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About Motion Activated Spy Cameras

Need to keep a better eye on your home or office? What’s your favorite way to spend a few hours? Sifting through video so you can see who broke into your property and stole your stuff? We didn’t think so. So in the unfortunate event that your home or business gets burglarized, Motion Activated Spy Cameras only record video that contains real evidence.

A Motion Sensitive Spy Camera kicks in only when motion is detected, in order to capture only the footage that’s valuable. When you need to protect multiple areas in your home or office, place a Motion Activated Spy Camera in every room and in every corner. Then, they’ll all begin recording when a trespasser moves within their range, offering you many angles of view for potential evidence of the activity.

A quality motion sensor security camera will have a number of features that make it an invaluable security tool for your home or business. A good quality motion sensor security camera will have night vision capabilities, which will allow you to see what is going on even when there is little or no light. Many of the newer cameras also come with remote viewing capabilities, which will allow you to view the footage from your camera from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

When shopping for a motion sensor security camera, it is important to find one that has a wide field of view. This will ensure that you can see as much as possible when the camera is activated. Many of the newer cameras also come with zoom capabilities, which will allow you to get a closer look at what is going on.

Capture Only the Footage Yo Need

Just like motion sensor alarms lay dormant until they need to go into action, motion-activated spy cameras don’t record until someone walks into the room. Let’s take a look at some of the best features for this type of recording device:

Internal Memory: Home spy cameras with motion-activated sensors often have internal memory saved to an SD card. You can remove the card and put it into your computer to review the footage. 

HD Clarity: Whether you choose a spy cam wall charger or a camera hidden in an air purifier, most models offer HD-level clarity. Despite their tiny size, you can still capture crystal-clear images with a hidden spy cam. 

Real-Time Streaming: If you want to see what is happening in real-time, choose a motion-activated camera that sends footage to a smart device. You’ll be notified when the camera is activated and can see if it’s just your pet or if there is an unwanted guest in your home. 

Motion-Activated Spy Cameras look like:

  • USB devices
  • Alarm clocks
  • Wall clocks
  • Traditional clocks
  • Regular cameras that can be hidden on a shelf

Since they operate only when triggered, they save you time searching for actual evidence and money spent on batteries and digital storage. Don’t be left without surveillance, and don’t get tied up watching hours of benign footage. Are you ready to up the security on your home or office?

Choose a motion-activated camera for sale on The Home Security Superstore site to better monitor what is happening around the house or your workplace. From a Blu-ray player spy camera to a phone charger, spy cams are covert and effective. If you still have questions, contact us today. Get your motion-activated spy cameras today!

Regular cameras that can be hidden on a shelf!

Outdoor Motion Activated Cameras: How It Works & Best Picks 2023

Outdoor Motion Activated Cameras: 2 Major Types

A hidden motion activated camera is a small sized camera that records when it detects movement.

Technically, you will find two major types of outdoor motion sensor hidden cameras: software-based motion sensor cameras and PIR based ones.

And here is how a motion activated camera work respectively:

  • Software-based motion detection: The software based motion activated cameras detect motion by comparing pixel changes between successive frames. If a human or animal passes by, the different pixels will be counted and the software inside will trigger motion alerts.
  • PIR sensor-based motion detection: The PIR motion activated hidden cameras can detect the infrared body heat. So when a warm body (like a burglar) passes by, the ambient infrared energy levels will change rapidly and set off the motion alerts.

So you may ask: What’s the farthest PIR distance of security camera?

It varies between PIR motion activated CCTV models.

The quality ones like Reolink Argus 2 can hit up to 30 feet long range even in 0 Lux conditions (in complete darkness), so that you can use it to watch your front door, backyard, driveway, garage, etc. day and night.

Motion activated cameras How does it work Motion activated CCTV Types*
Software motion sensor cameras Comparing images PoE cameras, wireless cameras
PIR motion sensor cameras Comparing temperatures Battery operated wire-free cameras

Further Reading About Outdoor Motion Activated Cameras

Here are some more tips you need to know to select the outdoor motion activated camera that suits you best.

PIR motion activated hidden cameras are mostly battery powered IP cameras, which will wake up and record in less than a second when motion is detected. So you’ll know all that matters even when you are not there, like the package delivery, break-in or attempted break-ins.

And Reolink Argus 2 is the one with industry-leading PIR motion performance.

Reolink Argus 2

100% Wire-Free Starlight Camera

Rechargeable Battery & Solar Powered; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; 1080 Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

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Well, the software-based motion sensor cameras are mostly traditional IP cameras that you could normally see in the neighborhoods. Usually, these cameras enable continuous recording as well as motion detection mode with pre-recording (3-5 seconds) and video delay (as your schedule) to capture the whole event.

And Reolink RLC-410 is the best budget pick of this kind.

Reolink RLC-410

PoE Bullet IP Security Camera with Audio

5MP/4MP Super HD; Outdoor/Indoor Protection; 100ft Infrared Night Vision; Audio Recording; Mobile Remote Access & Control.

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And it’s worth noticing that the outdoor motion activated camera works without WiFi actually. By this I mean, the camera will still record and save motion events to the SD card (make sure you get one inserted in place) without WiFi network so you can take out the SD card and view the recordings on PC when needed.

How to Pick the Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Hidden Cameras

A lot of features may occupy your mind in choosing a best outdoor hidden motion activated camera, like the mini body, WiFi connection, SD card supported, sound enabled, and most importantly, accurate alarms.

Feel confused or get lost in the endless choices?

Actually, there are motion sensor spy cameras to meet all your possible needs. Click here for a quick decision, and read on if you want to learn more details about every specific feature.

#1.Wireless Connection

Wires are a dead giveaway to your outdoor motion activated hidden camera, and the easiest fix would be getting a wireless camera in the first place. But remember that the wireless doesn’t mean 100% wire free – you still need one cable for power.

If you are going for the wireless outdoor motion sensor hidden camera, here are some additional tips for you:

  1. Make sure the WiFi is available in your installation place. (You may check it with your smartphone.)

  2. Choose the dual-band Wi-Fi security cameras, if possible, to avoid signal loss and interference.

  3. Remember to change the initial password to reduce the risk of being hacked.

#2. Battery Operated

Want to get rid of all the annoying wires, and hide the motion sensor camera wherever you want indoors and outdoors? The battery operated motion activated spy camera is what you need.

Just put in batteries, it will start working. Without wires restriction, you can place the motion activated hidden camera at any place and move it to spy on another spot freely if you want. It saves your time and camera installation fees.

Bump: As I put it before, battery powered outdoor motion sensor cameras, including the Reolink Argus 2, feature accurate PIR motion detection. Actually, this kind of hidden camera is born for motion detection – they will wake up and record once the motion event is detected to save battery life.

#3. SD Card Storage

Worried about the privacy issues of cloud storage? Or you simply don’t want to pay the monthly fee for it? Either way, the outdoor motion activated hidden camera with SD card would well settle your needs. Plus, it’s very handy and convenient.

But you may wonder how long a 16GB or 32GB SD card of the motion sensor camera can record.

That totally depends on your monitoring environment. Technically, a motion sensor camera with 32GB SD card can save up to 400 motion events for weeks even months recording, according to this formula.

However, there is NO need to worry about the recording space and you DON’T need to delete CCTV footage to clear the storage space – The old files will be overwritten automatically when the SD card is full.

Bonus Tips: It’s advised to set the motion activated security camera with SD card to the motion detection mode. If you want to spy on things continuously or without Internet, get an NVR as the motion detection recorder to work with it, which offers you larger storage space.

#4. Night Vision

Night vision is a must-have feature for outdoor motion activated hidden cameras.

Just think about the burglars, intruders, thieves and drunken man hanging around the street.

With the night vision enabled motion activated spy camera, you will be alerted by the siren instantly when dangers occur, get clear video evidence to hand to the police, and even warn the intruders verbally if your hidden camera is 2 way-audio enabled.

How to judge whether a motion sensor hidden camera have real & good night vision?
Starlight sensor is a good indicator to promise great clarity and details even in 0 Lux (completely dark) conditions. And if possible, choose a PIR sensor CCTV instead of the motion sensor camera with light in order to see the motion events clearly.

Comparison Resolution
PIR sensor camera 1080p, 4MP, 4MP, even 4K
Motion sensor camera with light 1080p at best

Night vision video sample from motion sensor hidden camera Reolink Argus 2:

#5. Weatherproof

For outdoor motion activated hidden cameras, weatherproof is an important feature to consider if there is expected rain, snow or strong wind in your desired installation place.

A simple way to get rid of all your worries is to get the motion activated cameras with IP65 or IP66 ( What is IP66 ) weatherproof rating.

#6. Wildlife Friendly

So you are keen on wildlife, and want to catch the movement of hummingbirds? Or just want to figure out who secretly visited your house and left their footprint around?

In either case, an animal motion detector hidden camera definitely tops your list.

With the spy camera connected to your phone, you could just sit in your room and check animal clips anytime and even do a video live for your raccoon friends on Twitter.

For example, a late-night guest was caught messing up the plant by Argus 2:

No Internet available? Try the cellular motion activated camera.

This type of wireless motion nature outside camera can work with NO WiFi and No wires. Some of these CCTV, like Reolink Go, also offer an add-on solar panel to save your trouble of recharging the cameras.

Reolink Go

100% Wire-Free 3G/4G LTE Mobile Camera

No WiFi & Power Needed; Rechargeable Battery or Solar Powered; 1080p Full HD; Starlight Night Vision; 2-Way Audio; Live View Anytime Anywhere.

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How to Reduce False Alarms of Outdoor Motion Sensor Cameras

The cameras constantly trigger motion alarms, with the slightest change in light, shadows, sunlight when a cloud moves over, etc…BUT REALLY STINK AT ACTUAL MOTION, LIKE A HUMAN WALKING BY!!!!

The last thing you want to get with motion activated hidden cameras is definitely the false alarms.

Well, the first and most effective step to reduce false alarms is to get a quality and reliable motion sensor CCTV, like the above listed ones. And here are some additional tips you may try to get more accurate alerts:

#1. PIR Outdoor Motion Activated Cameras

The installation makes a huge difference.

The motion detection will be more accurate if you put the motion detector hidden camera in the direction crossing the possible intruder instead of facing it, as the picture below shows.

That’s because the PIR motion sensor will be much more sensitive to the objects when they are moving across the detection feild.

#2. Software-based Motion Activated Cameras

You may schedule the motion detection settings to reduce false alarms.

For example, you can define different motion sensitivity values for different periods of day to best match the light conditions. Also, you are free to choose the specific motion detection area to target certain places.

Where to Place Outdoor Motion Activated Spy Cameras

According to the report, about 60% of convicted burglars stated the presence of a security camera influenced their decision. So we highly suggest you to place the motion sensing surveillance cameras in plain sight.

And here are top 3 places you should consider to secure your home:

  • Front door (account for 34% break-ins)
  • Backyard (account for 22% break-ins)
  • Near the off-street windows (account for 23% break-ins)

Bonus: Also check other places to place IP cameras with motion detection.

If you are looking for the outdoor motion activated hidden cameras, and want to hide them without anyone’s suspicions, you may try the following secret places:

  • Hide small motion sensor security cameras under eaves, ceiling or soffits.
  • Disguise the mini hidden outdoor surveillance cameras in the birdhouse.
  • Put software-based motion sensitive cameras behind glass window (PIR sensor will not work).
  • Disguise indoor mini hidden surveillance cameras within everyday objects, like the desk plant and book shelf.
  • Hide motion activated security cameras near trees and brushes.

Bonus: Click to learn detailed steps to hide the indoor and outdoor motion detector camera.

Best Outdoor Motion Activated Hidden Cameras (with Reviews & Videos)

What is the best CCTV camera that moves on activation?

If you want a quick decision, choose one from these best value/budget motion sensor small CCTV cameras, all are highly sensitive to motion movements to record what you want.

PIR Motion Sensor Camera: Reolink Argus 2

This motion sensor hidden camera works both indoors and outdoors (IP65 weatherproof).

With smart PIR motion sensor, Reolink Argus 2 will wake up within a second to record both video and sound. And the built-in PIR sensor greatly reduces false alarms triggered by wind, sun, lights, snow, etc., so you’ll NEVER get it and only to watch the sun move across the plane of view.

With camouflage skins and mini body, this spy motion activated camera is easy to hide. And compared with the outdoor motion sensor light camera, it has more security settings than at much more affordable price.

With built-in microphone and speaker, you can not only get the stream video through the motion sensor camera app, but also warn the intruders verbally if they are caught sneaking around in the act.

Featured in top media like TechRadar, PC Magazine, Digital Trends, MakeUseOf, ZDNet, Android Police, the hidden motion sensor camera Reolink Argus 2 is recommended by many tech experts:
Cute security cam braves the outdoors at a fair price. – CNET
Reolink Argus 2 is totally wireless. Just put it anywhere and forget about it. – TechRadar
Easy installation, quick motion alerts and sharp day and night video quality. – PCMag

Outdoor PoE Small Motion Sensor Camera: Reolink RLC-410

This outdoor hidden camera performs best among the software-based motion sensor CCTV cameras.

This motion sensing camera detects and records motion events at 1440p super HD resolution with audio at a very competitive price, making it the one of the Reolink hottest products. And it has a small white bullet body, only 7 inches long, and can be hidden under the eaves easily.

4MP video captured by Reolink RLC-410:

Indoor Wireless Hidden Motion Camera: Reolink E1 Pro

If you want a motion activated camera for indoor uses only, like watching your pets, and don’t want it to be too obvious for visitors, then the black colored Reolink E1 Pro is your best choice.

Where to Buy Outdoor Motion Sensor Security Cameras

You can buy the best outdoor motion detection cameras on Amazon, Ebay, or official security camera online store directly. With free shipping and online technical support, you will have no trouble getting the cameras and service in different regions of the word, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

Motion detection in video surveillance systems: how it works and what features it has

“Hello! Let’s play?” – a chilling voice was heard in complete darkness and an empty closet. The doll with round eyes woke up from the movement and smiled predatoryly. The man screamed in fear and ran away. No one else stole anything at this plant.

It is possible to scare an intruder who has made his way to the territory of the object. But it is much more effective to react in a timely manner and prevent an offense. If improvised means can be used in private houses, then such methods will not work when protecting industrial enterprises, municipal and housing complexes. Spending large sums on round-the-clock video surveillance is not always wise. Is there a solution? Yes. Today we will tell you everything about motion detection and its benefits.


Features of cameras with a built-in sensor

The principle of operation of such devices is simple – a highly sensitive detector activates recording if a previously recorded image has changed in its field of view. For example, there was a movement of the vehicle or someone passed. In this case, the camera is in sleep (offline) mode all the time. It is turned on, but consumes energy resources at a minimum level. You can find out all the features of video surveillance in our article.

Which cameras have motion sensors?

All modern cameras have built-in motion sensors. This is one of the most important conditions for the production of such equipment. For the first time they were installed in analog cameras. However, before they did not have a recording function, which is why the introduction of a motion sensor was an extremely dubious undertaking. But in modern analog cameras, this problem is solved.

IP and AHD equipment may still not have a motion sensor in their device. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to separately pay attention to this nuance when buying. Otherwise, you will have to allocate additional hard disk space for storing recorded materials. However, such devices have a notification function via SMS if something happened at a given point.

How does motion detection work in video cameras?

If we analyze the issue more deeply, then there are two methods for detecting a moving target: hardware and software. In the second case, the camera constantly monitors the image as it is being formed on the matrix. Another way is possible – when detection occurs directly on the server that performs the processing. Then a computer with a special video card analyzes the image capture data and compares how much it has changed.

Hardware detection is carried out by a sensor and occurs using infrared rays from a detector built into the camera body. When an object is in the tracking zone, the rays are refracted. This is a signal to the device to start fixing the actions of an unidentified object. As soon as the situation levels off and the movement stops, the recording stops and the devices go into standby mode.

The choice of a surveillance system in your company depends on the tasks, characteristics of the object and device. Detailed information can be requested from our employee at a free consultation. Write your question in the chat. We will contact you.

The breadth of choice makes it possible to choose components for a video surveillance system for almost any task. Adapt it to the location and specific wishes. We are ready to offer not only equipment, but also to mount cameras or mount a complex with detectors for the enterprise. We will select devices of any functionality:

  • a video camera with a sensor and saving to the card memory;
  • simple model plugged in and with battery;
  • analog equipment, motion detector + IP video camera;
  • outdoor device with modem and transmitter;
  • is a modern tracking device with remote control and broadcasting of signals via web resources.

External and built-in motion detector

In the past, the sensor was a remote infrared module. He reacted to the heat source and transmitted a signal to activate the shooting. Today, the detector works in the same way, but with one key difference – it is installed inside the chamber. Thanks to the achievements of modern microelectronics, this has become possible. Moreover, the installation of the sensor inside the device has significantly reduced the cost of production and the final price of video equipment.

What are the motion detector settings?

Each camera manufacturer provides its own set of adjustment functions. They may differ even from the same company, depending on the model. However, there are general settings for all cameras. These include:

  • zone setting;
  • size setting;
  • sensitivity setting.

Zone allows you to define the desired area on the image, which needs to activate the motion sensor. By adjusting the size, you can prevent the equipment from responding to glare, drops, rain, foliage, etc. Sensitivity is measured as a percentage, it affects the conditions under which the detector will turn on. If you set this indicator to a minimum, then the device will not respond to movement, and if you turn it on to the maximum, the sensor will begin to pick up the slightest changes in the picture.

Motion detection functionality in video surveillance systems

Video cameras with a detector are in most cases autonomous. They do not have additional power – they function due to the built-in high-capacity battery. Therefore, they are able to work for a long time without maintenance. The engineering solution is implemented in such a way that it is easy to move the camera to a convenient place or relocate the entire tracking system. But the advantages of cameras with a detector do not end there:

  • work in sleep mode, which means energy saving;
  • light weight;
  • mobility;
  • unpretentiousness in service;
  • is suitable for large objects.

Another key difference between fixed and wireless camcorders is how the image is transmitted and saved. The first option is rather outdated. The second requires an uninterrupted source of remote Internet connection. It will ensure a constant flow of information and its protection.

When installing a video surveillance system, pay special attention to the Wi-Fi adapter. The quality of transmission and image saving depends on its operation and stability of the connection. Remote access to cameras via the Internet connected to the network occurs by installing a special extension for a regular browser. No other software or pre-installed programs are required. It is enough to configure the camera software. An experienced specialist installs and adjusts the video surveillance system in a short time.

What can the camera do?

Hardware capabilities, as well as settings, vary by model and manufacturer. They are determined at the stage of automation and dispatching of engineering systems, with the help of which it is possible to control technological processes throughout the building. However, in addition to individual opportunities, there are mandatory ones. These include:

  • record activation;
  • save screenshots;
  • sending data to mail or phone;
  • connection to external devices (eg sirens).

Also, many cameras can work with preset settings. If necessary, in a certain period of time, the device will change its viewing angle. This feature is optional. However, it is found on almost all cameras.

Where are cameras equipped with a sensor used? With their help, video surveillance is carried out both within industrial zones and in private areas. For example:

  • Retail outlet or large chain stores – security and recording of events at night, as well as for monitoring the surrounding area and the work of personnel. Video cameras with different functionality are relevant in the cash register area, self-service halls and the entrance group.
  • Offices – placement of motion detectors at checkpoints and checkpoints, in meeting rooms and utility rooms. Events are recorded in accordance with the wishes of the customer. The inclusion of video image capture allows you to respond to emergency situations in a timely manner.
  • Installation in industrial and commercial enterprises of various types of ownership and type of activity to ensure the safety of the facility and property.
  • Municipal institutions, kindergartens, private and public schools – you can track all movements in real time and throughout the territory. In addition, motion detectors help ensure the safety of not only staff, but also visitors.
  • Entrance and entrance to the territory of cottage settlements and apartment buildings – motion detectors integrated into security and fire-fighting complexes will become a convenient tool for preserving property.
  • Parking lots, gas stations and individual stations, rest areas, repair shops, service stations — allows you to monitor entry and exit zones, and control compliance with the rules at the facility.

In addition, there are special micro-cameras with a motion sensor. They are used in monitoring what is happening in vast street areas. The model is imperceptible, so damage is unlikely, and the sensor will help weed out the whole hours of unnecessary footage that appears in any case when using a conventional device. A smart device guarding property and human life.

“PozhSystemStroy” – Professional installation and installation of a security video surveillance system with a guarantee. Do not waste time and contact our specialists right now! Remember, a high-quality video surveillance system is a guarantee of your safety.

Video surveillance camera with motion sensor and recording, mode of operation, scope

electrical, alarm, video surveillance, access control (ACS), engineering systems (ITS)

Many models of modern video cameras have the function of motion detection. In this case, the detection of moving objects can be carried out both in software and in hardware.


Almost all budget and most middle-class camcorders have motion detection implemented in software. This means that the elements of the camera itself, in particular the photosensitive matrix, are used as equipment.

The image projected onto the matrix is ​​digitized, after which the program compares the received data with the previous frame. If there is a change in the exposure, the program decides on motion detection and starts recording video.

For more expensive IP video surveillance cameras, the software has an intelligent analysis module (video analytics).

Such devices, before starting recording, can filter incoming data by size, movement in a limited area, color of the object, and can also track the object along the trajectory of movement, count them (taking into account the direction of movement), etc.

Cameras with software motion detection are significantly cheaper than hardware counterparts with comparable functionality. However, they have significant technical limitations. The main drawback is the limited range of motion detection – no more than 15-25 m.

The second disadvantage is too high sensitivity and a large number of false positives for foreign objects. First of all, this

  • precipitation: rain, snow, hail;
  • shadow from clouds, headlights of cars.

At night, this factor is further aggravated, because the matrix, which has switched to day-night mode, significantly increases the sensitivity to light.

In principle, fine-tuning the sensitivity of a motion detector is not as important for video surveillance as it is for a burglar alarm.

Incorrect settings can result in just a few extra megabytes of recorded video that does not carry any payload. However, if it is necessary to create a security system based on video control (CCTV), it will be ineffective.


Video surveillance cameras with hardware motion detection are usually compact hybrid devices. They are used as monoblock alarm systems to control small premises at remote sites: cottages, garages, shops, etc.

The signal is transmitted traditionally via cable or radio channel – GSM or WIFI. In the second case, most often, the WiFi router is also connected to the GSM modem.

Many models have a slot for a memory card. In this case, the device is completely autonomous and records on a memory card, which must be removed to view information (or connect the camera itself to a PC).

Video cameras with a hardware motion sensor do not have analytical settings and their functionality is less than that of cameras with a software detector. In addition, they have a number of technical problems of combining the detection zone of the detector and the view of the video camera. They can also be triggered by air flows from a ventilation or heating system.

Remote motion sensor.

There is another option using a conventional video camera and an external infrared motion sensor. By combining these two elements, and installing the sensor in the electrical circuit that feeds the video camera, you can achieve the same effect as with video cameras with a hardware motion detector.

However, this method has a number of significant disadvantages. First of all, the response time of the IR motion detector.

After a moving object enters its field of vision, the sensor closes the circuit and activates the video camera, which also needs a certain time to enter video mode. Thus, some useful information may be lost.


Regardless of the motion detection method, the motion detection surveillance camera can record in 3 modes:

  • continuous;
  • on schedule;
  • for motion detection.

Continuous transmission of video data is typical for busy places. In this case, activating the motion detector is useless, as the camera will be in constant readiness due to the large number of moving objects.

It is advisable to use a video camera with the motion detector function disabled at objects of increased potential danger or for monitoring especially valuable items.

Schedule recording.

Most often used for residential apartments, offices and other facilities with a clearly defined frequency of absence of staff or owners. In this case, instead of systematic manual activation of the video surveillance system, the video camera automatically turns on for continuous timer recording.

Motion sensor recording.

By default, the device operates in standby mode. After the appearance of moving objects in the scanning area, the mode of shooting and transmitting information is activated. Video recording is carried out for a certain period of time, after which the camera turns off if there is no repeated movement in the sensor area.

At the same time, some models can not only broadcast video data to the DVR, but also send a signal in the form of MMS to the user’s phone.


The advantages of using a motion detector in CCTV cameras are as follows:

Save memory and power.
This is true for stand-alone mini spy cameras that record on a memory card and use batteries as power sources;
Save time when searching for the necessary information.
Only scenes with active characters will be recorded;
Ease of installation.
The ability to quickly and hidden installation in various places poorly suited for traditional cameras. Due to this, the efficiency of the video surveillance system can increase by an order of magnitude;
Affordable price.
As a rule, a video surveillance camera with a built-in hardware detector costs much less than conventional video cameras. They are in rather high demand, although their functionality is significantly limited;
Can be used as a basic security system, not only taking pictures, but also sending an alarm to the user at a specific phone number or email.