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The Halo Rover hoverboard comes equipped with UL 2271 Certified LG Firesafe batteries so you can ride worry-free.



Learn to ride like a pro at your own pace using the Halo Rover’s 3 Training Modes – Beginner, Normal and Advanced.



Tackle hills and any terrain that gets in your way with 800 Watts of power from Dual Independent Motors.



Designed for the harshest conditions, Halo Rover’s all-terrain, never-flat tires will grip over obstacles that get in your way.



The Halo Rover comes equipped with our Ride-Assist Technology that always keeps the hoverboard upright when powered on.



Ride Worry-Free with the Halo Rover’s aluminum Protective wings that take the impact on falls so your board’s body stays safe and undamaged.



Track your speed, battery life, distance, map your ride, and even power on and off your Halo Rover right from your fingertips with our custom app.



With our built-in Halo Bluetooth speakers, you can pair your phone and blast your music while you cruise on your Halo Rover.



Ride worry-free knowing all Halo Rover hoverboards have been extensively tested and received UL 2272 hoverboard and UL 2271 Battery safety certifications.

Great buy

We bought two of the off road hover boards from this company 4yrs ago and they are still going strong. They haven’t been gently handled either. We bought them for our teenage daughters but even the adults in our family zoom around on them. The do great in the yard, on the driveway and even through our neighborhood, which is full of hills. I definitely recommend this company. Their products are durable and you will definitely get your money’s worth out then.

Durable Hoverboard

It’s a good hoverboard. I use it throughout the city to commute along with the app that makes navigation easy with tracking the miles and the odometer readings Along with the battery range. Only problem for me it took a spin once from under me and one of the plastic holders that keeps the wings in place broke off. But other than that the board is a great board and would look forward to buying another. It’s great for adults.

Great Durable Hoverboard

My daughter uses the hoverboard every day (sometimes multiple times during the day) as she bounces and throws a lacrosse ball. This is her 6th hoverboard in 5 years and by far her favorite. It keeps a great charge, has good speed, and can go off roading! I just hope it lasts longer than a year unlike her others!

It’s a 10!!

My daughter loves it and has learned to shoot baskets while riding it!!!

Awesome Product

I have purchased 7 of these boards so far for my grandchildren. Still have 2 to go. They are very heavy duty and have had no issues with some having 2 years and others 1 yr. and a few this past Christmas. Keep wheels clean, and keep out of heavy water. You will not regret purchasing these boards.

This is a piece of junk..do not buy

I bought the halo rover board last christmas for my son. The hoverboard does not even speed up to 4 miles per hour even on advanced mode. My 10 year old would see hoverboards 1/3rd the price fly away while this one inched forward. Our mistake was not reaching out to them before the 1 year warranty expired. I even asked customer support to check the hoverboard data and they would have found that not even a mile was done on the hoverboard. Now I have to pay $125 for them to take a look at this bad quality product. I strongly recommend do mot waste your money.

👏🏻 awesome 😎

Love it!

My son enjoys it a lot!

Great quality and it truly goes everywhere

Happy to have it


Halo board

Excellent quality and fast delivery. My son loved it!, we gave it to him for his 10th birthday.

Quality construction and Great design, Fast with ability to go off road easily.

This Halo Rover Replaced another hover board of very similar design and motor size as well as off road and speed. This is a very nice hover board, as with the previous I wanted what was called the best and fastest. The Halo Rover is probably a great hover board. DO NOT put a kart on it! Like the previous hover board it as customer service says “ our team says it’s not suited for a kart. It’s not in the advertisements of ether one. A kart should be no problem for either $400.00+ hover board. But boy was I wrong. This one like the last had short ride time. Then it started just dying after about 10 minutes of riding. I did the reset recalibration and the recharge things. I emailed customer service with the encountered problems. Her works were oh the designers do not recommend the use of a cart. $400. And you can’t have a 9 year old use it with a cart. So I have it sitting with a cart on it and a portable battery charger that tricks the hover board into resetting itself and gets it going for the return trip home. I would not want a hover board with 10” wheels and well made the can’t handle a kart attachment. It’s as useless as a 6” wheeled cheap weaker motor hover board. If your looking to ride on a side walk, road, are concrete surface this is your hover board. But so would have been the other one. I should have bought my grandson a 4 wheeler. He would still be having fun. It has sat as I the picture 2 months. I think my grandson lost interest with its issues.


Both my children have this hoverboard and love it! It looked so much fun that i also had to learn and now zip around on it!

Now we need a third!



Would you like to join the ranks of Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Usain Bolt? Well, now you can! All you have to do is buy one of our Halo Hover Boards and you’ll be riding smoothly around your home, place of work, and wherever else you want to go!

Halo Rover Specs: Sleek Design and Impressive Functionality

If you’re someone who — like the celebrities mentioned above — always wants the best of the best, Halo Hover Boards might be just what you’re looking for. They don’t just look good — they’re also powerful! Plus, they come equipped with a range of features that make them simply the best choice.

The Halo Rover has three training modes that allow anyone, from beginner to expert, learn to ride at their own pace. Thanks to the Ride-Assist feature, the board always stays upright when powered on. That means it’s always ready for you to step on it and go!

The Dual Independent Motors provide an impressive 800 Watts of power, while the super-robust, all-terrain, never-flat tires provide maximum grip. That means you can take on any terrain, including hills — so you don’t have to relegate your Halo Rover to indoor or flat terrain use. Take it outdoors or even off-road – the Halo Rover can handle it all! And just in case you fall, the Protective Wings ensure that the body of the board is protected and doesn’t get damaged.

As you’ve come to expect from Halo Hover Boards, the Halo Rover has some impressive technology. For the ultimate in convenience, your Halo Rover can be paired with your smartphone. Then, using our custom app, you have everything you need at your fingertips, from powering your board on and off to mapping your ride to tracking your speed, distance and battery life.

And if motion is synonymous with music to you, then you’ll love the built-in Halo Bluetooth speakers. Pair them with your smartphone and listen to your favorite tunes wherever you go.

The Halo Rover: The Safe Choice

With the Halo Rover, you never have to be concerned about safety. All of our hover boards are tested to UL 2272 hoverboard safety and UL 2271 battery safety certifications that allow you to ride free of any worry, no matter where you go.

Get Your Own Halo Hoverboard

Find out why our Halo Rover Hoverboard is ranked 2018’s Best Hoverboard by Choose Wheels — just shop our online store today! We offer free shipping and orders placed by 7pm EST are shipped the same day. That means you never have to wait long before you can start enjoying all that Halo hoverboards have to offer!

Black Hoverboard | HSN

Black Hoverboard | HSN

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Fiat 500 Hydro Scooter 6.

5″ Hoverboard, Black – Balance Scooters

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Fiat 500 is the perfect companion for your everyday trips around the city – lean backwards or forwards and the board will react to your movement but it won’t loose balance and let you fall. This self-balancing scooter is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, for younger or older enthusiasts and you’ll get a hang of it in no time. Its durable frame can carry up to 120 kg and accelerate up to 15 km/h. Fiat 500 can cross up to 20 km with one charge. Its 6.5-inch wheels are capable enough to cross whichever small bumps are on your way.

  • Two 250 W motors
  • Maximum speed: 15 km/h
  • Can carry up to 120 kg
  • Maximum distance (depending on riding style): 20 km
  • Wheel diameter: 6.5″


Motor power


Maximum flight speed

15 km/h

Maximum distance

20 km

Maximum load

120 kg


Battery capacity

4000 mAh

Charging time

2. 5 hours

Dimensions and weight

Weight (g)




Wheel diameter

6. 5″


balance scooter


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