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Quiet Portable Ceramic Tower Heater with Wide Oscillation

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Key Features

  • Wide-angle oscillating fan quickly heats up to 110 square feet of personal space. 
  • Portable, lightweight design has an integrated handle to carry anywhere. 
  • Quiet fan distributes heat without disturbing work or sleep. 
  • Easy operation with 2 heat modes and adjustable temperature control. 
  • Built-in safety features include overheat and tip-over protection. 

Product Details

Spot Heater for Small Spaces

Combat winter’s chill with this portable ceramic space heater. Ideal for warming personal spaces like your cubicle or a small bedroom up to 110 square feet, this heater features a wide-angle fan to quickly distribute heat and keep you toasty.  

Portable, Lightweight Design

Take this heater anywhere you need a little comfort boost during the cold winter months. The lightweight body has an carrying handle for portability, while the compact design packs away easily when winter ends.  

Quiet, Fan-Assisted Ceramic Heating

This portable heater combines the efficiency of a ceramic heating element with the power of a tower fan to deliver a steady stream of warm air to your work area. The fan is silent for distraction-free heating. 

Easy Operation and Intuitive Controls

Choose from 2 heat settings to take charge of your comfort. You can use the fan with both high and low heat settings for total control. Just turn it on, set the temperature dial, and enjoy the warmth. 

Smart Safety Features

This ETL-certified space heater features a 120v plug and an automatic shut-off function that prevents overheating. There’s also an anti-tip switch that detects a fall and shuts the heater down immediately to prevent accidents.  

1. Spot Heater for Small Spaces

Combat winter’s chill with this portable ceramic space heater. Ideal for warming personal spaces like your cubicle or a small bedroom up to 110 square feet, this heater features a wide-angle fan to quickly distribute heat and keep you toasty. 

2. Portable, Lightweight Design

Take this heater anywhere you need a little comfort boost during the cold winter months. The lightweight body has an carrying handle for portability, while the compact design packs away easily when winter ends.  

3. Quiet, Fan-Assisted Ceramic Heating

This portable heater combines the efficiency of a ceramic heating element with the power of a tower fan to deliver a steady stream of warm air to your work area. The fan is silent for distraction-free heating. 

4. Easy Operation and Intuitive Controls

Choose from 2 heat settings to take charge of your comfort. You can use the fan with both high and low heat settings for total control. Just turn it on, set the temperature dial, and enjoy the warmth.  

5. Smart Safety Features

This ETL-certified space heater features a 120v plug and an automatic shut-off function that prevents overheating. There’s also an anti-tip switch that detects a fall and shuts the heater down immediately to prevent accidents. 

California Residents: See the Proposition 65 warning

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information click here.


  • Model: NIh210WH00
  • Product Type: Tower Ceramic Heater 
  • Product Dimensions: 7.25″D x 4.25″W x 24.20″H
  • Product Dimensions w/ Base: 11.20″D x 7.20″W x 24.20″H
  • Product Weight: 10. 40 lbs.
  • Application: Used to heat seating areas and desks
  • Type: Space Heater
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Coverage Area: 105 square feet
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Watts: 1500 watts
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Certifications: ETL , UL , CUL
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Louvers: No
  • Installation Type: Plug-In
  • Built-In Thermostat: Yes
  • Thermostat Type: Single Pole
  • Wall Mountable: No
  • Ceiling Mountable: No
  • Includes Mounting Bracket: No
  • Temperature Range: 41-95
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Yes
  • Carrying Handle: Yes
  • Includes Plug: Yes
  • Plug Type: 240V Plug
  • Power Cord Length: 6
  • Alarm: No
  • Automatic Temperature Control: No
  • Fan Delay Function: No


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What Is an Oscillating Heater? (5 Example + Infographic!)

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“A particular mechanism of a space heater that allows the heater’s body or sometimes  FINs of air vents to twist left/right or up/down on a rhythmic pattern is called oscillation.” 

However,  Oscillating Heater is a space heater with that particular feature.

  • Oscillation enhances the heating performance by dynamic air circulation from corner to corner.
  • Or it reflects radiated heat towards a broad direction such as 160°. 

Results? You get better comfort even in a lower insulated space. Importantly, it allows the Heater to provide a wider heating zone with a lower BTU.

Wanna learn briefly about oscillating heaters? Let’s dive in…

Types of Oscillating Heater

In 99% of cases, the oscillating feature comes with electric heaters and air-conditioners. Also, few fan forced gas heaters offer oscillation, though they require electricity to be functional.

However, all their oscillation mechanisms work on a core procedure, which I will describe later in this article with the heading “How does oscillation work?

Here’s a list of oscillating heaters that’s available online and offline.

  • Tower type oscillating heater
  • Fan forced oscillating heater
  • Halogen radiant oscillating heater
  • Lasko Ceramic oscillating heater
  • Hot & Cold air conditioner with Oscillation Feature.

Lasko ceramic and hot/cold air conditioner’s oscillating mechanism works slightly differently, so I’ve mentioned that in the description.

Tower Heater With Oscillation

Tower heaters are a particular type of fan-forced electric heater, and most of them come with the oscillating feature.

They contain BLOWER ROTOR instead of fan blades to pass the hot air through the heating elements forcefully. Rotor blows air better than fan blades. As a result, they heat the room with an enhanced CFM rating.

The oscillating mechanism remains integrated with the foot padel of those tower heaters. Usually, they offer an almost 160-degree heating zone by oscillation.

While placing a tower-type oscillating heater, the hot air directly reaches your bed or the sitting position.

My Favourite Tower Type Oscillating Heater – Lasko 5586

The heating tower (body) of Lasko 5586 stays stand on a 10.5 inches diameter round plate. When the heating tower being oscillated, the foot remains to stand still.

As I’ve interviewed a few long-term users, the oscillating feature remains functional throughout the lifespan, and I haven’t found any complaint getting it defected.

Features I love

  • 160 Degree Oscillation
  • 900W/1500W duel heating mode
  • Remote control that works from 12 feet distance. 
  • Elegant LED display
  • Tip-Over Protection
  • 8 Hour Timmer
  • Wide range of temperature with electronic thermostat.

Fan Forced Oscillating Heater

These are the most basic and standard electric space heaters that come with the oscillating feature. Some of them contain a ceramic frame inside the chassis to hold the heating elements. 

Their core mechanism, heating elements, oscillator components are almost similar to the tower-type oscillating heaters. Only these models use fan blades instead of a blower rotor.

My favorite- ASTERION Oscillating space heater

Asterion is the most elegant-looking oscillating heater with a ceramic molded heating element and futuristic features among all other standard modes from this generic.

Along with oscillation, you can twist its neck up and down to position the airflow direction towards your bed or the sitting zone. Asterion’s oscillation provides around a 170-degree heating area with the same servo motor as the Lasko 5586. 

Features of Asterion

  • 170 Degree Oscillation
  • 900W/1500W/ECO and Fan mode
  • Freeze protection
  • 15 feet long-distance remote control.
  • Greenlight Elegant LED display
  • Tip-Over Protection
  • 8 Hour Timmer
  • 60℉- 90℉ of temperature with electronic thermostat.

Halogen Radiant Oscillating Heater 

American peoples are primarily familiar with halogen patio heaters, but portable halogen heaters containing the oscillating feature aren’t as popular as those fan-forced or tower-type heaters.

Instead of raising the room temperature halogen, oscillating heaters are mainly used for personalized heating in uninsulated or open spaces. 

However, halogen tubes work as the heating elements, and a reflector focuses the radiated heat towards its front, covering a wide area. As the infrared wave directly penetrates the object, the unit doesn’t require raising the air temperature. 

If you gossip sitting with family and friends in the living room, conservatory, or any open space, placing an oscillating halogen heater in the middle portion will provide you a wave of warmth without any vital insulation.

Finally, you might know that halogen heaters transmit heat with infrared radiation. If you are interested in choosing an infrared model, then I’ve written an article on “Perfectly Sizing an Infrared Heater“ here.

My favorite Oscillating halogen heater – Comfort Zone CZHTV9

The first reason I prefer Comfort Zone CZHTV9 is its ultra-quiet operation. The only moving components inside this halogen oscillating heater are its servo motor and adjacent gear, that the reason behind its silence.

While working on a desk, alighting a single halogen tube will produce sufficient heat to give you comfort, and both of its tubes might be used during snowfalls.

The oscillation mechanism of Comfort Zone works fine, but the single complaint of mine is its narrow twisting radius. 

Highlighted Feature of CZHTV9 Oscillating Heater

  • 70 + 70 Degree Oscillation on each side.
  • 750W + 750W dual halogen tubes
  • Pin drops silent operation.

Ceramic Heater with Oscillating Feature

Generally, the heating element of fan-forced and tower-type electric heaters remains attached with a ceramic chassis. Thus they are called a ceramic heaters. But there is a particular model with a little bit more.

My favorite – Lasko Ceramic Oscillating Heater

The most unique-looking ceramic oscillating heater I’ve ever seen in my life is Lasko 6405. Not only the out looking, but it’s also building material, the oscillating mechanism is entirely different.

As the item is designed like a flower vase, the whole body stands on a metal stand. Notably, the SERVO motor remains attached to the metal foot and oscillates the entire heater’s chassis. 

More clearly, to visualize its oscillating mechanism, have a quick look at the upper demographic Image. 

Here the servo motor base carries the entire weight of the heater. However, the baseplate is too rugged to last for long years.

My favorite facts

  • Most elegant design
  • Ultra-quiet oscillation
  • 750W & 1500W heating
  • 4 Hour Timer
  • Electronic thermostat 60F to 90F MAX

Oscillating Heater/AC Combo

Lastly, the space heating device you may get is a portable, oscillating air conditioner with hot and cool functionality. They work on heat pump mechanisms using a compressor, and inside the air vent’s there are multiple fins with integrated oscillating functionality.

Importantly, these are the only devices that offer a FOUR Way oscillation feature.

My favorite Oscillating Heater with Air Conditioner

I prefer BLACK+DECKER among other similar items for three main reasons.

  • Strong airflow with four-way oscillation
  • 350 Square feet heating coverage 
  • Multiple functioning mode with heating/cooling/dry and fan only to utilize them season-wise according to demands.

Black Decker’s oscillation works slightly differently comparing electric space heaters. Instead of twisting the whole chassis, the air vent’s fins move ups and down using a shaft connected with the servo oscillator. 

Also, the internal fins could be twisted left and right, so that you get the ultimate freedom of aiming the airflow towards your exact direction.

How does oscillation work in a space heater?

The heart of the oscillating mechanism is the SERVO, an electrical motor that spins clockwise and counterclockwise by maintaining a periodic motion. They could be both AC and DC. 

To learn about how oscillation works, the first step should be to understand the mechanism of SERVO. To avoid complications, I will only demonstrate the DC servo mechanism with an Infographic.

Firstly, here you are watching the core DC motor with connecting points “A” and “B.”

  • If you connect the DC (+) pole directly with the point “A” and (-) pole with point “B,” the motor will start spinning. The spinning direction might be either clockwise or counterclockwise; think, in this case, it’s clockwise.
  • If you alter the connection, DC (-) to A and (+) to B, then the spinning direction will be the opposite way. 

The relay automatically alters the connection (+)/(-), maintaining a specific period. That delay might be 10 sec or anything else. In most cases, it’s 10 sec for electric oscillating heaters.

This whole setup is called SERVO. 

Let’s discuss the oscillation mechanism of the space heater.

A half-round (moon-shaped) gear remains attached with the circular footplate. Another gear connected to the SERVO touches that moon-shaped gear through the central heater’s body.

While the SERVO motor spins, the gear comes to position X, then goes back to position Y. Thus, it maintains its oscillation on a periodic motion.

Except for this mechanism, there are several few more oscillator equipment. But, all those space heaters and air conditioner oscillations follow this core procedure.

2-Side vs 4-Side oscillating Heater. 

In four-way oscillation, one set of fins oscillate left and right, and another set of fins oscillate ups and down, remaining in front of the air vent.

It’s a very rare feature that I’ve hardly found in some air conditioners. Though, many space heaters’ neck is twistable up and down manually along with motorized left/right oscillation.

In four-way oscillation, you get the ultimate freedom to place your heater as you can get the hot air wherever you need it. No matter you keep sitting on the floor or inside your recliner, the oscillator fins will find you in any direction.

But, the drawback is, four-way oscillation’s defecting rate is high, which is my personal experience. 

On the other hand, two-way oscillation is highly available. Even hardly you will find a space heater that doesn’t come with an oscillating feature. 

Though they don’t oscillate ups and downs, manually adjusting the height, you may enjoy a warm air breeze with left/right oscillation.

The advantage is two-way oscillation hardly gets defective. In 99% of cases, they last till the heater’s lifespan.

To learn it visually, you may watch the video on “What is a servo motor and how does it work?”

Drawbacks of an Oscillating Heater?

Hardly, I can find out a few drawbacks of the oscillating feature. Though, all of them are extremely rare.

Firstly, I used a NOVA oscillating heater, whose neck got loosened and could not be repaired. As a result, the heater didn’t hold its standing position and bowed down.

I’ve found a neighbor’s heater. In this case, the servo gear was eroded. A clicking noise was coming through while turning on the oscillating feature, and the oscillation was getting delayed. It was an old Lasko heater and the warranty period expired. Finding no sphere parts, we could not repair it. 

All these scenarios are very unfamiliar. Currently, I’m using my De’Longhi DCH5915ER for the last couple of years, and still, it’s working like new.

Why does a gas or kerosene heater doesn’t contains an oscillating feature?

Gas and kerosene heaters come in three forms. 

  • Convection 
  • Radiant
  • Forced Air

Convection and radiant models don’t have a single electronic component inside, and I already have explained an electrical SERVO is the heart of oscillation.

Additionally, convection or radiant heaters are gigantic; their heat output remains around 10K to 30K BTU/hr so that they can raise the temperature of the entire space. In that scenario, they don’t require an oscillation.

Lastly, the forced air, kerosene, and propane heaters produce more than 50K to 200K+ BTUs and are usually essential for garage or uninsulated construction side. 

Though all those torpedo construction heaters or garage heaters use electricity for ignition and blow out the air, those gigantic power producers don’t require an oscillation, as they can easily make your place toasty.

So, that’s the basic reason why gas or kerosene heater doesn’t come with an oscillating feature.

What can You do if Your Space Heater Doesn’t Have an Oscillating Feature?

Primarily, if your space heater can raise the whole room temperature, it doesn’t even require an oscillation. This scenario is applicable for insulated bedrooms.

But, some particular space heaters can raise the whole room temperature, but they pass heat in a single direction.  

Blue flame heaters are the best example of this category. Yes, they are an ultra-efficient, fantastic choice as a greenhouse heater and can produce a massive 20K to 30K BTU/hr heat, but the temperature climbs towards the roof.

In this scenario, you might place a simple, functional table fan just at the top of the heater. As the fan has an oscillating feature that will spread the heat nicely towards your spaces like a greenhouse, garage, or large commercial areas.

Does oscillation increase heating performance?

Yes, for uninsulated spaces, and NO for insulated rooms.

Think of a bedroom that remains highly insulated during winter. If you place the heater on the floor with a preset temperature, your entire room will get warmed. No matter where you sit or sleep, you will feel the whole comfort in any corner of the room.

The problem will appear when you sit with multiple family members inside a large living room, where the heater can’t produce sufficient heat to raise the whole space temperature. There the oscillating feature will help you a lot by providing warm waves equally to every single member.


An oscillating heater won’t increase your heater’s BTU but enhances your comfort with a broader heating zone. 

Additionally, an oscillating feature doesn’t increase the heater’s price that much, and operational cost remains totally the same whether you use the oscillator or not.

So, there’s no reason to choose an oscillating heater instead of a fixed one. 


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The heater is equipped with a 3D fireplace projector that creates a unique atmosphere.

not only feel warm, but also see!

Modern, very powerful column radiator!

  • automatic maintenance of the desired room temperature (just set the desired temperature on the display)
  • heating power adjustment from 1000 to 2000 W b >
  • device overheating protection
  • LCD display
  • 2 in 1 heating or cooling function (fan)
  • touch panel or remote control
  • 90 024 automatic oscillation (self-rotation during operation)
  • strong airflow b> provided by large built-in fan wheel
  • current ambient temperature measurement
  • timer, time setting 1-12 hours
  • remote control storage shelf

Certificate: CE, ROHS

Ideal as:

    900 18 bathroom radiator
  • radiator room heater
  • travel heater
  • children’s room heater
  • bedroom heater
  • garage heater
  • boat heater

Automatic temperature maintenance

Adjustment of heating power from 1400 to 2000 watts

Set the desired temperature in heating the body can be a special button on the control panel or remote control, for example, 25 ° C • When the ambient temperature reaches 25°C, the heater will automatically turn off. When the temperature falls below 25°C, the heater will automatically turn on.

The heater has 2 operating modes. The first mode uses half of the heater power, i.e. 1000 W. In the second mode, the device operates at full power of 2000 watts.

3D Fireplace Projector

The flame moves and the light spreads around the room like a traditional fireplace.

Mood night lamp

A modern projector that creates the effect of a traditional fireplace. The flame in the projector is moving, it comes from the imitation of wood that is arranged in the projector. This effect allows not only to feel, but also to see the heat emanating from the radiator.

The projector also doubles as a moody night light, illuminating the room with warm, atmospheric light. The projector can be turned off so that the light does not disturb your sleep.

The projector can be turned off so that it does not disturb your sleep.

Automatic oscillation 70°

Timer from 1 to 12 hours

The device is equipped with an automatic oscillator, so the radiator distributes heat over a larger area than in the case of radiators without oscillation. The device automatically rotates to the right and left in the range of 70°C.

The sleep timer allows you to set the operating time of the device in the range from 1 to 12 hours.

Automatic shutdown after tipping over

Overheating protection

The heater at the bottom of the base is equipped with a special sensor that determines the position of the device. If the heater is knocked over, for example by animals, the heater switches off automatically.

An overheating protection is an additional protection for the radiator.

Quiet operation

Sound sleep

The heater is extremely quiet. The operation of the device will not disturb the sleep of even the most sensitive baby.

Technical data:

  • Power: 1000W/2000W (1st/2nd heating level)
  • Model: DM-PTC-2071L
  • Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz
  • remote control
  • autonomously activated electric fireplace
  • 2 operating modes (heating stage 1, heat stage 2)
  • safety switch in case of tipping over or overheating
  • automatic oscillation
  • temperature adjustment in the range of 15-45 degrees C
  • timer (1-12h)
  • height: 65cm
  • base diameter: 21cm 90 019
  • power cable length: approx. 140 cm

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How does induction heating work? – nagrevtrub.ru

Induction equipment is widely used in manufacturing, construction and repair, when heat treatment of materials is required. Thermal impact can be carried out with temperatures from 100°C to 1250°C both on the surface of the product and on the entire workpiece.

The induction heating method is used for a wide range of applications:

  • To prepare units for service;
  • When performing welding work;
  • When processing welds;
  • For all types of heat treatment of metals.

The principle of operation of induction units

The principle of operation of induction heating is to convert a magnetic field into thermal energy, which causes a rapid heating of the part. The exposure technology is completely non-contact – a high-frequency current provokes a change in the electromagnetic field in the part with the release of heat.

Fig. 1 Pipe induction plant

All conductive materials can be subjected to induction heating. Thanks to this, it became possible to carry out heat treatment of any parts from:

  • brass;
  • copper;
  • steel;
  • non-ferrous metals;
  • ferrous metals;
  • electrically conductive ceramic;
  • other compounds, alloys.

You can change the heating temperature using an automatic control panel, which ensures high safety in production.

The principle of operation of induction systems

Devices sold by Nagrevtrub allow you to quickly heat the metal to red in a few minutes, for example, for a bearing weighing 1 kg, it takes up to 2.5 minutes.

This result is achieved as follows:

  1. An alternating current passes through an inductor, which is an oscillatory circuit of an induction coil and a capacitor bank, which creates an alternating magnetic field. The generator supplies power. The more turns of the coil and the higher the current strength, the stronger the magnetic field.
  2. The resulting eddy currents in the inductor (Foucault currents) create a powerful electromagnetic field that passes to the metal (Joule-Lenz circuit). Workpieces that need heating are placed close to the inductor or in the inductor.
  3. When currents pass through the product, they are converted into heat energy, causing heat generation. The larger the magnetic field, the more the object will heat up. Due to the resistance of two opposite magnetic fields (object and inductor), gradual heating is carried out from the surface of the material to its center. The depth of heating can be influenced by changing the frequency of the transducer down.

Induction heaters are designed exclusively for conductive materials.

The versatility of industrial induction heaters

Induction heaters are used for a wide range of metal work:

  • tempering to achieve plasticity and toughness of blanks;
  • welding for the manufacture of electric-welded pipes;
  • annealing in the production of rolled pipes, strips, wire;
  • Fast cooling hardening to improve wear resistance of parts;
  • brazing two materials by melting filler metal;
  • bonding of polymers, drying of adhesives, hardening of binders.