Cracked ipad screens: How to Fix a Broken iPad Screen

How to Fix a Broken iPad Screen

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No matter how much care we take of our precious smart devices, accidents still happen. As unintentional as these accidents are, more often than not, they lead to a cracked screen — and that can really ruin your day. What can you do to fix your iPad if this happens to you?


  • Working out which iPad components are broken
  • Call on Apple
  • Third-party repairs
  • Do it yourself
  • Prepare your iPad

Whether you choose to go through the manufacturer, a third-party repair center, or you make the repairs yourself, we’ll walk you through your different options if you break your iPad’s screen.

Working out which iPad components are broken

Apple’s iPad displays are built differently in different generations. Older iPads and iPad Minis feature a glass and digitizer (responsible for the touch sensitivity) assembly and a separate LCD display underneath. The newer generations of iPad and iPad Pro feature a fused glass, digitizer, and LCD or OLED display much like the newer iPhones.

If the glass on your screen is shattered but you can still the image clearly, then it’s likely only your glass/digi assembly is broken and your LCD is intact. If this is the case and you own one of the older generations of iPad, then you’re in luck, because the top glass/digi layer can be replaced without disturbing the LCD panel beneath. If you own one of the newer generations of iPad, then you’ll to replace the entire fused assembly, regardless of which screen components are broken. This, obviously, makes repairing the newer versions much more costly.

Here are some options for fixing damage to your iPad screen.

Call on Apple

The first thing to do when you’re faced with a cracked or broken iPad screen is to find out what Apple can do and how much it will cost for the iPad maker to fix its product. Even if your iPad is still under the original one-year limited warranty, accidental damage from your cat nudging it off the kitchen table onto your stone floor at precisely the wrong angle is not covered. Apple — which markets some of the most expensive devices on the planet — also charges an arm and a leg to fix them.

Just how expensive the repairs will be depends on the model of the iPad in question — unless you were prescient enough to purchase an extended two year AppleCare Plus warranty for $99, which covers accidental iPad screen damage among many other things.

Here are Apple’s cost breakdowns for repairing a broken iPad screen with or without an extended warranty.

iPad Pro Repairs

iPad Pro AppleCare+ service fee Out-of-warranty service fee
iPad Pro 12. 9-inch (4th generation) $49 $649
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) $49 $649
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation) $49 $599
iPad Pro 12.9-inch $49 $599
iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation) $49 $499
iPad Pro 11-inch $49 $499
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) $49 $449
iPad Pro 9.7-inch $49 $379

iPad mini Repairs

iPad mini AppleCare+ service fee Out-of-warranty service fee
iPad mini 5 $49 $299
iPad mini 4 $49 $299
iPad mini 3 $49 $299
iPad mini 2 $49 $199
iPad mini $49 $199

iPad Air Repairs

iPad Air AppleCare+ service fee Out-of-warranty service fee
iPad Air 3 $49 $379
iPad Air 2 $49 $299
iPad Air $49 $249

iPad Repairs

iPad AppleCare+ service fee Out-of-warranty service fee
iPad 7th generation $49 $249
iPad 6th generation $49 $249
iPad 5th generation $49 $249
iPad 4th generation $49 $299
iPad 3rd generation $49 $299
iPad 2 $49 $249

As you can see, the cost of a screen repair is reasonable under Apple Care+ but quite costly without. If you decide to go with Apple, you can order a temporary replacement iPad with Apple’s Express Replacement Service, even before you turn over your cracked device to Apple.

When you send your damaged tablet to Apple to fix, it can take the company three to five business days to send you a temporary replacement. If you have to mail it to Apple, then add a $6.95 shipping fee — or you can tote it to the nearest Apple Store and drop it off for free. You will also be responsible for any applicable taxes.

If you want Apple to fix your broken tablet, you can start a repair request directly from the Apple website. Apple notes that, “If the issue with your iPad was caused by severe damage from an accident or from abuse, you might have to pay the full replacement value.” Despite all that, having Apple fix your broken iPad screen, or replace it, is probably the best option if you can afford it because your fixed iPad is guaranteed to be be brought back to a state close to new.  

While Apple’s automatic one-year limited warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage, some tiny cracks on the screen could be judged as flaws or defects in some cases. It can’t hurt to pop over to a local Apple store to find out if that’s covered. While, ideally, your iPad should be in perfect condition, if the cracks are small enough, you may not have to do anything about them. If Apple won’t cover them under warranty, you could just continue to use your device rather than shell out for an expensive screen repair. In the meantime, you could invest in a protective case or screen protector to prevent further damage.

Third-party repairs

Having a non-Apple employee lay a paw on your cracked screen automatically voids your warranty. However, if your iPad is past warranty already, there are other possibly less expensive options to consider from third-party vendors, many of which are quite reputable. Also consider the nationwide network of Apple Authorized Service Providers, which may be able to give you a price break for an iPad screen fix. But they’re often not cheap either.

When scouting around for a third-party repair company — whether Apple authorized or independent — make sure you have all the information you need before turning over your device, such as cost, time schedule, warranty, and the source of replacement parts. Always check local reviews to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable outfit.

Do it yourself

This option is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re the adventurous type, mechanically inclined, or simply short on cash, some do-it-yourself kits for screen repair are available from iFixIt or on Amazon, and have earned some good reviews from users. Be sure you’re up to the challenge before you start taking your tablet apart. Here are a couple of pointers:

  • If you buy an off-the-shelf screen repair kit, make sure it is designed for the device you are repairing. One size does not fit all and not all devices have repair kits available.
  • Determine whether you cracked the top layer of glass or whether you damaged the touch mechanism or LCD as well. Those are separate categories of damage.
  • Protect your eyes by wearing safety goggles as you work.

Let’s take a look at a few example DIY kits.


As one of the premier vendors for Apple repair, iFixit offers specific repair kits for 16 categories of iPads, which you can identify by model number. The site features a vast variety of teardown and repair videos, replacement kits, tools, and customer support Q&A. For example, the iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415 Front Panel Replacement, consisting of an iPad Wi-Fi front panel assembly replacement, has a rating of Difficult: It involves 40 steps, takes 1-2 hours, and costs $40. iFixit outlines each step in vast detail, and users can comment and offer advice at each step. Keep in mind that you may accidentally cause damage during the repair that will cost more to fix than having gone to a professional in the first place.


You’ll find lots of kits at Amazon and the prices are low, but the quality of the parts and instructions can vary greatly, so do your homework and check the reviews carefully. Here are a couple of examples:

Touch Screen Digitizer for 2017 iPad 9.7 ($25)

This complete replacement kit for cracked, unresponsive, and non-functioning screens is a perfect match for the 2017 iPad 9. 7 inch (model numbers A1822 & A1823). The package includes one touchscreen with a digitizer, tool kit, and instructions. Along with the necessary tools, this option also comes with a clickable home button. One caveat: The replacement button does not support Touch ID. If you want to retain Touch ID functions, you should use the original home button (provided it still works). When it comes down to a choice between a lack of Touch ID versus a completely shattered screen, we know which option we’ll take.

Prokit for New Black iPad 2 Digitizer Touch Screen Front Glass Assembly ($15)

A solution that is custom for the iPad 2, this screen replacement kit comes with a plastic iPad 2 bezel frame and tools. The digitizer includes adhesive and a home button assembly, so you have everything you need to swap out your iPad 2’s broken screen.

Prepare your iPad

Regardless of where you go for repairs — or if you decide to do the job yourself — be sure to back up your iPad before cracking it open. Luckily, much of your data exists in the Cloud anyway. But preserving everything on your iPad requires a bit of planning. You may also consider a factory reset on your iPad before handing it over to a third party. 

Furthermore, you have the option to reset your iPad to protect your privacy. Before you do this, please know that doing so will immediately remove all of your data. This is why backing up your data is so crucial.  In addition, you should know that all Apple replacement devices will also be cleared. If you want to reset your iPad, it’s a relatively quick and straightforward process to carry over your backup data to your other device while you’re waiting on a repair. If you’re someone who has opted for a total replacement, it will be easy to use your backup to begin again. 

You might ask if a repair merits the amount of time and effort involved. It’s essential to consider the price and difficulties of a DIY repair and potential data security concerns when a technician is working on it. Well, if it were apparent whether a repair was deserving of the investment, we wouldn’t have written an enormous blog post wholly dedicated to answering this particular question. 

For those of you who currently have AppleCare and a warranty that’s still kicking, or if your device has only minor damages, we think the most beneficial thing you can do is leave the repair to the pros. If you don’t happen to have AppleCare, you’ll most likely end up with some costly repair expenses. At that point, you’d need to take some time to sit down and compare the price of a replacement with the price of a repair. The good news is, if your screen is broken or cracked, you can use that as justification to purchase the latest iPad.

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Is taking a cracked iPad (screen) to Apple Repair worth it? – ZUGU

You’ve done the unthinkable— dropped your iPad 10. 2 on the concrete floor without even an iPad 10.2 case to protect it—- and now you’ve got a hairline crack  straight across the front of your device. Or maybe you watched horrified as your iPad Pro slipped out of your bookbag at the top of the staircase in Flinn hall, and bumped along all 67 steps down, to come out at the bottom rather the worse for wear. Either way, the question is the same. Is taking a cracked iPad to Apple Repair worth it? 

The Price tag for Your Cracked Screen Repair

If the crack is purely cosmetic, and you don’t have your device insured with AppleCare coverage, the answer is usually no. Replacing the screen on a iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) will set you back $649, and if you’ve got an 11 inch iPad Pro, the price will be hardly cheaper ($499). A 10.2 inch iPad can have the screen replaced for just $249, but that’s still a big chunk of change; way more than the cost of an iPad case 10.2.

If you signed up for AppleCare when you bought your iPad, you’ll be able to get your screen replaced for just $49— a very reasonable proposition.   Buying the AppleCare coverage originally will have cost you $99, so if you’re likely to crack your screen you can think of it as having paid part of the repair cost ahead of time. The coverage lasts two years, and after that you’re on your own. 

Alternatives to Apple Screen Repair

Have you got a cracked screen on your iPad Pro, but no AppleCare coverage and no $649 spare change to repair it? Or maybe the screen on your iPad 10.2 just cracked, and you don’t really want to shell out all of $249. 

If it’s just a cracked screen and the digitizer and touch screen work fine, you can just keep on using your iPad. Visually, your device is no longer perfect, but a cracked screen doesn’t necessarily effect function. 

You can also bring your device into a third party repair place. These are often much cheaper than Apple Repair when it comes to fixing screens, and some of them provide high quality work. If you do your research, you can probably even find a repair shop that uses OEM (Apple) replacement pieces.

The key here is to do your research, because while there are great third party repairmen out there, there are also shams who don’t really know what they’re doing and might ruin your device. If the repair results in an iPad that doesn’t even turn on, what are you going to do? Bringing your iPad in to a third party repair service voids any warranty you might have, so you want to be careful here. 

Another option you’ve got is to do a DIY repair. You can buy yourself a screen repair kit for under $50, and you’ll get the replacement parts, all tools needed, and detailed instructions that walk you through the whole process step by step. If you’re the sort who loves to tinker with electronics and built your own computer when you were in 7th grade, this might be a great new project for you. If you’re not so handy, be aware that the process is fairly involved. There’s no way to just take off your broken screen and put on the new one: you’ll have to tear down your iPad, layer by layer, and then put it back the same way it was. If you do it wrong, your iPad may never work again.                             

Avoiding a Cracked Screen

When it comes down to it, there’s no great option for dealing with a cracked screen. You’ll have to weigh the different possibilities and decide what makes most sense for your personal situation.

Knowing how costly a screen repair tends to be makes one thing come out in sharp relief—- the importance of keeping that screen intact in the first place. Sure, accidents happen, and a cracked screen isn’t necessarily your fault. But there are things you can do to make it that much less likely. 

Like buying a screen protector and a drop tested case, and keeping it on at all times. A naked iPad feels extra sleek and elegant, but it’s also extra vulnerable to damage. A classy protective case like the Zugucase can help keep your screen intact and your device looking pristine and brand new for long after the honeymoon is over 

Protective cases come in handy for other reasons, too. They function as stands, so that you can keep your iPad at your ideal viewing angle when watching movies or lectures on your device. The Zugu Case has strong enough magnets you can even stick it up on the refrigerator— great for when you’re following the tutorial of a new recipe in the kitchen. 

But when it comes down to it, avoiding that $649 bill is the biggest reason most of us will have for putting a case on our iPads. That’s why it’s important to do your research and go with a case that can guarantee full protection for your iPad. Like the Zugu Case. The gold standard in drop protection is Military Drop Test Standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6), and to pass certification for this an iPad with its case has to be dropped a total of 26 times, 48 inches each time onto steel backed by concrete. iPads protected by Zugu Cases come out of this test with no damage whatsoever, to the screen or any other part of the device body.

So don’t test your luck. Bringing an iPad to Apple for repairs is an experience you’re better off without, so get your iPad a sturdy case and keep it protected— starting today.

Shop iPad Cases

What to do if the iPad screen is broken? The cost of replacement work

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If your iPad has a cracked screen, then, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to save it. It is possible that the device will continue to work properly, but the crack will not decrease from this. It still creates interference, spoils the appearance of the device and simply interferes with normal operation. What if there are a lot of cracks? Then the work on the tablet turns into a real punishment, and it is hardly possible at all.

Repair cost including spare parts:

90 062

Service name iPad Air iPad mini Retina iPad mini iPad 3/4 iPad 2
Delivery of the device to the service – free of charge
Diagnosis – free of charge 9 0056

Touch screen replacement 4000 3500 3500 3000 3000
Replacement display assembly (glass + display)

LCD replacement 800

9 0053 from 2000

900 53 3000

900 53 1000

Battery replacement 5500 5500 4500 4000 5500
Power button repair 3000 3000 2200 2100 2100
SIM tray 500 500 450 390 450
System board repair from 2000 from 2000 from 2000 from 2000
Rear cover replacement 00 4500
Front camera replacement 2500
Rear camera replacement 0053 2500
HOME Button Repair 3000 3000 2100 2100 2100
Headphone plug replacement 3000 2200 2100 2100
Speaker replacement 4500 9005 6

3500 3500 3000 2900
Power/Sync Connector Replacement 3000 3000 2200 2100 2100
Wi-Fi module replacement 053 2900
Restoration of the device after unskilled repairs from 2500 from 2500
Repair after moisture ingress from 1500 from 1000 from 2000 from 20 00 from 2000
Flashing, software recovery 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Restoring data from the machine 5000
Software installation (excluding software cost)
Install jailbreak 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
System software installation from 1000 1000 1000 1000

See all prices 9 0032

The “treatment” for an iPad with a cracked screen is quite obvious – you need to replace the glass. Our service center performs a similar task, while we repair iPads of all models, including Mini or Air.

It is important to carry out repairs in a workshop, and not at home, because with a high degree of probability you will not be able to do all the manipulations with removing the screen, cleaning the case and filling from glass residues and installing a new display. It is worth remembering that the slightest mistake can result in expensive repairs that were not included in your plans. Why take the risk then? It is much easier to immediately contact a specialist and replace the glass on the iPad for much less money.

Call us now and get a discount:

  • St. Petersburg 8 (812) 660-99-50

What to do with a cracked iPad screen?

Believe it or not, an iPad can still work with a cracked screen. This may even work if the display is broken, although it may actually be difficult to read the text on the screen.

Unfortunately, however, replacing this screen is not cheap. Apple has a set fee depending on the iPad model, and while iPhone screen replacement isn’t all that bad, it’s one area where that large display is a downside.

The cheapest iPad screen repair is $199 for an iPad Mini or iPad Mini 2 and prices are going up. An iPad, iPad 2, or iPad Air will cost $249. An iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Air 2 screen replacement costs $299. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro costs $379 for a screen replacement, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro costs $599.

You can find a better deal at a third party repair company, but if you replace your screen with an Apple one, it will still be covered by a 1 year warranty even if your iPad is out of warranty. This means that any problems with the sensors on the screen after a few months will not incur any additional repair costs. The same cannot be said for most third-party repair companies.

But you may not even want to fix the screen. Let’s look at the different options:

If you have AppleCare +

Would you like to take advantage of Apple’s extended warranty for your iPad? If so, you’re in luck. One of the best things about AppleCare+ is that it covers accidental damage, including a cracked screen, for a reasonable $49 fee. The screen replacement itself is covered by a one-year warranty, so if you replace it and Touch ID no longer works, the second replacement is free.

And when you consider that a screen replacement can cost hundreds (plural!) of dollars, the $49 service fee you pay is relatively cheap. You can make an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar at your nearest Apple store, or you can send your iPad to Apple to have it fixed.

If it’s a very small crack

Although Apple’s 1-year warranty does not cover accidental damage, some hairline cracks can be considered a display defect. So if your iPad is still under warranty, it’s a good idea to take it to your nearest Apple store to see if it’s covered. Remember, it must be a very small crack, so if your screen is broken, you’re out of luck.

Another option for small cracks is to do nothing at all. If it’s not covered by Apple, it may be better to keep using the device than pay for expensive screen repairs. If you choose this option, you can invest in a harder case that includes a plastic screen protector.

It is important to remember that a small crack can grow and eventually become a broken screen. However, screen replacement is a fixed fee. Replacing a screen with a small crack will cost the same as replacing a shattered screen, so if you think you can live with a crack, you won’t need anything to repair the screen if the crack grows.0003

If it’s more than a small crack

You still have options even if the crack is quite large or the screen is completely broken. In fact, some people still use their iPad even with a broken screen. You’ll definitely want to wrap your iPad in a case that includes a screen protector to protect your fingers from cuts like everything else, but as long as you can see what’s on the screen, you can limp with a broken screen.

This is an option mainly because screen repairs can be expensive. iPad Air 2 will cost 29$9 for a screen replacement and $399 for a brand new one. And you can buy a used iPad Mini or iPad 2—two of the most popular iPad models ever sold—for less than a screen replacement would cost.

You can also downgrade your iPad. This works really well if you have a 9.7-inch or 12.9-inch iPad and don’t mind upgrading to the smaller 7.9-inch iPad Mini models. The larger the screen, the more expensive the repair. After all, an iPad Air 2 repair costs more than a new iPad Mini 2.

You can also sell your iPad. Just because the screen is broken doesn’t mean it’s useless. In fact, if you check eBay’s sold listings for cracked screen iPads, you may find it’s better to sell your broken iPad and then use the money you make, combined with the screen repair cost, to buy a replacement. You might even be able to use your broken iPad money to buy a more powerful iPad for less than that screen replacement.

How to Fix Your Apple Screen

You can make an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar by visiting the Apple Genius Bar webpage and clicking the Get Help Now button.