Finalmouse starlight phantom: Finalmouse Starlight-12 Phantom Small Review

Finalmouse Starlight Pro TenZ vs Starlight-12: Everything you need to know


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TenZ approves.

By Wanzi Koh
July 19, 2022 10:49 am

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Credit: Finalmouse

The Finalmouse Starlight Pro TenZ is the latest wireless gaming mouse from cult gaming brand Finalmouse.

Designed in collaboration with Sentinels star player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, the mouse is the last Starlight drop of the year due to production complexities with magnesium alloy and global supply shortages.

It adopts the same shape as the Starlight-12 that came before it — and is also available in Small and Medium — but with a few key differences.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Starlight Pro.

Credit: Finalmouse

Finalmouse has implemented a slew of improvements on the Starlight Pro. For starters, the chassis has been upgraded. It is still made of lightweight magnesium alloy, but is now stronger than before. The Ultem bottom has been redesigned to eliminate flexing, providing a more rigid base.

Ultem is a high-strength plastic material that allows wireless signals to pass through, unlike magnesium alloy. However, it is not as rigid as magnesium, and was previously susceptible to some flexing at the bottom of the mouse.

The upgraded base also improves side rigidity, according to Finalmouse, because the base can no longer warp.

On top of that, the mouse sports a new look, comprising an anodized metallic finish with a glossy ceramic center line, designed to retain the raw look of magnesium.

The weight of the mouse remains unchanged, coming in at around 42g for the Small and 47g for the Medium.

At the same time, the mouse now features built-in “overclick” protection to minimize stress on the Kailh GM 8.0 switches. These switches have been known to suffer from double-clicking issues on the older Starlight-12, so it remains to be seen if these changes will help mitigate the issue. The buttons have also been tweaked to make the clicks feel more responsive and snappy.

On top of that, the Starlight Pro does not require any of the firmware updates Finalmouse has been rolling out for its Starlight-12. Starlight-12 owners were advised to take advantage of the update, which introduced wireless radio frequency signal improvements for better channel hopping and more reliable communication between PC and mouse.

More stringent quality control measures and tighter tolerances have also been implemented, but it’s not yet clear whether this will fix issues plaguing the older Starlight-12 models such as the off-centered scroll wheel.

Finally, every Starlight Pro comes with new and improved InfinitySkins 2.0. These were first introduced on the Ultralight 2 Cape Town, taking the form of stackable layers that can be used to customize the size and feel of the mouse.

The new Infinity Skins have been updated with a new adhesive that does not leave any residue, and it is made from a black synthetic PU that provides better grip. That said, PU leather peels when exposed to sweat, so it remains to be seen how this will hold up over time.

Other features that carry over from the Starlight-12 include the 20,000 DPI optical sensor, a 1,000Hz polling rate (unlike the 500Hz on Finalmouse’s wired rodents), and a lithium ion battery that is rated for over 160 hours of continuous use.

This is also the first Finalmouse mouse to not sell out immediately after launch. With 40,000 units available and stronger bot protection, this is the largest drop to date.

If you missed out, it is still available from resellers on eBay.

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Final Mouse Finalmouse Starlight-12 Phantom (Small) – alpharoge


Starlight-12 Magnesium Chassis with Ultem Base The Magnesium Chassis can slightly vary in thickness due to the manufacturing processes & complexities involved. Therefor the weight of each individual mouse may vary by +- 2 grams. Final assembled weight including battery/feet/screws/paint/coating is ~42 grams for Small and ~47 grams for medium The bottom of the mouse is made of Ultem NOT magnesium for the purposes of allowing the wireless signal to escape. It is therefor not as strong as magnesium and should not be squeezed or strength tested as one could with the sides or top of the mouse. Finalsensor / Godspeed Wireless / Battery Performance The Finalsensor is designed to go into various stages of rest mode after being in idle for set periods of time. Testing the mouse from a standstill if the mouse is in a rest mode will not reflect the accurate latency performance of the mouse Finalsensor is an industry leading flawless esports sensor with a Resolution (cpi) of up to 20,000. And an IPS of ~450+ with integrated illumination. You can expect next gen performance. The Godspeed Wireless technology is built on the industry leading Nordic RF platform (nrf52840) with state of the art firmware developed inhouse. With years of testing and development in RF chambers you can expect reliability and performance that is better than a wired mouse. The polling rate of the mouse is 1000hz. The Starlight-12 utilizes a high end rechargable Jauch Lithium Ion battery. Due to the revolutionary engineering that went into the power optimization of the sensor, pcb, and firmware you can expect long durations without needing to charge. Continuous battery life is estimated at ~160 hours, average use case life is estimated at 3 weeks, below average use case life is estimated at 7 weeks, idle use case of ~16+ weeks

  • Starlight-12 Magnesium Chassis with Ultem Base
  • The Magnesium Chassis can slightly vary in thickness due to the manufacturing processes & complexities involved. Therefor the weight of each individual mouse may vary by +- 2 grams. Final assembled weight including battery/feet/screws/paint/coating is ~42 grams for Small and ~47 grams for medium
  • The bottom of the mouse is made of Ultem NOT magnesium for the purposes of allowing the wireless signal to escape. It is therefor not as strong as magnesium and should not be squeezed or strength tested as one could with the sides or top of the mouse
  • The Finalsensor is designed to go into various stages of rest mode after being in idle for set periods of time. Testing the mouse from a standstill if the mouse is in a rest mode will not reflect the accurate latency performance of the mouse Finalsensor is an industry leading flawless esports sensor with a Resolution (cpi) of up to 20,000. And an IPS of ~450+ with integrated illumination. You can expect next gen performance.
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Martial World / Volume 1 / Chapter 2098 Double Dao Palace


– Twin Palace of Dao… Have you reached the Twin Palace of Dao yet?

Hearing that Lin Ming was planning to open the Twin Dao Palace in the near future, Mo Eternal Snow was amazed. She had never thought that Lin Ming’s cultivation speed of the Nine Stars Dao Palace would be so high.

The Nine Stars of the Tao Palaces are seven bright and two dark. As the seventh Nine Star Dao Palace, the Twin Dao Palace was the last of the seven bright Dao Palaces and also the most extraordinary Dao Palace.

His unusualness was embodied in his position. Each Dao Palace held a specific position in the martial artist’s body. For example, the Dao Palace of the Davit’s Eye was between the eyebrows, the Dao Palace of the Martial Sovereign was in the four limbs, the Purple Temple was in the dantian, and so on.

As for the Double Dao Palace, it had a particularly unique position – it was located outside the cultivator’s body.

After the Double Tao Palace opens, it will turn into a star that will appear in the void not too far from the master. This star was called the Double Star.

The Laws of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace will use this Twin Star as a basis, gathering infinite starlight and gradually taking on the form of a human phantom.

This phantom will be an external replica of the cultivator.

Thus, this is where the name of the Double Tao Palace comes from.

As the last of the seven brilliant Dao Palaces, the Twin Dao Palace gathered the greatest power of the nine stars, several times greater than the previous Dao Palaces. It also meant that the Twin Dao Palace was the most powerful of the seven bright Dao Palaces.

When a starlight phantom first appears, it will have 50% of the combat power of a real body. After that, as long as the cultivator infused some of his life force and soul source, concentrating them in this Twin Star, he would be able to acquire a flesh and blood avatar.

This avatar was called the Dual Avatar.

The more blood essence such an Avatar receives, the more powerful it will become. Furthermore, with the starlight of the highest heavens that the Twin Dao Palace would gather, it would eventually become an extremely powerful weapon.

Of course, because the cultivator gave away some of his life force to the blood, he would also inflict some damage to his strength, but the degree to which he would be injured would be much less than the increase in strength from the avatar.

In the martial world, there were many techniques to control avatars. For example, the Asura Heavenly Dao had its own methods of cultivating and fighting against avatars, but in these cultivation methods, the avatar was usually created from materials.

For example, three avatars of Heavenly Dao Asura. The Spiritual Essence Embryo Stone, Soul Source Divine Embryo, was a divine stone that naturally spawned in the world and did not come from Lin Ming himself.

If Lin Ming lost his avatars, although it would decrease his strength, it would not cause any real damage to his body, but with the Twin Dao Palace, things were different.

The Dao Twin Palace Avatar was created by a martial artist when he extracted a part of his blood essence and placed it in the starlight of the high heavens, turning it into real flesh and blood.

You can’t afford to lose such an avatar.

Moreover, this avatar shared an origin with the master’s main body. It can separate from the main body, as well as merge with it.

Once the avatar and the main body are merged together, it can cause a person’s strength to double.

Such an ability was not something an avatar created from materials could possess.

In normal situations, after the martial artist opened the Twin Dao Palace, the main body and the avatar were basically merged into one. This was the way to show the greatest strength.

They will only separate when cultivated. Thus, the absorption of energy of heavenly and earthly origin will go much faster.

Lin Ming longed to open the Twin Dao Palace because after he opened it, he would be able to use its special characteristics to split the power of godhood and demon in his body.

Lin Ming’s Twin Dao Palace was very different from the Palace of those who cultivated the Nine Star Dao Palaces.

Generally speaking, once a martial artist opened his Twin Dao Palace and created his avatar, that avatar was no different from the master’s main body. If the avatar and the main body were separated, it would make the fighting techniques more flexible and the cultivation speed faster. If the avatar and the main body were fused together, it would be the same as combining their powers.

However, with Lin Ming, things were different: he planned to use the Twin Dao Palace as a foundation, and after forming the Starlight Phantom, he wanted to put all the demon power in his body into this avatar, turning his Twin Avatar into a demon avatar!

As for his true self, he would keep the power of divinity and the corresponding bloodlines for himself.

By doing this, Lin Ming will have more variety in the future. He could merge with his avatar whenever he wished, and also be separated from him when he needed to.

As for that abyssal Twin Avatar, he could recklessly use the Laws of Absorption to absorb the power of a demon while his main body was absorbing the power of the world, allowing his cultivation to grow faster and faster.

And if so, then Lin Ming will not have to worry about using an evil and unorthodox cultivation method like the Laws of Absorption to rapidly increase his cultivation, and it will not make his foundation unstable and cause a backlash.

After opening the Twin Dao Palace and entering the Demon God’s Tomb, he could even use his avatar to transform into an abyssal form and undergo an abyssal ritual. As such, there shouldn’t be any problems…

Lin Ming told Mo Eternal Snow about his plans.

When Mo Eternal Snow heard this, she was stunned for a long time. “You… you want to create a demonic avatar?”

Mo Eternal Snow felt that it was too incredible. How was Lin Ming able to get to the Seventh Dao Palace so quickly, and where did he get the essence of Hunger from?

– It should be possible. This avatar is me, not something I have mastered. If I put a part of my original soul into this avatar, then it will be a second me.

– This is… what have you been through these past years? “Mo Eternal Snow wanted to ask this for a long time, but she didn’t get a chance since they already had a lot of questions to discuss.

It was impossible for the lifeforms of the 33 Heavens to take over the body of the abyssal. If Lin Ming formed a demonic avatar in the future, it would be an incredible event.

Lin Ming told everything that Mo Eternal Snow had experienced in the past 7000 years without hiding anything. He described how he was haunted by the Soaring Feather, how his own soul power was taken over by Sheng Mei, all of his tribulations in the lower realms, his seven reincarnations, his arrival in the wild universe, his absorption of the Soul of Hunger and control of the Hunger avatar, about his fight with the two God Kings and their exit from the war between humanity and the saints…

Ling Ming had no need or desire to hide anything from Mo Eternal Snow. She already knew about the secret of the Magic Cube, so what else could be hidden?

After listening to Lin Ming, Mo Eternal Snow remained silent for a while. Lin Ming’s accumulated experience over the years was too strange. From the brink of death, to the abyss of despair, and rise to the heights, he entered the wild universe and turned the tide, became the leader of humanity and received the title of Sovereign of Humans. A phrase like “life full of ups and downs” was not enough to describe Lin Ming’s life.

She thought that with all the odds and life-and-death battles she faced in the Primordial Ruins, her life was full of adventure, but compared to what Lin Ming had experienced, all her adventures seemed insignificant.

– So you disappeared at that time because of Sheng Mei. She…

Mo Eternal Snow didn’t know what to say. She just couldn’t understand why Sheng Mei did what she did. “You said that Sheng Mei has a great enmity with the Soul Emperor, and after she took your powers, she still left a bundle of her original soul in your body and even sealed her original Yin and the Great Reincarnation Art in it?” But what’s the point of doing all this? In such a situation, the chances that you will get the opportunity to rise again would be almost zero. Sheng Mei didn’t know you had a Magic Cube, so why did she think you could restore your powers?

Lin Ming sighed and shook his head. – I do not understand too. Her methods at the time were perhaps the only choice she could make after joining the Soul Emperor and finding herself powerless to do anything. At that time, I really would have died, but Sheng Mei relied on a faint glimmer of her intuition to leave behind the last hope for me, as well as hope for her…

Sheng Mei was a woman no different from a puzzle.

Thinking of her, Lin Ming again remembered the mysterious peerless woman who had appeared in the Cold Ice Mirror and whose remains remained at the center of the Eternal Wall.

Sheng Mei and the mysterious woman were no different from the master and his Dual Avatar. How can they be related?

Sheng Mei and the fate of the Soul Emperor, everything she did to him, all this gave Lin Ming extremely complex feelings towards Sheng Mei.

She was neither good nor evil. It seemed that she saw the boundless landscapes of the world, and also carried a pitiful and sad story…

However, no matter what her life experience, no matter what she wanted, Lin Ming knew that seven thousand years ago, when he was being hunted by the Soaring Feather, with no hope of escaping, when the Soul Emperor also turned his attention to him, it was Sheng Mei who saved him. This mercy was not something that Lin Ming could forget, even if Sheng Mei’s methods were full of mysteries…

She was like a pearl shrouded in a dark mist. 10 billion years ago the flower fell, and 10 billion years later the flower blossomed. To overcome samsara of 10,000 lives, untouched by karma, doomed to life and death…

Phantom Tempus collection – a mystery of time and space

Phantom Tempus collection – a mystery of time and space


March 08, 2021

By: Marina Dianova

    901 22 New collection based on flagship model Phantom
  • The concept is dedicated to the concept of time, astronomical phenomena and the infinite expanses of the Universe
  • New paint Kairos Blue with mica flakes creates a shimmering effect, imitating the glow of stars in the night sky
  • Starry sky ceiling combines fiber optic light and intricate embroidery with space motifs
  • In the gallery of this Phantom – a composition of 100 columns carved from a single piece of aluminum and anodized black
  • Doors are perforated with illumination, creating the effect of a star cluster
  • Based on Spirit of Ecstasy figurine each vehicle will be engraved with a commemorative date and location of the customer’s choice
  • Only will be produced in total 20 vehicles that have already found their future owners
  • Each car will have a champagne set in collectible design

“Last year’s events have prompted many people, including our clients, to rethink their attitude to time. At a time when so much in life seems ephemeral, brand connoisseurs turn to Rolls Royce for creating timeless creations that give a sense of stability and permanence. Perhaps now is the perfect time to launch the Phantom Tempus collection. Its design concept skillfully plays with the mysterious celestial phenomena and the concept of time, which Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds in the history of mankind, described as a “persistent illusion”.

Time does not stand still and does not wait for anyone. We manage it, protect it, count and measure it, breaking it down to the smallest fractions. But in the salon Phantom Tempus we have created a timeless space, which is reflected in the absence of clocks. Clients Rolls Royce are not bound by time, and the outside world, full of challenges and demands, is forgotten. Phantom Tempus was created for those who change the world in search of their place in the Universe. This collection is addressed to people who understand that whatever our talents and capabilities, we are all endowed with the main gift – time. And whether we can make the most of every moment is up to us.”

Torsten Müller-Otvos, Executive Director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Based on the flagship, this captivating Phantom Tempus collection is dedicated to time. It was its flow and fading that inspired the Bespoke team to create such a mesmerizing design. In total, the collection will include 20 cars Phantom , each of which has already found its future owner.

The concept of Phantom Tempus is built around a number of phenomena related to space and the concept of time. Pulsars, astronomical objects found in 1967, have become one of the key design elements. They can be found in the very bowels of space – the nearest one is located at a distance of 280 light years, or 2703 trillion kilometers from Earth. Pulsars are rapidly rotating neutron stars that have a strong magnetic field and emit pulses of electromagnetic radiation at a precise frequency, making them the world’s most accurate clocks. It is the pulsars that will be embroidered on the ceiling of the Phantom Tempus cars, complementing the starry sky made of fiber optic strands – this design is called the “Pulsar Headliner”.

Another aspect of time, the illusion of stillness, is captured in a work entitled “The Frozen Passage of Time”, located in the gallery in the front panel. Carved from a single piece of aluminum is a composition of 100 columns, each anodized black and hand polished to reflect light. Due to the play of light and shadow, the effect of movement is created, as if the work is bent by waves.

The composition is accurately described by a quote from Albert Einstein, engraved on a plate located in the glove compartment: “The differences between past, present and future are nothing more than an illusion.” The clock in the front panel is deliberately not set, symbolizing freedom from time constraints. A swirling funnel pattern of star clusters appeared on the interior door skins. Illuminated perforations that create hundreds of glowing lights, combined with contrasting leather, create additional depth, creating a magical atmosphere even when the illumination is not turned on.

The bodies of the Phantom Tempus collection are painted in a new Kairos Blue shade, symbolizing the mysterious darkness of space. Particles of mica are added to the paint, which shimmer in the light like stars. The black coating of the metal parts emphasizes this effect.

The base of the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine of each car will be engraved with a memorable date and place that has a symbolic meaning for the future owner: it can be the date of a wedding, the birth of a child or a career triumph. The final touch is a collection champagne set designed in concept Tempus . A composition depicting a pulsar is hand-drawn on the table. Inside are temperature-controlled capsules for caviar and champagne, four blown glass flutes and a mother-of-pearl spoon for black caviar.

Considering travel and social distancing restrictions, the Rolls-Royce team created a virtual reality presentation of the Phantom Tempus that can be viewed using the Google Cardboard app. Customers can examine the exterior and interior of the car in detail Phantom Tempus in an interactive 360° format at their convenience.