Cheap amp for car: Best Budget Car Amplifiers Available On The Market

Best Budget Car Amplifiers Available On The Market

If you are looking for the best way to add more power to your car audio system for exceptional sound quality (richer and fuller sound than before) without breaking the bank, then there are some budget-friendly car amplifiers available on the market.

Amplifier power rating (overall power output), crossover (separate the audio signal frequency and send to proper speakers for sound improvement), amplifier classes (enhance power and generate the amplified audio signal), protection (safety & security purposes), and frequency response (to reproduce the audio signal) are the main factors to consider before making a purchase decision.

Also, we recommend you read our detailed “Buying Guide” to get more information on how to make your purchase the best one. And we compiled some of the Top Budget Car Amplifiers after thoroughly researching several products on the market.

Go through them and grab the best option from the list of products that suits your requirements.



Product Table

Budget Car Amplifiers Power Output Frequency Response Amplifier Classes Buy Now
BOSS Car Amplifier Peak – 1100W

RMS – 250W

9 Hz to 50 kHz Class A/B Check On Amazon
Rockville Car Amplifier Peak – 2000W

RMS – 500W

15 Hz to 250 Hz Class D Check On Amazon
Pyramid Car Amplifier Peak – 5000W 10 Hz to 30 kHz Class A/B Check On Amazon
Blaupunkt Car Amplifier Peak – 1500W

RMS – 150W

10 Hz to 45 Hz Class AB Check On Amazon
Planet Car Amplifier Peak – 1200W

RMS – 450W

20 Hz to 20 kHz Class A/B Check On Amazon
Skar Car Amplifier Peak – 388W

RMS – 350W

20 Hz to 250 Hz Class D Check On Amazon
Pioneer Car Amplifier Peak – 500W 20 Hz to 20 kHz Class A/B Check On Amazon

7 Best Budget Car Amplifiers

Here are the individual product reviews of some of the top-selling and best-performing car amplifiers available at a reasonable price tag. Take a look at them and select your option as per your need.

1. BOSS Car Amplifier

The BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier is an ideal option for car audio enthusiasts looking for a car amplifier with excellent sound quality and performance.

The sleek and compact design of the amplifier will allow for a quick and easy installation in most car audio systems. Its high-quality component construction and black anodized finish provide a stylish look. The max power rating of 1100W and MOSFET power supply will make it the best choice to power various car subwoofers.

The amplifier comes with a Class AB Monoblock amplifier that provides a perfect balance between sound quality and efficiency. While its built-in crossover design offers proper control over the frequency response of the amplifier and thereby provides great flexibility and enhanced sound quality. The frequency response range of this amplifier will be 9 Hz to 50 kHz which makes it enough to power car subwoofers.

Coming to its protection features, the amplifier is designed with short protection, thermal protection, and overload protection for safe and enduring performance in the longer run. Its unique features are adjustable gain control, high & low-level inputs, switchable bass boost, variable LP filter, and a remote controller to adjust the volume of the subwoofer.

User Feedback:

  • This BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series car amplifier has received numerous positive responses from its users due to its easy installation, exceptional sound quality, protection features, durability, and build quality. Yet some users complained about the frequent turning to the protection mode.

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2. Rockville Car Amplifier

The Rockville dB12 Mono 2-ohm amplifier is another great option for those seeking a budget car amplifier with impressive sound quality and performance.

The sleek, durable, and lightweight design of this dB12 amplifier allows for easy installation and setup in most car audio systems. Its amazing build quality and black anodized finish give a stylish and attractive look.

This dB12 amplifier boasts a power rating of max 2000W (Peak) and dyno-certified RMS power of 500W that can easily power up subwoofers and larger speakers. This is a class D amplifier that offers high efficiency and excellent sound quality.

With its built-in adjustable low-pass crossover, the dB12 amplifier can control its frequency response and thereby offer flexibility and enhanced sound quality. The frequency response will range from 15 Hz to 250 Hz, which is perfect to power the car subwoofers.

Talking about its safety & protection features, it has overload and thermal protection circuits that make sure the amplifier offer enduring performance and last longer. It features a bass boost control to adjust the bass output and has a high-speed MOSFET power supply that gives clean and efficient power to the amplifier.

User Feedback:

  • Most users appreciated the Rockville dB12 Mono 2-ohm car amplifier for its impressive power rating, excellent sound quality, easy installation, and safety features. Yet some users felt a bit bad about its built quality.

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3. Pyramid Car Amplifier

The Pyramid PB3818 car amplifier is another best reliable and budget-friendly amplifier that packs a punch. Its compact and slim design makes it fit perfectly and easily in almost all vehicles. Also, it includes an LED indicator, remote turn on, and soft turn on/off the circuit.

It is a 2-channel amplifier that is perfect for any vehicle’s sound system. It offers a high power rating of 5000W and has a class A/B design for efficient power output and enhanced sound quality. Since it is a bridgeable amplifier, you can easily connect and control the sound output of two speakers at a time.

Additionally, it features variable gain control, variable bass boost, MOSFET pulse for a distortion-free signal, silver-plated RCA ports to eliminate signal loss and a fully adjustable electronic crossover to customize the frequency response and set the sound as required.

Its protection circuit prevents thermal shutdown, short-circuit, and overloading to prevent the speakers from any damage. The PB3818 amplifier comes with a frequency response of 10Hz to 30 kHz, allowing it to deliver a crystal-clear sound along with a solid bass response by letting you customize the bass as per your preference.

User Feedback:

  • The Pyramid PB3818 5000W high power 2-channel bridgeable audio sound auto small speaker amplifier impressed its numerous users due to its efficient power output, built-in crossover, variable bass boost, and protection circuit. Yet some people complained about low bass and heating issues.

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4. Blaupunkt Car Amplifier

The Blaupunkt 4-channel full-range amplifier is the best budget car amplifier for those seeking to grab the most bang for their buck. The slim, modern, and compact design of this 4-channel amplifier offers a full range of frequencies to power 4 different speakers and is compatible to fit in most vehicles.

With its variable crossover, you can adjust the frequency range of the speaker for the best sound quality. The variable bass boost allows for an even better sound in the music. The 1500W impressive power rating (max 300W RMS power) is quite enough to drive 4 speakers in your vehicle, and it has the most efficient amplifier class AB used to generate more output with less power consumption.

The Blaupunkt 4-channel amplifier has a frequency response of 10 Hz to 45 Hz, which is quite enough for most music genres. The built-in protection circuitry in this amplifier will protect the subwoofers and speakers from overload, short circuits, and other problems. RCA pass-through is one of the great features that let you connect multiple amplifiers and control them with a single remote, making it quite easy to install and set up.

User Feedback:

  • Most users praised this Blaupunkt 1500W full-range amplifier for its great sound quality, power rating, built-in protection circuitry, and RCA pass-through features. Yet some people complained about constantly getting into protection mode and incompatibility issues with some vehicles. 

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5. Planet Car Amplifier

The Planet Audio AC1200.4 car amplifier has a small-size, compact, lightweight, and modern design that is packed with a lot of features, making it one of the most preferred options for budget-friendly amplifiers. The black exterior of this amplifier offers a great look and is quite easy to install & move around.

With its impressive power rating of 1200W RMS X 4-channel, the amplifier consists of enough power to drive most systems. The class A/B amplifier offers great sound quality and efficient power output. The variable low & high pass crossover makes the amplifier quite easy to customize the sound, and its frequency response offers a 20 Hz to 20 kHz ensuring a full range of sound.

It has some great protective features and is equipped with a thermal protection circuit to protect against over-voltage, short protection, high- & low-level inputs, and overheating to prevent any damage from the high-voltage surge. The MOSFET power supply offers a consistent and efficient power supply.

Also, its DC offset protection circuit protects the amp from improper wiring. It has a signal-sensing turn-on circuit that turns on the amp automatically upon audio signal detection. The variable bass boost lets you adjust the bass level as preferred.

User Feedback:

  • Most people got impressed with the car amplifier for its impressive power, good sound quality, sleek design, and reliability which make it easy to install and customize the sound. Yet some users complained it was used mostly for subwoofers but not for speakers.

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Another Best Product from Planet Audio

The Planet Audio AC1600.4 4-Channel Car Amplifier is another best product from Planet Audio. It is a 4-channel bridged full-range class A/B amplifier that has various features like variable filter, high & low-level inputs, variable bass boost, remote control, blue backlit illumination, MOSFET power supply, and protection features, making it excellent for car audio enthusiasts.

6. Skar Car Amplifier

The Skar Audio RP-350.1D Monoblock Class D Amplifier is one of the most effective and budget-friendly car amplifiers on the market. It has a sleek and attractive design and a power rating of 388W peak power and 350W RMS (@ 2 ohms) that lets to grab the most out of the audio system.

The Class D amplifier is efficient, and power-saving that runs cool. The variable crossover allows for fine-tuning of the sound system, and its 20 Hz to 250 Hz frequency response offers a wide range of sound quality in all formats. The built-in protection circuit prevents damage to the speakers and ensures the longevity of the audio system.

It features a powerful MOSFET power supply and a fully adjustable bass boost of the amplifier, allowing for exceptional sound quality. Also, it has a low-pass filter that lets you block out the frequencies as preferred. The remote subwoofer level control allows for subwoofer adjustment for a comfortable seat and sound system on the go.

User Feedback:

  • The Skar Audio RP-350.1D Monoblock Class-D amplifier has received numerous positive responses from its users due to its sleek design, efficiency, easy installation, sound quality, and impressive power rating. Yet some users complain about protect mode issue.

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7. Pioneer Car Amplifier

The Pioneer GM-A3702 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier is a last but not least budget car amplifier with a perfect balance of performance and features.

Apart from the compact & sleek design allows for the easy installation of the amplifier in any vehicle. The power rating of 500W RMS allows it to power a wide range of audio components. While class A/B design ensures a clean and distortion-free sound.

It has various amazing features like a variable low-pass crossover to fine-tune the sound as preferred and ensures a clear and distortion-free sound. While the frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz ensures reproducing the wide range of frequencies. Its automatic signal sensing and turn-on along with a balanced isolator input circuit.

It is equipped with an advanced protection system, including short circuit protection, and thermal or overload protection to avoid any damage to the amplifier. Also, it has a DC offset auto-reset feature that ensures a safe operating condition.

User Feedback:

  • Most users appreciated the Pioneer GM-A3702 amplifier has a compact design, variable low-pass crossover, advanced protection system, durability, exceptional sound quality, and frequency response. Yet some users complained that not a good option for the subwoofer.

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Quick Recommendations – Budget Car Amplifier

Here are some quick recommendations that help you in selecting the best car amplifier based on your requirements.

  • If looking for the Best Overall car amplifier, then go with the BOSS Car Amplifier is your perfect choice. It is designed with several protection features, easy installation, a class AB amplifier, and a compact design that delivers exceptional sound quality.
  • If looking for the Best Economical car amplifier, then choose Pyramid Car Amplifier. It is a bridgeable amplifier with a high power rating of 5000W offering various great value-for-money features without breaking the bank.
  • If looking for the Best Sound Quality, then go with a Rockville Car Amplifier will be a perfect choice. It delivers impressive sound quality and performance with its 2000W high power rating and class D amplifier along with other features.

Buying Guide on How to Choose the Best Budget Car Amplifier

The right amplifier will power the car audio system for a richer and fuller sound from the music/audio like never before. Besides the best sound quality, they offer various features such as built-in crossovers, bass boost, and built-in EQs to customize the sound. Yet it is essential to consider certain factors like low THD (total harmonic distortion) rating, types of speakers (power output), good signal-to-noise ratio (no distorted/muffled audio), and build quality & reliability (enduring performance) in the amplifier to ease your selection process.  

Here we have explained everything you need to know for the proper decision-making of car amplifiers. Ensure that your budget car amplifier has reliability, decent sound quality, compatibility, and ample power. 

Let’s dive into the details of what factors to consider while shopping for budget-friendly car amplifiers:

1. Compact Design

Ensure to look for budget-friendly car amplifiers that have a compact, sleek, and lightweight design that allows for an easy installation and fits perfectly even in tight spaces (small vehicles or cramped areas) without taking up much space in the vehicle.

2. Crossover

A crossover will separate the frequencies of the audio signal and direct them to their apt speakers for enhanced sound quality. So, look for an amplifier with a built-in crossover circuit that offers greater flexibility and increased sound quality of your car audio system. Also, it let you control the frequencies received by every speaker quickly and easily.

3. Amplifier Classes

Amplifiers are divided into classes/design categories depending on the type of technology used to enhance power and generate the amplified audio signal to drive speakers. The classes include Class A, Class B, Class AB, and Class D, among them Class D & AB are quite common and preferred types for car audio systems.

Here the Class D amplifiers are highly compact and efficient, whereas Class AB amplifiers provide a perfect balance between sound quality and efficiency, making them perfect for car audio systems.

4. High-Quality Audio/Power Input

Based on the power input of these amplifiers, they are mostly designed to deliver high-quality audio performance without much distortion. Look for an amplifier offering high-quality audio or power input terminals and connectors for a clear and distortion-free sound. The most preferred option will be the amplifier with the gold-plated connectors offering corrosion resistance and better signal transmission.

5. Amplifier Power Rating (or) High Power Output

It is referred to as the total power output that an amplifier will produce, which is measured in watts (W). It should match the power handling capacity of the car speaker for its best performance. The higher the power output of these car amplifiers, the better they will perform and produce exceptional audio quality. Also, check the build quality of the amplifier to make it last longer.

6. Low-Noise Floor

A budget car amplifier with a low-noise floor is designed to deliver clear, distortion-free sound by eliminating the unwanted noise the system generates while working. So, prefer to look for car amplifiers with a minimum of 85 dB signal-to-noise ratio.

7. Frequency Response

It is referred as to the range of frequencies that an amplifier can reproduce accurately. The standard frequency response of car amplifiers will range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. So, the amplifier with a wide frequency response range will reproduce most aspects of the audio signal or music types without distortion.

8. Variable Gain Control

The variable gain control feature will allow the users to adjust the power output sent to every speaker. Thus, it ensures to grab the most out of the amplifier yet ensures the system is balanced. Check the car amplifiers offering a wide range of gain control options to adjust and enjoy the sound output from the system.

9. Protection

It is quite essential to look for safety features that include short-circuit protection, thermal overload protection, and DC offset protection to ensure that your amplifier will be safe and reliable to operate at any time, even with unexcepted fluctuation in the power/current, voltage, and temperature rating. Mostly, overload protection is found in car amplifiers that protect them from getting damaged due to any overload issues. Also, the reverse polarity protection will protect the amplifier from any potential damage caused due to incorrect wiring.

10. High Efficiency

These highly energy-efficient car amplifiers will prevent the consumption of a lot of power and allows for enhanced performance without raising its overall operation cost. Also, it ensures a cool running of the amplifier while getting the most out of it. Thus, it reduces regular wear and enhances its longevity.

11. Ease of Installation

A car amplifier with easy installation and setup will help its users to run the sound system quickly. Always look for amplifiers that are equipped with all essential installation hardware to make your installation process quite easier and faster. Also, it is always suggested to ensure that the amplifier you choose should be compatible with the existing system and wiring for its proper usage.


To conclude, the above-mentioned best budget car amplifier offers a perfect balance of power, features, and price. Yet you need to select an amplifier that is compatible with the audio system of your vehicle and powerful enough to drive the device using buying guide. All you need is to take time for comparing and selecting the correct option depending on your requirements for superior sound at your budget.

Best Budget Car Amplifier – FAQs

1. Which amplifier class is better – Class A, Class B, or Class D?

Ans: How the amplifier combines the signal and power are referred to as the class. You need to choose the class based on your requirement. There are various amplifier classes available for the car amplifier, including Class A, Class B, Class AB, & Class D.
Among them, the Class A design is the most common yet efficient offering high sound fidelity. Class B design is quite a more efficient option yet has full of distortion. Class AB offers better sound (Hi-Fi sound) and power efficiency. Class D design offers high efficiency and the smallest footprint.

2. Does a head unit is required for great car audio quality?

Ans: It is great to have the head unit but requires a decent amp for effective car audio quality to make the speaker or subwoofer perform well.

3. Which amplifier is most preferred for excellent sound quality?

Ans: Even though the amplifier with all classes is preferred, yet the Class D amplifier is considered the best digital amplifier that offers excellent sound quality.

4. Is it good to have 100-dollar amps?

Ans: Yes, they are worth having the 100-dollar amps. The reason is that it offers a decent amp, making it an excellent option for purchasing a $100 amp. Yet ensure you won’t expect superb quality from these amps. Do you have any queries regarding the selection and functioning of budget car amplifiers? Then feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. We will respond promptly to solve your queries.

The Best Budget Car Amplifiers For Under $50, $100, & $150 + Amp Buyer’s Guide

Let me be completely honest upfront – if you’re on a budget and want to buy a car amp, you’re going to have to live with some compromises.

Buying the best budget car amplifier isn’t always easy, but if you learn a bit beforehand you’ll be better prepared.

Below you’ll find some of the most affordable budget amps along with specs, short reviews, and more. In my amplifier buyer’s guide I’ll also help you understand amp facts and details to know before shopping.


  • What to know when shopping for car amps
  • Car amp features to look for
  • Crossovers
  • Class A/B vs class D amps
  • What to expect when shopping on a budget
  • ★ The best budget car amps under $50, $100, & $150 ★
  • Final notes

What to know when shopping for car amps

Manufacturer specs

For years some car amp manufacturers have sold their products with outrageously large power ratings on the box.  Sometimes these have been simply unbelievable for a budget car amp. For example, hardly anyone would believe that an amp that measures about 12″ x 12″ in size could produce around 1000 watts of power, right?

But for the new buyer who isn’t aware of it, it’s a misleading and confusing thing to try to figure out. That’s what I’d like to help you with.

What do car amp power ratings mean?

Realistic power ratings use the “RMS” label, which is an electrical engineering term to represent “root mean square”, a mathematical way of expressing the actual, useable power that an amplifier can produce continuously.

The confusion comes from amp manufacturers using the “peak” power rating, which is not at all representative of the actual amount of power an amp can drive your speakers with.

Think of it like the example of a modest-sized car with a speedometer that goes up to 200 MPH. Can most average cars really drive that fast? No way!

CEA-2006 specifications

In the 2000s the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) developed a standard to help consumers with this. Audio amplifier manufacturers whose specs are listed as “CEA-2006 compliant” have power ratings and performance specs that are reliable.

This logo means that the company making an audio product has reliable performance & power specs. But it’s not a mandatory compliance feature – many companies still have specs on their products which you’ll have to simply hope are correct. Be aware that often you’ll find products that might not live up to advertised power ratings.

Not all companies provide this so it’s important that you’re careful when shopping.

If a manufacturer doesn’t list their specs with some type of standard like this or highly detailed information instead, you’ll basically just have to trust (or hope!) that the RMS power and other specifications are correct.

It’s important to understand this because budget amplifiers often are not CEA-2006 compliant and still, to this day, use the “peak” power ratings on their packaging and sales info. It’s a shame, as it’s very misleading.

Car amp features to look for

Power ratings

I recommend at least a power rating of 50W RMS into 4 ohms per channel for driving full range or component speakers and 150W into 4 ohms minimum for driving a subwoofer. This is generally enough power for the average person to listen to music with enough power for good volume, clear and non-distorted sound, and to be able to blast your favorite music.

Don’t buy an amp with close to 25W RMS or less unless you have a specific reason to do so. Car stereos, for example, have a typical power output of about 14W RMS per speaker channel.

That’s because they can’t produce higher levels of power as they’re limited to using the 12V supply in a vehicle unlike high-power amplifiers.

Mini amps like this one are advertised with power ratings like “200W” which is impossible for it to produce – you have to read the fine print for the RMS power ratings, and even then be cautious. I don’t recommend tiny amps like this except for the smallest basic installation, like for driving small speakers. They can’t produce good sound & power like “real” car amps. They typically lack features you need like crossovers and bridging.

Higher power amplifiers use a special power supply to step up the car voltage and produce higher power output. The problem with small amps is that you will be misled into thinking they can produce higher power than they can.

In fact it’s impossible for such a small amp – you’re still limited to power levels around the same as a car stereo.

If you’re not wanting great sound and are simply trying to power some small 2-way (or similar) speakers, that’s ok. However, these tend to be tiny, low-quality amps I wouldn’t recommend. Also, most mini amps can’t be bridged.


Amplifier high or low-pass crossovers in amps work the same as those using larger components on speakers, called “passive” crossovers. The difference is that tiny, low-power circuits are used in amps for the same results.

Crossovers are great to have! Also, the great news is that they’re much more commonly found in car amps today than in decades past. They are more or less standard on most sold now.

High or low-pass crossovers work to block a range of sound you don’t want to send to speaker channel or channels.

For example, you can use the high pass feature to block low-end bass that small speakers can’t handle well. That prevents distortion and by doing so you can really crank your music for great volume and clear, crisp sound!

A great example is setting the high-pass crossover switch on an amp to “HPF” and the control to about 60Hz. That way everything above 60 Hz (a low bass frequency) would be played but not below.

Crossovers and other related controls like those on this excellent Alpine MRV-F300 4 channel amp are extremely useful. They’re pretty much mandatory for getting lower-distortion, high-volume sound with great clarity. You simply turn the switch to LPF (low pass filter) or HPF (high pass filter) as needed and adjust the cutoff frequency by adjusting the dial.

The result when using a crossover for small speakers is more volume and clarity at higher power with less distortion.

For subwoofers, a low-pass filter means pure bass without hearing the vocals and other parts of sound a subwoofer doesn’t do well and will sound terrible when allowed to play.

Bridging ability

Bridgeable amps are those that are designed to allow using 2 speakers channels together in a push-pull way to get substantially larger power out of the amplifier.

There’s no magic behind it: it’s basically just using more amplifier output channels together in order to drive speakers with more power.

When a speaker is connected across 2 speaker channel outputs the amp can produce up to 4 times the power of a single channel! (This depends on the particular amplifier)

It’s a great way to have an amp that’s flexible for use with multiple speakers or to get more power for driving a subwoofer. I’ve covered this in more detail in my post about bridging amps here.

Class A/B vs class D amps

Class D mono car amplifiers use new fast-switching technology to deliver a lot more power with less space AND using less battery current. They work by chopping up the musical signal into square waves which switch transistors on and off rapidly, saving energy use. Finally the output is created by restoring the musical signal, filtering it, and driving speakers

Amplifiers fall into “classes” (design categories) based on the type of technology they used to boost power and create an amplified audio signal to drive your speakers. Class D is the newest and most efficient technology while class A/B is one of the oldest.

A/B generally has been used in most budget amps (which is fine – it produces good sound quality, but uses more electrical power).

Class D amps are much more compact in size, but the best class D amps which improve the one drawback of the design, higher noise, are generally close to $150 and above. The best ones are designed by major companies. The lower cost amps you see will probably be class A/B, just so you know.

What to expect when shopping on a budget

When choosing a budget amp, consider all the things I wrote above as well as understanding that the least expensive amps are a compromise.

Expect good quality and performance but not the same level as you get for more expensive models.

Budget car amp shopping tips

  • A good budget amp will have a combination of the features you need, sufficient power, and overall good buyer reviews
  • Remember that many buyers have unrealistic expectations of budget amps and leave negative reviews – always read more and look for general patterns before deciding
  • Budget amps commonly use “peak” power ratings for sales purposes, rather than continuous RMS power or CEA-2006 industry-standard ratings
  • Don’t forget you can add a 2nd amp later when your budget allows!
  • Get a decent quality amp wiring kit when purchasing your amp. You’ll save both time and shipping costs

They simply aren’t designed the same way as the big name brands which cost more. It’s always important to keep things in perspective.

On the other hand, when you’ve got a budget, you’ve got a budget to keep! I’ve been there and know how it feels – and that’s totally ok.

★ The best budget car amps under $50, $100, & $150 ★

Our top picks at a glance

Image Product Details
★ Our #1 Pick ★Alpine MRV-F300 4 Ch
  • Great sound for less money! An excellent value
  • 50W x 4, 75W x 4, 150W x 2 RMS of clear, musical sound
  • Evolution to class D design
Check on Amazon
Budget Beast!Rockville DB12 Class D Mono
  • A budget beast that delivers some serious class D power for under $100!
  • CEA-2006 proven power ratings: 350 @ 4 ohms, 550W @ 2 ohms
  • Compact, good quality. Includes bass remote
Check on Amazon
Planet Audio AC1600.4 4 Ch
  • Great A/B sound and power for the money
  • 50W x 4, 100W x 4, 225W x 2 RMS power. Speaker-level inputs for factory stereos.
  • Great crossover & bass boost controls. Includes bass remote for free.
Check on Amazon
Best sellerBoss Riot R1100M Mono
  • Super popular! A great cheap starter amp for $50 and below
  • Lab tested to 125W @ 4 ohms, 250W @ 2 ohms
  • Bass boost and full crossover features. Includes bass remote
Check on Amazon

Product reviews and details

1. Alpine MRV-F300 – Great 4 channel power and sound quality for under $150. An excellent choice!

I’ve been enjoying Alpine’s great engineering & sound quality for years. To this day they’re still one of the best brands when it comes to mobile audio.

The compact and great-sounding MRV-F300 is a fantastic example of a car amp done right.

One of the smallest 4 channel amplifiers in its power class today, the MRV-F300 puts cheaper amps to shame. You’ll get a sharp-looking dark brushed metallic finish that’s more expensive looking than it really is.

A great blue power-on backlight indicator provides a cool looking contrast to the amp when switched on.

You’ll get a better-looking installation, too. For more custom installation possibilities, the included end caps can be used to hide wiring connections.

Personally, I think it’s a great touch and works well for flush-mounted amp installs or even just a basic carpeted amp rack.

For under $150 you’ll get some great features:

  • 50W RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms power
  • 75W RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms
  • 150W RMS x 2 @ 2 ohms bridged

Speaker-level inputs are provided and connect neatly using the included wiring harness. Adjustable high or low-pass crossovers provide great system control for excellent sound system capability. A bass EQ feature provides an added bass boost for channels 3/4.

At only 7 7/8″ W x 6.5″ D x 2 3/16″ H (200 x 165 x 55 mm) in size, it can fit into spaces traditional amps can’t!

Alpine has designed the amp using class D technology that provides super-efficient power that’s not just really compact but that runs cool even at full power!

Overall in my opinion the crossover options are good. Features include:

  • 50-400Hz high/low pass adjustable cutoff frequency
  • 12dB/octave multi-stage crossover design
  • Front and rear crossovers are independent
  • Bass EQ boost feature for Ch. 3/4.

In my testing I’m happy to say the sound quality is excellent with crisp highs and solid bass and midrange. Noise levels are very low and the sound is surprisingly good!

In my experience, it’s a well-rounded, affordable, and quality amp that won’t disappoint.

Don’t miss this one! Head over to see current low price and great reviews at Amazon.

2. Rockville DB12 – A budget beast! Fantastic CERTIFIED power and features for under $100.

Ready for some surprising budget power? The Rockville DB12 is one of the best hidden budget steals you’ll find today.

For starters, unlike most of the other budget mono amps out there, Rockville provides industry-standard CEA-2006 power specs with proven numbers! It’s also lab-tested to actually slightly exceed its rated power.

Power ratings are:

  • 350W RMS @ 4 ohms
  • 550W RMS @ 2 ohms

That’s some serious power for an amp that you can find for under $100 if you shop carefully (see my link below). Not only that, but it’s well-made and the features are surprisingly good, too.


Unheard of in budget amps, the DB12 includes a certificate of verified power.  You won’t find that elsewhere, and it’s a fantastic thing in my opinion. CEA RMS rated power means you’re guaranteed to get an amp that delivers as promised.

The DB12 has PLENTY of features despite its low price and amazing power output. The wiring terminals are far better than other amps in its price range and offer tight high amp contacts for larger wire. You’ll also get a bass EQ feature, 0/180 degree phase control, and an adjustable low pass filter. There’s also a bass remote port and RCA pass-through jacks. Wow!

What really surprised me about the Rockville DB12 isn’t the amount of power you get for the price, even though that’s pretty fantastic. It’s the features that really put it head and shoulders above the rest.

You’ll get all of this, too:

  • Includes bass remote and cable
  • High-current wiring terminals
  • Certification sheet with tested power and serial number
  • RCA line out jacks for expansion
  • 0/180° sub phase control switch
  • Subsonic filter
  • Bass EQ feature
  • 0-250Hz adjustable low pass filter
  • Soft on & mute start-up circuits
  • Overheating and short-circuit protection
  • LED illuminated logo
  • Bass remote features a power LED

You’re simply not going to top this list of features an anything else I’ve seen in this price range. Without a doubt it’s one of the rare few to offer true CEA-2006 power ratings.

Included with the DB12 is everything you’ll need to get started aside from the wiring kit and a signal source: Allen wrenches for the speaker terminals, mounting screws for both the amp and remote, an owner’s manual, and the remote + easy-connect cable.

Is it perfect? Certainly not. I do have a few complaints.

Mainly, it can’t handle 1 ohm speakers so you can’t drive some subwoofer setups like other amps. Additionally, if connecting to a factory system you’ll need an RCA speaker level converter as speaker level inputs aren’t provided.

The Rockville DB12 is an amp I thought I’d never be awarding my Editor’s Choice best value award to. However, I can’t argue with the facts: it’s an excellent budget bass powerhouse that’s affordable and ticks all the right boxes!

Get one before they’re gone! Head over and check out the latest sale price and get free shipping at Amazon.

3. Best budget 4 channel amp under $100: Planet Audio AC1600.4

With 150W x 4 @ 4 ohms of power available you can bridge the AC1600.4 to an advertised 600W RMS x 2. This class A/B amp is a good sounding budget amp with enough power to run your favorite custom system. However, it’s also great for just supplementing a factory stereo too.

Power ratings:

  • 50W RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms
  • 100W RMS x 4 @ 2 ohms
  • 225W RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms bridged

It’s an inexpensive but nice amp and has some features that many of the higher-end competitors don’t have. A great example is the included bass remote control, which is a separate purchase on many more expensive models.

The AC1200.4 includes a really cool subwoofer level control which can be mounted on your dash. It’s easy to connect using the included cable with telephone style connectors. It makes it really easy to crank the bass when using subwoofers!

It’s a very popular amp and a best seller with mostly great reviews too. A few complaints here and there, but not very many.

There’s a long list of features that make for great system flexibility:

  • 2 ohm stable
  • High/low-pass crossovers (high pass: 50-500Hz adjustable, low pass: 45-90Hz)
  • Adjustable bass boost of 0-+18dB boost
  • Optional remote (included)
  • Speaker-level inputs
  • Thermal and short circuit protection

It’s a great looking amp! I especially really like the nice blue glow on the planet emblem and the backlight on the logo on the chassis.

It’s definitely one of the best buys out there. You’ll have to shop around to avoid paying too much, but when checking I found one the best prices (and free shipping!) at Amazon.

4. Best cheap mono subwoofer amp under $50: R1100M – A best-selling cheap starter bass amp.

The R1100M is in the Boss Riot monoblock amp family but is a class A/B amp and a reasonable entry-level model. For the money it’s pretty tough to beat the great power ratings:

  • Lab-tested power ratings for the R1100M are:
    • 129W RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms
    • 212W RMS x 1 @ 2 ohms

If you’re tight on cash but need some serious power, give it a shot. An excellent option for driving a single subwoofer or pair of subwoofers down to 2 ohms.

Unlike the R3400D/R2400D, it also features speaker-level inputs and can work out of the box with factory systems!

The included bass remote is the same as the bigger models in the Riot series of amps. Included is a telephone style cable which makes installation of the remote a snap – both ends just snap right into place. It’s a super-convenient feature that makes enjoy your subs even better.

It’s a great value as it also features a bass boost switch, low OR full-range crossover control, and the optional subwoofer remote is included.

While not having the same power density, at 13 x 12.6 x 3.9 inches it comes close the same size as its bigger brothers the R3400D and R2400D. It’s a very popular seller and while not as powerful as the other models, it’s a good compromise between value, power, and cost.

Head over to check out the latest price and find out if free shipping is available.

A hidden value worth checking out

Shopping for a great but affordable 4 channel amp? I also recommend the Autotek TA1050.4 125W RMS x 4 amplifier.

It’s not a popular seller like the others, but it’s a good value and reliable, too. This is a well-designed amp and a hidden gem as it doesn’t get noticed like others.

It has essentially the same features as the Planet Audio amps with the great Autotek reputation for quality. Head over there now, though as there’s a limited number of this great little amp left.

Final notes

When shopping, remember to not get distracted by the “max” power ratings used to advertise car amplifiers and give the impression they can produce amazing amounts of power for a minuscule price – because they can’t.

You’re getting good performance and value, but as I mentioned earlier it’s important to be realistic in your expectations. You won’t get high-end performance for a low price, but you’ll get a good value.

Don’t forget to get an amp wiring kit! Before you waste hours searching, check out the Belva BAK92 8 ga amp kit as it’s a great value for the money.

The best car amplifiers – Rating 2023 (TOP 12)

To get high-quality sound, you need to supplement the audio system with a car amplifier. This device will allow the speakers to produce a full range of frequencies. Therefore, instruments that were not heard before will appear in already familiar melodies. The choice of a car amplifier must be made based on the needs and the planned system. According to this criterion, they are divided into one-, two-, three-, four- and five-channel. Each of them has its own characteristics and is optimal in specific cases. The rating of the best amplifiers in the car, which presents the most preferred models, judging by the reviews of car owners, will help you decide on the choice of device.


  • Best Inexpensive Amplifiers (single channel)
  • 1. EDGE EDA1500.1-E8
  • 2. MAGNUM MAM 1.2000BS
  • 3. Kicx SP 600D
  • 4. SWAT M-1.500
  • The best two-channel audio amplifiers
  • 1. Alpine PMX-T320
  • 2. Pioneer GM-A5702
  • 3. Ural BV 2.70
  • 4. Blaupunkt GTA 270
  • The best amplifiers in the car (four-channel)
  • 1. Hertz HCP 4
  • 2. ACV GX-4.250
  • 3. Pioneer GM-A4704
  • 4. EDGE EDA200.4-E7
  • 41

    Best Inexpensive Amplifiers (Single Channel)

    A single channel amplifier differs from conventional amplifiers in that it only outputs one channel. They are no longer suitable for anything other than woofers. Therefore, they are also called subwoofer monoblocks. Their entire design is focused solely on amplifying and improving the sound of low frequencies. Among the features of this type of amplifiers are the following:

    1. Convert any signal to mono mode. Even if it receives a stereo signal from the radio, it sums it up and outputs a mono signal going to the subwoofer.
    2. Mandatory high pass filter. With its help, all frequencies belonging to the range located above the filter are cut. This is necessary for better sound quality of the subwoofer.
    3. The presence in many models of the so-called subsonic. This filter is designed to cut off ultra-low frequencies located in the range from 5 to 30 Hz. This is very important, because hitting these frequencies on the speaker can lead to a quick failure. This is especially true for bass-reflex subwoofers.
    4. Very high power. With a load of 4 ohms, the channel power does not drop below 150 W, but more often it is much.

    1. EDGE EDA1500.1-E8

    This device is a fairly good subwoofer amplifier. Its parameters allow you to achieve a fairly high-quality sound from a conventional audio system. However, for this you need to carefully consider the connection rules, checking all the wiring and making sure that it can handle the power of the amplifier.

    Recommended for lovers of quality music and deep bass who cannot afford to spend too much on acoustics.


    • high power;
    • presence of high and low pass filters;
    • Presence of a fuse.


    • not everyone will find the dimensions compact.

    2. MAGNUM MAM 1.2000BS

    This good single-channel amplifier belongs to the BASIC series. All of its representatives can be considered a reliable basis for the audio system of any car, the total RMS power of which does not exceed 3200 watts. The design of cases in the form of narrow radiators allows you to quickly remove heat and avoid overheating of the device. It also allows you to compactly place a pair of amplifiers (for speakers and a subwoofer). Stable operation and low distortion are ensured by the use of high-tech microcircuits.


    • bass booster;
    • low distortion;
    • reliable overload protection;
    • low pass filter;
    • high power rating.


    • no high pass filter.

    3. Kicx SP 600D

    This device can easily claim the title of the best single-channel subwoofer amplifier in the budget segment. And yet, even belonging to the lowest price segment, it has everything you need to meet the needs of a potential buyer. It has a power-on delay function. The car amplifier is able to work stably at a load of 1 ohm and is equipped with an external signal level control. Thanks to the thick fins, the amplifier is cooled very effectively.


    • sufficient power level;
    • low pass filter;
    • bass boost function;
    • short circuit and overload protection.


    • custom design.

    4. SWAT M-1.500

    This digital amplifier is capable of delivering high power with not very high sound quality. However, when using it for a subwoofer, special quality from the device is not required. The main thing is to win back low frequencies well. At a load of 2 ohms, the amplifier is capable of delivering 500 watts of power, and at 4 ohms – 300 watts. Equipped with a low-pass filter and subsonic.


    • good power;
    • low pass filter;
    • good signal-to-noise ratio.


    • minimum allowable load is 2 ohms.

    The Best Two Channel Amplifiers

    The most common use of two channel amplifiers is to improve the sound in a car or to drive a low powered subwoofer. However, they are not suitable for connecting a more powerful woofer, because they do not have enough power to build up. These devices are compact in size, allowing you to install them under the seat or in the trunk. Among the features of amplifiers with two channels, it is worth noting:

    1. Single-channel or dual-channel operation possible.
    2. Low and high pass filters available. They are necessary to cut off a certain spectrum of frequencies that are incompatible with the range played by the speakers connected to them.
    3. Presence of a transistor line output, required when there is another amplifier in the system.
    4. High-level input for connection to standard audio systems of various car models.

    To connect two-channel acoustics, it is necessary to select an amplifier with a power reserve. This will allow you to listen to music in high-quality sound and significantly extend the life of the amplifier.

    1. Alpine PMX-T320

    This good two-channel car amplifier delivers 2×50 watts into 4 ohms. When connected with a bridge, its power reaches 150 watts. Although this amplifier belongs to the lower end of the range, it uses a number of technologies that were previously only used in high-end devices. To eliminate extraneous noise, a special coil is installed in it.

    Advantages include:

    • compact dimensions;
    • solid workmanship;
    • the presence of a bass amplifier;
    • the presence of filters with increased cutting steepness;
    • use of high quality components.


    • bass boost is not smooth, but stepwise.

    2. Pioneer GM-A5702

    This model has a total power of 1 kW. This allows you to safely use it in most automotive systems. The amplifier has been designed for easy installation and powerful sound. Supports 2 and 4 ohm speakers.

    Recommended for lovers of high-quality sound out of the box, because it has minimal sound settings.


    • decent power;
    • low pass filter;
    • bass boost included.


    • minimum filters and settings.

    3. Ural BV 2.70

    The amplifier has good power performance both at a load of 2 ohms and at a load of 4 ohms. Equipped with a wide bandpass filter with independent adjustment of the lower and upper frequency ranges (from 10 Hz to 8 kHz). High-quality all-metal housing allows you to effectively remove heat, preventing overheating of the device. The compact dimensions will avoid installation problems. It can even be put in the car under the seat.


    • compact dimensions;
    • low cost;
    • customizable;
    • decent power;
    • high and low pass filters.


    • cannot be connected to powerful subwoofers.

    4. Blaupunkt GTA 270

    This device is one of the most popular car amplifiers. It is perfect for connecting a pair of speakers or a single subwoofer.

    This model is recommended for car enthusiasts who want to get a relatively good sound without paying too much money for it. In terms of price-quality Blaupunkt GTA 270 is one of the best.


    • relatively compact size;
    • rated power at a load of 4 ohms 2×70 W;
    • 200 W bridging capability;
    • high and low pass filters.


    • relatively low sensitivity.

    Best Car Amplifiers (4 Channels)

    4 Channel Amplifiers are required to connect to multi-channel audio systems in order to obtain high quality sound. It can be used to connect four speakers or a pair of speakers and a subwoofer for surround sound. With these devices, you can adjust the most important settings to get the desired sound level. They have the following features:

    • Due to the bridge connection, you can connect a sufficiently powerful subwoofer and work in stereo or mono + stereo mode.
    • Provides filters that can be used to limit the range of frequencies reproduced by the audio system.
    • Provides high-level inputs that are designed to be used by the amplifier in the standard audio systems of most cars.

    A quality four-channel amplifier can also be equipped with an input selector that allows you to feed a signal from one pair of outputs in the radio to two pairs of speakers. This is true if a not too expensive radio tape recorder is installed in the car, which has only one pair of linear outputs.

    1. Hertz HCP 4

    This model belongs to class AB and belongs to the new Compact Power line. One of the main advantages of this device is its versatility. You can connect an amplifier to two pairs of speakers, or a pair of subwoofers. You can also use it as a 2.1 amplifier, i.e. connect to the front pair of speakers and a subwoofer.

    Recommended for audiophiles who can afford an above average price range.


    • high-level input;
    • good power level;
    • pure sound;
    • built-in crossover;
    • compact dimensions.


    • the cost is above average.

    2. ACV GX-4.250

    This powerful four-channel class D amplifier has very good performance for installation in almost any system configuration. Its total maximum power reaches 2400 watts. Despite its compact size, the device is equipped with all the necessary filters and is able to produce sound with low distortion.


    • excellent performance;
    • complete remote control;
    • good sound quality;
    • Separate fuse for each channel.


    • The regulator may seem flimsy.

    3. Pioneer GM-A4704

    This four-channel amplifier has a total output of 520W. With it, you can connect either two pairs of speakers, or a pair of speakers and a subwoofer. Its characteristics are such that it will allow you to enjoy listening to music on most audio systems in modern cars.


    • good power output;
    • simple assembly;
    • excellent combination of price and features;
    • no sound distortion;
    • compact dimensions;
    • is a good price.


    • can not connect powerful subwoofers.

    4. EDGE EDA200.4-E7

    This four-channel amplifier has good sound and 1600W of headroom, enough for most audio systems. The compact size allows you to install it even in the car under the seat. The presence of an anodized radiator allows you to effectively remove heat.


    • low and high pass filters;
    • two 35 A fuses;
    • protection against overheating, overload and short circuit.


    • it is not possible to connect a 1 ohm subwoofer.

    How to choose a car sound amplifier

    Due to the fact that the main purpose of the amplifier is to improve the sound quality, it is necessary to approach its choice responsibly. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to focus on the following parameters:

    • class;
    • number of channels;
    • power.

    According to the first parameter, all amplifiers are divided into:

    1. A. has a low efficiency, but produces a good sound level with minimal distortion. Consumes quite a lot of energy.
    2. V. Has high power, but noticeably distorts the sound. They have high efficiency and improved thermal stability.
    3. C. Sufficiently high efficiency, but produces a distorted signal. Not suitable for high end acoustics.
    4. A/B. They have average indicators of the first and second types.
    5. D. Digital amplifiers, powerful and compact, capable of delivering very clear sound.

    By the number of channels they are divided into:

    1. Monoblock. Used to connect a subwoofer operating with a load of 1 or 2 ohms. In case of higher load, it is recommended to use a two-channel amplifier.
    2. Dual channel. Allows you to connect two speakers or a subwoofer.
    3. Three-channel. You can connect two speakers and a subwoofer.
    4. Quadruple. Used to connect four speakers, two speakers and two subwoofers, or a pair of subwoofers.
    5. Five-channel. Allows you to connect four speakers and a subwoofer.

    There are also six-channel models, but they are very rare and almost never used.

    As for power, there is a division into maximum and nominal. It is necessary to choose according to the latter, because it is she who indicates the power at 1% distortion.

    Which amplifier is better to buy

    When it comes to which amplifier to choose, it is also advisable to pay attention to the presence of additional features, such as the presence of low and high pass filters, a fan and an external volume control.

    When choosing a car amplifier, you can be guided by this review or user reviews on the Internet. Properly selected device will allow you to enjoy high-quality sound for a long time.

    How to choose a car audio amplifier

    Favorite music, radio broadcasts – that’s what helps to cope with road boredom. Most motorists pay great attention to the sound system in the cabin. Some are not satisfied with the capabilities of the head unit, others have little volume margin, others do not like the audio environment. A car audio amplifier can solve all problems. This is a separate device connected to the on-board network. Amplifiers for car acoustics are able to work with powerful subwoofers, operate with two, four or more channels.


    Voltage: debunking the myths

    If we consider the average amplifier for car speakers, its supply voltage is standard 12V. But in some sources of information that are not completely honest, you can find data that this or that device works with 24V. In practice, this means the following:

    • in the voltage conversion circuit, the power amplifier has a capacitor;
    • when a small input signal is received, the system operates normally;
    • at the moments when the audio sine wave rises above the set value, the amplifier starts to be additionally powered by the capacitor;
    • the supply voltage is doubled (24 volts), which allows more power to be output.

    A similar process must be taken into account if you want to choose a car amplifier with a low price and declared huge numbers of output watts. This means that the device is only capable of short burst volume . It cannot constantly produce the power indicated on advertising stickers. The honest possibilities that a compact monoblock amplifier or another model is capable of are limited by the parameters of the car’s on-board network.

    How to immediately outline the segment of acceptable devices

    There are a huge number of car amplifier offers on the market today. Models are distinguished by many parameters in which the average buyer can get confused. To choose the right power amplifier, you should consider the requirements for your sound system. What do you want to get, maximum volume or excellent sound quality?

    There are other parameters that you need to consider when connecting a particular speaker. The first thing to choose is the sound quality of . It is quite simple to determine it from the documentation for the model. Today, consumers are offered amplifiers of several main categories, with different control schemes for opening transistors.

    1. Category A . Considered an acceptable choice for audiophiles. The amplifier works with an analog signal, while showing a rather weak efficiency. The output power is low, but the sound quality is beyond praise. Even an inexpensive class A mini amplifier will show an almost complete absence of signal distortion.
    2. Category B . This amplifier works with analog audio. Transistor on-opening control technology reduces quiescent currents and achieves greater efficiency and output power than class A. However, signal quality is sacrificed. Distortions are present, but for the average listener they cannot be called critical or noticeable.
    3. Category AB . It uses a hybrid control principle. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain acceptable efficiency and power, low distortion.
    4. Category H . These are the most common systems. They will never enter the top car amplifiers, but they are massively found in head units, head units. Class H models use the system of short-term doubling of the supply voltage already described above to surge the output power. Therefore, they are often installed in circuits for an active type subwoofer.
    5. Category D . Such amplifiers are called digital. In practice, this is not the case. The signal is simply converted using pulse-width modulation technology. Transistors operate in key mode. Therefore, the amplifier has the highest possible efficiency and output power. At the same time, the level of signal distortion is high even for the average listener. The upper frequency range is also limited. Audiophile such sound quality will bring to hysterics.

    There are also various modifications of certain categories . For example, AB + offers a mixed type of key opening with a transistor control technique close to class A, good sound quality, acceptable efficiency. There are also solutions for audiophiles. The Super A amplifier is a system where the transistors never turn off, even at rest. With such a control scheme, distortions of small levels of the input signal are neutralized, and non-linearities that occur during the opening of the key disappear.

    Number of channels

    Each motorist has his own requirements for the interior audio system. For some, two rear speakers are enough. Others want to surround themselves with sound from all sides. We must not forget about lovers of powerful bass and maximum volume. It depends on such desires how many channels the amplifier will have in the car.

    2 channels

    Two channel amplifier shows maximum sales. These are pretty simple devices. Two main speakers are connected to them, or a 2-channel amplifier is used as a signal source for a subwoofer. This requires a model that supports bridge switching mode to increase output power. If the parameters of the device allow you to directly connect a powerful subwoofer, a two-channel can feed a pair of low-frequency speakers at the same time.

    3 channels

    The popularity of this solution among consumers is steadily declining. The general scheme of connecting two loudspeakers and a subwoofer is inefficient. The system is either not able to swing the low-frequency speaker, or forces you to buy powerful speakers.

    4 channels

    The quad amplifier is very popular as a fairly versatile solution for car interiors. 2 speakers and a powerful subwoofer can be connected to it using a bridge connection of two outputs. The 4-channel amplifier is able to enliven two woofers at once, which fans of rich bass like.

    An amplifier of this class can be used classically. In this case 4 channels are used by the to connect the speakers. To power the subwoofer, a two-channel is bought, or the woofer is not used, rich bass is created by the broadband speakers of the speakers.

    5 channels

    The 5 channel unit is an inexpensive alternative for those who want a quad speaker and subwoofer without buying two amplifiers. The system in single device format is compact. However, installing a subwoofer with high power on a five-channel will not work.

    The 6-channel amplifier is not very popular. Its possibilities are simply redundant. The only application model looks like connecting four speakers and a subwoofer in a bridge circuit. However, a 6-channel model is significantly more expensive than a combination of four and two-channel amplifiers.

    Main and additional features

    When choosing a car amplifier, the buyer always pays attention to the output power. There are several basic techniques that allow you to match the parameters of the acoustics and the signal source, as well as provide them with normal modes of trouble-free operation.

    Important! Amplifier power is indicated in Watts, can be nominal RMS and peak PMPO. When choosing a model for your car, in no case should you focus on the latter. It means only a short burst of power and cannot be sustained for a long time. In order for the sound system to work in normal fail-safe modes, the RMS figure must appear in its calculations.

    Responsible manufacturers provide real field test data in the passports of their amplifiers. In some cases, a certificate is even attached to the device, which indicates the serial number and brand of the device with which the test was carried out. After the scope of the main parameter, power, is determined, it is worth moving on to considering the additional capabilities of the amplifier.


    Crossovers can be called quality filters . They will allow you to adjust the sound ranges for low-frequency, conventional speakers, tweeters. Good amplifiers offer manual adjustment of the cutoff frequencies. There is also a multiplication system that allows you to make per-channel amplification and completely get rid of external crossovers. Higher-end models offer the ability to change the rolloff in dB.

    Bass Boost and others

    Grand Bass, Super Bass, Bast Boost mean one thing. The amplifier is able to cut off the frequency band and separately process the signal in this range. This is very good if you want to get really rich bass. Good amplifiers allow you to adjust the frequency band manually, as well as independently set the degree of signal boost.

    High Input

    The presence of such an input on the amplifier means that it can be connected directly to the speaker output of the head unit. This is not an ideal method for receiving a signal. The input of the amplifier will receive all the distortion and interference generated by the not always high-quality amplifier of the head unit. But if there is no other option, High Level Input can become a much needed option.


    A device that supports the bridge circuit is capable of supplying double the power from a pair of outputs to a single playback device. The presence of the Bridge option is indicated in the documentation for the amplifier. Also on the terminals there is an icon in the form of brackets. On four or more channel devices, you can determine which outputs support bridging.

    Tip! This option is extremely useful if you want to use a powerful subwoofer and at the same time save on buying an amplifier.

    Line Input

    Almost all car amplifiers have this option. This is low power signal main input . It is to it that you need to attach a playback device to get sound with minimal distortion.


    Almost all three or more channel amplifiers are equipped with a fader today. The task of this block is to balance the signal level between individual playback devices . With the help of a fader, it is easy to adjust the sound image in the cabin that is optimal for the owner, balance the front and rear speakers, tweeters.

    The best models in terms of price and quality

    In the rating of car audio amplifiers, it is unreasonable to include only products that have good technical performance. The main factor is always consumer opinion . Today, music lovers on four wheels are informed, they find information in thematic communities and actively share their experience in using certain models. The top car audio amplifiers include only those devices that show the optimal ratio of functionality, sound quality, cost and ease of installation and configuration.

    5. Pioneer GM-A3602

    Opens the list of the best models from a well-known and popular brand. The amplifier is capable of delivering 400 watts into a 4 ohm load and a bridged circuit. Using 2 ohm speakers, you can get 200 watts per channel. The model is equipped with built-in crossovers for manual adjustment of pass frequencies.

    GM-A3602 can be connected to non-standard signal sources . The recognition system will automatically and correctly set the operating mode. The claimed dynamic range exceeds that of other brands in the same price range.

    • compact;
    • good signal-to-noise ratio;
    • crossovers;
    • The

    • supports bridging.
    • cuts frequencies;
    • signal distortion;
    • gets extremely hot when a 2 ohm load is connected;
    • power is low for modern subwoofers.

    Pioneer GM-A3602 on Yandex Market

    4. Blaupunkt GTA-270

    The next participant in the rating is a model for lovers of high-quality sound. This amplifier belongs to class AB and is designed to connect the main speakers. Built-in crossovers allow for fine tuning of frequency bands. In addition, there is a separate infra-low range filter.

    The model will perform well even with full range speakers thanks to the Bass Boost function . When connected to a 2 ohm load, the system will provide 200 watts of power to each of the two channels.

    • quality sound;
    • acceptable power for the main speakers;
    • excellent sound picture;
    • does not overheat, is conveniently placed and connected.
    • Bridge not supported;
    • insufficient parameters for the subwoofer;
    • no bass boost;
    • power 70W for each channel.

    Blaupunkt GTA-270 on Yandex Market

    3. ACV MX-4.80

    This four-channel amplifier will appeal to people who are not interested in setting loudness records. With a harmonic coefficient of 0.15%, device provides very high quality sound. Supports channel-bridged subwoofer with output power up to 130W.

    4 x 80W outputs available for loudspeakers. There is a crossover to separate the high and infra-low frequency range. bass boost function is provided. The system is protected from short circuit, overload up to 30A fuse current, overheating.

    • price;
    • sound quality;
    • convenient terminals and wiring diagram;
    • ventilation system (forced cooling).
    • not enough power for big subs;
    • no crossover for low frequencies;
    • notes on the size of the input for power wires;
    • no bass boost adjustment.

    ACV MX-4.80 on Yandex Market


    Hertz HCP 4D

    This class D amplifier collects a confident 5 points customer rating. Despite the sound distortion caused by the type of electronic circuits, the model satisfies the needs of many customers . With bridging support, 130 watts of power is provided for the subwoofer. The speakers can operate on four channels of 75 watts.

    The system shows an excellent signal to noise ratio of 100 dB. Two crossovers for LF, HF are offered. There is Bass Boost function bass boost. The amplifier is protected from short circuits and overloads, there is a warning indicator about a critical situation.

    • quality assembly;
    • compact, easy to install;
    • many settings;
    • does not overheat.
    • bass boost adjustment not available;
    • rather modest power for a subwoofer with a bridged connection;
    • has a lot of controls and settings for the average user;
    • class D.