Logitech headphones with microphones: Logitech H390 USB Headset with Noise-Canceling Mic

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The Best Logitech Headset In 2023

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Table of Contents_

  • Top Logitech Headsets
    •  #1  Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset
    •  #2  Logitech h490 Gaming Headset
    •  #3  Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset
    •  #4  Logitech H540 Gaming Headset
    •  #5  Logitech G332 SE Gaming Headset
    •  #6  Logitech G935 Gaming Headset
  • Introduction to Logitech Headsets
    • How Logitech Headsets Compare to Other Brands
    • Why Should You Buy a New Logitech Headset
    • How Long Will a Logitech Headset Last?

What features make the best Logitech gaming headset? Logitech is a well-known PC hardware and accessories company that makes some of the most trusted PC headsets and keyboards, and their gaming headset products excel in ergonomics and ease of use. You’ll find that their gaming headsets provide clear audio quality for chat and in-game sound effects.


Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset (2nd Generation)…



Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum – RGB 7.1 Dolby…


Along with great sound quality across a wide range of frequencies, Logitech headsets are comfortable for gaming and should be compatible with multiple operating systems on PCs and consoles alike. You might consider one of these gaming headsets if you’ve started playing more multiplayer games or want better audio performance.

Keep reading to learn more about the best Logitech headsets and how they compare to the best gaming headsets from competitors, like LucidSound headsets.

Top Logitech Headsets

 #1  Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset


9,568 Reviews

Our #1 Pick is the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Logitech headset features surround sound technology that’s ideal for auditory immersion during movie watching and gaming. It has a professional-grade detachable mic that can be used in music production.


  • Outstanding detachable mic
  • Surround sound 7.1
  • Powerful 50mm drivers


  • Changing settings via the G Hub software can be complicated

The Logitech G Pro X gaming headset features high-quality 50mm drivers that deliver astounding audio. Featuring Gen 7.1 surround sound, this device delivers spatial sounds suitable for movie watching and gaming. It has soft memory foam cushions and a leatherette headband to provide comfort. This model features a 3.5mm plug, offering compatibility with computers, consoles, and mobile devices. It comes with a 6.6-foot cable for PC and a 5-foot cable for mobile devices. However, adjusting settings via the G Hub software can prove complicated.

This headset has professional-grade detachable microphones with Blue Voice tech, capturing sound in astounding detail. The mic has a noise reducer, compressor, and limiter to deliver refined sounds. This headset comes with an external USB sound card for successfully connecting to Windows computers. It also comes with Logitech G Hub software for managing settings. Logitech avails five EQ profiles, and users can generate their own EQ settings via the software. An included travel bag offers convenient storage.

 #2  Logitech h490 Gaming Headset

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Logitech headset has a versatile connector that provides compatibility with a wide variety of Windows, Chrome OS, and Apple computers. It has a sound-isolating flexible mic, so it’s ideal for call centers.


  • Remarkably comfortable, lightweight design
  • Flexible noise-canceling mic
  • Universal USB connector


  • Lacks 3.5mm connector

Users who spend long hours on video calls should consider the Logitech h490 gaming headset. This device has a plush padded headband and ear cups for all-day comfort. It boasts high-quality parts that provide durability. This device delivers enhanced digital audio, featuring laser-tuned drivers, making it a good choice for music and movies. However, this headset lacks a 3.5mm plug, so connecting to most consoles and mobile devices is difficult.

This headset has a USB port that provides compatibility with Windows, Chrome OS, and Mac computers. With advanced noise-canceling tech, this device is suitable for call centers and other places with high ambient noise. The flexible mic allows users to take it out of the way when needed. The headset has in-line controls for adjusting volume and muting easily. Featuring a black color scheme, this device blends in well with other office electronics.

 #3  Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset


5,269 Reviews

Our #3 Pick is the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset has large Pro-G drivers optimized for gameplay, delivering refined sounds. With 3.5mm and USB interfaces, this device is able to tap from two different sources at the same time.


  • Excellent aural quality
  • Customizable RGB lights
  • G-keys for customizing functions


  • The headband is tight on some people

The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum gaming headset is a gaming-optimized model that delivers crystal-clear sounds. This device supports 7.1 Dolby and DTS surround sound, delivering directional sounds that enhance gameplay. With advanced 40mm Pro-G drivers, this headset enhances in-game sounds. It has onboard equalizer profiles, allowing users to customize the sound as needed. A noise-canceling boom mic with an LED light alerts users when it’s muted. However, the headband is tight on some people.

This device has cross-platform compatibility, plugging seamlessly into PCs, mobile devices, and a number of consoles. This device has a decent frequency response of 100 Hz to 20 kHz. With two different connector interfaces, this headset enables users to mix audio from two different sources. It has both a USB and a 3.5mm interface, so users can answer calls while engaging in their favorite games. This unit has customizable RGB lights and G-key macros for customizing frequently used functions.

 #4  Logitech H540 Gaming Headset


3,879 Reviews

Our #4 Pick is the Logitech H540 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset has a simple, lightweight design that will appeal to users who spend long hours on calls. Advanced features such as a built-in EQ, mute LED, and bass-level control offer convenience.


  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Built-in EQ and bass level control
  • Mute LED


  • Lacks effective noise-canceling tech
  • Mute LED is difficult to see

The Logitech H540 gaming headset is a lightweight over-the-ear model that will suit professionals who use headsets for long hours. It has a plug-and-play design with a USB connector, offering compatibility with a wide variety of computers. Featuring laser-tuned drivers, this device delivers pleasant sounds. It has a built-in EQ, allowing users to adjust the audio settings as needed. In addition to a volume control dial, this device has a bass level control, giving users flexibility. However, this device lacks effective noise-canceling tech.

This headset has an unobtrusive microphone that provides powerful audio capture without having an overbearing physical presence. The on-ear controls offer effortless operation. This headset has leatherette ear cups and a smooth finish, providing comfort and support for easy cleaning. We like the mute indicator light, which alerts users when the headset is muted. The mic on this unit is flexible and can easily be moved out of the way for convenience.

 #5  Logitech G332 SE Gaming Headset


1,415 Reviews

Our #5 Pick is the Logitech G332 SE Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset features large 50mm drivers and large ear cups to provide an engrossing experience. It has mesh ear cups that rotate 90 degrees, offering flexibility.


  • Immersive closed-ear design
  • Rotating ear cups
  • Flip-to-mute function


  • Unreliable flip-to-mute function

The Logitech G332 SE gaming headset features high-quality 50mm audio drivers that deliver thumping bass and sharp, high notes. This device has a 6mm boom mic to capture and deliver crystal clear sound. Ear cup controls enable seamlessly adjusting the volume. With a closed-ear design, this headset prevents sound from leaking to the mic and provides an engaging gaming experience. However, the flip-to-mute function on this device is unreliable on some units.

This Logitech headset has lightweight parts that keep pressure off the head and ears. It uses a 3.5mm plug to connect seamlessly to consoles and computers. With audio sensitivity of up to 107 dB, this headset provides an immersive experience. The device features large ear cups that are comfortable on the ears, and the mesh cushions facilitate air circulation. These ear cups rotate 90 degrees, providing a comfortable experience when the user bends the head.

 #6  Logitech G935 Gaming Headset

1,210 Reviews

Our #6 Pick is the Logitech G935 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset has a cordless design and connects from up to 50 feet away, offering convenience. The device has programmable ambiance lights and provides a 3D positional soundscape.


  • Gorgeous programmable ambiance lights
  • Wireless design
  • RD surround sounds


  • Occasional signal loss

The Logitech G935 gaming headset is a wireless model that uses 2.4GHz RF for seamless connectivity to computers and other devices. It has an indoor range of up to 50 feet, offering the flexibility needed to move around the room while playing. Featuring oversized 50mm Pro-G drivers, this headset enables users to hear faint gaming sounds to get an edge over the competition. However, this model sometimes loses signal intermittently.

This model has RGB light and works with Lightsync to enable precisely customizing the ambiance. The lights can be customized easily via the G Hub software. Equipped with a 6mm mic, this device captures detailed sound. It features advanced DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound, offering a precise positional 3D soundscape. This device has a built-in battery that provides power for up to 12 hours of uninterrupted gaming.

Introduction to Logitech Headsets

Logitech is a Swiss computer peripheral hardware company founded in 1981 by Daniel Borel, Giacomo Marini, and Pierluigi Zappacosta. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, and with facilities in the city of Vaud and the United States’ Silicon Valley, the company was among the first to create a mass-market computer mouse.

In the decades since, Logitech has steadily expanded its computer peripherals and input device lines. The company acquired Ultimate Ears, a headphone and in-ear monitor brand, in 2008. It then purchased the Astro Gaming and Blue Microphones brands, significantly adding to its portfolio of high-performance audio and game audio products. Take a look at our Logitech G230 stereo gaming headset review to learn more about Logitech’s products.

Logitech wireless headsets benefit from the company’s extensive history with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Its wired headsets generally offer good audio quality and stand out for their mic quality. They provide clear voice capture and great sound for phone calls and game chats.

Logitech markets affordable gaming headset models under the “Logitech G” gaming accessory brand, while offering microphones, over-the-ear headsets, and high-tech headsets via its subsidiaries, Astro Gaming and Blue Microphones.

Being especially versatile, Logitech’s wireless and wired gaming headsets are worth considering if you’re looking for a dual-purpose headset for gaming that also performs well on video calls. The brand also produces some of the cheapest headset models that still offer good sound quality, mobile-device compatibility, and usable microphone performance.

How Logitech Headsets Compare to Other Brands

(Pro 1) Good Ergonomics: Logitech’s USB headset and wireless headsets offer well-placed audio controls and a comfortable design. Premium models with over-the-ear headphones typically come with a padded headband that helps for long gaming sessions. Most Logitech headphone models include an adjustable headband for different head sizes, which makes them great gaming headsets for big heads.

(Con 1) Not as Immersive as Some Headsets: With the exception of some specialty models, Logitech’s regular headphones may not provide the same cinematic quality of headset sound as you can get from some other brands, like JBL’s gaming models. Competitors may offer more bass range and more detailed virtual surround sound.

(Pro 2) Affordable Price Range: Logitech’s lineup is worth considering if you’re looking for the best-sounding wireless headset at a reasonable price. Even some of the cheapest Logitech headsets out there provide decent sound quality and the usual wireless range.

(Con 2) Style of Gaming Models May Not Be to Everyone’s Taste: Some users may find that Logitech’s LIGHTSYNC RGB gaming headphone models have too much of a “gamer” aesthetic. However, reviewers generally consider the higher-end Logitech Pro-X and Pro-VR series to have a very attractive design.

(Pro 3) Multiple Platform Compatibility: Console users may value Logitech’s broad compatibility options. Logitech Zone wireless and USB headset wired models generally offer easy pairing with numerous platforms and operating systems. The Logitech G335 wireless model connects with PS4, PS5, Mac OS, PC, and just about any Bluetooth 4.2 device. It’s as versatile as the leading Razer gaming headsets.

(Con 3) Fewer Noise-Canceling Options: While Logitech gaming headsets generally provide good sound quality and 3D audio features, other brands have more widely-available active noise cancellation and may provide more ambient noise filtering in crowded or loud gaming environments.

(Pro 4) Long Battery Life: Some models, such as the Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED RGB Wireless headset, offers up to 29 hours of battery life on a single charge. The company’s other over-the-ear Bluetooth wireless headset models, such as the Logitech Zone Wireless range, generally offer at least 20 hours of play or voice calls.

(Con 4) Limited USB-C Connectivity: While offering plenty of wireless technology options, Logitech gaming headsets still often use the older USB-A standard or micro-USB for the USB dongle, charging port, and other connections. The lack of USB-C cable and audio jack connections may be inconvenient for some Mac and laptop users.

Why Should You Buy a New Logitech Headset

There are several reasons you might want to consider buying a Logitech headset. Gamers looking for improved audio clarity on chats and better in-game communication may find it worthwhile to upgrade to one that offers superior microphone quality and good stereo sound. However, if Logitech doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll want to look at our Astro A40 review.

Many of the newer Logitech gaming headsets offer Blue microphones on a detachable mic boom. This feature helps ensure better-sounding conference calls and more accurate audio on voice chat settings. For the same reasons, you might also consider upgrading to a more focused headset for gaming if you make streaming content.

You might also want to get a new dedicated gaming headset for the sake of better competitive gaming performance. New gaming headsets, particularly models with on-ear gaming headphones and a closed-back design, provide better passive noise isolation and more realistic 3D sound.

If you’re currently using a cheap gaming headset, earbuds, or built-in console speaker, your gaming experience may benefit greatly from a new headset with improved speaker quality. A newer headset delivers more realistic virtual surround sound quality and can help gamers pinpoint tactically-important in-game sound effects such as enemy footsteps.

Gamers who work remotely and often use a headset for work chat or conference calls might want to consider a new Logitech headset for improved microphone performance and versatility. Logitech’s modular approach to gaming headsets means you can add an accessory boom mic with a built-in pop filter for better voice quality on conference calls as well as game chats.

Compared to older gaming headsets, the newest models from Logitech offer more versatile connection options and more sophisticated audio technology. With Logitech’s acquisition of the Blue Mic brand and its recent partnerships with Oculus and Playstation, Logitech has made considerable strides in delivering professional audio quality for gamers.

How Long Will a Logitech Headset Last?

Logitech headsets vary widely in their expected lifespan. Logitech gaming headsets generally last three to five years, depending on the type of headset, the kind of use, and the storage conditions. On-ear headphones last longer than earbuds, and wired headsets tend to last longer than wireless models.

Wireless headsets may be limited to the lifetime of their built-in batteries. Overall battery longevity varies somewhat depending on the type of cells used, but experts suggest that a lifespan of 500-1500 charge cycles is a reasonable expectation for current lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Over-the-ear headsets often show wear on the ear cups and adjustable sliders for the headbands. On models used for frequent marathon gaming sessions, it’s common to see discoloration and fraying after a year or two.

Functionally, the first headset parts to fail are often the audio jack connectors and the boom mic or flip-up mic. A worn audio or USB connector can make the headset difficult to plug in and cause interruptions in the audio signal.

To prolong the useful life of your gaming headset, store the headset someplace relatively dry and away from extreme heat. A good headset stand can help keep your headset or pair of on-ear gaming headphones safe from accidental drops and beverage spills.

Logitech Warranties

Logitech offers a 2-year limited warranty on most of its gaming headset models. Some attachments and headset accessories, like the Blue Icepop detachable condenser mic, also get 2-year warranty coverage. The warranty covers defects in materials or manufacturing and extends to original OEM firmware but excludes 3rd party software and accessories.

As is usual with consumer electronics warranties, Logitech excludes accidental damage and normal wear and tear. They may cover setup and connectivity issues on a case-by-case basis.

The Logitech warranty offers an above-average length of coverage and more generous terms than some competing brands. While they may not provide the level of online tech support or set-up help you get with some premium pro-audio brands, they provide a 30-day guarantee on all replacement parts and products. An extended warranty with business-focused tech support is available for purchase with certain models.

Headphones Logitech G430 with microphone, USB, black-blue (981-000537)

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Art. 214206

Warranty: 12 months

12 890 ₽


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The headset is available for both adults and children. Based on your own needs and preferences. This model is safe for hearing. And so it can be used on a regular basis.

The Logitech G430 PC Headset (981-000537) has a headband mount. Thanks to the USB connection, you can connect them to your devices to listen to music or watch videos.

The price of the headset is quite affordable. However, this model Logitech G430 (981-000537) is in demand among users not only because of its low cost, but also because of its durability and good sound quality.

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Main specifications

Article number



Logitech 9 0003

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G430 (981-000537)

Headphone type


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Sensitivity, dB



All specifications

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Main characteristics





Country of manufacture




G430 (981-000537)


Frequency response, Hz


Impedance, Ohm


Sensitivity, dB


Construction 9 0003

Mount type


Headphone design



Microphone included


Microphone mount

on earpiece

Microphone sensitivity, dB

-40 ± 3

900 02 Microphone frequency range, Hz





Headphone jack


Gold-plated connectors



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Headphones, documentation



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Troubleshooting microphone problems – Microsoft Support

Microsoft accessories Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 7 Windows 11 More…Less

If you are experiencing problems with microphone functions, the following information will help you identify and resolve these problems.

Make sure applications have access to the microphone

If your microphone isn’t detected after updating Windows 11, you may need to grant apps permission to use it. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Select Start > Settings > privacy & security > Microphone and make sure that access to microphone is enabled.

  2. Make sure the Microphone Sharing app is enabled, and then select the apps they have access to. Desktop apps do not appear in this list.

If you want to grant access to desktop apps, make sure the “Allow desktop apps to access your microphone” application is enabled. You cannot turn off microphone access for individual applications.

Other users cannot hear me

Try the following.

  • If your headset has a mute button, make sure it is not pressed.

  • Make sure the microphone or headset is properly connected to the computer.

  • Verify that the default system audio recording device is a microphone or headset. Here’s how to do it in Windows 11:

    1. Select Start > Settings > System > Sound .

    2. In input (Input) navigate to select a device for speaking or recording, and then select the desired device.

    3. To test the microphone, speak into it. In the area Volume make sure the blue Windows can hear you.

Microphone volume too low or not working at all

Try the following.

  • Make sure the microphone or headset is properly connected to the computer.

  • Make sure the microphone is placed correctly.

  • Turn up the microphone volume Here’s how to do it in Windows 11:

    1. Select Start > Parameters > System > Sound .

    2. On the tab Input, select the microphone to see its properties.

    3. org/ListItem”>

      With input volume , make sure the blue dream is corrected when the microphone is spoken.

    4. If not, go to microphone tests and Start testing. This will help you troubleshoot your microphone.

If you are experiencing problems with microphone functions, the following information will help you identify and resolve these problems.

Make sure applications have access to the microphone

If your device’s microphone is not detected after updating Windows 10, you may need to grant permission to apps to use it.

  • org/ListItem”>

    To allow the application to access the microphone, click Start and select Settings > Privacy > Microphone . Select Change then enable Allow apps to access microphone.

  • After you allow microphone access, you can choose which Microsoft Store apps can access these features, see Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your microphone and prepay access to desktop apps without signing in in Microsoft-Store by setting the switch for Allow desktop apps to access the microphone to Online .

Other users cannot hear me

Try the following.

  • org/ListItem”>

    If your headset has a mute button, make sure it is not pressed.

  • Make sure the microphone or headset is properly connected to the computer.

  • Verify that the default system audio recording device is a microphone or headset. Here’s how to do it in Windows 10.

    1. Select Start and then Options > System > Sound .

    2. org/ListItem”>

      Make sure that in the area Input in the field Input device selection the microphone is selected.

    3. To test the microphone, speak to it and test the microphone to make sure Windows can hear you.

Microphone volume too low or not working at all

Try the following.

  • Make sure the microphone or headset is properly connected to the computer.

  • Make sure the microphone is placed correctly.

  • Turn up the microphone volume Here’s how to do it in Windows 10.

    1. Select Start and then Options > System > Sound .

    2. Make sure that in area Input in the field Select input device microphone is selected, then select Device properties .

    3. On the Levels tab of the microphone properties window, adjust the sliders Microphone and Microphone gain as needed, then select OK .

    4. Speak the microphone while testing in the Microphone test area to make sure the settings work. If the line moves from left to right, your microphone is working. If you don’t see any change, the microphone is not picking up sound.

Other users can’t hear me during Skype calls

Verify that Skype’s default audio recording device is a microphone or headset. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. If Skype is not open, select Start , Skype to open it.