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‎SIMPLE Mobile My Account on the App Store


Take command of your wireless service, anywhere at any time! The Simple Mobile My Account App lets you manage most aspects of your wireless service right from your phone.

Here is how it works:

-Once downloaded, open the app and after agreeing with the End User License agreement, you will have the option to log in (if you already have a Simple Mobile Account) or you can create an account by selecting Create an Account.

– Once logged in, you will be able to see your Service End Date, keep track of your Data Usage, ReUp your Service by selecting ReUp with Credit Card or ReUp with PIN if you have an Airtime PIN.

-Other features include Auto-ReUp Enrollment, Stash management, Credit Card management, Adding or Deleting a Device from the Account, viewing your transaction history or you can use our retail locator.

Not a Simple Mobile customer? Switch now! Visit us at https://www. simplemobile.com for more information

Simple Mobile from TracFone, a Verizon Company.

Version 8.0

Performance and stability improvements.

Ratings and Reviews

12.5K Ratings

Simple Mobile

I’m Shareef, and I just wanted to write a quick and honest review. This service is excellent and simple. I’ve been using it for a long with no issues. It will be put to good use for a very long time. If my family and friends were to inquire about my opinion, I would respond that I have no issues with my service, that it is extremely affordable, simple to use, and that it awards points. This service is the best there is, and I wish I had known about it sooner. I appreciate you enabling me to provide this evaluation and service.


Have been with your service for a little over a year now . Thank you for your services. Support has been very helpful as have only a year ago switched from a flipphone and not too tech saavy…
Only dissappointment was… several months ago had purchased 3 $40 dollar reup pin cards to have back up in case we might be on lockdown but discovered that (because of the covid situation needed to use unlimited data for employment search…possible schooling… essential communications…etc)-am close to 60 yrs old—-was not allowed to use any of that money on cards to make it the $50 plan….being locked in a $40 plan )$120 paid money )- reeeeaaalllyyy needed to be able to use it towards the $50 plan as no work coming through and unemplyment money coming in for me was very low —-
If money is spent on multiple cards it should be credit to next option on plan not locked in . April

Don’t use your points if you leases a phone

I used my points that I worked long and hard to get but because I lease a phone through them and they use a service to collect the payment for my phone and for a service plan they are saying that I can’t use my points for a plan after fighting with them for hours over the phone to convince them that the plan never got used that I still had to pay cash. It was a huge head ache and I feel completely misled and disappointed with this whole company. I’m glad that I’m diligent and keep copies of receipts or I probably would not have gotten my points added back to my account but I can’t even use them so I don’t know what’s the fricking point in me having them. They told me well you can buy more data with them, well that’s great but I pay for unlimited data already sooo thanks for nothing!

Hi jenjen3869. Katrina

The developer, TracFone Wireless, Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


Tracfone Wireless Inc.

97 MB



Age Rating

Simple Mobile is a registered trademark of TracFone Wireless, Inc., a Verizon company. © 2023 TRACFONE.


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  • Privacy Policy

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which platform to choose — Development on vc.ru

A practical guide from the Winfox mobile development studio team for those who are starting to make their own application.


What we talk about

What exactly goes into creating an application? The most frequently asked question by our clients. They want to know how much money and time will be required from them, how the work is built, where to start and how to earn money as a result, not lose it.

This important question, which cannot be answered in a nutshell, inspired us to publish this article series. They will not contain vague advice from the series “how to make an application: three easy steps. ” But there will be the experience we have accumulated over more than five years of work in the mobile development market, examples from practice and a guide to action.

From the previous articles you will learn:

Now we will tell you how the iOS and Android platforms differ, for which of them it is better to develop an application, and how MVP can help here.

iOS or Android: which platform to choose

Sometimes a customer is not ready to immediately start developing applications for both platforms: he does not have money, resources or time. Then he faces a choice: where to start in order to pay off faster and continue working on the project? Here are four criteria to consider when choosing.

1. Where is your target audience?

Android is targeting the masses and is therefore a big success in emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and South America. iOS is aimed at premium users and markets such as North America and Western Europe.

According to Bloomberg, 26% of people in Russia use iOS, and 73% use Android. The situation is approximately the same in Finland, Germany, Italy, France, China and South Korea.

Equally important is who your target audience is. When we developed the Global Truck Service app for truck drivers, we focused on Android, because drivers almost don’t have iPhones.

Rustam Mukhamedyanov, head of Winfox


2. How do you want to earn money?

What app monetization strategy did you choose? In-app purchases or ads? The share of purchases in the iOS application generates 45% more revenue per user than in Android.

The purchasing power of Apple users is nearly five times that of Android users.

3. Will you be selling products on the mobile app?

According to statistics, iOS users are more likely to buy from smartphones. This is done by 23% of users, while on Android it is only 17% of users.

4. Which application is cheaper to make?

It usually costs a bit more to develop an app for Android than for iOS. But it all depends on the development studio you have chosen.

It’s cheaper to make an iOS app, because the fleet of devices is smaller, it’s cheaper to test. However, iOS developers are about 20% more expensive than Android specialists.

Rustam Mukhamedyanov, head of Winfox


If you are still not sure which platform to choose and whether you need to create a new service at all, we recommend starting with MVP.

What is an MVP and why is it needed

Any business starts with an idea, but not every one of them succeeds. Sometimes an entrepreneur finds out that customers don’t need an app after it’s ready. MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a minimum viable product that helps test a hypothesis.

What an MVP looks like. MVP is a working application with a simple design. It doesn’t have all the features. Such an application is based on a key feature – the main function – which reflects the idea of ​​​​the application and solves the main problem of the client.

Why MVP is needed. Making an MVP is the best way to quickly check what the market really needs (or doesn’t need).

MVP gives you a clear picture of how your customers feel about your application. If you understand from the reviews that the application is necessary, you can invest in a full-fledged version with other features and a beautiful design without huge risks. If users say that the application does not solve their problems, you will stop in time and not waste your money.

How we do MVP. Determine what basic functions should be in the application. For example, for an online store, this will be a catalog and a payment system – you can already sell with them. For a learning application, MVP is based on the algorithm for obtaining new knowledge and consuming content.

It usually takes two or three months for our studio to make an MVP from scratch.

If there are several main functions, you can divide the MVP into parts that can exist independently of each other and be useful. In the future, you can refine each of them and release the application to the market in parts.


Start with Android if you want to reach as many users as possible, plan to earn money through ads, don’t make a retail app and are willing to spend a little more on development.

Start with iOS if you’re focusing on higher income users and in-app purchases, if you’re planning to sell products in a mobile web store and want to save some development costs.

When in doubt, make an MVP. This will allow you to quickly enter the market by releasing a tested product without bugs. We recommend making an MVP for everyone, regardless of the business area and type of application.


This article series is based on a book we recently made for our clients. In this book, we have tried to answer the main questions that they have:

  • how to understand that my business needs a mobile application;
  • why companies make their mobile services;
  • how much does development cost and how to save on it;
  • how the work on the mobile application is built;
  • who is better to work with – a freelancer or a studio;
  • what to do after the application is ready.

See also:

Have questions? Disagree with us? Want to share your own experience? Write in the comments. Let’s discuss!

➤App development for iOS – price

Several factors affect pricing. And the main one is the cost of an hour of work of an IT specialist. Each IT specialist or development company sets prices depending on their own professional level/experience, competition in the industry and location. In Switzerland, for example, development services will cost more than in Romania, with the same level of quality.

Wondering how best to work with a local IT company or outsource? Check out the worldwide rates.

How much does it cost to develop an iOS application?

The average cost of developing a mobile application in Eastern Europe – from $ 7500

Here is the data of a private study of the IT market on the Elance platform. Individual freelancers and outsourcing IT companies in developed and developing countries charge different rates per hour for developing a mobile application.

Therefore, market researchers advise choosing a contractor based on the optimal combination of the requested price and the quality provided:

  • or higher. They have the best value for money.

  • In the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) it is worth contacting specialists working in the price range $41-50 per hour and more.

  • In Eastern European countries (Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.) it is better to order application development for those who charge about $ 40 per hour .

  • Good reputation among IT-specialists of the Balkan Peninsula, who work in the price category $31-40 per hour (Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia) and $41-50 per hour (Croatia, Greece) , Slovenia).

  • In Scandinavia, the average price of IT services is 39-55$ per hour .

  • In the countries of Central and Western Europe (Great Britain, Ireland) they ask for a high price for quality – 51-100$ per hour .

  • In Southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal) quality IT services will cost about $ 50 per hour .

iOS app development: cost depends on complexity

Project size depends on whether it will be used for development:

  • animated design;

  • prototyping;

  • unique custom solutions that require technical research;

  • the number and magnitude of changes made during the development process.

A programmer spends a certain amount of time creating an iOS application, the simpler the project, the faster its implementation. To calculate the preliminary price, you need to multiply the hourly payment of the IT specialist by the time spent.

According to the functionality, applications are divided into basic, medium and complex. Their approximate cost:

  1. Creating a simple iPhone application with basic functionality takes up to 2 months and will cost 5-10 thousand US dollars.

  2. A complex application will take more than 2 months and cost $12,000-24,000.

  3. iPad, iPhone application development of high complexity with extensive database, excellent design can last more than 6 months, and the cost will be 30-50 thousand US dollars.

Stages of iOS application development and work with the AppStore

The application development process takes place in several stages, they are mandatory for all projects and do not depend on their complexity and labor intensity.

An average application is developed in several conditional stages:

  • Free cost estimate (1-3 days)

  • Detailed study of the task, market and competitor analysis (1-5 days)

  • Prototyping. Writing terms of reference (5-15 days)

  • Design (5-15 days)

  • Programming (18-60+ days)

  • Testing (5-10 days)

    9011 0

To find out how the process of developing a mobile application in our company proceeds, click on the button.

Relevance of the cost of supporting old versions of iOS

As long as a new iOS application earns the trust of users, becomes useful and necessary for them, wins a certain position in the rating, it will have to be technically supported, improved, developed. And also bear the cost of advertising.

Given the speed of new versions of iOS being released, support for older versions is no longer relevant.

Does the cost of developing an application for devices running on Android and IOS platforms differ?

In fact, the cost of creating an Android app is equal to the cost of developing an iPhone app. The only thing worth noting is that the Android environment is more difficult to work with due to the variety of Android devices and screen sizes. Therefore, the development process requires more time than for iOS. The cost of developing applications for older versions of Android and IOS will definitely be higher.

Estimating the cost of an iOS mobile application

You will have to calculate the financial costs of developing an application at least twice.

For the first time, the specialists of the developer company will make the primary one. a rough estimate so that the customer can understand the size of the future investment. The assessment takes about 3 days, is provided free of charge and does not oblige the customer to anything.

Moreover, it is difficult to preliminarily calculate the labor costs for each function for creating a mobile application. There are many nuances that can affect the final cost of development.

The estimated cost of developing a mobile application is a price fork: the minimum and maximum costs for the project. At the first stage, this is enough to decide whether to continue the project or not.

An accurate cost estimate for the application is made for the second time in order to enter into a formal development contract that details milestones, timelines, and deliverables. But even having foreseen everything as much as possible, sometimes you have to revise the price of application development.