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    Enterprise level all-in-one A4 colour laser printer with intelligent automation and premium paper handling capabilities.

    • Print up to 40ppm (pages per minute)
    • 2-sided print, up to 40 sides per minute
    • 2-sided scan up to 100ipm (images per minute) Colour and Mono
    • 520 Sheet paper input tray expandable to 2,600
    • 100 sheets Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
    • 12,000 pages (BK), 9,000 pages (CMY) inbox toners*
    • Large 17.6cm touch screen
    • Integrated NFC reader
    • Cloud Secure Print
    • Product Upgrades Secure Print Plus, Barcode Print Plus
    • Dedicated user shortcuts on home screen
    • Fully compatible with 3rd party print management and document management solutions including Kofax, YSoft and more

    View specification



    Professional level all-in-one A4 colour laser printer. Easily customise and automate complex workflows.

    • Print up to 40ppm (pages per minute)
    • 2-sided print, up to 28 sides per minute
    • 2-sided scan up to 100ipm (images per minute) Colour and Mono
    • 520 Sheet paper input tray expandable to 2,600
    • 100 sheets Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
    • 9,000 pages (BK), 6,500 pages (CMY) inbox toners*
    • Large 17. 6cm touchscreen
    • Integrated NFC reader
    • Cloud Secure Print
    • Fully compatible with 3rd party print management and document management solutions including Kofax, YSoft and more

    View specification



    Brother laser printer. Create premium-quality vivid documents with ease.

    • Print up to 40ppm (pages per minute)
    • 2-sided print, up to 40 sides per minute
    • 8.76cm Colour Touchscreen LCD
    • Cloud Secure Print
    • 1GB Internal memory
    • Expanded external storage memory
    • 520 Sheet paper input tray expandable to 2600
    • 12,000 pages (BK), 9,000 pages (CMY) inbox toners*
    • Integrated NFC reader
    • Product Upgrades Secure Print Plus, Barcode Print Plus
    • Optional Mailbox and Staple Finisher
    • Fully compatible with 3rd party print management and document management solutions including Kofax, YSoft and more

    View specification



    Brother laser printer of high-quality, cost effective enterprise level colour printing for your business.

    • Print up to 40ppm (pages per minute)
    • 2-sided print, up to 28 sides per minute
    • 8.76cm Colour Touchscreen LCD
    • Cloud Secure Print
    • 1GB Internal memory
    • 520 Sheet paper input tray expandable to 2600
    • 9,000 pages (BK), 6,500 pages (CMY) inbox toners*
    • Integrated NFC reader
    • Optional Mailbox and Staple Finisher
    • Fully compatible with 3rd party print management and document management solutions including Kofax, YSoft and more

    View specification



    Quiet and efficient, network printing for your busy home and small office

    Brother HL-L3270CDW, wireless, colour LED printer. 

    •  Quick print speeds of up to 24 pages per minute
    • Automatically prints 2-sided
    • Large paper tray for 250 Sheets of paper
    • Print securely from your local network
    • Includes 700 page inbox toner
    • Compatible with TN-243 and TN-247 toners

    View specification



    Quick and quiet printing for your home and small office

    Brother HL-L3210CW, wireless, colour LED printer.  

    • Quick print speeds of up to 18 pages per minute
    • Large paper capacity of 250 sheets
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Print straight from your mobile or tablet
    • Up to 1,000 pages inbox toner

    View specification

  • What Toner Colors are Typically Used in a Laser Printer?

    What Toner Colors are Typically Used in a Laser Printer?

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    What toner colors are typically used in a laser printer?

    Laser printers use either black-only toner or black and color toners. Unlike some inkjet printer cartridges, each color for laser printers is sold in a separate cartridge. The standard colors for a laser printer are cyan, magenta, and yellow. When combined, these three colors can create almost every possible color on the spectrum.

    There are two primary kinds of color laser printers: four-pass and one-pass printers.

    Four-pass printers use the four cartridges that are mounted to a carousel by applying each color is one at a time and very slowly.

    One-pass printer systems use four separate lasers and four photo conductor drums so all of the colors can be applied at once, making it a much faster process.

    The cost of a single toner cartridge is much higher than that of a single ink cartridge, but for good reason. The print yield of a toner cartridge is typically much higher than an ink cartridge. This generally makes purchasing toner cheaper than purchasing ink.

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    9 Hewlett-Packard color laser and inkjet printers / Peripherals

    Hewlett-Packard recently held a meeting with journalists in Moscow, where
    were presented all the latest developments of the company in the field of inkjet
    and laser printing. The presentation was by no means limited to a story about new printers,
    because representatives of Hewlett-Packard introduced a number of completely new technologies,
    designed to change the print quality. With them, our story today will begin.

    First of all, let’s talk about HP toner with the new ColorSphere brand,
    designed to provide professional grade color laser printing.
    next generation HP LaserJet printers. HP ColorSphere Toner, first introduced
    the other day, specially designed for color laser printing and, according to representatives
    company, provides 40% higher gloss levels and 22% richer
    color range.

    What is the secret behind the effectiveness of the new toner? As noted
    during the presentation, HP ColorSphere is a chemically synthesized
    advanced toner
    formulation for high-precision printing in HP Color LaserJet systems, with special additives and improved photovoltaic characteristics.
    In other words, not only the composition of the toner has changed, but also the technology of its production.

    ColorSphere toner was developed with a focus on consistency
    particle shape and size, resulting in consistent and predictable performance. The new toner, according to HP representatives, has several improved

    • HP ColorSphere Toner delivers 40% more gloss
      by improving the speed and accuracy of fusing the toner onto the paper.
    • Extension
      color gamut by 22% allows you to increase the realism of images
      and achieve photo-quality printing of business documents by increasing
      accurate toner application thanks to a new chemical synthesis process,
      guaranteeing the ideal shape of the particles.
    • New toner formulated with proprietary microscopic additives to provide
      consistency in the size and shape of the toner particles, as well as print quality throughout
      throughout the life of the cartridge. HP ColorSphere toner formulation is optimized for
      each model of HP LaserJet printers and environmental conditions in which
      used cartridge. This allows for maximum color stability.
      in different climatic conditions.

    During the presentation, the following numbers and facts were mentioned:

    • New HP ColorSphere toner contains
      about 5 thousand particles of additives
    • One teaspoon contains 28 million particles of HP ColorSphere
    • Toner

    • Coloring pigment (dye) occupies

    Migration of toner additives to the surface, positive
    affects the wear resistance of the charging roller, and in general, the use of toner
    HP ColorSphere delivers higher gloss levels than options
    from competitors.

    In a word, since October 2005 in all cartridges of almost all new color
    Hewlett-Packard laser printers, namely HP Color LaserJet 3000/3600/3800/4700/4730mfp models,
    will apply
    exclusively new
    . I hope that the effectiveness of the application of the new toner
    ColorSphere we will be able to test in our laboratory in the very near future

    Another Hewlett-Packard innovation this season is a new “fixing” technology
    colors on paper jointly presented by HP and International Paper.
    Technology ColorLok improves print clarity and speeds up
    drying ink on paper at no additional cost to buyers.

    The development of the new technology was based on a detailed analysis of paper interaction
    and ink, it turned out that when the ink penetrates too deeply
    into the structure of the paper, black areas appear, perceived as gray.
    This phenomenon has stimulated the development of pigmented black inks, which are
    opaque and provide
    black color on paper in all situations.

    Technology ColorLok includes
    introduction to the composition of the paper two
    various additional additives (polymer and salt), holding and “locking”
    in the surface layers of paper dyes contained in the ink. As a result
    we get improved print quality, improved “optical density”
    – crisp, rich black text and richer colored text and graphics
    in addition, drying is accelerated, and as a result, users can quickly
    operate with documents that are less smeared, printed out much
    faster. An additional plus of the technology is improved water resistance.

    ColorLok technology is the result of collaborative research by HP scientists
    and International Paper. HP papers with ColorLok for everyday
    printing will be produced by International Paper under the existing
    license agreement with HP. HP papers with ColorLok for everyday
    printing is also suitable for laser printers, however, with inkjet printing, it has
    several additional

    • Paper dries three times faster for less smearing
    • Can print with deeper blacks (Depth
      increased by up to 40%), which improves brightness and contrast
    • Ability to print color documents faster
      with laser printer quality
    • 10% wider range of colors
    • Sheets of paper become whiter
      which has a positive effect on the contrast level

    In short, starting this November, HP Regular Office Paper and HP Universal Paper shipped in the US will be made with ColorLok technology; in other regions, HP everyday papers will be transitioning to the new technology
    during 2006. In the US, regular HP office paper will be sold
    starting at $3.99 (excluding VAT). Let’s wait for the new paper HP
    Advanced Paper with HP Color Locking Technology
    in our laboratory
    for comprehensive testing.

    On this, let me consider the introductory part finished, let’s go directly
    to novelties.

    New Hewlett-Packard color laser printers
    Printer Color Laser Jet 2600n, which was described in great detail. skipping
    presentation details by Irina Larionova, HP Development Manager, dedicated to
    describing the many advantages of color versus monochrome (I guess
    no one doubts this), I will go directly to the innovations
    in the Color Laser Jet 2600n model. First of all, this is an application in the most budgetary
    the company’s models of single-pass printing technology.

    According to information from company representatives, today all color laser
    new Hewlett-Packard models are single-pass models. In general, I can
    evaluate this move as quite effective, at least in terms of speed growth
    color printing, especially for inexpensive models. However, put an end to the 4-pass
    technologies are not assembled at Hewlett-Packard yet, it’s just that at the moment there is demand
    The market is seen in the company mainly in the plane of single-pass technology.

    Although the HP Color LaserJet 2600n is a color laser
    entry-level printer with a minimum price, even this model is equipped with
    built-in network card and made in an updated compact design. Rate:
    in the photo below (from left to right) – CLJ2500L, CLJ2500, HP Color LaserJet 2600n,

    On the slide below – a comparison of the main characteristics of the new HP Color LaserJet
    2600n with the company’s previous “budget” line, Color LaserJet printers

    Some reduction in monochrome print speed is more than compensated by others
    positive changes, namely, an increase in the speed of color printing, a decrease
    noise, compact
    sizes, plus, an LCD screen appeared to control and manage the printer, for example,
    when used in a corporate network at a distance from the PC.

    Hewlett-Packard is positioning a budget Color LaserJet printer
    2600n for three target groups: ultra-small business, small business and individual
    users, such as in a home office. That is, all consumers interested
    in color laser printing, but price sensitive.

    Color LaserJet Model
    2600n is qualitatively capable of providing color reproduction and what are its characteristics
    under real operating conditions, testing in our laboratory will show.
    There is a suspicion that this particular model will be the first of HP’s new products, which
    will appear on our test bench.

    Now let’s move on to other
    color laser novelties introduced by Hewlett-Packard to HP Color models
    Color LaserJet 3000, Color LaserJet 3600, Color LaserJet 3800.

    Overall, the HP Color LaserJet 3×00 series is characterized by high resolution
    printing thanks to ImageRet technology,
    improved design, small dimensions (for example, the Color LaserJet model
    3000 is slightly more than LJ 2400). Traditionally, all versions with index d have
    built-in duplex, all n and dn versions have more memory but minimal
    the amount of memory is 64 MB. All three new series will ship from November

    Model HP Color LaserJet 3000 provides standard black and white printing
    at speeds up to 29 ppm and up to 15 ppm in color, while black and white
    The printer has a high first page out speed. Page cost
    “mono” in b/w printing is equal to the cost per page LJ 2400 (cartridge
    A), while the HP Color LaserJet 3000 is designed to continue
    monochrome printing even after the toner cartridges have run out of color toner. Recommended
    retail price of the model with VAT – from $1286.

    Model HP Color LaserJet 3600 (MSRP starting at $770 with VAT)
    Provides high quality color printing
    using HP ImageRet technology
    3600 and new toner, as well as
    High gloss levels by supporting multiple types of glossy prints
    carriers. Features of the model – only one door for access to all consumables
    materials, compactness, 2-line display.

    HP Color LaserJet 3800 Model (MSRP starting at $1,032) also provides quality color printing through
    ColorSphere toner and HP ImageRet 3600 technology for up to 21 ppm monochrome printing
    and approximately 12 seconds is spent on the first page. This series has PCL support
    5, PostScript, EIO slot, equipped with a single door for access to all consumables.

    Finally, a new, most productive color laser novelty, a printer
    HP Color LaserJet 4700 . This powerful model in all its forms is designed to work in marketing and training workgroups, demanding sales departments that need high-performance A4 color.

    HP Color LaserJet 4700 Printer (recommended retailer)
    price incl. VAT from $2292) ensures high quality printing
    (HP ImageREt 3600 Technology), 30/30 ppm (Mono/Color),
    while the first page out speed is less than 10 s. Supports duplex printing, up to 6 input trays (up to 2,600 pages) with media weights up to 220 g/m².

    The HP Color LaserJet 4700 range provides improved printing
    on transparent media, as well as better gloss and wider gamut support through image enhancement and new toner. Another interesting feature of this series of printers is the support for HP color samples for RGB and CMYK, in other words, the ability to intelligently
    automatic color calibration. The calibration is designed in such a way that
    it was performed automatically at intervals to ensure maximum availability
    printer. Calibration is performed when the power is turned on, when replacing the cartridge,
    after printing every 1000 pages, counting from the time the cartridge was replaced, when
    changing environmental conditions, when replacing the electrostatic belt
    transfer when the yellow, magenta, or cyan cartridge is used up.

    Via Internet downloads directly into firmware
    providing color table printer can emulate color
    print for other HP Color LaserJet products, and create
    custom color tables
    to meet specific business requirements.

    The pinnacle of the color laser innovations featured in this presentation – the family
    HP Color LaserJet 4370mfp All-In-One Printer ,
    designed for printing, copying, scanning, faxing monochrome and color documents. The series delivers a monochrome cost per page on par with the LJ4345mfp, while costing a color page less than typical color copiers.

    The HP Color LaserJet 4370mfp series supports CAC (Color Blocking).
    copy, monochrome configuration drivers, usage control via
    WJA, Megatrack integration) is equipped with an intuitive control panel, built-in web server. The combination of features allows you to position this family for workgroups (5-15 users) in large enterprises, as well as small and medium enterprises
    business. Deliveries of the HP Color LaserJet 4370mfp lineup have already begun, the manufacturer’s recommended price is from 4,000 euros.

    Hewlett-Packard New Inkjet Printers

    Hewlett-Packard October New Inkjet Printers – Models Mainly
    focused on business applications. Yes, color
    HP Officejet Pro K550 printer is positioned by the company as “the fastest
    in the world”
    desktop color printer for
    black text
    and professional
    laser-quality color documents in half the time and 30% less than
    color laser printers.

    Officejet Pro K550 series supports HP Photoret color printing technology
    III, the print head contains
    2112 nozzles, while the model HP Officejet Pro K550dtwn provides
    printing in color
    up to 4800 x 1200 dpi optimized and input resolution
    1200 dpi, while models
    HP Officejet Pro K550 and HP Officejet Pro K550dtn
    with optimized
    resolution up to 4800 x 1200
    dpi and an input resolution of 1200 dpi. Declared series print speed – up to 5/5
    pages/min. (A4)
    at best quality and up to 37/33 ppm. in draft quality (mono/color

    The maximum capacity of the series input trays is 600 sheets,
    capacity of receiving trays – up to 150 sheets. Double-sided printing provided by the model
    K550dtwn automatically, and for models
    K550 / K550dtn duplex module sold separately. Printers equipped
    32 MB of memory and have a resource of up to 7500
    pages per month. Model
    The HP Officejet Pro K550dtn has a built-in Fast
    10/100Base-TX model
    K550dtwn – Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-TX port
    and wireless interface 802.11 b/g
    (wi-fi). Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 is standard throughout the series.
    minimum retail price for HP Officejet Pro K550 printers
    complete set including VAT – from $250.

    Model HP Officejet Pro K850 is a versatile large format printer
    for home users and small businesses interested in printing
    high-quality color documents, brochures, posters, and other color
    products on various
    media up to A3 format on their own.

    Company positions HP Officejet models
    Pro series K850 as a very economical solution with organization
    printer sharing for groups of up to five users. Series
    supports technology
    HP Photoret III printing,
    Colorsmart II, the print head is equipped with
    304 nozzles and delivers color print quality up to 4800 x 1200 dpi at speed
    up to 2.6 ppm (colour, best quality, A3),
    up to 3.6 ppm (colour, best quality,
    A4) or up to 10.5/21 ppm (colour, draft quality, A3/A4).

    The maximum capacity of the input trays is
    150 sheets of paper, standard output capacity is up to 100 sheets.
    Duplex printing option is standard on the Officejet
    Pro K850dn
    . Printers are completed
    32 MB of memory and have a resource of up to 6250 pages per month. Model K850dn has
    built-in Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-TX port, model
    K850 connects to the network optionally via an external JetDirect, both models have
    Hi-Speed ​​USB and IEEE 1284 ports. Recommended
    price including VAT for model Officejet Pro K850
    The minimum configuration is $580.

    Perhaps the most amazing inkjet novelty of the season – mobile printers
    HP Deskjet 460 series, first introduced in late September
    2005. The HP Deskjet 460 series is designed for those who
    to whom
    printing compatible with any mobile device.

    Mobile printers
    HP Deskjet 460 support wireless printing protocol
    Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless networking.
    Supports HP Photoret III and even HP Photoret IV printing technology – with
    purchasing an additional photo cartridge; there is an ICC profile control, an interface for advanced users, the ability to work with the Adobe RGB color space. The print head has 416 nozzles for black and white printing or 600 nozzles for color printing, while in color it provides print quality up to 4800 dpi at speeds up to 17 ppm. (black, draft quality, A4), 2 ppm (colour, best quality, A4) or up to 120.8 sec (colour photo, best quality on photo paper in borderless mode).

    The highlight of the HP Deskjet 460 series printers is lithium-ion batteries, which allows you to connect the printer to a typical power network or use it for offline printing. The entire series comes with 32 MB of memory and has a capacity of up to 500 pages per month. Version HP Deskjet 460cb has a USB port (host), a USB port (device), a slot for
    CompactFlash cards, slot for SD/MMC cards; model HP
    Deskjet 460
    is equipped with a USB port, card slots such as
    CompactFlash and SD/MMC. Option HP Deskjet 460wbt features a USB port, PictBridge, CompactFlash and SD/MMC card slots, and an HP Bluetooth card. All models in the series are capable of connecting to a Wi-Fi network using a special CompactFlash printer card
    802.11b. MSRP HP Deskjet 460 including VAT in
    minimum configuration – from $350.

    Finally, an interesting jet offer for business – multifunctional
    all-in-one device HP Officejet 5610 – printer,
    fax, scanner and copier, for home or office. Supports HP Photoret IV printing technology (with optional photo print cartridge), up to 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution at up to 20 ppm (Black, Draft, A4), up to 0. 9 ppm (Color, Best , A4) or
    80 seconds (color photo, normal quality) on photo paper. Embedded Color Fax provides 3 seconds transmission per A4 page and can store up to 100 A4 pages in memory.

    Built-in flatbed scanner with automatic document feeder and up to 1200 dpi optical resolution (up to 19200 dpi interpolation) and 48-bit color depth scans at up to 4 pages per minute, and the copier can scale images from 25 to 400%. The standard interface of the device is a USB 2.0 compatible port, the resource is up to 1500 pages per month. The price of the device in the minimum configuration is from $220.

    Of course, such a brief report does not take into account all the features of the new products presented, this requires careful study and testing in the laboratory. I hope that in the very near future our readers will be able to see on the pages of 3DNews the research of the most interesting Hewlwtt-Packard models presented. Which ones? Write, we will be guided by your opinion.

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