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New color washer and dryer by Whirlpool Duet

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Whirlpool adds splash of color with its new color washer and dryer from Duet line – a part of growing nature inspired color palette, designed in particular for those who spend that much time in their laundry rooms, Whirlpool Duet brings two new colors – Cranberry and Lunar Silver, that were unveiled at the 2009 International Builders Show in Las Vegas this January. Whirlpool is continually driven by consumer insight, so these new color washers and dryers reflects the fast growing trend of laundry rooms in prominent areas of the home. The new colors add to Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer line, which also includes Aspen Green, Ocean Blue and Tuscan Chestnut. With almost 65% of laundry rooms located now on the first or second floor of the home, these colors bring long lasting style to laundry rooms as they migrate from the basement to living areas in the home. The rich and vibrant Cranberry shade represents a classic accent consumers prefer, while the clean, elegant Silver beautifully compliments a wide range of interior styles.

The Duet high efficiency front-load washers combine capacity with water and energy savings for a complete fabric care experience. The Duet Steam washer uses up to 73 percent less water and 77 percent less energy as compared to conventional top-loaders. Equipping the washers with a drum large enough to fit up to 16 pairs of jeans, Duet helps consumers get more done in less time. The new color Duet Steam washing machines and dryers in Cranberry and Lunar Silver will be available in May 2009. The Duet Sport laundry pair in Lunar Silver and Cranberry will be available to consumers in August 2009. Whirlpool.

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5 popular new laundry room trends for 2021

Written by Sarah Vincelette

Updated December 22, 2021

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The laundry room: a place of routine, oftentimes uninspired and forgotten about until you need to get the stain out of your favorite shirt ASAP. While it’s an easy section of the home to overlook, what might be considered the most lackluster room in the house doesn’t have to be anymore.

With these trends for 2021, it might even become your favorite room.

We took a look at what expert designers and appliance manufacturers are predicting for 2021 and found five trends to keep in mind when remodeling your own laundry room.

1. Slate gray appliances

Appliances Connection

The darker shade gives the room a modern feel.

We’ve all had the white washer and dryer duo. It’s classic! And while good ol’ white might be quintessential, it may be time for an update from the norm. Charcoal-hued washer/dryers have been popping up more and more in laundry room remodels as of late, and we’re loving the modernity they bring as well as how the neutral color fits into any décor. A gray washer and dryer can be a standout in a room, or as a complement to any monochromatic space.

Get the Electrolux EFLS627UTT from Appliances Connection for $1,073.10

2. Doggie tubs


Fido will love his own little place to wash off after a day of playing!

Bath time can be a struggle for both big and tiny dogs alike, so for 2021 pet owners are looking to make their lives a bit easier with custom built-in doggie tubs as a part of their laundry room accouterments. It’s certainly logical: the laundry room is where things go to get clean, so why not have it also be the place for beloved furry friends to wash off post-playtime? Some tubs we’ve seen are even equipped with pull-out steps for easy accessibility. After bath time, dirty towels can be thrown directly into the wash so cleanup is a breeze!

3. Added greenery

Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Who says the laundry room has to be dreary?

We generally don’t think of the laundry room as a place for plants, but that’s about to change. Adding a touch of greenery on a shelf or hanging a fern from a rod is a simple way to brighten the space and add some interesting texture. Choose plants that do well with moisture and low light like English ivy, snake plants, and aloe for best results. These simple additions make a huge difference in the look of the room and offer a natural air-purifying benefit to a room that often harbors lots of chemicals and detergent.

Shop live plants from The Sill

4. Pull-out ironing boards


Maximize your space and storage!

This trending idea has two undeniably great benefits. First, no more bulky ironing boards taking up space and getting in the way of, well, everything. Even if you stored the board away, it’s always a task to fold it up and find a place big enough to fit it! With this pull-out board, the ease of use is off the charts. Pull out to iron, push back in (with soft close bearings!) when you’re done. Seamless. Because it takes up so little room in your cabinet, your storage space will barely, if at all, be affected.

Get the Donn Steel Top Over the Door Ironing Board from Wayfair for $36.99

5. Wall-mounted farmhouse sinks


Chic, durable, and just the right size.

We’ve seen farmhouse sinks for the kitchen, but for the laundry room? Be still my heart! Lots of people are taking to this trend after ditching their older utility sinks for something a little more aesthetically pleasing and modern. But this sink’s not just all show; it’s made from durable glazed steel and is super sturdy for even the biggest messes. Add a floating shelf above it as a home for your washing and drying supplies and you’ve got the perfect pre-treatment station.

Get the Alape Bucket Sink with Navy Trip from Rejuvenation for $254.00

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6000 serie, 7000 serie, 8000 serie, 9000 serie

AEG’s new range of washers and dryers ensures that colors and textures are preserved while offering an exceptional level of fabric protection. Among the many technical features, the new series features the world’s first innovative SoftWater technology that softens the water before washing, allowing you to achieve incredible results even when washing in water heated to only 30ºC.

The main task facing the new products is to keep the look of new clothes in daily washing and rid people of traditional, but outdated clothing care habits.

“We’ve leveraged consumer experience and science at the same time to create not just a laundry solution, but new technologies to protect fabrics, colors and textures , says Jenny Hedberg, Director of Product Marketing AEG in the EMEA region.

With the new series, we have ensured the highest level of care for garments, even those made from the most delicate fabrics such as wool or silk, as well as sportswear that needs to retain its water-repellent properties after washing and drying.

« Many shoppers question whether delicate fabrics can be tumble dried, and 40% of consumers we interviewed hand wash at least once a month because they don’t trust their washing machines or are afraid of breaking labels, says Jenny Hedberg, at AEG, we believe now is the time to restore people’s confidence in washing machines and dryers » .

AEG 7000 serie

More delicate wash with soft water

As a result of tests, AEG engineers found that detergents work more effectively in soft water, even at low temperatures. This discovery led us to develop the world’s first in-wash water softening technology.

« All tap water contains minerals that can damage tissues. New AEG washing machines are the first in the world to learn how to purify water from them » , says Fabio Garzena, textile engineer at AEG.

Unique technology uses an ion exchange filter that softens water by removing dissolved mineral salts, leaving it clean and soft. This allows the machine to fully activate the detergent at significantly lower temperatures, as well as to rinse the laundry with soft, purified water. This approach guarantees the absence of hard minerals on clothes, keeping the feeling of wearing new things longer.

Thanks to the SoftWater technology, you will get a washing result like at 60ºC by choosing a washing program at only 30ºC. Significant energy savings result from less water heating. In addition, washing at 30ºC significantly reduces fabric wear and color loss even after many washes. As proof of this, a black dress was washed 50 consecutive times in the AEG test lab without any wear or color loss*.

AEG 8000 series

New methods of clothing protection – proven effectiveness by leading companies

« We have teamed up with leading manufacturers in the clothing and detergent market and are pleased to inform you that the effectiveness of new technologies has been proven not only by us, but also by other companies, – says Jenny Hedberg, – for example, Procter & Gamble (manufacturer of Ariel and Lenor) confirms that our technologies enhance the effect of detergents and allow you to wash faster and at lower temperatures, optimizing the distribution of detergent during washing. When it comes to washing and drying delicate fabrics, Woolmark certified our wool programs with the highest rating, allowing them to be used for washing and drying items labeled “hand wash and dry only » .

According to research, 87.5% of consumers want a dryer that can handle even delicate fabrics without damage**, but distrust in the use of automatic dryers stops them. Our premium tumble dryer program with AbsoluteCare® System technology has been awarded the Woolmark Blue certification, which allows you to tumble dry delicate woolen fabrics labeled ‘hand wash only’.

AEG 6000 serie

The fast drum speed ensures that woollens simply lie flat on the surface, just like when drying on a flat surface. In addition, the machine does not make sudden movements during drying, so it does not damage or wrinkle delicate clothes.

« AEG’s latest innovations truly give consumers the peace of mind that they can wash and dry even the most sensitive wool garments in their home machines without the risk of deterioration » , says Woolmark’s Peter Ackroyd.

AEG also collaborates with emerging designers to share their knowledge of fabric care. For example, Merit Ilison, an Estonian designer who transforms vintage blankets into stylish jackets, got her hands on a new line of washer and dryer.

« When we tried the new AEG Woolmark certified machine with wool washing technology, we felt a huge difference,” she said, “I never believed in the big differences between entry-level and premium machines, but this experience with AEG made me me to change my mind. At first we were hesitant, but now we wash all vintage fabrics in this machine and it works wonders: duvets are not only clean and fresh, but also super soft. There must be something special going on inside this technique, as washing our everyday clothes also gave drastically different results than in a conventional washing machine » .

AEG 9000 serie

A smarter way to take care of clothes

AEG is also committed to making a difference in today’s clothing care habits by using new ways of communicating with consumers. The fact is that many washing habits are passed down through generations, people continue to wash and dry clothes in the same way as was customary in their family, without taking advantage of the benefits that new technologies bring.

With online connection technology, AEG will show you how to apply new technologies and discover new modern and reliable ways to take care of your clothes. For example, the Care Advisor feature in the My AEG app will advise users on which programs, options and detergents to choose for different types of clothing, including stain control.

« This is one example of how modern communications can enhance the capabilities of devices, complementing the simple functions of remote control « » says Jenny Hadberg.

New Range Overview

6000 Series Washing Machines

The 6000 Series features ProSense® technology that automatically detects the load level and adjusts the wash cycle accordingly. This reduces wear and tear in the wash and helps maintain the texture of the fabric.

7000-Series Washing Machines

ProSteam® technology in the 7000-series supports the PlusSteam option, which can reduce wrinkles by up to a third* by applying steam at the end of the wash cycle. You can also run a separate steam cycle to freshen up caked-on clothes.

8000-Series Washing Machines

In standard washing machines, less than half of the laundry gets rinse aid. Thanks to ÖKOMix technology, the detergent and conditioner are completely mixed with water and activated before it enters the drum. This approach ensures for the first time that each section of fabric is thoroughly laundered and treated with conditioner. This technology has been recognized by leading manufacturers of detergents,

including P&G as the most efficient use of the detergent and conditioner, delivering more than 90% distribution.

9000-Series Washing Machines

Only AEG SoftWater 9000-Series Washing Machines purify and soften water so that detergents can work more efficiently, delivering the washing effect of 60ºC using only 30ºC water. This technology ensures that colors stay vibrant and blacks stay black, while preserving the shape of the garments and the texture of the fabrics.

6000-series dryers

The 6000-series uses ProSense® technology with humidity and temperature sensors that adjust drying time and energy consumption based on machine load. This approach helps save time and electricity while protecting clothes from overdrying.

7000-Series Tumble Dryers

The SensiDry® technology in the 7000 Series dries clothes at nearly half the temperature of traditional tumble dryers, reducing fabric damage and wear and preserving texture.

8000-Series Dryers

The AbsoluteCare® system in the 8000-Series is breaking our notions of how silk, wool and outerwear should be dried. The wool drying program guarantees no shrinkage* and retains softness and shape better than traditional methods. The unique silk program is as gentle as lay-drying, keeping the shape of silk garments and creating even fewer wrinkles than air drying naturally. The new outerwear drying program is great for waterproof fabrics. It uses just the right amount of heat to help keep the protective membrane* waterproof, windproof and breathable, ensuring your items continue to perform as intended.

Price and availability

Launch date: Some products will be available on the market immediately after the presentation at IFA 2016. The remaining models of the new range will be released in mid-2017.

Choosing a dryer – tips and tricks

Dryers are not very popular in our country. According to sales ratings, they are far from washing and dishwashers. But this useful unit can greatly facilitate the life of its owner, giving what we all lack so much – free time.

The dryer will allow you to forget about hanging clothes on clotheslines, batteries, folding dryers forever. It is very useful for a family with small children, as well as for those who do not have the opportunity or simply do not want to hang clothes in the bathroom or on the balcony. However, many still doubt whether a dryer is needed in the house, considering it an unjustified luxury.

Of course, clothes can also dry on the ropes. But agree, it takes quite a lot of time. And if any thing needs to be dried urgently, you have to resort to various tricks, such as ironing, which can damage the fabric. And in the car, clothes dry very quickly, and after an hour they can be hung in a closet or put on.

When drying with this device, bed linen and clothes practically do not wrinkle, so they are very easy to iron. The unit can not only dry, but also refresh things without washing, clean toys, fluff pillows and delicately dry shoes.

If you have already decided to buy, let’s look at the main parameters by which you should choose this technique.

How to choose?

So, you have decided that the dryer is exactly what you need. And then the question arises – how to choose it? When buying, first of all, you should decide on the type of unit – a drying cabinet or a drum device. Drying cabinets are bulky and expensive equipment, so basically everyone stops at a dryer with a drum.

Next, determine the type of drying. There are two of them: condensation and ventilation. This parameter affects the cost of equipment. We will discuss each type in more detail below.

You need to understand exactly what volume, design and dimensions of the device you need. The volume depends on the amount of laundry that needs to be dried, and the dimensions – on the availability of free space for installation.

An important selection criterion is the energy efficiency of the dryer, especially in light of today’s high electricity prices. Also decide which additional features offered by manufacturers will be useful to you, and which ones you can refuse in order not to overpay.

What do you need to know about installation?

There are several ways to install the dryer – on top of the washing machine, next to it, in a special niche and under the worktop.

The most popular way is to install the dryer on top of the washing machine in a column. Thus, the space of the room is significantly saved. For this type of installation, it is necessary to purchase special fasteners. Without them, the construction of such a structure is prohibited.

The main condition is the stability of the washing machine, so make sure that it stands level and does not tilt to the sides when pressing on the corners. To achieve the maximum effect helps to adjust the height of the legs. Ideally, if the washer is installed on a concrete floor, since wood, linoleum and other soft materials contribute to vibration, and devices cannot be placed on a carpet at all. The best place for such a column is the corner of the room.

For installations like this, it is best to purchase a washer and dryer from the same manufacturer. They are similar both in size and appearance. Fasteners are also purchased for a specific brand of equipment. It is best to entrust the work to specialists. They will check the strength of the fastening, and in the future you can safely operate both devices.

Another option is to install special rails on the wall above the washing machine, on which the dryer is then attached. In this case, the reliability of fastening is very important.

An easier option is to place the dryer next to the washing machine. But this will require more free space. Installation is not difficult, as you just need to put the unit in place and align it in height.

The unit can also be installed in a special plasterboard niche. This option is more difficult, but then the device will be very convenient to use. In the niche, you can also provide shelves for folding clothes.

The last option is under the sink or countertop. Appliances with small dimensions can be built into the kitchen. This option is suitable for models with condensation drying – the water will immediately go down the drain.

The dryer must also be connected to the utilities. Units with ventilation dryer are connected to the corresponding system by means of an air duct. The corrugated pipe is fixed in the hole on the rear wall of the unit with a special clamp that comes with the machine. The other end is led into the ventilation system. At the same time, try to avoid unnecessary kinks.

Condenser dryers are connected to the sewer in the same way as washing machines.

If the dryer is of low power, it can be connected to the mains using a socket. Overall units are connected directly to a separate wiring line. For safety reasons, the equipment must be grounded.

Types of dryers

There are two types of dryers, the dryer and the tumble dryer. The first device is quite large. Its height is 175 cm, width and depth are 60-65 cm. You can load 3-4 kg of laundry into it. Its advantage is that all clothes hang on hangers, are blown with warm air, so they do not deform or wrinkle during drying. You can dry delicate fabrics and shoes in it. But such equipment is quite expensive and takes up a lot of space.

Tumble dryers are more popular. In appearance, they resemble a washing machine, and the laundry is loaded into them in the same way. Dryers can be both with a glass hatch and without it, with a regular door. During the drying process, the drum changes the direction of rotation several times, so the clothes do not wrinkle.

Dryers also differ in the type of laundry load. Front-loading machines are equipped with a door located on the front surface. It can have a round or rectangular shape and is made of transparent or opaque plastic.

Top-loading machines are loaded with laundry through a hatch located at the top. This arrangement provides significant space savings, because the devices can be placed in small bathrooms. But this technique cannot be built into a kitchen set.

How does the dryer work?

According to the method of drying clothes, the machines are divided into two types: condensation and ventilation.

With condenser drying, moisture is removed from clothes with warm air, which then cools down, descends to a special element, where it is heated again. The process is repeated several times. Moisture is collected in a special container, from which it is then poured out. In order not to repeat this process from time to time, you can connect the dryer to the sewer.

Machines with fan dryer convey moist air to the outside. These models are connected to the corresponding system.

Dryers of the first type are more expensive, but their installation is much easier.

The interior of tumble dryers is very similar to that of washing machines. There is also a drum, a loading hatch, a heating element, a control panel. Only the dryer drum is larger than that of the washing machine. It has special blades that evenly distribute the laundry and prevent it from straying into a lump. The larger the volume of the drum, the better the drying will be. Many units are additionally equipped with special baskets for processing shoes and toys, which are horizontally fixed inside.

Dryers work in a similar way to washing machines, but the clothes are treated with air instead of water.

Modern equipment of this type is equipped with several programs. With intensive drying, the clothes are processed with very hot air and dry in less than an hour. But for things made of delicate fabrics, this mode is not suitable, as they can sit down.

They are designed for the longest operating time – gentle. When you turn on the “Hand over iron” program, the laundry will remain slightly damp and easy to iron. You can select the drying mode depending on the material of the item.

You can set the drying time yourself. This is useful when you just need to dry your clothes, for example, if you get caught in the rain. The “In the closet” mode assumes completely dried laundry, which can be put on immediately.

If you don’t like ironing, choose Anti-Crease mode. More expensive models have a Steam Smoothing program. For things that do not need washing, but need refreshment, the “Ventilation” function is suitable. With its help, you can process clothes that have been stored in the closet for a long time, rid them of dust, unpleasant odors, and animal hair.

Delayed start makes it possible to delay the start time by 1-16 hours. When you turn on the cooling mode, clothes are blown with cold air for several minutes after the end of the main program.

If an expensive model with a maximum set of programs is not available to you, do not be upset. Some features of the dryer are interchangeable. For example, the “Duvet” mode allows you to dry jackets and pillows, and for jeans, the “Closet” program is perfect.

Volume and dimensions

For those who live in a small apartment, the dimensions of household appliances are an important selection criterion. To know what size dryer you can afford, first decide on the location of its installation.

Most of these machines are the same size as full size washing machines. Their height is 85 cm, width – 60 cm, depth – 60-65 cm. Smaller units are rare, since the drum must be spacious for high-quality drying of laundry. Therefore, its volume is quite large – about 100 liters.

However, compact tumble dryers can still be found on the market, albeit infrequently. Their capacity is 3-4 kilograms of linen. But since wet clothes weigh much more than dry clothes, this option is impractical, because you can dry very little at a time. To dry all the washed laundry, the equipment will have to be run several times. If space permits, it is better to buy a standard model with a drum volume of 100-120 liters, which can hold 6-8 kg of clothes.

Energy efficiency

Like other household appliances, tumble dryers have energy ratings. They are marked in Latin letters from A to G. The class indicates how much electricity is consumed in kW for drying one kilogram of washed and wrung out laundry.

Class A dryers consume less than 0.55 kW and are considered the most economical. But their price is significantly higher than that of models B and C, which are most often found on sale and consume from 0. 56 to 0.73 kW of electricity.

Until quite recently, class B dryers were almost impossible to find on sale, and even C was considered a luxury. Most of the models sold had an energy class D (0.74-0.82 kW). Now the situation has improved, and if you wish, you can purchase even the most economical models of the A ++ type.

If we compare this data with the energy consumption of washing machines, we can see that washing one kilogram of laundry in a class A machine consumes 0.19 kW of electricity. That is, the drying process is much more energy intensive.

Before buying a dryer, be sure to pay attention to its power. Usually it fluctuates between 1.5-4 kW. Of course, a more powerful unit will do its job much faster, but if the apartment already has a lot of household appliances, the wiring may not be able to withstand it. The optimal power is 2 kW.

Design of modern dryers

Dryers look very similar to washing machines. If you are going to install them side by side or one on top of the other, it is better to choose appliances with the same design so that they look harmonious in the interior.

If the tumble dryer is to be built into a kitchen unit, there are usually no special color requirements. You can choose the classic white model.

In addition to the usual white, manufacturers offer freestanding dryers in other shades: black, gray, beige, silver. Some have gone further, painting the dryers orange, pink, red, blue, and even painting them with original patterns. But you have to think about how to fit such multi-colored appliances into the interior of a kitchen or bathroom.

Today, the cost of dryers remains quite high, so few decide to buy. But the speed and quality of drying the clothes they provide cannot be compared with conventional air drying. The technique allows you to save time on ironing, as things practically do not wrinkle during processing. In addition, residents of large cities often simply cannot dry clothes on the street or on the balcony. Due to air pollution, dust can get on it, and then it will have to be washed again. This is especially true for children’s things, the hygiene of which is very important.

In modern small-sized apartments, there is not always enough space for storing wet clothes in the bathroom, where, however, due to constant moisture, the process is somewhat delayed. The battery is not the best way out of the situation, you probably noticed how the laundry on it dries out, becomes unpleasant to the touch. Hanging in the kitchen is also not an option. There, things not only interfere, but are also saturated with the smell of cooking food. Folding designs do not always accommodate a large amount of clothes, but they take up decent space.

For city dwellers and families with small children, dryers are therefore becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.

If you decide to add a dryer to your set of household appliances, you can choose it in the catalog of our online store. We offer a wide range of models from well-known manufacturers. Our qualified employees are always happy to help in the choice of equipment, to whom you can contact by phone. They will inform you about the technical specifications of the model you have chosen, as well as the methods of payment and delivery of your order.