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PC Computer Sales, Installation Setup, Computer Repair – Desktop Computer Support for Tyler, Longview, Lufkin, Nacogdoches, TX

NacSpace assesses your needs and helps you find the right hardware and software to maximize your productivity and uptime within your budget.

  • We configure your desktop or laptop PC and ensure it’s running correctly.
  • We offer 24/7/365 HelpDesk support, both on-site and remotely, for most PCs.
  • We provide long-term planning and support including upgrades.

NacSpace offers free technology consulting services on PC computer repair and setup as well as sells computers and related accessories to our customers. Our certified IT support technicians and sales team will listen to your business goals and find the right hardware and software to maximize your productivity and uptime within your budget. Then we’ll complete your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop PC setup and any future PC repair work you may need.

Do I Configure the PCs and Move the Data Myself?

NacSpace is there for you through the whole process. We can install your hardware and software after setting up your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop; migrate your information and settings to your new system; ensure that your data is secure and backed up; provide phone, computer monitor, and printer setup; and establish your network so your employees can communicate with each other securely and easily. We also wipe your sensitive information from your old devices and recycle them if needed.

If your business is on the move, NacSpace can help you relocate your IT infrastructure. We work with you to plan your workstations and how they’ll need to be wired for each employee’s needs. While we’re packing your hardware, we identify where each piece is located in your current building and note where it will need to be placed in your future building. We then ship your hardware, unpack it, install it, and follow up with you to make sure it’s working properly.

What If I Need 24/7 IT Management? What Services Are Included?

NacSpace offers around-the-clock tech support – from data backup to cloud and firewall services – 365 days a year.

We proactively manage your desktops and laptops to ensure they run smoothly and your OSs and apps are up to date. For example, just because you install antivirus software does not mean it’s performing the way it should. NacSpace makes sure that antivirus definitions have been updated and that your Windows or other OS has the latest patches on it.

Third-party applications that aren’t updated by Microsoft such as Adobe apps and Google Chrome present a special risk. We work with you to develop a regular process for checking these apps, so your employees can focus on work instead of updating their software.

Then we follow up to make sure you aren’t experiencing any side effects. Perhaps a Microsoft patch sent to the latest version of Windows has a bug that shuts down your printers the next day. NacSpace knows which patches were applied, so we can roll those back and get your printers working quickly. Then we can reinstall the patch when Microsoft addresses the problem.

Along with repairs, NacSpace offers desktop and laptop upgrades. We can add memory, convert your standard hard drive to a solid-state drive (SSD), expand your networking capacity, and even supply you with display adapters when you’re ready to move to a bigger monitor.

Our highly skilled technicians have delivered decades of IT support and services to the nearly 200 Elliott Electric Supply stores across nine states. We’re now offering our expertise in PC laptop and desktop computer repair, sales, and setup to East Texas businesses like yours so you can focus on providing uninterrupted, high-quality service to your customers.

Where Can I Find IT Services Near Me?

Businesses in Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Tyler, Longview, Carthage, Center, Crockett, Diboll, Henderson, Jacksonville, Jasper, Kilgore, Palestine, TX, and all the rest of East Texas count on NacSpace’s IT solutions to meet their needs.

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