Clap light bulb: This voice-activated light is like a modern-day Clapper

This voice-activated light is like a modern-day Clapper

Don’t get us wrong — connected light bulbs that you can control remotely are definitely cool, but for all their nifty functionality, almost all of them still have a fundamental flaw: the fact that you’ve got to use your smartphone to flip them on or off. The process is just so cumbersome. In the time it takes to open your phone, navigate to the lighting app, fire it up, and execute the desired function, you probably could’ve stood up and flipped a switch half a dozen times over. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a truly simpler way to operate your lights?

Well good news. Thanks to an upcoming gizmo called Vocca Light, you’ll soon be able to control all of the bulbs in your home using nothing more than the sound of your voice.

The device, which just landed on Kickstarter this week, is essentially a smart socket adapter that can listen and understand the things you say. Armed with a small microphone and some on-board voice-recognition software, Vocca can recognize natural speech, and also be programmed to react to virtually any command you like.

This isn’t particularly groundbreaking, since voice recognition is already built into all kinds of devices, but what’s different about Vocca is the fact that all of this voice recognition and natural language processing takes place inside the device itself. Unlike systems that tap into the cloud to crunch and process incoming voice data (like Siri or Google Now), Vocca does everything independently. This means that, in contrast to nearly every other smart lighting system on the market, Vocca doesn’t require a network connection of any sort to function. By extension, that also means no complicated setup and pairing process — you can just screw it into you socket, pop in the bulb, and start using it.

Out of the box, the standard bulb is only programmed to flip on or off when it hears the keyphrase “Go Vocca Light,” but if you spring for the Pro version, you’ll be able to program the socket to understand and respond to any other word or phrase you choose.

If you back the project now, before all the early bird rewards are gone, you can lock down a standard Vocca for just $29, or snag the Pro model for $42. After the early birds run out, those prices jump to $39 and $49, respectively. Even when you consider the fact that this thing is basically just a modern-day Clapper, those are still pretty reasonable prices. Check out the Vocca Light Kickstarter page for further details.

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100-240V AC Light Bulb Controllable FULLY Assembled Clap Switch

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This FULLY ASSEMBLED sound/clap operated switch can be used for switching your 100-240V AC light bulb. Usually, we use a clap switch to operate a lamp and it can easily do that for you. The kit responses to clap up to a distance of 5 meters, but, the further you go, the louder the clap should be.

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We are now selling the FULLY ASSEMBLED AND TESTED clap switch


Description: This FULLY ASSEMBLED sound/clap operated switch can be used for switching your 100-240V AC light bulb. Usually, we use a clap switch to operate a lamp and it can easily do that for you. The kit responses to clap up to a distance of 5 meters, but, the further you go, the louder the clap should be.


  • Operates a 100-220V AC lamp with a clap/loud sound.
  • Supply voltage: 5V-9V. Use an AC to DC power supply for better response. 9V battery can also be used, but the kit consumes a lot of power while triggering the relay.
  • There are two supply input points: a DC barrel and a 2 pin screw terminal. You can use one of the points to power up the kit.
  • Consists of a PTC resettable fuse. Switches the circuit off if there is an unexpected flow of current over 500mA.
  • Dimension: 83.82mm x 49.53mm
  • Relay specification: Activation voltage: 5V DC. Controls appliances operating at 10A 250VAC, 10A 125VAC, 10A 30VDC, 10A 28VDC. Suitable for Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

How did we make it?

This DIY clap-switch is a combination of two kits:

a. Low-cost clap switch: This clap switch has an LED on it and a loud sound activates the switch. Check out project details.

b. Relay module for the clap switch: The relay module can be connected to the clap-switch to operate 100-220V AC lamps. Check out the project details.

We simply combined these two kits and made one complete clap-switch kit.

It’s now a fully assembled kit: It comes fully assembled. We test the kit before shipping. We make sure that the relay and all other parts work. We test the kit using a 9V power supply. After everything is confirmed, we ship the kit.

Package contains: 1 x Fully assembled and tested clap switch


  • About DIY clap switch circuit
  • How to use the clap switch kit
  • How to use the clap switch kit (NEW TUTORIAL)
  • Video
  • Clap switch manual- sent to customers(PDF)
  • Clap switch 220V warning page
  • Clap switch 220V warning page

10 unusual light bulbs for standard E27 base with AliExpress / Collections from Aliexpress and more / iXBT Live

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It would seem that what could be unusual in a light bulb for a lamp or a chandelier that shines in each of our homes. However, do not rush to conclusions, there are many non-standard versions of such lamps, which can turn out to be not only a creative element of the interior, but also have very interesting additional functions. In the selection, I collected several similar specimens for the standard E27 base, which you can take note of.

Edison Bulb

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One of the most popular options for interior lamps in retro style. The shape resembles the first lamps made back in the 19th century by Thomas Edison. Such vintage light bulbs can act as independent design elements or as part of matching fixtures. There are a large number of flask shape options to choose from. The main element of such a lamp is an unusual filament. The bulbs give off a warm “tube” light with a yellow tinge, though not very bright.

Lamp with 3D effect

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Very interesting LED lamps with a special mirror coating on the inside of the bulb. When on, they create the effect of fireworks emanating from the very depths of the light bulb. Visually, the traces of stars and points look really three-dimensional. The effect is even more pronounced when you move the lamp in front of your eyes. Power 6W, can be used as an unusual night light. A large selection of forms, both ordinary flasks and very extraordinary ones, is even in the form of a Christmas tree.

Lamp with a luminous flower

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Another amazing specimen, in which a metal plate made in the form of a flower with leaves acts as a light element. When the mains power is connected, the flower begins to glow in a beautiful pink color, and the leaves turn green. The lamp shines dimly (power 3W), being a purely decorative element with “Wow!” effect.

Lamp with folding petals

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A lamp that can replace a whole chandelier. It has the shape of a flower with movable petals (from three to five), an LED panel is built into each part. The slope of each petal can be changed arbitrarily, independently of the others. Total 140 LEDs, total power 75W. Suitable for lighting garages and other similar premises. Light: cold white – 6500K.

Lamp with flame effect

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LED lamp with a large number of LEDs, the alternating switching on of which imitates the effect of a burning flame. Perfect as an element of interior lighting in the loft style or the facade of a country house. Three operating modes. Power from 3 to 9W. It can be installed up or down with a base, a position sensor is built into the light bulb and the “flame” always shines from below.

Bulb with garland inside

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A funny light bulb with a small string of copper wire and LEDs inside. Has a standard base E27. There are several different color options to choose from, there is also RGB. Size 130x95mm. It will be a great and unusual option for decorating any holiday.

Color lamp with Bluetooth speaker

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An advanced version of the lamp, which is not only a lighting device with the ability to set any color of lighting (RGB), but also a Bluetooth speaker. You can transfer music from any smartphone or tablet. Lamp power 7W, built-in speaker 5W. You can control the color and brightness of the lighting from the included remote control, or through the application on your smartphone.

Bulb with motion sensor

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This LED bulb can make any lamp sensory, that is, reacting to movement and light. If you install a lamp, for example, in a ceiling lamp in a narrow corridor, it will turn on automatically when motion is detected. Power bulbs to choose from 5 to 9W. On the product page there is another interesting option with a sound sensor, the lamp turns on when there is a loud sound, for example, clapping your hands.

Disco lamp

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A cool lamp for organizing a home disco, party or creating a festive mood. It has a built-in motor that provides rotation of the segmented dome of the lamp. Creates interesting lighting effects in various colors. Power 6 or 9W. Long service life claimed.

Wi-Fi controlled RGB lamp

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I will complete the selection with the smartest Wi-Fi controlled lamp and the ability to work in a group with other similar lamps. You can control it from your smartphone, through smart home applications on IOS or Android, as well as by voice. The lamp can shine in white (warm or cold) or any other – 16 million. shades. Power 15W.

I hope that the options for unusual light bulbs for the E27 base collected in the selection were interesting, and maybe useful. You can find other popular product selections and reviews on interesting things just below in the author’s profile. Thank you for your attention. Happy and profitable shopping!



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Ordinary lamp, completely uneconomical – extracurricular activities (competitive work) – Corporation Russian textbook (Drofa – Ventana publishing house)

Extracurricular activities (competitive works)

Pre-school education

Primary general education

Attention! The administration of the site rosuchebnik. ru is not responsible for the content of methodological developments, as well as for the compliance of the development with the Federal State Educational Standard.

“Ordinary lamp, very uneconomical”

Purpose : to enable children to understand and draw conclusions about the need to save electricity.



  • to activate the speech and mental activity of children;


  • develop attention, memory, imagination, speech and fine motor skills of hands;


  • educate children in a culture of economical, competent handling of electricity.

Materials and equipment: incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, split pictures “lamps”, creative work “ordinary lamp, economical lamp”.

Preliminary work: learning physical education minutes; conversations with children about energy saving.

Progress of educational activities


Hello guys! Glad to see you! Guys, look at our table is a mess. The split pictures are all mixed up, we need to collect the pictures correctly with you, and we will find out what our lesson will be about.

Match the Pictures Game

( children sit at tables and collect cut-out pictures )


What did you get?


We have two lamps.


Right! Well done! Look, guys, at these lamps (show the children the lamps). This is an ordinary incandescent lamp, which we use most often at home. This is an energy saving lamp. Here are the same pictures you got on the tables. Guys, we already know that electricity needs to be saved, but who remembers the main rules that both adults and children must follow?

Children tell the rules of energy saving:

  1. Leave the room, turn off the light.
  2. Used an electrical appliance – turn it off.


That’s right, guys, these are the main rules, and you filled them in well. But today it was not in vain that we collected these lamps from fragments, I will tell you an interesting tale, and you will draw your own conclusion.

Fairy tale “Spore of lamps”

In our modern world, everything is changing and improving rapidly. Household appliances, electrical appliances, telephones, computers are improving, everything is done to make a person comfortable and convenient, economical and safe. Lamps are also being replaced, simple incandescent ones are being replaced by energy-saving ones. In my room, lamps are screwed on the chandelier: ordinary and energy-saving. And imagine, guys, if the lamps spoke …

Once upon a time there was an ordinary family: mother, father, daughter, son. They lived together, in all matters they consulted with each other. Once, when he came home from work, dad said: “It’s time for us to change all the lamps to energy-saving ones.” Mom answered: “These lamps are very expensive, we will change them gradually, not all at once, so far we have bought one in the children’s room, next time we will buy another one.”

All the lamps in the house were agitated. And at night there was a dispute among them. The lamps sighed: “Here are the people, we served them, served, and they once and in the trash.” “Ugliness!” – shouted the biggest lamp, – something must be done, how so, they will change us, because I am still quite young, I can still shine and shine. Another older lamp intervened in the conversation: “We have been serving people for almost 100 years, but we were invented even earlier: more than 200 years ago, and now everyone is improving and improving …” The largest lamp shouted angrily: “There she is, sitting silent, a fashionable LED lamp, she doesn’t even want to talk to us!” All the lamps looked at the energy-saving lamp, she sat quietly and did not interfere in the conversation, but if asked, you have to answer: “My dear neighbors, what can I say, because we all serve people, they invented and improved us, look how the world is changing, well done people invent, improve everything around. Just recently, my daughter Masha was bought a new laptop, because the old computer, although not broken, was already outdated, and mom bought herself a new washing machine, and dad bought an electric drill, because it was very difficult for them to do household chores without their help. You yourself were happy for them.”

“And what did we do? Why do they want to change us? What are you good at? screamed the table lamp. “Listen, sisters,” the old lamp intervened in the conversation, “only yesterday the hostess said that a lot of money needs to be paid for light, and our host is smart, reasonable, he won’t talk in vain, so our time has passed, we need to leave this house and other houses too, our century is passing.” “We are very cheap,” the big lamp continued. “Remember, the incident that month, our sister burned out, burst and fell right on the head of our owner, it’s good that everything worked out, but draw conclusions, it means we are also unsafe,” said the old lamp. “Yes, yes,” the lamps confirmed. The energy-saving lamp looked and said: “And it’s not for nothing that they call me energy-saving, I save electricity, I’m safe and won’t burst at the wrong moment, but, of course, I’m expensive when compared to you, but I serve people 10 times longer than you, ordinary lamps, here’s the savings for you!” The last words of our heroine finally convinced the neighbors. They calmed down and stopped arguing. Now they all considered how long an energy-saving lamp could burn out, and it turned out to be a very long time – several years.

After 3 months, all the lamps in our family’s house were energy-saving, and my mother did not worry when she paid the bills.

(author: Molkova N.V)


Guys, did you like the story? Interesting story, right? What conclusions did you draw? (children raise their hands to answer). Let’s play with you, and then you tell me everything.

Physical education “Lampochka”

Raz, get up, stretch (children stand on their toes and pull their hands up)

Two smile like lamps (hands on the waist, feet shoulder-width apart, smiling)

Three, clap your hands (clap your hands)

A four , arms wider (arms to the sides)

Five , look around. Light is not needed? Turn off! (children turn their heads from side to side and stretch their arms up, imitate turning off the lights)


Guys, look at this creative work. Two lamps are depicted here, an ordinary lamp in the form of an old woman and an energy-saving lamp – a beautiful, very young one. This is an illustration for a fairy tale that we listened to. You look at the picture and immediately remember the lamp dispute that took place in the house of our heroes. And now, guys, let’s continue the conversation about the fairy tale.

Questions for children:

  • What did dad say when he came home from work?
  • Why didn’t mom agree to dad’s proposal?
  • What happened in the house of our heroes at night?
  • What did the energy-saving lamp say to its neighbors when they got into an argument?
  • What convinced light bulbs to agree with the energy-saving lamp?
  • Why is it called an energy-saving lamp?
  • How was mom happy when all the lamps in the house were replaced with energy-saving ones?
  • Guys, what do you think, is it possible to convince your parents to change all the lamps in the house to energy-saving ones?


Guys, now let’s all draw a conclusion together and remember one more main rule of energy saving, which one?


We need to replace all the light bulbs in our house with energy efficient ones.