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Top 40 movies you must have on Blu-ray




‘Alien Anthology’

For those of you who might own the “Alien Quadrilogy” DVD box set, we’ve got some bad news: this new HD version is really pretty spectacular. “Alien” and “Aliens” have all-new 4K resolution video transfers (“Alien 3” and “Alien Resurrection” also have updated video transfers but they’re not brand new) and the sound has been upgraded to 5.1 lossless mixes (DTS-HD Master Audio format) across the board. Around the office, we’re calling this the new black-level torture test for our TV reviews and while we won’t get into all the extras, there are plenty.

See pricing for “Alien Anthology” from


‘Apocalypse Now (Three-disc Full-disclosure Edition)’

As its title implies, in the box you’ll find three discs that pull together “The 1979 Cut,” the longer “Apocalypse Now Redux,” and the “Hearts of Darkness” documentary. Both versions of the film are presented in high definition for the first time from a 1080p transfer “supervised” by Francis Ford Coppola. You also get a bunch of extras, which gives fans of “Apocalypse” a lot to chomp on.

See pricing for “Apocalypse Now (Three-disc Full-disclosure Edition)” from



While hardcore Avatar fans will prefer the Three-Disc Extended Collector’s Edition, others might make do with the cheaper bare-bones theatrical release. With no letterbox bars above and below the image on wide-screen TVs (Director James Cameron wanted the Blu-ray to preserve the true 16:9, or 1.78:1 aspect ratio) and stellar audio and video quality, “Avatar” is great way to show off your home theater.
See pricing for “Avatar (theatrical release)” from
See pricing for “Avatar (Three-Disc Extended Collector’s Edition)” from


‘Back to the Future (25th Anniversary Trilogy)’

While the first movie in the trilogy is certainly the best, “Back to the Future” fans will be happy to note this the best the films have looked. Yes, there’s some film grain (it’s supposed to be there), so the video doesn’t look razor sharp, but all in all this is an impressive package with the most complete set of “Back to the Future” extras to date.

See pricing for “Back to the Future” (25th Anniversary Trilogy)” from Amazon. com.


‘Black Hawk Down’

This one has awesome reference-quality sound and near-reference picture quality.
See pricing for “Black Hawk Down” from


‘Blade Runner’

“Blade Runner” may not have the ultimate audio or video quality, but this newly remastered version is splendid compared with the poor original DVD. Better yet, this collection comes with every version of the movie ever released.
See pricing for “Blade Runner” from



Though Paramount has received some criticism for the video quality of its “Gladiator” Blu-ray, “Braveheart” has fared much better, getting high marks for both picture and sound. We agree–and also like the replay value on this one.
See pricing for “Braveheart” from

‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’


‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’

We’re still waiting for “Lawrence of Arabia” on Blu-ray but at least another David Lean classic–and arguably, one of the best films of all time–has come to Blu-ray in a completely new remastered version. More specifically, this includes a new 4K “digital restoration,” as well as 5.1 surround-sound audio.

See pricing for “The Bridge on the River Kwai” from


‘Casino Royale’

We were considering the newer “Quantum of Solace” for our Bond pick, but “Casino Royale” is a much better movie.

See pricing for “Casino Royale” from


‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’

The disc includes all three cuts of the Spielberg classic, which has been remastered and looks and sounds about as good as it could on Blu-ray. (At the time of this writing, it was also selling for an affordable $11.99 on Amazon.)
See pricing for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” from


‘Dark City – Director’s Cut’

Before “The Matrix,” there was “Dark City,” and though it didn’t make our earlier lists, now that Amazon has it on sale for $9.99, we felt it should be added. The video quality isn’t perfect (video sticklers will notice some edge-enhancement in spots), but it’s a whole lot better than the DVD, and the audio’s generally excellent.

See pricing for “Dark City” from


‘The Dark Knight’

Want some dark material to see how black the blacks are on your TV? Megahit “The Dark Knight” is just the ticket. The sound’s pretty impressive, too. Just don’t be freaked out by the fact that the aspect ratio switches from letterbox (2.35:1) to full wide screen (1.85:1) to maintain the full resolution of the IMAX action scenes.

See pricing for “The Dark Knight” from


‘Doctor Zhivago’

A number of readers were unhappy we hadn’t included any David Lean films on our list, but the fact is, aside from a “Passage to India,” his films weren’t out on Blu-ray. Now comes “Doctor Zhivago,” which gets high marks for its video quality (it’s grainy in spots but that’s the way the film looked). As far as the sound goes, some critics have said the new surround mix is far from perfect, but fans of this classic won’t be disappointed.
See pricing for “Doctor Zhivago” from


‘Fight Club’

Initially, there was a slight bit of controversy over this release because Amazon currently has “Fight Club” for $13. 99–a relative bargain in our book.

See pricing for “Fight Club” from



After initially putting out a “Gladiator” Blu-ray with less than optimal video quality (some have described it in much worse terms), Paramount has released a remastered version that’s worthy of our list. (Note: If you bought the original “Gladiator” Blu-ray, Paramount has a by-mail trade-in program that gets you the new version).
See pricing for “Gladiator” from


‘The Godfather–The Coppola Restoration’

Originally, we didn’t have the “Godfather” trilogy on the list. However, now that we’ve expanded the list to include more discs, there was no way to leave it off. We’re not fans of the “The Godfather: Part III,” but the discs currently aren’t sold separately (and this package is down to $50).
See pricing for “The Godfather–The Coppola Restoration” from



Arguably one of the top-three gangster movies ever made. It’s priced right, too.

See pricing for “Goodfellas” from



Yes, it’s long, but it’s also an epic crime movie with Pacino, DeNiro, Kilmer, Voight, and a little Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman mixed in. The gun battle two-thirds of the way through is legendary for showing off surround-sound systems.

See pricing for “Heat” from



For fans of “Inception,” it’s a no-brainer to pick up the movie on Blu-ray. But this visually arresting film that boggled a few minds has an outstanding VC-1-encoded 1080p video transfer that offers lush color and detail. Impressive as the video is, the audio is arguably even better with lots of nuanced sound and tight, rumbling bass that will put your surround system to the test (and make a great demo for guests).
See pricing for “Inception” from


‘The Incredibles’

With arrival of “The Incredibles” on Blu-ray, we decided to push “Ratatouille” off the list. Both offer reference-quality video and audio but “The Incredibles” probably has more replay value and is one of our favorite Pixar movies.

See pricing for “The Incredibles” from


‘Iron Man’

“Iron Man” gets higher marks for its sound than its picture quality, but it’s an entertaining flick that’s finding a spot in many a Blu-ray library.

See pricing for “Iron Man” from Amazon. com.



After having “Baraka,” which offers true reference-quality video, on the list for a while, we felt it was time to swap in the newer “Life” series from the BBC. We prefer the original version narrated by David Attenborough to the Oprah-narrated version that appeared on the Discovery Channel (it, too, is available on Blu-ray).
See pricing for “Life” from


‘Live Free or Die Hard’

Bruce is getting old–and high-definition doesn’t help him–but luckily “Live Free or Die Hard” is more about the audio (it’s reference quality).

See pricing for Live Free or “Die Hard” from


‘The Lord of the Rings: Motion Picture Trilogy (Extended Edition)’

Legions of devoted “LOTR” fans doled out one-star reviews on Amazon for the Blu-ray theatrical release of the three movies because they all wanted the Extended Edition, which has finally arrived in a package that includes a whopping 15 discs. Alas, most of the bonus features are on DVD, not Blu-ray, which is too bad. But for the $70 or so that it costs for this edition, you will get 682 minutes of spectacular audio and video that’s sure to test the mettle of your home theater. Truth be told, we did not re-watch the three films in their entirety before posting this blurb, but true fans shouldn’t hesitate to block out the over 11 hours to view them all in one sitting–without bathroom breaks.

Note: We’re still waiting for the extended and theatrical-release versions to be bundled in one Blu-ray package. As of this writing, the theatrical-release version of the trilogy (in Blu-ray) retails for about $15 less than the extended version.

See pricing for “The Lord of the Rings: Motion Picture Trilogy (Extended Edition)” from


‘Master and Commander’

Ah, nothing like the sound of a cannonball ripping through a hull to bring your living room to life. Our audio guru Steve Guttenberg likes to use this disc in his surround-sound tests.

See pricing for “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” from


‘Minority Report’

Because of its frenetic pace, “Minority Report” is one of those movies that benefits from multiple viewings so you can pick up on stuff you might have missed. Some viewers may think the video looks a little off (read: grainy with a slightly muted bluish hue), but that’s how Spielberg wanted the picture to look. Another good one for showing off your home theater.
See pricing for “Minority Report” from


‘Monsters, Inc.’

Previously, we had “Bolt” on the list, but with the arrival of “Monsters, Inc.” and “Up,” it gets the boot. With it’s eye-popping color, ultrasharp detail, and terrific audio, “Monsters” is a great way to show off your home theater.

See pricing for “Monsters, Inc.” from


‘No Country for Old Men’

Flip a coin. Heads you get this, tails you get it, too.
See pricing for “No Country for Old Men” from


‘North by Northwest’

When it came out on DVD in 2000, the video transfer of Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” drew raves from videophiles. Well, it’s even more impressive on Blu-ray. Like a lot of older films that have gotten new treatment on Blu-ray, this one’s never looked or sounded better, particularly since “North by Northwest” was shot in VistaVision, a higher resolution wide-screen process developed by Paramount that was only around for a short while during the ’50s.

See pricing for “North by Northwest” from


‘The Pacific’

We had “Band of Brothers” on the list for a while and still think it’s a good pick. But we thought it was time to move on to HBO’s follow-up World War II miniseries, “The Pacific,” which was also produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks and has been reported to cost at least $150 million to make.
The 1080p AVC-encoded transfer is excellent with lots of great detail, but like “Brothers,” it’s the audio that’s really superb and hits reference quality.
See pricing for “The Pacific” from



We’ve got a little soft spot in our hearts for WWII films and “Patton”–and George C. Scott’s performance–stand up with the best of them.

See pricing for “Patton” from


‘Planet Earth’

We didn’t have “Planet Earth” on our original list, but that was probably a mistake. Sadly, our copy (there are four discs) was stolen from our AV lab. Senior Editor David Katzmaier remains upset.
See pricing for “Planet Earth” from


‘Saving Private Ryan’

It’s interesting to watch “Saving Private Ryan” again after all these years because you realize how much influence it’s had on today’s video games. Like Spielberg’s other recent Blu-ray release, “Minority Report,” the video has some grain and color hues that make it seem less than pristine–but that’s how the movie’s supposed to look (and it does look good). Not surprisingly, the first 25 minutes are that much more intense in HD.

See pricing for “Saving Private Ryan” from


‘Star Trek’

New isn’t always better but in this case, the new “Star Trek” movie lived up to–and beat–most people’s expectations. The Blu-ray looks and sounds great.

See pricing for “Star Trek” from



Our audio reviewer, Steve Guttenberg, loves to use this disc in his surround-sound tests of speakers and AV receivers. The film also has a lot of dark material to test the blacks on your HDTV. We just wish the second half of the movie was as gripping as the superior first half.

See pricing for “Sunshine” from


‘Taxi Driver’

We’ve been waiting a while for “Taxi Driver” to come out and now that it has, we’re not disappointed. This is a great video transfer that makes the movie look better than you’ve ever seen it and even grittier than you probably remember it. Yes, there’s plenty of grain, but the image still seems sharp, and this one looks a lot better than many other ’70s flicks that have made it to Blu-ray.

See pricing for “Taxi Driver” from


‘Tron Legacy’

The Tron Legacy Blu-ray comes in a few different packages, with the top-end 5-disc version offering the 3D and 2D versions (as well as the DVD and digital copy) along with the original Tron Blu-ray.
The movie itself may not be great, but the video is incredibly sharp, the sound is reference quality, and–as you might expect–the visual effects are stunning. This is also a great test disc for black levels if you’re into that sort of thing.

See pricing for “Tron Legacy” from


‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

Another sub-$10 disc at Amazon, “2001” earns a spot here after we expanded our list to include more titles. The Blu-ray offers an excellent video transfer of the film and is a torture test for your TV’s black levels.

See pricing for “2001: A Space Odyssey” from



Another stunning video transfer from Pixar. The audio is near-perfect, as well.

See pricing for “Up” from


‘The Wizard of Oz (Three-Disc Emerald Edition)’

For the Blu-ray release of “The Wizard of Oz,” Warner Brothers remastered the film, scanning the negatives using 8K resolution. The final “capture” master was created in 4K resolution, which is twice the resolution of the master used for the DVD release. Though we’re not keen on most 4:3 (non-wide-screen) Blu-rays, “The Wizard of Oz” has simply never looked better than it does here. After first offering only an Ultimate Collector’s Edition of the film, you can now get an inexpensive standard special-edition version.

See pricing for “The Wizard of Oz (Three-Disc Emerald Edition)” from

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How to burn a Blu-ray movie [Step by Step]

Burning a Blu-ray movie is more convenient for sharing. Sometimes we like to share movies with family and friends. However, we may experience constant buffering and low transfer rates if we do this over the Internet. Why put up with this situation when you can burn a Blu-ray movie to a blank disc? It will be much easier to immediately share it with our loved ones.

If you are interested in this idea, you may be interested, How to burn Blu-ray ? How it works? This post will show you the easiest way to do it. All you have to do is read and finish this article and follow the detailed yet simple steps. So without further discussion. Let’s start!

How to Burn Blu-ray Movie

  • Part 1 How to Burn Blu-ray Movie
  • Part 2. Tips for Burning a Movie to Blu-ray
  • Part 3. FAQs of How to Burn Blu-ray 9 Movies0012

Part 1. How to burn a Blu-ray movie

Indeed, technology has grown in wide variety and is constantly evolving, as well as some of the pre-existing technology. For example, a simple CD or CD has been converted to a higher quality disc known as the well-known Blu-ray disc. Since then, many of us still want to burn media files, mostly videos, to Blu-ray. Indeed, Blu-ray is very useful to us to this day. You can burn it with a heavy external Blu-ray drive to create Blu-ray movies. Alternatively, you can use a Blu-ray burning software for this.

Check out the manuals below for more information.

AnyMP4 DVD Creator is a versatile Blu-ray burner that can create Blu-ray content on Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO, including HD videos and 4K files. This Blu-ray burner provides various menu templates and customize your menu template. In addition, the program has built-in editing tools that you can use to edit videos before recording.

Since we’re talking about Blu-ray burning, AnyMP4 DVD Creator supports multiple burning engines such as VSO, CdrTool and IMAPI SDK. With these burning engines, you can easily create videos on 1-4 layer Blu-ray, BD, RE, dual layer DVD, etc.

1.Download and install the Blu-ray burning software and run the software on your computer.

Then select the Blu-ray Disc menu and insert a blank Blu-ray disc into the optical drive. Click the Add Media button to add the Blu-ray movies you want to burn to Blu-ray on computer.

2.After downloading the Blu-ray movie, select the desired audio track or subtitle for the output Blu-ray disc. In addition, you can also specify the disc type and aspect ratio, and select the video quality from the options at the bottom. Then click the Next button.

3. If you want to make additional changes to your movies, click the Power Tool button to open the advanced features of the program. By then, you will be able to change the video file, subtitles, chapters, thumbnails, etc.

4. After making changes, select the menu template on the Menu Template tab in the right pane. Let’s say you want to create a menu with a selected button and a template; Select the Custom Template tab After that, click the Preview button to preview the menu.

5. Check the box next to Burn to disc option. After that, configure the recording settings and playback mode. Otherwise, the Blu-ray burner will take your hardware into account when optimizing the selection. Finally, click on the Start button to burn Blu-ray to your computer.

Part 2 Tips for Burning Movie to Blu-ray

Before burning digital video to Blu-ray disc, you should make sure everything is set up to avoid any problems. Sometimes the burning procedure on your computer prevents Blu-ray discs from playing. What exactly is required before burning a Blu-ray disc? Before you burn videos to Blu-ray discs, you need to take into account the following things to prevent burning errors.

Blu-ray Disc Drive

Make sure your computer has a Blu-ray drive; internal or external is ideal. You need to burn the video to a Blu-ray disc.

Blu-ray Burner

With the Blu-ray burner, you can burn video to a Blu-ray disc. A complete Blu-ray burner can make the burning process easier and more accurate.

Correct Blu-ray disc type

You must select the correct disc type before burning video to a Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray discs come in a variety of formats; for example, BD-R is a Blu-ray disc with a write-once option, while BD-RE is a Blu-ray disc with a rewritable option. Make a distinction between them.

Data file management

Data file setup, especially if you are burning a data disc, should be one of the important suggestions for what you need to burn Blu-ray discs. You should put these video files in a folder to make it easy to download the selected videos.

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions of How to Burn Blu-ray Movies

How long does it take to burn an hour-long Blu-ray movie?

Burning Blu-ray is a multi-step procedure that requires multiple attempts. The length of the file you affected is its length. In other words, the burning procedure should last from 50 to an hour for an hour-long film.

What is the difference between DVD and Blu-ray?

Blu-ray optical discs perform better than DVDs in terms of high quality data storage. DVD uses a 650nm red laser for data extraction, while Blu-ray uses a 405nm blue-violet laser. As a result, Blu-ray is in the lead. Get the differences between DVD and Blu-ray.

Which type of Blu-ray disc is the most recommended?

We found various searches on the Internet, often using the word “Blu-ray disc” as one of the most popular. Ultra HD Blu-ray discs answer this question as they offer high definition video and audio services.

Can Blu-ray discs wear out?

Definitely yes! They do, and almost everyone does. They contain a coating that makes them more scratch resistant and durable than DVDs. Factory stamped optical media are typically rated for 200 years or more.

What’s better than Blu-ray?

You must have heard a lot about Blu-ray digital optical discs. But 4K Blu-ray is much better for them. Blu-ray 4K uses High Efficiency Video Coding, or HEVC, an extreme video codec that delivers superior compression over its predecessor. In essence, this is the next generation of high-definition Blu-ray discs.


AnyMP4 DVD Creator can help you understand how to burn Blu-ray. We all had experience when we needed to rip Blu-ray to Blu-ray disc, DVD, other media, etc. After that, you can use this Blu-ray burner as needed.

A manual for burning Blu-ray movies is also provided. The built-in function is the obvious choice for burning Blu-ray content. With the best Blu-ray burning software, you can create a Blu-ray movie to watch on the big screen. For any other related topics, you can leave us a comment below.

[Solutions] How to Play Blu-ray on Windows 10

Karen Nelson Last updated:
August 03, 2020

You can’t play Blu-ray movie discs directly on Windows 10 due to the lack of a Blu-ray codec. While VLC can help you fix this problem, you need to perform a complicated set of additional operations to force VLC play Blu-ray movies on Windows computer. Is there another easier way?

Yes, there is a professional and reliable Blu-ray player program that can help you play any Blu-ray movie disc, ISO file and Blu-ray folder on Windows 10. Let’s see.

Related article: How to play Blu-ray on Windows 10/8/7 with VLC


1. Best Blu-ray Player for Windows 10

2. How to play Blu-ray video on Windows 10

3. Deploy – Rip Blu-ray movie to MP4, MKV, etc. to play on Windows 10

Best Blu-ray Player for Windows 10

Three of the most famous Blu-ray player software on the market include Leawo Blu-ray Player, Macgo Blu-ray Player and VideoSolo Blu-ray Player.

Leawo Blu-ray player is a free player. It is a good alternative to VLC to play Blu-ray discs. Unfortunately, this software crashes occasionally while playing Blu-ray on Windows 10.

Macgo Blu-ray- It is a commercial solution for playing high-definition BD video on Macintosh. It can play almost all types of Blu-ray files with high quality. And Macgo Blu-ray disc for Windows was recently released.

Latest – VideoSolo Blu-ray Player. If you want to watch any Blu-ray discs flawlessly, including some region code protected/locked Blu-rays, the latest Blu-ray discs with Disney movies on Windows 10, I recommend VideoSolo Blu-ray ray Player. Actually, VideoSolo Blu-ray Player is a combination of Blu-ray player(disc/folder/ISO) and free video/audio player that works fine on Windows 10/8/7.

Extra: As everyone knows, Windows Media Center is no longer part of Windows 10. This means that if you’ve traditionally used Windows media playback tools for entertainment, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. VideoSolo Blu-ray Player is the perfect alternative , which can play not only Blu-ray movies on Windows 10, but also regular SD and HD videos. What’s great about this program is that the visual and sound effects it can preserve are excellent. Its purpose is to bring you enjoyment, like in the movies.

How to play Blu-ray video on Windows 10

Step 1. Download VideoSolo Blu-ray Player on your Windows 10 computer

Download and run VideoSolo Blu-ray Player on your PC. It is a lightweight software, so you can download him in seconds.

Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet so that the program can decode the security/region code used on the disc.

Step 2.Insert Blu-ray Disc

Now you need to connect the Blu-ray drive to your computer, and then insert the Blu-ray disc into it. Then click “Open Disc” on the main interface to select the disc. The program will temporarily load the disc.

Tip: If you want to play regular SD or HD videos, click Open File to load them into the program. Step3.Play Blu-ray Movie etc. Then enjoy watching the movie!


There is a watermark when playing Blu-ray movies if you are using the trial version. You can remove the watermark when you get the full version of the program.

Besides Windows 10, VideoSolo Blu-ray Player is compatible with Window 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. At least you can use VideoSolo Blu-ray Player as a media player. Why not download to have a try.

Rip-Rip Blu-ray movie to MP4, MKV, etc. for playback on Windows 10

Now we have talked about the best Blu-ray player software for Windows 10.