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Roborock E4 Review — 97% of Debris Cleaned

Written By: Derek Hales

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The Roborock E4 is a budget-friendly robot vacuum that can both vacuum and mop. But how well does it clean? We find out below.

Wifi-Enabled Smart Vac with Excellent Performance

Roborock E4

The Roborock E4 robot vacuum has wifi-enabled smart control, 6 cleaning modes, an optional mopping feature, and fantastic performance—cleaning an average of 97% of the debris we tested on three different floor types. It has a 640 mL capacity dust bin and a simple, intuitive controls. It’s easily one of the best value robots we’ve tested to date.Check Price


  • 200-minute run time and the ability to charge up mid-cycle for extended cleaning cycles
  • Advanced straighter navigation
  • 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop


  • Lacks digital mapping
  • No physical boundary markers
  • Struggled with cleaning fine debris, like sugar

Cleaning Performance

To put this vacuum to the test we run it through the same 3-floor testing process we run with every vacuum that comes through our doors.

We test on three different floor types, including:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Low pile carpet
  • High pile carpet

For each floor type we test the vacuum cleaner against:

  • Rice – 0.5 ounce
  • Dry Cereal – 0.5 ounce
  • Kitty Litter – 1 ounce
  • Sugar – 1 ounce

How do we test?

Each of the aforementioned debris types was spread across our testing lane. The base surface of our testing lane is an engineered hardwood floor.

For our carpet tests, we slide in a low pile and high pile carpet insert on top of the hardwood floor.

Testing Debris – From left to right: Rice (3 oz.), Kitty Litter (3 oz), Cereal (1 oz), Sugar (3 oz)

Our vacuum cleaning process strives to be as consistent, fair, and true to real world use as possible. Our tests utilize the following procedure:

  1. Measure the weight of the testing debris
  2. Spread the respective debris type evenly across the central portion of the testing lane.
  3. Run the vacuum cleaner over the testing lane.
  4. Measure the weight of the debris that the vacuum removed from the lane.

E4 Test Results





Low Carpet


High Carpet


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

On hardwoods, the E4 was fantastic and removed 99% of all debris that was tested.

Roborock E4 robot vacuum – hardwood floor cleaning tests

Low Pile Carpet Cleaning

On low pile carpet, the performance was still great and it was able to capture 95% of the debris that was tested.

Roborock E4 robot vacuum – low pile carpet performance test

It left approx 0.1 oz mix of kitty litter and fine sugar (out of the total 2 oz tested).

Overall, I thought these results were great and actually a little surprising considering the budget tier that this vacuum falls into.

Missed debris during the Roborock E4 low pile carpet cleaning test

High Pile Carpet Cleaning

On high carpet, the results continued to be surprisingly good, capturing 98% of all debris that was tested. Again, for a budget robot vacuum, these numbers are a little unprecedented for high pile carpet.

This is just a fantastic performance on carpet and was shocking to see these kinds of results.

Roborock E4 robot vacuum – high pile carpet performance test

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The design of the Roborock E4 is simple and sleek. It has an all-black, matte aesthetic with two simple controls located towards the middle of the unit, a sensor at the front, and a glossy Roborock logo that crosses through the middle.

Similar to other robot vacs, the side of the E4 is rigid towards the back and has a movable bumper towards the front.

The bumper allows the E4 to gently bump into obstacles and change directions without damaging the vacuum or the object in the way.

Which controls are on top of the robot?

The top of the Roborock E4 vacuum has two buttons:

  • Power on / off (this button also stops / starts a cleaning cycle)
  • Send back to charger

Unlike The Roborock E25, the E4 drops the Spot Clean button on the top of the vacuum, but it does still offer Spot Cleaning on the app.

From the app, you can access additional controls, including:

  • Scheduling a cleaning
  • Stop, stop, or pause a cleaning
  • Set a timer
  • View cleaning maps
  • Changing the cleaning mode
  • Monitoring performance

What’s on the underside of the robot vacuum?

The underside of the E4 looks similar to other robot vacuums we’ve tested.

Roborock E4 wheels

It has the following parts and features:

  • Navigational wheels: two large wheels to the side of the central brushroll helps the E4 to navigate flooring transitions, cords, or other obstacles—up to 0. 8″ climbability
  • Brushroll: dual brushroll combines soft spiral bristles with a rubberized paddle for better performance and less likely to tangle
  • Spinning brush: 5-arm brush on the side sweeps debris from edges and corners into the path of the brushroll
  • Edge sensors: are located along the edge of the vacuum and prevents the vacuum from dropping off the edge stairs or lofted areas
  • Contact sensors: tells the Roborock when it has correctly docked into charging base between cleaning cycles

Roborock E4 robot vacuum

Cleaning Modes

The Roborock E4 robot vacuum has six programmed cleaning modes, including:

  1. Quiet mode: In Quiet mode, the E4 runs at a lower suction level and emit less noise than when operating at higher suction levels, like Max or Carpet. This is a good mode for vacuuming low traffic areas or hard surface flooring.
  2. Balanced mode: In balanced mode, the E4 uses a balance of suction power vs. run time. You can run this mode in conjunction with other modes, like Carpet mode, if you only want higher suction when cleaning carpets.
  3. Turbo mode: As it sounds, Turbo mode cleans at a faster rate than other modes.
  4. Max mode: Max mode cleans at the highest suction power for high traffic areas, dense carpets, or just maximum ‘boost’ performance. That said, running in Max mode will result in a shorter run time and less area covered.
  5. Carpet mode: Carpet mode is used for cleaning carpeted floors and uses stronger suction to agitate and suck up debris from deep within carpet fibers. This mode would also be suitable for area rugs as well.
  6. Gentle mode: only available with mopping function; lowers motor output to the lowest possible setting for extended run time.

Mopping with the E4

When you want to switch from vacuum to mop, you can attach the on-board water reservoir. For mopping, you fill the small tank with water and then attach the microfiber mopping cloth.

NOTE: Bear in mind, the E4 mopping kit is sold separately.

Roborock E4 mopping attachment

Size & Dimensions

The size of the Roborock E4 is consistent with the sizes of other robot vacuums. It’s mid-size, fairly low profile, and still has a decent-sized dust bin capacity (up to 640 mL).

See exact specs below:

  • Diameter: 13.8″
  • Height: 3.5″
  • Weight: 7.8 pounds

Roborock E4 robot vacuum

Accessories & Parts

The Roborock E4 comes with a basic selection of accessories and parts.

What’s in the box?

Here is a complete list of parts and accessories induced with the Roborock E4 robot vacuum:

  • HEPA filter. This filter snaps into the back of the dust bin and helps to capture small particles.
  • Dust bin. The dust bin itself has a 680 mL capacity.

Roborock E4 dust bin

  • Spinning brush. A spinning 5-arm brush helps capture debris along corners and improve edge cleaning performance.

Spinning brush on the Roborock E4

The mopping accessories are actually sold separately, but I wanted to show what they look like here:

  • Mopping reservoir: This is a thin tank for water to use when mopping (shown below).
  • Mopping pad: A microfiber pads velcros onto the bottom of the mopping reservoir and allows water to penetrate the mopping pad for damp scrub mopping.

Roborock E4 mopping attachment

  • Charging station: This is a central hub for juicing up in between cleaning cycles. After cleaning, the vacuum can automatically return to the dock.
  • Spiral brushroll: Thee central brushroll uses spiral bristles as well as smooth rubberized paddles to agitate and collect debris as it navigates the space.

Roborock E4 robot vacuum brushroll

Roborock E4 Features

The Roborock E4 is a smart robot vacuum with quite a few features. Some of the most notable include:

  • 2-in-1 vacuum / mopping
  • App control
  • Smart navigation

2-in-1 Vacuum & Mopping

Similar to other Roborocks we’ve seen, the E4 has the ability to mop and vacuum, with an on-board dry debris dustbin as well as a damp mopping reservoir and microfiber pads.

That being said, the E4 doesn’t automatically come with the mopping attachment. It can be purchased separately here.

Installing the Roborock E4 dust bin

The dust bin easily snaps into place from the top of the vacuum. Simply open the lid and it’s easy to tell how full the dust bin is, empty the bin, or clean the HEPA filter.

App Control

The Roborock E4 is designed for wireless cleaning cycles and makes it easy to control the vacuum using your smartphone. You can pair the vacuum with a voice control device like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

From the app, you can:

  • Start / stop a cleaning
  • Schedule a cleaning cycle
  • Change cleaning mode
  • Send the robot back to the charging base

Controlling cleaning mode on the Roborock Mi Home app

Smart Navigation

Navigation on the E4 is pretty advanced. While it lacks true “digital mapping”, it does have the ability to drive in straighter, more logical paths than the traditional zigzag patterns of less advanced models.

“Top Up” Cycles

Similar to other Roborocks, this vacuum has the ability to recharge the battery in the middle of a cleaning cycle and then keep cleaning where it left off.

Roborock calls this feature, “top up”.

The E4 already has an impressively long 200-minute runtime but the extended “top up” allows for even longer cleanings.

This feature allows for an overall longer cleaning run time, which is a good feature considering the Roborock E25 maxes out at about 100-minute run time per each charge.

Usability & Maneuverability

The usability and maneuverability of the E4 was quick and intuitive. There are simple controls on top of the vacuum and the smartphone app offered quite a few other features and settings.

Although the E4 lacks the digital mapping of advanced models, it does navigate in straighter lines.

Overall I was pleased with the performance of the E4 in how it cleaned, navigated, and the overall user-friendly experience.

How long does it take to connect the app?

We’ve connected to the Roborock app before without any problem, but for some reason the app did not want to connect to the E4.

Not sure if it was a wifi problem on our end, a Roborock problem, or just a specific nuance with the exact E4 we were testing.

Either way, we’ve used the Roborock before with other models and have been pleased with the setup. It usually just takes a couple of minutes.

You just follow some in-app prompts and it doesn’t take long at all.


Overall maintenance for this Roborock is pretty consistent with other robot vacuums.

The main points of maintenance include:

  1. Regularly empty the dust bin: Empty dry debris into the trash after every use.
  2. Wash dust bin and HEPA filter: Allow to dry for 24 hours before using again.
  3. Replace HEPA filters (as needed)
  4. Replace battery (as needed): The manufacturer doesn’t provide an estimate for battery lifespan. That said, most robot vacuum batteries last 2-3 years.

If you opt for the mopping attachment, you will also want to consider these following points:

  1. Change water tank filter (as needed): The manufacturer recommends replacing it every 1-3 months.
  2. Wash out and refill the water tank reservoir: Pour out any leftover water from the reservoir and refill it with fresh mopping water.

Is the Roborock E4 a good value?

If you don’t need digital mapping, zone cleaning or boundary markers, the E4 will likely check most other boxes on your list.

The performance is just exceptional with this vacuum—incredibly impressive considering the relatively low price point of the E4.

If you’re looking for straighter navigation, wireless in-app integration, and solid cleaning performance across all floor types, the E4 is a great option.

Roborock E4 Specifications

Type Robot
Manufacturer Roborock
Model Roborock E4
Length 13.8″
Width 13.8″
Height 3.8″
Weight 7.8 lbs.
Floor Type All (indoor)
Battery 5,200 mAh
Dust Bin Capacity 640 mL
Cordless Yes
Bagless Yes
Returns Varies by retailer
Warranty 1-Year limited
Price Check Price

The Roborock E4 is best if you are looking for the following in a robot vacuum:

  • Excellent cleaning performance: The Roborock E4 has great performance on all floor types and across all debris types, with an average of 97% cleaning score across our tests.
  • A good value: When you consider the lower price tag combined with the higher than expected cleaning performance, the E4 really shines. It is easy to set up, easy to use, and effectively cleans all floor types and debris types we tested.
  • Don’t need digital mapping: If you want straighter navigation when cleaning, but don’t really need the digital mapping, the E4 fits the bill. This vacuum can detect obstacles but doesn’t have the ability to store digital maps of floor plans.

For more information or to check the price on the Roborock E4 robot vacuum, click here.

Fantastic Performance Driven Value

  • Design – 95%
  • Performance – 97%
  • Quality – 94%
  • Usability – 95%
  • Value – 97%



The Roboorck E4 is a robot vacuum with wifi-enabled, in-app controls. It has 6 different cleaning modes and excellent cleaning performance. Even on high pile carpet, the E4 captured 97% of all the debris we tested. These are fantastic scores considering the price-tier that the E4 falls into. While it lacks a few bells and whistles like Zoned Cleaning, Boundary Markers, and Digital Map Reports, the performance is truly fantastic. For a good and simple clean, the E4 is a solid option.

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Derek Hales is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of He has been featured in Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, Business Insider,, She Knows, and other major publications. Derek has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University. Hales has been testing and reviewing products for the home since 2014.

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Is Roborock E4 a good buy? (July 2023)

Roborock E4 review and test


Nathan Smith

Testing methodology:

Date published:

Last modified:


  • Affordable price

  • Has a mapping ability

  • Automatically increases suction on carpets or rugs

  • Side brushes are made of silicone instead of bristles

  • Can efficiently maneuver around obstacles

  • Large dust bin


  • Doesn’t support “no-go” zones and selective room cleaning features

  • Mopping pad is sold separately



Max runtime

200 min

Type of battery


Battery capacity

5200 mAh

Recharge and resume function


Automatically docks and recharges



Cleaning area

2152. 6 ft2

Sound level

69 dB

Suction power

2000 Pa

Maximum climbing height

0.79 cm


58. 0 w

Dustbin capacity

0.64 l

Type of filter

EPA 11

Carpet Boost


Scheduling function




Number of side brushes



Mopping function


Water tank capacity

0. 18 l




Object recognition


Stair sensor and object sensor


For multiple rooms



App control


Remote control


Voice control


Alexa voice control


Google Home voice control


Base station

Automatic dirt disposal



App control


Interactive mapping


Real Time Tracking


Digital Blocked Area


Zoned Cleaning


Multi Floor Maps


Selected Room Cleaning


Dimensions and weight


3. 78 in


13.78 in


13.78 in


6.53 lbs

See all specifications

Specification comparison

Max runtimeApp controlType of batterySound levelShapeInteractive mappingMaximum climbing heightSuction powerMopping functionAutomatic dirt disposalBattery capacityObject recognitionRecharge and resume functionNumber of side brushesStair sensor and object sensorAutomatically docks and rechargesCarpet BoostVoice control

July 16, 2023

Who should buy Roborock E4

  • If you are looking for a low-cost robot vacuum, equipped with outstanding features, the Roborock E4 might be the one you are looking for. The Roborock E4 is ideal for those who are on a tight budget.
  • If you have pets in your home, the Roborock E4 might be suitable for you, because it has a strong suction power of up to 2000 Pa that can deep clean your floors and carpets.
  • If you live in a large house, you might be satisfied with the Roborock E4, because it can clean your entire floor by following a zigzag pattern without leaving a spot uncleaned.
  • If you have a mix of carpets and hard floors in your home, the Roborock E4 might suit you well due to its BoostIQ feature that enables the robot to automatically increase suction when detecting carpets, so that it can provide a deeper clean and optimize the battery life.
  • If you have a lot of furniture or obstacles in your home, you won’t have to worry about the Roborock E4, because it can efficiently maneuver and clean around obstacles.

Who should NOT buy Roborock E4

  • If you are looking for a robot vacuum that can produce a precise map in the app, and allows you to set virtual “no-go” zones or cleaning zones, the Roborock E4 might disappoint you. Instead, you might want to look for robot vacuums equipped with a LIDAR navigation system that produces a precise and customizable map, such as the Roborock’s S6 series (Roborock S6 Pure, Roborock S6 MaxV).




This is our verdict of the Roborock E4 based on several hours of research of reviews from both experts and users.

Updated 15-06-2021

The Xiaomi Roborock E4 is an affordable robot vacuum that provides a quality cleaning performance. It has a more affordable price than the high-end products of Roborock, because it is not equipped with a precise navigation system, such as the LIDAR navigation.

It has an optional mopping feature that is sold separately, which also reduces the robot vacuum price. The advantage of an optional mopping feature is that later on, if you changed your mind and you wanted to have a mopping feature, you can still buy the mopping pad.

The Roborock E4 is equipped with a dual, gyroscopic, navigation system that allows the robot to follow a pre-programmed zigzag pattern to ensure that the entire floor is vacuumed without leaving a spot uncleaned. It also produces a map within the app to show you the areas it cleaned. If the Roborock E4 drains its battery in the middle of its cleaning cycle, it can recharge and resume where it left off, rather than going over the whole cleaning cycle. It can also find its docking base without a problem. The Roborock E4 can also easily maneuver around obstacles, and furniture, with the help of the gyroscope and OpticEye sensors.

However, it doesn’t display real-time mapping, and only shows the created map after the cleaning cycle. You also cannot set virtual barriers and select rooms that it will clean within the app. So, the created map doesn’t do much, and is really just for viewing.

The Roborock E4 has silicone side brushes. Unlike robot vacuums that have side brushes with bristles, the Roborock E4’s side brushes won’t get tangled with hair. This means that the side brushes are easier to maintain and clean. It also has a large dust bin of up to 0.64L that can store a lot of dirt from fine, to large, debris.

The app also has several features, but because it is a budget robot vacuum, it does not have some featured in the Roborock S-series. Still, the companion app of the Roborock E4 functions well, provides you a set of options, and can help you monitor the robot.

Overall, the Roborock E4 is worth its price. It may lack a few advanced features, such as virtual barriers within the app, but it is understandable since it has an affordable price.

Roborock E4 vs. Roborock S4


Longer battery life (200 minutes vs. 180 minutes)

Larger dust bin (0.64L vs. 0.42L)

Can support a mopping feature

Can automatically increase suction when it detects carpets



Doesn’t save multiple maps (0 maps vs. up to 4 maps)

Doesn’t support virtual barriers or zone cleaning within the app

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Value for money

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Roborock E4

The device has a suction power of 2000 Pa, masterful orientation in space and can vacuum up to 200 m² on a single battery charge. Support for the Mi Home app and popular voice assistants simplifies interaction with the cleaner.

Roborock E4

4,000,000 UZS
3,900,000 UZS Place an order

Model E4
Manufacturer Roborock
Movement type zigzag
Package dimensions (w x h x d) 152 x 403 x 489
Power, mW 58W
Operating time, h 3
Battery capacity, mAh 5200 mAh
Weight, g 2960
Cleaning dry, wet
Side brush Yes
Support MiHome Yes
Building a room map Yes
Cleaning time calculation Yes
Scheduled cleaning Yes
Laser distance sensor Yes
Fall protection Yes
Filter system HEPA
Suction power, PA 2000
Noise level 69 dB
Water tank capacity 180 ml
Dust tank capacity 640 ml
Battery 5200 mAh
Cleaning area >300m2

Important functions

Smart route building

HEPA filter

class 11

Complex wet cleaning

App control

Navigation system RoboRock E4

For orientation in space, the robot uses the navigation module “OpticEye”. It does not scan the surroundings, but creates a map of your house as it cleans. The map is not as accurate as that created using the LDS module or robots based on optical gyroscopes (cameras), but still allows you to monitor the progress of cleaning in real time. This means that the robot will choose the correct cleaning route and draw a cleaning map, but you will not be able to set restricted areas to keep the robot away from some areas, or specify where it should clean, or send it to clean a specific room if necessary. .

OpticEye laser and LED motion tracking system provides high-frequency analysis of the distance travelled.

Powerful hardware combined with a variety of sensors allows the robot to build an accurate internal cleaning map using alternative calculation methods from LDS.

Cleaning block

The Xiaomi Roborock E4 cleaning unit is exactly the same as the more expensive Xiaomi vacuum cleaner models. It includes a combination, collapsible bottom brush for easier cleaning. The side brush is also protected from winding hair and is completely silicone. In combination with excellent suction power, this allows the robot to clean well even carpets with a low pile.

Wet cleaning

Removable wet mopping module allows you to do wet wiping and has easy access to remove and install the washed cloth. The mop is equipped with a tank with a mechanical adjustment of the water supply to the rag, gradually moistening it as needed. Such a system is used on almost all Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners.

Carpet cleaning

Roborock E4 has a standard design and perfectly overcomes obstacles up to 1.5-2 cm high (depending on the shape of the threshold). This allows him to climb onto carpets and run over small rapids.

Vacuum cleaner robot Roborok E4 independently determines the surface on which it rides. So when driving on a soft surface (carpet or bedside rug), the robot automatically increases the suction power.

Wool and hair

The design of the lower brush guarantees the complete absence of hair and pet hair in the house.

Resumption of work

Roborock E4, unlike many robots without full navigation, can call at the station for recharging, and continue cleaning from the place where it finished the previous cleaning. And an impressive dust container (640 ml) will allow you to vacuum large areas without the need to clean the robot.

Telephone control

All configuration and management of Xiaomi Roborock E4 is possible in a convenient mobile application “Mi Home”. The functionality will be cut down compared to the more expensive robots from Xiaomi, but the most important functions are available, such as cleaning schedule, map and cleaning time display, updates, etc.


4,000,000 UZS
3,500,000 UZS




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Vitaly O. org/Rating”>

  • Advantages

    Full Russification (pleasant Russian speech, with volume control), simple connection, appearance and quite quiet (I expected it to be louder). The wife is delighted.

  • Disadvantages

    There are none, what I chose is what I got.

Oksana R.

Vladimir S.

Andrey A.

  • Advantages

    Copes with his tasks. Dry cleaning is not bad, it calls in all available places, including the legs of bar stools. Upon arrival on the mat increases power. Wet cleaning for jackdaws.

  • Disadvantages

    Sometimes it dulls: if it drives under the kitchen and pauses cleaning, then send it to the station, it may not leave under the kitchen, it just spins under it; when overcoming the legs of a floor dryer for clothes, it can hang on it (while the wheels are not in the air).

  • Comments

    Happy with purchase. We start daily dry and then dry with wet cleaning, the house is clean.

Alexander Ch.

Denis Turbin

  • Advantages

    Convenience, quality, creative approach to design, the material is just something, when you look at how it works, you get a feeling of spiritual frequency

    90 291

  • Disadvantages

    What could be the disadvantages of this robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Comment

    Bought a Roborock E4 robot vacuum cleaner. I liked the function of dry and wet cleaning. I also liked that it runs on battery power for three hours and is controlled from a smartphone. Delivered free of charge by courier in three days directly from the Yandex Market warehouse. I paid by card online after checking for suitability.

Ilya Alokhin

  • Advantages

    I first bought it as a gift for my parents, for the new year, but recently I also took it for myself. Works great, powerful, and there is a no-carpet mode. there is also wet cleaning, in short it’s cool and convenient, while he also has a bumper so that just in case he knocks =)

  • Disadvantages

    for an apartment the very thing, and not expensive and does the job

  • Comment

    There are similar models with navarots, but they are of little use, for an apartment this is quite enough, yes, maybe wet cleaning is the only thing that cannot be changed in the software (I’m talking about the water supply), but it’s not difficult to do on the vacuum cleaner itself.

Ekaterina Simonova org/Rating”>

  • Comments

    An excellent vacuum cleaner, I bought it when I gave birth to a child, a very good helper! It doesn’t work loudly, you can vacuum even when the baby is sleeping) it works cool both dry and wet! I am satisfied with the purchase

Lydia Z.

  • Advantages

    Excellent robotic vacuum cleaner. We buy a second one. Good for removing dust from carpets and other surfaces. Have used the floor cleaner many times. The vacuum cleaner justifies itself. Happy with the purchase.

  • Disadvantages

    No cleaning function in one room, ie. if you want to clean only one room and not touch the others, you have to close the door, and if you have an open space between rooms, then barycode.

  • Comments

    I advise you to buy!

Pavel K.

  • Advantages

    Good thing

  • Defects


Leila Timurzieva

M-T-K S.

  • Advantages

    This is such an indispensable assistant when it works, I just love it, and how I managed without it before. I am very satisfied and definitely recommend.

  • Disadvantages

    We didn’t immediately connect to the Internet, we had to tinker, but this is probably due to our ignorance of the new generation technology.

Elena P.

Dmitry Shapchits org/Rating”>

  • Advantages

    Cleans himself

  • Disadvantages

    Wet cleaning is not enough wet, the roofing felts are salted quickly, you will understand FIG and there is no one to ask, there is no support. Sometimes he winds some kind of crap on the brushes and rides with it, it’s a pity there is no sensor for such a case

  • Comments

    Helps around the house well, but there are dances with a tambourine, like a rag, you need three pieces in a set and wash. For the water supply system, engineers should be fired from work, and marketers for the phrase that nozzles become unusable due to the quality of water, they also die from distilled water. I should have guessed that the vacuum cleaner cleans the floors so that they are clean, therefore, the dirt should not kill the nozzles in two days, or you need to blow the nozzles like caps in skeins of 200 pieces

Nika Naz org/Rating”>

Artem Kuznetsov

Max M.

  • Advantages

    Excellent robot

Denis Menshikov

  • Advantages


Yuri S.

  • Advantages

    The robot does the job with a bang.

  • Disadvantages

    Almost none, but gets stuck in some places

  • Comments

    An excellent helper around the house, especially those with tailed animals such as cats and dogs

Sergey org/Rating”>

Vasilyeva Maria

Rashad Yusif


Oleg Oleg

  • Advantages

    Order processing speed, delivery speed

  • Disadvantages

    I am filling out a review for the third time, I absolutely do not like it

  • Comment

    Good functionality Roborock E4, Russian language, I was very pleased with the bonuses in the form of a branded backpack, thermos and an umbrella with the Roborock logo! I took it as a gift, we’ll see how it will be in work, maybe I’ll take the same one for myself!

Irina org/Rating”>

  • Advantages

    Good power, automatically increases power on carpets. A simple and intuitive application for android. Large trash container.

  • Disadvantages


  • Comments

    In this price category, in my opinion, the best offer. Monitoring the market and goods up to 15t.r. within a week, I had to figure out all the more or less well-known models. My requirements were good power, a large garbage container, because the cleaning area was under 100 sq. Two models of roborok and xiaomi were chosen. But I made my choice in favor of Roborok because it has a silicone counter for cleaning and I liked the design of the case more. Now I recommend it to all my friends. I hope my review helps you.

Dima Luchinin

  • Advantages

    Excellent vacuum cleaner for the money!

  • Disadvantages

    Difficult to drive on carpet with high pile

  • Comments

    Excellent model.