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4 Ways to Get Cheap Movie Tickets in 2023

As blockbusters like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” help push movie ticket sales closer to pre-pandemic levels, ticket prices are rising as well.

Aside from an uptick in prices due to inflation, moviegoers face extra fees for everything from convenience fees for purchasing tickets online to extra fees for large-format screens and 3D showings. Factor in expensive snacks and drinks, and a trip to the movies can become a pricey outing. Fortunately, there are ways to keep the costs down.

Below, CNBC Select breaks down four ways to save money at the movies.

Use loyalty programs and subscriptions

Loyalty programs are a great way to get rewarded for your purchases. Theater chains like Regal Cinemas and AMC offer loyalty programs through AMC Stubs and Regal Crown Club to moviegoers, allowing you to earn points every time you spend money on tickets. This can go a long way as you rack up points because they can eventually pay for your tickets or concessions later.

You can also use subscriptions like MoviePass, which offers three membership tiers to earn credits that can be spent on buying movie tickets. Many major chains like AMC and Regal Cinemas also offer their own movie subscription plans. Just note that these subscriptions often have a minimum commitment length, so you generally can’t just sign up for only one or two months.

Use warehouse clubs and other discounts

If you’re an avid shopper with a Sam’s Club, Costco or BJ’s membership, you may not know that you can save on movie tickets. You can go to the consumer service desk and ask about discount tickets. These warehouse clubs sometimes also offer discounted gift cards for major movie theater chains. You may even be able to score cheap movie tickets by asking your local grocery store or gas station.

If you’re an AAA member, you can also save up to 40% on movie tickets. And if you’re a senior citizen, you can save up to 35%. Many theaters also offer discounted tickets for children, students and military members.

You can even get more bang for your buck if you pay for tickets using a credit card that earns bonus rewards on entertainment and at movie theaters. The U.S. Bank Cash+® Visa Signature® Card was ranked a top card for this category because it earns a whopping 5% cash back at movie theaters when activated as one of your Cash+ Categories.

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  • 19. 49% – 29.49% (Variable)

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  • Good/Excellent

See rates and fees, terms apply.

Buy at the box office

Buying movie tickets online is the most convenient option. But buying online means you also get charged a $1 to $2 “convenience fee.” While that may not sound like a lot, it can add up. Try buying your tickets at the box office to save yourself from paying that extra fee. If it’s a popular movie, you can still go to the box office and purchase your tickets in advance.

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Go at off-peak times

Weekends and evenings are often the most convenient times to go to the movies, but you may be able to save by going in the afternoon for a matinee screening. Try to find out if your movie theater offers any special discounts for going to a movie on a specific day or time. For example, some movie theaters offer cheaper tickets on Tuesdays.

Compare offers to find the best savings account

Bottom line

Going to the movies can be a fun experience and you don’t have to break the bank to catch the latest film release. There are plenty of options out there, and you may already be able to save money on tickets by checking with your movie theater or even your local grocery store.

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10 cheap movies that unexpectedly brought in a multi-million dollar profit That’s what most people think, and they’re absolutely right. But in the history of cinema there are also such examples that show that cinema is also an excellent means of earning money. Moreover, in order to get your millions, it is not at all necessary to invest millions.

Let’s show ten low-budget films that unexpectedly became blockbusters with huge profits.

American Graffiti (1973, USA)

Budget: 777 thousand dollars. Grossing: $115 million. The film paid off 150 times.

George Lucas is far from just Star Wars. The genius of the then very young director loudly declared himself in the early 1970s, when one of his first feature films, American Graffiti, was released.

Almost a million dollars is not the smallest amount, especially at 1973 year. But even this was not enough. Old cars for the film had to be begged through newspaper ads, filming took place in the evenings for four weeks. The tape came out almost plotless, but incredibly atmospheric, which was appreciated by both film critics and viewers in cinemas.

Rocky (1976, USA)

Budget: $1 million. Grossing: $225 million. The film paid off 225 times.

From this picture, a whole franchise was born, and also went up the film career of Sly, who until that moment lived from hand to mouth and was even forced to sell his beloved dog. The success story began with a script written by Stallone himself. He also set the condition that he himself would act as a boxer.

Hollywood gave the go-ahead, but no one put much money on the film. Therefore, the budget of the tape is rather modest, and a considerable part of it consisted of the amounts received on mortgages from the houses of the producers of the picture.

Rocky was a resounding success. This was confirmed by ten nominations and two Oscars. The film is constantly included in all sorts of tops of the best pictures in the history of cinema. Not surprisingly, it became the highest-grossing film of 1976 and one of the most profitable.

Night of the Living Dead (1968, USA)

Budget: 114 thousand dollars. Fees: $30 million. The film paid off 265 times.

A classic of the genre from George Romero, who dreamed of seeing his brainchild in color, but because of the economy was forced to shoot in black and white film. Fortunately, almost 40 years later, the film was still “painted”.

It got to the point that the actors recruited in the theater themselves wrote lines for their characters, or even completely improvised. It’s funny, but if the release of “The Dead” was delayed by at least a month, then the fees for him, most likely, would not be so impressive.

Children and teenagers have made a horror film cash desk. The release of Night of the Living Dead began on October 1, 1968, a month before age ratings went into effect in U.S. theaters. The little ones fled in herds to the “film about the dead”, cried, received their psychological trauma, and then shared nightmare memories with their peers. Those, having heard enough, recklessly rushed to the cinema, and then in a circle.

Mad Max (1979, Australia)

Budget: 350 thousand dollars. Grossing: $100 million. The film paid off 285 times.

In today’s money, Mad Max’s budget would have been a little over a million dollars. It is absolutely unrealistic to rent a large-scale post-apocalyptic action movie with chases, extras and explosions with this money. But George Miller did.

I had to save on everything. Cars for chases and destruction were used, albeit real ones, by policemen, but decommissioned. The same cars were re-shot in different scenes, with only a little tint. However, all the same, about a quarter of all the planned chases were never filmed due to a budget deficit. What can we say, if there was enough money for a real leather outfit only for the then absolutely unknown Mel Gibson, while the rest of the “tramps” were content with an artificial imitation.

For an unfortunate 350 thousand dollars, it turned out to be an indisputable hit and an event in the world of cinema, which opened the direction of dieselpunk and, of course, Mel Gibson. What difference does it make that the film was completed literally on the knee in the director’s house? After all, it worked out great.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974, USA)

Budget: $93,000. Grossing: $31 million. The film paid off 330 times.

A tape about how a masked man makes a bloody massacra with a chainsaw? Okay, who’s going to watch it?! Nevertheless, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was watched in such a way that the horrors about the insane maniac entered the history of cinema, and so they remained there.

Since the budget was so tight, the film crew lost seven sweats before the film was ready. To fit into the allocated amount, the shooting had to be completed in a month. All this time, the actors worked in a terrible heat without breaks for the weekend, every day for 16 hours a day. Later, the participants recalled with shudder the working hell.

The authors of “Massacre” resorted to a trick that “The Blair Witch Project” repeated a quarter of a century later – the story was presented as real. Of course, everyone was interested to see what the crazy maniac had done there.

Hangman (2015, USA)

Budget: 100 thousand dollars. Grossing: $43 million. The film paid off 430 times.

Tragedy at school – one of the students accidentally hung himself during a theatrical performance. After 20 years, schoolchildren want to honor his memory and play the same ill-fated play. Suddenly, out of nowhere – a ghost.

Hangman is really a scary movie. Everything is terrible here – from acting to special effects a la pseudo-documentary. This is because the “Gallows” took only 100 thousand dollars, which were collected by friends of the authors of the film.

The most surprising thing is that this undeniably bad movie received deservedly low ratings, but at the same time it became an incredible box office. Sometimes blockbusters can’t make $43 million, and here’s some rotten horror movie.

“Double Portion” (2004, USA)

Budget: 65 thousand dollars. Grossing: $29 million. The film paid off 450 times.

The only documentary in the selection that has been played all over the world. The reason why it became popular is understandable – the tape encroached on the holy of holies, that is, McDonald’s. The main character Morgan Spurlock, who is also a director, producer and scriptwriter, decided to go on a kind of diet, eating only poppy products for a whole month. As a result, the man gained 11 kilograms and got a lot of trouble.

Double Portion won several prestigious film awards and was even nominated for an Oscar. The film sparked a massive movement against fast food restaurants, and the almighty McDonald’s even stopped selling super-large portions of its hamburgers for a while.

In addition to purely technical costs, there was nothing special to spend money on. Unless for the salary of the operator and installation specialists. Plus, of course, food from McDonald’s. The proceeds allowed Morgan Spurlock to continue experimenting with cinema, including documentaries. But he has not yet succeeded in achieving the success of the “Double Portion”.

Deep Throat (1972, USA)

Budget: $23,000. Grossing: $45 million. The film paid for itself 2000 times.

No matter how strange it may sound, but we will talk about a porn film that affected not only the entire porn industry, but even the culture of the 1970s and 80s as a whole. You don’t need a lot of money to produce these pictures. A thousand dollars was given to the main character, 100-200 dollars to the rest of the actors and extras, that’s all. Somehow, Deep Throat managed to get a wide release in American theaters. People massively rushed for affordable strawberries. When it became clear that money was flowing like a river, the mafia took control of the situation and cash flows. By the way, the actress, who played the main role, later said that her cruel husband forced her to act in films, and there was a gun at the back of her head all the time.

Deep Throat is rumored to have grossed a whopping $600 million. That is, the costs paid off in a mind-boggling 26 thousand times. But the truth of these statements cannot be verified. Considering that the rumors were spread by the mafiosi in order to further stir up interest in the tape, the amount still looks fantastic. But even with 45 million, “Deep Throat” rightfully takes third place. In addition, we have a unique phenomenon called “the world’s first porn blockbuster.”

The Blair Witch Project from the Other World (1999, USA)

Budget: 60 thousand dollars. Grossing: $248 million The film paid off 4100 times.

Did you hear that they found a cassette in the forest, which shows how a real witch killed students?! If you gave the best years of your life to school in the late 1990s, then such conversations should be familiar to you. Witch Cassette! Killed the students! Genius promotion.

If you can’t make an expensive movie, use your talent to the maximum and use your head. This is what the creators of The Blair Witch Project did by dressing the vague content into a beautiful form, that is, an advertisement. You will not believe it, but among your environment there will really be people who still believe in the “veracity” of the tape with the Blair Witch.

A one-room apartment, by metropolitan standards, was used to shoot the film. A year after the release, each project participant could afford a spacious villa. Then there were many low-quality sequels and imitations, but none of them managed to achieve the popularity of the original.

Paranormal Activity (2007, USA)

Budget: 15 thousand dollars. Grossing: $193 million The film paid off 13 thousand times.

A unique phenomenon in the history of cinema as an absolute record for payback. The secret, as usual in such cases, lies in competent marketing. Before the premiere of Paranormal Activity, several tales were launched into the network and the media. Like, Steven Spielberg turned off this film in horror, not having watched it even to the middle. But in the end, he pulled himself together and decided to patronize the creators of the tape.

There are no special effects in The Apparition, all shooting took less than a week and was done on a digital camera in the house of the director of the film, at that time almost unknown in the world of cinema, Oren Peli.

The story itself, in pseudo-documentary style, about a couple of young people who watch through the camera how the doors open and close by themselves in the house at night, not a bit scary and not at all interesting. Nevertheless, the marketing did its best – the film, shot for a penny, brought the creators money that the blockbuster would envy. At the same time, a conveyor for the production of more and more “Paranormal Phenomena” was launched.

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Top 5 cheapest films in the history of cinema


Producers spend millions of dollars on special effects, Hollywood star royalties, advertising campaigns, and so on to attract viewers to the cinema. As a result, the budget of the picture can be hundreds of millions. However, such costs do not always pay off and make a profit.

Meanwhile, there are examples in history of how a film worth several tens of thousands of dollars brought profit and fame to the creators. It is these films that are included in today’s Top 5 cheapest films in the history of cinema.

5. Night of the Living Dead (budget – $114,000)

This horror movie uses impressively nightmarish make-up and pork giblets instead of computer graphics. The creator of the picture, George Romero, originally planned to make a comedy, however, it turned out to be a rather creepy film, from which the blood runs cold. In addition, it was after the “Night of the Living Dead” that the term “zombie” appeared in the cinema. At the box office, the film turned out to be incredibly popular, bringing the creators $ 42 million.

4. Blair Witch: Coursework from the Other World (budget – $20,000)

This low-budget horror film was made in 1999 by fans of independent American cinema. In the story, three students get lost in the woods while filming a course project about a local legend, the mysterious Blair Witch.

Filming with an amateur camera, designed to reduce the price of the picture, was perceived by the audience as an original find. The film was appreciated by investors, and Artisan Entertainment acquired The Blair Witch Project for $1.1 million. The film grossed $248 million at the box office.

3. Fuse (budget – $7 thousand)

Shane Carruta’s film, previously unknown to anyone, took first prize at the prestigious Sundance independent film festival. The director himself wrote the script and also starred in one of the main roles. The plot tells about time travel, and the film takes place in Shane Carruta’s father’s house. The whole family of the director starred in the episodes.

Despite the festival jury’s high appraisal, the audience scolds the film for the disgusting sound quality and the not entirely convincing performance of the cast. However, during the shows, no one left the hall, noting that the picture has a certain bewitching appeal, despite all the shortcomings.

2. In bad taste (budget – $3 thousand)

This film was the first work of the famous New Zealand director Peter Jackson. The shooting of this fantastic film took several years. the entire budget consisted of the Jackson student scholarship. All the alien weapons in the film were made from aluminum pipes, and Peter Jackson’s mother baked the masks for the aliens in her home oven. So the creator of The Lord of the Rings and King Kong did not think about any computer technologies and special effects at that time.

The director himself played 2 roles in the film, the rest went to his friends. By the way, there is not a single female character in the movie.

1. The Great Train Robbery (budget – $100)

This 1903 film is only 11 minutes long. It was shot by Thomas Edison, creating the first picture that not only demonstrates an episode from life, but has a short path, but a plot.