Electronic water guns: experience the world´s strongest water blasters

experience the world´s strongest water blasters

SPYRA™ | experience the world´s strongest water blasters


Going all-in, we brought high-tech to the water gun and water fun to the next level. The outcome: A powerful and fully automated colossus of a water gun.

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SpyraTwo™ –

Going all-in, we brought high-tech to the water gun and water fun to the next level. The outcome: A powerful and fully automated colossus of a water gun.

  1. SpyraBlast Tech

    Every time you pull the trigger, you don’t release a stream of water, but an individual and coherent blast of water.

  2. Automatic refill

    To reload, just dip the front of the SpyraTwo™ into a water source and fully refill and repressurize automatically in 10 seconds.

  3. Tactical display

    Stay on top of your game! Your tactical display shows the tank volume and your battery status at all times.

  4. Gameplay

    Blaster on. Game on. The play style of the SpyraTwo™, including the PowerShot, brings the gameplay to reality.

  • Comes with an integrated battery and a cable for recharging
  • Safe delivery in robust overpack
  • Parcel insurance & tracking inclusive
  • Shipping via DHL/FedEx/UPS
  • Parcel size: Single: 680mm x 260mm x 200mm | 27in x 10in x 8in
  • Parcel size: Duel: 680mm x 420mm x 200mm | 27in x 16. 5in x 8in
  • Parcel weight: Single: 3.9 kg | 8.7 lbs
  • Parcel weight: Duel: 6.9 kg | 15.3 lbs



Effective range (regular blast/ PowerShot): 10 m (33 ft)/ 15 m (50 ft), Weight (empty/full): 2,2 kg (4.4 lb)/ 2,9 kg (6.4 lb), battery lasts for over 2000 shots before recharging is necessary, rate of fire: 54,5 blasts/ minute, USB-C charging time: 4 hours

Top 5 Questions

What’s the difference between the SpyraTwo™, the SpyraThree™ and the SpyraLX™?

The SpyraTwo™ and SpyraThree™ are our fully automated blasters. They come along with an auto-reload which refills and repressurizes your blaster in under 10 seconds. On top, they have a digital display to be in control of the tank and battery status at all times.

While the SpyraTwo™ is made for the ultimate Gameplay with one game mode, the SpyraThree™ is your buddy at any occasion. You can switch between three different play styles: Open mode for freestyle, burst mode to have a blast with three blast by one trigger and league mode for ultimate gameplay. The SpyraLX™ is our manual SpyraBlaster. It comes along with the signature SpyraBlast tech and contant pressure but is refilled by muscle power.

How far can the SpyraTwo™ shoot?

With the SpyraTwo™ you can hit targets up to 10 metres away with pinpoint accuracy. With the PowerShot you even have a range of 15m.

What does the game mode of the SpyraTwo™ look like?

To make the gameplay perfect, our developers have come up with a few twists. You can shoot up to 3 blasts in succession. After that, your blaster needs a few seconds to reload new blasts. On the display, you can always see how many blasts are ready to fire by the bars on the right. This game mode is not only about soaking the enemy from top to bottom, but also about shooting strategically. If you push the trigger longer, a PwerShot is loaded. This is as powerful as 3 individual shots and gives your opponent another good hit.

Does it hurt to get hit?

The individual blasts are strong but not painful. Part of the fun factor is that you feel the hit, but you shouldn’t be knocked out by it. The game must go on, right?

How do I refill the SpyraTwo™?

To reload, just dip the front of the SpyraTwo™ into a water source and fully refills and repressurize automatically in 10 seconds. No need to run back into the house and no need for a significant time out.

Level up your gameplay

Very very high quality and service!

The title says it all

Super fun and great customer service

These are super powerful and fun squirt guns. Company cares about my happiness as a customer.

Blue replacement

The blue Spyra quit working. Stopped sucking up water. They’re very quick at giving me a warranty replacement.


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Spyra has a new digital water blaster that looks like it’ll blow the original away

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Every spec improved save capacity

By Sean Hollister, a senior editor and founding member of The Verge who covers gadgets, games, and toys. He spent 15 years editing the likes of CNET, Gizmodo, and Engadget.


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In 2018, we marveled over the Spyra One, an attempt to crowdfund a modern Super Soaker that could blast veritable bolts of water; refill itself from a pool; and maintain a digital ammo gauge of your shots, thanks to a heap of electronics, a self-pressurizing tank, and a battery you recharge via a standard USB-C port. The big catch: you had to be willing to risk north of $133 on an unproven Kickstarter that wound up shipping a year behind schedule.

Spyra Two

But not only did Spyra eventually manage to ship those blasters (11,000 of them, according to the company) it’s now got a new version coming next month that sounds like a huge improvement in practically every way. The new Spyra Two fires faster, further, has twice the battery life, the company claims the pump is less noisy now — and this time, the company says it’s already manufactured and ready to ship in early June with no crowdfunding whatsoever. The initial units seem to be sold out, but Spyra’s website says it’ll have more in July.

The only downside, on paper anyhow, is a lower capacity of 20 shots compared to the 25 of the original… and a $159 pricetag. You can still charge up three distinct shots at a time, each ready to dispense a shot-glass worth of water at your friends, or charge up for a bigger blast that can travel up to 46 feet if you’re aiming at a 45-degree angle.

Here’s a quick spec comparison I whipped up:

Spyra Spec Shootout

Capacity 25 blasts 20 blasts
Priming speed 1.5 seconds 1.1 seconds
Effective range 25 feet 30 feet
Maximum range 40 feet 46 feet
Refill time 14 seconds 12 seconds
Blast size 30ml 30ml
Tank size 750ml 600ml (approx)
Battery life 45 refills / 1125 blasts 90 refills / 2000 blasts
Charge time 6 hours TBD
Price ~$133 $159

While the company doesn’t seem to have an official video of the new Spyra Two in action yet, just the brief intro above, you can check out this video from YouTuber LordDraconical for an idea of what the blaster’s capable of.

Drac points out that it’s also got a rubber flap over the USB-C port now, letting you more fully submerge it in a swimming pool. The company’s documentation isn’t quite clear on whether that’s a good idea, though: while one FAQ page states that “All components of the SpyraTwo are individually protected agains[t] water damage” and that the primary risk is simply that it won’t float, another FAQ reads:

The SpyraTwo is like a yoghurt cup, which means your SpyraTwo will fill up with water and join the Titanic. This can also increase the dripping on the barrel. Among other things, this can affect the lifespan of the SpyraTwo!


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The World’s Strongest Water Gun is back and wetter than ever

by Mahadi Hassan

Sypra has made a name for itself with powerful electronic water guns, the first of which was launched on Kickstarter in 2018. Now the company is adding a third water gun to its lineup, the aptly named SpyraThree, and it includes additional modes for when you want to get serious about combat or just looking for casual summer fun.

Before we get to them, let’s take a look at what makes the Spyra more than just your standard Super Soaker and why it boasts a mind-blowing $179 price tag. for pistol . Like the SpyraTwo (which you can still buy for about $5 less), the SpyraThree features an electronic firing system that can spray people from about 30 feet away and can send water almost 50 feet when you charge the PowerShot. It’s also fills itself with . Dip the muzzle in the water, pull the trigger forward, and in a few seconds you’ll be ready to fire again.

A lot goes on with this water gun. Image: Spayra

It also has a screen showing how full your tank and battery are. A company press release says that one full charge will allow you to recharge the tank about 100 times, and that each tank holds “approx. 22 water jets”, each of which will hit your opponents with 30 ml of water. By the way, you charge this battery via USB-C, as it should be.

SpyraThree, you guessed it, has three shooting modes, while SpyraTwo has only one. Both have what Spyra calls a “League” mode that lets you take a limited number of shots before it locks you in for a few seconds to “reload” and gives you access to an extra PowerShot. (Note: I love that Spyra labels this as their “tournament mode” and I sincerely hope there are people who take water gun battles as seriously as some people take airsoft, paintball, or nerf.) However SpyraThree also includes an “open” mode that lets you fire as many times as you want with no artificial reload time, and a burst mode that fires three shots every time you pull the trigger. The company’s website warns that if you use the latter mode, “your tank will be depleted insanely fast.”

Personally, I’m not the type to spend $179 on a water pistol with a mode designed for competitive gameplay – there’s just no place in my life for that, although I wish there was one. However, I’m very happy to see that this company is still around, giving people who are to serious about water combat even more options.

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The World’s Strongest Water Gun message is back and wetter than ever, first appeared on Verve times.

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