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10 Best DVR Security System to Stay One Step Ahead of Intruders


Saptak Chaudhuri

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July 13, 2023

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What comes to your mind when I question you about your home and family? I’m sure one of the things would be safety, as it is a priority for all of us.

As it said,‘’ It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent’’.

Considering this, what steps can we take to prioritize safety?

A home surveillance DVR system is the most economical method of protecting your house or place of business. These gadgets can capture hours of video using superior-quality cameras, putting you at ease and peace. Finding an excellent security camera DVR on a budget has become simpler due to technological advancements and more competition.

Based on their features, usability, capabilities, and durability, we selected the best HD DVR systems. Let us dive more into the security systems for a better understanding.

What Is A DVR Security System?

You can save the video whenever you wish to see surveillance footage from your CCTV camera. A DVR system will make sure you have security footage as evidence in the event of an emergency or crime.

In fact, companies of all sizes ought to develop the practice of consistently backing up their data because it protects you in the event of theft or loss. They should alert you if storage is getting low and offer simple backup options so you can store your footage elsewhere.

Difference Between DVR vs. NVR

Both NVR and DVRs are fundamentally used for video recording. A digital video recorder is called a DVR, whereas a network video recorder is called an NVR. At the recorder, DVR systems evaluate the video data.

In contrast, NVR systems do the video data processing and encoding at the camera before streaming it to the NVR recorder for storing and remote viewing. In the case of DVR, the signal stability is much higher, whereas the signal stability is lower and less stable in NVR.

DVRs and NVRs need different kinds of cameras since they process video data in various manners. While most DVRs are used with analog cameras, NVRs are typically utilized with IP, or protocol-based, cameras. It’s vital to remember that NVR systems can be wired or wireless, in contrast to DVR systems, wired security systems.

Benefits Of DVR Security System 

Easy installation: Compared to analog systems, digital systems are easier to install, need less equipment, and can help your security team operate the surveillance system more efficiently.

Cost-effective: A digital system can function with less physical infrastructure. You’ll also need lesser sensors to cover the same area because digital cameras provide images of higher quality and with wider viewing angles.

High-quality graphics: These digital systems capture events so clearly that you can also give law enforcement high-quality photographs to assist in prosecuting suspects in case of theft.

As we have come this far, let us check out the top models of DVR systems to implement in your lives.

Swann Home DVR Security Camera System

Introducing to you the unique Home DVR Security Camera System by Swann. This camera system comes with 1TB HDD, 8 Channel 4 Camera, 1080p Full HD Video, and it provides both indoor and outdoor wired surveillance cameras. 

Preview Product Rating Price
Swann Home DVR Security Camera System with 1TB HDD, 8 Channel 4 Camera, 1080p Full HD Video, Indoor… $279. 99 Buy on Amazon
  • Its perks provide 24/7 continuous recording stored for up to 365 days.
  • With the 1080p Coax cable surveillance system, everything is well protected. Specific night vision in black and white up to 100 feet.
  • Despite all weather conditions, it remains sturdy and resilient.

Swann offers technical assistance and protection against manufacturing flaws. It provides a hassle-free customer care service if you need product help.

ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System

This ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System with a 1TB Hard Drive is apt for you in many ways. It has 1080P indoor as well as outdoor weatherproof CCTV cameras. The cameras come with motion sensors and remote access to make them easy for people to use.

265+ 8CH 5MP Lite HD TVI Video DVR Recorder with 4X HD 1920TVL 1080P Indoor Outdoor Weatherproof CCTV Cameras,Motion Alert,Remote Access” data-aawp-geotargeting=”true”>

Preview Product Rating Price
ZOSI 1080P Security Camera System with 1TB Hard Drive,H.265+ 8CH 5MP Lite HD TVI Video DVR Recorder… $175.99 Buy on Amazon
  • H.265 technology enables ultra-long recording and doubles the data compression ratio.
  • This camera is made of aluminum metal, which successfully prevents rust, and can be mounted practically anywhere, both inside and outside.
  • 24 built-in IR LEDs provide you with a clear and crisp image day at all times. Also, 130 feet of night vision in ambient light and up to 80 feet of night vision in complete darkness

With this security system, you can use Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, or 4G remotely on a smartphone, tablet, and PC to access multiple smart devices (IOS and Android) in real-time from anywhere.

ANNKE 3K Lite Security Camera System

The Annke 3k lite security camera system is one of a kind, and here’s why! It is for outdoor spaces and comes with AI human/vehicle detection. It also provides email alerts with images which are very rare for security camera systems.

Preview Product Rating Price
ANNKE 3K Lite Security Camera System Outdoor with AI Human/Vehicle Detection, 8CH H.265+ DVR and 8… $259.99 Buy on Amazon
  • Human and vehicle smart searching in recordings provides faster locating in time-sensitive situations.
  • The cameras can withstand extreme temperatures of -40°C (-40°F) to 60°C (140°F) because of the IP66 weatherproofing.
  • This consists of eight wired 1080p cameras and an eight-channel 3K light DVR that supports TVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS, and IP cameras.

It has passed rigorous testing by UL, CE, FCC, HDMI, etc., and the ANNKE App complied with GDPR, ensuring that all data downloading and transferring is secure.

SMONET 3MP Wireless Security Camera System

This bullet camera with 3 pieces of infrared led is designed for home security systems. The features say it all! The SMONET system comes with an in-built app that makes it easier to control when you are outside of your house. 

Preview Product Rating Price
3MP Wireless Security Camera System with Audio 3TB Hard Drive,SMONET 8CH WiFi Home Surveillance DVR… $379. 99 Buy on Amazon
  • The second-generation H.265+ can boost the data compression ratio while improving video quality with a low bit rate, allowing IP cameras to produce fluid HD video with little bandwidth.
  • 3 TB of storage Wireless indoor/outdoor home security cameras with a 1TB hard drive are pre-installed with a free app. 
  • 8 CH NVR accommodates up to 8 wireless security cameras.

SMONET wireless cameras for home security use metal housing that is waterproof to IP66 standards, making it extremely user-friendly.

5iktery DVR Video Security Camera System

This video security camera by 5iktery has powerful night vision that will surely impress you. It is equipped with 4 waterproof 1080P HD bullet cameras that can operate in any weather condition. It requires no hard discs, just 4*60cm BNC Cables.

Preview Product Rating Price
4CH AHD Wired DVR Video Security Camera System Night Vision with 4 * 1080P HD Waterproof Bullet… $117. 77 Buy on Amazon
  • CCTV cameras with HD 2.0 Megapixels and 24 LEDs that are IR-cut allow for 1080P live viewing, recording, and playback on HD TVs and computer monitors.
  • You can set up the detection zone on your DVR. DVR for video surveillance with multiple video outputs with HDMI and VGA ports.
  • Many options will be available if the Wi-Fi and the internet are enabled with the system.

Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty service and a lifetime of after-sale service hassle-free.

Hiseeu Security Camera System

With advanced face detection, this 4 piece security camera system comes with outdoor and indoor spaces. Hiseeu’s wired security cameras meet the IP 66 Waterproof specification, making them resistant to harsh weather conditions or outdoor environmental changes.

Preview Product Rating Price
[Face Detection] Hiseeu 5MP Wired Security Camera System, Surveillance DVR Kit w/ 4Pcs Security… $169. 99 Buy on Amazon
  • Advanced Face Detection Technology can quickly identify faces in a video feed and alert you via a mobile application.
  • Hiseeu’s greatest 5MP resolution would give you a vibrant and clear image of up to 25601920 pixels.
  • The maximum number of channels for this 5M-N DVR for security cameras is 8, which is the 5M-N/4M-N/1080P(2MP)/1080N for crystal-clear images and videos.

This security camera system, which comes with a complete 12-month guarantee, will change the way you think about monitoring with outdoor and indoor security cameras.

JouSecu Security Camera System

The security camera system by JouSecu will notify you whenever an unusual movement occurs around the space with its motion sensor feature. Let us all know what makes it unique from other surveillance systems.

Preview Product Rating Price
JouSecu 1080P 8CH Wired Home Security Camera System HD 5-in-1 Video DVR Recorder with 4X HD 2MP… $127. 99 Buy on Amazon
  • The 5-IN-1 DVR supports TVI, AHD, CVI, Analogue, and IP cameras. 4 CCTV cameras provide a 1080p live view at 12 frames per second and up to 60 feet of night vision.
  • This incredible feature of 1080P full-HD recording can make the camera be used both inside and outside with the IP66 waterproof classification.
  • Featuring a 60° viewing angle, 60 feet of night vision range, and 4mm LEDs with the IR-CUT feature.

With the “Eseecloud” app, you can watch all your cameras in one place for live viewing and playback anywhere you have internet access.

XVIM Security Camera System

This 1080P HD Outdoor Surveillance camera by XVIM has a high-quality vision (1920x 1080) day and night. It is user-friendly and has easy remote access, making anybody in the house use it without hassle.

Preview Product Rating Price
XVIM 8CH 1080P Home Security Camera System, 4pcs 1080P HD Outdoor Surveillance Cameras, 1TB Hard… $169. 99 Buy on Amazon
  • You can configure the detection zone on your home camera system DVR to reduce false alerts. The app would get push notifications when something moved in the recording area.
  • Pre-installed 1TB hard drive, connected to the CCTV camera system that prepares it to record.
  • It is a three-step process. Remotely monitor the cameras on a mobile device at any time by connecting the camera system to the internet, downloading the free app on a smartphone or tablet (supporting both Android and iOS systems), and adding the device ID.

The XVIM security camera system has a one-year quality warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, they offer professional lifetime tech support and a 60-day replacement policy. 

GW Security Cameras System

This 4K CCTV DVR Recorder has a 4TB HDD and is weatherproof. It is a high-definition footage True 8MP 2160P HD video, which offers true color and a clearer image. Also, it is a 200% improvement over 4MP 1440P cameras and a 400% improvement over 2MP 1080P cameras.

Preview Product Rating Price
GW Security Cameras System 16CH (3840×2160) HD-TVI 4K CCTV DVR Recorder 4TB HDD with 16 Weatherproof… $1,299.00 Buy on Amazon
  • Since it’s compatible with TVI/CVI/AHD/CVBs and Onvif IP cameras, adding additional cameras in the future is possible.
  • 2CH Video-output (VGA/HDMI up to 4K), 16CH Video-input (8CH Analogue TVI/CVI/AHD/CVBs video + 8CH IP video)
  • 2 SATA HDDs with a combined capacity of up to 14 TB

Free remote viewing with a quick access QR code for the iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and Mac

ZOSI 16 Channel Security Camera System

For more storage and better image quality, ZOSI’s self-developed H.265+ video coding technology extracts features that concentrate on aspects of surveillance scene characteristics. The ZOSI DVR offers 4 different recording modes to meet your demands.

Preview Product Rating Price
ZOSI Full 1080p 16 Channel Home Security Camera System, H. 265+ 16 Channel DVR with Hard Drive 2TB… $299.99 Buy on Amazon
  • Full 2MP HD DVR upgrade is compatible with 2MP/1MP/960H HD-TVI, CVI, and AHD cameras.
  • Pre-installed 2TB hard drive for continuous recording around the clock.
  • With better quality and fewer data transfers, ZOSI’s self-developed H.265+ offers a stunning bit rate reduction of up to 50%.

Every time the cameras detect moving items, your phone will beep, and you will get an email. This will allow you to monitor more effectively and maintain contact with the things that are important to you while you are away.

Final Words

In terms of security, DVR systems are crucial. DVR is preferred in many business contexts since it has established itself as a trustworthy method of encoding video over many years. It takes time to pick the right one. Before rushing in head first and buying a whole system, consider your budget and ongoing operations before deciding.

Take the time to consider all aspects, risks, and opportunities before investing heavily. Selecting the ideal video recorder system for your security requirements requires careful investigation.

Next, check out the best indoor home security cameras for peace of mind.

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Buying CCTV Security Camera Systems

Here at CCTV Security Pros, we’ve been providing Surevision security cameras and systems to Fortune 500 companies, universities, government agencies, and residential homes at more than 70,000 locations across the United States since 2008.

If you’re looking for where to buy the best CCTV security cameras and recording systems, how to power security cameras, and how to install wired security cameras, you’re in the right place.

Security Camera System Video Quality

HD Video is Superior. There’s no contest between HD video and older analog technology. HD video is much higher resolution and displays far better clarity. This is critical to see details like faces and license plates. You can expect our HD CCTV security camera systems to be at least 3-5 times sharper than standard analog cameras.

Standard Definition

240p – 480p Resolution
< 1 megapixels

High Definition – HD

720p – 1080p Resolution
1-2 megapixels

2K High Definition

1440p Resolution
4 megapixels

4K Ultra HD

2160p Resolution
8 megapixels

Understanding Megapixels

Pixels are the individual blocks of color on a digital screen and a megapixel is one million pixels. 1-megapixel cameras can capture video at 720p resolution. 2-megapixel cameras capture video at 1080p, also called high-definition. A 4K Ultra HD CCTV security system requires 8-megapixel cameras.

The higher the resolution and megapixel count, the sharper the image. One great benefit of higher-definition cameras is that you can digitally zoom or ‘blow up’ an HD picture, and the integrity of the image will remain better intact rather than appearing pixelated or blurry like the older analog CCTV security cameras.


There are 2 types of HD CCTV security camera technologies; HD-over-Coax systems and internet protocol (IP) systems. A recorder that supports HD over coaxial cable is called a digital video recorder (DVR). IP cameras connect to a network video recorder (NVR) using an Ethernet cable. At CCTV Security Pros, both DVR and NVR units provide the same essential functionality. Either can be used to view live or recorded video and also to view your cameras remotely on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

One of the main differences between these CCTV security types is the type of cable used to connect the recorder and cameras of the CCTV security systems. Only HD over Coax recorders are backward compatible with older analog cameras. In other words, you can buy HD security cameras or use any existing analog cameras with our HD over Coax digital video recorders.

IP-Based (NVR) Systems

IP camera systems are the new industry standard. Our Network Video Recorders can display images and video up to 4K Ultra HD. IP cameras are connected with CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 Ethernet cables. All of our IP cameras are PoE (Power over Ethernet) meaning that both power and video are transmitted over a single cable. Standard IP cameras can be run up to 325ft. Our CCTV security hardware includes repeaters and switches for customers who require further cabling. Some of our systems include “extended” PoE meaning that they can transmit both power and video over 800ft using a pure copper ethernet cable.

Installation with a single PoE Ethernet cable makes IP-based NVR surveillance camera systems exceptionally simple to install. You won’t have to hassle about running a power cable to each individual camera. An Ethernet connection back to the NVR is all it takes to get them up and running.

HD-Over-Coax (DVR) Systems

HD-over-Coax CCTV security cameras are connected using traditional coax cable with BNC video connectors. Our Digital Video Recorders are compatible with new 4K Ultra HD video as well as older analog cameras. The most common type of cable used is RG59 Siamese cable. The term Siamese means there are 2 cables (power and video) running side by side that can be pulled apart. This is important because HD over Coax cameras are not powered from the recorder. Rather, HD over Coax cameras can be powered using an individual power adapter or multiple output power when running multiple cameras.

HD-over-Coax CCTV security systems are extremely beneficial in locations with existing analog infrastructure in place. You can use the same older cable when buying new HD cameras and recorders. Another benefit of HD over Coax is that video can be transmitted well over a 1000ft distance.

NDAA Compliance

Many CCTV security systems are banned for government use. These banned products include components from named Chinese manufacturers listed in the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Our full line-up of SureVision™ (Green-line) professional-grade products are all NDAA compliant and suitable for government use.

Cameras of all Styles

We carry many different styles of cameras in sets of complete CCTV security systems. A lot of people like bullet-style cameras due to their sleek housing. Other people prefer dome-style cameras for their discreet, low profile, and vandal-resistant design. A large majority of the cameras we offer are fully weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use.

The style of the camera is independent of the technology it’s made with. Qualities and features like the resolution, zoom, and night vision can be just as good whether you prefer bullet-style or dome-style cameras. Buy security cameras for discreet surveillance, or cameras that stand out from their environment to maximize their deterrence factor.

Wide Angle Advantages

The size of the camera lens will determine its viewing angle. Our widest lens size is 2.8mm and will produce a 110-degree super wide angle which is good for covering the entire immediate perimeter. A popular 3.6mm lens will display a 90-degree wide angle.

Customers like wide-angle CCTV security cameras because they offer the most “bang for the buck”. However, if you need to focus on an object that is much further away then you will require a more powerful lens such as 8mm, 12mm, or even a 50mm or 100mm lens for a good close-up video of objects that are over 100ft or even 200ft away. Many of these cameras offer a varifocal lens that you can adjust to achieve the perfect angle. Better yet, many of the varifocal cameras have a motorized lens so you can simply adjust the angle directly from your recorder or remote device.

Compromising for an Optimal Image

There is always going to be a compromise between the width of the angle and the distance you can see. The perfect solution may sometimes be a combination of wide-angle and varifocal cameras. You can place each at different points on your property to create a comprehensive CCTV security camera system. You can buy security cameras separately, or as part of a complete CCTV security system bundle.

Wireless Camera Systems

Wireless IP camera systems have also become popular with the release of the many consumer WiFi gadgets available today. These cameras are often limited in terms of selection, clarity, reliability, and function. It is important to understand that the term wireless mainly applies to video transmission. Many of these consumer devices are battery-powered. We do not offer battery-powered cameras because they need to be recharged, making them less reliable. If you operate a business, it’s much better to buy a professional CCTV security system.

Powering Wireless Cameras

Some wireless cameras require separate power although it may be somewhat uncommon for a power outlet to be located in the same location where the camera will be mounted. Another consideration is that wireless cameras can be subject to interference or loss of WiFi signal. We recommend hardwired cameras for applications with further distances or structures that may prohibit an adequate WiFi signal.

Motion-detection Recording

Many customers who buy our CCTV security system cameras set them to record only when motion is detected to save hard drive space. You can even get fever detection with the right tools. For example, a 4-camera HD recorder with a 1TB hard drive can record continuous video at 4mp for up to 7 days. If the same recorder is set only to record on motion or on a schedule, the storage time will increase very significantly. Some lesser expensive recorders only have space for a single hard drive. Many of the units we carry have multiple hard drive bays to accommodate more video storage if and when required.

Storing Video Footage

Another consideration when designing a video monitoring solution is storage. Most customers want to store their captured video footage for 7-10 days. All of our video recorders have internal hard drives inside the units where the CCTV security video is stored. We only use surveillance-grade hard drives for the best durability. The higher-resolution cameras will require more storage simply because they consume more data. This is why we offer customers the ability to increase the size of their hard drives to meet their exact storage needs.

If you came to learn how to get the best CCTV surveillance cameras, how to install your wired security cameras, or how to power an outdoor security camera system, we hope this is the info to get started.

Order With CCTV Security Pros

Surevision CCTV security camera systems are in use at 70,000+ locations across the United States. They’re plug & play simple to install, provide free remote viewing with no fees or subscription, and backed by the best USA-based CCTV team in the nation.

Everything is in stock and available for fast shipping. We offer free shipping on all orders over $100. All of our products include a full 3-year warranty and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. At CCTV Security Pros, we sell more than just CCTV security systems, we provide Complete security camera solutions.

Amazing 24/7 Support

We can help you through every step of your CCTV security project, from 2-camera starter systems to extensive installations with 64+ cameras. Get the expert insight and support you need to choose the best cameras and get them up and running on your property.

Are you looking to buy security cameras? Order online or call our sales representatives at 888-653-2288, and take your security to the next level with CCTV Security Pros.

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Specialized video recorders and cameras EverFocus for transport security

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Konstantin Avetisov

Digital systems specialist Vidau Systems

Modern life
metropolis is unimaginable without
developed public infrastructure
transport – tens of millions of citizens
use this type of transportation daily
around the city and beyond. buses,
trolleybuses, trams, metro, electric trains,
long-distance trains, sea and
river transport and even air transport
are also an integral part
our daily life is like running water
and electricity in every home. But,
despite this routine and habit,
public transport is an area
increased danger. Increase
speeds and volumes of traffic,
unforeseen situations on the road,
moving parts and mechanisms that become more frequent
terrorist attacks – all these factors
demand attention from passengers, and from
drivers – timely and correct
response to emergency situations.
Therefore, in modern conditions, acute
there is a need for monitoring
environment and environment in
in general.

To solve similar
tasks for engineers and developers
EverFocus has created the latest, professional
video surveillance and monitoring system
in real time based on a fully functional
four-channel video recorder

executed in small-sized, metal,
impact-resistant housing
mechanical influences. Form Factor
1-DIN provided
for easy installation in the driver’s cab
and able to tolerate short-term
overload up to 8 G for 11mS at
repeat 20 times per second and vibration resistance
from 5 to 50 Hz.

Recording from
camcorders carried out in compression
H.264 with total
recording speed of 50 frames per second
resolution 704×576. Provided “hot
replacement” hard disk drive (HDD)
for remote work with the archive on the PC.
A lot of attention is paid to the execution
special video cameras for application
in transport.
shockproof and
sealed housing, IR illumination and
varifocal lens feature
carefully balanced technical
solution implemented in the new EMW-300T and EMD-300 cameras.
Medium video cameras are also applicable.
resolutions with IR illumination EBD-330 and ECZ-330.



  1. Providing control over the situation
    in the passenger compartment.
  2. Monitoring of the situation in the parking lot and in
  3. Entry
    video data from 1-4 cameras for
    subsequent analysis.

required equipment:

  1. Anti-vandal color video camera EMW-300T: 4 pcs.
  2. DVR EMV-400: 1
  3. EN-200 TFT Monitor:

    1 PC.

  4. Device
    transferring a recording to a PC EPR-110:
    1 PC.

To ensure
view in the cabin are installed 2
video cameras, exact location
which are determined individually
depending on size and features
passenger cabin. For external
view one camera is installed
ahead – in the direction of travel, and the other –
right, passenger side

installed in the driver’s cab
provided by the manufacturers
car stereo niche
1-DIN or 2-DIN, or in
any suitable place for this, providing
power supply and cables from the cameras.
The recorder has the function of turning on
by timer, which is important for the application
in the climatic conditions of Russia,
thus ensuring timely
and required temperature for
normal functioning of any
electromechanical device, including
the number of hard disks on which
video recording. EMV-400
equipped with the ability to connect a GPS receiver with data insertion function
positioning telemetry to the selected
video channel.

For visual
control is used small-sized
color TFT monitor EN200 with diagonal
5.6′ mounted in a convenient for the driver
a place that does not interfere with the observation of the road
and side mirrors. Monitor
meets all technical requirements,
required for TFT monitors and is equipped with a standard threaded
fastener connection.

Using the EMV-400
as a flight recorder

In addition to the standard
using DVR as the basis for video surveillance
for the environment and records,
another unique application is possible,
namely, as a flight recorder
or, as it is often called, “black

Installation of video cameras
in such use depends on
individual tasks to be solved. If
visual control of the cargo is necessary, then the camera (cameras) is installed in
cargo hold if control is required
for on-board instruments, their readings
as well as the actions of the driver, personnel,
crew, then in the cockpit or other suitable
for this place. The external GPS receiver is installed with the maximum
offset to open and non-shielded
surfaces for confident reception
satellite signals. GPS position indications, movement speed and
the current time is generated in
video image as text
lines along with the watermark and does
this entry is completely protected from
unauthorized editing.

using EMV-400,
in addition to the continuous recording of two
video channels in real time, then
there are 25 fps per channel with a resolution of D1 (704X576),
6 alarm inputs can be used,
operating in various switching modes.
Switching to signal inputs will require
additional onboard wiring with
required on-board sensors. All
information is stored in a log
events, with a capacity of 100,000 events
regardless of the amount of media (500Gb) with temporary and
address index about the event. Two
built-in alarm outputs work
on the same principles as the inputs.

Media change
information (HDD SATA 2.5’) without
turning off the recorder “hot
replacement” (Hotswap function) makes the process
collection of information for its further
viewing and analysis on PC exclusively
simple and technically easy.

In addition to this
“mechanical” way of viewing
archive from the HDD exists and the possibility of direct
monitoring, administration and
archiving through the built-in network web browser using Wi-Fi (only for EMV-400 equipped with
the Wireless module and
compact whip antennas). Should,
however, be aware of the limitations of such
radius-related uses
wifi Actions,
as well as legal and legal regulations
on the territory of the Russian Federation.

above ways to apply mobile
EverFocus DVRs are by no means the only ones available.
EverFocus introduced a whole range of
video recorders designed
to solve the problems of video surveillance on
transport – EMV-200, EMV-400, EMV-800
and EMV-1200. ATMs,
express payment machines, any kind
transport and even aviation can be
successfully equipped with such systems
video surveillance rather compact size
and implemented the latest technologies
make this system relevant to
next few years.

Published: Website Secuteck.Ru-2010
Visits: 12250


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Konstantin AvetisovVidau Systems Digital Systems Specialist

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What to do if the IP camera is not seen by the DVR

Often, users encounter difficulties when connecting IP cameras to the DVR – this is due to the peculiarities and differences in the configuration of the device protocols.
Users who buy equipment on Chinese sites most often find themselves in a situation where the components of the surveillance system do not fit together.

There are problems when connecting IP cameras from manufacturers. In order to try to connect an IP camera, it is necessary to carry out the following methods listed below, and often it is possible to connect an IP camera to the DVR. But there are exceptions – when it will be impossible to connect this camera to this particular NVR model.

To connect to a DVR or NVR, it is important to know the IP address of the device of the connected camera; additional data will be required to enter the device: login and password, which can be viewed in the instructions that come with the surveillance camera. If the password is not known, then in this case it remains to try to guess passwords from those used by manufacturers, in this way it is not difficult to guess the default password and login set by manufacturers of IP surveillance cameras.

You also need to know the ONVIF protocol ports, usually 80.
To implement a connection via RTSP port 554 (there are exceptions), you also need to know the correct form of the URL of the link, which also indicates the username and password, the stream stream for the main and second stream by permission.

To connect an IP camera using the ONVIF protocol, it is important that the DVR and the IP camera are on the same subnet – for example, the IP address of the DVR is 192.168.[ 1 ] .103 ; The IP address of the camera is 192.168.[ 1 ] .23

If you try to connect the camera on different subnets, the connection to the DVR will fail, for example, the IP address of the camera in another subnet will be 192.168. 2 .23
You also need to pay attention that there is a certain range below which the DVR will not be able to connect to the camera, for example, 192. 168. 224 .103 and above this value.

Enable auto search for the IP address of the camera on the DVR – this mode is now available on all modern DVR NVRs, if the camera is detected, then in this case the probability that the IP camera will be connected to the DVR increases. When an IP address is found, add the found camera to the device list to the desired channel. After that, you need to try to pick up passwords – if the login passwords are not known, or enter the login password login values; port 80 and try to connect to the camera.

If you failed to connect via ONVIF protocol, install an application to search for cameras that support ONVIF protocol ONVIF Device Manager. Using this search program, collect all the received data and try again to connect the IP camera to the DVR. ONVIF Device Manager will also show the URL of the IP camera link, which you may also need in the future if you have to make a connection via the RTSP protocol.

In cases where the camera does not support ONVIF, you must use other programs to find devices on the network. Our technical advice is this free network scanning app

Download and install the Avigilon Camera Installation Tool – despite its name, this software perfectly searches the network for IP cameras of any manufacturer.

RTSP and camera connection method via RTSP protocol.

If you cannot connect the camera to the NVR, there is this method. In some DVR NVR models, it is possible to connect IP cameras via the RTSP STREAM protocol. To do this, open the RTSP settings on your DVR and enter the RTSP broadcast URL details. The correct form of the URL link specifically for the camera used can be viewed in the instructions or contact the developer. If there is no data for entering the RTSP URL, then you can select the data type of the link, which consists of the following values.

But there are differences, so the type of link can be of a different type, for example
rtsp://admin:123456@192. 168.1.23:554/profile0

rtsp:// for main video stream
rtsp:// for the substream.

URL link type is decoded as follows:
1. Protocol type rtsp://
2. Login and login password: admin:123456
3. Camera IP address: @
4 Port: 554
5. Stream /stream1

Viewing the RTSP URL image is also possible through the free VLC player and other applications that support RTSP video streaming. link

When choosing a camera today, the user must understand that in addition to matching the camera with the DVR, it is necessary to understand that at this time obsolete components and devices of video surveillance systems are being replaced, including this primarily concerns the surveillance cameras themselves. Today, the latest breakthrough photosensitive platform CMOS BSI and already CMOS BSI-2 of repentance are being introduced. Users who are not familiar with BSI technologies are doomed to buy outdated cameras with image sensors that are blind by today’s standards.