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Sell Old HP Pavilion Series Laptop At Best Price

Sell Your Old HP Pavilion Series Laptop Online at Cashkar.

Get Hassle Free Doorstep Service, Best Price, Instant Cash & Assured Sellling.

Selling Old HP Pavilion Series Online On CashKar

Things To Do Before Selling HP Pavilion Series Online.

When it’s time to upgrade your laptop, you might be wondering about the value of your old device. Fortunately, used laptops hold their value well, which means you can sell your used HP Pavilion Series for a fair price. But Before You Sell Your Used Laptop Online, Don’t Forget To Do These 5 Things.

  • Backup/Transfer Data – Backup Your Old Laptop Data On Cloud Server Or Your Laptop So You Can Transfer It Later To Your New Laptop. If Your New Laptop Has Already Arrived, You Can Transfer Data Directly To Your New Laptop.
  • Remove Accounts & Passcodes – After Backing Up Your Device Next Step Is To Remove All The Accounts, Passcodes, Faceid, Fingerprints & Brand Accounts (Like Icloud, Samsung Account, Etc. )
  • Reset Your Device – Reset All Data And Settings Of Your Old Laptop And Make Sure You Dont Delete Things Manually As It May Also Delete Files On The Backup Server.
  • Remove Sim/Memory Card – Remove Sim Card, Memory Card And Disconnect eSim.
  • Clean/Charge – Remove Back Cover In Order To Clean Body And Screen With A Cloth. Charge Your Laptop And Now Its Ready For Selling.

Several factors impact the resale value of an old laptop, with the device’s appearance being crucial. A laptop with cracks or scratches will be worth less than one in perfect condition. Additionally, storage capacity plays a role, as a higher capacity device will fetch a higher price. To ensure you get the best possible price, determining the value of a used HP Pavilion Series can be challenging due to various factors. Our Cash Price Calculator takes into account aspects like cosmetic condition, storage capacity, and device popularity to provide you with an estimated price range for your HP Pavilion Series.

When listing your laptop for sale, consider its condition, including mint, good, and average conditions, based on appearance and functionality.
Factors such as the age of the device, previous repairs, and the inclusion of original accessories like chargers and headlaptops can also impact the selling price.
At Cashkar, we offer a hassle-free selling experience. Fill out our quote form, considering all relevant perspectives, to receive an accurate estimate. Our doorstep service ensures a quick and simple selling process, with immediate payment upon validation.

Best Place To Sell Used HP Pavilion Series

Sell your used HP Laptop Fast And Easily On Cashkar Website. Cashkar Is The Best Place To Sell Old Laptop Online. We Will Help You Sell Used HP Pavilion Series For Best Price And Pay Cash Instantly. Here’s A Quick Guide On How To Sell Used HP Pavilion Series Online

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Upgrade your corporate laptops and unlock their value with Cashkar’s Corporate Buyback program. Get the best price for your old corporate laptops hassle-free at Cashkar. Click Here To Sell Used Corporate Laptop.

Contributing to a Greener Environment with Cashkar

By selling your HP Pavilion Series, you contribute to reducing e-waste. Often, old laptops end up in landfills, leading to incorrect disposal and potential health hazards for workers. You can also recycle your old HP Pavilion Series by filling the Recycle Device form. Click Here To Recycle Your Device.

Why Sell Used HP Pavilion Series On CashKar

If you are looking to upgrade your device or simply sell your used HP Pavilion Series , you’ve come to the right place. We offer a hassle-free selling process that ensures you get a fair price for your device without any complications.

  • 1. Competitive Pricing: We provide competitive offers for your used HP Pavilion Series , ensuring you receive a fair value for your device based on its condition and market trends.
  • 2. Convenience: Our user-friendly selling process makes it easy for you to sell your HP Pavilion Series . Simply fill out our online form with the necessary details about your device, and we’ll provide you with an offer.
  • 3. Safe and Secure: We prioritize the security of your personal information and guarantee a safe transaction process. Your data will be handled with utmost confidentiality, and we offer secure payment methods for your peace of mind.
  • 4. Fast and Efficient: We understand the importance of a quick turnaround. Once you accept our offer, we strive to process your payment promptly and arrange for the collection or shipping of your device.
  • 5. Environmental Responsibility: By selling your used HP Pavilion Series , you contribute to the reduction of electronic waste. We ensure that your device will be responsibly recycled or refurbished, minimizing its impact on the environment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to sell your used HP Pavilion Series With Cashkar. Experience a seamless selling process and get a competitive offer today. Prices change often so, if you’re satisfied sell your used laptop now at Cashkar.

How To Sell

Step 1

Get Quote

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Step 2

Book Service

After Receiving A Satisfying Value For Your Old Device, Tell Us About The Time & Day You Want Us To Collect Your Device.

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Cashkar Partner Will Visit Your Place And Evaluate Your Old Device. After Evaluation Is Complete, Instant Payment Is Made During Device Collection.

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HP devices from section Archive – descriptions and characteristics of models

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HP 27-cb1012ci NT


Core™ i5 1235U

8 Gb

512 Gb

Win 11

1920 x 1080

900 12 HP Pavilion 27-ca2002ci NT


Core™ i7 13700T

16 Gb

1024 Gb


2560 x 1440

9 0012 ADF Pickup Roll Replacement Kit HP Managed LJ Flow E72525/E72530/E72535/E82540/E82550/E82560 ( Z8W

HP Pavilion 24-ca1064ci NT

23. 8”

Core™ i7 12700T

16 Gb

1024 Gb


1920 x 1080

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Assembly HP LJ M527z/ CLJ M577c/z (B5L47-67909/B5L47- 67907/B5L47-67905/B5L47-67902

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Assembly HP LJ M527dn/f/ CLJ M577dn/f (B5L47-67906/B5L47-67904/B5L47-67901/C0M40-6

HP PCI-E 4.0 x4 512Gb 4A3T9 SSDAA#ABB FX900 Pro M.2 2280


Core™ i7 12700T

16 Gb

512 Gb

Win 11 Pro

HP CLJ E77422/77428/78223/78228 (X 3A92-60007/JC92-03036A)

Roller kit (for trays 2.3) HP LJ E82540/E82550/E82560/CLJ E87640/E87650/E87660 (X3A92-67917/Z

Roller kit (for trays 2.3) HP LJ E72520/E72530/E72535 (X3A83-67915/Z7Y83A)

HP LJ E72425/E72430/E72525/E72530/E72535/M72625/M72630 Oven Assembly (X3A65-61002/JC91-01237A/JC82-00

HP LJ M435/M701/M706 Exit Assembly (RM2-0633)

HP CLJ CM4540 (RM1-5614) Scan Unit Right Hinge (RM1-5614)

ADF Hinges HP CLJ M776/PW780/785/E776/SJ N9120 fn2 (J7Z09-67931) 3pcs

HP EliteBook 630 G9

13. 3”

Core™ i7 1255U

8 Gb

512 Gb


1920 x 1080

90 012 HP Elite x360 1040 G9


Core™ i7 1255U

16 Gb

512 Gb

Win 11 Pro

1920 x 1200

9 0012 HP Elite Dragonfly G3


Core™ i7 1255U


1024 Gb

Win 11 Pro

3000 x 2000

HP DJ T920/930/940/1500/1530/1600/2500/2600/3500 (CR3) 57-67026/CR357-60233)

HP LJ M304/M404 Cartridge Cover Assembly (RM2-2562) OEM

HP DJ T110/120CP/130 24″ paper spindle (C7797-60008/Q1264A)

Cutter assembly HP DJ T1700/T1708/Z6/Z9 (T8W15-67056)

Piping with cable 42″ HP DJ T7200 (F2L46-67004)

Laser unit HP CLJ M377/M452/M477 (RM2-5612/RM2-5611) OEM

Samsung SL-M3820/3870/4020/4070 MLT-D203L/SEE

5000 pages



Samsung SL-M3820/3870/4020/4070 (MLT-D203E/SEE)

10000 pages



Feed Roller HP LJ 5Si/8100/8150/8500/8550 (RF5-1835/RF5-1427)

Bypass Pickup Roller (Tray 1) HP LJ 8100/8150/CLJ 8500/8550 (RB1-9526)


Core™ i7 12700

16 Gb

512 Gb

Win 11 Pro

HP LJ M507x Formatter Board (1PV87-60001)

. ..

How to find out the model of HP Pavilion

Notebook Contents

  • Method 1: Information on the Notebook Case
  • Method 2: Console Command
  • Method 3: System Information
  • Method 4: DirectX Diagnostic Tool
  • Method 5: Search BIOS
  • Method 6: Branded Applications
  • Method 7: Third Party niy soft
  • Questions and Answers

Method 1: Notebook case information

All notebook cases are stamped with information to identify the exact device model. The Pavilion series from HP is no exception. Depending on how new this laptop is, the necessary information is either on a sticker, or on an indelible inscription, or under the battery.

Older laptops usually look for a sticker. HP glues it separately from the one that confirms the installed licensed Windows. In the example below, you see a variant of such a label with symbols.

The line of laptops, as you already understand, does not determine the exact Pavilion model – behind the conditional dm3, as in the photo, there are several different specifications that differ in components, screen diagonal, and color schemes. Exactly item “Model” allows you to know the exact version. This makes it possible to determine the technical characteristics or contact the company’s support for certain issues. Such clarification will also help in the store to check some specific information about the device before buying. Identifier ( “Product” ) – an alternative to the information you are looking for. Knowing it, you will also be able to search for information on the Internet and communicate with the HP support.

If there is no sticker, look for the data you are looking for printed directly on the case instead. The text and information differ depending on the HP model, but it is almost always easy to find the settings “Model” and “Product” / “ProdID” .

Older devices left without a sticker for one reason or another will need to remove the battery. To do this, slide the latch holding the battery to the side, remove it and find the text in the recess. As in the previous two cases, you should find the lines “Model” and “Product” . If the laptop is non-separable, proceed to the next methods of the article.

Method 2: Console command

If visual inspection is not possible, you can resort to the functions of the operating system. The first such tool is the console, but thanks to it it will be possible to determine only the name of the line to which the laptop belongs.

  1. Open “Command Prompt” , for example by searching for the name of the application in “Start” .
  2. Write (or copy and paste) the following command: wmic csproduct get name . Press Enter to display the title on the next line. As you already understand, this command displays only the name of a line of laptops, which contains several models that differ in technical characteristics. For example, the line is designated as HP Pavilion 13-an0xxx, and the range of these “X” includes several devices, and the console does not display the specific model name hidden under them. This may be sufficient to obtain general information about the device, but if you need accurate data, use other methods of this material.

Method 3: “System Information”

Similar option to the previous one, but easier to remember and implement.

  1. To open the desired window, hold down the keys Win + R , enter the command msinfo32 in the field and press “OK” . Application “System Information” can also always be found through “Start” by its name.
  2. Line “Model” is the same as provided by the console command from the previous method. To obtain an identifier by which you can find the characteristics of a laptop on the network or find out its model, refer to line “System SKU” . Usually the characters leading up to the hash mark are sufficient.
  3. The copied characters from the field “System SKU” can be pasted into the browser’s search bar and can be used to find both the exact name of the HP Pavilion and its individual characteristics.

Method 4: DirectX Diagnostic Tool

For those who only need to know the HP Pavilion line of notebooks without an ID, the DirectX Diagnostic Tool system application can also be used.

  1. The application, like the previous one, is found through a search by name in “Start” or called using the window “Run” (keys Win + R ) and the command dxdiag .
  2. After a short download of the information, you will see the information and among them the line “Computer model” – it shows the name of the laptop.

Method 5: Search the BIOS

Most HP notebooks allow you to check the exact model and ID through the BIOS. This is convenient because you can get the necessary data without starting the operating system and without using any additional software.

As a rule, the key F10 is responsible for launching the BIOS in the laptops of this company. Press it quickly and several times at once when turning on the laptop until the BIOS starts up. If this key does not work and the operating system continues to load, read another article that lists other relevant keys and combinations.

Read more: How to enter the BIOS on an HP laptop

Information of interest should be on the first tab – “Main” . Line “Product name” displays the line of laptops yours belongs to. The identifier is located in line “Product number” . It is worth noting that the second line with the ID is not always there!

Using the identifier, look up the model name in the search engine – how to do this is shown in Method 3 .

Method 6: Proprietary Applications

Every laptop manufacturer installs a set of proprietary applications into the system, and HP is no exception. Among the list of programs, there are those where you can view the exact name of the device model. Depending on the year of release, series and line, these programs may be different, so we will consider all popular options.

If you uninstalled proprietary software from HP, skip this method.

  • HP System Event Utility is the first such utility. She has only one task – to display data about the laptop. Run it by finding “Start” among the list of applications or by name.

    The first line is the name of the device line – again, without defining the exact model. The second displays an identifier by which you can already find the information you need on the Internet.

  • Another popular program is HP Support Assistant.

    Download HP Support Assistant

    Open it via “Start” .

    Immediately in the main window you will see both the name of the line and the ID – exactly the same information that displays the previous software.

  • The HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows application will also solve the problem. One caveat – run it with administrator rights, otherwise it will not be opened. To do this, right-click on it and select “Run as administrator” .

    You will need to switch to the tab “System Information” , where the ruler is displayed in the line “Model” , and the ID – in “Identifier” .

We remind you that the ID just allows you to determine the exact model through a web search (see Method 3 ), since none of its options displays it, limited to the name of the line.

Method 7: Third party software

The least relevant option, nevertheless worthy of mention. Many programs for determining hardware (AIDA64, HWiNFO, etc.) also display the name of the laptop, however, usually only a ruler.

Downloading such applications just to find out the model name does not make sense, since we have considered as many as 6 alternatives above. Nevertheless, if you already have some such programs installed, you can resort to them, since running them is at least easier than remembering the algorithms for using proprietary Windows utilities.