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Take command of your wireless service, anywhere at any time! The Simple Mobile My Account App lets you manage most aspects of your wireless service right from your phone.

Here is how it works:

-Once downloaded, open the app and after agreeing with the End User License agreement, you will have the option to log in (if you already have a Simple Mobile Account) or you can create an account by selecting Create an Account.

– Once logged in, you will be able to see your Service End Date, keep track of your Data Usage, ReUp your Service by selecting ReUp with Credit Card or ReUp with PIN if you have an Airtime PIN.

-Other features include Auto-ReUp Enrollment, Stash management, Credit Card management, Adding or Deleting a Device from the Account, viewing your transaction history or you can use our retail locator.

Not a Simple Mobile customer? Switch now! Visit us at https://www. simplemobile.com for more information

Simple Mobile from TracFone, a Verizon Company.

Version 8.0

Performance and stability improvements.

Ratings and Reviews

12.5K Ratings

Simple Mobile

I’m Shareef, and I just wanted to write a quick and honest review. This service is excellent and simple. I’ve been using it for a long with no issues. It will be put to good use for a very long time. If my family and friends were to inquire about my opinion, I would respond that I have no issues with my service, that it is extremely affordable, simple to use, and that it awards points. This service is the best there is, and I wish I had known about it sooner. I appreciate you enabling me to provide this evaluation and service.


Have been with your service for a little over a year now . Thank you for your services. Support has been very helpful as have only a year ago switched from a flipphone and not too tech saavy…
Only dissappointment was… several months ago had purchased 3 $40 dollar reup pin cards to have back up in case we might be on lockdown but discovered that (because of the covid situation needed to use unlimited data for employment search…possible schooling… essential communications…etc)-am close to 60 yrs old—-was not allowed to use any of that money on cards to make it the $50 plan….being locked in a $40 plan )$120 paid money )- reeeeaaalllyyy needed to be able to use it towards the $50 plan as no work coming through and unemplyment money coming in for me was very low —-
If money is spent on multiple cards it should be credit to next option on plan not locked in . April

Don’t use your points if you leases a phone

I used my points that I worked long and hard to get but because I lease a phone through them and they use a service to collect the payment for my phone and for a service plan they are saying that I can’t use my points for a plan after fighting with them for hours over the phone to convince them that the plan never got used that I still had to pay cash. It was a huge head ache and I feel completely misled and disappointed with this whole company. I’m glad that I’m diligent and keep copies of receipts or I probably would not have gotten my points added back to my account but I can’t even use them so I don’t know what’s the fricking point in me having them. They told me well you can buy more data with them, well that’s great but I pay for unlimited data already sooo thanks for nothing!

Hi jenjen3869. Katrina

The developer, TracFone Wireless, Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


Tracfone Wireless Inc.

97 MB



Age Rating

Simple Mobile is a registered trademark of TracFone Wireless, Inc., a Verizon company. © 2023 TRACFONE.


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  • Privacy Policy

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Set up cellular on iPhone

iPhone requires a physical SIM or eSIM card to connect to a cellular network. (Some features are not available on all models or in all countries/regions. For iPhone 14 models purchased in the United States, only eSIM cards are available.) Contact your carrier to obtain a SIM card and set up cellular service.

Set up an eSIM card

Supported iPhone models can digitally store an eSIM card provided by your carrier. If your carrier supports carrier activation of an eSIM card or quick eSIM transfer, turn on iPhone and follow the instructions to activate your eSIM card during device setup.

If you have already completed the setup, you can follow the steps below.

  • Activation of the eSIM card by the telecom operator. Some carriers may assign a new eSIM directly to your iPhone. Contact your carrier to begin this process. When you get the “Complete Cellular Setup” notification, tap it. Or go to Settings > Cellular Data, then tap Set Up Cellular Data or Add eSIM.

  • Fast eSIM transfer. Some carriers support transferring a phone number from your previous iPhone to your new iPhone without you having to contact your carrier. Make sure both devices are signed in with your Apple ID, or your previous iPhone is nearby, unlocked, Bluetooth enabled, and running iOS 16 or later.

    On your new iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular, tap Set Up Cellular Data or Add eSIM, then tap Transfer Nearby iPhone or select a phone number. On your previous iPhone, follow the instructions to confirm the transfer.

    When a phone number is transferred to a new iPhone, it no longer works on the previous iPhone.

  • Scan the QR code provided by your carrier. Go to Settings > Cellular Data, tap Set Up Cellular Data or Add eSIM, then tap Via QR Code. (You may need to tap More Options first.) Point your iPhone so the QR code appears in a frame, or enter the details manually. You may need to enter a verification code provided by your carrier.

  • Transferring from another smartphone. If your previous phone was not an iPhone, contact your carrier to transfer your phone number.

  • Activation of communication through the application of the carrier participating in this program. Go to the App Store, download the carrier app and use it to activate your cellular service.

Install a physical SIM card

You can get a nano-SIM card from your service provider or transfer it from your previous iPhone.

Physical SIM cards are not compatible with iPhone 14 models purchased in the US.

  1. Insert the end of a small paperclip or SIM eject tool into the SIM tray hole on the side of iPhone to remove the tray.

    The shape and position of the SIM tray may vary depending on the iPhone model and your country/region.

  2. Remove the tray from the iPhone.

  3. Insert the SIM card into the tray. The bevelled corner will help to determine the correct position of the card.

  4. Insert the tray back into the iPhone.

  5. If you have already set up a SIM PIN, enter the PIN carefully when prompted.

    WARNING. Do not try to guess the SIM PIN. If you enter an incorrect PIN code, your SIM card may be completely blocked, and you will not be able to make phone calls and turn on data over the cellular network through your operator until you install a new SIM card. See the Apple Support article Use your SIM PIN on your iPhone or iPad.

Physical SIM to eSIM conversion

If your carrier supports this feature, you can convert a physical SIM to an eSIM on a supported iPhone model.

  1. Go to Settings > Cellular, tap Set up Cellular Data or Add eSIM, then select a phone number with a physical SIM card.

  2. Tap “Convert to eSIM” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Important! Cellular service availability varies by wireless network, iPhone model, and your location.

When choosing cellular plans, especially when traveling with iPhone, consider data, voice, and roaming costs. See View or change cellular data settings on iPhone.

Some carriers allow you to unlock iPhone for use with another carrier (fees may apply). Contact your carrier for setup and authorization information. See the Apple Support article Unlock iPhone for use with another carrier.

See also Connect iPhone to a cellular networkUse dual SIM cards on iPhoneApple Support article: About eSIM on iPhone

How a smartphone differs from an iPhone Same. The fact that many people still think differently speaks only of a successful PR campaign from Apple, the direct creator of the famous iPhone.

It would seem that you can end the article on this, but not everything is so simple. There are still differences between an “apple” smartphone and devices from other brands, and if you are going to get a new device, you should be aware of them.

March 27, 2023

4 minutes to read

Operating system

Probably the most important difference is the platform used in the phone. Apple uses its own operating system called iOS, which is what all iPhones run on. The rest of the smartphones use mostly Android, which is famous for its flexibility and versatility.

Pluses of iOS:

  • Stability. Since the company has no other platforms besides it, it is easier to bring the system to perfection, fix bugs and improve optimization. Regular updates keep iOS running smoothly even on older iPhones.
  • Safety. iOS is notorious for being “closed”, which makes it harder to hack and infect with malware. This is the reason why users cannot install third-party apps on iPhone.
  • Simplicity. Due to the lack of advanced settings and the possibility of customization, even a child will understand the interface and control of the system.

Plus Android:

  • Customizability. Since the system uses open source code, it can be optimized and customized to your liking. Moreover, it allows you to install any third-party software. You can use a “clean” system, or you can install a shell on it and give Android new features.
  • Multitasking. This point follows from the first – an abundance of settings requires operational work, so even on weak devices you can quite effectively use several programs at once.
  • Updates. The variety of Android-based smartphones on the market requires Google to quickly fix bugs and quickly make changes to the platform interface. This allows the OS to quickly adapt to new features.

As for the minuses, iPhone owners are limited in the use of applications and games, they have to be content with only those programs offered by the manufacturer.

Among the shortcomings of Android, it is worth highlighting the high risk of hacking and penetration of virus software. In addition, the platform does not support legacy smartphones.

To determine which OS is right for you, prioritize either security and stability or customizability and multitasking.

Model range

Smartphones are manufactured in the same way as PCs, components are selected based on the total cost of the smartphone. At the same time, the elements are produced by different companies and brands. The result is a huge range of prices: from budget and affordable to high and elite. Trying to please the majority of users, Android manufacturers regularly expand the series presented, which cannot be said about Apple products.

The iPhone line is significantly more expensive, and this is due to company policy. Every device goes through a testing phase, and all models are subject to strict performance guidelines. Even in situations where a decision is made to upgrade the gadget, the set of parameters remains unchanged.

Memory card slot

If you’re looking to buy an iPhone, you should be aware that you won’t be able to insert a microSD card into it. Apple has an unambiguous view on this issue – any intervention in the system can cause infection with virus software, and therefore, a threat to the security of the device. So such a function in smartphones is simply not provided. The cost of the iPhone directly depends on the amount of internal memory, and you should decide on it in advance. True, if you wish, you can leave files in the cloud storage.

Android devices have this feature. Most often, it is represented by a combined tray with two cells for SIM cards and one for a flash drive.


There is an opinion that Android is an extremely vulnerable system due to the huge number of uncontrolled programs that can be installed on it. At Apple, public apps are rigorously reviewed and selected – you can’t install whatever your heart desires on an iPhone.

Both platforms have branded app stores: Google Play on Android and App Store on iOS. All programs in them are grouped according to categories, cost, rating and reviews. Each tries to support the most popular sites among users.


If earlier Android devices were supplied with removable batteries and you could replace them yourself, now it is not possible to find them. At Apple, the battery has not been removed at all from the very beginning of production – a replacement is available only in special service centers.

As for autonomy, this indicator varies from model to model, there are no mandatory parameters. It is not uncommon for Android devices to have large batteries ranging from 4000 mAh to 6000 mAh due to features that require more power, such as a large screen and a powerful processor.

The Apple Ecosystem

If you use other Apple products besides the iPhone, then you will certainly feel the possibilities of a single “apple” ecosystem. All devices communicate with each other and offer additional functionality: fast file transfer and synchronization with each other, switching between gadgets during work or phone calls.

On Android, this can only be achieved using third-party software, and no one will provide you with security and privacy guarantees.

Status and design

To this day, it is believed that the presence of an iPhone is an indicator of wealth and prosperity. The image is so strong that even if there is a smartphone from another brand with the same set of features and lower cost, people prefer the “apple”.


Unfortunately, due to the price of materials and parts for the development of “iPhone” can not be cheap. Even not the newest models will cost twice as much as Android flagships. No wonder the latter are so common among buyers.

The difference between an iPhone and a smartphone: a conclusion

Every day the difference between iPhone and Android-smartphone is getting smaller and smaller – the constant development of the latter makes them a more successful and profitable market player.