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Electric air dusters are a must-have

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It’s a simple low-tech device and seems fairly obvious, but if you don’t have one, it can change your life.

By Chris Person


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My tool. My friend. My electric air duster.Photo by Christopher Person / The Verge

I have always had a complicated relationship with canned compressed air. For a neat freak, it’s a vital tool. It keeps your keyboards clean, it blasts dust out of your gaming PC, and it gets gunk out of those hard to reach parts of devices. It’s an invaluable tool, an ally — heck, even a friend.

But the waste! 

I’m not trying to be a cheapskate here, but a can of compressed air costs like five bucks, and I got air at home. Like, a whole lot of it, just floating around, not paying rent. Can’t I just shove that into a can? I think you see where this bit is going.

The XPower A-2S Cyber Duster. It also comes in a “B” variant that is battery-powered.Image: XPower Manufacture

Say hello, dear reader, to the XPower A-2S Cyber Duster. I want to tell you how much I love this little guy. I love it more than most tools in my home. I love it more than I love some of my relatives. Imagine, if you will, a tiny vacuum cleaner but in reverse. It’s a pretty straightforward concept. It has two power settings (pretty powerful and very powerful), a brush attachment, and a shorter nozzle that I can’t find right now but is probably in the cabinet where I keep all of my tools. It is an absolute game-changer.

I was ambiently aware of the XPower a while ago because I looked up various methods for keyboard cleaning (including this weird goo). I had seen it on the shelf at Micro Center and, like many things in that wonderful store, I thought, “Wow, that sure does sound really useful. I should buy that sometime.” Micro Center stocks two similarly priced models — this one and an almost identical-looking model, both of which are also available on Amazon — but I went with the latter because it had the word “cyber” on the box and, thus, was better. It turned out to be so good that I immediately sold several friends on it, including my friend who works at a cafe and needs to clean up coffee grounds all the damn time. They also make it in a bunch of fun colors, and the same company makes heavier-duty models specifically for pet grooming that are available through XPower and Amazon.

An electric duster is not a one-to-one replacement for compressed air. Compressed air cans come with a thin plastic straw that comes in real handy when trying to get into very hard to reach places, and that’s just really hard to replicate. But what my duster lacks in precision, it makes up for in sheer power and cost savings. You don’t have to ration your electricity the way you do canned air, so it becomes very useful for making casual, quick cleaning sweeps. At its highest setting, this thing blasts away. You can knock stuff off of your nightstand at a distance with this bad boy.

It comes in many colors, too!Image: XPower Manufacture

As the name implies, it is also a duster, which does not sound as important until you realize how much dust is inside the average human home. It’s a lot, and it loves hiding in places. I have a significant dust allergy, so I am anal when it comes to air quality. For a fun time, put an N95 mask on, turn on your air purifier of choice (I have a Coway Mighty because that’s the one everyone collectively agreed to buy), and go hog wild on the hard to reach places in your room of choice. You will be shocked by the amount of revolting gunk that you will discover in your house and how much the basic air quality will improve.

I am constantly surprised by the number of people who do not have an electric duster, but everyone who has converted sings their praises. Jess Weatherbed doesn’t have the XPower but has a CompuCleaner and noticed a similar improvement in basic air quality. Another person online recommended the Metrovac DataVac ESD (a duster meant specifically for data centers) since at least one of Metrovac’s models also functions as a vacuum cleaner. I have not had a chance to do extensive side-by-side testing with these models, but I would bet those things blow pretty hard, too.

If my tone has been a little cheeky in this post, it’s because it’s hard to overstate just how much I use this guy. I’m constantly reaching for it while doing projects. In the span of writing this post, I blasted decades of gunk out of an old eBay VCR using my XPower. I feel like a corny TV pitchman right now, but it really is that useful.

Get an electric duster. It’ll clean your computer, it’ll clean your home, and hell, it may even clean your very soul. (Warning: individual souls may vary.)

Update January 18th, 6:52PM ET: This post has been updated with Amazon links to several products, including XPower’s A-2S Electric Duster.

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DataVac Electric Duster – Better Than Compressed Air


The MetroVac DataVac® Electric Duster® is a compact yet unbelievably powerful computer and equipment duster.

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Say no to canned air. The multi-purpose DataVac® Electric Duster® is designed to blast dust, dirt and debris off of your expensive tech equipment. Regular use of the DataVac® Electric Duster® can help to ensure your office and electronic gear is dust-free and running at maximum efficiency.

Its sturdy and modernized structure is completely redesigned to offer you the most lightweight but powerful office duster in the industry. It features a 500-Watt motor and is ideal for keeping keyboards, computers and other technological equipment clean.

Unlike traditional canned air blowers, it features greener power that is more eco-friendly than alternate options on the market. Its green energy source means the ED-500 is more effective and cost-efficient when compared to other models.

The MetroVac DataVac® Electric Duster® is available at 120 volts and comes with a 12ft conductor cord, air-pin pointer, concentrator nozzle, air-flare nozzle and a four-piece detailing tool kit.

Go green and save green.

California Residents: CA Residents Proposition 65

DataVac® Electric Duster® ED500
Construction: Sturdy All Steel Baked Enamel Finish
Motor: . 75 Peak HP Motor
AMPs: 4.5 Amps
Watts 540 Watts
Airflow: CFM/FPM 70 CFM
Cord: 12 ft 2 Conductor Cord
Dimensions/Weight: 6.75″x4″x7.5″ / 3 lbs
Attachments: Air-Pin Pointer, Air Concentrator Nozzle, Air- Flare Nozzle and 4-Piece Detailing Tool Kit


This machine carries a Three Year Limited* Warranty.  

The Three Year Warranty includes the dryer unit and the motor.*

There is also a One Year Warranty* on Parts, Switches, and Cords.

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, including installation, with the exceptions stated below.

*Metrovac will repair or replace any defective or malfunctioning part* at no charge. If the machine is not repairable, it will be replaced.

*Mechanical alterations made to the machine will void the warranty.

*Warranty does not cover carbon brushes, carbon brush wear, filters, or general maintenance.

*The warranty does not cover physical damage made to the machine, improper electrical connections, or water damage.

*Customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from our facility.

***Even if the product is beyond the warranty period, we suggest you send the unit back to our factory for expert repairs and maintenance at reasonable rates. Please click the following link to access our Repairs and Maintenance form***

I was having an audio power amp checked out and the technician had the electric duster.  Upon arriving at home I immediately placed an order for one, the computers here at the house need to be cleaned out every few months and this is so far superior to canned air.  No moisture, no freezing and the power to get the job done.  I wish I had bought this thing years ago.

~ James R.  TX


DataVac Electric Duster…..I love this thing. I just got it the other day and I was so excited. Small, tight and very powerful it actually jumps a little from the torque when you start it up. I am quite the computer geek so it will come in very handy, but I can already see myself using it for all kinds of things.

~ Robert M.  MA


I just wanted to drop a quick note to you about the ED-500. I regret not purchasing it sooner, as it has already paid for itself in dusting out PC’s/networking equipment as well as the Roomba’s filters. It is obvious that it is made for a lifetime of use, and has a permanent place in the drawer. Thanks for making a reliable high quality product.

~ Josh C. PA


I purchased a DataVac Electric Duster last year. I want to compliment your company on the very high quality of this useful tool. It is obviously well-made. I keep finding new uses for it. So far, I have used it to blow dirt out of the engine compartment of our car, to blow dust out of electric space heaters, to blow dust off artificial wreathes and flowers, to blow dust off refrigerator coils on our refrigerators, and to blow dust and dirt off shelves in our garage. I even use it to clean my electric shaver, plus the computer keyboard, etc. Thanks for making a great, high-quality product! Sincerely

~ William M. OH


Hi Guys, I just bought the Metro DataVac Electric Duster, Model ED-500 (online order from Staples) on April 20th 2014. I just want to say that I’ve bought my last can of air, thanks to your product! It does a great job blowing out all of the dust and dirt in our desktop PC. My wife watched me, and she was so impressed that she found several other electronic pieces of equipment for me to clean as well, after I got done with our PC (LOL) :). We also love that it’s made in America. Thank you for doing that! We will happily recommend your product. Respectfully

~ William & Alice T.  Florida


Xiaomi WOW SWDK D260 / Kvazis House / iXBT Live

electric mop review


I have been asked more than once – why don’t you have a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner yet? And I answer this – my Ilife A4 is enough for me – an extremely good price / quality option – it cleans perfectly, but as for mopping, the question remained open. Robots with the function of washing floors – in fact, crawl around the apartment with a wet rag, mercilessly skidding on smooth wet surfaces, so far I have not seen a single option worthy of attention. But the mop – for semi-automatic cleaning interested me. And my story will be about her.

Where to buy?

Gearbest Aliexpress


Gearbest Aliexpress

Key parameters

Battery: 2000mAh Li-ion battery
Working voltage: DC 12V 6V 1A
Engine power: no more than 35W
Full charge time: 3 hours
Working time: 50 minutes

Initial inspection

The mop arrived in a large box, by Nova Poshta tape on one side, it became clear that the contents were checked

Inside the first box is the second, already with a painted mop and a plastic carrying handle. Plus – additional protection.

The contents are protected by foam inserts, you should not be afraid of damage during shipment.

Scope of delivery

Behind the foam insert we are met by the base of the mop

Further – the rest of the folding handle, measuring cup and power supply for charging the battery of the mop

Complete power supply – with a flat plug

The foldable handle consists of four interlocking parts.

Rags – a set of two double rags interconnected

The most “fluffy”

The second is a little less fluffy

And a pack of ten “disposable” rags

I found a set of spare rags on Aliexpress – you but it’s worth it about $30. Looking ahead, the mop also works great with regular, properly sized mop cloths, which you can buy at any hardware store, and if you are completely unpretentious, it will mop the floor with your old sweatpants.

Primary inspection, dimensions

By the way, you immediately notice the solid weight of the mop base – more than 2 kg there are two moving platforms with special hook-and-loop fasteners – on which rags are attached

The connector for the power supply is located on the rear end and is protected by a rubber cover – a plug

At the top there is a rubber cover for the water inlet

In front – LED light and water sprinkler

The base for attaching the mop handle folds from a position vertically up to parallel to the base, as well as to the right and left, which is very convenient when cleaning

As a charge indicator, there are three LEDs on the mop , they are below the surface, and in the inactive state they are not visible.

Assembly and testing

The mop handle is very easy to assemble – all parts are inserted into each other and click into place.

Height in the assembled state – 1.15 meters

Turning the mop on and off is carried out using the handle – it is strictly vertically turned off, when bent – it turns on.

After switching on, the charge indicator and LED backlight are activated. In my video review, the link to which will be at the end of this review, you can see it better.

Control, in addition to bending the handle, is carried out by two buttons – one of which turns the mop motor on and off, and the second is responsible for spraying water

Water, by the way, contains approx. The rag “sticks” to the mounts on the platforms and keeps well on them.

Despite the weight of the base + water, the mop moves very easily, it is even pleasant to work with it, I would never have thought that I would say this about mopping

To fill the mop container, you can use both plain water and a solution with detergent. Sprays directly in front of him – and immediately rubs with rags

The quality of washing – I liked it, I have light-colored tiles in the kitchen, on which there are always some stains, and I often have to scrub the floor well. And with the help of this miracle mop – it all happens much faster, more conveniently and no less efficiently – it wipes off almost all stains, except for especially dried ones – such that it is not easy to scrape off with something hard. It’s no longer the mop’s fault.

The rag is removed using a special insert sewn into it – you just need to step on it

Here is the result after a few minutes of test cleaning. The dirt is rubbed off and remains on the surface of the rag


The gadget is undoubtedly very interesting, although not cheap. From my own experience – the mop battery lasts for about an hour of continuous cleaning (specially checked) – which is more than enough for wet cleaning of average apartments. It is enough to smoothly “lead” the mop over the surface, and the effect is similar to how you would rub vigorously with a regular mop.

There is no need to buy expensive sets of original rags, sets for ordinary household store mops are also great. I cleaned with a floor cloth cut in half into two rectangular pieces.

To buy – I recommend it, if its price does not drive you into a stupor, in fact it is relatively and not big, an ordinary good mop costs $40-50 (I mean a good one).

At the end – traditionally a video review. Video reviews come out before text reviews.

Thank you for your attention!

How and with what you can wipe the monitor so as not to break it – basic rules and means

I want to warn those who wipe the monitor with improvised means. It could burn out at any moment. Especially if you use all sorts of sprays and wet rags. If you haven’t already, consider yourself lucky. My luck lasted a long 7 years after buying an LCD monitor. But one ill-fated day after the usual cleaning, I noticed a huge spot at the bottom of the screen. By evening, it spread even more. Drying with a hair dryer didn’t work. The next day, the monitor stopped turning on completely.

The service center told how to properly wipe the monitor

Today, monitors are, consider, the eyes of a person. Read the news, flip through a book, watch a movie, chat with relatives in another city, send a report to work – everything is done with their help. Therefore, when, after an unsuccessful wipe, the monitor died for a long time, I felt helpless. Packed it up and took it to the service center.

The specialist’s verdict was disappointing: change the matrix or buy a new monitor.

The amount of repairs was announced to be fabulous. After looking at the prices for new monitors, I realized that it makes no sense to repair the old one. The difference in cost is 100 USD, and at the same time it will take 14 days to wait for your old man from the service. Seeing my hesitation, the master strengthened my decision to go to the computer store. Yes, and gave parting words: “Though the new monitor now wipe properly.” He said that with such a problem they turn to him several times a week.

His words: “People don’t know how to handle technology. We got used to the fact that CRT monitors can be washed with an ordinary cloth and even detergents. Those will endure due to the fact that the screen is glass, it is not pressed through. He does not have important contacts at the frame. LCD monitors require careful handling. You need to wipe them almost with a dry cloth, very gently and gently. I don’t recommend using sprays.

5 basic rules

I will not write platitudes such as that the monitor must be turned off before wiping, so that all dust and dirt are better visible.

I’ll immediately move on to the rules that will help you wipe the monitor effectively and without harm (from a specialist’s story):

  1. Dust regularly – every day before switching on the PC or notebook. You can use a pipedaster to avoid leaving streaks or a dry cloth. Then you will have to wipe it with special equipment less often.
  2. Use special wipes. They are lint-free, impregnated with safe compounds, remove dirt and dust without streaks. The use of other means may be hazardous to the equipment.
  3. Do not attempt to “pick out” adhering dirt with your fingernail, do not use brushes, sponges with a hard surface, a towel or other rough things. To remove solid debris, just attach a napkin to it, hold it for a few seconds and wipe it off.
  4. Avoid pressure on the screen. The monitor of an LCD monitor consists of a “sandwich” of films, plastics, and liquid crystals. You can easily damage it – the “sandwich” will begin to delaminate, the matrix will be damaged, etc.
  5. If you use special sprays, you need to spray them only on a tissue. Not on the monitor! In this case, you need to do no more than 1-2 puffs so that the napkin does not turn out to be too wet and does not ooze liquid.

My mistake was just that I sprayed window cleaner directly on the monitor (it’s faster this way). The tool was new and gave out an unexpectedly powerful jet. I quickly wiped everything. But it turned out that part of the liquid flowed into the matrix into the microslot near the frame. Almost all monitors have slots, which is why it is recommended to use special equipment.

What tools can be used to wipe the monitor?

When I bought my first LCD monitor, they gave it a special spray, wet wipes and dry wipes. And when they ran out, I switched to what was at hand: ordinary paper napkins (I don’t advise, they leave garbage behind), cotton pads, window cleaning spray, all sorts of rags, some water and a lot of different things.

Although the masters do not recommend using improvised monitor care products, I still see nothing wrong with:

  1. Wipe dust and fingerprints with a velvet cloth. I order such sets of rags on Aliexpress for my wife.