank.  At its $319 (£279, AU$429) price point, the entry-level Dell S2721D offers a reasonable package. The 27-inch 1440p screen has a 75Hz refresh-rate which should satisfy any casual gamer. Meanwhile, users more interested in a monitor for video or photo editing will be satisfied with the vivid IPS panel that hits 99% of the sRGB color gamut.

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Just be mindful of some caveats – built-in speakers provide limited audio clarity and they don’t get very loud. For a QHD monitor in 2020, not supporting high dynamic range (HDR) is also disappointing, but not terribly surprising in such an affordable display. Anyone willing to overlook those flaws may get a lot of mileage out of the S2721D. 

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  • Dell S2721D at Walmart for $299

The monitor itself isn’t bulky by design thanks to its three-sided ultrathin bezel design. Two HDMI 1.4 ports, DisplayPort 1.2, audio line-out, power connector and security lock slot sit underneath the rear. Having some sort of USB connectivity would have gone a long way in terms of versatility. Setting up the stand is fairly easy while positing the monitor along the X, Y and Z axes feels smooth. The ability to turn the S2721D vertically is a plus as well. Be mindful that plugging cables while the stand is attached is slightly difficult. Monitor controls for things like power, settings and volume are located on the bottom right. 

3w speakers placed at the bottom seem like more of an afterthought addition than something fully featured. Volume levels sound somewhat low even at its highest setting. However, in a totally silent room, sound quality is reasonable. Users will probably be better off using headphones or buying speakers. 

(Image credit: Future)

The Dell S2721D also has a lot to offer to casual PC gamers. Besides the 75Hz refresh rate, it supports AMD FreeSync. Playing shooters like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Doom Eternal look rich and vibrant with colors. Having the high refresh-rate can even potentially provide a slight competitive advantage. There are some pre-set color settings for various gaming genres from first-person-shooters to RTS and even watching movies. 

Editing photos and videos is also a treat on the S2721D, due to the 99 percent sRGB color coverage. Regardless of how the S2721D is positioned, the monitor features anti-glare with 3H hardness, so you don’t have to worry about it getting scratched easily. Whether gaming, editing media or general use, the 27-inch screen is beautiful. Multi-taskers can also utilize Dell’s Display Manager to arrange various screen layouts too. 

The S2721D accomplishes a lot through its approachable price. Individuals looking for a quality 27-inch QHD monitor that’ll relatively fit into any office space are in for a treat. Gaming and media editing performance is a bit more than adequate. Just don’t expect much beyond that. Sub-par speakers, lack of HDR and lack of USB connections keeps the S2721D makes this more of a no-frills package.

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if.


You are looking for an affordable QHD monitor
For it’s attractive price point, the S2721D’s good looking 27-inch screen puts out 1044p at 75GHz.

You want as many options on how to position your monitor as possible
Horizontal or vertical, the Dell’s monitor feels as if it can be placed anywhere.

Don’t buy it if…

You require a monitor that’s more feature packed
Dell’s entry level QHD monitor looks good but lacks features like USB ports and HDR.

You want a monitor with better speakers
The speakers are barely loud enough for everyday use despite providing decent sound quality. External PC speakers are advised.

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  • Product



  • Panel



  • Maximum Luminance (candelas per square


    350. 0

  • Power


    Ac to dc internal power supply


  • Monitor Total Energy Consumption at 115 Volts


    48. 34

  • On Mode Power



  • Sleep Mode Power


    0. 13

  • Off Mode Power




  • Screen Size


    27. 0

  • Screen Area (square



  • Native Resolution


    2560 x 1440

  • Total Native Resolution


    3. 7


  • Model


    Variable Refresh Rate,Built-In Speakers

  • Signal or Data



  • Tiled Display






  • Most Efficient  :



  • Markets

    United States, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan, Canada

Additional Model Identification

Dell Monitor 27″ S2721D black IPS LED 16:9 HDMI M/M matte 350cd 178gr/178gr 2560×1440 DisplayPort Ultra HD 2K (1440p) 5.

17kg – 1410156

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Monitors >
from 27″ to 30″

Dell Monitor 27″ S2721D black IPS LED 16:9 HDMI M/M matte 350cd 178gr/178gr 2560×1440 DisplayPort Ultra HD 2K (1440p) 5.17kg

Product code: 1410156
Manufacturer: DELL

Manufacturer code: 2721-9404
Availability: Not available

Price: 24890 ₽

Last selling price. Specify the possibility of ordering and the current price in the store.



EAN code 5397184409404
Dimensions 611. 6×186.8×453.4mm
Dimensions without stand 611.6×55.4×364.6mm
Key features
Screen size 27″ (68.6cm)
Matrix type IPS
Screen aspect ratio 16:9
Approval 2560×1440
Viewing angles 178/178
Response time (GTG) 4 ms
Screen brightness 350 cd/m2
Pixel pitch 0. 2331×0.2331px
Screen surface matt
LCD panel LED backlight Yes
Refresh rate 75 Hz
Static contrast to 1 1000
Screen tilt YES
Built-in speaker Yes
Number of speakers 2
Single speaker power 3W
Connectors and interfaces
HDMI connector Yes
Number of HDMI connectors 2
HDMI version 1. 4
DisplayPort Connector Yes
Number of DisplayPort connectors 1 piece
Headphone output YES
Headphone socket 3.5 mm
Power supply
Power supply type internal
Energy consumption 19W
Standby power consumption 0.3W
Stand color black
Frame color black
Dimensions with stand 611. 6×453.4×186.8mm
Body cover matt
Weight 5.17 kg
Weight (without stand) 4.4 kg
VESA mount size 100×100
HDTV support Ultra HD 2K (1440p)
AMD FreeSync YES
Features Flicker-Free lighting, built-in speakers

Attention! The appearance of the goods, equipment and characteristics may be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice.

Check the declared characteristics on the official websites of manufacturers.

27″ Dell S2721D Specifications

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Are you interested in Dell S2 monitor 721D (Dell S2721D), manufacturer marking Dell?We have collected all the information about it,

This is a 27″ model with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels (Quad HD (QHD) / 1440p). Matrix type – IPS with W-LED backlight. The maximum brightness is 350 cd / m2, and the viewing angles are 178 degrees horizontally and 178 degrees vertically. Your eyes will be less tired thanks to Flicker-Free technology – backlight without flicker.

The static contrast ratio achievable within one frame is 1000:1. This feature is important.

If you are buying a monitor for gaming, pay attention to the maximum refresh rate at maximum resolution. The Dell S2721D has a frequency of up to 75 Hz.

When working with photographs or demanding accurate color reproduction, color gamut is important. We also recommend that you calibrate your monitor after purchase. sRGB coverage: 99%.

Price in Russia

Want to buy Dell S2721D cheaply? Look at the list of stores that already sell the monitor in your city.

Model Information

Company/Brand/Manufacturer The name of the manufacturing company. You can also view all products by clicking on the name. Dell
Model The name under which the device appears in stores. S2721D
Alternate name A manufacturer often provides detailed labeling for their products. No data
Year of manufacture 2020

Matrix size and type

LCD panel Model of the panel used in the display. N/A
Size / class One of the main characteristics by which the size is determined is indicated in inches. It affects the size and quality of the image. Click on a value to search for monitors of the same size. 27″
Radius of curvature Concave screens are in vogue. According to manufacturers, this improves user immersion and increases convenience when working with a large screen. The smaller the specified radius, the more curved the screen. No data
Diagonal of the die For convenience, it is given in different length units (millimeters, centimeters, inches and feet). 684.7 mm
68.5 cm
Die Width For convenience, given in different length units (millimeters, centimeters, inches and feet). 596.736 mm
59.7 cm
Die height For convenience, given in different length units (millimeters, centimeters, inches and feet). 3 35.664 mm
33.6 cm
Resolution One of the main characteristics that together with the diagonal affects the image quality. With a large diagonal and low resolution at the same time, the picture on the screen will be of poor quality, the fonts will be loose, and large pixels will be noticeable. With a small diagonal and high resolution, the quality increases, but the size of elements and fonts decreases, which requires that scaling be enabled on the computer. Directly affects the demands on the video card. Click on a value to search for monitors with the same resolution. 2560×1440 Quad HD (QHD) / 1440p
Aspect Ratio The horizontal to vertical aspect ratio of the display. The most popular value is 16:9, 4:3 screens are becoming a thing of the past, ultra-wide 21:9 are gradually coming into fashion. Unexpectedly convenient for work can be 16:10. 16:9
Matrix type An important feature. There are 3 main types of matrices: TN, IPS, VA and their variations. Also, some manufacturers give their names, for example, PLS. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, choose according to your requirements. Click to find monitors with a similar matrix. IPS
Finish Available in matt and glossy finishes. Gloss is usually more saturated color and high contrast, but glare in bright light, you can see your reflection in the monitor. Matte displays have an anti-reflective coating that makes colors less saturated. Choose according to your lighting. Matte/Anti-Glare (3H)
Monitor Effective Area A cosmetic parameter calculated from the ratio of the bezel to the display matrix. It is worth paying attention to if you are a fan of thin frames or the space on your computer desk is very limited. 89.83%
Additional information No data

Image quality

Pixel pitch . The distance between adjacent pixels is measured in millimeters, it affects the graininess of the screen, the looseness of the font and the optimal distance from a person to the display. 0.233 mm
Pixel Density The number of pixels per square inch of the sensor. Affects the graininess of the screen, the looseness of the font and the optimal distance from the person to the display. 109 ppi
Matrix color depth An important parameter for those who work with color, for example, process photos. The most widely used monitors with 8-bit matrices. Displays with greater color depth and bit depth are significantly more expensive. 8 bit
FRC (Frame rate control) Technology that increases the color depth of the matrix. During operation, quickly switches pixels between color shades, due to which the user sees an intermediate shade. Please note that some people are vulnerable to such flickering, their eyes get tired quickly, there is a feeling of dryness. However, most people do not feel any discomfort, and the vast majority of monitors come with FRC. N/A
Number of colors displayed 16777216
Color bit depth 24
sRGB 99%
DCI-P3 N/A data
Rec. 2020 N/A
Backlight Modern sensors don’t emit light, so they need a backlight. The type of backlight affects the image quality, the correct display of colors, eye fatigue. In addition, over time, the backlight may degrade, distorting the color reproduction. W-LED

Eye-safe monitors without PWM

Manufacturers who care about your eyesight do not use PWM (pulse-width modulation) backlight brightness control, the principle of which is to turn on and turning off the backlight LEDs at a high frequency, resulting in eye fatigue. Please note that many monitor models provide adequate brightness control only up to some limit, below which PWM comes into play. Look for a review in which the absence of PWM at any brightness is confirmed by measurements.

Brightness Maximum display brightness. All modern monitors produce sufficient maximum brightness. When buying, it is worth checking the minimum so that your eyes are comfortable in low light. 350 cd/m2
Static contrast A value that determines how much contrast the monitor can produce simultaneously on a single frame. 1000:1
Dynamic Contrast Mostly marketing and advertising. This indicates the difference between the maximum possible bright and dark color on the display, which is almost impossible in real use. Pay attention to static contrast. N/A
Viewing angles (horizontal/vertical) Viewing angles at which the manufacturer believes the image will remain within acceptable quality limits. Be prepared for noticeable color distortion. 178 / 178 °


Maximum vertical refresh rate An important value for gamers. Shows how many times per second the image on the matrix is ​​updated. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more comfortable the game. The simplest monitors give out 60 Hz, budget gaming 120 Hz, the top-end ones – 240, 360 and even higher. An intermediate version of 144 Hz is gaining more and more popularity. It is important to choose a video card that consistently produces a number of frames equal to the monitor frequency, otherwise you will not feel any improvement. 75Hz
Minimum Vertical Refresh Rate 48Hz
Maximum Horizontal Frequency The maximum horizontal scan rate, indicating the number of horizontal lines drawn by the screen per second. 115 ms
Minimum Horizontal Scan Rate The minimum horizontal scan rate, indicating the number of horizontal lines drawn by the screen per second. 30ms
Minimum Response Time GtG (Grey to Gray) High response time sensors will delight you with loops in action-packed movie scenes with games. GtG – the time during which the matrix switches the brightness on gray from minimum to almost maximum. Considering that all colors are displayed in games, it poorly reflects the real performance, but it is stubbornly indicated by manufacturers in promotional materials. Modern monitors have overclocking technologies in which the response time is reduced, but image artifacts appear. Overclocking functions vary among manufacturers, some really help, some do nothing but damage the picture. 4 ms
Medium response time BWB (Black-White-Black), BtB (Black to Back) High response time sensors will delight you with loops in fast-paced scenes of movies with games. Average response time – the time during which the matrix switches from black to white and back. Modern monitors have overclocking technologies in which the response time is reduced, but image artifacts appear. Overclocking functions vary among manufacturers, some really help, some do nothing but damage the picture. 8ms
Input lag Another important parameter for gamers. The delay between the signal from the computer to the monitor and the display of the picture on the screen. At high values, you will experience a delay between your actions and the display on the screen. n/a

3D support

3D technology support Whether or not the monitor supports virtual reality. The technology depends on the manufacturer and type of screen. No
3D Technologies Supported technologies vary by screen manufacturer and type. N/A




9 0008

Technology n.a.
value n.a. data

Speakers and camera

Built-in speakers The monitor’s audio system allows the monitor to play computer-supplied audio via HDMI or another interface. 2 x 3W
Built-in subwoofer The subwoofer reproduces low frequencies for enhanced sound quality. n.a.
Additional audio features n.a. N/A
Built-in camera resolution N/A
Additional camera features N/A -tuner
Built-in TV tuner Option that allows you to send a TV signal directly to the device . There are various formats supported by digital, analog and cable tuners. None

Networking and device connectivity

Network technologies Network standards that allow you to connect to the Internet and home networks via wireless and wired connections. No data
Peripheral connection ports Memory card slots, USB ports, audio/video connectors and other interfaces that allow you to connect a variety of devices. 2 x HDMI 1.4
1 x DisplayPort 1. 2
1 x 3.5 mm Audio Out

SoC and OS

CPU Central processing unit. n.a.
Number of CPU cores n.a.
CPU frequency Maximum CPU frequency. n/a
GPU Graphic processor. n.a.
Number of GPU cores n.a.
RAM RAM. No data
RAM type n.a.
Number of RAM channels n.a. N/A
OS Operating system. N/A

Supported media formats

Video file formats List of video formats supported by the device. You can directly connect an external hard drive or transfer the file over the network and open it if supported. N/A
Graphics file formats List of graphics formats supported by the device. You can directly connect an external hard drive or transfer the file over the network and open it if supported. N/A
Audio file formats List of audio formats supported by the device. You can directly connect an external hard drive or transfer the file over the network and open it if supported. No data

Power supply and energy consumption

110 V network Opportunity to work in a network with a voltage of 110 volts and allowable voltage spread at which the manufacturer guarantees performance. 100 V – 120 V
Mains 220 V Opportunity to work in a network with a voltage of 220 volts and allowable voltage spread at which the manufacturer guarantees performance. 220V – 240V
Frequency Permissible AC frequency range at which the manufacturer guarantees operation. 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Current consumption n.a.
Sleep power consumption the sleep or standby mode that most monitors enter when there is an extended period of no signal. 0.3 W
Power consumption in ECO mode 17.5 W
Power consumption in operation The average power that the display consumes during normal operation for a long time. 19 W
Energy Efficiency Class An EU standard that indicates the energy consumption of devices. The classification includes the following values: A+++, A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F, G. A+++ are the most energy efficient devices. N/A


VESA mount The VESA mount standard allows you to choose a mount or bracket to easily mount your monitor. There are both simple fixed wall mounts and expensive 3-DOF brackets that allow you to mount your monitor at the desired angle. Yes
VESA standard Depending on the size and weight of the device, different mounts are available. 100 x 100 mm
Detachable stand Possibility to remove the stand, otherwise the “leg” of the monitor. It will be useful if you want to fix it on the wall. Yes
Height adjustment (up / down) Adjust the height of the monitor stand by raising and lowering it above the surface. Allows you to set the screen exactly at eye level. No
Portrait rotation Ability to rotate 90° or more. No
Horizontal rotation (left / right) The ability to rotate the device around its own axis horizontally. Replaced by turning along with the stand. No
Maximum steering angle to the left n.a.
Maximum steering angle to the right n.a. 0009 Tilt vertically (forward / backward) Ability to tilt the screen forward or backward to select the optimal viewing angle . Yes
Forward Tilt The maximum angle that the screen can be tilted forward.
Tilt Back The maximum angle that the screen can be tilted back. 21 °

Dimensions, weight, color

9 0009 453.5 mm

Width without foot 611.6 mm
Height without knife 364.6 mm
Depth without foot 55.4 mm
Weight without foot 4.4 kg
Width with foot 611.44 mm
Height with foot
Depth with foot 186.394 mm
Weight with foot 5.42 kg 09 HDMI cable

Features and extras

9 0013

Features Product features worth paying attention to. 3-sided bezeless design
AMD FreeSync technology
Flicker-free technology
Low Blue Light
Features Stand width – 257.2 mm
Stand depth – 186.8 mm


Compliance with certifications ENERGY STAR 8.