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Add functionality to your space with LG double wall ovens that let you cook more than ever before. Featuring clean lines, sleek designs and the latest in cooking technology, they’re the ultimate kitchen upgrade.

Whether you cook for a crowd every night of the week or just want the freedom to bake two dishes at different temperatures at the same time, our built-in double ovens make it all simple. Just a few of their incredible features include:

Innovative Convection Technology: Our exclusive convection system gives distributes air more evenly, resulting in faster preheating and more uniform cooking. And with settings like Convection Bake, Roast, Crisp, and Healthier Roast, you can customize the way you cook.

Chemical-Free Self-Cleaning: Without using harsh chemicals or high heat you can get a sparkling clean oven in just 20 minutes. Simply spray your oven’s interior with water, press the EasyClean button, then gently wipe away the residue.

LCD Display: With an available LCD touch-screen display, our double wall ovens give you the power to easily select your settings and monitor your dishes’ progress. Plus, with the Gourmet Recipe Bank, you can access dozens of recipes that will inspire your inner chef.

Brilliant Blue Interior: Serving double-duty, our ovens’ blue interiors not only give you a beautiful premium look, but because they reflect more light than traditional black they allow you to see your dishes better.

Wide Viewing Windows: Our built-in double oven designs include wide viewing windows so you can check on your dishes without opening the oven door and releasing warm air from the oven, which can increase your cooking time.

With a built-in design and the latest features, like our exclusive convection system, LCD displays and chemical-free cleaning, our innovative ovens will inspire your inner chef. Browse our collection to find the perfect double wall oven for your home, then explore our newest selection of appliances — and create a kitchen with the latest in style and functionality.

Actual features, functionality, and other product specifications may differ and are subject to change without notice. Prices, promotions, and availability may vary by model, store, and online. Prices subject to change without notice. Quantities are limited. Check with your local retailers for their final price and availability.

Double Wall Ovens | Whirlpool

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Cook multiple dishes at once with a Whirlpool® Double Wall Oven. Bake, broil and roast using the different compartments, so you can use two different cooking techniques at the same time.




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Is a Double Wall Oven Right for You?

A Whirlpool® Double Wall Oven offers the capacity you need for all your favorite recipes. No matter the size of your meal, prepare all your favorites with a double oven that lets you cook multiple dishes at the same time. 

Get the results you want with a Temperature Sensor that adjusts the heating element so you get evenly baked food, and True Convection Cooking, which has a third element and fan for faster cooking times1, so your food is ready when you are. 

Because we know you want to spend time with loved ones instead of cleaning baked-on messes, Whirlpool offers a selection of electric double wall ovens that include cleaning cycles like the Steam Clean Option.  

Learn more about the pros and cons of double wall ovens and find out which wall oven size, including single wall ovens, is the right fit for your kitchen. 

Style Your Kitchen with a Double Wall Oven

Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern or something more traditional, our double wall ovens are available in a variety of styles to fit your kitchen. From white to black to fingerprint-resistant stainless, choose from various finishes and sizes, so even in small spaces, your style will shine. Explore our entire collection of wall ovens today. Once you find the right wall oven for your home, check out our guide to wall oven installation.


 1. Compared to a traditional thermal-bake cycle on the same model.

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Electric oven – NBS533BS0B – BOSCH

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Power supply
Number of ovens/chambers
Type of cleaning
Energy class
class A
Other specifications

55 cm 7 in)


59. 4 cm (23.4 in )


71.7 cm (28.2 in)


47.6 kg (104.9 lb)


47 l (12 gal)


3D Hotair: even heat distribution for perfect results on three levels.
Bake evenly using up to three levels.
Now you can bake a portion of delicious dishes, such as cookies, at the same time on three levels. The 3D Hotair fan quickly and evenly distributes heat throughout the interior. You can also cook two dishes at the same time in the same oven – so you can bake today’s lasagna and tomorrow’s muffins in one go without mixing flavors.
Control with red LED display: easy to use thanks to time functions.
Retractable controls: Make cleaning the front of the oven easier and give it an elegant look.
EcoClean Direct: less cleaning effort thanks to the special coating on the back of the bottom of the oven.
Turn your oven into a cleaning helper.
EcoClean Direct, an energy-saving cleaning assistant, makes it easy to clean the double oven. A special coating of micro-thin ceramic spheres covering the back of the bottom oven breaks up splashes of grease while you bake or fry. During the entire service life of the device – saving time and energy.
2 slim universal pans: optimized for cooking a small number of different dishes.
Ideal for preparing various dishes
The slim size universal pans are ideal for preparing two versions of the same dish or small quantities of food. Thanks to their compact dimensions, the pans are easy to clean in the dishwasher and also fit perfectly in Bosch refrigerators for cooling before and after cooking.

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How to choose an oven: help you decide on the criteria

We recently reviewed the question “How to choose a hob for your home.” However, a household hob is usually paired with an oven (of course, if the user has not made a radical decision to abandon the oven altogether). There are several main reasons why someone might prefer a stand-alone oven over a combo solution (free standing hob): the ability to integrate the cabinet into a kitchen set, the ability to choose the most suitable surface/cabinet pairing that best suits the chef’s needs, and finally the ability to choose the right design. How to choose an oven and what features of this household appliance should you pay attention to first of all? Let’s figure it out.

Gas or electricity

As with the hob, the first thing to decide is the type of oven. Namely: will it run on gas or electricity. I must say that the choice in this case is not as obvious as in the case of the hob. A gas oven is likely to be cheaper to buy and almost certainly cheaper to operate, but many people prefer to opt for an electric oven even if there is a gas pipeline in the apartment.

The fact is that electric ovens have extended functionality compared to gas ovens. So, electric heating allows you to more accurately control the temperature of cooking (a gas oven, for example, will not allow you to maintain a low temperature for a long time). Also, some believe that cooking without the use of an open flame will be safer in terms of fire safety.

Finally, electric ovens have a reputation for being more predictable and beginner-friendly. Roughly speaking, if you plan to learn how to cook in the oven, then the electric one will allow you to focus all your efforts on the result, but the gas one will teach you its own unique character along the way.

Independent electric oven Samsung NV 70 K2340RB New Metro with Dual Fan 70 liters

However, even if you have chosen a gas oven, this does not mean that you do not need to supply electricity to it: a modern gas oven often has built-in lighting, an electric grill or a fan for convection. All this will require a certain amount of electricity.

It is also worth mentioning that most electric ovens are powerful appliances that consume between 2.5 and 4.0 kW. To connect them, a separate power line with mandatory grounding is required.

Oven dimensions

After choosing the type of oven, it is worth deciding on its dimensions. The standard size for a modern kitchen is a width of 60 centimeters and a depth that allows you to place the oven under a standard countertop (that is, up to 60 centimeters). Those who want to save space in the kitchen can opt for compact or narrow ovens. Compact ovens are characterized by a reduced height (40-45 cm versus 55-60 for standard ones), and narrow ones will fit 45 centimeters instead of the standard 60.

If there is free space, you can also look at models whose dimensions turn out to be larger than standard. The width of the home oven can reach up to 90 centimeters, which will significantly increase the volume of the chamber, and therefore cook more food at a time. There are also ovens with an increased height (90 cm or even more). Such appliances, as a rule, are a double oven with one full-size and one reduced chamber.

One of the key parameters directly related to the volume of the oven is the volume of the cooking chamber. The volume of the working chamber of a narrow oven will be about 37-45 liters, and a full-sized one – about 55-68 liters. Increasing the volume of the chamber will not only allow you to cook more food, but also opens up access to new culinary achievements (for example, in a large oven you can try baking large pieces of meat such as a leg of lamb).

And vice versa: if you cook in the oven infrequently and a little, then you are unlikely to need a large oven. Having saved 15 centimeters in a small kitchen, you can afford to install other, more necessary equipment.

Dependent and independent ovens

Ovens can be “dependent” or “independent” of the hob. Independent are completely independent devices. Dependent – have a common control panel, which is usually located on the front panel of the oven. Dependent devices are made in a single design and will cost the buyer less than independent ones. However, here you need to remember that a breakdown in the control system will disable both the oven and the hob at the same time.

Dependent ovens, such as Bosch HEF 514 BS 0R, allow you to control not only the oven, but also the hob. Rotary switches are conventional (mechanical) rotary knobs. Recessed – allow you to “hide” them in the control panel. Touch and pushbutton switches are used in the electronic control system.

Mechanical control – standard for gas ovens (eg Ricci RGO-640IX)

Electromechanical control system (ordinary mechanical knobs), as a rule, can be found in budget models. By turning several knobs, you can quickly and easily select the cooking temperature, the desired mode and set the timer (it can also be mechanical – with a ticking mechanism and a bell). However, such a control system can also be found in fairly advanced models equipped with a convection system and a grill.

Electronic control ovens are not only easy to use, but also stylish (Electrolux EOB 8851 AAX)

mode. The display itself can also be touch sensitive. Thanks to the electronic control system, the user has access to finer settings: electronic control will allow you to implement various automatic cooking cycles, allow you to more accurately control the temperature inside the working chamber, etc. It is worth mentioning the most modern ovens, the developers of which do not stop there and continue experiment with high technology. Such ovens, for example, may have a built-in camera that allows you to broadcast a “picture from the oven” to a computer or mobile phone. Some went even further and built in a real monitor instead of a viewing glass. These ovens can be controlled remotely (using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection), and the screen can, for example, display tips regarding the cooking process or video recipes. It is clear that such ovens are not yet very common, and indeed it is not very clear which of the innovative functions will be in demand, and which ones will die out as unnecessary.

Functions and additional features

The simplest gas oven has only a heating element (burner) located in the bottom of the appliance. Budget electric – top, bottom, combined (top + bottom) heating and grill mode.

Additional features and functions give the chef access to new recipes and cooking modes, but they can significantly increase the cost of the device. Let’s see what additional modes and features can be found in ovens and what they allow you to cook.

The most popular is the convection mode (mixing the air inside the chamber), which is carried out using the built-in fan. For electric ovens, an additional heating element may be located next to the fan. Mixing hot air allows you to evenly bake food from all sides, and if you turn on the fan without heating, then this mode is useful for gentle defrosting of food.

The grill setting is ideal for roasting small, tender pieces of meat on the top shelf of the cooking space. When working with a grill, a rotating spit is often used. So if you like chicken on a spit and other similar dishes, you should pay attention to models that have a special motor for rotating the spit. However, since now convection is firmly entrenched even in models of the middle price range, and in terms of functionality it partially overlaps with the spit, many manufacturers have now completely abandoned the spit.

Movable telescopic tray guides allow the tray to be pulled out of the oven. At the same time, attention should be paid to how far it is allowed to push it. Most ovens allow you to pull the pan out of the oven by about 2/3, but there are models that allow you to pull it out completely – this, of course, is more convenient.

The presence of a thermometer probe is useful for those who often cook meat or poultry in large pieces. With it, you can monitor the temperature inside the product and the degree of its readiness. The most advanced models will even automatically turn off the heat at the right time so as not to overdry or overcook the meat.

Some models of ovens can also function as a microwave oven. Although such a decision will significantly affect the cost of the device, it will save space in the kitchen in the future. What’s more: this microwave oven can be used in combined mode for accelerated cooking of the product.

Most modern ovens allow the product to be steamed during cooking. In simple models, this uses a special container with water that evaporates during the cooking process. More advanced devices will inject hot steam at the right moment (according to the rules of the installed program). Steaming during cooking can improve the final result, make the dish tastier, juicier, etc. Ovens can be found on sale, the design of the steam generator in which allows them to be used as classic built-in steamers. Such models usually belong to the premium class, which affects the price.

Built-in programs can greatly simplify the life of a less experienced cook. To prepare simple dishes in such ovens, it may be enough to select only the type of product (meat / fish / poultry, etc.) and the desired result, after which the device will automatically select the desired temperature and select the desired cooking time. Well, if the oven allows you to save your own “recipes” in memory or allows you to update recipes via the Internet, this will be completely wonderful.

Finally, it makes sense to mention another novelty – an oven with a divider that allows you to turn one cooking chamber into two, which makes it possible to cook two different dishes at the same time – each with its own temperature regime. Two mini ovens instead of one big one – isn’t that great? And if there are few products, you can use only half of a large oven.

Modern Samsung ovens allow you to cook two dishes at the same time – each at its own temperature

It is worth noting that all these innovative features can only be found in electric ovens. Gas appliances will turn out to be significantly poorer in terms of functionality: they can be found with a convection fan, a rotating spit, an upper grill (gas or electric) … that’s probably all.

Self-cleaning function

The issue of oven care is one of the most important for those who are going to cook a lot and often, but it is often forgotten at the stage of choosing an appliance. To date, there are several different cleaning methods – pyrolytic, catalytic and steam (hydrolysis). The simplest (steam) system is suitable for those who use the oven infrequently (once a week or less). The catalytic cleaning system is suitable for “average” users, but for those who are going to cook a lot and often, you should pay attention to cleaning with pyrolysis.

Let’s briefly talk about each of these systems. Pyrolytic self-cleaning involves high heating of the furnace (up to temperatures around 500 °C). Splashes of grease and other contaminants during this cleaning turn into ash, which can be simply removed with a damp cloth. All kinds of guides and the door will have to be cleaned manually. In the process of pyrolytic cleaning, significant heating is inevitable not only of the oven itself, but also of the air in the room. It may also be accompanied by an unpleasant odor. The whole process usually takes 1.5-2.5 hours.

The result of pyrolytic cleaning in the Gorenje+ oven

Catalytic self-cleaning means that the side walls of the ovens are covered with a special enamel that absorbs and breaks down fat deposits directly during baking at a temperature of 140 degrees. The bottom and door of such an oven will have to be washed in the old fashioned way, and the special coating wears out over time and may need to be replaced after several years of active use of the device.

The simplest steam cleaning (hydrolysis) does not remove, but only weakens the coating of grease, carbon deposits and the appearance of dirt spots. To clean your oven this way, you simply fill a baking sheet with water and run an automatic one-hour cycle that heats the oven to 70-90°C. Once the cycle is completed, you will have to try to wipe off the dirt manually. This cleaning method, as you might guess, will turn out to be the cheapest, but the opinion on its effectiveness among users is very controversial.

Steam cleaning, as in the case of Samsung FQ115T002 – the easiest option available. Since the door will have to be washed manually not only from the inside, but also from the outside, it is worth asking in advance if it can be removed and washed in more suitable conditions (for example, in a bathtub under running water). We also advise you to pay attention to the number of glasses: the more there are in the door, the better the thermal insulation will be. Today on sale you can find models with the number of glasses from 2 to 4.


Unlike hobs, ovens can be modified after purchase. For example, telescopic tray holders can often be purchased and installed later, separately. The same applies to other accessories – all kinds of pizza stones, catalytic panels, additional baking sheets of various types, etc. It is especially useful to remember the possibility of a subsequent upgrade in cases where the budget is limited, but because of this you don’t want to buy an oven of a lower class.

Operational safety

Finally, when talking about ovens, we must not forget about safety rules: after all, temperatures inside the oven can reach quite high values, and children and the elderly can be in the house.

A modern oven must have an auto-shutoff when overheating. To protect against children, it is worth asking about the presence of a control lock system. Many ovens use a cooling system that removes excess heat from the cavities (body) of the oven using a fan.

As for electrical appliances, the requirements are standard: the presence of grounding and a “neutral” wire in the apartment.

And, of course, you should not neglect the rules for installing (mounting) the oven: after all, not only the efficiency of its work, but also fire safety depends on it. This applies in particular to indications regarding the minimum distance to walls and other household appliances.


Let’s list again the steps to be taken when choosing an oven:

  • The simplest thing is to decide whether you need a gas or electric oven. Gas is traditionally used where there is a central gas supply (usually in city apartments), or where gas is supposed to be used in cylinders (usually in country houses). However, electric ovens often provide more options regarding the use of special fine-tuned cooking modes, so the presence of gas is not an unambiguous argument when choosing.
  • If an electric oven is chosen and you are not afraid of experiments, you can look at ovens combined with a microwave oven. This will save you from another rather large “box” in the kitchen.
  • It will be easiest to decide on the dimensions: as a rule, the choice is stopped on standard models with a width of 60 centimeters. Other options are used only in conditions of a lack of free space or, conversely, with an excess of it and there are special requests for the number of burners and oven performance.