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Antop AT-800SBS HD Smart Panel Antenna Review

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A bold antenna, best for outdoors

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A solid antenna for outdoor installations with an added bonus – a built-in FM antenna.

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Subtle, it ain’t, but the Antop AT-800SBS HD Smart Panel antenna ($169) does a very respectable job of receiving TV stations that smaller models will miss. Primarily intended for outdoor installations – although you can use it inside – the Antop AT-800SBS comes with a variety of hardware and the necessary cables to accommodate most situations.

Priced at nearly $170, this antenna represents a more substantial investment in money and installation time, so only serious cordcutters – or those beyond the reach of cable – need apply. Our results proved it was one of the best outdoor models we’ve tested, with an adjustable amplifier and FM-tuner option to boot.

Big and bold, the Antop AT-800SBS may not be beautiful, but its white plastic housing should protect it from all but the most serious hail storms and severe weather.

(Image credit: Antop)

The Antop AT-800SBS is nearly two feet tall and more than 4 inches thick. A pre-installed metal bracket on back means that it’s ready for wall, roof or pole installation. The package includes a wall mount, as well as a 13-inch J-pole mount for installation on a roof. Two matching, screw-on pole antennas that extend outwards horizontally are intended to improve VHF reception. The antenna also comes with a plastic, snap-on stand should you decide to use it inside.

The included amplifier is about the size of two decks of cards, with two coaxial output ports for connecting two TVs, or hooking it up to a TV and a receiver for better FM reception. A power adapter is supplied for the amplifier. Antop says this model should filter out interference from nearby 4G LTE towers, and its multi-directional design means that you shouldn’t have to aim it at particular stations. For FM connections, the Antop amplifier, similar to the one that comes with the company’s Antop SBS-301, includes several adapters: a female coaxial connector, a 3.5-millimeter stereo audio adapter and a two-pin male AT733 adapter for older radios.

Antop AT-800SBS setup

Antop certainly gives you a lot of installation options. We tried it indoors and out with the plastic-sheathed pole antennas attached for better VHF reception. When both poles are installed, the antenna has a 35.75-inch wing span, nearly 3 feet, making it pretty obtrusive for most living rooms or dens. And although Antop suggests that the AT-800SBS is also suitable for RVs, we think that campers will find it unwieldy, since the antenna really requires a stable, permanent perch.

To set it up, we found the included 40-foot cable enough to reach outside. If you’ve got a larger home or looking to put it, say, in an attic, you may have to spend another $15 to $20 on a spool of extra coaxial cable to reach more remote spots. On the TV side, the amplifier needs to be put somewhere that owners can access the box, in case they want to adjust the power boost. The included 5-foot box-to-TV cables again proved sufficiently long. Overall, do-it-yourselfers shouldn’t have any trouble installing the AT-800SBS, but we suggest having someone spot you if you’re going to be working above ground outside.

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One note: If you’re planning on indoor installation, there’s an included snap-on plastic stand. The Antop manual instructs owners to first remove a metal bracket on the back of the antenna to connect the stand; this requires a large Phillips screwdriver. However, the step is unnecessary, since you can slide the stand on without removing the bracket.

Antop AT-800SBS performance

Like Antop’s indoor SBS-301 antenna, the 800SBS includes an adjustable amplifier called Smart Boost, to help with weaker signals, and a 4G LTE filter to reduce unwanted cellular tower interference. The amplifier can definitely improve the picture quality and reliability of specific channels, but it won’t work magic. If a station is completely out of range, an amplifier still won’t bring it in.

Antop AT-800SBS specs

Range: 85 Miles
Channels Received: 68
Amplified: Yes
1080p Reception: Yes
Cable Length: 40 Feet (plus two, 5-foot coaxial cables)
Size: 21.7 x 10.4 x 4.1 inches

To see what the antenna would do inside, we first plugged it into our test Samsung KS9000 4K TV’s tuner, with the power amplifier set to the maximum. The Antop AT-800SBS pulled in 38 channels at this location, the same number as a powered Mohu Curve. We received the local CBS affiliate crisply, but not the nearby Fox stations. Furthermore, while some shows, like The Brady Bunch, came in as clear and sharp as possible in an upscaled mode on MeTV, other stations were distorted and subject to dropouts. Ultimately, we found 33 reliable channels indoors.

Where the Antop AT-800SBS really shone was in our outside test spot set to full power.

An initial scan in this location tuned in 69 stations –  all of which came in clearly save for one. (For those counting, that meant 68 reliable channels.) All the big network affiliates were easily tuned in, including the Fox stations, as were PBS stations, which elude most indoor antennas, including our powered Mohu Curve. The Antop even captured tricky channels like Buzzr, which plays old game shows from the ’70s (Match Game, anyone?). All of the major Spanish-language stations also came in clearly in our New York City location, as did Chinese ones.

These results compared favorably to one our outdoor editor’s choice, the Winegard Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV Antenna. That model tuned in 73 stations (tested before some stations had their spectrum reassigned). The Antop AT-800SBS also easily bested the indoor/outdoor ClearStream 2MAX HDTV Antenna, which only received 44 stations in our tests.

For further comparison, we tested the AT-800SBS outside, using a variety of amplification levels. At about 50% power, an initial scan also listed 69 channels, but 10 of those stations proved to be unwatchable. CBS, NBC and ABC looked fine, but the weaker PBS stations were marred by sound and picture glitches. Several shopping channels also had trouble, with regular dropouts and distortions.

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Some shoppers may be surprised to learn that at just 25% amplification, the Antop AT-800SBS found the most stations, 75, in our tests. This time, the PBS stations came in clearly, but many other stations closer to the top of the dial were not viewable. In total, only 55 channels came in clearly at this setting, demonstrating that owners should experiment with the amplifier settings, depending on which channels they want to pull in. (Without any amplification, we couldn’t get the local PBS stations at all, for example.)

Radio fans will appreciate the option of using the antenna to improve FM reception. The antenna’s outdoor location definitely boosted the quality of the audio, especially for marginal stations in our area. However, don’t expect to find stations that are far out of your area; the amplifier can only accomplish so much.

The Antop AT-800SBS clearly did a good job tuning in TV stations in our metropolitan area, and it compared well against other outdoor models we’ve tested. For example, the Winegard Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV Antenna turned in roughly the same performance and costs about $60 less. However, the Winegard Elite’s black design – bristling with antenna arms – may be less aesthetically appealing to some buyers. And the Antop AT-800SBS definitely bested many other indoor/outdoor models like the ClearStream 2MAX HDTV antenna we’ve tested (that model received 24 fewer stations). In the end, we feel that most TV fans will find the price premium for the Antop AT-800SBS worth it, given the antenna’s wider array of viewing options.

John R. Quain has been reviewing and testing video and audio equipment for more than 20 years. For Tom’s Guide, he has reviewed televisions, HDTV antennas, electric bikes, electric cars, as well as other outdoor equipment. He is currently a contributor to The New York Times and the CBS News television program.

Winegard Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV Antenna Review: A Top-Notch Antenna Even in Cities

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Urban environments offer many advantages: music, culture, countless coffee shops — and dozens of free, over-the-air TV broadcasts. The trouble is pulling them in cleanly when there’s so much other interference to contend with — another hallmark of most cities. The Winegard Elite 7550 does an outstanding job doing just that, collecting scores of stations, cleanly and clearly. It’s one of the best TV antennas we’ve reviewed.

The Winegard Elite has a list price of $160, much more expensive than the proliferation of $10 indoor models. But if you’re having difficulty getting local stations you want — or you just want better, more consistent reception — the price tag, which is less than a  month’s subscription to many cable carriers, is worth every penny.

Design: Rooftop-Ready

Winegard touts the unique design of the Elite 7550 as more attractive than typical outdoor antennas. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With its multiple metal-bar protuberances and hourglass- shaped plastic facade, the Elite is unlikely to garner accolades for its appearance.

What counts, fortunately, are its features. The antenna includes an LTE filter the company says is specifically designed to fight interference from cell towers. It also has a low-noise preamp embedded in the antenna and an in-line amp with a 3-foot USB power cable and adapter. It’s all intended to clean up what can be less than ideal incoming HDTV signals.

Some cord-cutters may find the installation process a little intimidating, but for the most part it’s pretty straightforward. One primary two-part antenna bar has to be screwed onto the main chassis, with the remaining flat bars sliding and snapping into place across the back of the antenna. Also included is a mounting pole and foot bracket for securing it to a roof or other exterior structure.

If you’re having difficulty getting the local stations you want, the Winegard Elite 7550 is worth every penny.

Unfortunately, we had a couple of misgivings about the Elite’s construction. The flat metal components are not as secure as we’d like, and they can rattle in the wind or a storm (which will only be a distraction if it’s situated near a window). More critical, the bracket that bolts onto the pole and then to a roof is plastic, not metal. We didn’t have a lot of confidence that such a design would withstand harsh Northeast winters.

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An adjustable wrench and a couple of screwdrivers are all the tools you’ll need to put it together. To mount it to a roof or external structure, you’ll also need a drill and supporting screws. Incidentally, Winegard doesn’t include the necessary coaxial cable (with a weatherproof connector) that you’ll need to connect it to your TV. A 50-foot roll of cable costs less than $15.


Channels Received: 73
Range: 70 miles
1080p reception: Yes
Cable Length: Not included
Size: 30 x 17.5 x 5 inches

Performance: Stellar Reception

To test the Winegard Elite 7550, we used the same Samsung KS9000 4K TV and New York City location that we employ to test all the HDTV antennas. The only difference was that we installed it outside, although it still faced the challenge of taller multistory buildings surrounding our location.

An initial scan yielded 73 channels, far more than any indoor antenna we have ever tested. Typically, initial scans include stations that after hours of viewing turn out to be riddled with picture artifacts and thus deemed unwatchable. Not so with the Winegard Elite.

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It managed to tune in each and every  station that registered in the initial scan. From Dr. Phil on the local CBS affiliate to soap operas on the local ABC channel, the picture was always crisp and consistently clean.

An initial scan turned out 73 channels, far more than any indoor antenna we have ever tested.

Even subchannels broadcasting standard definition 480p programming looked better than what we typically see viewing retro shows like I Dream of Jeannie and Hill Street Blues. Shopping channels and more distant Korean and Chinese language stations also came in cleanly.

Bottom Line

A more-than-able antenna, the Winegard Elite 7550 does a great job doing what it’s supposed to do: receiving as many local TV broadcasts as possible. We just wish some of the antenna’s components were sturdier and that the company threw in a roll of coaxial cable to at least get you started.

Credit: Winegard

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John R. Quain has been reviewing and testing video and audio equipment for more than 20 years. For Tom’s Guide, he has reviewed televisions, HDTV antennas, electric bikes, electric cars, as well as other outdoor equipment. He is currently a contributor to The New York Times and the CBS News television program.

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How to connect an antenna to an LG TV – LG MAGAZINE Russia

The first question that arises when buying a new LG TV is how to connect an antenna and tune in TV channels? To do this is quite simple on your own, without resorting to the services of specialists.

There is a special cable input for the antenna on the back of your TV. Depending on the model, it may be marked with the abbreviation ANT IN. But even if there are no designations, it is impossible to confuse it with other inputs (for example, HDMI or USB), since it has a recognizable appearance that is the same for TVs of all brands and models: it is a threaded cylinder with a hole in the center. The exception is very old cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions, in which the coaxial connector looks like a flat cylinder with a smaller cylinder in the center.

Connecting the antenna to your TV LG : step by step instructions

  1. Make sure your LG TV is unplugged. This is necessary in order to avoid accidental damage to the TV or antenna during connection.
  2. Locate the cable entry on the rear panel and connect the antenna. In some models, you may need to screw the cable. To do this, rotate clockwise until the cable is securely fixed.
  3. Turn on the TV, then you need to configure the channels.

Once the antenna is connected to your LG TV, set up the channels.

If this is your first time turning on your new LG TV, you will need to set the language and location before you can tune in channels. These are important steps that should not be skipped or put off until later. What’s more, it only takes a few minutes.

In order to set the language on the LG TV, you need:

  • Using the remote control, press the “Settings” button.
  • Select the “General” section.
  • Use the joystick on the remote control to select the language you want.
  • Save the changes made.

To set the location on your LG TV, you need to:

  • Use the remote control to press the “Settings” button.
  • Select the “Options” menu item.
  • Select your country of location in the Country section.
  • Save the changes made.

Smart TVs also need to register an account ( how to register LG TV in Smart TV, read here ).

How to tune channels on your TV LG : step by step guide

The easiest and most convenient way to tune channels on your LG TV is to use the Auto Scan feature available on all models. With it, you can tune not only digital channels, but also analog ones.

If your LG TV supports the DVB-T2 standard, the second generation European digital terrestrial television standard, then you can safely connect a satellite dish to the LNB connector without a receiver. In order for the TV to receive a signal, in the settings you only need to specify the correct signal source “Antenna” or “Satellite TV” (depending on the TV model). The vast majority of modern LG TV models support this format. For more accurate information about your TV model, you can find in the “User’s Guide” or on LG official website by entering the model number (a combination of numbers and letters) indicated on the back of the device.

You can also find the model and serial number on the TV itself. Using the remote control, press “Settings” (Settings) / Smart (depending on the model), select the “Help” section, and in it – the item “Product Information”.

If your TV model does not support the digital standard, then in order to watch digital channels, you will need to additionally purchase a DVB-T2 set-top box and connect it to your LG TV.

How to activate Auto Scan on LG Smart TV:

  1. Use the remote control to press the “Settings” button.
  2. Select the menu item (gear icon) in the upper right corner of your TV screen.
  3. Locate the All Settings section.
  4. In it, select the “Channels” item, then click “Search for channels and settings”.
  5. Click on “Auto Search”.

Important: To connect digital TV in the column “Reception mode” must be specified source DVB-T/T2. To connect satellite or cable – the appropriate sources.

  1. Select the desired source, click the “Next” button.
  2. It will take a few minutes to search and tune channels. Do not turn off the TV in the process. When finished, click on the “Finish” or OK button (depending on the model).

How to tune channels on a LG TV that does not support the function Smart TV : step by step guide , but also does not present any difficulty for the owner. Here’s what you need to do for this:

  1. Use the remote control to press the Settings button.
  2. In the settings menu displayed on the TV screen, enter the “Channels” section.