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What are hotspots?

In the digital age, staying connected is more important than ever before. Whether you’re working remotely or keeping in touch with family and friends on the go, having a strong internet connection wherever you are is essential. Your smartphone is a powerful data-driven device, but what if hotspotting from your phone doesn’t offer a strong enough connection in certain situations?

In those times when you need a strong, reliable connection for your devices, you can use a mobile hotspot. A mobile hotspot is a device that allows you to create a secure Wi-Fi network and connect all your devices to your safe, password protected private network. Hotspots are becoming more popular in the work-from-anywhere era, and you have plenty of options to choose from.

You can shop for a variety of portable mobile hotspot devices at Verizon. You can also make sure you’ll have reliable data for your hotspot when you need it with a connected device plan.

Wi-Fi portable hotspots and more

Some popular choices for Wi-Fi portable hotspots include options from brands like Orbic, Inseego, and Verizon, with each allowing you to connect multiple devices to your private network with ease. Some even allow for fast-charging and come with super long-lasting batteries, meaning you don’t have to worry about your hotspot dying when you’re in a pinch.

Wi-Fi calling is also an option, and when using a mobile hotspot you can power your phone on your own network, meaning you can call family and friends even when you’re low on data or cellular service. Wi-Fi calling can be enabled on most Android and iPhone devices; simply visit your “Settings” app to enable Wi-Fi calling on Android, or use your iPhone to connect to your hotspot like you would any other Wi-Fi network.

If you’re on a prepaid plan, prepaid hotspots and other internet devices are available for sale at Verizon. You can even get a Verizon router on a prepaid plan, helping you save on home internet, too. No matter which hotspot device you choose, you can browse a variety of options and save on internet service when you need it with Verizon.

Mobile Hotspot Devices and Plans | Articles


You might be one of the many people who have experienced working from home, whether fully remote from your home office or even just occasionally. Or maybe you’ve packed your bags and taken your computer on vacation, to enjoy a little R&R without falling behind on emails. Whatever the reason is behind your need to be connected on-the-go, Verizon understands that you want a strong, reliable connection that can work for the whole family. 

Mobile hotspots and plans.

Mobile hotspots are connected devices that allow you to create a secure, reliable Wi-Fi connection. You can then use your personal, private hotspot connection on any Wi-Fi-enabled device, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can create a mobile hotspot on most smartphones, but by using a dedicated device and mobile hotspot data plan you can allow more devices to be connected to your secure, private network at one time, and use data specifically allotted to your mobile hotspot device (that won’t then detract from your smartphone’s data plan). 

Mobile hotspot plans are available to provide the data you need to help you stay connected. Verizon has 4 different plans available: Essential, Plus, Pro and Premium. The plans were designed to fit your budget and needs, so you can choose the one that’s best for your budget and lifestyle and stay connected with confidence. With the Premium plan you can enjoy up to 150GB of premium mobile hotspot data to power all of your connected devices, and all plans (excluding the “Essential” plan) come with 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity, meaning you can enjoy high-quality streaming and 5G-fast internet access on the go.  

Once you choose your plan, Verizon offers several router and hotspot options that can fit your budget and needs.

The Verizon Orbic Speed Mobile Hotspot 5G UW is a great option if you’re new to the world of being connected on-the-go. It has a rechargeable battery, lets you connect up to 30 devices at once, and comes in a lightweight and compact design, making it a great travel companion. Check email, video chat or just relax by the pool with your favorite streaming show. 

Another great option (especially if you and your team are working together outside the office) is the Inseego MiFi X PRO 5G UW. The MiFi X PRO 5G UW is a powerful, secure hotspot device equipped with everything you need to work, create, and communicate. This mobile hotspot delivers a next level, ultra-low lag experience powered by 5G and Wi-Fi 6 for up to 32 WiFi-enabled devices, including laptops and tablets. The intuitive touch screen on the device itself is easy to navigate so you can quickly monitor your connections, identify your WiFi name and password, and more. With built-in security, a fast-charging, and long-lasting battery1 the portable MiFi X PRO will keep your connections protected all day long.

No matter how you like to travel—whether by planes, trains or automobiles—your hotspot is a travel tech buddy that’s always up for a trip.

Stay connected everywhere you go.

With so much of our world happening online, staying connected is more important than ever. Being able to video chat with family, stay on top of projects and relax with your favorite shows can happen wherever life takes you. Make sure to check out all of Verizon’s unlimited plans to find the best option for your budget and needs.

1. 13 hours of usage on a single connection with light browsing. Battery life and charge cycles vary with use, settings, and other factors; actual results will vary.

Reviewed by the Verizon Editorial Team. This content is provided for information purposes only. All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Verizon is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to use or reliance of the above content.

How to distribute Wi-Fi from the phone?

Did you know that you can use your mobile phone as a wireless router to provide Internet access to your laptop, tablet and other Wi-Fi devices? Android and iOS devices have this Wi-Fi access feature built right into the software.

Once the access point is set up, devices can connect to it just as easily as they would connect to any wireless network. They will see the SSID and will need the custom password you chose during the hotspot setup.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Features

The iPhone and Android Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities are a type of tethering, but unlike other tethering options that work via USB or Bluetooth, you can connect multiple devices at once.

Cost: To use the service, your mobile phone must have a data plan of its own. Some wireless carriers include free hotspot features (like Verizon), but others may charge for a separate modem or hotspot plan, which can cost around $15/month. However, sometimes you can get around this additional fee by rooting or jailbreaking your smartphone and using a tethering app to turn it into a wireless mobile hotspot.

Here are hotspot spending details for some of the major cell phone carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular.

Security. By default, the wireless network configured on your smartphone is usually encrypted with strong WPA2 security, so unauthorized users cannot connect to your devices. For added security, if you’re not prompted to set up a password, go to settings to add or change a password.

Drawback: Using your phone as a wireless modem drains battery life, so make sure you turn off the Wi-Fi hotspot feature after you’ve done this.

Where to find the Wi-Fi hotspot settings

The hotspot feature on smartphones is usually found in the same settings area and allows you to change similar settings such as the network name and password, and maybe even the security protocol .

  • Android: The hotspot feature on androids is called portable Wi-Fi hotspot or tethering and mobile phone HotSpot and is usually found under Settings > Connections.
  • iPhone: for iPhone this is listed as Personal Hotspot on the front page of the Settings app. Previous versions of iOS may need to first go to Settings > General > Network. Learn how to use your iPhone as a hotspot if you need help.
  • BlackBerry: Locate the setting under Manage Connections > Wi-Fi > Mobile Hotspot. You may need to access Settings > Network & Connections > Mobile Hotspot Connections > Settings to make changes to settings. BlackBerry gives you finer control over hotspot options, such as allowing you to change your wireless network range, allow/deny file transfers between clients, and turn off the hotspot automatically.
  • Windows Phone: The Hotspots section on Windows Phone is in Settings > Internet Sharing.

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How to turn on Wi-Fi hotspot/tethering on Pixel and Pixel XL (Verizon, Sprint and other carriers)

Carriers often block Wi-Fi hotspot connections on smartphones sold under a contract or with an unlimited data plan. This is to prevent users from using data on other wireless devices by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot on a device with an unlimited data plan. The recently released Google Pixel and Pixel XL also have these limitations.

However, if you decide to unlock the bootloader and root your Pixel, enabling Wi-Fi Hotspot or USB tethering on your Pixel phone is a piece of cake.

Let’s get started. .

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Method 1. Enable mobile Wi-Fi hotspot on Pixel using TetherMod (CarrierEntitlement .apk)

Google Pixel and Pixel XL have security checks that help carriers block users from activating Wi-Fi hotspot on their Pixel phones without receiving a mobile hotspot plan from the carrier. But if you have root access on your Pixel phone, you can get around this by installing a modified CarrierEntitlement APK on your Pixel phone to bypass initialization checks performed by the carrier.

This method will allow you to enable a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Pixel phone without paying extra money to your carrier to enable a feature already on your phone.

Grab the modified CarrierEntitlement.apk (by Fenny) from the download link below and follow the instructions to bypass initialization checks on Pixel phones.

[icon name=”download” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Download CarrierEntitlement. apk (by Fenny)

Note: The instructions below assume you have root access on your Pixel phone. If not, follow the link below to root your Pixel phone.

[icon name=”hand-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] How to root Pixel and Pixel XL via TWRP and SuperSU

  1. Set up ADB and Fastboot on your PC (link).
  2. Download the CarrierEntitlement.apk file and save it in a separate folder on your PC.
  3. Connect your Pixel phone to your PC.
  4. Open a command window inside the folder where you saved the CarrierEntitlement.apk file in step 2 above. To do this “Shift + right click” on any empty empty space inside the folder and then select Open command window here from the context menu.
  5. After opening the command window, run the following commands one by one to disable validation checks on your Pixel phone:
     adb push CarrierEntitlement.apk /sdcard/CarrierEntitlement. apk 
     adb shell 

    └ Your phone may ask you to grant root access, accept it.

     mkdir /su/CarrierEntitlement 
     cp /sdcard/CarrierEntitlement.apk /su/CarrierEntitlement/CarrierEntitlement.apk 
     chmod 644 /su/CarrierEntitlement/CarrierEntitlement.apk 
     echo "mount -o bind /su/CarrierEntitlement /CarrierEntitlement.apk /system/priv-app/CarrierEntitlement/CarrierEntitlement.apk" > /su/su.d/05TetherMod 
     chmod +x /su/su.d/05TetherMod 
  6. Your phone will reboot. Once this is done, go to Settings » Advanced » Tethering & portable hotspot » and enable Portable Wi-Fi hotspot . He must work.

Congratulations! You have successfully enabled Wi-Fi hotspot on your Pixel phone.

Method 2: Enable Wi-Fi hotspot on Pixel by editing build.prop

  1. Install ADB and Fastboot on your computer.