Price to install remote starter: How Much Does a Remote Starter Installation Cost?

How Much Does a Remote Starter Installation Cost?

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A remote starter is a feature that allows a car owner to start the car with the push of a button.  This can usually be done from up to 2,500 feet away and is helpful in the cold winters.  It also allows you to let your car warm up or cool down while leaving it locked, lessening the threat of theft.

Some new cars can be purchased with remote starters, but a remote starter can be installed separately on any car.  Most of the remote starters also come standard with keyless entry capabilities.  The cost of a remote starter can depend on the features, the age of the car as well as the brand.

How much does a remote starter install cost?

The cost of a remote starter installation will depend on the type, your car’s setup and the service you use.  The starter on its own will retail for $50 to $200, while the installation can be an additional $80 to $150.  With the part included, plan on budgeting $140 to $400.

The most basic remote starter, which only starts, locks, and unlocks your car, will cost between $50 to $75.  These are all prices for the start only and won’t include installation costs by a professional.

The next level of car starters, which has a car alarm in addition to the remote start and keyless entry, will cost about $70 to $120.

A remote starter, keyless entry, alarm, and security system pager will cost between $130 to $180.  This security pager will tell you if a door or trunk is open, if the car is running, if windows are opens, etc.  It will do all of this from up to 2500 feet away.

Advanced car starters that can notify you when the car engine has been turned on as well as can assist with turning on lights.  These same starters can also turn on the defroster, set customized times and more.  Higher end remote starters can cost as much as $400.

Other stores sell car starters as well, stores such as Car-Stuff. com also offers car starters for different types of starters for Hyundai, Ford, Buick, Volkswagen and Toyota are priced $48 to $125.

For example, the highly rated Bulldog RS1100 remote starter retails for $66 to $80.  Easy-to-install, this starter comes with a 4-button transmitter, dedicated start/stop buttons and has a range up to 400 feet.

Noted below are a few quotes we received for a professional remote starter installation.  These prices are for both the starter the installation job.

Model Total
with Installation
Chevrolet Silverado $200 to $375
Ford F-Series $200 to $400
Ford Focus $150 to $300
Ford Fusion $175 to $375
Honda Civic $200 to $350
Honda CR-V $200 to $400
Toyota Camry $250 to $450
Toyota Corolla $250 to $400

We called up a few local shops and asked them what they would charge us.  Here’s what we found:

Company Ballpark Average for JUST Installation
Best Buy FREE (with promotion) to $200+
Midas $180 to $400
Pep Boys $200 to $400
Walmart $115 to $350
Ziebart $250 to $450

What is going to be included in the estimates?

Depending on the company you choose, the actual remote starter kit is the only thing included.  Other companies will include installation in the price, but this is rare.

Two key fobs are included in the purchase of most remote starters.

As for features, car starters will vary.  Some will just start the car, while others may include a trunk release, keyless entry, heated seats and window defrost.

Most remote starters come with some type of limited warranty.

During the installation process, the control module will be mounted and the wires will be connected to the starter, lights and door locks.  The keyless entry will then be installed so you’re able to unlock the doors.  An alarm, if included, will be installed as well.

What are the extra car starter costs?

If you buy the remote starter from a company, such as Commando, the installation will be an extra cost.  Installation instructions can be requested, but it is best to take it to a professional installer.  Car Tunes is an example of a company that will install remote starters.  Installation usually costs between $50-$100.  (You could also purchase the remote starter from them, usually resulting in free installation.)

If the key fob you are given is lost or stolen, there will be an extra cost to replace it or buy a new one.

If you need to get your remote starter uninstalled (if you are turning in a lease or selling the car and wish to keep the starter), there is usually a similar cost to getting the initial installation done.

Repairs down the road may be required if the remote starter fails and work needs to be done.   This work can be done through either via the technician that has done it in the past or through another third-party vendor.

Tips to know:

If purchasing a car remote starter, make sure that the starter is going to work with your car make and model.

Be sure to go to an authorized dealer if you’re going to have a third party install the device.

Most remote car starters won’t start with a manual transmission car.  This is due to the fact that the clutch has to be pressed in to start the vehicle.

If you’re going to have a remote starter system installed, you may also want to consider having an alarm installed with it.  This type of combination package is a great way to save on an alarm.

Top brands to consider:





How can I save money?

Most stores that sell and install remote starters will have them on sale from time to time.  Watch the store ads to get the best price.

Get the remote starter with the least added features for your needs.  For example, if you don’t live in a high-crime area, the car alarm may not be necessary.

Consider the age of the car.  Older cars may not require a remote starter because of it’s age.  It’s unnecessary to install a starter into an older car as it may not last as long as expected.

Consider installing the remote starter on your own.  If you have any sort of car experience, the job isn’t that hard to do.  Consider various resources online that can assist with the installation process.  Trust your gut on this one.  If you feel that you don’t have the necessary experience, it’s best to leave it up to a professional.

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Average Reported Cost: $160

How much did you spend?

How Much Does it Cost to Put in a Remote Starter?

If your vehicle doesn’t have a remote starter system, it’s worth considering adding an aftermarket one for the convenience and security it offers.

Remote starters are standard on most newer vehicles because of the many benefits they provide, including:

  • Warming up and cooling down your vehicle to make it comfortable depending on the weather
  • Ability to use your smartphone as a control for your car
  • Adds additional security for your car
  • Adds resale value to your vehicle

If your vehicle didn’t come with a remote starter, don’t worry because adding one is easy and inexpensive, and we look at how you can do that right now.

Cost of a Remote Start System

An aftermarket remote starter is like any other aftermarket product in that they range in price depending on the features you want. A basic remote start system can be purchased for as little as $99, but that only gets you remote start and maybe unlocking capabilities. However, if you want more bells and whistles like additional FOBs, longer range, a smartphone app, etc., prices can go up to $300, which still isn’t bad.

However, the cost of the unit itself is only half the equation when determining the overall cost of a remote starter installation. Next up, we look at putting the starter in yourself versus having a professional do the job.

Self Installation

Installing a remote starter system yourself is the cheapest option since all you’re paying for is the cost of the remote start system and not the labor. While you may have a few extra expenses such as tools and electrical tape, these are insignificant and won’t add much to the total cost.

However, installing a remote starter isn’t for everyone; people who aren’t handy or don’t enjoy working on vehicles are likely to have a rough go at installation. And while there’s a wealth of information online and tutorials one can follow, these jobs are best left to people with a little ‘know how’ because of the potential to damage your vehicle’s electrical system if you get something wrong. Also, depending on the year in which your vehicle was purchased, you could invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty by installing a remote starter yourself.  

So, if you’ve decided to do it yourself, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Make sure you get the necessary tools for the job and have them laid out before you begin. The last thing you want is to stop what you’re doing to hunt down or have to go buy the tool you need and break your concentration.

Make sure all of your electrical components are working before installation, so you don’t have to guess if the system you need went out because of your facility or if had been out before. 

Most reputable aftermarket remote starters come with detailed instructions, however, if you get stuck, there are plenty of online video tutorials that should get you back on track.

Professional Installation

If you’re not handy, or not familiar with electrical systems and don’t want to risk damaging your vehicle, the best way to get your remote start system installed is to take it to a dealer or to a professional. Having the job done by a professional ensures the job is done right and that all systems will be in working order. Also, many newer vehicles with anti-theft systems require those systems be bypassed when you install a remote starter which is best done by a pro with a working knowledge of a vehicle’s electrical system to ensure the installation doesn’t disrupt the anti-theft device.

So, how much will it cost? Well, the short answer is, it depends on your location and the shop doing the install. 

As mentioned, the cost of the unit itself can run anywhere from $99 to $300 and more, which isn’t bad. However, the price jumps considerably when you take it to a dealer or pro because you have to pay for their labor.

Estimates vary from place to place, but in general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $199 to $699 for installation. But remember, that gets you a professional job that’s done right, and sometimes the work is warranted for a period. 

A remote starter is a superb device that no driver today should be without; it offers security and convenience. And the good news is you can purchase one for very little money and put it in yourself if you know what you’re doing or are good at following directions. However, for best results, take it to a dealer or a pro to ensure no damage is done to your electrical system, your vehicle warranty remains intact, and everything works for the best result.

How much does it cost on average to put autostart on a car

What and how much does it cost?

The principle of operation of automatic start

Installing auto start on a car means coordinating a huge number of nodes and systems with each other. This is a bit like the work of the nervous system. It should be understood that the stable operation of the engine depends on how well the installation is carried out. Here are the processes that take place in a car with autorun:

  • Preheater starts first.
  • Fuel must be supplied.
  • When the system is turned on, the alarm must also be turned on.
  • Then the ignition system is activated.
  • The composition of the air-fuel mixture is stabilizing.
  • The starter is energized.
  • When the process is completed, a notification will be sent to the key fob or phone.

As you can see, the participation of a person is necessary only for the installation of the automatic launch complex, he does everything else himself.

Types of autorun

It must be understood that the price of the autorun complex for a car primarily depends on the functions it performs . And the more these functions, the higher the cost will be. Therefore, before buying, you need to decide exactly which options are preferred for the car, and which you can do without. There are four main types of autoruns:

  1. Connected to the alarm.
  2. Timer – they turn on and off automatically or at the time set by the driver.
  3. Radio systems. The radius of their action can reach 500 m.
  4. GSM is the simplest and most modern complex. It can be controlled remotely, with the help of messages – this is its main advantage.

The price of an alarm with auto start depends on the brand of the car and on the type of alarm installed. Average prices for the installation of autorun systems: for foreign cars – 3500-7000 rubles ., for domestic cars – 3000-4000 rubles ., for the keyless crawler of the installed immobilizer – 8000-9000 rubles . The exact cost in each service station is assigned separately.

Autorun installation

It is best to entrust the installation of the complex to professionals and contact a dealer or service center. This is the most reliable option if there is not enough knowledge on how to connect autorun with your own hands, if there is no idea about the alarm connection points. If all of the above is available, the installation, in principle, can be carried out independently.

At the dealership

Modern official dealers in the process of selling cars install various additional equipment on them, including an alarm with auto start. This process is not voluntary. If the owner of the car refuses to install an alarm, this may lead to the fact that he will be denied a guarantee. Installation costs under these conditions are low and often included in the price of the machine itself.

Service Center

If you buy a used car, or just want to change the device, you should contact the service center. They will definitely make the installation professionally, as well as strictly observe the deadlines for the completion of work, helping to protect the car from theft and make it more convenient to drive. Services of such a plan are provided at a very reasonable cost, and at the same time other equally important advantages are provided:

  • Installation work performed at the service center will be guaranteed for a year.
  • There will also be a manufacturer’s warranty on the equipment itself installed there.
  • All paperwork is provided to help maintain the warranty.

Now service centers are installing all modern types of alarms, including those with automatic start.


If the prices seem too high, theoretically, you can install autorun yourself, however, the masters strongly do not recommend doing so. It is better to turn to professionals who know exactly what they are doing, even if the cost of their work is high. But this way you can be sure that the complex will work for a long time and stably, making your life a little more comfortable.

How much does an alarm with auto start cost and is it needed?

Many car owners like an alarm with auto start. Its price is slightly higher, but the benefits are significant.

This is especially felt in winter, when you are in a hurry, and you need to tear off the ice from the glass or dig out the car. Other drivers willingly use auto-start of the engine and can leave the house on time. You can start the engine automatically from a key fob or a mobile application, depending on the specific security system. By the way, the function can also be used when the car does not need to be warmed up, but rather cooled down.

What are the methods for starting the engine?

1. Autostart from key fob. If the car is parked near the house or work, and the driver is near the car.

2. Auto start via timer. You can set specific time intervals from 2 to 24 hours. This is convenient if the driver leaves the car for a certain number of days so that the car does not freeze.

3. You can set the engine to start automatically based on the engine temperature. Then it will start if its temperature drops. This is convenient when you have to leave the car for a short time, but the driver needs the car to be ready for the trip.

4. Scheduled setting. The car starts at a specific time indicated by the driver. Convenient when you check out at the same hour every day.

Where to buy a car alarm with auto start?

On well-known Internet services such as Rozetka, Hotline,, in online stores, and in auto shops. Almost all car safety systems you will not buy directly from the manufacturer. The exception is Benish GPS – these systems can be purchased on the official website, without intermediaries.

Prices for car alarms with auto start are different: from UAH 15,000. at 37 900 UAH. and higher when it comes to systems for luxury cars. The cost of security systems depends on the brand and the number of functions. Installation usually lasts from 4 to 8 hours. How much does it cost to install an alarm with auto start can be seen in the table below.

The best alarms with auto start, prices Installation cost, UAH 4 800 – 6500 Pandora 13700 – 37900 4000 – 7000 Starline 5 125 – 15 200 3 500 – 6 5000 Prizrak 14 600 – 20 100 3,500 – 5,000 Magnum 6 900 – 10 100 3 500 – 5 000

* as of the end of 2022

Car alarm installation with auto start and turbo timer

A turbo timer is installed on a car where the engine is turbocharged. The driver turns off the engine and the turbo timer keeps it idling for 1-3 minutes. This time is enough for the turbine temperature to decrease to a safe level.

StarLine and Pandora systems usually have a turbo timer option. It can also be configured on Benish auto security systems.

  • Installing a car alarm with a turbo timer costs from 1750 UAH.
  • Installation of a car alarm with auto start — from 2500 UAH.

Consider the advantages of autorun

  1. Using a car becomes much more comfortable. In winter, you can preheat the interior, and in the hot season, turn on the air conditioner remotely to cool the car.
  2. Automatic engine start saves time.
  3. Temperature autostart allows you to increase the life of the engine. This is due to the fact that the engine does not get cold, which means that its parts wear out less intensively, and it will last longer. 9
    • Increased fuel consumption.

    When starting the engine, part of the fuel burns out. If, for example, you set the autostart to temperature, the engine will start several times a night. This means that some part of the fuel will be burned “for nothing”.

    • If the settings are incorrect, the battery can be drained.

    The starter requires a certain amount of electricity to start the engine. In order not to be upset in the morning because of a discharged battery, in the settings, select the engine running time for at least ten minutes. This is enough for the battery to recover the spent charge.

    • To prevent the car from “rolling” from the parking lot while the engine is warming up, it must be put on the handbrake.

    But during the cold season, this can cause some problems. Brake pads can freeze overnight. The risk is especially great if it was raining in the evening, and frost picked up at night. In such weather, before you put the car on manual, press the brake pedal a couple of times.

    • Car alarms with auto start of some brands slightly reduce the level of protection against thieves.

    Usually, most auto-protection systems with an auto-start function are installed bypassing the immobilizer, which somewhat simplifies the tasks of car thieves. However, if your car “sleeps” in the parking lot, or in your own garage, this is not so important.

    But this does not apply to the Benish GPS auto protection system. The principle here is different, therefore, in auto-protection systems from Benish, the autorun function does not affect the security functions of the system in any way.

    Do you need an alarm with auto start function?

    The main task of the alarm with auto start is to provide the driver with additional comfort when operating the car, which it copes with quite successfully. There are drawbacks, but they are not significant. The only significant disadvantage is the increase in fuel consumption.