Max 360: ESCORT MAX 360 MKII Radar Detector

Everything You Need to Know About the GoPro Hero Max 360

GoPro has been the industry leader in action cameras for almost two decades, and thanks to the launch of the GoPro Hero Max 360 in 2019, they are also at the forefront of the 360 camera revolution. With that in mind, if you are considering buying one of these amazing little cameras but are still on the fence, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this GoPro Max review, we share the camera’s signature specs and features, how it performs when shooting videos and photos, why there’s no other camera like it currently on the market, and more! Additionally, because of innovative online platforms like MPB, buying a used GoPro Max 360 has never been less expensive and easier.

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Now, let’s jump in and learn everything there is to know about the GoPro Max 360 and why it’s the best 360 camera ever made!

Check out the video above by The 360 Guy to discover more about the GoPro Max and to watch some example footage. 

Table of Contents

  • An Overview of the GoPro Max 360
  • Record 360° Videos With the GoPro Max
  • Take 360° Photos With the GoPro Max
  • The GoPro Max 360 Has Unrivaled Image Stabilization
  • The GoPro Max 360 Has Tons of Creative Modes
  • Final Thoughts on Buying a GoPro Max 360

An Overview of the GoPro Max 360

The GoPro Max 360 is a one-of-a-kind action camera capable of filming stunning 360 videos and taking gorgeous 360 photos. Courtesy of its two lenses (on the front and back of the camera), it has a 360° angle of view with zero blind spots.

Even though it’s only one camera, it functions as if it were three! It can operate as a 360 camera, a standard stills camera, and a vlogging video camera, all without the need for items like the GoPro Max Lens Mod. This flexibility, along with the 30+ compatible GoPro accessories, places the GoPro Max on its own level in terms of versatility.

Another awesome feature of the MAX is its durability. It’s constructed from the same rugged, high-end materials as all other new GoPros and is fully waterproof to depths of 5m (without a case). This makes it a great choice for adrenaline junkies who like action sports like surfing, mountain biking, scuba diving, etc.

Here’s an in-depth look at the key features and specs of the Go Pro Max 360:

  • Camera Type: 360 Action Camera
  • Sensor: 17MP 1/2. 3 Inch CMOS Sensor
  • ISO: 100 – 800 for photos / 400 – 6400 for videos
  • Lens: 2 Lenses with four Fields of View (FOV)
  • 360 Video: 6K, 5.6K & 3K at 30 fps
  • Standard HERO Video: 1440p & 1080p at 60 fps
  • Audio: 360 + stereo (6 microphones)
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 30 cm
  • Size/Weight: 69 x 64 x 25 mm / 163 grams
  • Battery Life: 115 minutes / 90 minutes of 360 video
  • Waterproof: 4.8 meters / 16 feet
  • Autofocus: Yes
  • Stabilization: Yes
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Live Streaming: Yes

Record 360° Videos With the GoPro Max

When you think of film cameras for beginners, the GoPro Hero Max 360 is likely not one that comes to mind… 

However, the signature feature of the GoPro Max 360, and what separates it apart from other action cameras, is its 360 video capabilities. 360 video provides a unique look from traditional video and ensures you capture 100% of your surroundings, not only what you point the camera at. With the GoPro Max, you will never miss a moment! And with easy-to-use controls, the Max 360 can be a great “film” camera for you!

You can select to record 360 footage in three resolutions: 6K, 5.6K, or 3K. While we always prefer shooting in the highest resolution possible, be aware that 6K and 5.6K video takes up a lot of space. So you will want to have multiple spare Micro SD memory cards with you at all times. 

One more incredible 360 video feature is the ingenious technology that eliminates the grip from the footage. It enables you to film legendary movies without the distraction of grips and selfie sticks. 1440p and 1080p HERO video is also available at 60 frames per second. 

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Take 360° Photos With the GoPro Max

The GoPro Max 360 also takes epic 360 photos. Photos shot on the MAX are instantly recognizable thanks to their unique look that makes the world seem as if it were spinning around you. 360 photos are perfect for hiking, skiing, surfing, and rock climbing. 

Taking cool photos with the GoPro Max is an art, though, and more challenging than you might think. So, make sure you spend time playing around with the camera and snapping tons of photos when you first get it. Otherwise, you might end up with photos looking like this, ha!

When shooting regular pictures (or standard video), four digital lenses offer different FOVs: narrow, linear, wide, and Max SuperView. Max SuperView is the widest angle ever found on a GoPro and is ideal for influencers, YouTubers, and vloggers.

The GoPro Max 360 Has Unrivaled Image Stabilization

Besides its 360 video and imaging capabilities, the other trademark feature of the GoPro Max 360 is its best-in-class MAX HyperSmooth in-body image stabilization (IBIS). It’s the best IBIS we have ever tested on any action, DSLR, or mirrorless camera.

MAX HyperSmooth eliminates unwanted camera shake and significantly improves photo and video quality. On top of that, it boasts updated horizon-leveling technology that keeps your footage level and will save you valuable time in post-production. You can also activate 360-degree horizon leveling quickly and easily with the push of a button. 

These advanced stabilization features let you record jaw-dropping clips of your favorite outdoor activities that would have seemed impossible only a few years ago. Moreover, with the GoPro MAX, you can create professional-looking adventure movies without needing a tripod or gimbal. 

The GoPro Max 360 Has Tons of Creative Modes

The GoPro Max 360 has an amazing ensemble of simple and effective creative shooting modes that include: Max TimeWarp, PowerPano, and vertical shooting, to name a few.  

The one we use the most is Max TimeWarp. It creates beautiful, stabilized time-lapse movies directly in-camera without the need for any editing software. With Max TimeWarp, you can even make 360 time-lapses and night lapses! Alternatively, PowerPano captures 270-degree panoramic videos, and vertical shooting is great for creating content for Social Media.

While it’s not technically a creative mode, the last thing I want to note is that the GoPro Max has live-streaming capabilities. It can stream 1080p/60p Full HD video directly to popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. 

Final Thoughts on Buying a GoPro Max 360

Photo by AleksandarNakic via iStock

As far as 360 cameras are concerned, the GoPro Max 360 is, hands down, our favorite one on sale today. And although there are a handful of other respectable options out there that can compete with it in one area or another, none match the entire package offered by the GoPro Max!

If you love the portability and durability of action cameras but don’t think a 360 camera is for you, check out these other phenomenal options in stock now at MPB:

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Escort Max 360 Mk II Introduced

  • By Vortex
  • 3 months ago
  • March 30, 2023

  • 7 mins to read

Escort has just released the successor to the original Max 360 ($499) and it’s called the Max 360 Mk II ($599). It’s essentially a Max 360c Mk II ($699), just without the WiFi, and it improves upon the original Max 360 by offering longer range, better blind spot monitoring (BSM) filtering, improved photo radar detection, and a refreshed case design.

It costs $100 more than the outgoing Max 360 it replaces, but it’s a mostly welcome upgrade over the original thanks to the performance improvements stemming from its updated Blackfin digital signal processing (DSP) architecture.

Once I get a Max 360 Mk II, I’ll do a hands-on video, but given that it’s essentially a Max 360c Mk II with all the same settings, just without WiFi and in a slightly different case, we’ve got a good idea of what to expect.

Update: Max 360 Mk II has arrived! Check it out here:

Now for context, the original Max 360 launched way back in 2015. It was Escort’s first radar detector with arrows. In fact it was the first radar detector to offer arrows after Valentine’s patent on arrows expired. Since then it’s had some software updates, Escort has updated the Bluetooth chip, and they’ve upgraded the magnetic mount, but the new Max 360 Mk II offers a much more substantial overhaul.

Updated Case Design

Escort has updated the case design of the Max 360 Mk II to give it the same styling as its newer generation of detectors. It now looks extremely similar to the Max 360c Mk II.

The arrows now stretch all the way around the face of the detector, it has the more angular design, it loses the (purely aesthetic) raised bubble on the side, and it adds support for the EZ Mag magnetic mount (though newer Max 360’s eventually got the updated mount too).

The USB port for updates changes from MiniUSB to MicroUSB, the first Escort detector to use this smaller connector.

You’ll also notice some new cooling vents on top of the detector.

However, it’s what’s under the hood that should make the most difference.

Longer Range Detection

Now that the Max 360 Mk II uses the new Blackfin DSP platform (the same one that’s used on the Max 360c Mk II, Redline 360c, MaxCam 360c, etc.) it should receive a welcome bump in long range detection.

This was one of my biggest complaints of the nearly 8 year old Max 360 in 2023: You’re paying for a higher end detector, but getting mid-tier detection range. The newer Max 360 Mk II should finally give us detection range closer to other higher end detectors again.

The Mk II also adds band segmentation options for both K and Ka band.

In terms of responsiveness, I expect it to have the same reactivity issues as the other Blackfin DSP detectors and so until Escort fully resolves the reactivity issues, this should have the same K band delays that the Max 360c Mk II experiences.

Improved BSM Filtering

One thing the new radar detection platform is good at is BSM filtering. I’ve found the latest Escorts to be among the quietest in terms of BSM filtering and not falsing to nearby cars. Admittedly it’s been ages since I’ve ran my original Max 360 so I can’t compare directly off the top of my head, but Escort has definitely been making improvements here with their new platform.

Improved Photo Radar Detection

The original Max 360 has the ability to detect the MRCD (thanks to a firmware update released in late 2019), but the Max 360 Mk II adds the ability to detect not only the MRCD, but also the newer MRCT and the Mesta Fusion, giving you further protection against newer photo radar systems.

Correction: Now that I’ve got a detector on hand, it doesn’t have Mesta Fusion support the way that the “c” version does.

Max 360 To Be Discontinued

The Max 360 Mk II is set to replace the original Max 360. The original is no longer available on Escort’s website, but there’s still some remaining stock left on Amazon at the time of launch.

While the Max 360 Mk II provides a number of improvements over the original, the original Max 360 is was the cheaper option at $499.

Max 360 Mk II vs. Max 360c Mk II

The Max 360 Mk II is essentially a Max 360c Mk II, just without the WiFi capabilities.

Personally I like the WiFi capabilities. It makes it easier to update the detector from inside your car, plus if you want the detector connected to the cloud for realtime alerts and a speed limit display, I find it smoother and more reliable to connect over in-car WiFi than using an app on your phone. Given that I run in-car WiFi, between the two I would choose the Max 360c Mk II.

However, if you don’t have WiFi in your car and/or you want to save $100 (it’s $599 instead of $699), you can pick up the Max 360 Mk II instead and still get all other detection and filtering improvements that the Max 360c Mk II offers.

Final Thoughts

It makes total sense that Escort released this detector as they continue upgrading their lineup to utilize the newer Blackfin DSP platform. The original Max 360 was released nearly 8 years ago and it’s starting to show its age so a refresh makes a lot of sense.

If you don’t have WiFi in your car, this detector will compete head-to-head with other popular detectors like the Uniden R7, Uniden R8, and Valentine 1 Gen2. It offers a number of advantages over those other detectors too, but Escort really has to nail the responsiveness issues we’ve been seeing across the current lineup. I’d be hesitant on committing to this detector until they do, but if/when they do, I think this will be a solid pick and a worthy successor to Escort’s very first radar detector with arrows.

Purchase the Escort Max 360 Mk II here.

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1300 ₽



Experience total creative freedom with the most versatile spherical camera. You get 3 cameras in one: incredible spherical footage, HERO-style photos and videos, and unrivaled versatile vlogging tools. Support for spherical shooting also allows you to create stunning panoramic photos and spherical time lapses. With unsurpassed stabilization, high-quality sound from 6 microphones and a waterproof design, this camera is a delight. Shoot in HERO style, vlog on Max or create spherical footage in 6K. Eliminate shaky footage with maximum stabilization and horizon leveling. Choose narrow, linear, wide + Max SuperView – with the widest viewing angle. Max TimeWarp lets you create incredibly smooth timelapses in Sphere + HERO modes. The PowerPano feature allows you to take panoramic shots with a 270° field of view at the touch of a button.

Main Features

Brand GoPro
Diaphragm f2.8
Max. photo resolution 16.6 MP
Maximum video resolution 5. 6K
Physical sensor size 1/2.3″
Stabilization Max HyperSmooth
Max. video color depth 8 bit
Video recording format H.264 and H.265 (HEVC)
Maximum frame rate Full HD 60
360 degree survey have
Max. frequent frames 5.6K 30
Video outputs No
Data carrier MicroSD Class 10/UHS-1
Battery type AJBAT-001
Equipment Case, battery, USB Type C cable, Gopro 9 screw0059

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