How much is a automatic car starter: How Much Does A Remote Start Installation Cost (Install Price)

How Much Does A Remote Start Installation Cost (Install Price)

Two decades ago, the thought of starting a car without a key seemed like a dream. That dream is now a reality. Almost all modern cars come from the factory with remote start systems. This is a real convenience and a time saver for most people. However, it is a shame that older car owners don’t get to enjoy this awesome system. Well, fear no more! Aftermarket remote start systems have hit the market. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about them, including the remote start installation cost.

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The ability to start your car remotely may seem like a silly idea at first. But, once you try it you will understand why people love this technology so much. In this article, we will tell you the benefits and the negatives of these systems. Not only that, several other factors related to this technology will be talked about as well. So, without further ado, let’s start our discussion!

Remote Start

Before talking about the remote start installation cost, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what remote start is. Remote start is a great convenience feature. It allows you to start your vehicle with just a push of a button. The remote start usually has a range of about 2500 feet. This means that you will be able to start your car even before you get near it.

Typically, the remote start button is located on the keyfob of the vehicle. It is in the form of a button. When you push this button, the remote sends a signal to the vehicle. This in return starts the vehicle. The style of the remote start varies between vehicle models and manufacturers. Another type of remote start is keyless entry. Here, as soon as the car detects the key, it opens the locks automatically. This means that the driver doesn’t have to waste time unlocking the car.

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However, older vehicles do not have the remote start functionality. There are aftermarket remote start systems on the market as a fix for this problem. There are a number of benefits that can be had by installing a remote start system. We will discuss them in the next paragraph.

Benefits Of Remote Start

Although the remote start installation cost may seem a bit steep for you, the benefits of this system justify the cost.

Remote Start Benefit #1 – Convenience

One of the greatest benefits of a remote start system is allowing the owner pre-heat the vehicle. Our readers in cold regions of the world should know what I’m talking about. In cold climates, snowfall causes windows of vehicles to frost up. Defrosting these windows in the morning can be a real nightmare for owners. Not only that, driving around with frosted windows can be a safety hazard to both you and other drivers.

However, remote start helps drivers with this problem. Using this technology, the vehicle can be warmed up before you get to it. As a result, the windows will be defrosted when you get to it. Also, the interior will be warm and welcoming once you open the door. On the other hand, remote start can also be used to cool down the car on warm days as well.

Remote Start Benefit #2 – Longevity Of The Engine

The engine of the vehicle is the most important component of it. Warming up the engine for an appropriate amount of time can lead to its longevity. Warming up allows the engine leads to a process called thermal expansion. When the engine is cold, engine components shrink slightly. Thermal expansion returns these components to the correct size. Also, warming up the vehicle makes the engine oil run throughout the engine. This lubricates the engine components and optimizes performance.

If you have a remote start system, you can easily start the warm-up process a few minutes before you get to the vehicle. This is a good practice that can save you both time and money in the long run.

Remote Start Benefit #3 – Resale Value

Having a remote start system is a valuable addition to your vehicle. When it comes time to sell the vehicle, the remote start system can help to get a higher market value. This extra value often exceeds the remote start installation cost. Especially, people in areas with extreme weather recognize remote start as a value addition.

Now that you know some benefits of remote start, we know that you are interested in getting to know the remote start installation cost. Before that, we will discuss some things to look out for when buying a remote start system.

What To Look Out For

Although the remote start is a great feature, it is a frustrating task to select the best one. The first thing to consider is the remote start installation cost. However, some other things should be considered before the purchase as well. In this section, we will be discussing some of these factors.

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1. Range Of The Remote Starter

Manufacturers often include a range for the remote starter on the packaging of the product. However, these claims are not always true. Often, external factors affect the range of the remote starter. These include the likes of walls, buildings, RF interference, and even trees.

Nonetheless, I believe that most of our readers do not require a 3000-foot range for their remote start system. As a result of this, the factor you should consider the most is transmitter power. A remote starter with a high transmitter power is able to travel through the interference more effectively. This results in a more reliable connection. This means that the remote start will work as intended every time.

2. Quality Of The Product

The quality of the remote starter is another factor that should be considered when purchasing a remote starter. As there is an abundance of remote starters on the market, it is difficult for a consumer to distinguish between higher quality and lower quality products.

Lower quality remote starters use cheap components for their manufacturing process. They often claim to be user-installable, However, this is a lie. Installing a remote start system must be done by a professional to ensure proper functionality.

In contrast, higher-quality remote starters are sold at well-reputed retailers. These are made from high-quality materials and require professional installation. But, they are guaranteed to provide you with the best user experience.

3. Installation

After purchasing the best remote starter for your use case, the next factor to consider is the installation. You see, the installation process of a remote start system is not as simple as changing a tire. It is a complex system, so it needs to be properly installed by a professional. An incorrect installation can result in irreversible damage to both the part and your vehicle as well. Moreover, the warranty does not cover damage caused to the vehicle due to a faulty remote start installation.

So, it is important that you get the remote starter installed by a professional. This will have no effect on the warranty.  A properly installed remote starter will serve you well for years to come.

4. Feature Set

Buyers make the common mistake of thinking that all remote start systems are the same. As with other things, different remote starters have different feature sets. Thinking that all these products are the same often leads to disappointment.

The most basic remote starters only have the ability to start the engine. On the other hand, more expensive features come with advanced feature sets, These include keyless entry, heated seat controls, air conditioning control as well as trunk opening. You should do some research and select the remote starter that has all the functionality you are looking for.

We believe that you understood the things to look out for when buying a remote starter. With that, let’s move on to the next part of the discussion. Here, we will take about the remote start installation cost.

How Much Does A Remote Start Cost With Installation

The remote start installation cost can be divided into 2 main parts. One is purchasing the remote starter itself. The other is the installation cost.

Remote Start Installation Cost #1 – Purchase Price

There are several factors that determine the price of a remote starter. The brand, type, and features will determine the price of the remote starter. Usually, remote starters have a starting price of around $50 and can range in price all the way up to around $400.

For the price of $50 – $75, you can purchase a remote starter with basic features. These only have the functionality to start the engine and lock and unlock the vehicle. In the next price tier of $70 – $120, you can find remote starters with the keyless entry feature. Remote starters in this price range also have a car alarm system for added security of your vehicle.

Then, we move to high-end products. For a price of $130 to $180, you can buy a good quality remote starter. These products also have a number of built-in features. These features aren’t available with products in the last two price ranges we discussed. One of the main features is a security system pager.

This pager alerts the driver when something is wrong with the vehicle. The security pager alerts the driver when a door is left open when the car is running, when a window is open or when a door is open. This is a great security feature, especially for forgetful drivers.

The most expensive remote starters can turn on the lights, turn on the defroster, and set timers for various functions. These starters often cost more than $400.

Remote Start Installation Cost #2 – Installation

As we mentioned earlier, remote start systems should only be installed by a professional. Trying to install remote starters yourself can often lead to more harm than good. Most auto mechanics should be able to get your remote start system installed easily. The labor cost for remote start installation typically falls in the range of $50 – $100. However, getting the part installed from the place of purchase can benefit you with a free installation.

You may be interested in getting to know the remote start installation cost for your particular vehicle brand. If so, follow along!

Nissan Remote Start Installation Cost

Nissan is a popular Japanese manufacturer of reliable vehicles. Some Nissan models come from the factory with remote start systems. However, aftermarket Nissan remote start systems are also available in the market.

For example, an aftermarket remote start system for a Nissan Altima often costs between $193 – $355. This price includes $85 – $146 for the product itself, and a labor cost of $108 – $209. A remote start gives many benefits for a Nissan owner. A Nissan Kicks SV fitted with a remote start system benefits the user with a fuel-saving of 0.06 gallons. This is due to the system shutting down the engine after a set idle time.

Honda Remote Start Installation Cost

In the same way as Nissan, there are also Honda remote start systems available on the market. Honda makes a large variety of vehicles, including SUVs, sedans, and compact cars. As a result, there are various remote start systems available for these different vehicles. However, the remote start installation cost varies slightly between these models.

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular sedans in the world. As a result, many aftermarket accessories are available for it. A remote starter is one of them. The parts cost for a Honda Accord remote starter is between $148 to $219. This cost varies due to the features and brands of the products. A labor cost between $85 – $146 should also be added on top for the installation of the remote starter. This means that you should expect to pay around $233 to $365 for a Honda Accord remote start installation.

These costs are relatively the same for other Honda models as well. This is due to all Hondas generally having a similar electrical layout. This means that the expected total cost for the Honda Civic and the Honda CR-V is also between $233 – $365. Of course, the place of purchase and the place of installation have an effect on the overall remote start installation cost.

Ford Remote Start Installation Cost

The same is applicable to vehicles made by Ford as well. Owners of Ford models like the Focus and the Fusion are expected to pay a total cost in the neighborhood of $193 – $355 for the installation of a remote start system. This is including the parts cost as well as the labor cost.

The parts cost of a Ford Focus remote start system is between $108 – $209. This is the same for the Ford Fusion as well. A mechanic charges between $85 – $146 to install a remote start system in a Ford vehicle. However, some shops will install the product free of charge on the condition that you purchase the product from them.

So, we have discussed remote start installation costs in detail. Now, it is time for us to discuss one of the best remote start system manufacturers on the market.

Viper Remote Start

Viper remote start systems are considered by many to offer one of the best user experiences out of all the products in the market. This brand is well reputed among automotive enthusiasts. Viper offers a few remote start systems with different features. Here, we are discussing two of their most popular offerings.

Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security with Remote Start System

The Viper 5706V is one of the best overall remote starters currently on the market. It has an impressive range of 5280 feet, or one mile in simpler terms. Essentially, this means that with this remote starter, you are able to control your vehicle from a mile away.

The remote starter key fob is equipped with an LCD display. This display can conveniently report important vehicle updates to the driver. These updates include the likes of vehicle temperature readings and engine status. The engine shutdown feature of this system turns off the engine automatically. However, three minutes before that happens, it alerts the driver through the LCD display.

Not only that, but this system also features a full security system. One of the main components of this system is its shock sensor. As soon as something happens to the vehicle, this sensor springs into action. It turns on the car alarm and also alerts the driver through the key fob.

This is a great feature for people living in areas with high crime rates. Overall, the Viper 5706V can be considered one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. The remote start installation cost of this product is about $250.

Viper VSM550 SmartStart Pro

The accolade for the remote start system with the longest range goes to the VSM550 SmartStart Pro system by Viper. On top of that, this system also has support for smartphones. In other words, this means that users can control their vehicles through their smartphones. This product has a number of features that are simply not offered by other remote systems.

The VSM550 is an accessory that adds extra functionality to an existing remote starter. One of these features is GPS. It allows vehicle owners to monitor information about their vehicles from a distance. Not only that, it allows the vehicle to be started from anywhere. This is possible due to the satellite-enabled remote start feature.

At this point, our readers with manual transmission vehicles may be in doubt. Don’t worry my friends! The next section of our discussion is dedicated to you.

Remote Start Manual Transmission

In vehicles with a manual transmission, the clutch pedal has to be pressed in order for the vehicle to be started. As a result, remote car starter systems do not work on these vehicles. Another reason for a remote start not being enabled in these vehicles is safety. When manual vehicles are started while they are in gear, they have a tendency to jump forward. This can easily happen if a remote start system is installed.

Remote Car Starter Facts: Costs, Types, and Installation

  1. Remote starters allow car owners to start the car with the push of a button from up to 2,500 feet away, and are helpful in cold weather.
  2. New cars can come with remote starters, but they can also be installed separately on any car.
  3. The cost of a remote starter installation can range from $140 to $400, depending on the type, car setup, and service used.
  4. The cost for a basic remote starter starts at $50 to $75, while a more advanced one with car alarm and security system pager can cost up to $180 or more.
  5. The highly rated Bulldog RS1100 remote starter retails for $66 to $80 and is easy to install, with a range up to 400 feet.
  6. Installation costs vary depending on the company, with prices ranging from free (with promotion) to $450, with some companies including installation in the price.
  7. Most remote starters come with two key fobs and some type of limited warranty.
  8. During installation, the control module is mounted, wires are connected to the starter, lights, and door locks, and keyless entry and alarm are installed.
  9. Extra costs include lost or stolen key fob replacement, uninstallation, and potential repairs down the road.
  10. Tips include ensuring compatibility with the car make and model, going to an authorized dealer for third-party installations, and recognizing that most remote car starters won’t work with manual transmission cars.

Conclusion For Remote Start Installation Cost

During the length of this informative article, we discussed many characteristics of vehicle remote start systems. We started off with a discussion on the basics of a remote start system. Then, we moved on to the benefits provided by remote start systems.

After that, we proceeded to the main topic of this article, which is remote start installation cost. The cost of remote start installation for several manufacturers was also discussed. Finally, we introduced you to some of the best remote starters on the market.

FAQS On Remote Start Installation Cost

How Much Does A Remote Start Cost With Installation

The remote start installation cost depends on several factors. It depends on the type of the starter, the setup of the vehicle as well as the brand of the remote starter. The price of a remote stater ranges from $50 for a basic one, up to $400 for a top-of-the-line model. A labor cost of $80 – $150 also has to be spent to get the product professionally installed.

Where To Get Remote Start Installed

You can get a remote start system installed by a professional mechanic. Most often, places that sell these products also offer free installation. If not, a labor cost in the vicinity of $100 would have to be paid for the remote start installation.

How Much Is A Starter

Remote starters start at the price range of $50 to $80 for the basic models. Starters with a keyless entry feature can be had for less than $120. Advanced remote starters which have features like alarm systems can cost more than $130. It is important to choose a remote starter that has all the features you are looking for.

How To Install A Remote Start

Installing a remote start system should be done by a professional. Most systems come with an instructions manual to guide you through the installation process. Tools like a wire cutter, utility knife, wire strippers, electrical multimeter, and electrical tape are essential for the installation. Labor cost for a remote start installation changes depending on the model of your vehicle. Typically, this cost is between $50 – $100. It can change slightly depending on the region you live in.

Motor Verso Mechanics

At Motor Verso, we are passionate about cars and dedicated to helping you troubleshoot and repair your vehicle. Our team of experienced car enthusiasts has extensive knowledge in diagnosing faults and providing effective repair solutions. We document these faults and repairs to guide you in fixing your own car, saving you time and money.

If you find yourself unable to tackle a repair or in need of professional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We can help connect you with trusted experts who can assist you further. Our team is available Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm to address your inquiries and offer guidance.

Whether it’s finding a reliable service center or obtaining quotes for fixing your car issues, Motor Verso Mechanics is here to support you on your automotive journey. Trust us to provide the expertise you need to keep your car running smoothly.

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Do Automatic Car Starters Work With Stick Shifts?

Can you use automatic car starters with manual transmissions? This is one of the most common questions we get about remote car starters. The simple answer is yes; you can install remote starters for manual stick-shift vehicles.

But it is more complicated than installing remote starters for automatic cars. And there are certain factors to consider when deciding if this installation is practical for you.

Here’s a look at what you need to know when considering automatic car starters for your manual vehicle.

Special Considerations For Starters on Manual Transmissions

Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to installing remote starters on manual transmissions.

Most manual-transmission vehicles use a mechanical shift linkage that doesn’t have a wired sensor for remote starters to verify that a car is in neutral gear.

So, without the proper precautions, a remote car starter could theoretically start a manual car that doesn’t have the emergency brake engaged and isn’t in neutral gear. And that car could start moving on its own, posing the risk of endangering other vehicles, pedestrians, and your car.

There is also the issue of the clutch interlock. With manual cars, you need to press on the clutch pedal to disable the interlock.

To ensure automatic car starters can be safely and effectively used with manual transmissions, the remote car starter must:

  • Disable the clutch interlock;
  • Make sure the transmission is in neutral; and
  • Verify that the parking brake is activated.

Making It Work

A combination of proper installation and following steps each time you use your car can ensure your automatic car starter will work on your manual vehicle.

Disabling the Clutch Interlock

To disable the clutch interlock, a skilled technician will wire the remote starter to the clutch interlock. This bypasses the need to step on the clutch pedal to disable the interlock.

Thus, when you press the start button on your remote car starter, this device will disable the interlock before activating the starter.

Verifying that the Parking Brake is Activated

The device can also be wired to the parking brake switch to sense whether or not the parking brake is engaged. If it is not engaged, then the car won’t start.

Making Sure the Transmission is in Neutral When You Park

There is a multi-step solution to ensure your car is in neutral when you park, avoiding the risk of having it in gear when you start the vehicle. The remote starter will be wired to your door switches and change the way you shut down your car.

When you’re ready to park after driving, shift into neutral gear and engage the parking brake. Turn off the ignition and remove the keys. The engine will continue to run until you exit the car and shut the door.

If someone opens the car door before you start your car again, then the remote car starter won’t be able to start your vehicle. This safety measure ensures that no one has put the car back in gear before you use your automatic starter. You may also not be able to leave your windows open with this safety feature.

So if the car door is opened and activates this safety feature, you’ll have to follow the same multi-step solution above to use your remote starter again—i.e., put your car in neutral and activate the emergency brake before turning off your car, exiting, and closing the door.

However, you may not be able to use this multi-step solution if you have a convertible.

Need-To-Know Before Installation

Before you install your remote starter, do your research to make sure you get a quality starter installed by a skilled professional.

Cost & Type of Remote Starters

Remote car starters range in price from about $50 to $200. Starters vary in distance capabilities, so make sure to consider the distance when choosing a starter. You don’t want one that won’t be able to start your car from your home to your parking spot.

You also want to make sure your starter works with your car components and has the right features for you.

Installation Costs

When researching remote starter installation, double-check that the installation costs cover everything, especially if you need a bypass module installed. Bypass modules are used to bypass anti-theft modules in vehicles.

Using Specialized Products

Along with anti-theft modules and convertibles, other issues unique to your vehicle might make it tricky to install an automatic remote starter. For example, some manual vehicles will only allow the key to be removed when the transmission is in reverse. So your best bet is to leave the installation to the pros.

Trust Professional Installation

Installing automatic car starters can be more difficult on some manual vehicles than on others. But professional, skilled technicians can find a safe way to work around the manual system.

So before deciding on a remote car starter, consult with the pros to see what options are available for your vehicle.

While automatic car starters on manual vehicles are more complicated than with automatic vehicles, it is still possible to have one installed. Even if you drive a stick shift, you can still have the comfort and convenience of starting and warming up your car from inside your home or office on a cold winter day.

Starters and alternators of modern cars

Automobile power station and starter

Daniil Minaev, photo of the author

Starters and alternators of modern cars work reliably and last long enough. Dealing with the repair, restoration or replacement of these components requires, in most cases, cars with high mileage or vehicles where related malfunctions or negligent operation killed these critical electrical components prematurely.

The main trouble for the driver is a starter malfunction on a heavy truck or a car with an automatic gearbox. It’s not so easy to push or tow an automobile “real estate” here: at least you have to tinker with the air supply. The loss of battery charge due to a generator malfunction, unnoticed by the driver in time, results in a search for a “donor”, ​​and if the car in distress is not a light “baby”, the search for help may be delayed – not everyone on the street is able to give a “light” to a 40-ton dump truck or take it to tug…

Upon arrival at the place of repair after these misadventures, a new task arises – to correct the situation, prevent its recurrence next time and at the same time meet the adequate amount of money. It is clear that the simplest thing is to replace a failed starter or generator with a new original one, but today we are not interested in talking about this because of the very “biting” price tags for everything new and original. Moreover, the market for the restoration of these devices is well saturated with supply.

Prevent it from happening again

The owner himself is often to blame for the premature failure of the car “launcher” and the onboard power plant. Faulty batteries and oxidation in the power wire connections seriously increase the load on the generator, and even a short-term loss of contact with any of the battery terminals hits it very hard, causing the diode bridge and voltage regulator to burn (a standard sloppy situation – loose terminal fasteners or loose battery).

Unseasonably thick oil, oxidation, loose wiring, and power or ignition failures cause the starter to run longer than its rated cranking time. A gigantic starting current arises in its circuit, which again affects the batteries and heats up the insulation of the electrical wiring, provoking a short circuit to ground, which leads to the failure of the diode bridge and the stator winding in the generator. As you can see, the problems are literally looped. Therefore, before we start idealizing the starter and generator, we put the power and ignition in order and eliminate all oxides, loose connections and short circuits in the wiring.

Primary Troubleshooting and Justification of the Repair Cost

Among the services of automotive electrical equipment repairmen there are many offers for the exchange of starters and alternators that have failed, for those restored by the same or a partner workshop. The advantage of such repairs for commercial vehicles is the minimization of downtime. Minus – impersonal and not always well-done work. The exception to this rule is industrial-scale factory remanufacturing, which is widely practiced by all major automakers. Since body parts and some other elements of starters and generators, in the absence of accidental destruction or if they were not burned by wild overheating, are practically eternal, economically such technologies are quite justified.

If time permits, it is better to wait for the results of the diagnosis of the device removed from your car, which consists in dismantling and completely disassembling your “offending” starter or generator. In this case, you can decide whether the game is worth the candle. Not all electrical appliances can be reanimated to an ideal state. The right specialists most likely in this case will recommend a replacement or will not provide a guarantee for the work. In other cases, after culling the “traitors”, they begin to assemble the electrical appliance.

At the first stage of assembling the unit, after the cause of the malfunction is found, all other main components are subject to mandatory revision: windings (sometimes this requires an oscilloscope), solenoid relay, bendix, diode bridge, bearings, oil seals and shafts, collector, brush assembly, voltage regulator. Good craftsmen will never re-install brushes, rubber seals, bearings, they will almost always recommend updating the retractor and bendix. But it is impossible not to understand that this increases not only the cost of repairs, but also the service life of the restored device. And don’t forget about the tight layout of modern engine compartments: the standard hours of dismantling work (especially if something had to be done again) can exceed the cost of these parts …

At the end of the assembly, the finished unit in a good workshop will be sure to check it on the stand before installing it on the car.

Some procedures that cannot be ignored, and vice versa

In the many-sided Russian car fleet, one can find both antediluvian and quite modern cars. Accordingly, the requirements for clearances, runouts and tolerances of outdated and innovative devices vary significantly. For some generators, it is not enough to simply press in a new manifold during assembly – it is necessary to center it, grind and polish it, which are carried out on a special machine.

However, the starter of a car equipped with the “start-stop” option has a brush assembly with a larger number of brushes than a fellow without this feature that is useless for a Russian, so if you do not bother with “start-stops”, you can also install a regular cheaper brush assembly node without fear of losing the starter resource.

The voltage regulators of most modern generators are made in a single unit with brush assemblies. It happens that the regulator is working, and the brushes are worn out. An attempt at handicraft soldering of brushes often fails, and even if it succeeds, as a rule, the life of the “tablet” of the regulator is correlated with the life of the brushes, which recognizes the meaninglessness of this idea.

Exotic diode bridges of generators of long-outdated foreign cars can be reanimated by contacting not car repairmen, but electronics specialists. According to the catalogs of electronic components, suitable diodes are selected and assembled in a separate case, which is installed under the hood. Then it remains only to solder the necessary conclusions in the generator itself and connect them with a cable to an external diode bridge. You can do the same if the voltage regulator does not work with a working brush assembly, and there is nowhere to get a new one.

In modern vehicles, the use of alternative voltage regulators is fraught with unpleasant surprises. The CAN bus may not “make friends” with a foreign device, despite the fact that a preliminary bench test showed the absolute serviceability of the electrical appliance. For which brands and models this problem is relevant – qualified repairmen should know.

Specialist’s comment

Igor Yavdoshchuk, Marketing Director of StartVOLT

Indeed, a car alternator and starter are the most important and expensive components. In our opinion, despite the really high prices of a new product, especially for trucks, the most reliable method is to replace the complete product. Of course, it is much cheaper to replace the voltage regulator, bearing, diodes or diode bridges, but in this case it is important to contact qualified services that specialize specifically in alternators and starters. A conventional general purpose workshop often does not have either qualified specialists or equipment to repair such complex assemblies. An important point is the issue of correct diagnosis, since very often problems with battery charging can occur not because of the generator, but for a number of other reasons (bad wiring, oxidized terminals, etc.). In our practice, we are constantly working with motorists, helping them to correctly identify the problem that has arisen when replacing the generator and starter, and very often it turns out that it is not necessary to replace these components, they are serviceable, despite the initial assumptions. It is necessary to focus on a competent professional assessment and diagnostics, as well as on the fact that “the miser pays twice” – there is no need to save on such a responsible and important unit and its details. And, of course, you should not try to repair a failed generator or starter yourself, relying on your own guesses, the advice of friends or the Internet.

At the same time, it is clear that the number of such masters is quite large in Russia. And especially for the sake of those who fundamentally repair everything themselves, we put additional instructions for self-installation and diagnostics on individual generator models. We do this to save such a person from the simplest mistakes during self-repair.

Our competence is based on 3 main principles.

1) We manufacture and supply both generators and starters and their components, carrying out the production process for many models at our site in St. Petersburg.

2) With over 30 engineering staff, we have the strictest quality control standards for our products. Absolutely all products undergo strict 100% operational control.

3) StartVOLT is a manufacturing company specializing exclusively in auto electrical components.

That’s why, offering our products, we declare an extended warranty – 2 years from the date of sale.

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Starter replacement in Kolomna at a low price

Faults prior to starter replacement

Car refuses to start? Under the hood, do you hear only the clicks of the retractor relay, the buzzing of the bendix, or weak attempts to crank the engine? You can find a more complete list of faults here. If something like this happens, then it’s definitely time for a car service!

We are ready to offer free diagnostics and starter testing before deciding to remove the unit from your car in our center. You just need to call or drive up. We do not recommend delaying, because one day the car will simply present the expected surprise.

Problem solving

Replacing the starter includes the following set of works:

  • power failure;
  • liberation of the working space;
  • dismantling and removal;
  • installation of the unit in reverse order;
  • launch and check for correct operation.

Starter replacement price and work completion time

The total cost depends on the complexity of the “remove-install” procedure, namely: on the location in the engine compartment and the need to dismantle third-party units (in some cases, the air conditioning compressor, intake-exhaust manifold, radiator fan, and, sometimes, lowering the subframe and removing bumper). All this affects the TIME-MONEY factor.

Without even starting to act, we are ready to agree with the customer on the time of work and their final cost. Our motto: “in the shortest possible time – at an affordable price” we put into practice, relying on professionalism and vast experience. The total duration of the service of medium complexity fits into an hour and a half. For the duration of the repair, you will have a waiting room, upon completion – any possible method of payment.

Aggregate center “VINdiesel” – starter replacement in Kolomna, with the most favorable conditions for you!

Sign up for repair

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Starter replacement

Being a key unit of the car’s starting system, the starter, in the course of its “life activity”, withstands serious mechanical loads, therefore even small violations of operating modes affect the quality of its work. Malfunctions of the device that drives the engine can cause a lot of trouble for drivers associated with the inability to move off. At the same time, as practice shows, in most cases, problems take motorists by surprise, appearing at the most inopportune moment, when the “wheels” are urgently needed, and the time to arrive at the right place without delay is limited.

It is possible to avoid the troubles caused by the sudden failure of the starter if you are attentive to the part. To do this, it is important to monitor its performance and timely repair or replace in case of a critical condition. Among other things, it is important to remember that the resource of starters, on average, is designed for 120 thousand kilometers, and with proper care and careful handling, the unit will reliably last about 3-5 years. Otherwise, the device may prematurely lose functionality and require replacement.

By the way, repairing a starter sometimes costs car owners more than replacing it, and most importantly, restoring a worn-out unit will only delay its final breakdown for a short time. For this reason, when the service life of a “bad” product approaches three years, it is better to refuse repair and immediately replace the part with a new or remanufactured* copy.

*The remanufactured category includes previously operated units subjected to overhaul under production conditions. The purchase of such parts is seen as a budget alternative to expensive original parts.

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Starter function

The name of the device itself speaks about the purpose of the starter: the action of this part “awakens” the vehicle’s engine to start moving. The scheme of operation of the “starter” of the motor is not intricate: as soon as the ignition key is turned to the start mode, an electric impulse is sent from the battery to the starter, setting in motion the gear that engages the flywheel, and also starting the electric engine of the device, which, in turn, transmits energy to the ICE pistons. After starting the power unit, the starter disengages and takes its original position, remaining inactive until the next start.

Moreover, since the starter is designed for short-term operation at the moment when the driver turns the key to the starter, the unit is not permanently connected to the battery.

The functionality of the starter depends not only on the stability and reliability of starting the engine, but also on the serviceability of the starting system as a whole, which affects the state of the power unit.

For stable operation of the starting system, the following conditions must be met:

  • Reliable starter functionality, defined by the absence of interruptions at 45-50 km of run.
  • Confident start in sub-zero temperatures.

Starter – car starting device

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Starter replacement price

The cost of replacing the starting device depends on the class of the car and the design features of a particular model. In addition, the pricing policy of the service company itself has an impact on the cost of work, so the prices in different service stations are different. The price list of services of our organization takes into account the interests of customers, which is why our customers can count on reasonable prices, without overpayments. An additional bonus is the possibility of profitable purchase of a new high-quality unit for passenger, commercial and freight transport, entrusting its selection to specialized specialists.

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Starter replacement for all modes of transport

Despite the absence of pronounced structural differences in starters for cars, trucks and special equipment, operations related to the replacement or repair of products require the availability of appropriate areas and technical capabilities to perform diagnostics of assembly and disassembly operations. Our service has all the necessary facilities to service all types of vehicles, including motorcycles and heavy trucks.