Irobot e5: iRobot Roomba e5 Vacuum Cleaner Review

iRobot Roomba e5 review: Superb and affordable

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Erin Lawrence


  • Cleans well
  • Can recharge itself and resume cleaning
  • Finds its way around fairly gently
  • Affordable
  • Not too loud


  • Small dustbin
  • No full dustbin alerts
  • Cleaning is more random, less methodical

Robot vacuum makers put a lot of effort into creating all kinds of new technology, and the newest, fanciest robots can cost hundreds of dollars. But what about those in the more budget-friendly realm? Are they still as effective, efficient, and reliable as their pricier cousins?


  • iRobot Roomba e5: The basics
  • Roomba e5: What’s missing compared to higher cost Roombas?
  • How does Roomba e5 clean?
  • Our take

I received a sample of the Roomba e5 from iRobot. In my in-home review, I’ll tell you about its cleaning power, effectiveness, and whether it stands alone compared to those more expensive robots — or if you’ll be wishing you’d spent a few more bucks for those features.

iRobot Roomba e5: The basics

The iRobot e5 is a Wi-Fi-connected, app-controlled robot vacuum that’s about the same size  as other Roombas, but without the price tag. For just $350, you receive a capable robot vacuum that can keep your floors clean and your home tidy.

The e5 works just like any other Roomba, though this version seems to feel more than see its way around your room by bumping gently into things, then backing away from obstacles and carrying on. One key difference in this robot over the more expensive options from iRobot: It doesn’t have mapping and intelligent navigation where it can truly see around those obstacles, so you might say it navigates more by touch than sight. (Fear not: Cliff sensors prevent it from toppling down stairs. )

Roomba e5: What’s missing compared to higher cost Roombas?

When compared to the much more expensive Roombas, navigation and home mapping are missing. Those features would normally allow you to create a map of your home so you can clean specific rooms of the house or set cleaning schedules for those specific rooms for particular days. While you can schedule this bot, you can’t tell it exactly where to clean when it does go out.

The e5 has less suction than the Roomba s9+, and there’s no suction boost on carpets with the e5, unlike on the s9+. There’s also a $650 price difference between the two; even the base model of the s9+ starts at $1,000. The Roomba e5 gets the job done admirably, if somewhat blindly.

With the Roomba e5, you will need to empty the dustbin yourself when it’s full. The e5 does not have the option of using automatic dirt disposal. iRobot indicates that you will get reminders to empty the dustbin, but I couldn’t seem to get this to work in practice. Too often, I’d remember to check and the dustbin would be overflowing. (Ewww.)

Since we’re comparing the e5 to the s9+, while the s9+ will return to base and recharge itself as needed to complete the clean of your whole house, the e5 has a maximum run time of 90 minutes.

How does Roomba e5 clean?

The overflowing dustbin.

Enough with what it’s missing; let’s dig into what the Roomba e5 has and what it can do. Generally speaking, I’ve found that iRobot Roombas clean quite well and this vacuum is no exception.

The e5 picked up a lot of different things, from pet hair to crumbs and fine dirt, as well as grittier bits. While it does seem to clean in a more random fashion and less methodical one, it still seems to get the job done.

Different floor types

The e5 was able to transition well between different floors, from tile to hardwood to carpet, and it cleaned each area well. I have seen some users say it struggles with taller flooring transitions, but in my home where the transitions are fairly low, it was able to get around just fine.

In my testing, the e5 would do about two or three rooms of my 1,000 square foot main floor on a single charge. The robot would go from room to room and find its way in through doorways and around beds or furniture easily.

Spot cleaning with Roomba e5

This Roomba also has a very handy “spot clean” mode where the device will begin a series of swirl patterns and inhale everything in that single area. I decided to test this feature by pouring some flour on the floor and then bringing the Roomba over to attack it. There’s some grout missing from the tile floor, and while the Roomba e5 did not have the suction power to get the flour out of those deeper spaces, it was able to suction all flour from the tile surface.

Roombas are the least likely of all the robot vacuums I’ve reviewed to get stuck.

Does the Roomba e5 get stuck?

Roombas are the least likely of all the robot vacuum brands I’ve reviewed to get stuck in the first place. I will say I have come home a couple of times to find older Roombas paused at the edge of the stairs, or stuck on a rug or a stray sock. That’s because these bots don’t have the same obstacle recognition and avoidance tech that the newest Roomba j7+ has.

Using the iRobot app

With the iRobot app, you can manage your vacuum easily, adjust settings, and start cleaning from anywhere, even inside the house or from your office across town. Using the schedule feature, you can pick which days of the week and at what times you want cleaning to happen. The app is very intuitive and easy to manage.

Noise level

The first question a lot of people have about a robot vacuum is about noise. I did feel like the e5 was marginally quieter than the s9, though that could be because of its slightly lower suction power. If noise is an issue for you, it’s easy enough to schedule the vacuuming for when you’re out.

The digital assistant features work quite well — and they’re convenient.

Will Roomba e5 work with Google or Alexa?

iRobot’s Roomba devices work with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, meaning you can just ask your assistant to send it out, send it home, pause the vacuuming, and more. The digital assistant features work quite well — and they’re convenient.

Our take

iRobot e5 is a superb robot vacuum at a fraction of the price of other models. It sweeps your home thoroughly and has a plethora of remote-controlled features. I got great cleaning power and all the important features I needed. On the downside, I never received any full dustbin alerts to my iPhone. I also wish that for this vacuum’s size, the dustbin was larger.

I’ll bet you won’t even miss the stuff this robot doesn’t have, like home mapping or automatic dirt disposal, though if you think you must have those features, an increase to your budget will give you lots more to play with. You save a lot of money (as much as $650) compared to the top-tier models at the expense of these features.

Is there a better alternative?

Could there be a “better” alternative to this robot vacuum? Certainly, if you’re talking about more advanced features.  The iRobot Roomba s9+ or the very-new Roomba j7+ are both far smarter and loaded with more features and customizations, but at a budget price point, this bot is pretty great. You could also check out Shark’s budget bot, the Shark ION 750.

How long will it last?

I’ve owned another Roomba (the iRobot Roomba S7+) for about five years. With regular maintenance like keeping the rollers clear and filters clean, and ensuring wheels and components are free of tangles, it runs like a dream. I have no doubt the Roomba e5  will also keep my home clean for years to come.

If something does happen to your Roomba e5, iRobot provides a one year limited warranty.

Should you buy it?

Yes. Overall, the Roomba e5 is easy to set up, easy to use, and cleans your home very well at a great, low price. I think it’s a great starter robot housekeeper for people on a budget and I can absolutely recommend it.

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iRobot e5 robot vacuum review

Through my blog and YouTube channel I’ve had the chance to try possibly a dozen robot vacuums, including some of the most expensive and high tech. Those can be cleaning lifesavers, of course, but it got me wondering about the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of vacuums in the more budget-friendly range. That’s why when I had a chance to review the budget Roomba e5 from iRobot, I was glad to put it to the test. In this review, I’ll tell you about its cleaning prowess, effectiveness and what it can’t do when compared to those more expensive robots—and whether you’ll be wishing you had those features.

iRobot e5 robot vacuum


Overall, this is a great robot vacuum at a fraction of the cost of some higher end models. Like the other iRobot Roomba models that cost more, it sweeps your home thoroughly and has a host of remote operating features. I feel like you’re getting great cleaning power, and nearly all the features as the higher end models.


  • Sweeps well
  • Great balance of budget bot and useful features
  • Lots of remote features
  • Easy set up
  • Great starter bot



  • No dustbin-full alerts
  • Larger dustbin would be nice

iRobot Roomba e5 vacuum review

This robot vacuum is a Wi-Fi connected, remote app controlled, voice assistant connected, home sweeping and vacuuming device. It’s about the same size as other Roombas, but without the price tag. It’s round while some other bots are square. The e5 sells for about $449 CAD, making it one of the most affordable Roombas out there.

It works just like any other Roomba, it kind of feels its way around your room by nudging into things, then avoiding obstacles or blocks and moving on. Cliff sensors prevent it from falling down stairs.

In the box, you’re getting just the basics; your ‘bot and a power cord and dock to charge him up.

What’s the difference between Roomba e5 and other robot vacuums?

What’s missing from other higher cost Roombas?

One key difference in this robot over the more expensive ones: it doesn’t have mapping and intelligent navigation where it can see around obstacles, so you might say it navigates more by touch than sight. That navigation and home mapping allows you to create a map of your home so you can clean specific rooms of your home, or set cleaning schedules for those specific rooms of the house on certain days for example.

The e5 offers less suction than the s9+ for example, but I will say it is quieter. There’s also no cleaning/suction boost on carpets with the e5, as there is on the s9. Even so it still gets the job done.

With the e5 you need to manually empty the dust bin when it’s full while higher end Roombas have an optional automatic dirt disposal.
And while a robot like the s9 will run, then recharge itself and then go out again automatically if needed to finish your whole house, the e5 has a maximum run time of up to 90 minutes.

One other thing to point out.. despite this being the budget model, you still get voice control with Google or Alexa!

How well does Roomba e5 clean?

To the big question… how does this less expensive Roomba clean?

I’ve found that the Roombas clean quite well and this bot is no exception; they pick up a lot of different things, from pet hair, to crumbs, from fine dirt or flour to grittier bits like crackers. I would say the e5 might need an extra pass to get as clean as the s9 or i7, and it wasn’t as good as they are at getting the dirt out of the spaces where the grout has worn away in my old floor.

What kind of floors can Roomba clean?

Roombas including the e5 transition really well from tile to hardwood to carpet and clean each surface well, and while I’ve had folks on my YouTube channel complain that it doesn’t handle tall transitions well, in my home it hasn’t been an issue. In short, I would say this Roomba does a good job sweeping up.

Roomba will get around and under things where the pet hair tends to collect, like underneath chairs or in the hallways. And the robot even did a good job of getting into tighter spaces and corners, however his round shape means he can’t get into them perfectly—that’s another difference in these robots; the D-shape of the newer Roombas are meant to let them reach into corners better. With that said, the tiny brushes that extend from the Roomba e5 do increase the robot’s reach into corner areas.

Overall I was not unhappy with how the robot was able to clean, and the spaces he was able to get into, but yes, corners and narrow areas are sometimes a challenge.

In my testing, the e5 would do 2-3 rooms of my 1000 sq ft main floor with a single charge. The robot would go from room to room and find his way in through doorways and around beds or furniture easily.

Using Roomba Spot Clean

Roomba also has a very handy ‘spot clean’ mode and it works quite well. If you spill something on the floor or have a particularly dirty or dusty area, you can bring the Roomba over and select ‘spot clean’, and the device will begin a series of swirl patterns and sweep up everything in that single area. I decided to test this feature by pouring some flour on the floor and then bringing the Roomba over to attack it.

I have some grout missing from spots on our tile floor, and while the Roomba did not have the suction power to get the flour out of those deeper crevices, he was able to get every last bit of flour from the tile surface. I was pretty impressed.

Does Roomba get stuck?

I will say I have come home a couple of times to find my Roombas stopped at the edge of the stairs, or stuck on a rug or a stray sock. That’s because if the robot gets in a spot he can’t get out of, he’ll just shut down and wait for you to rescue him, beeping out a few ‘help me’ blips. He also has a built-in ability to untangle himself from any cords he may get caught on. Even so, I find Roombas are the least likely of all the robot vacuums I’ve reviewed, to ever get stuck.

Dustbin maintenance and alerts

Keeping the Roomba’s dustbin canister clean and emptying it regularly is important to keep your robot running well. iRobot recommends you empty the dustbin after each use. While I tried to do this, sometimes I forgot.

The Roomba is supposed to let you know if the dustbin is too full to continue. This, however, has never worked well for me. I never get the alerts, and it never shows up on my app screen. To that end, my dustbin is usually full to bursting after just one run, with debris lodged in the suction tube. It needs to be manually pulled free. I’d say the lack of alerts is the biggest problem with all Roombas I’ve tried.

That issue aside, the app works very well, letting you manage your bots, adjust their settings and turn cleaning on and off. It’s easy to get set up and connected and a handy way to manage your robot army.

Schedule your clean for when you’re not home

Using the schedule feature in the iRobot app, you can choose which days of the week and times of day you’d like your robot to clean for you. Similarly, if you’ve dashed out unexpectedly and would love a quick sweep up before you get home, you can just hit the clean button inside the app, and the robot will do a pass of your floors before you get home.

Will Roomba e5 work without using the iRobot HOME App?

Yes, Roomba e5 can be used without the iRobot HOME App, but the App allows you to use your iOS or Android smart device to help you have the best possible experience with Roomba e5. With the iRobot HOME App, you can gain access to exclusive features including cleaning while away from home, managing your robot’s cleaning schedule, customizing your cleaning preferences and more.

Is Roomba e5 noisy?

One of the concerns many consumers have when shopping for a robot vacuum is, will it be noisy? I can say with confidence, that most robot vacuums are noisy; where we can debate is the degree of noise.

Most folks would not be able to sleep through a robot vacuum cleaning cycle, and you probably wouldn’t want to take a zoom call when it’s running. I did feel like the e5 was marginally quieter than the s9, and that may be due to its difference in suction power.

One last point on noise; The great thing about your robot housekeeper however, is that you can schedule him to do your bidding while you were outside in the backyard, running errands, or otherwise not home.

How to use Google & Alexa with Roomba

One of the great things about iRobot’s Roomba devices is that they work with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. That means you can just ask your assistant to send it out, send it home, pause the clean and more. I’ve found the digital assistant features work very well and they’re very convenient. Just link the Roomba skill inside your Google or Alexa app.

Can a Roomba replace an upright vacuum?

This is a question I get all the time. The answer is, that depends. While Roomba is a great way to keep regular maintenance down, it can’t go everywhere like doing baseboards, furniture and deep corners, and the e5 in particular isn’t going to power dirt out of your thicker carpets like an upright will. If you have lots of carpets, you might still need a solution for those. But if you’re trying to be low maintenance, a Roomba and something like a handheld or small vacuum could bridge any gaps.

Overall review: iRobot Roomba e5

Overall, this is a great robot vacuum at a fraction of the cost of some higher end models. Like the other iRobot Roomba models that cost more, it sweeps your home thoroughly and has a host of remote operating features. I feel like you’re getting great cleaning power, and nearly all the features as the higher end models. When it comes to the downsides, I with I could get dustbin full alerts, but perhaps that’s an iPhone issue. I also wish that for all the real estate on this vacuum, the dustbin was larger.
You likely won’t even miss the stuff this robot doesn’t have, like home mapping or automatic dirt disposal, and if you think you need those features, an increase to your budget will give you lots more toys.
Overall the Roomba e5 is easy to set up, easy to use and cleans your home very well at a great, low price. I think it’s a great starter robot housekeeper for people on a budget.  I’ve seen the price vary wildly from $200-$449 CAD from places like Best Buy or Amazon.

*A note about Affiliate Links: Occasionally I will include affiliate links in my reviews. I do this partly for convenience of the reader (since I’ll almost always include a link to the company website or similar anyway) in case you want to read more or purchase but I also may get a small commission from the click, which helps me keep the blog running. If you chose to use this link I thank you greatly for supporting the blog. There’s no obligation or cost to you for using this link.

iRobot Roomba e5 robot vacuum cleaner with advanced cleaning system and smartphone control

High performance, perfect cleaning.

Equipped with dual multi-surface rubber brushes, increased suction power* and a high-performance filter, Roomba e5 has a full range of features for a complete cleaning.

* Compared to Roomba 600 series AeroVac

Adapted for cleaning after pets.

The robot is ideal for collecting pet hair. The two main rubber brushes work together to comb wool out of carpets, while the robot’s filtration system traps almost 100% of allergens, dust mites, mold and other harmful particles.

Unique rubber brushes.

Basic Rubber Extractor Brushes are responsible for picking up debris from any floor covering. To achieve the best result, the brushes differ from each other in the shape of the tread.

The power of deep cleaning.

Dual multi-surfaced rubber brushes trap dirt, a suction mechanism traps it, and a high performance filter traps dust and debris for a powerful system that delivers a thorough cleaning.

Detects and removes dirt.

Dirt Detect sensors alert the Roomba e5 to the dirtiest areas of your home and clean them as thoroughly as possible to keep those areas as clean as the rest of your home.

* Robot detects dirt when approached.

Cleaning with running water.

The washable dust bag has never made it easier to keep your robot clean.

Wi-Fi control.

By installing the iRobot Home mobile app on your smartphone, you can control and monitor the Roomba e5 remotely. The robotic assistant uses the home wireless network to communicate.

Cleaning schedule.

It is enough to make a weekly cleaning schedule for the robot and the vacuum cleaner will follow it unquestioningly, starting cleaning at a certain time, taking into account the day of the week.

Does not fall.

Not only does the vacuum cleaner know how to climb up and down carpets, but it can also detect large height differences to avoid falling off stairs. Finding a ladder in front of you, Roomba e5 will change direction.

Spot cleaning.

The robot can clean small areas of the floor. To do this, move it there and click on the SPOT button. The vacuum cleaner will start cleaning, spinning in a spiral, clearing the area with a radius of 1 meter.

Roomba signature 3-level cleaning

Side brush collects dirt from corners and directs it to the main rollers.

Rubber rollers collect dust, dirt and hair and guide it into the vacuum channel.

The debris is collected by a powerful vacuum that is 5 times stronger than the 600 series models and sent to the waste bin.

30 years of iRobot – from idea to leader in the development of innovative service robots

Which robot suits you?

Recommendations for selectionSee comparison

Or call us, we will prompt and help.

iRobot Roomba e5
1 piece.

Two-mode traffic limiter (linear in one mode, circular in the other). AA batteries (2 pcs.) included.
1 piece.

Lithium-ion battery – Li-ion, (installed inside the robot).
1 piece.

Fine filter (Hepa technology). Roomba e5. One is inside the robot, the second is additional.
2 pieces.

Floor stand with integrated charger.
1 piece.


Virtual wall 2in1 linear/circular

1 pc.

Virtual Wall Kit


Circular Virtual Wall Kit


Motion Coordinator Lighthouse Kit


Remote Control

900 04 Smartphone

Main functions



Spot cleaning


Number of rooms cleaned


Cleaning resume

9000 4 No



Smartphone Control


Advanced cleaning system – AeroForce


Improved carpet cleaning – Carpet Boost


Dirty area detection


Height difference detection


Anti-tangle system


Virtual wall capability


Ability to work with motion coordinator


Design features

Rubber brushes – extractors


Air filtration system

Refurbished fine filter

Waste container

Refurbished modified container


Operating time on one charge, hours

1. 5

Cleaning area per charge, m 2

up to 60

Dust container volume, ml

4 00

Weight, kg


Diameter, mm


Height, mm


Charging base height mm


Net weight kg


Gross weight kg

5.71 9000 3

Package length, cm


Package width , cm


Package height, cm


iRobot Roomba e5 is a talented and efficient assistant

We all know how annoying cleaning can be. If you are a happy parent or owner of fluffy pets, then you have probably dreamed more than once that garbage, dust, dirt and hair would disappear from your carpets with one wave of a magic wand. Well, magic wands are still under development, but for now we are ready to offer you a worthy replacement – iRobot Roomba e5.

This is a smart robot vacuum cleaner that will gladly take care of all your home cleanliness and give you precious time for family and hobbies! The Roomba e5 is the perfect assistant, ready to give your home the ultimate cleanliness. Forget about handheld vacuum cleaners and the need to constantly sweep the room! Now the robot will take care of it.

With the purchase of this device, you will not only have a lot of free time, which you can distribute at your discretion, but also the opportunity to completely take no part in the cleaning process. The robot will independently vacuum the apartment in your absence, go to the charging station, determine the most polluted places in the house and much more. Treat yourself to freedom from dusty work with Roomba e5!

Probably, it will have to buy a lot of accessories?

Not at all! Everything that is required for comfortable and uninterrupted operation of the robot is included with the device.

All items, including the device itself, are neatly packaged in a large cardboard box. This is done as carefully as possible to minimize any risk of damage to parts during transportation.

The first thing we see upon unboxing is the Roomba e5 itself. The beautiful black device is protected by a soft layer of foam rubber so that not a single scratch forms on such an elegant surface. In addition, the kit includes a floor base for the robot with an integrated charger, a dual-mode motion limiter with two AA batteries for it, a power cable, a spare HEPA filter (one is already inside the robot) and all the necessary documentation.

As we can see, Roomba e5 comes with a fairly wide scope of delivery, which will allow you to start actively using the robot immediately after purchase.

Roomba e5 is your new family member

We say this because this product cannot be compared to the common household appliances in your home. This is a truly smart robot that knows what to do in order to achieve maximum results and impeccable cleaning quality. He understands where the dirt is, carefully cleans the corners, penetrates under the furniture and recharges itself. Does this only happen in dreams? So your dream has almost come true!

Roomba e5 combines the most innovative technologies that work together with all parts of the robot vacuum cleaner to achieve perfect cleanliness. The robot is equipped with a huge variety of sensors and sensors that constantly scan the cleaned area and help the device move around the room quickly and freely.

Dirt Detect technology helps the robot to identify the most polluted areas of the territory. When such a place is found, Roomba e5 will not just walk over it once and grab as much debris as it can, but will begin to thoroughly vacuum the dirty area, returning to it again and again, until it achieves maximum cleanliness. You will be able to give the robot complete freedom of action, without controlling and without trying to clean up after it again. Forget about handheld vacuum cleaners and just trust the Roomba e5! We are sure that the result will not disappoint you at all.

On the back of the robot around the perimeter are sensors that detect height differences. This is done so that the device is completely safe in your home – if, for example, it drives up to a staircase leading down, the sensors will send a signal to the robot to immediately stop and change direction. You can not worry about the safety of your assistant – if your house has several floors, falling from a height of Roomba e5 does not threaten.

Independence and freedom

The robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot is designed specifically to save you from the routine work associated with annoying cleaning. After all, it’s much more pleasant to spend your free time not on fighting dust and dirt, but on your family and your favorite pastime, isn’t it?

Roomba e5 is ready to give you complete freedom and take responsibility for keeping your home clean. Seriously, you don’t even have to be present when cleaning – the robot will do it in your absence! He moves freely around the house, does not get confused in the legs of tables and chairs, easily penetrates under low furniture and overcomes low interior thresholds.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner is able to independently drive on carpets with both low and high pile, and automatically change the cleaning settings. You will not need to manually set all the necessary parameters for cleaning different types of surfaces – the robot will do everything by itself! Parquet, linoleum, carpet, tile, carpet – dirt has no chance on any of these surfaces.

With its rubberized rollers and side brush that sweeps debris from corners, Roomba e5 is able to tackle any dirt in any part of the room. The robot literally knocks dust out of carpets, sucking in garbage, dust and fallen animal hair, carefully cleans the space along the walls, deftly moves around the room with a lot of furniture and does not miss a single section. He will not waste his battery power in order to walk several times over the already cleaned areas of the room, but he will return to the most polluted places again to achieve perfect cleanliness.

The robot also takes care of the battery level on its own. After cleaning is completed, it automatically returns to the base and charges its battery. In addition, if during the cleaning process the Roomba e5 realizes that it is almost empty, it will interrupt and go to the charging station so that you do not have to look for an exhausted device around the house and put it on charge yourself.

Simple and clear control

Roomba e5 is very easy to operate. A special iRobot Home mobile application is installed on your smartphone and acts as a full-fledged control panel. However, unlike control via a conventional remote control, you can control the operation of the robot even from another country.

The fact is that the smart robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a WiFi module and connects to the wireless Internet network located at your home. If you have access to the network, you can give the robot any command through the application, Roomba e5 will catch the signal and immediately respond to it. Thus, you can not be present at all during cleaning, only controlling the operation of the device, sending tasks to it remotely.

However, you don’t have to manually send the robot to clean either. iRobot Home allows you to set up a cleaning schedule that is convenient for you, taking into account the time and days of the week. Your smart assistant will go to work at a certain time, perform a full cleaning cycle and return to his charging station. Upon arrival home, you will only observe unsurpassed cleanliness and your robotic assistant resting at the base after a hard day. The schedule is configured as individually as possible: for example, if you want the robot to go for cleaning on Mondays and Fridays at 11 am, and clean up at 3 pm on Wednesdays, then just set these parameters in the application! Roomba e5 will follow the specified schedule without question, and you will not have to remember once again whether you sent the robot to clean today.

Relatives unexpectedly decided to visit, and you found out about it just a couple of hours before the visit? No problem! The robot is equipped with a capacious battery, a full charge of which is enough for an hour and a half of work or for cleaning 60 squares of area. It is worth noting that the device cleans quickly enough, carefully, step by step, cleaning every part of the room. The speed of work does not affect the quality of cleaning in any way – Roomba e5 will give you perfect cleanliness in a fairly short time.

How does he manage to clean up so well?

Roomba e5 is a robotic vacuum cleaner that will make you forget about the need to sweep the house every day and vacuum the carpets thoroughly. Just imagine: you are working, having breakfast or just relaxing on the couch, and at this time the robot thoroughly cleans your carpet, removing any dirt, dust and even allergens from it. Fantastic? No, these are the realities of today!

A flawless cleaning result is achieved through the coordinated work of all elements of the device and the patented three-stage cleaning technology AeroForce. The Roomba e5 features a 3-blade side brush that constantly rotates during use to clean corners and along walls. It carefully sweeps all debris and dust and sends dirt to two rotating rollers.

Rubber rollers with notches are responsible for cleaning the entire surface. They rotate towards each other, which allows them to capture dust and literally knock out settled dust and matted hairballs from carpets. After the cleaning done by the robot, you will be able to play on this carpet with the children without fear that the child will inhale the dust.

The rollers are slightly different from each other, which allows them to provide an unsurpassed cleaning result. Due to the shape of the main brushes, the hair collected on the floor is not wound around them, but is immediately sent to the waste bin through the vacuum channel.
The engine installed in Roomba e5 is distinguished by the fact that it runs very quietly, but at the same time does not lose suction power. Garbage and dust during cleaning enter the airtight waste container, and you don’t even hear it! The robot won’t wake up your child, distract you from work or scare your cat with its noise – a powerful yet quiet engine will provide the whole family with complete peace of mind while cleaning.

Roomba e5 dust container capacity is 400 ml. It is very easy to clean – in order to get the container, you should press the button on the vacuum cleaner body and shake out the contents. The dust collector of the robot is plastic and reusable, it can be washed under running water after removing the HEPA filter. The filter can be cleaned separately.

Thus, taking care of the robot comes down to only periodically emptying the container and providing it with free space for the charging dock, and the robot, in turn, will thank you for your careful attitude to the impeccable cleanliness of the house.

Stylish and tech

The Roomba e5 robot vacuum cleaner is not only useful, but also incredibly stylish. It is made in the classic tablet form for iRoomba and has a simple but very attractive design. The black robot will perfectly fit into any interior and will attract the admiring glances of your guests and all family members.

Above the iRobot logo on a glossy, shiny surface, there are three physical buttons with which you can control the robot:

  • CLEAN – turns on, sends for cleaning and turns off the device;
  • HOME – returns the robot to the base;
  • SPOT – responsible for local cleaning. When pressed, the robot begins to move in a spiral, removing a specific area of ​​​​the territory within a radius of a meter.

An indisputable advantage is the presence of a built-in handle, with which the robot can be carried between floors or from room to room.

On the back of the robot we can see the main rollers, large rubberized wheels that allow it to overcome obstacles and drive on carpets, side brush, trash bin and height difference sensors.

The compact and well built robot looks very stylish and feels great in an apartment. He deftly maneuvers between the legs of tables and chairs, easily penetrates under furniture and quickly moves from room to room. A great purchase for your home!

I don’t want the robot to interfere with me!

If you do not want to see the robot while cleaning in one of the rooms, for example, in the kitchen, when you are busy cooking and you can simply not notice it under your feet, use the motion limiter.

This small accessory comes with Roomba e5 and is powered by two AA batteries. It works on the principle of a virtual wall. Just place the device where you want to create an invisible wall for the robot, and the motion limiter, using invisible infrared rays, will create a boundary that the Roomba e5 cannot cross. Thus, you can block the robot from entering the room or a certain part of it and not be afraid that it will interfere with you.

The accessory can also work on the circular barrier principle. It is only necessary to place it in the center of the zone where the vacuum cleaner should not fall, and it will diligently clean only around this barrier, without crossing borders. This is especially true for pet owners: the robot will not get close to the feeders and drinkers of furry friends.

iRobot Roomba e5 is a wonderful invention that will help you forget about all the problems associated with dry cleaning your apartment. No more brooms and hand vacuum cleaners! Modern technologies have stepped far forward and are doing everything to relieve you of household chores as much as possible. By purchasing Roomba e5, you get not only a valuable assistant, but also a lot of free time for yourself and your family!

What is the working principle of Roomba e5 vacuum cleaners?

Roomba e5 is the optimal combination of two fundamental factors for perfect cleaning: consistent movement within the same floor without missing uncleaned areas and effective cleaning of the floor surface, regardless of the type of coverage. For orientation in space, the vacuum cleaner uses a wide range of sensors that allow you to determine the location and mark the cleaned areas. The high suction power of the vacuum cleaner, the function of determining contaminated areas of the floor and the proprietary three-stage cleaning system are responsible for the quality of cleaning.

What are the advantages of robotic vacuum cleaners compared to standard dry cleaning models?

Roomba vacuum cleaners work autonomously, without wasting the owner’s time cleaning the floor. And they do it according to a predetermined schedule. In addition, the small dimensions of the model make it possible to climb under furniture for cleaning. Getting to the most secluded corners of the home with a conventional vacuum cleaner is unlikely to succeed.

Does the robot work differently depending on the type of flooring?

Yes. Roomba e5 automatically adjusts the height of the cleaning mechanisms, which affects the final cleaning result.

What is the difference between Roomba i3 and Roomba e5?

Roomba i3 is an upgraded model that features improved navigation so that the robotic assistant moves in parallel lines instead of chaotically like the Roomba e5. The floor tracking sensor is responsible for this.

While the Roomba e5 has five times the power of the base 600 Series, the Roomba i3 has 10 times the suction power. This provides better cleaning of carpets and other surfaces with pile, which is necessary when cats and dogs live at home.

Roomba i3 supports the function of resuming cleaning when it does not have time to clean the entire required area on one charge. Roomba e5 with a dead battery returns to the docking station and considers its work finished.

Unlike the Roomba e5, the Roomba i3 in question is equipped with Imprint technology, which is designed to link wet and dry cleaning robots to each other. This functionality makes it possible to carry out two stages of cleaning the territory, carrying out first dry and then wet cleaning. To date, the Roomba i3 can only work with the Braava Jet m6 robot, as it is the only Imprint technology floorer on board.

Roomba i3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner supports iRobot Genius, which is a self-learning robot. By analyzing the schedule of work and the amount of garbage collected, the assistant can himself suggest scenarios leading to maintaining a constant cleanliness in the house. For example, during pet shedding seasons, Roomba i3 will prompt you to clean more frequently.

iRobot Roomba e5 review

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

iRobot Home app overview

Roomba e5 manual (PDF)

Drive wheel module for Roomba
RUB 1,300

Side brushes for Roomba e, i and j series
RUB 900

Roomba Compact Charging Base with Integrated Charger
RUB 6,500

Circular motion limiter
RUB 1,500

Motion limiter (virtual wall) for Roomba 2in1
RUB 3,600

Side brush for Roomba j, i and e series
RUB 500

Filter for Roomba j, i and e series
RUB 500

Li-ion battery for Roomba j, i and e series
RUB 7,900

Scraper roller kit for Roomba j, i and e series
RUB 2,900

Dust collector for Roomba e, i and j series
RUB 2,700

Clean Base Compatible Dust Collector for Roomba e, i and j series
RUB 3 200

Filter kit for Roomba j, i and e series
RUB 1,500

HEPA filter kit for Roomba j, i and e series
RUB 1,000

HEPA filter and side brush kit for Roomba j, i and e series
RUB 1,500

Side brush and HEPA filter kit for Roomba j, i and e series
RUB 1,500

Set for Roomba e, i and j series: 3 filters, 2 roller scrapers, 3 brushes
RUB 5,900

Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba e5-23900r.

Official dealer

Budget option and functionality

The updated robotic home system for cleaning the house is a logical continuation of the Roomba 800 series vacuum cleaners, namely the model 896. The hard-working assistant e5 has absorbed all the advantages of the development of Roomba 896, and also received a number of improvements and updates.

Voice control

The debris suction unit has been redesigned and is now much more powerful. For example, it is five times more powerful than the popular Roomba 616 model. This indicator indicates that now dust and dirt have no chance to stay on the floor if they are overtaken by a cleaning robot.


Automatically pumps the contents of the waste bin into a special bag, which can then be simply discarded. The capacity of the bag is enough to empty a bin full of dust, dirt and hair up to 30 times, so you won’t have to think about cleaning for weeks.

Cleaning hard-to-reach places

The height of the robot is only 92 mm, which is a definite advantage. It easily penetrates under beds and other furniture, perfectly oriented in space due to iAdapt Navigation technology. This technology allows you to identify obstacles on the way and confidently bypass them.

Collision protection

When sensors detect an obstacle in the path of the vacuum cleaner, the navigation system instructs the robot to slow down to prevent a hard collision of equipment with a wall, furniture or interior items. For greater safety, the Rumba bumper is rubberized. This is done so that there are no traces of contact with fragile interior items.


Roomba e5 automatically returns to the charging base, remembering its location when cleaning the apartment. The robot can operate without recharging for up to one and a half hours thanks to the installed lithium-ion battery of 1800 mAh, while coping with an area of ​​up to 60 square meters.

Cleaning after pets

The increased suction power is designed to increase the efficiency of cleaning the areas where pets live. Wool from them is a frequent and unpleasant phenomenon that must be constantly combated. The robot e5 copes with this task perfectly. In addition, thanks to the collected wool, the vacuum cleaner eliminates the spread of allergens contained in the wool.

Advanced Extractors

The Roomba e5 uses, as in other models, special extractor brushes that effectively collect dust and dirt, rotating in opposite directions. However, new modified versions are used here, in which the rubber scrapers are redesigned. This made it possible to increase the efficiency of collecting hair, wool and other debris.

Height differences

Roomba e5, thanks to the installed height sensors, can overcome floor differences up to two centimeters high, and also constantly monitors that stairs and other large differences do not meet along the way. Having found a step in front of it, the robot will change its course and will not fall down.

Wi-Fi box

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Wi-Fi box to connect the robot to your home wireless network. Through it, communication with a robotic device is carried out using a regular smartphone with a specialized free application from iRobot installed on it.

Smartphone control

Thanks to the app, there is no need to use the remote to control the robot, since all commands are available in the iRobot HOME app for iOS and Android. Through a smartphone, you can not only control the vacuum cleaner, but also access the robot settings, its operating history and detailed operating instructions.

Cleaning schedule

Mobile application management includes a convenient option – setting the cleaning schedule. Determine the schedule for your robot so that it does not interfere with you and cleans up when you are not at home, depending not only on the time, but also on the day of the week.

Highly soiled area

Acoustic sensors perform the most important function influencing the quality of cleaning. They determine the degree of vacuum cleaning of the floor. If the robot is not satisfied with the result, it will clean a certain place in one more pass. This approach does not leave a single chance of adhering dirt and places of increased concentration of debris.

Local cleaning

Did you scatter cereals in the kitchen or earth from a flower in the room when the house is clean? It doesn’t matter, Roomba e5 will come to the rescue. Put the device in the center of pollution and press the right button on the body with the image of the target. The robot will start cleaning, increasing the radius from the starting point.

Virtual Wall

The vacuum cleaner supports two modes of Virtual Wall restraints. This accessory prevents the robot from cleaning within the signal range. The restrictor can be used to prohibit entry into one of the rooms or to establish a circular perimeter of a place where it is impossible to clean. Usually, the last way is to protect the robot from visiting animal feeding places.