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How to shop for 10 Inch Subwoofers

Whether you’re listening to melodic jazz or booming hip-hop, you need a subwoofer to hear the full body of the music. Nimble 10″ subwoofers deliver powerful punch, thanks to their super-fast cone speed. And today’s models can handle plenty of power.

Important details for choosing a 10″ subwoofer

There are a few pointers below, but read our subwoofer buying guide for more advice and tips on choosing your subs.

Voice coils – Subwoofers have either one or two voice coils. This important feature greatly impacts the sub’s performance in your audio system. Dual voice coil subs are popular among enthusiasts because they offer more flexibility when wiring the bass system. 

Power rating – How much power do you need to make the subwoofer(s) sound their best? The closer your amplifier’s power output is to the sub’s max RMS power rating (not the peak power), the better it will sound.

Impedance – Most subwoofers are rated at 4 ohms impedance, but 2-ohm and 8-ohm subwoofers are also available.

When you’ve chosen a subwoofer, look for an amplifier that matches the sub in terms of impedance and power rating. If you need any help, our Advisors are just a phone call or chat away.

Popular questions customers ask

The larger the woofer, the deeper the bass. A 12″ sub will play louder and deeper than a 10″ sub. A single subwoofer is all it takes to reinforce your music, but if you’re looking for volume, then two subs are certainly louder than one.

A sealed enclosure will sound tighter and more accurate. A ported (or vented) enclosure makes the bass louder, with more boom, but with a slight loss of accuracy. A bandpass box is a combination of those two designs for even more output in a narrow frequency range.

It’s simple. A subwoofer gives you more bass, reproducing lower frequencies that your other speakers can’t deal with. And subs aren’t just for “bassheads.” Filling out those lower frequencies will make any kind of music sound better. At Crutchfield, we love to see that look of surprise and joy on someone’s face the first time they hear a sub in their vehicle!

First, figure out where a sub will fit. If you have limited space, consider a small powered sub. You’ll be surprised how much bass you’ll get. Also, what are your plans for your sound system? A small sub and amp will work great for adding some bass to a factory radio, but if you have plans to expand your system, go with the biggest sub that’ll fit.

Yes, all subs need an amplifier. Some subs even come with an amp built-in (called “powered subwoofers”), so you don’t have to match the sub to the amp. If you prefer to customize your system, make sure to get an amp that’s powerful enough for your sub. The more bass you want, the more power you’ll need.

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