Refrigerator cool: Refrigerator Not Cooling? Try These 8 Easy Fixes — Advice from Bob Vila

Refrigerator Not Cooling? Try These 8 Easy Fixes — Advice from Bob Vila


Q: I’m worried that my refrigerator is not cooling. I just pulled out a can of soda that’s barely cold, and I noticed my milk is also warmer than it should be. Why is my refrigerator not cooling properly? Do I have to call a repairman, or is there something I can do to fix it?

A: While some refrigerator cooling problems require professional assistance, don’t call the repairman just yet. You might be able to fix it yourself. It’s certainly worth a shot, too, since the average professional service call can run $150 or more.

Start by noting strange refrigerator noises like scraping, which might indicate a problem with the condenser fan. Check to see if the freezer is working but not the fridge, as it may only be the refrigerator compartment on the fritz. Depending on the cause of your fridge not cooling or freezer not freezing, the following tips might help.

Make sure your refrigerator has power.

A power cord that has worked loose in its outlet or a flipped breaker will shut the entire fridge down. Here’s how to troubleshoot this common issue:

  1. Open the refrigerator door. If the light comes on, the fridge has power and you can move onto other possible solutions.
  2. If the fridge compartment light doesn’t come on, ensure the power cord is firmly plugged into the wall outlet and check for the light again.
  3. If there is still no light, check your main electrical panel for a flipped breaker. Switch it back on if necessary.

Consult your owner’s manual for brand-specific troubleshooting.

When dealing with any brands of refrigerators not getting cold, there might be simple, brand-specific solutions. Peruse your appliance’s user manual for relevant refrigerator troubleshooting steps, tips, and error codes.

Common causes for a refrigerator not cooling likely addressed by your user manual may include:

  • New refrigerators with both compartments set to the correct temperatures take some time to cool. If a freshly installed GE refrigerator’s not cooling immediately, the manufacturer recommends giving its models up to 24 hours to get cold, but this cooling period can range widely between brands.
  • The refrigerator may be set to demo mode (sometimes called cooling off, shop, or display mode). Turning off this setting differs from model to model. As an example, an LG refrigerator not cooling when set to this mode may display “OF” and “F” where the freezer and refrigerator temperature settings normally go. Most LG fridges will exit demo mode and begin cooling if the “Refrigerator” and “Ice Plus/Lock” buttons are held simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  • Your fridge may be too close to nearby walls and cabinets for proper airflow. For both Whirlpool and Samsung refrigerators not cooling due to installation location, the manufacturers recommend at least 1 inch of clearance behind and above a unit, and ½ inch to each side.


Check the refrigerator thermostat settings.

New refrigerators usually come preset at temperatures of around 37 degrees Fahrenheit for the fridge compartment and 0 degrees Fahrenheit for the freezer compartment, the ideal fridge temperature settings.

Thermostat dials inside the fridge and freezer can be accidentally adjusted when inserting and removing items, though. Exterior digital thermostats can also be inadvertently changed by little fingers or by leaning or brushing against the control panel. Many digital panels come with the ability to lock the settings for just those reasons. Whether the temperature controls are located inside or outside, reset them to the settings recommended by your fridge’s user manual if need be.

If you don’t trust the temperature readings you’re getting, or if your old fridge lacks a thermostat, consider purchasing a low-cost refrigerator thermostat to test the temperature yourself.

Test your fridge door seals.

If the magnetic seals or door gaskets on the fridge doors are defective, cool air could be escaping the appliance. Refrigerator door gaskets can grow brittle over time, reducing their ability to form a tight seal. You can test your fridge’s seals using just a dollar bill.

  1. Grab a dollar and open the fridge door.
  2. Hold the dollar bill in place where the gasket and refrigerator meet and close the door.
  3. Pull out the dollar without opening the door.
  4. If you feel resistance when removing the dollar, the seal is still working. If the bill slips out easily, however, you’ll need to replace the door gaskets.

Replacing the gaskets is relatively easy for DIYers. Refrigerator door gasket prices range from around $25 to $85—or more, depending on the brand and model. Check your owner’s manual to ensure you pick the correct replacement gaskets, and look for detailed installation directions in the manual or replacement gasket package’s instructions.

Ensure the refrigerator is level.

A relatively new fridge with good door seals can still leak and fail the above dollar-bill test when the appliance isn’t level. If a refrigerator is leaning in the wrong direction, its doors may not seal tightly enough to keep cold air in.

Set a carpenter’s level on top of the fridge. If the bubble is not centered in the glass tube, adjust the refrigerator’s front legs. Most refrigerator legs can be adjusted with an Allen wrench or adjustable pliers. Consult your owner’s manual for detailed instructions on how to level your appliance.

Clean the condenser coils.


Your fridge contains condenser coils filled with refrigerant. Over time, these coils—which are not in a sealed unit—can become caked with dust, hair, or pet fur, which reduces their cooling ability. Fortunately, cleaning refrigerator coils is simple, requiring only a $10 condenser coil brush and a vacuum to suck up loosened dust. If you find significant buildup on the coils, clean them once or twice annually to keep your fridge cooling properly.

Check to make sure nothing is blocking the air vents.

Cold air circulates through vents running between the refrigerator’s freezer and refrigerator compartments. If an item blocks that airflow, it can result in warmer temperatures in the fridge compartment. Depending on your fridge’s brand and model, its vents could be located along the back or sides of the interior walls. Check your owner’s manual if you have trouble locating them, and double-check your unit for these issues:

  • Cramming too much food in too tight of a space is a common cause of a refrigerator not cooling, as items grouped tightly near a vent can block airflow. Keeping plenty of food products in your fridge helps it maintain a cool temperature, but don’t pack the compartment so tightly that air can’t circulate easily from shelf to shelf.
  • Frost buildup in the freezer also can block vents, reducing or preventing cold air from reaching the refrigerator compartment. If the fridge is not cooling but the freezer works and the latter compartment is heavily frosted over, unplug the fridge and defrost the freezer. Once it melts, plug the fridge back in and allow it to cool properly. It can take an entire day for a heavily frosted freezer to defrost, so plan to store perishable food items in a suitable cooler or a neighbor’s fridge, if possible.

Inspect for problems after a recent power outage.

You’ll know the cause of a fridge not getting cold when your home loses power, and your refrigerator may take a while to reset and cool after an outage. Some refrigerators might need extra user input after a power outage, so refer to your fridge’s manual for specific steps on how to get yours back up and running once power is restored.

If all else fails, call a repairman.


If none of the above refrigerator troubleshooting tips work, the cause might be a defective mechanical component. While it isn’t too difficult to replace some refrigerator components, pinpointing the exact problem can be tricky and require specialized equipment.

The refrigerator compressor, compressor fan, or defrost thermostat might need replacing, which should be undertaken by a licensed professional. If your fridge is still under warranty, note that DIY part replacements may void the warranty. Some service and parts might be so costly that you’re better off replacing a refrigerator that’s stopped cooling, but that should be a last-ditch option.

Final Thoughts

With a little luck and troubleshooting, you can figure out why your fridge is not cooling and potentially solve the problem with a simple fix, like thinning out items to avoid airflow blockage, checking that the appliance has power, or adjusting temperature settings and model-specific functions. You also might learn how to clean refrigerator condenser coils or replace door gaskets on your own in the process. In most cases, though, leave mechanical part replacements to an appliance service pro.

If all else fails, you may find that it’s time to replace your fridge. To avoid that, do all you can to maintain this important kitchen workhorse and extend how long your refrigerator lasts.


The above tips can help when a refrigerator is not cooling, but you might still have one of these common questions.

Q. Why isn’t the refrigerator cold but the freezer is?

If the freezer works but the fridge is not cold, it could be that the damper control that lets cold air into the fridge is broken. The same goes for the fridge’s evaporator fan motor or evaporator coils, upon which frost can build up. A defective thermistor, which monitors the fridge’s temperature, might be the issue. Or it could be a simpler problem, like blocked ventilation to the fridge compartment or worn-out door gaskets letting out cold air.

Q. Should I turn my refrigerator thermostat down if my fridge is packed with food?

During peak usage times, like holidays or when having company over, lower the refrigerator temperature by about 1 degree Fahrenheit to account for more items and time spent with the fridge door open.

Q. How do I reset my refrigerator compressor?

Compressors are what make refrigerators’ trademark humming sound. If you hear your fridge compressor running but not cooling, pull the unit away from the wall and unplug it. Search the user manual for how to activate “Off” or “Zero” settings and set your fridge and freezer to those settings accordingly. Plug in the unit back and set the compartments back to the correct temperature settings. Give the fridge about 24 hours to cool.

Q. How do I know if my refrigerator compressor is not working?

If you hear the refrigerator compressor making odd noises, turning off and on more frequently than usual, or not staying on as long as it should, you might need a replacement. Another way to know if your refrigerator compressor is bad is if the fridge feels warmer to the touch than usual when it’s running.

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Refrigerator Not Cooling: Fix Refrigerator Problems (DIY)

Refrigerator not cooling? Here’s how to fix a refrigeration and some refrigerator troubleshooting

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.


Here’s how to troubleshoot a failing fridge that’s lost its frosty feel. This step-by-step guide will show you how to identify the problem and possibly even fix it yourself. Even if the repair requires a pro, you will be able to show them the problem thus saving them time and you money.

Tools Required

  • Socket/ratchet set
  • Wire stripper/cutter

Materials Required

  • Evaporator fan and/or condenser fan

Why Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling?

There are several possible causes when a refrigerator doesn’t keep your milk cold or your ice cream frozen. Before you attempt more complex repairs, try these simple fixes if your refrigerator is not cooling and if your freezer is not working:

  • Be sure the fridge is plugged in and getting power. The light should come on when you open the door.
  • Check the thermostat to make sure it hasn’t been turned way down by mistake. If your fridge/freezer thermostat isn’t working, you can get these easy to install thermostats on Amazon.
  • Be sure the vents on the back of the freezer compartment aren’t blocked by boxes of ice cream or frozen vegetables— the vents have to be clear for cold air to circulate.
  • Vacuum the coils under or behind the fridge. Clogged coils can cause poor cooling.
  • Check to make sure nothing is stuck in the condenser fan and that it spins freely (models with coils on the back won’t have a fan). To do this, unplug the fridge and pull it out. Clean the fan blades and spin the fan by hand to see if it’s stuck. Plug in the fridge and make sure the fan runs when the compressor is running. If the fan doesn’t run, see the directions below, which show how to replace it.

In this video, we’ll show you some additional tips for troubleshooting refrigerator problems:

Replace the Refrigerator Evaporator Fan

Here are some refrigerator troubleshooting tips to help you zero in on the problem if you notice your fridge not cooling. If you can hear the compressor running but the fridge isn’t cooling, the problem is most likely either frost-clogged evaporator coils or a stuck or broken evaporator fan. Evaporator fans often squeal or chirp when they start to go bad. You’ll know it’s the evaporator fan if the noise gets louder when you open the freezer door. The evaporator coils and fan are located behind a cover in the freezer compartment.

Buy an evaporator fan kit on Amazon.

If you remove the cover inside the freezer and find the coils completely filled with frost, take everything out of the freezer and fridge, unplug it and let it thaw for 24 to 48 hours. Keep a few towels handy to soak up water that may leak onto the floor. When all the frost is melted away, plug the fridge back in. If it works, the problem may be a defrost timer, defrost heater or defrost thermostat. Replacing these parts isn’t difficult, but figuring out which is faulty requires troubleshooting that we won’t cover here. Call a pro if you suspect a problem with these parts.

Normally the refrigerator condenser fan and compressor, located near the floor on the back of most refrigerators, come on when the thermostat calls for more cooling. If you don’t hear the compressor running after the door has been left open for a while, it could mean the condenser fan is stuck or worn out or that the relay or compressor is bad. Learn how to replace the evaporator fan below.

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Originally Published: December 17, 2018

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The minibar is made in black and fits perfectly into any kitchen or kitchen-living room space. Roomy, cools perfectly even in extreme heat! It has an automatic defrosting chamber. Inside the bar there is an adjustable shelf made of glass, a shelf for bottles, an adjustable shelf on the appliance door. It is quite roomy and holds a lot of bottles and snacks. The camera lighting is excellent, you can see everything that is on the shelves. The mini bar keeps the temperature well, wipes clean easily and looks good. It has automatic defrost, which increases its performance for the better.


Turns on and off very often, much more often than a simple refrigerator. Probably, you need to get used to this, over time, these sounds become inaudible.


We bought a mini bar for the country house, we have a sauna built there and we often heat it with friends. To cool drinks, especially beer, we bought this device. The refrigerator has enough space to store drinks and snacks for a large group. Everything is stored perfectly, we have no complaints about this. It keeps the temperature perfectly and it is the same in all its corners. The defrosting of the device is automatic, so there are no problems in this matter. It is easy to clean both inside and out. For washing, I use dishwashing detergent and a simple cloth. Everything washes up great. And finally, the look. He’s great. Our kitchen in the country has changed with his appearance. Excellent quality is immediately visible and it does not fail at all. But it brings great benefits. In it, we always have, in addition to alcoholic beverages, plain water, which helps us out on hot days. Therefore, life in the countryside became more pleasant and freer. I recommend this mini bar to everyone. If you want to live in the country with comfort, then purchase this model!


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My dream came true! I have a separate freezer that fits perfectly, doesn’t take up much space, and does the job well. For lovers of frost and homemade dumplings, this is the best option. Three drawers hold a lot of food, and the largest drawer is specially adapted for containers. freezes everything quickly and reliably, frost does not form. Works not very noisy. A big advantage of the model is that it is quite roomy. Another advantage of this freezer, I consider simple operation. You don’t even need to read the manual. Settings are easy to set using the buttons. So far we are completely satisfied with this freezer. Everything fits and freezes beautifully. There are very nice drawers inside.


Disadvantages and cons in this model of the freezer are completely absent.


I have long wanted to have such a freezer. The kitchen is small, so we decided to build in all the appliances in the kitchen. This freezer is perfect for us. The model was built without any problems. We have become free in the kitchen, as the appliances are now all in the kitchen set. By the way, during installation, we rehung the door so that operation was more convenient and enjoyable. It’s good that in the freezer the drawers themselves are transparent, you can see what is in them, you don’t have to pull it out again. The drawers are large, which is convenient for me. They hold a lot of products. It freezes very quickly which is a plus. I have never had to defrost it yet, because ice does not form on the walls, which is great. I also liked that the freezer can autonomously keep cold for almost a day. This is important for us, as there are frequent power outages. I recommend the model to everyone, it is reliable and easy to use. Buy with pleasure!


Built-in refrigerator SMEG C41941F1


We have been looking for a tall and obligatory built-in refrigerator for a long time. The main criterion was also the presence of automatic defrosting of the chambers. This refrigerator is just the right size! It fits perfectly into our kitchen, looks dignified, a very high appliance, everything fits in it, we can make good stocks of food. Everything is placed on convenient shelves and spacious drawers, there is an egg tray. A lot of products are placed, and they are stored under ideal conditions. I like that there are a lot of shelves in the refrigerator and products can be laid out separately, and these are dairy products, cold cuts and sausages, fruits and vegetables, and so on. The shelves are transparent glass, the drawers are made of good quality plastic, there is no unpleasant industrial smell from the refrigerator, I didn’t wash it, I loaded it right away, everything is fine.


The cost of the refrigerator is very high. We did not dare to make this purchase for a very long time, but the refrigerator suited us in all respects, so we had to purchase it anyway. But, we do not regret the purchase.


Very nice design, in my opinion. Two chambers, the freezer has three drawers. The refrigerator compartment has four adjustable shelves and a drawer for vegetables and fruits. Glass shelves, it is very convenient to wipe with a cloth, and if you spill liquid on a shelf, it will not flow down all the shelves, like with lattice shelves, which also sag. Food stored in the refrigerator compartment is perfect. It also freezes wonderfully, the freezer is very powerful, I have never seen such a quick freezing of food in the refrigerator. I have no complaints or complaints about the refrigerator at all, I can only recommend it and advise it as a reliable and really high-quality device, I am very pleased that I purchased it! Take it and don’t be afraid. Everything has been field tested.


Built-in refrigerator Smeg C8174DN2E


I just experienced all the delights of the refrigerator in the summer, in the summer season. Since I work remotely, I can leave the city for a long time, so we, as a whole family, each with our own laptop, are distributed throughout the territory. But this is not the point, but the fact that I put the home refrigerator on the “Vacation” mode. An ingenious thing so that nothing goes cold inside the refrigerator. We just turn it off in fact, and the freezer remains working. And this mega is just convenient, economical. Despite the fact that when we arrive, there is no mustiness inside. I didn’t understand the issue, but the feeling that some kind of temperature is still maintained, I don’t know, I won’t lie, but it turned out to be a very convenient thing. Another plus for separate boxes. I have fruits in one and vegetables in the other. This division is very convenient. The freezer is like a freezer, nothing remarkable, although I note that the plastic of the boxes is dense, there is no feeling that it is very thin and that it bends under your hands. The door shelves fit snugly against the door, but I wouldn’t say that I have them very loaded by weight.


Well, very wide delivery intervals. Unfortunately, you can not choose any period, well, at least limited to three hours. It’s okay that I’m mostly at home, but it so happened that I was on a business trip, and my husband was in the office and I had to take time off from work until the delivery time, I don’t think it’s always convenient for everyone


Me I would not say that the refrigerator is some kind of mega cool and not real. It is ordinary, modern, with a good set of useful features (I’m all about vacations). I think time will tell about his coolness. I really hope that the white plastic is not yellower, and the transparent plastic of the boxes is not covered with small scratches. So far I really like everything. It is not visible, it keeps food well, inside it smells of freshness, not food. There is no noise at all from him, no gurgling, no rattles. Thank you!


Built-in refrigerator Smeg S8L1721F


Ideal balance between space and number of shelves. The refrigerator is not cramped. Special thanks to the designers who left air in the refrigerator and did not mess with the shelves. I can easily put down a tall carafe of homemade lemonade or a pot of soup. Needless to say, I even kept a bouquet of flowers there)) removed the bottom shelf and my bouquet stood up normally) A huge box for vegetables / fruits. Well, here for an amateur, to be honest. I’m quite ok that it’s just a big box for everything, but, for example, my mother is surprised that it’s so convenient to store. She has an ordinary refrigerator, but with two drawers. I don’t know if it suits me. I don’t have enough veggies to fill an entire box with. Well, a few words about work. Despite the fact that we have both a refrigerator and a freezer, I do not hear any noise at all. Of course, in complete silence, you can determine the work, but this is generally silence and no vibrations in the kitchen set. Everything fits perfectly in size!


For my taste, I would diversify the shelves on the door. They are all the same here, since there is a lid on the top where you can hide medicines that need to be stored in the refrigerator. I would divide large shelves into halves, if not all, but one or two rows for sure, so that it would be possible to somehow store small things separately, visually simply divide the place. Probably like this. For the rest, I like everything.


The kitchen allows us to install both a refrigerator and a freezer, so we decided to make them separate. Lots of space which is very convenient. It was nice that we got free delivery and installation of both items. Thanks a lot! I also want to express my gratitude to the manager Alexander for good advice and help in choosing, because initially I wanted a little differently and even more expensive, but in the end it turned out much better)


Built-in refrigerator SMEG C41941F


In terms of storage, everything is convenient. Five shelves are more than enough, and they can be placed as convenient, for example, so that the height is different. I have all sorts of canned food on top and I don’t need a high shelf, so I made the distance small there, and in the middle there is always a lot of space under a high pot of soup or under a carafe of lemonade. I personally have enough shelves on the door, although my friend says that it’s not enough (she has one row more), but again, everything suits me in terms of the distance between the shelves. The top shelf is closed – I have cosmetics stored there and it is very convenient that they do not come into contact with products, but are located, as it were, behind glass. I have not yet seen that the shelves were heavily loaded, cracked, sagged or something else. The instruction is in Russian, everything was quickly determined with the temperature setting. It cools well both from above and below, it does not smell like food from the refrigerator, by the way. The drawers in the freezer are ordinary, standard, I had the same ones in my last refrigerator, in general, no surprises.


Perhaps it would not be superfluous to make some kind of shelf for freezing ice in the freezer. I prefer to freeze in special disposable bags, while I have food in each of the compartments and I need to put a cutting board first, then put the bag in so that it freezes evenly. In general, with frosts. If there was a separate small narrow shelf under the ice, it would be very convenient, at least for me, because it is a flat surface and there are no smells from the products.


As a result, a good modern refrigerator. Beautiful, not noisy, concise. I like. He came to our kitchen, the door opens 500 times a day, no less, otherwise it doesn’t work with two teenagers) Many thanks for the help! Helped to decide without imposing one’s opinion, as they do in chain stores, well-known to everyone. I really wanted the refrigerator to have a freshness zone, because my previous refrigerator was without it, but with a nofrost system, which, on the one hand, is beautiful, but on the other hand, it dries the food very much. That is, to such an extent that it is impossible to keep the products uncovered, they immediately aired out, very quickly, which is why I needed a freshness zone in which the products remain fresh longer and there is no such airing effect. Here it is very large, roomy. Normally, both fish and chopped vegetables coexist. For example, if I didn’t use the whole cucumber for a salad, then I put it in the freshness zone, where it is stored until the next day, as if I had just cut it. Really like. Another big plus in separate drawers in the refrigerator. Many people don’t like this approach, that in fact the boxes become not very roomy, but for me this is a big advantage, because I don’t have a pantry or something else where you can store potatoes, carrots .. such vegetables, let’s call them soup, are stored in one compartment, and the rest, such as tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers or peppers, in another. On the door it’s good on the shelves, I generally get one that is not even involved. It is convenient to store fabric masks on the top, the compartment is closed, it is high and the risk that children will get there is very minimal. There I also keep children’s candles from the temperature, so it’s great that this compartment has a lid


Not exactly a disadvantage, but a wish. I would like to add circuit delimiters to the shelves on the door so that the long shelf can also be divided into zones) I think that this would be especially convenient for those who are fans of packaged sauces, like mayonnaise. When they are already empty, they do not hold well and such a movable partition would hold them back and it would be convenient)


A wonderful refrigerator, exactly as I wanted. Thank you!


Built-in refrigerator Smeg S8L174D3E


Lots of space, lots of shelves, lots of options for rearranging them. You can make any combination you like. Huge box for vegetables. I further improved this system and added containers so that I could put something separately, the same already cut, but undercut vegetables. In the freshness zone, there are simply ideal conditions for storing chilled fish or meat. I try not to put these two products side by side, but separately the result of storage makes me happy. The product does not dry out, does not get covered with mucus, there is no unpleasant smell, only the smell of freshness. Plus for a shelf with a lid on the door! Convenient to store cosmetics


Perhaps it makes sense for such a large fridge to have vertical lighting to avoid those moments when the top shelves force the light bulb and it produces less light and therefore little reaches the bottom. I try to prevent this, but still, the vertical version would be more logical, in my opinion things without touching and not looking are always scary, it’s still not a blouse that you can try on and return without any problems) And yet, the model is fully consistent with the photo, there are no complaints on this issue. Outwardly, I also did not find any defects, no scratches, no scuffs, everything is even, neat. And another point is that you could immediately buy a freezer that fits this refrigerator on the side of the door opening. In fact, I now have two spacious compartments. Yes, I had to sacrifice a place, but I don’t regret it) a very modern solution turned out and, moreover, convenient. For example, the freezer, to my surprise, is almost completely full) but here I must also say a big thank you to the dacha))


Built-in refrigerator Smeg C8175TNE


The first thing I noticed is that it does not smell of food. Even if I prepared salads and set them down, when you open the door, the smell of food does not knock you off your feet. I don’t know, maybe this should be the case for all refrigerators, but in the old one this rule was not followed, so I paid attention to it like that. Further, the layout of shelves and drawers suits completely. I am very pleased that there is a special shelf for bottles. In appearance, no defects, visually of high quality, let’s see how it will be in operation. I don’t think it will break, but maybe the chrome coating will peel off, well, we’ll see. There are no questions about the boxes at all: roomy. The freshness zone for meat and fish is really working. Products are not covered with mucus, remain fresh, without any odors. If left in the normal compartment and uncovered, you will most likely end up with dry product, because food will “dehydrate” fairly quickly if left uncovered. The freezer is all familiar, three compartments, as I wanted. I didn’t like it with two, there was no place to store vegetables, now in three compartments I have meat, fish, vegetables / ice cream / dough separately. I was pleased with the normal instructions, not “war and peace”, but everything is clear and to the point, with the settings, in general, there were no problems


There is a small minus that the shelves start quite high due to the fact that there are two spacious drawers in the refrigerator. If someone’s children are already warming up food on their own, but not tall, then there may be slight difficulties.


They turned on the refrigerator after it had stood in our apartment, they didn’t turn it on with the courier, only visually examined it. There was a smell of new plastic, but weathered, now it does not smell like anything. I liked that the payment could be made to the courier, and not to pay before the goods were delivered, after all, it costs a lot of money


Refrigerator Smeg SBS8004PO


I wanted just such a refrigerator, so that both the refrigerator compartment is large and the freezer compartment. Space in the kitchen allows, therefore, without much hesitation at the expense of dimensions. I like that the freezer has ordinary shelves, just the usual drawers and compartments on the door (they are always popular with me, by the way). There is also a lot of space in the refrigerator, large drawers, there is a freshness zone – another of my favorite compartments, but I don’t throw everything in there, only when necessary. I often buy chilled fish, here it is well stored there, since the moisture does not leave, the texture does not become any kind of flabby, even after a day the fish is fresh. Vegetables in their department also feel great, and in general, they really began to throw food out of the refrigerator less, because the expiration date allows you to store and process food


There is no closed shelf on the door. There are such directly cleanly closed boxes at the very top (in old refrigerators there is definitely such a thing), there are just transparent lids. They are ideal for storing medicines or masks and other baby supplies. Here I adapted the top shelf for this, but it would still be much better if there was a lid that even just visually differentiated food from non-food, so to speak


I’ll say this, it’s quite a stylistic, specific design. That is, it will not fit into an ordinary gray kitchen, well, or beige, even though it is beige. This is more a story about rustic, retro, classic. In order for the refrigerator to “play” you need to support its idea or buy it to complement the idea. We have such a classic kitchen and I thought it would look cool. But it began to look cool after we changed the handles of the headset. When this “roll call” began, when the image of the kitchen became unified, then everything began to play as it should. The refrigerator is very cool in appearance, it suited me 100%, not only did it fit, it also dictated its conditions. I am definitely satisfied with the purchase and I advise those who make some really interesting story in the kitchen. In my opinion, he alone, as an accent, will look strange.

New at IFA 2020: cool refrigerators from South Korea


lg, LG InstaView, household appliances, Kitchen appliances, refrigerator

On the eve of the virtual exhibition IFA 2020, LG shared information about the new products that will be presented there. Among other things, new refrigerators will be shown: an improved InstaView Door-in-Door model with UVnano function, a new refrigerator-freezer combination, and an InstaView ThinQ model, all of which will preserve food and stand guard over hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen.

Refrigerator LG InstaView Door-in-Door features UVnano, an ultraviolet LED light that disinfects the water dispenser, removing up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. The backlight is activated once per hour, but you can set the interval manually.

Other interesting features include LINEAR Cooling and DoorCooling+. LINEAR Cooling is responsible for minimizing temperature fluctuations (and this, by the way, is the main reason why food spoils quickly) and allows you to more accurately control the temperature. And thanks to DoorCooling+, powerful airflow from the vents will evenly cool every corner of the refrigerator compartment. Everything is done to ensure that the products remain fresh for as long as possible.

The new fridge/freezer combination has the same features. In addition, their rear inner wall received a Metal Fresh metal finish – this solution not only looks stylish, but also keeps the cold in the compartment better. The design was also thought over here – thanks to a flat door and gap-free hinges, devices can be installed close to the wall.

The coolest feature of the LG InstaView ThinQ is the presence of artificial intelligence, with which the purchase and storage of food, its preparation (and even cleaning!) will be much easier. When you put in or take out any product, it is tracked by virtual recognition technology.

Just imagine: the refrigerator itself will offer you options for a delicious dinner based on what is inside it, tell the water purifier how much liquid you need for cooking, set the right temperature in the oven, and even select the optimal cycle for the dishwasher! AI Connect technology, you are perfect! There are also LINEAR Cooling, DoorCooling+ and Metal Fresh.