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Two well known names but one brand stands out

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For grilling enthusiasts, finding the right grill at the right price point can be that next step in the BBQ journey. The market is full of exciting products and brands. What will be the perfect choice for your needs and budget?

Here, we try to settle a popular debate involving Char Broil vs Weber grills. Both have been established names in the industry for decades and offer a lot of value to BBQ enthusiasts. We put their offerings in three different price points head-to-head in the hope of answering some key questions and helping you come to a decision.

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Char Broil vs Weber – A Showdown of Old Favorites

Gas grills have a lot to offer to home BBQ enthusiasts. They are easy to use, do not involve some of the challenges and learning curve of charcoal grills, and make it possible to get started immediately without the need for additional equipment or experience.

Both Char Broil and Weber have been industry favorites when it comes to gas grills for a long time. If you are looking to purchase a gas grill, choosing a product from either brand can be a poignant way to get started. Both companies offer a wide range of products, features, and functionalities across various price points.

By and large, however, Weber is more well-known for creating products that are high-quality, efficient, and durable while being a little more expensive. Char Broil, on the other hand, generally provides more budget offerings that come with a few compromises where they cut corners to keep the prices down. The information below will help end the debate of Weber vs Char Broil.

Char Broil does not compete with Weber on the portable gas grill side. Weber keeps launching new portable models like the Traveler which is proving to be very popular.

Introductory Line

Char Broil Performance 2 burner
  • Heats up fast & evenly
  • Easy assembly & cleaning
  • Affordable
WinnerWinnerWeber Spirit E-210
  • Higher quality than the competition
  • Large cooking area for it’s size
  • Sleek design

Mid-Range Line

Char Broil Performance 3 burner Infrared
  • TRU Infrared system
  • 24,000 BTU
  • 450 square inches of cooking space
WinnerWinnerWeber Spirit E-310
  • Reversible grates for more cooking options
  • 30,000 BTU
  • 529 square inches of cooking space

Luxury Line

Char Broil Performance 4-Burner
  • Side Burner
  • 37,000 BTU
  • 585 sq/inches
WinnerWinnerWeber Genesis E-325
  • Sear Zone
  • 39,000 BTU
  • Crafted Cookware Options

Char Broil

Char Broil has definitely been in the BBQ business for a while longer than Weber with their first cast iron grill having come out in 1949. Their BBQ credentials stem from their inception as a privately owned, subsidiary of Bradley – a well-known name in the world of kitchen appliances and BBQ. Their products are considered easy to use, affordable, and convenient. 

The Char Broil name came to the brand in 1973 when operations moved to a new location. Since then, Char Broil has come up with innovations like the TRU Infrared cooking system, the first oil-free turkey fryer, and the CB940 grill – a consensus standout performer in 1984.

With time, however, the focus of the brand has moved to creating budget offerings that provide simple functionality with no bells and whistles at a price where it can be easy for enthusiasts to gain entry into the gas grill realm.

There is a definite focus on zonal cooking with many Char Broil grills, providing users with multiple cooking zones that can be used for different cooking functions. These grills are also known for heating up quickly.

Currently all Char Broil grills are now manufactured and assembled in China. While Char Broil grills have a long history of being made in the US, they did join the outsourcing bandwagon some time ago and now their entire manufacturing operation takes place in China.


Weber, too, has a rich history of creating excellent products since the time of its inception. After coming up with the kettle grill, Weber has created a range of different grills and smokers over the years with a focus on great quality and premium features. From simple, basic products that can enable beginners to get into the grilling game to feature-rich offerings that are preferred by professional chefs, you can find it all in the Weber catalog.

The Spirit and Genesis line of grills are both extremely popular, owing to the sturdy construction, great features, and excellent customer service for which Weber is well-known. There is a definite focus on providing customers with a larger cooking area and more heat output than competing models. Weber grills are also known for making use of metallic flavor bars which help in heat transfer, enhance the flavor of food by catching drippings, and eliminate flare-ups.

Weber, too, has outsourced a majority of its manufacturing to China. The Spirit and Genesis lines of grills are now entirely made in China. While they are headquartered in the USA and some products are still assembled here, the components, manufacturing, and assembly of most Weber grills now happen in China. However, in spite of switching their production to China, Weber has managed to adhere to the same standards of quality that they have always been known for.

Weber also has two different versions of their Spirit series now. The Spirit and Spirit II. We did a deep dive in the differences in these two Spirit lines.

Let us now move towards a head-to-head comparison of grills from both brands at three different price points.

Char Broil vs Weber – Comparison Review

In this comparison, we have tried to pit competing products at the same price point against each other, discussed their features and characteristics, and disseminated their pros and cons. This comparison cannot tell you for certain which product to buy. Rather, it aims to provide information and answer questions so that you can make your choice with some insight.

Introductory Line Comparison

Weber Spirit II E-210

Coming in at a conveniently small size, the Spirit II E-210 is the entry-level model of the new and improved Spirit line which has brought many fresh features and functionalities to the market. This can be the perfect choice for those who do not need to cook large amounts of food at one time but would still prefer a solution that is high-quality, durable, and full of awesome features.

The Spirit II E-210 boasts of a large cooking area, especially if you consider its diminutive size. A total of 450 square inches of cooking area is on offer, separated into 360 square inches of primary cooking area and a warming rack worth 90 square inches. The grill has a two-burner design with each burner putting out a maximum of 13,250 BTU of heat for a combined total heat output of 26,500 BTU – more than enough to heat the large cooking area. However, the BTU per square inch value is at 73.6. This figure matters a lot to seasoned grill experts.

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The open cart design is made for quick accessibility of all your tools and utensils as the storage space can be accessed from both sides. The grill also has six hooks where you can hang your implements and foldable side tables that can be easily used for prepping and storing food.

Important features include the GS4 grilling system which incorporates porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars, grease management, the specialized Infinity ignition system, and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates that prevent food from sticking. The unit also comes with two all-weather wheels.

What We Like…
  • Excellent quality of materials and construction
  • Sleek design
  • Comes in four different color options
  • Large cooking area for its size
What Makes Us Angry…
  • Can be a little difficult to assemble
  • Less BTUs per square inch than the competition
  • A little expensive for a two-burner grill

CharBroil Performance 2 Burner

The two-burner unit from Char Broil comes with an attractive design and an extremely affordable price, making this an integral choice for people who are just looking to enter the world of BBQ with a limited budget.

The Performance 2 Burner provides a total cooking area of 400 square inches with 300 square inches of primary cooking area and a warming rack that measures 100 square inches. Each burner puts out a maximum heat of 12,000 BTU for a combined total heat output of 24,000 BTU for the unit. With its smaller size, this lets you take advantage of excellent BTU per square inch value of 80 which can be significant if you want to cook your food fast and quickly develop those grill marks.

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Char Broil gives customers the option to choose between an open cart design like the Weber and a closed cabinet design. If you like the accessibility of the open space in the cart, this can be an ideal choice. However, if you are looking for better organization and more secure storage, the closed cabinet style might be a better option.

The unit also has foldable shelves that can be used for prepping or holding food. A temperature gauge is mounted on the lid and four lockable casters that allow for a supreme range of motion. This Char Broil is also one of our favorite small gas grills that we reviewed.

What We Like…
  • Really affordable beginner grill
  • Heats up fast and evenly
  • Easy to assemble and clean
What Makes Us Angry…
  • Lacks premium build quality
  • Prone to rust
  • Food tends to stick to grates
  • Smaller cooking area than competing products

Mid-Range Line

Weber Spirit E-310

This three-burner workhorse can be a perfect middle ground between small size and adequate cooking area to make larger meals. With the high standard of quality Weber is known for, this can be quite a capable grill if you are looking for something convenient for the long term.

The three burners put out 10,000 BTU of heat each, creating a total heat output of 30,000 BTU which is spread over a total cooking area of 529 square inches. This is divided into the main cooking area and a sizable warming rack. The fuel tank is externally mounted and the unit features a fuel gauge that is large and easy to read.

The open cart design, coupled with the sturdy construction, means that there is a lot of usable space for storage and organization. Two side tables (the left one can be folded down) create a sterling workspace where you can prep your food before cooking and six integrated hooks let you hang your cooking tools conveniently. The unit also includes two all-weather casters.

The porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates provide good heat transfer and longevity of performance. These can also be reversed to offer a choice between a thin side and a wide side. The thin side can be perfect for delicate cuts while the wide side is a solid choice for heartier, larger pieces of meat.

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What We Like…
  • Large cooking area for a small grill
  • Ignition and heat control are reliable
  • Reversible grates allow more options while cooking
  • Relatively easy to assemble
What Makes Us Angry…
  • Difficult to move around once assembled
  • Difficult to reach high temperatures for quick grilling
  • Sharp edges on heat deflectors
  • Expensive in its range

CharBroil Performance Infrared 3-burner

This innovative grill from Char Broil (recently added to our favorite infrared grills list) implements the unique TRU-Infrared system that evenly radiates the heat across the grill instead of implementing an open flame. This results in greater control over the temperature and less use of fuel. This can also help reduce flare-ups and limit the circulation of dry heat in the grill, creating juicier, more flavorful cooking.

The main cooking area encompasses 450 square inches of space and the three burners can output a maximum heat of 24,000 BTU. There is also a very capable side shelf burner that can be heated up to 10,000 BTU and offers 150 square inches of space. This can be great for quickly searing steak or making sauces and sides.

The unit comes in different versions and buyers can choose between an open cart design and a closed cabinet design. There are four lockable wheels for easy maneuverability.

Don’t forget to add a proper grill cover for your new Char Broil.

what We Like…
  • Excellent cooking versatility and flavorful food courtesy the TRU-Infrared system
  • Has many features for its affordable price
  • Easy to assemble
What Makes Us Angry…
  • Grates clog easily and require regular cleaning
  • 430-grade steel construction is prone to rust
  • Limited warranty options

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Luxury Line

Weber Genesis E-325

If you’re looking for great performance in a Weber gas grill, the Genesis line is the way to go. The new E-325 gives you 513 square inches of cooking space in the primary area with a 274-square-inch expandable warming rack for a total of 787 square inches.

That entire cooking area is powered by three stainless steel PureBlu burners putting out 39,000 BTUs per hour. Weber also expanded their sear zone with a larger 13,000 BTU per hour capacity for getting more steaks seared at once.

Don’t worry about grease build-up causing flare-ups, because this grill has a slide-out grease tray accessible from the front of the grill. You don’t have to pull grates and other grill parts out to clean anymore.

The E-325 is compatible with the new Weber CRAFTED cookware line and comes with the porcelain-coated cast-iron grates standard.

You can upgrade the E-325 to get the frames for the rest of the cookware, a side burner, and a storage locker when ordering online. The grill is also compatible with the new Weber CONNECT smart technology, allowing for real-time temperature and fuel level monitoring at the grill with a display and via the app on your smartphone.

If you’re concerned about tool storage, the enclosed cart design allows you to keep bigger tools safe from the elements. It also comes with six tool hooks on the side tables, perfect for hanging tongs and spatulas during your cooking session.

If you’re looking in this price range of grills, consider looking at our favorite grills under $1000.

What We Like…
  • Expanded sear zone, perfect for searing a few steaks at once
  • Bigger warming rack for holding more food than ever
  • Slide-out grease tray for easy cleaning
What Makes Us Angry…
  • The high-end features of the new Genesis launch, like the Weber CONNECT system, the frames for the CRAFTED cookware system, side locker, and side burner are all add-ons and don’t come standard.

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Char Broil Performance 4-Burner

Char-Broil’s four-burner Performance grill is perfect for newer grillmasters who want to cook a lot of meat at once. It packs 435 square inches of primary cooking space powered by four stainless steel burners putting out 37,000 BTUs per hour. It also has a 150-square-inch warming rack for a total of 585 square inches of cooking space.

The cooking grates are porcelain-coated cast iron, a perfect combination of heat retention and ease of cleaning. You also get two side shelves on the standard model for plenty of space while you put food on the grill or for your platter when taking food off. The grease tray also slides out of the back to help with cleanup.

You also get the Chef’s Delite tray to help grill more delicate food that would fall through or stick on the regular grill grates.

There are multiple models for the Performance 4-burner grill, including models that have a side burner and storage cart.

What We Like…

  • Extremely affordable for the size and amount of burners.
  • Removable grease tray to help clean up the interior of the grill and prevent flare-ups.
  • Plenty of prep space with the two side shelves.
What Makes Us Angry…
  • The base model lacks storage options for tools.
  • Only two wheels make it harder to move around for storage or better cooking spots.

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Other Considerations

Warranty can be a very important factor in your decision-making when you are looking to purchase a grill. This is one area where Weber has a clear advantage. All Weber grills discussed above come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. Char Broil offers a 1-year warranty for most products and parts. Some specific parts can carry an extended warranty of two or five years. However, this can get confusing quickly and does not compare with the comprehensive, no-nonsense Weber warranty.

Quality and reliability of construction is another area where Weber can emerge the clear favorite. Weber grills are known for their sturdy construction and the use of high-quality materials. Char Broil mostly uses 430-grade steel for its grills, which can be prone to rust over time. In short, if you are looking for a grill that you plan to use for more than a few years, opting for a Weber product can be a better choice.

One additional feature that can swing you towards a Weber grill is their iGrill technology. This is a Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer that can be used to conveniently monitor the temperature of your meat remotely. It mounts to the side of the grill and you can monitor up to four different pieces of meat at the same time. This allows you to move away from the grill once the cooking starts and still maintain a handle on the temperature.

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It’s Your Decision!

Both brands bring a lot to the table in terms of value across different price points. If you are looking for something inexpensive to get your foot in the door, Char Broil can be an attractive option. However, the Weber Spirit E-310 remains, in our opinion, the clear winner of this comparison. It brings incredible value, remarkable build quality, and a chosen selection of popular Weber features to the table while coming in at an attractive price point. Of course, you also get to enjoy the excellent Weber warranty that comes with peace of mind.

Check out our other Weber comparisons. The Home Depot Favorite Nexgrill vs the popular Weber. Rather fix up the old Char-Broil with new grates instead?

Char-Broil Performance [Gas Grill Review]

Char-Broil has consistently produced affordable propane grills for barbecue and grilling newcomers, with their Performance series standing as their best one yet. What makes this gas grill so popular? Find out with our Char-Broil Performance review.

Table Of Contents

  1. Size
  2. Power & Heat
  3. Features
  4. Performance
  5. Final Verdict

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The Char-Broil Performance series has brought easy gas grilling to the masses with its easy-to-use 4-burner grill series. Armed with side burners, grease pan, cast iron grates, and a huge cooking area, there is plenty here to love.

We’ve put in hours of use with this propane grill to make sure that we’ve covered every square inch of detail, to bring you the best review possible.

Let’s take a deeper look.

A lot of conventional wisdom around gas vs charcoal cooking says that propane grills can’t match the same BBQ experience as charcoals. This unit is proof that this isn’t always the case.

The Char-Broil Performance is a great grill that is really powerful considering its price, and offers a generous 660 square inches of cooking space. The 4-burner unit offers great value for money while still offering decent power and excellent heat retention. It’s a great grill for anyone wanting to cook up a feast quickly, and without fuss.


One of my key considerations when comparing grills is size. Power and usability are both important, but when it comes to outdoor cooking I like to be able to get a lot of food on the go at once. Perhaps it’s the inner caterer in me, but I like to feel like I’m able to get a spread on quickly.

Luckily, this grill from Char-Broil comes with 500 square inches of space, which is more than enough to cater for most of your grilling. When combined its neighboring side burner and drying rack, the total cooking area of it comes to 660 square inches.


Power & Heat

Now onto the meaty stuff. Heat output for gas grills is measured in BTUs which is. broadly speaking, a measure of its heat efficiency. The best gas grills will have about 80-100 BTUs per square inch of cooking space.

So where does that put this Char-Broil grill? Well it’s good news, as at 36,000 BTUs over 500 square inches of cooking space, that puts this grill firmly in that bracket.

The Performance isn’t just all about power though. It’s also extremely fuel-efficient. I’ve always been a fan of grills with porcelain-coated grates as this coating helps distribute heat evenly across its cooking surface. I’ve found this particularly useful for longer forms of cooking (i.e. not just searing), as it helps reduce uneven hot and cold spots across your grill.

It also has a nice side burner on it, which I use for searing food once it’s been cooked on the  main grate. This has about 10,000 BTUs, which is pretty powerful for a side burner. What I like about this is that it helps give you a fuller grilling experience, so you can cook at steady temperatures on the main grill, and then round things off with a quick sear on the side burner.

Part of the appeal in gas grills is their convenience, so they also need to be easy and quick to start up. I’m pleased to say that the Char-Broil Performance has an electronic ignition system which has never failed me. Every time I’ve used it, it only takes a few seconds to get going – even in wind and rain!


The primary cooking area of the Performance is 475 square inches, which compares well to other similar models, like the Weber Performer Deluxe. Char-Broil claim this is enough for 20 burger patties. I’m a little skeptical of that, and would put that at closer to 10-15 (I like to put ample space between meat).

When taking the side burner into account, that cooking area quickly improves, totaling 660 square inches.

The four burners are made out of stainless steel, and are covered by porcelain enamel coated grates. The combination of these two ensures excellent durability and heat retention. You’d forgiven for thinking that the relatively low price point of the Performance might mean poor heat usage, but this isn’t the case at all here.

The Char-Broil Performance does away with the pain of flame ignition by providing a one-touch system that gets the grill started with just a push of a button.

These types of systems are sometimes more unreliable than they might seem, but in the case of the Performance I didn’t experience any such issues. Not only that, but even in windy or rainy conditions it got the job done without a hitch.

The hidden casters of Char-Broil Performance provide additional style and mobility to the grill. While mobility might be an important feature for a lot of people, if you value the chance to put your grill away or place it where you want on your patio then it’s definitely something you need to pay attention to.

An ample storage space is provided through the fully enclosed cabinet. The silver colored finish adds more glamour to it and it will definitely provide you with a fascinating grilling experience. The dimensions measure 56″L x 21″W x 44.4″H, which is great when compared with the competitive grills on the market. The weight of this grill is just under 108 pounds.

People can use this gas grill for a wide range of applications. For example, it is great for outdoor grilling and almost all the types of cooking activities throughout the entire year. You can take it out of your home to the outdoor living space and enjoy cooking with your friends or family members. You can even celebrate outdoor parties while preparing mouthwatering food from it. If you want to cook a large amount of food within a short period of time, this is one of the best options that are available to you. That is the main reason why people use it at barbecues.

Post-grilling clean-ups are pretty much the bane of my barbecuing existence. Grills are famously prone to run-off from meat, which in turn can lead to crusted on fat worked in to the inside of your grill. It’s disgusting and also a pain to get rid of.

Thankfully, drip trays to help catch this run-off are becoming more and more widely used, and this grill also boasts one. Not only this, but the tray is removable which means you can take it out the grill and clean it separately.


This stainless steel Char-Broil Performance 4 Burner makes the perfect addition to your patio, lawn or outdoor living space. Equipped with a 40,000 BTU cooking system that delivers powerful heat and performance, this grill includes a 10,000 BTU side burner that provides you with a convenient method for cooking an entire meal outside.

The Char-Broil is designed with porcelain-coated, cast-iron cooking grates designed to give you juicy burgers and meaty ribs. It’s made with heavy-duty caster wheels, so you can easily move and reposition the grill on your patio. For weekend cookouts, parties and special meals with friends and family, it’s a great grill to have around.

Final Verdict

The Char-Broil Performance 475 4-Burner offers a considerable amount of features considering its price. With a powerful 10,000 BTU side-burner, powerful heat burners, and a beautiful stainless steel build, there’s a lot here packed into a compact space.

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TOP 8 Best Charcoal Grills – Ranking 2023

Charcoal cooking makes it fragrant, juicy, with a nice crispy crust. And for this you can not do without a grill. It is convenient to use it in the country or taking it with you on a picnic. However, not all models meet the minimum requirements of buyers. Therefore, the Expert’s Choice team has formed a rating, which includes the best charcoal grills.


Charcoal Grill Rating

We have done a lot of painstaking work to create the rating. The first thing we focused on is the technical characteristics of the products on the market. After that, we engaged independent experts who gave their objective assessment of the nominees, and finally, evaluated customer reviews. When selecting nominees, the following indicators were analyzed:

  • Grid, wall and cover material;
  • Construction quality;
  • Charcoal grill height;
  • Frypot size;
  • Weight;
  • Equipment;
  • Warranty period;
  • Market availability in different regions;
  • Additional functions.

After checking over 20 applicants, we were able to identify the top 8 charcoal grills. We divided them into two categories: steel and ceramic.

Steel charcoal grills

Most popular for their practicality. They are light and always ready for transport, they are easy to assemble and wash. The participants of the rating were selected according to the volume of contained products, weight and dimensions. Ease of transportation also mattered.

Weber Compact Kettle

The grill is suitable for a summer cottage or a private house. The small size makes it compact, easy to transport, and it does not need much space for storage. But despite this, a spacious brazier will allow you to cook a large amount of food. The design provides strength and durability. The boiler itself and the lid are covered with porcelain enamel – a heat-resistant, durable and anti-corrosion material. There are aluminum dampers, with their help it is easy to regulate the level of heat, which affects the degree of roasting. The manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years, but with proper care and operation, it will last much longer.


  • Compact;
  • Manufactured from heat resistant steel;
  • Has removable trays;
  • Handles do not get hot when frying;
  • Mobility;
  • Resistant to various weather conditions.


  • High price;
  • Open ash collector.

Green Glade K222

The floor standing model has a round section made of carbon steel. As a coating, the manufacturer used heat-resistant black enamel. The length and width of the model are 57 cm, the diameter is 53 cm, the wall thickness is 0.8 mm. The presence of 2 polypropylene wheels on the tripod provides ease of movement. The boiler is equipped with a lid with ventilation flaps and a thermometer. The handle is made of stainless steel and Bakelite. On the bottom shelf you can place everything you need for cooking.


  • Enamel durability;
  • Temperature adjustable;
  • Ash collector;
  • Compact;
  • Low price;
  • Working height – 77 cm;
  • Grid easy to clean.


  • Grill grate opening from 1 side.

In reviews of the charcoal grill, they note that the price of the goods corresponds to the quality. The pluses include the accuracy of the thermometer, the reliability and ease of use of the unit.

The presence of an ash pan allows you to cook in a wooden gazebo. At the same time, the bulkiness of the device makes it difficult to use it at outdoor picnics.

Go Garden Grill-Master 48

Barbecue grill has a barrel shape. The body and the boiler are made of steel. The lid is equipped with a thermometer, which allows you to set the desired temperature. It is fixed on hinges, equipped with an opening limiter. The presence of a pipe provides a stable level of heat when cooking. The length of the chrome-plated grille with porcelain enamel coating is 47 cm, width – 43 cm, working height – 77.5 cm. A massive frame with 2 wheels on one side and 2 supports on the other guarantees good mobility and stability.


  • Handle does not get hot;
  • Non-stick interior coating;
  • Side table;
  • Wind protection;
  • Containers for collecting fat, ash;
  • Additional grill for heating;
  • Anti-corrosion body coating;
  • Low price.


  • Difficult to clean.

Users note the ease of assembly of the structure, the removal of smoke during cooking. The advantages include the speed of heating, the strength of materials, the convenience and safety of operation. For 3 years of use, there have been no malfunctions and breakdowns, so most users recommend buying a charcoal grill for a summer residence.

Forester Skvorcher Mobile

The mobility of the outdoor grill lies in the shape of a suitcase. The working surface is 45×25 cm, which makes it possible to cook a large number of products at the same time. The lid, tray and side walls are made of steel with a heat-resistant coating that withstands heating up to 650 degrees. The plastic handle eliminates the risk of burns during cooking. For ease of use, height adjustment is provided. Durability of operation is guaranteed by a corrosion-resistant coating.


  • Easy to assemble;
  • Service life;
  • 3 grill levels;
  • Demountable design;
  • Low price;
  • Leg locks provide good stability.


  • Not found.

Most owners are happy with the build quality and performance of their portable charcoal grill. The ability to transform into a compact suitcase allows you to take the device to any picnic venue. The only downside is the side plugs. If you forget to remove them, they will quickly bend and will not fix the side walls well.

Ceramic charcoal grills

The peculiarity of the devices is that food is cooked not from the heat of coals, but from the circulation of hot air under the dome of the lid. This makes it possible to use grills for obtaining dishes from products that require long-term heat treatment. They can be compared with a smokehouse, as the devices can withstand the desired temperature for up to 18 hours. According to the owners, the food is juicier and healthier. The disadvantages include high price, fragility, but in comparison with steel models, ceramic models are not subject to corrosion. According to the results of comparative tests, 4 models have the best build quality and ease of use among the 10 nominees.

Kamado joe Classic II

Ceramic charcoal grill mounted on a cast iron stand. Wheels on legs provide mobility of the unit. A thermometer is built into the lid, which allows you to adjust the temperature in the range of 107 – 399 degrees. An upper ventilation tower is provided. On the sides of the boiler are folding side shelves of the “table” type. The cooking grates are made of stainless steel, the wire mesh is made of fiberglass. An ash drawer is built into the bottom of the grill. The length of the floor structure is 118 cm, width – 71 cm, height – 121 cm.


  • Working surface diameter – 46 cm;
  • Includes grate tongs, ash removal poker;
  • Stainless steel latch;
  • Shoulder hooks;
  • 2-level cooking system;
  • Keeps warm for a long time;
  • Movable heat deflector.


  • High price;
  • Weight.

Another advantage is the possibility of simultaneous cooking at different temperatures. The high price of the product and the weight of 113 kg reduce its popularity.

Big Green Egg Large EGG

Egg-shaped floor-standing design allows food to be cooked simultaneously on 2 tiers. The diameter of the round grill is 46 cm and the size of the working surface is 1688 cm. It can also be used for baking, smoking. The grill is 84 cm high and weighs 73 kg. The lid has a built-in thermometer. The legs are equipped with castors for mobility. Various accessories are optionally available for the unit – wooden tables, bird holders, ceramic stones.


  • Stability;
  • Ceramic thickness;
  • Uniform heating;
  • Compact dimensions.


  • High price;
  • Low height.

Owners of restaurants, cafes are attracted by the possibility of inserting the body into the table top. The advantages of the design also include a reinforced stand, a good capacity of the lattice.

The possibility of extended configuration will allow the buyer to choose a set based on their preferences.

Monolith Classic 201001

German model available in black and red. Designed for smoking, frying, barbecue, drying and baking products. The grid has a diameter of 46 cm. The work surface can be doubled with 2-level grids. The wood chip feeding system allows you to insert smoke chips directly on the burning coal without lifting the lid. The latter has a built-in thermometer, ventilation tower. The grill is completed with bamboo tables with fasteners, ceramic legs. Length with open shelves – 120 cm, height of the device – 120 cm.


  • Wheels on legs provide mobility;
  • Temperature control;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Demountable design;
  • Insulated, scald resistant handle;
  • The best price in the category.


  • Weight – 85 kg;
  • Difficulty cleaning cast iron grate.

Primo Oval Large

The compact dimensions of the design allow it to be used as a table grill or built into a countertop, outdoor kitchen. The height of the model is 76 cm, the diameter is 55 cm, the width at the bottom is 35 cm. The kit includes a steel grate with a porcelain non-stick coating. The quality of the materials is confirmed by a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer. Heating temperature range – from 90 to 400 degrees. When cooking at 300 degrees, the fuel is enough for 6 hours of continuous operation. Works in the mode of barbecue, oven, barbecue grill, bakery, smokehouse. With the additional grid the working area is increased to 2600 cm 2 .


  • Capacity 12-15 steaks;
  • Compact;
  • Service life;
  • Holds temperature well;
  • Fast heating.


  • Price;
  • Inconvenience of moving.

Charcoal grill with lid and ceramic body is recommended by 100% of users. The owners have no complaints about its reliability and functioning. Minor difficulties arise only when cleaning an additional cast-iron grate.

How to choose a charcoal grill

Portable and mobile units are the choice of homeowners or outdoor barbecue enthusiasts. According to the characteristics of the devices, you can determine the volume of ready meals, ease of use and service life of the device.

Grill size and shape

Large grills are recommended for groups of 20 to 30 people. Devices are often purchased by restaurant owners. For a family of 4, medium-sized grills will suit. Small models are designed for cooking 1 – 2 servings. Their advantages include ease of movement, installation. Devices with a grid height of 100 – 120 cm are considered the most convenient to use.

Rectangular, egg-shaped and round grills are distinguished by shape. The first option is suitable for barbecue. The rest are considered more universal. They distribute heat better, keep the temperature longer, therefore they are intended not only for frying, but also for stewing, smoking. The presence of a cover allows you to use the unit in any weather.


Grills are traditionally made of steel, ceramic or cast iron. The former are considered the strongest and lightest, but they do not retain heat well. Therefore, when buying, it is recommended to take into account the presence of double walls. Cast iron holds the right temperature well. At the same time, its weight does not allow using them as mobile devices.

Ceramic models are considered premium grills. The walls evenly distribute heat, eliminating the burning of products. The ability to maintain the temperature up to 18 hours makes it possible to smoke. The advantage is the service life. The presence of an anti-corrosion coating does not completely save the metal from damage, so it rusts over time. Ceramic grills are more reliable if handled with care, as the material is more brittle.

Steel or cast iron is also used for gratings. The large weight of the second option is reflected in the ease of cleaning, but it will not “lead” from heating.

Cooking modes

Modern devices provide an opportunity not only for frying food, so when choosing, consider its versatility. The number of modes is directly proportional to the variety of prepared dishes. The best feature set includes a grill, barbecue, wok, pizza oven, smokehouse.

With these possibilities, the design must be able to change the height of the grate, since the cooking temperature of the dishes is different. Smoke adjustment eliminates the taste of smoked meats in products.

Ease of use

The presence of folding tables, fixtures will allow the owner to have at hand the necessary tools for cooking. For frequent use, choose a device with easy access to the charcoal bowl, adjustable air supply. Operational safety is ensured by a heat cutter that prevents burns when opening the lid.

The ease of movement is affected by the weight of the grill, the presence of special wheels on the supports. The braking system of the latter guarantees good stability. Collapsible structures are easier to transport in the trunks of cars.

An important factor is the non-stick coating. The owner will not need to worry about the condition of the dishes, it is easier to clean. In ceramic models, after frying, you only need to wash the grate and dishes.

Which charcoal grill is better

To facilitate the purchase, the project team highlighted the best charcoal grills in the review according to a number of principles:

  • Best value for money – Go Garden Grill-Master;
  • Largest work surface – Primo Oval Large;
  • The most convenient to use – Kamado joe Classic II;
  • Best Build Quality – Monolith Classic 201001.
  • When choosing the right variant, you need to take into account the peculiarities of its use. Each model has pros and cons, so an analysis of the reviews in the rating of charcoal grills will allow you to clarify in advance all the nuances of their operation.

    Which grill is better: gas or charcoal, wood

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    • Which grill is better: gas or charcoal?

    This question “Which grill is better: gas or coal, wood” worries many people today due to the high popularity of grills and barbecues, especially in the warm season.

    The grill has long been an integral part of country life. Fragrant shish kebab, crispy fish or ruddy crust of vegetables delight even gourmets.

    Today, technology allows you to grill literally anything. On one condition: that you have the “right” grill. The correct approach to the purchase of equipment is important, since the grill is different from the grill.

    Wood-fired grill

    Wood-fired grills are probably familiar to everyone in Russia. This also includes barbecues and barbecues made of bricks. They are popular due to the fact that:

    • you can cook food quite easily, and the barbecues themselves are cheap and easily accessible;
    • are well known, traditional for our country;
    • Free, well, almost free fuel. You can collect branches or saw fallen tree trunks, or at worst use the remains of an old picket fence;
    • However, if we talk about what a traditional barbecue or stone barbecue does not have:

    • , most models do not allow you to adjust the level of fire and provide longer smoldering firewood, as well as a uniform temperature throughout the cycle.
    • The consumption of firewood is quite large, the firewood burns out quickly, due to the large access of oxygen, and you again and again have to report firewood and wait for it to burn out, turning into coal.
    • Long wait and preparation. Saturday barbecue becomes a “big” thing, because you can only cook when the firewood burns out, which means the waiting time will be at least an hour.
    • And most importantly! It is very difficult to cook large pieces of meat or poultry. Leg of lamb, whole chicken. dishes that are difficult to cook on an open grill.

    Nevertheless, I would like to note that progress has touched wood grills, turning them into convenient and multifunctional devices.

    Charcoal grill

    The charcoal grill is a classic and has been used since time immemorial and charcoal grills are growing in popularity. The principle is obvious, coal is placed inside, which smolders for a long time and gives heat, which processes any products that are above it. The main difference from the barbecue and other similar devices lies in the top cover, which, in fact, provides a semblance of an oven, when the heat from the coals covers the cooked dish from all sides.

    Charcoal grilling has a number of advantages:

    • Allows you to cook regardless of the weather, since the temperature in the grill is constant, and only the space inside the grill itself needs to be heated from the coals to the required temperature;
    • can be used for a wider range of dishes from appetizers to desserts, baking bread and pizza;
    • allows you to smoke products;
    • maintains a temperature sufficient for cooking for 3 hours or more, which allows significant fuel savings compared to a barbecue or wood-fired grill;
    • dishes are fried evenly and quickly enough;
    • This grill is more compact than a stone barbecue, for example;
    • compact models can be taken with you to nature;
    • quick warm-up – in 15-20 minutes the equipment is ready for duty;
    • security. Thanks to the spherical lid and the closed design, the grill does not require constant monitoring when it is operating.
    • Grill temperature control and management. Yes Yes. In modern grills, it’s easy and simple!

    Gas grill

    Gas appliances have design features that should be considered. To all the advantages of charcoal grills listed above, you can also add:

    • can cook many portions of dishes at the same time, large grilling surfaces;
    • uniform heat distribution due to the special design of the burner;
    • warms up quickly. The gas grill can be used already 5 minutes after starting;
    • does not require ignition or any other specific skills to turn it on;
    • temperature control. You can perfectly regulate the generated temperature so that the products are fried, not burned, thanks to the built-in high-precision thermometer in the grill lid;
    • Easy to clean. Even if necessary, this is easy to do.

    Which grill to choose?

    Charcoal and wood types are traditional, for many of us the very sacrament of cooking on a “live” fire is fundamentally important. But at the same time, when using coal, heating or ignition is required, which takes 15-25 minutes, under different weather conditions. Well, it will take much more time to ignite and burn firewood. So it’s unlikely that you can cook a barbecue just by coming home from work.

    And the constant need to add fuel is a clear disadvantage of a wood-fired grill if you need to cook several dishes in large enough volumes, say for a large company.

    The main argument in their favor is the unique taste and the very atmosphere of cooking. The gas grill is convenient due to its ease of use and quick warm-up, you just need to turn it on and use it at any time, regardless of the weather. Perhaps the only disadvantage is the need to refill the cylinders.

    In general, each option has its own advantages, but we will always help you decide on your preferences and model.


    Do you want a present?

    According to our practice, 56% of buyers choose the wrong grill for themselves, do not take into account
    features of a particular grill.